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Action one-shots by DrGetus

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Getus, Jul 17, 2016.

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  1. Getus

    Getus The Senate

    (Kyogre Egg)
    Level 18
    Apr 4, 2016
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    Hey there! So, I understand that action one-shots might not be the most popular type of stories in general, but it's the one part of story writing I feel that I'm good at so here I am posting my action one shots! This one is a battle between two people, straight forward yeah? Not really, there's a twist and a message inside it that I'm curious if others​​ will notice, or if others will receive some other message I didn't intend for. Anyway, let me know what you think, any tips and what message, if any, you got from it!

    The ground around him smouldered beneath the bombardment of explosive shots that echoed throughout the area, smoke rising to fill the sky giving off what could only be an eerie image to anyone looking for the outside. Gripping the handle of his handgun he watched with narrowed eyes as an armoured figure silently tranversed through the smoke like a specter of death.

    Gritting his teeth he glared towards the figure and shakily raised his weapon, the shaking a combination of exhaustion and fear. Clutching the trigger, he fired towards the figure in an attempt to finish the battle before it even began, only to stare helplessly as the bullets he fired get intercepted by the figures weapon.
    A long, sleek sword swung through the air hitting the bullets dead centre and stopping them in their tracks. With the bombardment finished one could clearly hear the metallic 'ping' of the bullets landing on the ground.

    Cursing he checked his weapon, seeing the clip empty, so he threw it away and drew the short blade that hung from his back. Tensing, a new focus appeared in his eyes as he watched the dark figures movements and the moment the figure stopped, he lunged forward with a cry.


    The two blades met in a fury of sparks, an expressionless face meeting the snarl of the attacker. With a quick spin the attacker aimed an upper slash towards the figures chest, only for it to be blocked again. Grunting in pain, the attacker was sent backwards by a kick landing on the ground in a heap. The dark figure released a small chuckle, even that sounding terrifying to the male.

    "Even now you cannot hope to match me, Takeshi." The deep, emotionless voice taunted to downed figure, getting a growl for his effort.

    Raising himself to his knee's he glared fiercely at the shadow-enshrouded figure. Releasing an animalistic snarl, Takeshi's eyes shone with a crimson hue as he gripped the hilt of his sword. As he got to his feet he barked out with a voice full of anger and scorn, "Shut-shut the hell up! Who do you think you are? You come here, destroy MY home? MY friends? You think I'll let you get away with this? I'll destroy you Vincent!"

    Roaring with unholy fury, Takeshi charged forward with black wisps floating from his blade, something that was copied by the now named Vincent. The two blades meeting once more set of a chain reaction that caused the ground beneath them to cave in and a shockwave to be sent outwards that launched away anything in its path. Glaring into each others eyes, the two kept attacking each other, each attack being blocked or parried leaving them in a stalemate. The surrounding landscape was destroyed from their battle as their blades became enshrouded with the black energy.

    Eventually the two were exhausted from their battle that left the landscape barren. Clutching their respective weapons the two charged at each other with determination, their weapons unleashing an explosion of black energy behind them. As the two met they were enshrouded in the energy that exploded outwards covering them from viewing eyes. Slowly the energy disappeared to reveal the fate of the battle.

    Takeshi's bladed pierced through Vincent's chest. With a gasping breath, Vincent looked up to Takeshi revealing eyes identical to his. Slowly, the shadows that enshrouded Vincent disappeared revealing to the world a clone of Takeshi, the only difference being the paler skin. Widened eyes stared into tired ones as Vincent's mouth crept into a smile that spoke only of acceptence and pride.

    "G-good job, little brother." With those last words, Vincents eyes closed leaving Takeshi to release a scream of anger, loss and betrayal. A scream which echoed thoughout the battlefield. A battlefield with no else but the two brothers.
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