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Spoilers Arceus: First Thoughts

Discussion in 'Switch Pokémon Games' started by CharlieWeasleyfan, Jan 30, 2022.

  1. CharlieWeasleyfan

    Shiny Roggenrola
    Level 1
    Jan 24, 2017
    Trainer Card - Cave ThemeRocky Helmet ★★★★★Staff of VerityExp. Share ★★
    So this is my second day with the new game that just came out Legends: Arceus and I have a lot of things I like about it but also some questions. Some spoilers will be double spoiler blocked so nobody can say they weren't warned

    So let's start with the obvious. Look at the characters. Old Sinnoh certainly tips it's hat to the Professor in Sandgem town. Then let's go onto other generation characters as well. It's nice to see how they portray people like Rowan, Team Galactic Members, Clay (Black and White),a certain conductor from black and white into the game. Also can we talk about our character for a moment? Look at how they dress. I think the new Professor tells you exactly where they are from by hinting the type of Pokémon comparison is made.

    So it's a little tedious sure. Catch a lot of Pokémon and instead of badges jump up in the ranks. Seems simple enough but also really frustrating when you want to get through the main storyline

    There's a lot more to cover but let's see what everyone who has it thinks
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