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Writing Artists vs Critques

Discussion in 'Creative Zone' started by Vaquero, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. Vaquero

    Vaquero Member of the Charicific Valley

    King Crimson
    Level 40
    May 29, 2018
    Shit, it’s been awhile....

    This little rant is just something I’ve been wanting to get off my chest when it comes to positivity vs negativity about art.

    I’m coming from this at both views.

    Team Artists:

    Obviously you should be respectful to the artist. Don’t just come on the platform and say it’s trash. Yes, artists are fine with hearing criticism and often want to hear it so that they can improve their craft. But just saying “this is is trash” doesn’t do shit for anyone and only causes negative conflict that.

    Team Critics:

    But we also gotta come at this from the from the other person’s view. This is coming from someone who is a fellow “artist” (I’m just a guy that draws for shits and giggles). We as artists SHOULD accept criticism as it helps us grow. And when the constructive criticism has content and genuine aid, we should take it. Not everyone has to like our art, that’s just human nature. Artists SHOULD be prepared for negative feedback however since we are putting our stuff out on display tor the public. No matter what, people either like it or hate it.

    You can argue that it’s “your style” all you want however there’s a HUGE difference between having a style and just something being straight up bad.

    It’s like comparing the style of anime to the style of rubber hose cartoons. Neither is bad and they work for their applications. However, both can be down very badly, there’s no argument for style if it’s not even good in the context you’re using it for.


    No matter which side you’re on, we always have to remember to be respectful to each other. Artists and their fans should not outright attack any person who criticizes their art and critics should be giving CONSTRUCTIVE criticism that’s not attacking the artist. The whole point of it is to help the artist improve by pointing out flaws, not putting them on blast for not doing something correctly.

    Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
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  2. Vigilance

    Vigilance Site Administrator

    Level 50
    Jan 26, 2017
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    I actually read this one time around earlier but am only now coming back to reply to it. I agree with what you're saying to an extent. I think the biggest concern should be not trashing someone's artwork. So if the only way one can provide critique is through trashing someone's art, everyone is better off without that person's opinion imo.

    Now if critique is down properly, sure technically there is such a thing as bad art. It's not bad per say but just generally what doesn't seem aesthetic. There is the possibility that despite how "bad" we may think something objectively is, it comes back as popular (I'm looking at you boot cut/flare jeans) but I agree that the artist may be still learning so it's important to give them positive tips as to how they may improve.

    I also think that sometimes artists reach a style they like and it may not be popular with everyone but it is still their style and they put hard work into crafting it so I don't think that is bad art but it's definitely murky waters. I just hope everyone feels confident with sharing their AMAZING art on LV.
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  3. Gazi

    Gazi Pokémon Professor

    Level 21
    May 27, 2018
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    The thing about art is that it takes lots of practice to get to the point where it is good, and even then it's still subjective.

    I accept criticisms for my art, but that's because I know where my flaws are and I want to know how to improve. I'm frequently going to my older sister (who is a better artist than I am) and asking her if my shading or anatomy looks okay. At the same time though, I'm also hiding away my works that are still in progress from her, because I'm not quite ready to hear what's wrong with them. I'm not sure if I'd be as open to accept criticisms from someone who wasn't my sibling.
  4. Duo

    Duo mewtwo is bottom 3

    (Odd Egg (S))
    Level 5
    Jul 7, 2019
    Pretty good post. I have a lot that came to my mind while reading, so I'm just gonna talk for a while.

    I honestly think that, on some level, people confuse mindless bashing with actual genuine criticism, and this applies to both ends. Some critics will say "lol this is garbage" and call that criticism, while some artists will get a genuinely well thought out criticism with good intentions and try to take it as rude. Whether or not it actually is rude for the latter case will depend on the case but a lot of the time I've seen, the people doing the criticisms have at least had good intentions.

    I think the only way to avoid pissing anyone off is asking "hey, do you mind if I give you a tip," maybe complimenting something they did pretty well beforehand. If they say no, then the conversation ends and nothing happens, and if they say yes then they would go on with what they would normally say. Some people are going to be more tolerant and won't mind if criticism is said outright, but it's best to not take chances. Some people are also going to try and deflect criticism, which leads me to something else I want to talk about.

    It's fine if an artist doesn't want to take criticism because nobody should be forced to have something shoved down their throat if it makes them uncomfortable or they have an inferiority complex or something like that. However, they should know that it seriously stunts their potential for growth. There are going to be mistakes you've made in your artwork that you may see as normal, or you likely won't even notice at all. I still think that all artists should realize that not taking criticism can slow or potentially even stop their ability to learn, and critics should realize that not everyone wants to hear criticism for their own different reasons.

    HOWEVER, the "it's just my style" argument seriously bothers me even if only because of the gaping holes in the logic and how baffling it is to me that people still follow that belief. I have a simple, four-word argument that completely destroys that logic. Styles can be bad. To elaborate, in order for art to be considered good, at least in my opinion, it should be appealing to most viewers on a general level. A quality of your art that doesn't look good can be considered "part of your style," sure, but that just means your style isn't good. Big example of this lately has been Butch Hartman, as while his shows are mostly drawn pretty well, his commissions that have been shown to the internet have some serious linework and color issues that have proven his artstyle is bad.

    Butch Hartman is a prime example of what you might get when you don't want to take criticism, by the way; his art only got worse over time. You might get worse, you might get better, you might not really change much at all. I've seen all three. For most though, art is only a hobby, so what they want to do with it is up to them. I personally enjoy criticism, but not so much at once, as taking things in more slowly can help me focus on them one at a time to improve quicker overall. I now wince when I look back at my art from a few years ago, my changes have been drastic. But criticism's not for everyone, and I'm sure everyone has their own reason if they don't choose to take it.

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