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And Then There Was Light || A Death Note fanfiction

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by toao, Jun 19, 2015.

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  1. toao

    toao the one and only

    Jun 6, 2015
    This is a fanfiction about the manga/anime Death Note. I've started writing this about a month ago, and today I published the first two chapters on Wattpad. I thought, why not upload it on here as well?

    As I have only watched the anime, all that will be written here is based upon what I have seen and can remember from the anime only. This means I might get things wrong that go differently in the manga or the movies. Apologies for that.

    The story is written in third-person-limited, past tense, and most (if not all) is written in Light's point of view.

    Some parts might be a tad (or more than a tad) cliché, and that is because I originally intended this to be a trollfic. Though when I started writing, I found it a bit of a waste to turn this into a trollfic, so that is that.

    Critique is always welcome.


    This piece of writing I created contains major Death Note spoilers. It spoils just about anything that will happen.​
    Proceed at own risk.​
    If there is one thing that could crack a person open, eat them from inside out, drive them to the point of pure and utter insanity until all that remains of them are silent cries of agony, it would be boredom.

    And had this been Light Yagami's exact state of being for the past few days.

    The Shinigami world was a mess. A never-changing, miserable dump, whose inhabitants' only reason to live was to not die.

    Shinigami. Gods of death, if that is what you could call them. They were nothing more than leeches.

    Leeches that warily counted the days until a new victim had to be reaped of their life, then gluttonously draining it away.

    It was rotten, and Light couldn't take it anymore.

    It tore him apart.

    He would have rather been in Hell for all eternity than to stay one more day in this world.

    He hated it here.

    The last few days he had desperately been hiding himself from his companions, not wanting to face either of them. Not out of fear, but out of despise.

    Leaning against a wall of some sort, Light sighed deeply.

    He didn't know what to do, nor what to think. Perhaps he should just close his eyes and drift off for a while. Boredom was exhausting, after all.

    "Hey, Light," a sudden voice was heard from close behind. It surprised Light. He hadn't thought anyone would have followed him all the way here.

    He recognized it. The voice belonged to the Shinigami that had become his one-way ticket into this world. Light didn't bother turning around.

    "Guess what, the big man wants to see you," he continued. Light looked up from the ground, yet still facing the other way.

    "The big man, you say?" asked Light.

    "You know, the Shinigami King. He must be up to something big, wanting to see you personally."

    Light sighed, then went on.

    "Whatever, Shinigami."

    Light was in fact quite surprised to be called forward by the Shinigami King himself. He knew that this could mean big trouble, but even that would be decent to him.

    He eagerly went ahead. He knew exactly where to go.

    And there he was, the Shinigami King.

    "Light, I see you have gotten the invitation," the Shinigami King called with a slight smile as Light had made his way. Light had to admit, the Shinigami King was quite intimidating, fiery red eyes staring into the hollow chambers where once the young Shinigami's soul rested.

    "You wanted to see me?" Light asked with curiosity yet caution. The Shinigami King slowly moved his big head in a nod.

    He pulled out a Notebook, one identical to the one Light had secured neatly inside his holder.

    "I reckon you are familiar with this item?" the Shinigami King asked Light, holding the Notebook before his face. Nothing could be more obvious.

    "It's a Death Note."

    The Shinigami King nodded approvingly. "Good, good."

    He now took out a second Notebook, this one being a bright white. "How about this one?" The Shinigami King asked Light, who gazed in confusion.

    "I, I have no clue." Light answered hesitantly.

    The Shinigami King nodded once more. "That's alright, I didn't expect you to," he took a pause. "This, Light, is the Life Note. Now it is obvious you haven't seen this Notebook before, as you understand I couldn't give this Notebook to just any Shinigami." Light went along and nodded.

    The Shinigami King continued, gesturing something Light couldn't exactly make out, "the truth is, I haven't been able to experiment with this Notebook yet. Being King of the Shinigami world is a heavy task, as you might reckon. And this is where you come in."

    Light's eyes lit up. "You mean I-"

    "Let me finish," the Shinigami King growled. Light let loose a slight gasp. It startled him how the King's expression changed in a split second.

    "As I said, I haven't had the time to test this Notebook yet, so it has never been used. I can only assume it works by the same rules as the Death Note," he continued. "However, one thing I do know for sure is that this Notebook brings life in a similar way its counterpart brings death." Light didn't move.

    "Now, what I would want you to do is to find out exactly how this Notebook works. Find out the rules and restrictions, and ultimately report back to me. In return, you will be sent back into your old life for a little while, until your research is done."

    The King leaned in closer to Light. "I'll be keeping a close eye on you. I will not hesitate to bring you back here when I feel you are not doing your job well, understood?"

    All there was, was silence.

    "I presume you take my offer then?" the King continued.

    Light nodded in response, unable to answer with either word.

    The King eyed Light closely. "I had thought so. An offer you can't reject. You want to live again, don't you?"

    This was true, and Light Yagami knew it. He longed to be back. To breathe the air of his own world again. Light didn't belong here, and he had ensured everybody knew that.

    "Can I ask one question?" Light finally spoke up.

    "What is it?" the Shinigami King replied curiously.

    "Why me?"

    The Shinigami King chuckled slightly, "I believe you asked the same question after obtaining the Death Note. Very well, the reason I chose you, rather than any of the other Shinigami, is because I believe you are the only one who will be able to perform this task."

    "This world hasn't affected you yet. You still have some life in you, the other Shinigami are famished. They don't see the point of living, it's the fear that keeps them alive. And besides that, you have proven to be a person of interest by your innovative use of the Death Note."

    Another silence.

    The Shinigami King reached for the white Notebook once again. "Well then, Light, are you ready?" Light nodded. The Shinigami King then handed over the Notebook.

    Light took a look inside. It looked like a regular Death Note, aside from the fact that there was only one rule written down, "The person whose name is written in this Notebook shall live."

    Light took out his pen. He took a deep breath, in and out, mentally preparing himself for whatever would happen.

    He placed the pen at the paper and wrote.

    Light Yagami.


    An eerie feeling spread through his veins. Light Yagami was placed in front of his table in the back of the class. In front of him laid a Notebook.

    Seemingly half asleep, he closed his eyes, opened them again, then tried keep himself from releasing a gasp.

    It was then that Light realized where he was. He hadn't been here for over three years. His old classroom. It was as if nothing had happened; as if the previous years were only a dream.

    But it hadn't been a dream, and Light knew that more than anyone. If not for the Notebook on his desk, then for the memories that were still present.

    He had returned, returned to the very moment where his life had changed inevitably.

    "Yagami, are you with us?" someone asked, interrupting Light's stream of thoughts.

    Nostalgia and déjà vu struck to him. "Yes..." Light coughed to clear his throat. His voice was hoarse, as if he hadn't used it in a while.

    "Yes," he repeated, his voice clear now.

    "Good, could you translate the text on page fifty then?"

    Light took his book, stood up, and translated the Japanese text to English. It didn't take him a lot of effort, it was the second time he had read it, after all.

    "Very good," said the teacher once Light had finished. "Flawless, in fact. But, I hadn't expected anything less from our top student."

    Light gave a polite nod and sat down again, his theory confirmed now. He really had returned. There was only one thing left he had to make sure.

    The bell conveniently rang and the class was dismissed. Light hastily made his way outside. He enjoyed feeling the wind through his fingers, it had been a while.

    His eyes widened and his mouth morphed into a faint smile. There it was, the pitch black Notebook, right where it had been lying the first time.

    Light picked it up, though trying not to make himself look too suspicious.

    He put it into his bag, next to the other Notebook, and headed home.

    He didn't bother paying attention to his surroundings.

    Light Yagami had only one thing on his mind as for now, and he couldn't use any interruptions.
    "I'm alright, mom. I'm going to my room to study," Light assured his mother. She meant well, Light just couldn't have her nor anyone else around for this.

    He needed some time to think.

    Not only did he own a Death Note, but now a Life Note as well. And he needed to put this to good use.

    The Shinigami King's words still echoed in his head. Despite the threats, Light wasn't about to let his second chance at life slip away from him. He was going to do the same, but he was going to do it right this time.

    He needed to find a way to play two roles at once. And when the time was ripe, to change things for the better.

    But for now, what he had to do was to keep the King happy. The King was the threat here, Light couldn't care less about L, Near or anyone else. After all, all Light had to do was doing everything in the exact same way as last time. If so, Light would always have the upper hand, as he knew exactly what would happen.

    There were a few things to keep in mind nevertheless. Light Yagami had never found out L's name. But even if he had, immediately removing L from the picture would only make things more complicated.

    Another thing for him to consider was the fact that Light couldn't just do what he wanted. The Shinigami King was probably watching him right now, ready to send him back to death if only one misstep was taken.

    Lightning could strike at any time.

    The best thing for Light to do as for now would be to use the Death Note in the same way as before, while testing out the Life Note behind the scenes.

    It wouldn't be easy, but easy had never been Light's style.

    He had to think of a way to put the Shinigami King in a situation where he couldn't kill Light, no matter what.

    A Shinigami would die if them killing someone would result in lengthening someone else's lifespan.

    Light had to keep that in mind. He could surely find a way to use it to his advantage.

    Stopping his thoughts, he looked at his alarm clock and realized he had to hurry. Light quickly turned on the TV, got his black Notebook, and wrote down the name of the criminal appearing on the TV that very moment.

    He already knew the Notebook would do its job, so he didn't bother waiting the next forty seconds in anticipation. He could spend his precious time in better ways.

    He dropped himself on his bed, still holding his Death Note tightly.

    The second person he had killed, what was his name again? How had he killed him? It wasn't a heart attack, Light knew that for sure. There was no way L could have traced his death back to Light.

    What had happened to Light's second victim?

    Forty seconds had passed and the TV now showed hostages running out of the building. Apparently, the one who held them hostage suddenly squirmed in pain and passed out. A heart attack.

    Light knew the cause better than anyone.

    His mother would be calling him from downstairs any moment now, telling him to hurry up for his prep course. Not that he would be late though, the traffic was never that busy at this time.


    Light shot up. Traffic, traffic accident. That was the cause of death. His name, Takuo. Takuo... Shibuimaru.

    Mentally complimenting himself for remembering, Light wrote down Takuo's full name several times in various ways.

    After forty seconds Light also wrote down the names in the Life Note.

    If he would come across Takuo tonight, it would prove that the Life Note worked in the way Light thought it did.

    Of course, there was also a chance that Takuo wouldn't show up at all. Either because he was dead or because he was hospitalized.

    He got up and took his bag, storing the two Notebooks inside of it.

    "Light!" he heard his mother's voice call from downstairs, "shouldn't you leave now? You'll be late of you don't hurry!"

    Light left his room and descended the stairs.

    Time to go, he thought.


    "What a joke," Light muttered under his breath. Having done this for the second time now, he was sure this was under his level.

    Though this was the least of his concerns now.

    It was cold and dark outside, and it looked as if it could start raining any moment. The weather matched Light's mood, anxious and irresolute.

    A shiver went through him as he walked on. Light sped up, headed toward a particular shop.

    It came into view, and so did a familiar young lady. She was placed in front of the shop, talking with someone on her cellphone.

    Light didn't care too much about her for now. She was there, and that was all that was relevant.

    With his head held high, he entered the shop, nervously awaiting his unwelcome guest.

    The seconds ticked away and Light felt his muscles trembling slightly in tension. It felt like an eternity. How long had he been waiting already? How much longer would it be? Would Takuo even come? He could easily be dead.

    Every breath seemed heavier than the last, as minutes had passed and his guest had yet to arrive. If Takuo wouldn't show up now, it would mean there was a possibility of him being dead, the cause of death being a heart attack.

    Which meant there would be evidence. Evidence L would never miss.

    It couldn't go wrong. It shouldn't go wrong. Yet with every second, Light's confidence lowered.

    It wasn't looking good for him. He could very well have made a terrible mistake here. His hope leaked away, deep into the ground.

    Just as he was about to turn and leave, roaring engines were heard from not too far away.

    Light's ears sharpened and his eyes lit up as the noise grew louder. His mouth showed a grin.

    He was there, Takuo was there.

    Light stared out of the window, seeing the group motorcyclists circling around the lady from before.

    Takuo was there. The Life Note worked exactly the way Light had expected.

    The lady called for help a few times, trying to squirm out of the motorcyclists' grip who were now surrounding her. Help was exactly what Light was going to give her.

    He pulled the black Notebook out of his bag. He opened it, and put the pen at the paper.

    A few swift hand movements were all that was needed.

    Takuo Shibuimaru.
    Death by traffic accident.

    He closed the Death Note and put it back into his bag.

    Now all he had to do was to wait.

    Forty seconds. Just forty seconds. An eternity when you were waiting.

    Seconds had passed. Light began shoving his foot over the concrete floor impatiently. Waiting was frustrating.

    He hated waiting.

    More seconds had passed. It couldn't be much longer now. Light was sure it could happen any moment. Perhaps just about...


    The lady yelped as she managed to struggle out of Takuo's grip. She took a run for it, Takuo quickly following after getting back on his motorcycle.

    Light's gaze went up from his Notebook, placing itself on the massive truck that raced over the street with increasing velocity. It came closer to the group, closer to Takuo.

    The distance between the two shrunk rapidly until they almost touched.

    Takuo was facing the other way. There was no way he had seen this coming.

    A desperate honk released from the truck, but it was too late. Takuo's body as well as his motorcycle was quickly consumed by enormous vehicle.

    The truck went on without stopping.

    It went past the corner and left the street.

    Silence, only silence.

    The pale faced companions stared in awe and fear. Nobody dared to say a word, even the lady stopped and remained silent. Everyone was too shocked to even blink.

    It took a while for either of them to stretch a muscle. They seemed paralyzed, incapable of doing anything but staring at each other in silence.

    "Let's get out of here," one of them finally said. Though his voice was quiet and dry, Light could clearly make out the desperation inside of it.

    The man tugged at his friend's sleeve. He slowly turned to his motorcycle, got up, and rushed off. The group quickly followed.

    The lady stayed put, unable to move in any way.

    Light Yagami turned around and left without a word.

    It wasn't too far home anymore.
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