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Ask DDD Eclipse

Discussion in 'Question & Answer' started by Eclipse, Apr 12, 2015.

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  1. Eclipse

    Level 82
    Apr 3, 2015
    Marshadium Z ★★★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Luxury Ball ★★★Comet Shard ★★★★Mewnium Z  ★★★★★
    Image Source (before edits): Cardfight! Vanguard

    My name is Eclipse. When the world is at its darkest, I shall appear!

    Greetings, and welcome to the inquiry desk of Eclipse. Many of you have no doubt seen me out and about the Lake, and have a fairly good grasp of what I do and how I act. However, that is only a general picture of this dragon; if you find yourself to have any specific questions for me, this is the place to ask them. Of course, you may also view my thoughts in the various threads I peruse, but that can't tell you everything.

    Here, I shall be asked questions by you. And I, in turn, shall answer them. This shall foster communication in a more productive manner than a simple topic would accomplish, as there will be noticeably less restraint.

    To keep things organized and simple, I shall lay down some ground rules before we begin. They are as follows, in brief:
    • Regardless of anything else, all posts here must conform to Lake Valor rules, both overall and section-specific. There shall be no exceptions to this, be it on my part or yours.
    • I reserve the right to refuse to answer any question asked to me, for any reason. More often this shall apply to questions of a more personal nature, but if I discern the question to be mean-spirited, stupid, meaningless, or otherwise contrary, those are also a few examples to which I will not answer. (The most common questions of this type are about things I don't know anything about. Personal questions are also strictly off-limits.)
    • Please check the list within the earlier posts in this topic to see if your question has been asked before. While I won't be annoyed or outright refuse to answer, I'll just state the title of the similar previous question I'd answered before.
    • I will treat all questions, and their inquirers, equally. To me, all questions have equal weight, whether asked by the lowliest of the low or the top of the pyramid - or if they're asked one-by-one or ten at a time. I have no respect of persons.
    • I may add, change, or remove any or all of these bullet points at any time, at my discretion, if I feel that it is necessary. (In essence, my own rules are subject to change as I wish.) Forum rules shall still remain absolute, however.
    • Below I will keep a list of all questions asked to me (and their answers) to date. I will keep them in alphabetical order, for convenience and look-up. They shall be contained in the spoiler tag directly below. (If a contraction is in the question, it's alphabetised by the two separate words, e.g. 'What's' would be sorted as 'What is'.)
    For questions whose first word begins with A through K, check post #1 (this post).
    For those that start with L onward, check post #7.

    A man of large stature holds a gun to the back of your head, and commands you to murder one of the people in front of you--your most beloved friend, your favorite instructor from the past, or your closest family member--with your bare hands, or you and everyone in front of you will be murdered. What is your first thought, and how do you respond to the situation at hand?
    My first thought is I'm going to disarm the blaggard of his gun. Provided that my friends are unbound, I presume that they might assist me in the fit of confusion - though were they bound I would attempt this anyway. Should I succeed in this endeavour, I would proceed to kill the man with his gun; while his blood would be on my hands, my inaction would be a crime far worse, to let such a man like that go free. Should I fail to disarm or kill the man, we might all die, but regardless of outcome I would not turn against my friends and family; such an act would be unconscionable.
    A dragon fights valiantly to protect its own, even at the cost of its own life if need be.

    After playing a game, would you be seeing what tropes there would be in that game?
    After the fact, if it happens to creep into my head, possibly. This is rare, though, as I know how much of a trap that TVTropes is and can become, so I definitely moderate my browsing time there.

    Am I permitted to ask more than one question?
    You just did, so yes.

    Anatomically, what about being a dragon do you find to be the best?
    Dragons are covered in a large and complex array of interlocking scales, as are most reptiles. This entraps heat within the body, allowing it to circulate and not dissipate. The effect of this is that I can survive in very cold or otherwise inhospitable climates without suffering from cold-based drawbacks - as my body traps heat, I'll never be cold. I can't prolong this for too much, but this is why I absorb light directly from the Sun - which, as we all know, is excruciatingly hot.

    Any opinion about spelling mistakes?
    They are bothersome things that need to be fixed. It's okay at first, but just fix them and don't do it again. No excuses.

    Are questions about "DDD" or "Eclipse" annoying?
    Not really, because the answers are pretty short and concise anyway.

    Are there any forms of clichés that annoy you (in stories or movies)?
    Yes: all of them. It's gotten to the point where I'm so jaded that the first thing that will stand out to me about any writing or story will be the clichés.

    Are there times where being alone seems better than having company?
    Most certainly. I'm incapable of deep thought unless I am alone. I do my best contemplation when I am alone. I spend time with others to fulfill a need for interaction, and I spend time alone to fulfill a need for thought and accomplishing tasks. Like coursework. I'll never get that done if there's anyone around.

    Are you a dragon with a specific element? If so, what is your element?
    It's technically 'shadow' (an eclipse is when the Sun or Moon casts a shadow over the Earth), though 'darkness' wouldn't be too far off - but I suppose in the spirit of delineating those two words, 'shadow' is more correct. A shadow cannot exist without light, however, so don't think there isn't a sort of duality going on.

    Are you a fan of Final Fantasy? If so, which was your favorite game in the series?
    Not anymore, but Final Fantasy V was the one I liked the most. (Coincidentally, it was also my first.)

    Are you a "love every season" person or "love one, hate the others" kind of person?
    Where I am situated, the weather is nearly constant year-round with very little variation, so 'seasons' are a bit of a foreign concept to me. Temperatures and weather patterns are not tied to times of year like the seasons are, so my preferences are tied to those rather than seasons directly. I will say, however, that I like it when it's cold and hate it when it's hot.

    Are you a picky eater? If so, which foods do you prefer not eating?
    I would have to answer that as 'yes and no', though it leans more towards 'yes'. At social gatherings I will not be exactly picky with food, and will accept what I am given, though I will gravitate towards the choices I'm more familiar with, i.e. things I've tried before. On occasion I feel adventurous to try something new, though this is not often. I don't really have a laundry list of which specific foods I prefer over others, though, but sometimes I'll choose something that I intentionally don't like just so I don't feel hungry.

    Are you a slow walker, or a fast walker? Would I have to speed up to keep at your pace, or slow down?
    I'm a fast walker, definitely. My precise measurements aren't empirical, but: the average stride (pace) length for an adult human is about 2 feet, and mine is roughly 2.4 feet (2 feet, 4.8 inches), with some margin for error. Those may not be the exact numbers, but suffice it to say that my stride is 20% longer than the average. As for whether or not you'd be at, above, or below my pace, I don't know - you tell me.

    Are you a snack person?
    I do snack, yes. It's not a habit I try to do, because really I just tend to eat whenever I'm hungry. Based on the timing, I tend to snack either once or twice per day, rarely more than that. If I do, it's either because I'm really bored or really stressed - or I'm just eating blueberries. (It's impossible to keep me away from them.)

    Are you able to skillfully and accurately impersonate someone else?
    No, but I know I'm good at mimicking a lot of different kinds of voices. That is about as far as my talent goes, though.

    Are you afraid of large needles?
    Who isn't?
    Smaller needles are fairly commonplace so I'm not bothered by those, but when a needle becomes noticeably thicker than my fingernail, then we have problems.

    Are you cheap?
    I like saving money wherever I can, if that's what you're asking. Money is something that is at a bit of a premium for me, so I want to be frugal with it. Never know when I'll need some for an emergency situation - never mind changing my living arrangements.

    Are you content with the weather in your area? Why or why not?
    Despite my occasional gripes about the above-average temperatures here, I actually am content with the weather, more so than any other place I have lived in or visited. The reason for such is because there is very little fluctuation/variation from day to day, and the worst I really have to worry about is rain. There are no tumultuous weathers around here by any means, and that's what I'm most glad about.

    Are you familiar with the Towers of Hanoi puzzle? If so, what is your best score when there are 5 discs involved?
    I am, yes! I actually didn't know it had a name until you told me it just now, but that particular puzzle has been a large part of my childhood, largely due to a few Carmen Sandiego games, who used that puzzle frequently, albeit with 5 towers instead of 3. (There really isn't a difference when you add more towers, other than it takes a lot less time to finish.) The most I've done is 7 discs with 3 towers, or 15 discs with 5 towers. I didn't know you could keep score with it - unless you meant timing myself. I have never actually timed myself with any layout, but 5 discs would be too easy.

    Are you forgiving?
    No I'm not, but, that is only in circumstances when I feel that someone has genuinely and intentionally wronged me. That doesn't happen often, and while I don't hold grudges (or at least try not to), it wouldn't be something I could easily forget and pretend never happened; if I am hurt once, where is the surety I won't be again? If we're talking about occurrences where accidents happen and people are afraid they messed up for or around me, then yes I'm forgiving because I know the person is trying and wasn't out to really do wrong. Simply put, it depends on the intent, and I don't even think I've met anyone who was really out to get me.

    Are you good at cooking?
    I wouldn't consider myself good, as I don't know how to cook very many things. I'm not overtly bad, however; everything I've produced tastes average at worst. Once I learn how to cook more things, I'll be fine.

    Are you interested in gardening?
    Truthfully not. I don't like plants to begin with, and seeing the amount of effort put into it for comparatively little reward doesn't appeal to me.

    Are you left- or right-handed?
    I'm right-handed when it comes to writing, though most else of what I do I can either do equally well with both hands (have no preference), or I prefer to do with my left hand, because I'm left-eye dominant, among a few other things.

    Are you patient enough to wait in queues?
    Yes, actually - and more than most people may think. I have little problems letting others with more items go ahead of me, holding back to let someone with more people go ahead - those things do not bother me. I believe that my time is best utilised to make other people happy, and should I have the time available (which I usually do when waiting in queues) I will gladly use that time to make the lives of others a little easier.

    Are you patient with forgetful people?
    Yes, though only to a point. The point is when I have to explain something more than 4 times to a person, after which it begins to grate on me, and gives the perception that the person doesn't want to remember. This only happens with a handful of subjects, though, and more often than not isn't a concern. For example, I don't get annoyed when people forget my name or someone else's name, because that happens often anyway and I tend to do the same (I remember faces much better).

    Are you popular?
    Depends on who you ask, but - usually. Where I go and establish myself, I am usually fairly well-known.

    Are you really pure 100% dragon?
    Indeed I am. Why, do you doubt me?

    Are you sarcastic with others when speaking in real life?
    No. I'm not really sarcastic when talking to anybody.

    As a child, did you often ride the carousel?
    Yeah; there was one indoor shopping centre not far from where I lived that had a carousel as a primary fixture. I remember riding on it a lot when I was younger, though I think I outgrew it by the time I turned eight.

    As of today, what is the most useless fact you know?
    Knowing π to 28 places.

    Aside from the Battle Network series, what's your favourite Mega Man game?
    It's Mega Man Star Force 2, even though I know that's a spiritual successor to BN. Other than that, I just really do not like the playstyle of Mega Man games. I am aware it's a platformer, but I only like very specific types of platformers, and Mega Man is not one of them - quite the opposite; it actually annoys me.

    Assuming you're someone that really likes dragons, which dragon characters do you enjoy and are inspired by?
    I'm not really inspired by 'characters' per se; it's more so the species as a whole that fascinates me. As I've alluded to a few times long ago, there really aren't many requirements to be classified as a dragon - reptilian in nature, a few limbs, ability to fly optional, and association with some sort of elemental force are all that is needed. There's so much variety in that alone that I essentially never run out of ideas for what dragons are like; even restricting yourself to certain body styles can still give you many ideas.
    Dragons are pretty sweet.

    At what point would you have accomplished enough to "die happy"?
    It isn't tied to accomplishment - the only thing that would ever really make me die happy is if I outlived all of my close friends. That way, when I die, they'll be waiting for me. (If one of them outlived me, s/he would have to deal with the heartbreak of my material absence. I'd rather be the one to shoulder that burden than they.)

    Best Jojo?
    Joseph. That's not even a question.

    Worst Jojo?
    That's harder to say. As of this writing I've only finished parts 1-6 (haven't started 7 or 8), but I would have to say Jotaro. While he does play a role in later parts trying to push the cast, he sits on his hands for a great deal of that - and in Part 3 itself his screen time is only exciting when he's playing mind games with people (which he does very well, don't mistake me), so he even gets overshadowed in his own part by the other characters...especially Joseph.

    Can a swallow carry a coconut?
    Not by itself - it's a question of weight ratios - but if you have 2 of them working together, it's certainly feasible. However, if the swallow and coconut were similar in size, it would be definitely possible.

    Can you believe how crazy the Discord chat gets?
    Given how I cause about one-quarter of it, yes I can.

    Can you do a cross-eyed expression?
    No; bugging my eyes out in any way hurts.

    Can you do any good imitations?
    I've been told I'm a good voice mimic. While I don't do any voice with exact precision in relation to another character (or at least not very many), I can alter my voice to sound like a multitude of other things, enough so that people are legitimately surprised at the noises that come forth from my mouth. Because of that, there are voices I can do very well, others decently, and still others barely well at all.

    Can you express your daily life with a single adjective?

    Can you provide me with a formal definition of the terms "overrated" and "underrated"?
    'Overrated' and 'underrated' have mirror opposite meanings, as you may very well expect. Overrated means that a thing (person, story, work of art, anything) is given a rating higher than what is believed to be deserved, and/or given more attention that is more than what is believed to be deserved. There are a lot of examples of this popularised in pop culture, but one of the more well-known ones (and the first one that came to my mind) would be the Twilight book series, given a rather inordinate amount of attention (due in no small part to the movie franchise) even though the stories are rather poorly written.

    Similarly, an underrated object is something that is given a rating, or attention, that is lower than what is believed that it deserves. (In a sense, you could replace the word 'rate' with 'value', as that is essentially the meaning it's trying to convey.) I don't want to give a specific example of this, but I can give a broad one: there are a lot of works and stories in existence that, while they are on the whole well-done, are not very well known or heard-of outside of those who know about it - and more often than not tend to be very loyal to it as a result. (As for whether those two things are related I couldn't say.) I'm sure each of us has one of these personal loves that we hold to. One of mine is the Golden Sun video game series.

    Do note that just because something is popularised does not mean it is overrated, nor does it mean that something largely ignored is underrated. Some things that are popularised are really that good, and some things that are ignored are really that bad. Of course, due to the very meaning of these words, what is assigned as overrated or underrated can turn very largely (if not entirely) subjective, so use these descriptors at your own risk.

    Can you rate your outdoor survival skills out of 10?
    If I were to use that numerical scale to assign it, I think it would be a 4. I've only gone camping a handful of times in my life, and while I didn't outright dislike it, it is not something I would repeat if given the opportunity to not do so. I'm a homebody, essentially. I rarely like to stray too far from my roost.

    Can you solve a Rubik's Cube, and if so, how fast?
    I've never actually been able to solve a Rubik's Cube from start to finish; I will work on it for a time, but after about 2 minutes or so, I will think I am close 'if only 1 of the corners is different', then toy with it for a bit longer to see if I can get the corner the way I want it. I'll usually fail. At the very least, if trying to seriously attempt a Rubik's Cube, I will manage to complete about 2 of the sides before giving up and wanting to do something else.

    Could you entertain yourself with a tennis ball in an empty circular room for a half-hour?
    Theoretically. I've done that in a racquetball court before, but I don't know if it lasted for a half-hour; it may have been much shorter. So could I? Only in theory, but probably not in practice.

    Did anything spoop you on Halloween?
    What's 'Halloween'?

    Did you enjoy math as a child?
    Given how my child self wanted to grow up to be a mathematician, very much so. It hasn't come quite to pass like that, but my skill and passion for math have not at all dulled.

    Did you ever sleep with a nightlight?
    When I was a child, yes.

    Did you ever try to write a story?
    Short stories are something I've dabbled with in the past. Constructing larger stories takes a lot more effort and time, and the older I became, the less time I had available. Nonetheless I have written stories in the past before, and I found them to be a fun activity. They come about only when sharp inspiration does - which isn't often, unless I purposefully focus on it. And sadly there are other more pertinent things that require my focus nowadays.

    Did you make your banner(s) yourself? If so, what program do you use?
    I do, yes. The program I use is called GIMP - an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program, with GNU being the type of licence it is distributed under. GIMP is a totally free program, and one which has served me quite well.

    Did you struggle with math when you were younger?
    Not at all. In fact, that's probably where my willingness to help others with math stems from - I know so many others hate math, but I don't, and I enjoy breaking it down into a form that's easier to grasp and understand.

    Do most of the books you read tend to be sort of underground, not very well-known books?
    I honestly have no idea. A straightforward answer would be 'probably not', but I just read what I find and what I like, and let the rest go on from there. If it's a series, so much the better, as I tend to stick with what I like so I have more reading material for later.

    Do we control our destinies?
    Only to a point. The decisions are ours to make. The consequences of such - never mind the events that just come at us anyway - are not. Our lives consists of our choices; where we are is always contingent on what we have chosen.

    Do you address this sport as soccer or football?
    Football. Since when does Lionel Messi play soccer? Since never.

    Do you bargain?
    Not really. I tend to be very straightforward in my deals and be clear on the terms of both sides.

    Do you believe everything you read/hear about?
    Not until I can get a chance to research and/or inquire into it myself. In fact, it's actually impossible for me to take anything at face value - unless it's a close friend, I assume the person is outright lying until I can prove that otherwise.

    Do you believe in miracles?
    I do, yes. I've seen a few happen as well - and I don't mean things like sunrises or people being born. I mean I've seen actual events for which no other neat explanation exists, and they've generally had the effect of transforming lives.

    Do you believe in the existence of aliens?
    Like extraterrestrials? I know that things like bacteria and such do exist outside of Earth in highly specific conditions, but beyond that I cannot say that I do, because there isn't enough strong evidence to suggest that they might - a strong-enough possibility has not yet been presented.

    Do you believe that the recent past (1990-2010) was better than now?
    Maybe? Most of it wasn't occupied by Tumblr and smartphones, so, most likely.

    Do you brush after every meal or morning and night?
    I brush when I remember, which is usually right when I wake up and right when I go to sleep.

    Do you calculate your expenses and money spent?
    I try to whenever I can, yes. It's something I generally have to do, though I admit I sometimes forget.

    Do you collect anything?
    Other than 'beautiful pictures I happen to find while surfing the Internet', not really. Granted, that picture folder is steadily growing, but collecting isn't something I actively pursue - probably because of the strain that most collections will put on the wallet.

    Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky?
    I believe that I'm a somewhat lucky person. I'm fortunate to have had certain events happen to me as they have, and I don't think I can really complain about my lot in life per se. I've never really been a victim of overt bad luck ever, either.

    Do you consider yourself scary?
    No; I consider myself intimidating or imposing. Sometimes scariness happens as part of that, but that's never my goal.

    Do you consider yourself to be social or antisocial?
    Antisocial, most certainly. Dealing with people is quite irritating, and I will gladly avoid them whenever possible. I will only put up with social interactions and gatherings because I have to. I cannot effectively deal with people if it is anything more than a one-on-one format (or, rarely, a conversation triangle).

    Do you drink soda?
    Nope, never. Not only does it not really slake my thirst in any way, it generates some pretty intense burps.

    Do you drink tea or coffee? If so, what do you put in them?
    I drink (black) tea with a bit of milk and sugar to accentuate the taste a bit more - but only a bit; I don't want to be drinking sugar. I don't drink coffee at all; it's pretty bitter. Even with tea I don't drink it often, because caffeine has strange effects on me.

    Do you eat meat, and if so, what's your favourite kind?
    Only on occasion, and whenever I do, it's standardly fish, so I'd consider that my favourite kind of meat. If you're talking about red meat, though, then no, I don't really eat red meat.

    Do you eat pistachios?
    I do not, no.

    Do you enjoy Kingdom Hearts tracks? Provided you enjoy both classical and VGM, I think you'd like it since I find it to be a good mix of the two.
    I haven't explored the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack before, actually. I usually only tend to look at tracks for video games that interest me, and KH does not do so in the slightest, but it may be worth looking at music-wise one day.

    Do you enjoy smelling roses?
    I do enjoy smelling them, but not being around them. I have had my shirts pricked by their thorns far too many times in life.

    Do you enjoy the holiday season or is it stressful?
    Neither? Really, I just ignore it, as I don't celebrate any holidays, and therefore have no obligations to ponder. I simply lie low, move on with my life, wait until it's over, then continue. It's just another day on the calendar, business as usual for me.

    Do you even lift?
    Do I!? I do more than lift; I raise heavy objects against the force of gravity.

    Do you ever deal with rush-hour traffic going to and from places?
    That was me in the autumn of 2016 going to and from classes; my school had two campuses, one of which was 10 minutes away from my house, the other 30 - which would nearly double whenever traffic was involved. In autumn 2016, all of my classes were at the further campus. It was miserable. It was also the one and only time I got terribly sick while going through school.

    Do you ever get cravings for foods that you don't particularly care for?
    No I don't. If I get a craving for something, it's usually for something I liked but the last time I tried it was several years ago. I sometimes wait for it to pass, but some cravings are more insistent than others. Most of the cravings I'll end up satiating, and they simply go away unannounced.

    Do you ever ponder about your past? If yes, why, and how much & if not, why not?
    I do not, not in the slightest. The past is full of mistakes I've made and experiences I'd love to forget. I've learned from them, and there is nothing more I can do about them - after all, we can't change the past - so it's best to ignore any random memories of the past and move on.

    Do you ever wonder how your life would have changed if you made a certain choice or choices?
    I don't, actually, because that's where I'm at right now - my life has changed dramatically because of the choices I made. But more importantly, life doesn't have any 'take-backs', so a situation like that couldn't happen anyway, and I don't deal with merely hypothetical situations. My initial answer to a question like this would be "Why? It wouldn't become real."

    Do you feel like a different person often, i.e. other what the norm would be?
    I feel like the answer should be 'yes', but I'm tied very closely with my reputation and that doesn't seem to change very readily. My schedule itself is rather rigid and doesn't change often, but my mind is a very dynamic entity so it's hard for me to define what a 'normal' time for my mind would be like.

    Do you feel like an adult?
    I certainly don't feel at all like a child, that's for sure - so I'd have to answer that "yes, definitely".

    Do you feel like being on Lake Valor has been a worthwhile experience? If so, what's the most important thing you've gained from being here? If not, why?
    I think, on the whole, it has been a great experience, because I joined here with a few goals in mind. I wanted to both regulate my own emotions by coming to an entirely new place where older trappings wouldn't get in the way, and also to craft and create a persona that would generate as little bias as possible from those around me - I want people to form their opinions on me based on who I am and what I do, not so much what I am.
    As for the most important thing, that's hard to say. The cliché answer would be "the friends I've made along the way", but really it's the chance to give back to a forum that a few of my other friends really like. As long as they are happy, that's really enough for me.

    Do you feel like you raise the standard of conversation when you add to it, or is it not in your control?
    If I do, it's definitely not a conscious decision. I tend to have a more sophisticated vernacular than most people - or I at least carry myself in such a way as to appear so - so I think people tend to naturally respond to my aura and reciprocate the conversation on a similar level. So I suppose it's a little bit of both, but it isn't something I actually try doing.

    Do you feel that your Q&A gets buried a lot?
    All the time. I've gotten used to it, but it still hurts.

    Do you find it easier to memorise information by reading it or by hearing it?
    I would say that hearing allows for more solid memorisation, but reading is always the starting point. If I feel there's something I need to know, I'll take thorough notes on the subject then and there; later, on my own time, I will read over my own notes, and if confused on any point, I'll recite it (or what it means) out loud so that my brain can more easily process it. Reading accounts for most of the learning; hearing helps for those bits that words alone can't fix.

    Do you find yourself making a lot of typos?
    Not that I don't immediately fix as they appear.

    Do you get a lot of cavities? When was the last time you had one?
    In general, I did. I don't remember the exact last time I had a new one, but it happened before I had my first crown.

    Do you get lightheaded quickly?
    No, I don't - not unless I'm trying to make myself lightheaded on purpose, and why would I ever do that to myself?

    Do you get vivid dreams?
    No I don't - thank goodness. Any dreams I get tend to be weird and bizarre; I don't want them being hyper-realistic and lifelike on top of that.

    Do you go to the cinema often?
    I don't, no. There's little incentive as it's usually rather expensive, and the movies will usually come out later on DVD anyway. Plus, most of the movies I'm interested in came out years ago, so I'll just go visit a friend (who has tons of movies) and watch with him.

    Do you hate or dislike people using shortcuts for words? Like writng "ur" for "your"?
    I do dislike those people, yes. There is no legitimate excuse for shortening words like that, especially with the advent of touchscreen keyboards.

    Do you have a car?
    I do, actually! It's a nice little sedan that I've had for almost 5 years now (as of April 2017), partly because living in a large suburb necessitates I have a car to really get around, since everything is so spread out. It's not large, but it's big enough just for me, and it's efficient with petroleum, which is what I like best in a car. Plus, I can bring my PSP to have a playlist while I drive.

    Do you have a crush on an anime/fictional character? If so, who is it?
    No. I don't have crushes of any kind, real or fictional.

    Do you have a favourite acronym and if so, what is it?
    No, not unless you count making made-up acronyms out of silly words like 'succ', and at that point it's just wordplay more than anything else.

    Do you have a favourite classical music piece? If so, which one?
    Of the ones I know the titles of, those that rank high among my favourites are Symphony No. 40 Molto allegro (Mozart), Symphony No. 9 4th Movement - Ode to Joy (Beethoven), Symphony No. 5 1st Movement (Beethoven), and Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement (Beethoven again). This is largely because the only classical composers I truly recognise are Mozart and Beethoven whose pieces I know by name, along with Schubert, Boccarini, and CPE Bach whose pieces I've heard but don't recall the names of.

    I would have mentioned Canon in D Minor (Pachelbel), Water Music (Handel), The Four Seasons (Vivaldi), Toccata and Fugue in D Minor BWV 565 (Bach), and Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 (also Bach), except those are all Baroque pieces, and thus are in a different genre. In the process of answering this question, I found that I much prefer the Baroque genre to the Classical one.

    Do you have a favourite comedian?
    I would have to say it's definitely Eddie Izzard. I believe he has a superb delivery, made even more effective by how he enacts his scenarios via pantomime. If you haven't heard of him, I'd recommend looking up 'Cake or Death' - there is some minor swearing, but nothing that really detracts from the routine. The man is fantastic.

    Do you have a favourite dinosaur? If so, which one?
    Not really, no.

    Do you have a favourite fictional dragon?
    Yes - my namesake.

    Do you have a favourite holiday?
    Not really, no. By and large, I find holidays to be, quite literally, a waste of time.

    Do you have a favourite polite insult?
    I have a few, but I can't share them here (even 'polite', they're still rather ribald).

    Do you have a favourite star or constellation?
    I am ashamed to say that I, as enthralled with outer space as I am, have not considered this very much. I have thought of planets and their interactions many a time, but seeing as how my name, Eclipse, has to do with the blocking of a star, I don't have much excuse.
    I do have a favourite constellation, however, and it's primarily because of its name and associated mythology: Cassiopeia. For some reason I find it quite rhythmic, despite that she only looks like a stretched W in the night sky.

    Do you have a favourite type of hat?
    I haven't thought much about this since I don't wear hats, though if I had to pick one, it would probably be either the top hat or the trilby - and I'd wear them in white, not black. (Surprising for me to break character like that, I know!) There's a subtle sort of appeal to those hats, at least for me.

    Do you have a least favourite finger?
    The ring finger, most certainly. Its movements are tied to the other fingers beside it, particularly the middle finger - so it isn't nearly as mobile as the others, largely because it cannot move independently. As I like to exercise and stretch all my fingers individually, this gives me some degree of frustration.

    Do you have a list of LV members you'd like to meet?
    No, because I don't want to be met in person.

    Do you have a pen you always use to write with?
    I have a mechanical pencil I always write with, but not a pen.

    Do you have a set routine in the morning that you don't deviate from at all?
    If there are any deviations, they are minor. I am a creature of habit and operate best under the frame of a schedule or routine.

    Do you have a stance on the Apple and Android competition?
    Apple is disgusting in everything they do; end of story.

    Do you have an encyclopaedia at home?
    I used to! Then the Internet became a widespread thing, so it got donated. I used it all the time for school research papers, though.

    Do you have any accessories for your car? e.g. bobbleheads, custom license plates/holders, etc.?
    I don't, no. Other than using my PSP as a music player (connected via USB to my car), I'm pretty plain when it comes to car accessories, or rather my lack thereof. I'm a pretty boring person appearance-wise.

    Do you have any dank memes to share?
    When do I not?

    Do you have any fun at all, when dealing with other people?
    It heavily depends on the person, and more often than not I find dealing with unfamiliar or irksome people to be physically draining. Of course, if I know the person very well, I would enjoy the experience, though I would not go so far as to call it 'fun'.

    Do you have any irrational fears?
    Irrational, no. Rational, a small handful, even though a few of them deal with things that are beyond my control - which is exactly why I fear them.

    Do you have any less noticed but very useful talents?

    Do you have anything that has no market value but means a lot to you?
    Of course - all of my friends and the relationships I've forged with them. That means more to me than anything.

    Do you have expectations for the people you meet?
    No; I generally assume the worst at the start and see where it goes from there. For people whom I consider friends or I often interact with, the standards tend to be a little higher.

    Do you have noisy or quiet neighbors?
    Generally they're on the quiet side, though I never keep any windows open so I wouldn't be able to hear anyone unless they were right in front of my house. Either way, quiet is just the way I like it.

    Do you hum a lot?
    Yes, especially when I'm listening to music in my car.

    Do you know how to play musical instruments? If yes, which one(s)? Are you good at it? Do you like playing it?
    I used to know how to play the piano, and fairly well, but that was well over 10 years ago. However, I did not enjoy doing so. I have chosen to erase all memory of that time.

    Do you know how to swim?
    I do, yes. I don't swim very fast, though.

    Do you know much about your ancestry/heritage?
    I'm not one to heavily track my ancestry; genealogy and past relatives have never been of much interest to me, for whatever reason. However, at the very least, I know that I am at least of Scottish, German, and Italian descent, in some proportions - plus one other that I don't recall right now.

    Do you like cooking? If so, what is your favourite thing to make?
    I am rather neutral toward cooking; I don't dislike it but it does take time, which more often than not is something I don't have much of. I will say that my favourite thing to fix is definitely tortellini, because out of all the pastas I've cooked for myself, that one cooks the fastest.

    Do you like crunchy foods or soft foods?
    I don't have a clear marked preference for one over the other, though cycling through, if I had to pick one category, I would pick soft foods as they tend to be easier on my jaw. (Not my teeth, my jaw.)

    Do you like eating fast food or easy-to-make food?
    I do, because I only eat when I'm hungry, and I like to sate that hunger quickly. I'm not saying that eating fast food is a smart idea (I'd rather make something at home if I'm up to it); it's just something I do.

    Do you like Evilswarm Ophion a lot?
    Not as much as other Dragon cards, but I do like it a fair amount, more so than others. Part of this stems from my like of Gungnir, its original, but Ophion is one of the few cards where I like the counterpart as much as the original. I dislike playing against it as I tend to use Special Summons a fair amount, though I have been suggested to try Ophion out a couple times as I do prefer playing lockdown/punisher-style decks.
    Though, in honesty, I just like a lot of black/dark dragons, not just in Yu-Gi-Oh!.

    Do you like flavour in your food?
    I would assume so, yes. Otherwise, you end up with things that taste like nothing at all, or simply feel like water in solid form. (This is why I don't eat celery - it tastes exactly like water, and because of that, I'd rather just drink water directly.)

    Do you like gelatin or gelatinous substances?
    Not per se; they feel really weird on the tongue. Gelatinous toys are strange to handle for similar reasons.

    Do you like going camping or hiking?
    Not really. I've gone camping in the past, and it was okay, but it's not something I would really enjoy or make a habit of.

    Do you like going to art galleries?
    Not really. The atmosphere is really boring, and I can look up pictures over the Internet anyway, so there isn't much draw to them, at least for me.

    Do you like ice cream?
    Yes, though I prefer frozen yoghurt overall. There are both ice cream and frozen yoghurt shops very near to my house (roughly the same distance away, just in opposite directions), but I prefer frozen yoghurt because they have stamp card specials, it is less expensive, and the food-to-cost ratio is higher (stated another way, I get more bang for my buck when buying frozen yogurt); having to manage my money carefully, I will prefer cheaper alternatives if the value is comparable.

    Do you like jalapeños?
    I've never had a jalapeño pepper before, as far as I'm aware, but due to how I react to spicy food, I'm going to assume that I would not like jalapeños.

    Do you like mysteries?
    I believe so, yes. I especially like reading them, and while I know people will try to figure things out ahead of time, I try not to do that, only thinking of rudimentary possibilities. The most enjoyable part of a mystery is the surprise, and I like to keep the surprise waiting for me at the end.

    Do you like penguins?
    I'm fairly neutral on the birds in tuxedos that can't fly.

    Do you like Pokémon or do you not care about them?
    I've never played it in my life (and barely know anything about it), and have no desire to do so.

    Do you like rain?
    I'm pretty neutral as far as rain is concerned, but since where I live is pretty dry, I'm of the mentality that where I live needs all the rain it can get.

    Do you like reactions in chemistry?
    It depends on the reaction - a fair handful of them are annoying to set up and usually aren't worth the trouble, but some are at least entertaining. Titration and precipitation reactions are amongst the ones I like.

    Do you like Starbucks?
    It's okay if I'm starving and need a quick bite to eat to get me through the day. It isn't a place I make a habit of going to, however - there aren't any near my house or the places I frequent (I'd have to go quite out of my way to find one).

    Do you like sunny days more than cloudy days?
    I don't have a preference for either of those over the other. Cloudy just means 'less sunlight', which I mitigate by turning on a switch. It's all the same to me.

    Do you like technological developments taking place? Or do you think they make us lazy?
    I'm really old-school, so I don't like technological advances. On top of that, I do not perceive many of said advances today as being altogether necessary, so it just becomes layers upon layers of needless stuff or hassle. The world is techno-centric (or is rapidly becoming so), and I'd like a world less dependent on technology. Laziness might be a factor, but that wasn't what I had in mind.

    Do you like to dance?
    Not especially, no. I'm not that fluid of a mover, and it's not a practise I particularly care for.

    Do you like to take walks often?
    I definitely like to - I just get busy so much that I forget to do so. I'm trying to make it a habit and point to remember and walk, especially at night, when it's cooler out.

    Do you like watermelon?
    A little, though I can't have too much of it at once or I'll start to get sick of it. (This is the case with all melon for me, actually.)

    Do you like your steak so fresh you can hear the cow mooooo?
    If I were the type of dragon to eat steak, most certainly yes. Alas, I am not, so oh well.

    Do you like Yu-Gi-Oh! ? The dragon in your banner reminds me of it.
    Yes I do. I don't play it all that often, though largely I like the game because the artwork they can come up with for their cards is fantastic. That on its own is pretty neat.

    Do you listen to any podcasts? If so, which one(s)?
    I do not. My low patience for videos that aren't music wouldn't really permit it.

    Do you live in an area where it snows in winter?
    I don't, no. The temperature doesn't get nearly cold enough for that.

    Do you make figures out of modelling clay?
    I did that once in my life, as part of an art class I took while growing up. I still have the sculpture, but it looks terrible. I am not good at crafting things with my hands.

    Do you often daydream? If so, what about?
    My mind has been known to meander a lot - a lot - but it's never escalated into daydreaming. I have my thoughts bounce around sometimes while awake, but the bouncing is always conscious, never passive or absent-minded. I think I'm glad I don't daydream, because when I do dream at night it's downright bizarre, and I'm glad I don't have experiences like that during the daytime.

    Do you often enjoy going to hole-in-the-wall restaurants?
    Not frequently, but at the same time, I don't often enjoy going to restaurants in general, largely because they're pricier than other eating establishments and it's best gone to with other people (which isn't often). There's a particular hole-in-the-wall restaurant I stop by on occasion that sells absolutely fantastic fish and chips, but that's about it as far as my perusal goes.

    Do you play any sports?
    I don't, no. I used to when I was younger, but that was more so because I was forced; I don't really see the appeal in them...or rather, I do see the appeal in them, but the draw in particular does not appeal to me. I find getting exercise is, in general, more efficient as an outdoor activity.

    Do you play board games such as Chess, Snakes and Ladders, or Ludo?
    I'm not sure if I would call chess a 'board game' in that sense, though yes, I do play and enjoy board games of that nature. Monopoly and chess are my personal favourites of the bunch, though I'm not sure if those are for the same or for different reasons - because they both allow for mind games, just different kinds. Ludo is a watered-down version of Parcheesi, which I enjoy more due to the defensive plays it allows. However, it's very hard for classic games like those to really die out, so I enjoy pretty much any of them.
    Except checkers. I can't stand checkers because it's far too simple.

    Do you play card games, like UNO (or others played with a shared deck)?
    Generally, yes, and I tend to enjoy those sorts of games. UNO, Wizard, and Pinochle are long favourites of mine, even though they have custom decks. I decently enjoy card games that don't have custom decks either (i.e. those played with the 52-card set), and as long as it's generally easy to pick up, if you teach me the rules I will give it a try.

    Do you play Yu-Gi-Oh!; if so, what deck do you play?
    I don't play Yu-Gi-Oh! in a professional context, due to the state of the current metagame and the sheer price of acquiring cards for a deck (not to mention some are harder than others), so most of my playing is done over online clients such as YGOPro. Nowadays I just look for 'all the pretty pictures'.
    I do still have a physical deck, however, which is a lockdown deck utilising Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8. Online, I play different decks, usually cycling between many based on personal preference, but my current online deck is D/D/D. I have moderate to above-average success with them.

    Do you prefer black or blue pens?
    I don't have a large preference per se - as I tend to use pencils since they can be readily erased - though black pens have historically smudged more often for me, so although I like the colour black better on a pen, the blue pens are easier to work with. Now, if I find a black pen that doesn't run very often, then that would be a different story.

    Do you prefer bright colours or dark colours?
    Certainly darker colours. They are usually easier on the eyes, and I've found them a bit easier to work with in signatures. That isn't to say that bright colours don't have their place, but I'm just naturally drawn towards the darker ones as a start.

    Do you prefer Doctor Eggman from the original series or the new version of him from Sonic Boom?
    There is no difference between the two characters.

    Do you prefer lions or tigers?
    I confess I hadn't really thought too much about that, seeing how they are both great cats. After mulling it over and giving the matter some thought, I believe I prefer tigers to lions, as they seem to have more varieties and colour than lions do, and male tigers don't have the notorious reputation for being horribly lazy that male lions do, either - no disrespect to Mufasa intended.

    Do you prefer old-fashioned phones, such as the flip phone, or smartphones?
    Definitely the old-fashioned ones - even now, I own a flip phone, which I bought after my slide phone's habit of pushing buttons in my pocket became unbearably annoying. All I truly require in a phone is the ability to send and receive calls and texts; thus, I have never owned a smartphone and never plan to either. Besides, old-fashioned phones are inexpensive, and I am a rather frugally minded individual, so this arrangement is ideal for me.

    Do you prefer paper with walls on it or walls with paper on it?
    Neither. Paper doesn't have walls; paper has boundaries.

    Do you prefer showers or baths to clean your scales?
    Showers, for certain. They tend to use less water overall and are less awkward for washing myself, and I tend to not like water unless I'm drinking it, so partial submersion does bother me. Plus, I envision showers as a veritable army of tiny jets zipping past me to strike at all the dirt I've accumulated; it gets extricated from my scales much faster that way!

    Do you prefer sitting in silence or causing attention?
    Silence, most certainly. I like operating in rather quiet, subtle, and unseen ways, behind the scenes. More often than not I will try and do the exact opposite of drawing attention to myself (by diverting it to somebody else). I feel it's better to do a good thing and not to be known for it, because that way, people are more drawn to the deed or action instead of the one who caused it.

    Do your prefer sweet or sour tastes?
    Sweet over sour, certainly. Sour foods tend to annoy my tongue.

    Do you prefer tap or bottled water? If bottled, what brand?
    Neither, actually! I use a water filtration device hooked up to a faucet in my home, which can adjust the pH of the water up or down as I see fit; while strictly speaking it does come from the tap, it's later adjusted so it's not straight from the tap.
    pH 9 is my preferred level of water - and I'm sure somebody like yourself can appreciate that.

    Do you prefer the day time or the night time?
    I generally prefer the day time, actually. While the night time is definitely cooler, night time is standardly time for sleep; I like to maintain my sleep pattern and get extremely irritable when forced to stay up past midnight. The only chance I get to sleep is also at night time too, and since I am a task-oriented person, and I get most of my productivity done in the day time, overall I prefer the day time.

    Do you prefer to watch anime or read the corresponding manga?
    Neither - those are both genres that I do not particularly care for at all.

    Do you prefer western dragons or eastern dragons more?
    Western dragons are my style of choice. There's more bulk and limbs to their stature. Eastern dragons are more akin to giant snakes most of the time - though that's not the case for all of them, I'll admit. However, when I'm picture hunting, I'll usually be looking out for Western-style dragons first, because more often than not it will have what I'm looking for.

    Do you prefer wired or wireless electronics?
    Definitely wired ones - it's because the response time is much faster than wireless, and you don't have to worry about increased battery consumption (or, in the case of things like mice, the cost of batteries themselves). Call me old-school, but I prefer to be efficient with power.

    Do you read any modern fiction literature? If so, what was the last title?
    I've been plowing through The Dresden Files series lately. I'm currently on the 14th book (of 15 currently).

    Do you regret any artists/bands in your music collection?
    No - because if I did, they wouldn't be in my collection anymore. (Though, even beyond that, I don't add stuff to my music collection unless I'm fully sure about it.)

    Do you remember the first signature you made? If so, what was the theme of it?
    I do, actually; it was of Golbez from Final Fantasy IV, and I made it on Paint. (I don't recommend using Paint.)
    I'd like to revisit the character some day and do an entirely different banner from scratch.

    Do you remember the last time you have fallen on the floor or ground? If so, do you remember what caused it?
    I honestly don't; I don't believe I've properly fallen down in years.

    Do you re-watch movies? If so, how long must there be of a waiting period in between?
    On occasion (though not very often), and I try to wait at least six months before re-watching a movie. That will keep it fresh and exciting when I re-watch it.

    Do you shop corporate (WalMart, Target, etc.), local, or online?
    I prefer to shop at local stores whenever possible (doesn't matter if it's big business or small) because then I don't have to deal with the hassle of waiting too long to get it, and I can simply go by. If supply is limited or non-existent, or if it's just sharply less expensive online, I'll go for that option, but that only applies to a very small handful of products. ...though I will say that I do not like WalMart because going into a store makes me extremely uncomfortable due to the density of people.

    Do you sleep on your back or stomach?
    Definitely my back. Any other position and I wake up with my arms completely numb, and that's no fun - I have to smack them against my wall repeatedly to get the feeling back.

    Do you speak the dragon tongue?
    I don't speak it, as 'dragon tongue' is a misnomer; the language of dragonkind is almost entirely visual, conveyed with movements and actions - so I wouldn't be able to provide a demonstration in text form. It's also a trade secret among us, so there's that too, but I can say that it accompanies spoken words to combine with the visuals for a much fuller message.

    Do you tend to 1-up people?
    Yes, be it on purpose or otherwise. Usually it tends to be a case of whoever can find and post the funniest picture, but other times it has come down to some measure of skill. It's usually the former, though. The unintentional instances are much harder to quantify and measure, but they tend to involve my beating another person to the same idea.

    Do you think I'll ever catch up to you in posts?
    You probably will - my posts don't exactly climb at a staggering rate. Lately I've only been averaging 65 posts per month, so if you can get past that, eventually you'll pass me.

    Do you think it's important to grasp the past, as far as past family is concerned?
    I don't believe so, no. Other than knowing where your family lines have been, and thus gaining the ability to be fun at parties by spitting out factoids of your ancestors, I don't really see how much practical value it gives. I suppose using that knowledge to potentially find distant relatives may be of use to some, but that is not (and never will be) a priority of any measure for me, since there are other people in my life that remain more important.

    Do you think there's such a thing as pure evil?
    Yes, and because of that, it's extremely dangerous. It would be something selfish, destructive, and with no chance at forgiveness or redemption. If you encounter it, run the opposite direction as fast as you can.

    Do you think of yourself whenever you see any item named 'Eclipse'?

    Do you think that Nintendo should release a 'one-handed' console where only one hand is required to use it (both left and right) so people without a hand can still play games?
    That is a question not easily answered, honestly. Only one hand required would mean a reduced number of buttons and other triggers, which results in reduced functionality - which means there are only so many things a player can do. While some games aren't as intensive about this sort of thing, many others try to utilise all of the buttons for what they're worth - not for weird combos or things like that, just things to do (they usually aren't a 'hold 2 buttons at once' deal). It sounds like a good idea on paper, but instinctively I'd be against it because it might mean reduced functionality. This might be a fictional concern, though, and there may be no loss at all. That is just my preliminary thought, however.

    Do you think that world peace is a possible goal including human nature? Like how communism is supposedly the greatest government without natural human greed?
    I don't, really. Humans are intrinsically self-focused and operate primarily for their own benefit. That said, it is possible for humans to be altruistic, but world peace would involve nearly all humans being nearly 100% altruistic in nearly every scenario - an outcome that, while incredibly nice, is also incredibly unlikely. At least someone will try to put his/her own goals and motives above others, and when multiple people do this (which they invariably will), therein lies the root of conflict. Altruistic collusion is possible, but there has to be a guarantee that the shared goals don't interfere with or harm another people or country. In the end, the selfishness of humans makes world peace impossible without some sort of divine intervention.

    Do you think there's such a thing as destiny, or does everything happen by chance? Or do you believe something different?
    I believe that all events in life, no matter how small, happen for a reason. The reason could be either a decision we've made, a path we've chosen, or perhaps something as of yet unknown because it hasn't happened yet. As far as encounters with other people go (especially the chance ones), most of those reasons I believe are still future. I don't believe random chance has anything to do with life - all of the people I've met, I've met for a reason, and what I need to do is figure out the reason why - then, after I do, fulfill the obligation required of me because of it.
    I think everyone's life is like this, especially in regards to people - it's just the reasons for events aren't always very apparent.

    Do you think there will be a time when you won't have any new questions to answer?
    It's definitely likely, and the odds increase as time goes on, but there will always be new things to ask about. So, while it may happen, I don't think it will happen any time soon.

    Do you think things like test scores, etc., are a good way to determine one's intelligence?
    Hahahaha, no!
    The only thing test scores, grades, and the like are good for are to test that you have the correct thought patterns and skill sets that the test calls for. It has no impact or bearing on a person's intelligence, nor is it indicative of such. People learn in a myriad of different ways, and some people just aren't good at taking tests despite having a whole lot of knowledge behind them. A good test score just means you're a certain type of person, or just a point on your CV to prove to somebody that you know how to do this thing he or she wants done.

    Do you think you'll upgrade to a smartphone in the near future?

    Do you use Apple Pay, Google Wallet or any other form of electronic payment?
    Nope. I don't even know what those things are.

    Do you use one Q-tip to clean both ears or two?
    That is, of course, provided the Q-tip doesn't push the earwax deeper and prevent me from hearing out of that ear for a whole week as I try to clean everything out (which happens 90% of the time).
    ...Long story short, I don't use Q-tips, because I produce so much earwax that using them becomes impractical. I've learned my lesson.

    Do you use the word 'malarkey' a lot?
    I don't, actually - though only because my go-to synonym for that word is a swear. (For the sake of those present, I won't hint at what the word is.)

    Do you usually eat with a fork or a spoon?
    That would heavily depend on the food in question. Given a certain food, I'll generally eat it with the same utensil(s) every time. The only food I've ever eaten with either a fork or a spoon is rice, and eating rice with anything that isn't a spoon is annoying.

    Do you watch animated movies?
    Sometimes, though not often. I'll be invited to watch movies with friends, but other than that I really don't watch movies (animated or otherwise) to speak of.

    Do you watch, read or listen to the news?
    Most certainly not; it's a very easy way to get depressed and spiteful - two qualities that must be avoided.

    Do you wear hoodies a lot?
    I don't, no. The weather where I live usually doesn't allow for it, even though I'd love to wear my hoodie around.

    Do you work out?
    Unfortunately not.

    Do you write in cursive/running writing?
    I do not; rather, my handwriting is block capitals. (That is, I write all letters as capital, with uppercase letters remaining the same size, and lowercase letters at half-size, but still capital.)

    Do your fingers ever hurt from typing?
    Not really. Sometimes they hurt from being on the computer for hours at a time, but that's a separate issue altogether.

    Does the Latin language appeal to you?
    In terms of finding roots for words both in English and in the various Romance languages (including how they all relate), the Latin language is certainly appealing. In actually using it as a conversational language, I do not, as straight Latin has very little practical use today, outside of certain areas of academia just to know what certain phrases mean (e.g. curriculum vitae, 'course of life').

    Does winter affect the driving and road conditions in your area?
    Nope. Where I live, it will never get cold enough for anything to freeze.

    Does your personality ever change depending on who you're talking to? If so, to what degree?
    Not really. If I ever sound or appear different, it's because a personality facet that seems more unfamiliar has manifested. I don't really change much.

    Does your school teach woodworking?
    Not that I'm aware of. It's heavily academic, as far as I can tell.

    Ever try almond milk?
    I did once. It's definitely an acquired taste, and not one that managed to sit well with me. It's not bad; it's just odd.

    Favourite archetype in Yu-Gi-Oh! ? Least favourite?
    I retain a special fondness for Morphtronics, because when I got back into the game with Tag Force 4, that was the first archetype I ever properly played, with Blackwings following shortly afterwards. They're both rather simple, easy to understand, and boast a lot of power - and both of them have made scary comebacks in recent times. I also have a special fondness for D/D/D, due to the vast amount of options and interesting control they boast. So if I were to pick a favourite archetype, it would be from among those 3.
    My least favourite would probably be out of Kozmo, tellarknights, or Pendulum Magicians. I don't like what any of them have done for the game (hitting Emergency Teleport and ROTA back down to 1, or just a really easy way to get a great field), and their playstyle and effects are just downright rude, being almost lossless for the amount of advantage they generate.

    Favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! card you own and/or like to play in a duel?
    Those are 2 different cards, so I'll answer them both. My favourite card I own (and out of any card, really) is Thousand-Eyes Restrict; I started the game way back when it first began, and I was really drawn to the card and its mystic flair, especially given how I ran a Relinquished deck as a solid steady back in the day. There's an interesting story behind how and why that's my favourite card I own, but that is a story for another day.
    As for my favourite card to actually play, it's Naturia Beast. Getting that out on Turn 1 shuts down about 70% of decks, as despite its below-average ATK, the ability to shut your opponent out of any Spell more than makes up for it. (One of these days I'd like to try Naturia Bamboo Shoot in a deck, just to see how mean I could really be.)

    For how long will you be able to tolerate a person who consistently asks you meaningless and irritating questions?
    As long as is necessary. However, that person normally won't get very far, because I tend to shut down questions like those rather quickly, so they aren't repeated.

    Given the choice between going permanently blind or permanently deaf, which would you choose?
    Probably permanently blind. I operate based on sound more than I do on sight (even though, at present, my sight is excellent and my hearing is subpar), but even beyond that I can still effectively communicate if stripped of my sight; I can't really say that about being deaf. Sadly, knowing me I'll probably go deaf first before that ever happens, but I certainly hope it does not.

    Halloween or New Year's?
    Neither. I don't see the appeal in celebrating either.

    Has anyone IRL ever called you unapproachable, intimidating, etc.?
    Not to my knowledge. Maybe I just come off differently with my body language?

    Has the Catcher affected your views/interest in Pokémon?
    Not really. Was it supposed to?

    Has the Pokémon franchise ever had any appeal to you?
    I can't say; I've never played it, and I've only heard of it by overhearing the rest of you.

    Have you climbed any mountains?
    I've climbed a few mountains while off on nature hikes and such, though nothing tall enough as to warrant actual mountain-climbing gear. I guess that technically counts as walking up a mountain path, rather than actually climbing it.

    Have you ever attempted to see the world through someone else's eyes? if so why?
    I have not. I think of actions and reactions as more of the consequences of actions, rather than anybody's specific viewpoint. Another factor is that I am content with where I am mentally and logically right now, and I wouldn't trade that for the world.

    Have you ever been locked (purposely or unintentionally) in the heat for more than five minutes, and you couldn't stand the heat anymore?
    This happens a lot when I have to do errands at a certain location that is further inland than where I live, and thus is much hotter. By the time I come back to my car and am about to leave, the inside of my vehicle is a veritable sauna. I have little choice but to turn on the air and let the heat dissipate out.

    Have you ever been seriously ill?
    Thankfully no. There has never been an ailment I have suffered that was so serious I did not ultimately overcome it. However, one time I got whooping cough a few years ago, and its aftereffects lasted for six months. That was a painful time.

    Have you ever been to Easter Island?
    No, though I'd like to just to say that I have.

    Have you ever been to Six Flags?
    I've only heard the name before, and I think it's some kind of amusement park? But no, I've never even seen one, let alone been to one.

    Have you ever built a model kit?
    I haven't, no. I also don't plan to because I know my fingers aren't well-equipped for that sort of thing; when small parts are involved I can't hold them still, and tend towards clumsiness.
    Unless Legos count or are involved. In that case, yes I have.

    Have you ever cried as a result of laughing too hard?
    Yes. I cry because I laugh too hard. It's also the only circumstance I know of where I am actually capable of crying, so that aspect exists as well.

    Have you ever donated blood? Would you if you had the chance?
    I've had blood samples taken for medical purposes, but I've never willingly donated blood. I don't know if I would if compelled, as I tend to view my health as a commodity and I don't want to endanger that.

    Have you ever done any landscaping work?
    I have once or twice, yes. My mother is a landscape architect, and sometimes she calls me along for an extra pair of hands on some of her jobs. It isn't anything too strenuous, but some things (like assembling a fountain) are very hard to do alone.

    Have you ever done something risky before and knew about the risk, but did it anyway?
    Not very often, but yes. In those cases I discerned that the potential reward, and the higher chance of acquiring it, outweighed any potential risk that would result. This is not a common occasion, however, as I am by no means a risk-taker - I'm extremely cautious and will only take risk if I believe it can be justified.

    Have you ever eaten using chopsticks?
    I have, once, at a Japanese restaurant. I've since forgotten how to do it. I'm not proud of forgetting that.

    Have you ever felt bad for a bee before because that also killed itself in the process of stinging you?
    Perhaps, since it gives up its life for something so small. The feeling subsides relatively quickly, however, as it knew the risks of playing the game. I couldn't say I'd feel bad for it stinging me, however, as I've never been stung by anything.

    Have you ever felt really desperate or hopeless in a situation?
    Yes. For me to actually feel that, though, involves me being at my lowest and darkest point, and that isn't easily reached. As said situations are saddening for me to recollect, that is all I will say on the matter.

    Have you ever gotten tutoring for math as a child?
    Only once, I believe, though I do not recall what subject it was for - it was either intermediate algebra or geometry. It was quite a long time ago, and I don't remember the experience all that well, so I'm not sure if I got very much out of it. I vaguely remember drawing about 5 lines on graphing paper and finding the area enclosed by all of them...so maybe it had something to do with that.

    Have you ever had a paranormal experience?
    I haven't, no - not even one that appeared similar to what people would classify as one. My experiences with the spiritual realm have tended to be much more apparent.

    Have you ever had stitches?
    I've been told I had them once as an infant when I got a very nasty cut above my eye (which I still have a small scar from). Other than that, no.

    Have you ever had sushi?
    I have not. Raw seafood doesn't sound appetising to me.

    Have you ever had to thread a needle without a magnifying glass? If yes, were you successful?
    Yes, I have threaded a needle before without help. Magnifying lenses of any kind make it harder for me to see.

    Have you ever heard of the Android game "Don't get fired!"?
    I haven't, no. The fact that I've never owned a smartphone might have something to do with that.

    Have you ever intentionally deceived someone for his or her own good?
    Very often (it's something I do to this day), and while based only on circumstance and necessity, I have absolutely no qualms about doing so.

    Have you ever learned martial arts?
    I have not, at least not in a professional capacity. It has continually been on my 'list of things I'd like to do some day', but time constraints of current affairs prohibit me.

    Have you ever messed up while cooking?
    Yes - a few mistakes here and there. It comes with the territory. The only ones who haven't ever messed up while cooking are those who have never cooked at all.

    Have you ever needed to have a tooth pulled?
    Thankfully not! My baby teeth have come out fairly smoothly.

    Have you ever played a card game called "Fluxx"?
    I've never heard of it, actually.

    Have you ever played a game up to a point where you suddenly stop playing it before the ending? (Reaching a difficulty spike you can't get over, or the story gets boring or too ridiculous, etc.)
    Yes I have, quite a few times; more often than not, the reason is a difficulty spike. Whenever it happens, I don't always put the game on hold, but whether I do or not, I work or ease myself to a mental state in which I can focus to get it done, at least until the end of the game and I can decide where to go from there. This is generally worth it as I don't like leaving games unfinished, and in most cases it has been very rewarding and satisfying to finally finish it (especially in the case of Etrian Odyssey IV, where I stopped halfway through the game and didn't pick it up for another six months at least).

    Have you ever played a Super Smash Bros game? If so who do you like to play as?
    I have only played Brawl, and only for 1 match, as a friend had brought his Wii to a party with it. It was late in the day and those who were remaining, including myself, decided to unwind with Brawl. As it would be utterly impossible to learn how to use the Wiimote in 5 seconds, I played Kirby for that match because Kirby's controls seemed to be the easiest, and I could jump repeatedly back onto the stage like a cheapo. Other than that, I have not played a Smash Bros game for myself ever - only spectated them.

    Have you ever played Chinese checkers?
    A couple times. I didn't find it very engaging, though.

    Have you ever played Etrian Mystery Dungeon?
    Yes, and I love it! As of this writing I'm still only halfway through the 9th dungeon, but I want to get further in still and finish up the post-game. Of course, given how it's an Etrian game, that's going to be much easier said than done, but the game is definitely fun enough to try at it.

    Have you ever played Spore? If you have not, does the game interest you at all?
    I haven't, no. I've heard of it and that it can be used to create fanciful creatures, but that is about the extent of my knowledge on the subject.
    I don't think it interests me because of the sheer time it would take to design a creature of my own - and given my perfectionist mentality, it would take me hours to create something that wouldn't bring me enough satisfaction to justify the work put in.

    Have you ever played Sudoku?
    I have, yes, for several years now. I love it avidly, and if handed a puzzle, I will attempt to finish it then and there - just give me a pencil and enough time.

    Have you ever ran out of questions when asking someone something? If so, when or where was it?
    This has happened a few times fairly recently, in truth. As I'm sure many of you have now noticed, I have been in the habit of swooping through the Question & Answer section and posting in a large chunk of the threads at once, each time posting 3 questions per thread, on average 20 threads per 'raid'.
    As I make most of those questions up at that very moment, by the time I get to the 16th thread, I really struggle to think up one I haven't said before, yet still trying to remain fresh and original. That definitely happened earlier this November, and it came close to happening on my last raid.
    (Even more unusual still, in preparation for my raids I have a sample list saved of 80 generic questions ready to ask if need be.)

    Have you ever seen a film of another language without subtitles? if so, why?
    I haven't. I like to be able to understand what's going on in movies, and English is the only language I'm fluent at, so watching a foreign film without English subtitles would be extremely difficult (or outright impossible) for me to understand.

    Have you ever seen a reverse rainbow?
    I don't know, but I don't think I have.

    Have you ever seen polar lights or auroras in person? What was it like? If not, if you had the opportunity would you want to someday?
    I wish! I'd love to see some at least once in my life, but I don't live near enough to either pole to do so (or been to a place close enough either). It would be on the bucket list, though.

    Have you ever solved a Rubik's Cube?
    No. I've never tried one either. I simply don't have the patience for puzzles of that nature.

    Have you ever spent a considerable length of time (like more than one consecutive day) working with livestock, or otherwise some kind of a animal/pet that provides food, like hens for laying or cows for milking?
    I haven't, no. It is a mite odd to think of this, though, since when I was much younger (think 20 years ago), as a child I lived in a village with a few farms; on two separate occasions I have lived next door (or across a fence, technically) to a livestock farmer. I suppose it may have been because I was too young to actually be an effective hand, yet despite my early exposure to farms, I've never actually worked on one. (It's probably because later on I moved to Suburbia and have lived here ever since.) I'm surprised at myself that my answer is 'no'.

    Have you ever taken a typing class? What's your WPM?
    I did, once, when I was in public primary school. It was mandatory as part of our instruction, regardless of year, and we had basically the entire school year to complete it. The first year I didn't complete it, so I had to start over again from scratch, and the second year I did. By then (I was about 10 years old at the time), my WPM sat at a comfortable 50.
    Nowadays, my average WPM is 100, with an optimal cap of 105 if the words are simple enough and easy to type (though I do think a lot as I type, pausing to find the words, so it isn't something constant unless I know ahead of time what I'm doing). I'd like to believe I steadily get faster with my typing speed, as a few years ago, my WPM was 90. I can type with one hand, and my speed is exactly halved when I do so, which I find rather amusing and interesting.

    Have you ever thought much about the trait(s) that your favourite colour represents?
    Not really, no. Why; is there a particular reason for such?

    Have you ever tried Indian food? If yes, how was it? If no, would you like to try?
    I haven't tried Indian food, to my knowledge. I don't think I'd want to, as I've heard Indian food is rather spicy, and I don't handle spicy foods well.

    Have you ever used roller skates before? What are your thoughts on them?
    Once. The minute I put them on, I fell over, and wasn't able to get up and then stay up. The same thing happened with me and ice skates.
    Definitely not my sort of thing.

    Have you ever used up an eraser or an entire ink cartridge of a pen?
    Many times, yes. I've gone through dozens of them in my lifetime.

    Have you ever watched any WWE matches? (I know they are silly, but some can be fun to watch.)
    No, but it's on my bucket list, simply because they're so silly. For now, the most that my knowledge on WWE goes is "It's me, Austin!!".

    Have you ever wished to be someone else (or in his or her place), and if so, why?
    Not really, but not because I like where I am right now per se. (I do somewhat, but that's not the reason.) It's because I am who I am right now because of the experiences I've had, and the people I've met. In other words, I am a composite of all that's happened to me, and I'd rather not replace that with the experience of somebody else, because I would cease to exist at that point (or, if not, very little of me would be truly left).

    Have you ever wondered how many grains of sand there are in the world?
    No, because I remember reading a projected answer a few times. It's a bit of a boring number, to be frank.

    Have you ever worn glasses?
    Other than sunglasses, no - my vision has been perfect for as long as I can remember.

    Have you felt pressure while asking questions from people that you don't like?
    Not really, no. There are very few people I don't like (and, more often than not, I keep that dislike to myself because it tends to be personal anyway), and for me, asking questions is strictly a matter of business. I ask something because I need or want to know it, so I leave my opinions at the door, so to speak, and simply and politely ask for the information I require.

    Have you heard of Rebus puzzles?
    I have, yes. They're used to combine pictures and phonetics into words to make certain sentences or sayings.

    Have you made a costume before?
    Can't say that I have. Too time-consuming or pricy, and besides that, there's no occasion that I would ever use it for.

    Have you played any card/party games? If so, which one(s)?
    Indeed I have. Among the ones I've played with others are (in no particular order) Monopoly, Wizard, UNO, Zilch, Settlers of Catan (less often), and a handful of others - and Mario Party, if you count that one.
    I will never play Spoons. That's just asking for trouble.

    Have you played ROM hacks of Fire Emblem?
    I haven't, actually. There are plenty of ROM hacks of FE7 out there, I know that, and there are a few I'd like to try some day - one in particular being MageKnight404's hack. Of the ones I've seen, it is of top-notch quality - and it has Isaac and Mia from Golden Sun in it, too. Those are definitely large bonus points to it.

    Have you seen the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service? What's your opinion on it?
    I have not even heard of it, much less seen it. (I generally do not watch movies, as a personal choice.) With a title like that, though, it certainly sounds interesting.

    Have you tried garlic knots? If so, did you like them? What about cheese bread or garlic bread?
    I have not heard of garlic knots before, but if they are anything like garlic bread, I believe I would like them, as I absolutely love garlic bread, whenever it is available (which, sadly for me, is not all that often). I prefer garlic bread to cheese bread, which I think is just 'okay'.

    Have you tried to add any types of flavouring to regular water? If so, what kinds?
    Other than some vitamin C powder packets intended to bolster the immune system, certainly not. Do you take me for some kind of savage?

    Have you watched or read the Harry Potter series?
    Yeah (watched only), but only in passing. It's nice, but also not something I have an interest in. I don't dislike it by any means, though.

    Have you watched some of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series; if so, which one was your favourite (Original, GX, 5D's, ZEXAL, or ARC-V)?
    While I was a child I watched the Original series almost religiously, following it through most of the first part of the show, only really stopping at the Battle City semifinals (and only because the show was on at an odd time of the day, not because I lost interest). I have only watched or seen bits and pieces of any of the series beyond that, but it's something I'd like to do one day.
    Of those, I believe the series I'd like to watch the most is 5D's - it was the series at the time I was getting back into the game, and almost all the feedback I've heard about the show has been largely positive. Other than that, I currently have very little interest in ZEXAL and Original series, a neutral stance on GX, and a moderate curiosity towards ARC-V.

    How are you with trying new foods?
    I'm optimistically cautious about it, but a lot of it depends on my mood and current hunger level - that is, I will be less willing to try new foods if I'm very hungry and feel like I need to eat quickly, because then I'd rather go with what I know than take a chance on something unknown. For the most part with new foods, I try to be rather open about it, though that doesn't mean I'll try everything. But I'll be polite about it either way.

    How can I win a 1v1 against you?
    In fields where I am proficient and confident in my abilities...you don't.

    How confident do you consider yourself at math?
    Confident enough that I will know the difference between "I know exactly what I'm doing right now and how I'm doing it" and "I'm not totally sure about this, but let's try and see what things work" and "I'm going to have to look this up; give me a moment". As far as percentage ratios go, in terms of the math I've encountered, thankfully it's something like 70-20-10, and the 20 I usually end up correct on, but I need to remain in practice or I'll forget how to do it.

    How curious are you regarding dragons?
    I see curiosity as a thirst for knowledge, and to that extent, my thirst is directed largely to how many kinds of dragons are seen and catalogued. How many are there? What types are there? How are they perceived? Where are they prominent? Questions like those arise. The curiosity isn't a major driving force, but it is something that pushes me to learn more.

    How did you get introduced to the meme show, JoJo? And what was your initial opinion of it?
    A friend of mine from off-site had been trying to get me into it for a while. I told him it'd be on my to-do list, as I was in school and I'd have more time to actually watch it when I was on break. Later he held me to my promise, and I started watching the anime from Part 1 onwards. I didn't know what to think about it at first (since Part 1 is pretty dull) but wanted to give it a fair chance.
    I'd seen so many memes about it before that I wanted to understand the jokes, and if I derived nothing else from watching/reading JJBA, I at least understand the jokes now.

    How did you learn so much?
    I do a lot of reading, my friend! Textbooks, papers, Wikipedia - to me it's all information for absorbing and retention. I never know when information will be the most useful, so I try to gather as much as I can.

    How did your vocabulary level reach where it's at currently?
    I own a dictionary, and have since I was about 12 years old. It's been my ever-present companion, and I always look up new words when I don't recognise them. I did once use vocabulary flash cards as a starting point, for when I just decided to read the dictionary arbitrarily (which I still do on occasion recently), so the more I learn and read, the more words and knowledge I'll acquire.

    How do you ask questions not only so often, but of good quality as well?
    When I go on a raid of the Q&A section (or even just randomly picking a few threads), I make it a point to ask three questions - two of which are definitely very serious, and one that's generally interpreted as silly in some way. I don't always bring the silly question, in case I find the person I'm asking either wouldn't get it or doesn't have a developed sense of humour, but that doesn't usually happen. I also have a list prepared of questions in case I can't think of any, but honestly I try to think of whatever comes to mind first, having my mind jump around to all kinds of subjects.

    How do you feel about musicals?
    I believe that a musical is essentially a toned-down campier version of opera. And I'm not very interested in opera, so by extension, I'm not very interested in musicals. That is as far as my stance goes on the matter.

    How do you feel about rules and laws in society?
    I feel it is a standard to suggest to others ways in which they may live without infringing on the desires of others. However, that is all I feel about them. I would much rather desire a society without law, but due to the nature of humankind, law is sadly necessary. I would prefer it if humans were at a point at which law was unnecessary, but that is not going to ever happen.

    How do you feel about sparkles and sparkly things?
    They're too bright for my eyes. They're also very distracting and - dare I say it - jarring.

    How do you keep track of who has asked you what?
    I only keep track of 'what', not 'who', since it doesn't really matter who asked a question later on.

    How do you like Norse Mythology so far? Is it high up on the list of favorite mythologies? Where's it ranked so far from how much you've read compared to like Egyptian Mythology and Greek mythology?
    I'd known a smattering of facts about Norse mythology before I read the book, but now I've managed to delve into the universe a lot more - for example, only recently did I know of there being nine worlds (Asgard, Midgard, and Niflheim were all I knew of before), never mind the number nine being extremely heavy in the symbolism.

    One thing that really stands out to me, at least from what I've read, are that the gods and giants are of extremely similar power, and have to rely on either pure wit or brute strength to outdo the other. Greed and bargaining seem to be bywords of the mythos, appearing very commonly in the stories. Even around humans, the gods have to be careful of how they act - unlike other mythologies like Egyptian and Greek I've noticed, the Norse deities aren't that far separated from humans as far as attitudes, natures, or even abilities (well, to a degree). Certainly something I'd love to delve into more one day.

    How far can your eyes see?
    A substantial amount. My eyesight has been recorded at 20/15 (namely, I can see things 20 metres away with the same clarity that an average person has at only 15 metres).

    How fiscally responsible do you believe yourself to be?
    I am not sure, but since I only have so much money on hand due to being a university student and only having a slight income, most purchases I make are only on necessary items (like groceries). I sometimes save enough on the side for a video game once every few months, but beyond that I'm more stingy than anything else.

    How good are you at charades?
    I'm only average at Charades. I perform slightly better with Pictionary (drawing a picture instead of acting it out), and I do much better at Taboo, which of those three I am the most skilled at.

    How good are you at chess?
    I would consider myself solidly 'average' at chess. I don't read (or care) much about particular formations, openings, endings, or things like that, but I know the basics of square and board control, and those are enough for me to get by with my preferred playstyle.

    How good are your reflexes?
    They have unfortunately worsened with age. My reflexes used to be lightning-quick. Now they're just quick. It's a depressing reminder that I'm not young anymore.

    How long does it usually take for you to fall asleep?
    Usually that takes between 20 and 30 minutes. I have to be in a certain position 'just so', or I'll remain uncomfortable and fidgety, tossing and turning until I can lie down and relax. However, once I actually am asleep, I can sleep as lightly or as heavily as I please. (I have a fairly large control over my sleep patterns and schedule.)

    How long has it been since you've travelled somewhere on vacation?
    2006 - so, quite a fair while. That's very much on purpose; as I have aged, I have liked vacationing less and less, since it moves me away from home but doesn't really move anything forward.

    How many different-coloured eclipse pictures do you have?
    Without recolouring, I think I only have three: yellow, orange, and blue - all of them of solar eclipses. As those are generally caused by the absence of light from the sun, there are only a handful of colours they could possibly be, usually between the range of red and yellow. I honestly don't remember what caused the blue one. It's a bit of a pity the colours are so sparse, but I suppose it is something that can't be helped.

    How many dragons would you need in an army to dominate the world?
    Just one: myself. More help is appreciated, but I don't need more per se.

    How many eclipses (solar or lunar) have you seen?
    I myself have only seen 2 lunar eclipses and 0 solar ones. In each case the moon basically changed colour to a rusty red. I was expecting some sort of pale circle with the inside being completely blank, but I suppose that's more what the solar eclipse looks like. I find lunar eclipses very underwhelming.

    How many hours can you stay awake without taking a nap if you aren't tired?
    I don't take naps during the day (if I do, it's a sign that something is wrong with me). From waking up until going to sleep, I'm usually awake for about 15.5 hours.

    How many languages except English do you speak/write?
    Zero. Sorry to disappoint you.

    How many lists of questions do you have?
    Just the 1 list with the 80 questions on it. If I think up more questions, I simply add those to the existing list.

    How many meme weapons are in your arsenal?
    As many as there are ways to utilise integrals in calculus, and then some. There is a tool for every occasion.

    How many people have you talked to in the past month? Why did you talk to them?
    I usually don't try and assign a figure to the people I talk to, as I would be counting for very little benefit to myself. If I had to assign conservative estimate numbers, however, I would believe I talk meaningfully with about 15 different people each month, and interact with at least another 50 beyond that. I tend to keep my meetings small, confined, but most of all, meaningful - which indirectly answers the 'why' of this question.

    How many pets do you have?
    Currently zero. I have had pets in the past but never for very long, and I have no plans to acquire any other pets. The only pet I could really tolerate is a pet rock (or similar); while it's true that it doesn't truly reciprocate anything, neither do any other pets, and yet they require effort and resources to maintain, while a rock does not.

    How many push-ups can you do?
    In a single sitting? I want to say 15, but I haven't checked in a while.

    How many shitposts do you have stored away?
    All of them.

    How many times can one contradict themselves in one sentence?
    By my calculations, a grand total of six times: once for being logically inconsistent, once for incorrectly using commas instead of semicolons to separate out items of a list that is initiated by a colon; once for insisting that the subject is implied when in truth it's unclear - and once for intentionally withholding that two plus two is five for extremely high values of two.

    How memey you can be?
    Anything more than 'not at all' is too much.

    How much of a lover or fighter are you?
    Neither, in truth. My primary weapon and defence is my mind, and I'm neither given to rashness nor emotion.

    How much time you dedicate to think about your life during the week? If you do, is it worth?
    Not very much, though the time I spend is standardly about planning my agenda/schedule for my rest of the week. It structures my time very well, so I'd say it's definitely worth it.

    How often do you re-read pieces of literature?
    About once every 2 years, and only if I really really liked it the first time (and if I can set aside time to do so). That rarely happens anymore.

    How often do you travel to other countries?
    I don't, actually! I don't enjoy travelling and much prefer to stay in one place. There's far too much hassle involved, any gains that may come of it are largely offset by the time/money/other costs incurred, and really, I like where I am so I don't see much need to change that unless I'm considering moving.

    How often do you try your hand at making a new signature?
    I like to try and make signatures last for at least two weeks before trying a new one. This doesn't always happen - sometimes I change them after only one week - but it does require a fair amount of effort, and I really want to make that effort show and last. On signatures that I'm particularly proud of, I may want to make them last even longer, like 3 weeks or more. However, the largest part of it is finding both the time and the inspiration, as well as a nice picture to start a base with. This process can take the longest time, and there isn't a fixed length to it either.

    How often do you visit Lake Valor?
    I try to visit twice per day if possible, if my schedule permits it. This can vary based on how busy I am, but I've tried my best to make my visitations fairly consistent.

    How often were you subject to eclipse puns/jokes on 21 August 2017?
    Zero. I was the one making them, and pretending the conversation was all about me.

    How open- or close-minded are you?
    I attempt to be open-minded as much as I am able when listening to another. This may not mean I will agree with all points (or even agree at all), but I will respectfully listen and not discount a person based solely on their beliefs or statements. Being open-minded or close-minded refers to how receptive you are to reason, and respecting of other people - not to how much your own beliefs are willing to be molded and changed. (Granted, with new knowledge will come alteration and refining of certain precepts, but for everyone, there are certain things taken as given, immovable stances.) That said, I always love listening to people share of their experiences or thoughts, as I believe ideas are refined when compared against those of others. The more I am willing to listen, the wiser we will both become.

    How paranoid can you get?
    Not very much, oddly. The most paranoid I have ever been is when I'm at home alone and I am not wearing headphones, then I think I hear something move or fall over. The feeling used to be stronger when I was younger but it's long since abated. I tend to quell any fear in me that may be irrational, and allow only natural legitimate fear to remain. That leaves paranoia with no place.

    How well can you do in a staring contest?
    I probably could only last about 40 seconds or so. All I need to do is just last a little bit longer than the other person.

    How well can you fake a smile?
    Not very. It isn't hard to make me smile or laugh, though if I'm forcing a smile it's pretty obvious.

    How willing are you to go against the bystander effect and help a random person on the street in need?
    Not as much as I believe I should. I am extremely conserved and do not like to reach out to people I don't know or who I am unfamiliar with, though if I see a situation in which I believe I can immediately help, such as someone struggling with groceries, then I will offer assistance. (I've actually done this a few times though I've always been turned down, usually because the person was fully capable already, but I believe it did no harm to ask.)

    How would you consider yourself with job interviews?
    I would like to say that I am decent, but the only experience I have with them are with mock interviews. I haven't been properly interviewed in a formal setting, yet.

    I know you like games that require a certain amount of common sense/logic, like Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective and the Ace Attorney series.
    Do you have any recommendations that are similar to those games?

    Not many - I know I like visual novel games and the like, but there aren't many made for the DS/3DS! One game series I am rather beholden to, that comes in a rather similar vein, would be the Zero Escape trilogy. In addition to the visual novel nature - and rather intricate storytelling used - the game is progressed with a series of puzzles that are structured exactly like escape rooms, and the choices you make in the novel events will determine what branch of the story you'll take. You'll have to eventually take all the branches to unlock the true ending for each game.
    I wish I had more recommendations, but for now that's all!

    I notice that you are rather formal and distant in terms of your speech patterns online. Is/are there any reason(s) for doing so?
    Yes. It is because I speak much like this in real life as well. I have a great passion for language and being understood through it, and I believe a formal tone conveys understanding much clearer than an informal one.

    I noticed that you said you came to LV because you were "beckoned here by instruction". How did that happen?
    It's an interesting story, but the passage of time has made it grow more old than interesting. A friend of mine had a favour that he still needed to repay, but wasn't fully able to do so, so he asked me to repay the favour in his stead. The nature of the favour was to go join a site called Lake Valor (this one, I was given the URL), and do whatever I could to help the site, making it a great place for people to be. Despite not liking forums very much (due to some past experiences), I promised him that I would do this until the favour was repaid.
    I considered this my 'mission', of sorts, and went about preparing my materials to actually accomplish this goal - it involved a lot of monitoring, as the first thing I had to do was figure out exactly how LV worked and who was there. As I found out, this was my friend's way of repaying gratitude to an old friend of his, who he'd met a few years before and had been welcome company. The favour has since been repaid, so I'm no longer obligated to stay at LV per se, but I continue to do so (at least for now) due to the relationships of my own that I've forged.
    I don't know for how long I'll be at Lake Valor, but that's my story.

    If a jester dressed in pink and blue offered you a choice of having the power of telekinesis, levitation or transformation, which one will you choose?
    A tricky question indeed, though I feel like I would choose telekinesis. When operating in a real-world setting, telekinesis would have the most practicality, and theoretically the least amount of danger as well. Levitation is somewhat similar, though it accomplishes a different goal. Transformation is rife with its own set of strong points and problems, and in a real-world setting I feel it would be extremely problematic.

    If a white dragon and a black dragon combine to make a grey dragon, what sort of personality do you think it would have?
    I'll be going under the assumption that this 'combination' (or fusion, whatever you like to call it) will be planned - that is, there will be some control over the result's characteristics. Based on my best guesses, said grey dragon will be rather calm and analytical, very joyful and outgoing, wanting to solve problems, and eager to go help others with their problems. I doubt either of our individual personalities would be 'predominant', as neither of our personalities have mutually exclusive qualities, so the result, at least by my approximation, should be seamless.
    (The black dragon is me; the white dragon is this question's asker.)

    If humans didn't have emotions, do you think that society would have been better than it is today, or worse?
    I really do believe it would be better off. I accept that I cannot create that situation in real life, but I think if everyone stopped utilising their emotions for one reason or another, we would all be much better thinkers and decision-makers. This doesn't speak much about self-interest, but that is loosely tied to emotion so I believe it partially counts.

    If it were possible, where would you like to travel in space?
    Anywhere I want, like Saturn, or various nebulae. Space is too big and too beautiful to confine myself to just one location.

    If selected for space travel, would you go?
    The quick answer is "Bro, I live in space, remember?".
    The serious answer is no, because I get motion-sick very easily, so I would definitely not acclimate to zero-G nicely at all.

    If the only way to have a Golden Sun sequel was to sacrifice your right hand, would you?
    Yes. Were this act to make it happen with certainty, I would do so without question.

    If the sky had to change to a combination of four colours for a single day only, and it was up to you to change the colours, which colours would you choose?
    First, I will assume that all variants or shades of a single colour count as one colour - for example, sky blue, cobalt, neon blue, and so on all count as "blue". Thus I will choose the umbrella colour terms.
    Orange and purple have been mainstay favourite colours of mine to see in the sky, especially at sunsets (pink is a common sunset colour, but seeing purple in the sunset is more uncommon and, I find, far more beautiful). I wouldn't care at what time of day they would shine - indeed, if they shined at midday, people would realise what glory they miss from not watching a sunset.
    Beyond that, I would pick red and green as the other two colours - largely because I haven't seen them that often and I'd like to see what they look like in the air. (I've never seen a green sky. I wonder what it would be like?)

    If they were to make a Golden Sun 4, what console/handheld would you want it to be on?
    I'd like it to be on the Nintendo 3DS, as that would be the only one I own to play it on. I don't want to be selfish and say the DS or even the GBA - they had their own titles for that and it's best not to infringe (though a DS title of GS4 might be possible, the DS time has passed, and it would be nice to see Golden Sun 4 on the 3DS instead). At this time, I think that would be the best platform for it to be on.

    If you could always be remembered as the best there ever was, and the best there ever will be for ANYTHING, what would it be? You will always be known for being the best at it for the rest of time, and whenever people think of you they will associate your choice with you.
    Absolutely nothing. Bizarre as it may sound to an observer, I don't want to be remembered at all - for anything positive or negative.

    If you could be a certain age for the rest of your life (but still die after reaching X amount of birthdays), how old would you like to be?
    Twenty-three years old. I know I'm well past that point, but as far as physical and mental ability goes, that so far was the favourite time of my life. I'm not much different physically then than I am now, I know, but I'd like to have a little more edge on the youthful side. After all, either I'm getting older, or I'm dead.

    If you could change one thing about the world, what would you change?
    The fact that cash money is the centre of the economy. I really wish the world wasn't so capitalist; it is a loud picture of greed and competition, and the more I think about it, the more disgusted I become.

    If you could change one thing from the universe, what changes would you made?
    That's a very tricky question, given how so much of spatial geometry is set in a 'just-so' state, and any small change could have reverberating consequences. My initial thought is for spatial objects like nebula or such to be visible to Earth by the naked eye (either increasing the field of vision, or simply moving them closer), or at least be able to travel to a place where they can be seen in this way, because I've been enthralled with the many pictures of space I've seen, and I think it would be wonderful to see these things up close.

    If you could choose a favourite planet in our Solar System (except for Earth), what would it be and why?
    It would be a toss-up between either Venus or Saturn. I know Saturn seems like a cliché answer because of the ring system and whatnot, but I also like the colouration and form of the planet itself; it seems somewhat soothing. Venus, though, is a more curious case; it can manifest as blue or orange or a myriad of other things, due to the eccentricities of its atmosphere. It's very similar to Earth in many respects as well, so I can't help but feel there's so much more fascinating things to glean from it.

    If you could choose one thing to instantly know everything about, what would you choose to know about?
    I would select how people act, react, and operate, based on their assumptions about life as well as their experience. Essentially I want to know how people 'tick', as well as how best to read people. I've been trying to hone this practice for years and improvement on it has been very slow. There are many things I miss out on and don't notice until long after the fact, and I feel that the better I know how people think, the better I will know how to understand them, even under adverse circumstances.

    If you could have a 10-minute chat with either MLK Jr. or Abraham Lincoln, who would you choose?
    I'd probably flip a coin. I don't have a strong leaning towards one or the other, and to me they're just historical figures. I'm not sure how much worth I'd derive from it either, as I don't really rely or utilise the past at all; I am of the opinion that the present is more important than the past, because it has capacity to change and be influenced, unlike the past, which states only where you've been, not where you are or where you're going.

    If you could have one shiny pop up of your will, which one would it be?
    Horsea, as I've mentioned on and off a few times. I would like a shiny Level 100 purple Kingdra, as that was the first species I got to Level 50.

    If you could have or own one mythical creature (like a pet or companion), what would it be and why?
    I believe I would choose the carbuncle - I had to check thoroughly to see if it was indeed a mythical creature, and it is! I've always had a soft spot for the little critter, and I would own a plush of one myself if the cuter ones weren't so difficult to find. Plus, gemstones are always great in my book.

    If you could learn any language instantly, what would it be?
    Probably Japanese. I see way too much of it around in the video game culture - and see a lot of it in YouTube playthroughs - so for me to know and understand what the hell they're all saying would be very useful to me.

    If you could live as any character from a book/novel/comic series for 24 hours, which character would you be and why? What universe they are from would you go to?
    Honestly, I wouldn't. I like who I am right now, and what I do, that I wouldn't want to leave it behind even for a moment. Perhaps if I could bring someone with me as company I may reconsider, but at the same time, I doubt it - why change where I am, when I am already content?

    If you could live on the sun, would you? Why or why not?
    Hm, tricky! However, I'll have to make a lot of assumptions to answer this fully. It depends largely on: if I'm the only person on the sun; if 'living' implies long-term (it usually does, but you never know); if there were other things, distractions, et cetera on the sun; if it could essentially be terraformed to invite people...
    ...wow, I have to make a lot of assumptions just to make living on the sun feasible. I guess the end answer would be 'not unless there was actually civilisation there'.

    If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
    I have no idea. I want to say 'blueberries' but those don't have any protein to keep me going. It'd have to be something with a decent balance of nutrients to keep me going, and keep themselves self-sufficient. Certain types of sandwiches come to mind.

    If you could only play 3 different video games for the rest of your life, which games would they be?
    If I can only choose 3 separate individual video games, I would choose Golden Sun 1 & 2, and my third would be Fire Emblem 7. I choose those because they have the largest replay value out of any games I've ever played or owned, and they never get old. If I could choose 3 separate series, though, I'd go for Golden Sun (3 games' worth), Ace Attorney (5 games' worth), and the GB Zelda games (3 games' worth). I'll give Superstar Saga an honourable mention for its very high replay value as well, but I feel Fire Emblem 7 just slightly beats it out in that regard.

    If you could partner up with any Jojo character for an impending zombie apocalypse, who would you choose and why?
    Fun question! I went over all of the various choices available, and I think I'd settle on Josuke Higashikata, the Part 4 Jojo. On top of him being a really nice guy in general, Crazy Diamond has the ability to heal any injury at all (or put any broken object back together again), and in the apocalypse scenario the goal is to survive, so as long as Josuke himself doesn't get hit, we'll do fine. Yes, his Stand is short-range, but mine isn't, so our abilities would complement each other very well.

    If you could reach for the stars (not that you can't, but not everything is possible for everybody...), what would your ideal career be?
    This thread has been around so long that I honestly thought I'd answered this question before - but in nearly 2 years, I haven't! I'd actually like to be an actuary some day; even though I know it's a very long-term goal and requires a lot of training and expertise (something like 15 years?), it's something I'd certainly like to aspire to, unless something more appealing comes my way. Plus, actuaries are in charge of assigning risk values for insurance policies, like figuring out how likely it is that somebody will die. And when I found out about that, the urge to have my job description as 'somebody that calculates the probability of death' awakened.

    If you didn't know about Lake Valor, what would you be doing?
    I was initially beckoned here by instruction, so if I weren't brought here, I'd probably be going about my life as I normally do - picking through my courses bit by bit, interacting with my other friends during the week, going out with them on the weekends, those sorts of things. Routine-wise, Lake Valor hasn't changed my life very much (other than the occasional orders and status reports I give), but friends-wise, it's given me an entirely new sphere.

    If you do make banners, would you open a shop in the near future, so other people can have your banners?
    Highly unlikely. When creating any work, be it a short story, a banner, or even a sketch, I find the effort to be the most fun when it is something from my own mind, that I can use to work at my own pace with. When expressing my creativity, I do things because I want to, not because I have to. The moment that anything becomes an obligation, all interest is lost. In truth, this is why forum hierarchies have always irritated me, because at where I have been, the ranks are always treated like jobs. Where is the incentive?
    (That isn't to say that I haven't done certain requests for other people, but when that happens, I ask the person myself if s/he would like something. If I do perform requests, they aren't public.)

    If you eat the Sun, are you slowing bringing the Earth to an end? Are you intentionally doing it?
    I am a creature that has to eat light to survive; it is my primary source of nourishment. It's not that I'm trying to kill off the Earth; it's that I'm hungry and need to eat. You people kill off animals and plants for food without bringing the species to endangerment, right? So it is with me. Besides, I have no desire to willingly erase mankind. They are far too amusing for me to do simply that.

    If you ever wanted a companion from a video game, who would it be, from what game, and why?
    Probably someone from this list. Highest on the list for a possible companion would probably be Canas or Raquna; Canas is quite the scholar and devotes his life to reading and the pursuit of knowledge, something I too am fond of and would love to do if I had enough spare time (and he has a monocle, you really can't beat that), while Raquna is a bodyguard with a wild side and would be an ideal traveling partner to explore the dangerous unknown with, as she makes people not die, and is also 100% Canadian as a perk.

    If you found yourself in the middle of a forest with no map, compass, nor anything that can give you any sense of direction, could you find your way to safety? If so how, and if not, why not?
    I'd like to believe so. I know that I have a strong sense of direction, and - when traveling along paths or lines, at least - I'm able to accurately trace where I've been as well as what direction I'm headed. I can't say this will always hold true based on environment, but I'm not prone to travelling in circles.

    If you had a notebook that was as of yet untouched and practically begging to be used, what would you do with it?
    Find a friend who would be able to get the most use out of it, and give it to said friend. Most of my notes I keep on Notepad or similar files, so I don't really have much use for physical note-taking, at least not in my usual contexts.

    If you had a special power (such as psychic powers), would you keep it hidden?
    I've pondered this question a few times privily, and I believe that I would keep it hidden. If such a time would appear that I'd need to use it, I'd be very subtle about it, only using it at that moment, and none else, and then going about as if it never happened. Powers aren't special except in how they're used, and there are clearly right and wrong ways to use powers.

    If you had the chance to go back in time to save someone's life, whether it be suicide or murder, who would it be and why?
    I would not take the chance. Time travel is definitely not a power that should ever be in my hands, no matter what.

    If you had the choice between winning a lottery of $100 million or becoming a Pokémon trainer, which would you choose?
    They both sound like awful choices on the surface, though were I forced to pick one, it would certainly be the lottery. With the former, I at least have some guarantee of financial stability. I don't even know what the latter choice is.

    If you had the opportunity to learn any skill and be good at it, which skill would you pick and why?
    Drawing. It would save me the anguish of having beautiful mental images and being completely incapable of fully expressing them.

    If you had the opportunity to spend a year in another country, where would you go?
    Probably the Netherlands. There are a lot of people both on and off LV there that I've never met and may one day like to meet - but it's contingent on my ability to speak Dutch (which, right now, I don't).

    If you had the power to conquer any part of the world, where would it be?
    The Netherlands. The Dutch have had it too good for too long; it's time to put them in their place.

    If you had to choose between a fire-breathing dragon and an ice-breathing dragon to become your loyal companion, which one would you choose?
    Ice-breathing dragon, hands down. With ice being in my top three favourite 'elements' (the other two being darkness and lightning), combined with my love of colder temperatures and dislike of hotter ones, the choice is essentially obvious. Even several of the signatures I've used before have been on ice dragons, but almost never on fire ones. (That might change eventually as I've had my eye on something in particular, but I'll have to see...)

    If you had to know something new like an sport or an intellectual subject, would you start with the basic or advanced contents?
    I'd start with the basics. Without the proper context (or experience), the more advanced parts of the field won't make nearly enough sense. It makes sense to build the foundation and work off that, no?

    If you have read plays by Shakespeare, which one out of the ones you have read did you like the best?
    I've only read one play by Shakespeare (it was Julius Caesar), and I'm not sure if I want to read any other plays. Sifting through Elizabethan English to translate into more modern terms (which I do fairly often anyway) is one thing; sifting through the same written as what is essentially poetry (which I don't like at all) is quite another.

    If you have to represent something, what would you represent?
    The embodiment of pure logic and rational thought, with no preconceptions or other mental trappings to get in the way. I have strong personal stances about various ideas and concepts, but on the other hand, when dealing with a job or other duty, I leave those stances 'at the door' and do not let them get in the way of my work.

    If you were able to have a sixth sense/perception, what would you choose to have and why?
    This is tricky to answer, because the easy responses (ability to tell if someone's hurting, or if someone's sincere) I already have.
    So I think I'd rather ask for the ability to know exactly what someone needs at any particular moment - whether mental or emotional. I want to be attuned to people's needs and thoughts, so that I can help them more effectively as a person.

    If you were an Autobot/Decepticon, what vehicle/machine would you want to transform into when not a big robot?
    I actually had to look this one up to see what that meant. Apparently they are giant robots that transform into vehicles when in hiding? If that is the case, I suppose I would pick something akin to a jet, as it can move at tremendous speeds, has the power of flight, and can travel even in the upper atmosphere. Assuming fuel is not an issue, travel time could be essentially indefinite, and assuming disguise correlates to abilities, the ability to fly even undisguised would be nice.

    If you were asked to pick a dessert, would you rather have something creamy or something fruity/fresh? Or do you not have a preference?
    Probably fruity, knowing me. I tend to like fruit a lot, and I can have a lot more of fruit than I could other things found in dessert (chocolate, ice cream, and so on) before I start to feel unwell. Part of that is that I'm sensitive to sugar from empty calories, but less so to sugar in other sources (I would eat a slice of cake and feel drowsy within 20 minutes, but I could eat bowls of fruit and not feel a thing).

    That said, if you give me a custard- or jelly-filled doughnut, I will eat it without complaint.

    If you were forced to see the world in one colour for the rest of your life, what colour would you choose and why?
    I believe I would choose blue. I say this not because I like the colour blue in particular, but it's because I believe the various shades of blue are easier to differentiate between than shades of some other colours like orange, brown, or even purple (my personal favourite). Seeing the world in this colour would be a real curse, so I would want to choose the option that makes it the easiest to bear.

    If you were forced to watch one TV show for the rest for your life, would you watch it on classic VHS, or modern DVD?
    Definitely DVD. The VHS would be much more liable to break or wear down, and has a much lower shelf life than a DVD.

    If you weren't a dragon, what would you be? Which land animal? air animal? sea animal?
    Dragons are innately predator-like creatures, or at least with enough strength to pass off as one and/or be left alone. Thus, all my answers will be those kinds of animals to some degree.
    Land animal is more difficult, since few are really appealing to me. I want to say something like the timber wolf? I know I tend to be solitary, but there is certainly strength in numbers.
    Air animal would be the peregrine falcon, as I've mentioned earlier it's my favourite animal of all.
    Sea animal would probably be the orca. I almost said 'giant squid', but orcas are much more relaxed and they give no damns. That or the crown-of-thorns starfish. That beast is metal, yo.

    If you were somehow forced to change the colour of your scales temporarily, what colour would you change them to and why?
    I'd probably choose black. Believe it or not, my scales are usually either gold or off-white (usually a purple variant of off-white). A bit of an odd mix for a black dragon to not have black scales, but that is the hand I have been dealt.

    If you were thrust into an RPG world, which one of the 3 basic RPG classes (based on your personality and ability) do you think you will be: mage, rogue, or warrior? What kind of specialization will you pursue?
    Usually when I've seen or played RPGs with class systems, the options tended to be more diverse even when more boiled down; I don't recall seeing an RPG universe that could boil all its classes down to that few options, much less those 3. If I were to restrict myself to just your question, 'mage' would be the closest as I prefer to fight at a distance with energy, but beyond that there's so much to choose from. I have noticed, however, that my trademark appears to be lasers. Lots and lots of lasers.

    If you were to go to a place in ancient history, where would you go and why?
    Hard to say, but I'd like to visit some place that was at least reasonably advanced for its point in time, or at least has intricate locales. The Inca civilisation in particular comes to mind first in this regard, but I don't know if there would be any one point then I'd be truly sold on.

    If you were to try a new restaurant, would you look up ratings and reviews beforehand? Or would you go in blind per se?
    I'd try and get opinions and feedback from others on it - optimally from people I know who have been there, or from reviews elsewhere if that's not possible. I've sometimes gone in blind, though I try to be armed with knowledge beforehand, and I don't like trying new things arbitrarily.

    If you woke up in a different dimension and were told that you need to return to your own within a fairly short time span else something disastrous will happen, what would you do? Would you try and find a way back immediately, explore where you are for a bit first, or not even try getting back?
    If you did try, which options would you consider looking into?

    As there are many people here who are dear to me (and I in turn to them), I would immediately seek a return path, regardless of whether or not a disaster hung in the balance - though the disaster would probably accelerate my pace and concern. I would consider how I arrived here to begin with, gathering information, looking for points of some mystical significance which may offer hints to a return point, and so on. I would learn as much of my situation as possible so that I may efficiently return home.

    In high school, what was your favourite math class?
    You may find this surprising, but I didn't actually take any math while in high school. All of the necessary math courses I needed to graduate I had already taken before entering high school, as I had taken them at a local community college already. Looking back, I believe I would say my favourite math class back then would be trigonometry - despite the fact that I barely remember it at all. Statistics remains my favourite math class, though I took that only recently, and by now I am well into adulthood.

    In school, did you often go to clubs or stay after school? If so, do you believe it was fun?
    I only ever stayed after school for something once, and it was a chess club. It was certainly the first time I'd heard about chess (I was 7 at the time) and it certainly intrigued me then. I can't say how much it's helped me long-term, if at all. I can't even say if it was fun - I don't remember clearly. Other than that I've never attended any school clubs ever.

    In school, what major did you pursue?
    It's something called 'business analytics', a bit of a fledgling field that involves looking at large amounts of data in business contexts, and using them to solve business problems, or develop solutions, or even just find new or more efficient ways to do things. It is data-based in the sense that it reports facts, but then it asks "Given this information, how do we act on it?". It's been rather nice to be a part of, in truth.

    In the near future, would you like to be a teacher?
    Not in the slightest! While I do enjoy tutoring, I do at least have some form of guarantee that my client will at least basically grasp the material, or at least understand the way that I explain it if I explain it in a few different ways. I would certainly not have the patience to deal with someone who is unwilling to learn. (I'm fine with people saying they don't get it. I usually ask in response why or what they don't get, and I would get frustrated if I don't get an answer. This hasn't happened any time recently, thankfully.)

    In what situations does your creativity just flood out of you?
    This happens at times that are tricky to predict, difficult to maintain, and impossible to control. I don't have much influence over my brain's 'creative streaks', sadly. It tends to happen more often when I'm focusing on a task at hand, and the possibilities sprout wildly from there - sometimes it's impossible to get a burst of creativity to appear otherwise. I can foresee enough to try and make one happen, but I cannot guarantee it.

    Is it true that dragons used to be classified as a subtype of Demons?
    I don't think I've ever heard that interpretation before, or even anything close to it. I might not know about it, but the connection seems very doubtful.

    Is it true to say that some people hide their emotions all the time?
    Yes; it's called 'putting up a front'. Said front can either be brave, sad, pitiful, or any other kind of thing.

    Is reward worth the risk to get there?
    There's no solid way to answer this question, because risk versus reward is always a question of weights, on whether the reward is worth it - in truth it is a case-by-case basis. Some risks, such as joining Lake Valor, have paid off. Others, which I don't feel like naming, have not. On the whole, though, I am very risk-averse, even if the risk (or chance thereof) is small.

    Is the pen mightier than the sword?
    I don't think so. It's really hard to draw large amounts of blood with a pen. You theoretically could, but at that point a dagger becomes the preferred weapon anyway, thus defeating the purpose of using a pen to begin with.

    Is the worst thing to do in life to cram for a test the night before?
    I wouldn't know; I've never had to do that. I've been through worse, however, so I doubt it.

    Is there a certain place you visit often (library, café, etc)?
    On a semi-regular basis I'll meet up with some friends; we all go together to the house of one of them and just hang out for a while.
    ...There's also occasionally going to the library on Fridays, because that's when I can find time to go down there and swap books out.

    Is there a moment where you can remember your life changing?
    Yes, and it's largely due to why I have adopted my current mindset of suppressing and choking out any emotions I may have. I failed to take others and their wishes into account, and while what I decided might have been what was best, how I showed my case was disrespectful of others, and based mostly upon fervour rather than logic. The moment I realised that my current approach was untenable was the moment I began snuffing out my emotions.

    Is there a particular anime/cartoon/TV show out there that you would like to see a new series or revamp of?
    Probably not. I haven't actually watched TV in years, and TV programmes no longer have the same appeal to me that they once did when I was younger. I suppose if I were asked this question 10 years ago, I would have had a small handful of answers for you, but I am no longer a child, so now I have none.

    Is there a show that you were looking forward to watch, only to be disappointed in it?
    I don't have a television, so no. I have been disappointed in shows I watched with friends, though I wasn't looking forward to those.

    Is there a teacher you'll never forget about, for either good or bad reasons?
    Plenty, actually! Some are for good, and some are for bad, but I'll share the best one:
    It was in a critical thinking class. There had been a writing assignment on something we'd covered in class (it was the Master and Commander movie), and while I was going back to get my paper for that, I got stopped partway as my teacher said I had the best grade on this assignment out of all the sections that semester (99+5 out of 100), and apparently my answers were so good that the teacher was going to use them as examples for future classes. I got a standing ovation; I was pleased and embarrassed at the same time. Later when I wrote the term paper at the class' end, the teacher said I basically kicked ass and I didn't need to write another draft to submit next week.

    Best. Teacher. Ever.

    Is there any cool/strange sound you can make with only your body/voice?
    Yes. I do this for kicks just to surprise people, both children and adults alike. I have a large variety of choices I can contort my voice into for the sake of hilarity, and I'm decently good at impressions too. My favourite is my frog impression, though doing that for too long hurts my throat.

    Is there any food that you regret eating?
    Spicy ravioli. Don't ask. The story isn't pleasant.

    Is there any sort of ideology you stick to, something that you follow as you go through life?
    "Rational and logical decisions are the best way to show how we should move forward. Emotions are evils of the human condition and serve only to muddle clear thinking and decision making. Be aware and receptive of your own emotions and those of others, but by no means let them make your decisions for you ever; acts based upon emotion or feeling are harmful and detrimental, both to others and yourself."

    Is there any task you do before leaving the house?
    Yes; it's a pat-down. I basically check all of my pockets to make sure that I have my car keys, wallet, and cell phone before going out the door, as well as check the rest of me for other possessions I want with me (e.g. food, sunglasses, school supplies, laptop, etc. - though not all of these at once). I call it a pat-down because I pat my pockets to make sure everything is there.

    Is there anything stereotypical about Canadians that you always say when mentioning them?
    Not at all.
    ...Is this about my comment about Raquna being 100% Canadian? The only reason I said that is because she is essentially a character Played for Laughs.

    Is there anything that you could never truly forgive someone for?
    Yes: hurting those I deeply care about, even if only slightly. There is a line you do not cross with me, and that is the line.

    Is there something you've always wanted as a child, but were never able to obtain?
    I honestly don't know. I say this not because I can't think of things I've never been able to obtain, but because I don't remember my childhood very much at all. Any event or span of time in my life from before I turned 22 has merged into being part of a rather indistinct blur, in which details are scarce and memories scarcer still. I do know that, looking back, I was very foolish as a child, so that may be part of my memory lapse - not only am I unable to remember, but I'm also unwilling.

    Is this a "meaningless" question?

    Is Valentine's Day more so good for couples, or bad for singles?
    Putting all of the Singles Awareness Day (SAD) jokes aside, I really don't pay attention to Hallmark holidays - I didn't even remember it was a thing until I saw a bunch of cute fan art over Twitter. However, there's a lot of candy floating around there because of it, and the days after are when stores will want to get rid of their unsold Valentine's stock. I don't care much for the dating scene, but if I can get chocolate, and at a lower price, it's a win-win.

    Kagero or Narukami?
    Kagero all the way.

    I believe this covers all of the pertinent points, at present. Now then... What's on your mind?
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  2. Nator

    Nator Banned

    Oct 22, 2014
    What is your favorite snack before heading to bed?

    What is one food or beverage that you absolutely detest?
  3. 8542Madness

    Apr 6, 2014
    How how do you feel about rules and laws in society?
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  4. Noctis

    Noctis *this message has been removed*

    Nov 13, 2014
    What is the best tasting color? (Kool-Aid reference)

    Is it Red?
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  5. guest

    Dec 18, 2014
    Do you prefer paper with walls on it or walls with paper on it?

    How many people have you talked to in the past month?

    Why did you talk to them?
  6. shinygiratinaz

    shinygiratinaz Boats Against the Current

    Dec 18, 2013
    What is your second favorite flower?

    What is your favorite color?

    Why so serious? :D
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  7. Eclipse

    Level 82
    Apr 3, 2015
    Marshadium Z ★★★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Luxury Ball ★★★Comet Shard ★★★★Mewnium Z  ★★★★★
    (I folded the questions asked me from posts #2-6 into the answer posts. They are not repeated here, for that would be redundant.)

    For questions whose first word begins with A through K, check post #1.
    For those that start with L onward, check post #7 (this post).

    Ligers are considered to be retarded creatures, which is really a shameful thing to impose on such an animal. Would you own one?
    I'm going to address the bits to this question slightly out of order. To start at the end, no I would not own one, but not because of any perceived mental stigma - rather, ligers are decidedly huge creatures, and I would not have the resources (in terms of money, food, space, dwelling, and so on) to maintain a constant upkeep of the thing. I barely managed to handle having a Pomeranian; there's no way I could handle a liger. I'm not sure if they're retarded mentally (I wouldn't know), though physically they tend to be sterile, due to being cross-species hybrids - though I'm not sure how that's relevant to the overall picture. Perhaps cross-species hybrids are inherently lesser in some qualities than either parent due to the mixing of genomes, yet stronger in others (as I addressed with the liger vs tigon size comparison earlier)? I cannot say for certain.

    Like many dragons, do you protect treasure?
    My friends and family are my treasure, so, yes, very much so.

    List the advantages of human beings having no fingers.
    There aren't any.

    Meaning and/or intention behind 'pure black dragon' in title?
    I've gone over a few times why the 'dragon' bit is there, but I don't believe I've ever actually expounded on the 'pure-black' portion! Time to rectify that immediately.

    My namesake dragon, Eclipse, is a dragon whose wings span the skies and block out the sun, but it isn't black; it's yellow. So I decided to delve a bit deeper into the meaning - Eclipse doesn't just block light; it also absorbs it, and for those familiar with how light reflection works, colour is indicative of what light is reflected and what is absorbed. Pure black is the only thing that absorbs all light, so I extrapolated that for a dragon to truly block out and absorb light, much like a real-life eclipse does, it would need to be pure-black to do so. (This carries on into a small fictional universe of mine in which Eclipse is a black dragon affiliated with shadow and absorbing light, but that is a tale for another day.)

    Most interesting documentary you've seen?
    I've had to watch a few documentaries as requirements for school courses, and most of them were boring as heck. One that comes to mind as notably interesting was Werner Herzog's Into the Abyss, about the death penalty and done in a rather unusual style - at least unusual as far as documentaries are concerned.

    "My name is Eclipse. When the world is at its darkest, I shall appear." Does that mean Lake Valor is the darkest?
    The quote says that I shall appear when the world is at its darkest. Lake Valor is not the world, so no. Underwater isn't nearly as dark as space.

    Of all the Oreo flavours over the years, which is your favourite?
    At one point I saw Oreos that either had a vanilla outer layer(s), had a white chocolate inside, or both. I forget the specifics, but those are my favourites; I don't know if they are still a regularly produced thing (I don't shop for candy enough to know), but I haven't forgotten the existence of those Oreos. They stood out to me because Oreos normally have a very dry 'bun', and that tends to chafe my mouth (not to mention leave brown marks all over my teeth), and this kind didn't.

    On average, how long does it take for you to answer your Q&A?
    I usually like to open the thread once I notice a new reply, to just skim the question initially. This gives me time to digest the question and think up a suitable, meaningful answer. Sometimes (like this time) I have the answer ready right away; other times it will take me much more thought to craft a suitable answer. (Sugar, I'm looking at you.)

    On average, how long does it take for you to complete your daily household work (assuming you have those chores)?
    I don't often, if only because I'm out of the house so often for my job. I'll clean up after myself of course, but I don't do a whole lot while I'm at home one way or the other.

    On average, how many threads do you hit in your raid?
    Too many.

    On average, what time during the day do you feel most productive? Why do you think so?
    Right after I wake up - because after that I'll get distracted with silly and generally non-productive things, like logging on to Lake Valor. If I can't get things done quickly and as I think of them, they probably won't get done at all.

    On the topic of white dragons, do white dragons get along with black dragons?
    They can, but that tends to be the exception, not the rule. White and black dragons tend to associate with - no surprises here - light and darkness respectively. Thus, there's a rather large rivalry between the two groups, in terms of both conflicting views and perceived superiority. More wizened dragons see white and black (as well as light and darkness) as not an opposition but a duality, two things that while opposites act in cooperation with each other; I myself am of this opinion also. I haven't encountered many white dragons myself, but that's largely due to my reclusiveness.

    Owo, what's this?
    This is my Q&A thread; what does it look like?

    Polka dots or stripes?
    Why do I have to choose one? They're both unseemly and hideous.

    Pure Light or Eternal Darkness, which of these 2 would you prefer and why?
    I'm a dragon of deepest black; you tell me.

    Rate Princess Zelda on any scale of your choice.
    She's basically a living, breathing, MacGuffin. It's like having a Triforce that breathes. Unfortunately, since she seems to have no uses or visibility beyond her superpowers, I don't know and can't even tell what kind of person she is (she is known to spend entire games locked in magical prisons). It's not that she doesn't (or can't) do anything; it's that she's not even allowed to do anything.

    Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum - from these types of Special Summons, which one do you prefer the most and why? Which type do you dislike facing, and if so, why?
    Synchros are what I'm most comfortable with overall, and I find it very easy to grasp and get going with that playstyle. I got back into the game in the middle of 5Ds and I really like the concept and idea behind them; it fixed the issue that Fusion and Ritual had with requiring certain cards, and I think their introduction was good for the game. It's forced Fusions to play a bit more catch-up, though they didn't really do so until ARC-V (but they've come around splendidly). Ritual I still don't know; the one time they tried to come back (Nekroz), they did so a little too well.
    What I don't like so much are Pendulums, due to their ability to bounce back very quickly even from a deficit and with extremely little effort. I like the portion about Pendulums that lets you use monsters as Spell cards instead, with different effects and in their own Zone - and I think that's a great idea. I just don't like the summon mechanic they brought with them.

    Since it's kinda hard to choose from a tiger and a lion, would you take a liger instead?
    Uhhhhhhhhhhh... maybe? I haven't really witnessed a liger before, so I am unsure of the particular differences it has between lions and tigers, but I will have to see. Ligers (male lion x female tiger) do appear to be substantially larger than both lions and tigers, a sharp contrast from the tigon (male tiger x female lion), which is not much larger than a tiger, so I suppose there are bonus points to that.

    Since you're so good at math, have you actually studied it or do you plan to go work in that job field?
    I plan to work in the business sector later, though many facets of that do involve math, especially the data and forecasting aspect (which is where I'm headed). Nowadays I do tutor for math so I can instruct people that way, but I wouldn't be making a career out of math alone.

    Sun or Moon (Pokémon-related or otherwise)?
    I can only answer the 'or otherwise' portion, but I'd have to say I prefer the Moon. It's easier to see, it has a nice mystifying colour, and due to being a reflection it's overall cooler than the Sun, and I tend to prefer the cold more. I've certainly nothing against the Sun, as it does give me more light to see by, but it's a bit too warm for my tastes.
    (See also: "Are you a "love every season" person or "love one, hate the others" kind of person?" and "What weather do you feel most comfortable in?")

    Suppose you were given a magical potion that can change your height. You have the option to choose to be either 24 inches (2 feet) taller or shorter. Which do you pick and why?
    I'm roughly 67 inches tall right now (5'7"), so I basically have the choice of becoming 3'7" or 7'7" here. I value mobility and ability to do things fairly easily and with no hassle, plus I have to drive myself around everywhere I go. So to that end, I'll opt to become taller; even though it has complications, I have met people over seven feet tall so I know it's possible. Besides, not only do I have a complex about my height (I know 5'7" is actually slightly above average, but it still bothers me because of comparison to the people I'm around), but I can't really do much when I'm only as tall as an eight-year-old child.

    Thus far, are you enjoying your life?
    That is and always has been a strange question for me to answer. On the surface, the answer is quite simple: while I am not content with absolutely everything right now, I consider myself to be in a strong position, and know that I am better off than most people, both physically and mentally, thus I can't complain. Conversely, I also do not know where exactly I want to be, nor how to get there, though in the meantime, I like what it is I do, and were I given the choice to keep on with my life how it is right now, I would most likely take it. So, if I'm to really boil down my response to answer your question, it would be "Definitely. For now, at least."

    Was there ever a Halloween costume/decoration that, for whatever reason, just really gave you the heebie-jeebies?
    Can't say that I have. Halloween doesn't really exist much where I live, so I haven't run into creepy decorations. Most of them just end up...quaint.

    What about forums interests you?
    Absolutely nothing. There are far too many people at once, there is little true interaction, and most people on forums seem to be primarily concerned with their own self-image. Staff tend to be even more atrocious about it, though all of this is based on personal observation and having been on one forum or another for roughly 7 years in all. Simply put, I don't believe that forums actually know what they are trying to accomplish, and thus, don't actually accomplish anything useful. Thus, I find them rather irksome on the whole; I would not deal with them had I the choice.

    What about math do you like so much?
    There are so many tips and shortcuts and other quirks for how to get from one end of a problem with the other, and half the fun is finding more shortcuts.

    What about the nature of our planet do you find beautiful and why?
    Probably how variant it is. There are so many different climates, pieces, and shapes that all fit together, and even just going from one nearby point of the globe to the other, you can notice some extremely drastic change. By contrast, as pretty as outer space is, all of the other planets we know of are more homogeneous and dull. You could just look at any atlas or globe of Earth and get the idea; each part is so very different from parts around it. I can't say the same about other planets.

    What animal are you most afraid of?
    Anything that is larger and heavier than me, except for those odd pacifist cases, like most ruminants.

    What animal migration do you find to be the most spectacular?
    That of the Arctic tern, because of the sheer distance and navigation involved. The golden plovers come at a close second, for much the same reason.

    What are a few things that wouldn't make your home feel like home if they were to go missing?
    A computer is one thing, because it's how I keep in touch with virtually all of my friends. So would a bed, for that matter - while I can sleep on a sofa, it isn't that comfy. Beyond that, just let me have access to my friends, and a home can be anywhere.

    What are some of your favourite lyrics from songs that you've enjoyed?
    Songs I enjoy don't have lyrics in them.

    What are some things that you do to stay level-headed when things get tense?
    I try to listen to music, play a video game, talk with a friend to keep my mind focused - pretty much anything I can do to get my mind focused on one thing only, without worrying about it jumping all over the place. I don't work well under pressure, so if I can focus my mind onto just what I need it to do, then I can recuperate and keep going.

    What are the best kind of jokes in your opinion?
    The ones that are clearly intended for their target audience and can be well appreciated, and whose aim is to cause humour without expressly being at the expense of others. (Sometimes, the jokes that poke fun without being hurtful can be the best jokes of all.)

    What are 3 small things you'd wish for, to make your life better right now?
    Having my emotions disappear/die for good (they keep coming back every so often still, so I have to kick them out again), being able to move out and become financially stable, and to never be lonely ever again. Those are my three main struggles in the here and now, so having those vanish would be wonderful.

    What are you most passionate about?
    My views on friends and family. While I hold strong and sometimes unshakable views on several things, none even come remotely close to how I feel about this.

    What are your thoughts on humidifiers? Have you ever used one before?
    Mm, I suppose they do well for people who can't handle dry air very well, but I've lived in dry locations for almost all of my life, so I'm used to it. Increase in humidity also tends to increase the temperature slightly as well, which is something I could do without. I'm sure humidifiers are nice for some people - just not for me.

    What are your thoughts on solar eclipses? i.e., do you find them fascinating? boring? etc.?
    I do find them more fascinating than lunar eclipses, that's for sure. I've seen lunar eclipses personally and they only amount to the moon turning a dull red (akin to blood or rust), but a solar eclipse (which I've only seen photos of) involves the moon becoming a black disc with the sun's light only barely peeking out behind it. It's a shame I can never directly gaze upon a solar eclipse, but based on what I've seen, I find them to be extraordinary.
    (See also: "How many eclipses (solar or lunar) have you seen?")

    What are your views on emoji and emotes?
    I use them to mess with people, so that's entertaining, at least.

    What attracts you to LV?
    Saying what 'attracts' me is not the best word to use; perhaps what compels me to 'stay' here may be a more fitting question. I stay largely for the people, the environment they create, and the camaraderie they sustain. It's not unlike an extended clan or family, complete with its own sense of belonging. I like that.

    What colour is a mirror?
    Mirrors are generally translucent or transparent, and thus hold little to no colour of their own. The only colour they cast is the one they reflect and is initially cast onto them. Otherwise, mirrors are colourless.

    What country (in your opinion) has the most beautiful natural scenery?
    I really couldn't say. I'm not one to rate scenery of places on any particular scale, and of the pictures I've seen of places, they are from locales scattered all across the world - no one area was more common than any other. I would like to think I am not particularly picky - if you show me a picture of some place, and it can be appreciated for its beauty, then I will most likely appreciate it.

    What culture(s) interests you the most?
    Culture really does not interest me whatsoever. They are about corporate groups, which serve little purpose other than to force people into prescribed norms and suppressing individuality, in the name of "identification". I really hold to the belief that cultures are foolish social constructs.

    What do you believe makes people human?
    Language, free will, and the soul. With the first, we can communicate with ourselves and one another in understandable and meaningful ways, and with the second, our lives are drawn out before us as the sum of our choices and decisions, with each having its own consequence. I can't quantify the third bit as of yet, at least not in vocabulary or terms I know right now, but I do believe there is a bit more to humans being unique creatures than just what I've said here. (Another mental exercise for another day, perhaps?)

    What do you consider one of your flaws? One of your assets?
    I'll answer this question by stating which of my flaws and assets I believer are the most prominent or obvious. Interestingly, they're both strongly related to each other. It also makes more sense to explain the asset first.

    An asset that I pride myself on is my mental outlook and disposition - a mixture of high intelligence, a logical approach to data, and my low (almost non-existent) emotional fluctuation. This lets me look at and evaluate things very calmly, viewing them as a series of data points and enabling myself to look at things objectively, with some measure of detachment, not being strongly swayed by any opinions or feelings, be they mine or someone else's.

    A flaw that I have actually stems from the above, in that I am not very strong or effective at comforting people, except for when that person can easily receive a rational or logical thought process. While I'm good at listening to people, actually formulating thoughts or words in return to send them back is a taxing process, largely because most of the time I'm not sure what to say when my initial approach (the rational logic one) doesn't work. That's not to say that I'm completely ineffective, but I know it's always important to be able to explain the same thing in multiple different ways, and to find that I don't in this area is, in my opinion, a deficiency.

    What do you do when there's a thunderstorm outside?
    Thunderstorms are very rare in my area, but they have happened before (on average, I want to say there is about 0.3 per year). Most of the time it usually equates to just much stronger rain and reduced visibility - and more often than not I'm home at the time. If I'm not, I would go about my day as I usually do, though I would be much more careful when on the road, looking about multiple times to check if my path is clear (both as a driver and a pedestrian). And I'll be wearing my jacket in case I must venture into the rain, also.

    What do you eat with your hot chocolate?
    Whenever I drink hot chocolate I usually have it by itself, without anything mixed in. I don't want anything to alter or potentially worsen the taste, so I drink hot chocolate as a stand-alone beverage.

    What do you enjoy doing during your free time?
    My free time is largely occupied with 1 of 2 things: video games; or listening to my music playlist. This largely depends on my location, how much free time I have, and what future commitments I will have to meet. I will play video games only if I know I will have rather substantial, uninterrupted blocks of time - or I will play a video game that I may put down at a moment's notice. Otherwise, I will spend it listening to music (especially when playing a video game would be impossible, such as when driving a car).
    If there's something I could potentially forgo about it, it would probably be the video games. (I don't play video games nearly as much as I used to, due to time constraints. It's a pity, because video games are something I do enjoy.)

    What do you find the zaniest thing ever?
    I don't want to say, because whenever I think of something that couldn't possibly be zanier, I encounter something to prove me wrong.

    What do you like the most about Golden Sun?
    That's a difficult question as there are several factors I really like about the game that would vie for that 'top spot', though I think what ends up topping the list is the scenery. It's all so very vibrant and colourful, and there are so many nooks and crannies to explore. Even on replays I never get tired of exploring the locations again, because they look as fresh and exciting as ever. The music tracks are a very close second, though!

    What do you pride yourself most in?
    It's a bit odd to describe any personal pride I have outside of qualities that I myself possess, though I only find it odd because I can't yet tie any accomplishment to pride. However, I can say with a fair degree of certainty that I take pride in my knowledge and mental ability, as well as my somewhat twisted sense of humour. They are two large factors that, for me, have kept life interesting, entertaining, and fun.

    What do you strive to be in the future?
    There are a few specific qualities I strive to be. In no particular order, they are: someone who is financially stable and self-sufficient; someone that people can come to rely on; someone that can think everything through rationally and objectively; someone that is capable of comforting people in time of need; and someone that is free from all forms of worry. Of course I know that not all of those are possible at once - especially not the last one - but I want to come as close as possible to all of them.

    What do you think about making friends with a picky person that gets annoyed very easily or disagrees with most things that you agree on?
    I don't think it would happen, actually - or at least not for a great while. As it takes quite a lot of mental preparation and evaluation for me to elevate someone from the level of 'acquaintance' to 'friend', there would have to be some compelling reasons for me to see past the person's faults, as well as to see whether the relationship would be tenable long-term. Obviously this would depend on the individual, and I can't really give an accurate umbrella answer as everyone is different, but those are my ideas on the matter so far.

    What do you think about some animals that many people are afraid of (spiders, snakes, bugs...)?
    There are a lot of things out there that people find creepy - and while 'creepy' is an aesthetic/opinion judgment, it's still something seen common in a lot of things. If people are afraid of them, then that's fine. The question becomes what they do to control or master said fear.

    What do you think about Stardust Dragon?
    To be precise, that's Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode, though I chose that incarnation because it's my favourite, with the ability to negate any effect once per turn, not just those that deal with card destruction. Honestly, I think it's a very valuable effect to have on hand, since it can mitigate a lot of otherwise harmful effects. It jumps off the field for a bit to do so (and makes you more open to attack, but makes it harder to played around), but I believe it's well worth it.

    What do you think is the most popular TV trope?
    The front page.

    What do you think is worse: death or trauma?
    Death, easily. You can recover from trauma, but death is permanent.

    What do you think of Red-Eyes Black Dragon?
    He's always had a lot of toys to his name (REDMD, anyone?), but the newest set of support for him makes Red-Eyes quite dangerous, giving them good draw power, spot removal, a really nice way to say "No", and a way to slowly chip away at your opponent, the last one by far being the most deadly. Coupled with the more recent generic dragon support, I'd say things are looking up for Red-Eyes.

    What do you think of stars?
    Stars are wondrous objects that populate the night sky. This is less common in urban or suburban areas due to the light pollution, but in quieter more rural areas, or just out in the wilderness, the true magnificence of the night sky can be seen. There are just thousands of white tiny dots spread out across a blanket of deepest blue. It's quite a sight to see.

    What do you think will be the most likely cause of human extinction?
    If we ever actually get to that point, I'd believe it would be either nuclear fallout or some other similar catastrophic event. Rising ocean levels could be a problem, but that's slow and can be adapted to, and it probably wouldn't drive humans extinct (though it would turn us into Waterworld, which is a problem of its own, but that's a different topic). I'm hoping it doesn't come to that, though - or at least I die before then.

    What do you think your best feature is?
    My rational outlook, in that I view things objectively and as a logical progression, while not letting personal stances getting in the way of my work. Technically that is a combination of smaller things, but that's the best way I know how to answer your question.

    What do you value?
    See: "Who, or what, do you value?"

    What events make you happiest? || What makes life worth living for you?
    I have a few very close friends that, despite how close I am to them, we do not talk often, due to real-life commitments, conflicting schedules, and so on. When I am talking and interacting with them is when I am at my happiest. I rarely get moments like those, and I cherish them when they happen.

    What exactly about hypotheticals do you dislike?
    They are largely concerned with situations that either do not exist, or - more often - those that could not exist. If I were asked a question like "What would your life be like if you were born somewhere else? or had a different family? or met/didn't meet certain people?", I promptly ignore it, because not only is a question like that nearly impossible to answer, but it addresses something that cannot be changed and has already happened. What matters is where I do and where I am presently - and if I'm given any 'what-if' questions, I won't act on them unless they're actually relevant in some way.

    What feature of LV do you enjoy the most?
    Being a colourless, I don't have access to many features that Valor is known for, so I have to utilise smaller, quieter means to derive enjoyment. In my case, it's actually this very Q&A thread - it forces and encourages me to think, both in ways I've done before, and in ways I wouldn't think to do. Answering questions is something I genuinely like, because it lets me put this brain of mine to some work.

    What first got you interested in the MMBN (Mega Man Battle Network) series?
    I saw an ad for BN6 in a teen's magazine, actually. I don't remember how old I was but I think I was around 15. It looked really cool so I decided to try it out, it being my first true Mega Man game (I got the Gregar version). It took me a while to get the hang of it (for example, the game dialogue seemed to imply that if you used a chip, it went out of inventory and was gone forever, and I felt only Mega Chips were exceptions to that due to being special), but after that, I did excellently well, and then it just kept going from there.

    What handhelds do you have?
    Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance (SP), Nintendo DS (Lite), Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation Portable. (GBC, GBASP, DS-Lite, 3DS, and PSP.) The gaming libraries of those systems are large, but they aren't consoles, so they're still somewhat limited.

    What in a game interests you?

    What, in your opinion, is the most boring thing you could do?
    Sleep. Seriously, I spend 7 hours doing absolutely nothing, and there's nothing I can really do about it if I want to stay healthy and robust.

    What, in your opinion, would the the cruellest fate in mankind?
    Complete and utter isolation from all other humans and creatures. Believe it or not, that question is a no-brainer for me as I have pondered the question many times.

    What's a book you've read multiple times?
    A small handful, but I'm just going to say the first one I remember: I own almost the complete collection of all comics of The Far Side. I have read the various galleries cover-to-cover multiple times.

    What's a food that you haven't had, but want to try?
    If you had asked me this question a couple weeks ago, I would have said 'pho'. Now the answer is 'nothing', until I learn about some other interesting food.

    What is a movie based on a book that you think stuck pretty good to the source material and was awesome as well?
    What is a movie based on a book that you think absolutely failed to deliver?

    I don't watch many movies based on books (heck, I don't watch many movies in general), though one such movie that really stood out to me was Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I've read through the source material before (and it's a slog; I wouldn't recommend it unless you're hardcore), and seeing the movies made me understand the series in a whole new light; I was able to follow everything, and the movies were well put together. I'm still bothered by Arwen showing up near the start (she doesn't actually show up until near the end), but everything else was reasonably close to the source, and it's a group of movies I still love watching to this day.
    As for a movie based on a book that failed to deliver, what comes to mind is, funnily enough, Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy. I received the book as a Christmas present (I want to say I was 10 years old?) and I'd seen an old cartoon adaptation of the book from the 70s. I picked up the book and I absolutely loved it; even for a young child it was easy for me to understand be captivated. Now we get to the movies - I can understand perfectly well why TLotR was split up (each part is a ~350-page book), but The Hobbit is only a single ~300-page book. There's no need to split it up into three movies, and most of the material in those movies doesn't come from the book at all (I hope you like filler!). I've only watched the first two movies because I was asked to, and we both regretted the decision.

    What is a question you get asked a lot (not restricted to this forum), and how do you answer that?
    The question I am asked the most, combined out of all places I go to and have been, is "What's up?". I answer that question by tilting my head upwards and taking note of what I am currently looking at.

    What is an early board game you remember playing as a child?
    Monopoly. I still play it. I'm still good at it. I still enjoy it.

    What is 'DDD'?
    DDD is my title, technically speaking, and it stands for 'Dark Dragon Deity'. I could add more Ds onto it and perpetuate the string of adjectives (I managed to go as high as 6), but I think 3 is an ideal number to rest on. Any more than that and it sounds ostentatious.

    What's in a name?
    The name is the initial identifier of the person. It's what everyone else sees first, and ties everything a person is back to that one name. Likes and dislikes, personalities, quirks - all those can be shared between multiple people, but the combination of that and the name is unique. The name is important because it is how you are known and will be known to all of the world around you.

    Names have a lot of baggage affixed to them, good and bad. Reputations and past events are appended to it, creating a picture that is seen or assumed by others about who or what you really are (which may or may not be an accurate picture). The name may not be as important as the reputation or the past events...but it's what people initially see.

    The name is the first impression. Even if your name changes later, you are still known by the initial name to many, and it takes a long while (and a bit of cajoling) for them to switch over to the other name - after all, they've known you as "_____" for so long, that they're used to it by now.

    But most importantly, the name is how you see yourself. Who are you? What are you? What do you call yourself? Why does that really show who you are? How do you want yourself to be known? All these questions are answered solely because of your choice of name. People may know me as an earnest inquirer, a finder of bugs, or a rather verbose and somewhat antiquated fellow...but they know me first as Eclipse - and it's my job to tie what I do to the name. And all of you deal with that very same struggle - even though you may not realise it now.

    What is it about darkness that people prefer it more than the beautiful light?
    I can't really speak for other people on this matter, as I believe, on the whole, this is actually incorrect - I do not believe most people prefer darkness to light. In my case it stems from two factors: first, the colours and shades I like tend to be more on the darker side, for they are more subdued; second, I live in an area where the sun is oftentimes very bright (and direct contact with sunlight can actually make me drowsy), so it's led me to notice that too much light can actually be a bad thing - there will come a point where enough light is enough. There's also a certain amount of mystery that darkness carries with it, but that is neither here nor there.

    What's on your video game wishlist for the rest of 2015?
    Believe it or not, I don't really look forward to new games coming out very much - I much prefer to remain with the old games that remain tried-and-true. As of this writing 2015 has almost elapsed, and to my knowledge, no game that I know the release date of is set for 2015. In fact, Fire Emblem: Fates is the only example I can think of right now, and that's in 2016.
    This is largely because I only follow a very small handful of video game series, and thus wouldn't even know about games coming out. But either way I'd rather buy used if I can help it - it's much less expensive (though in some rarer cases, like A Link Between Worlds, the difference was only slight).

    What is one food or beverage that you absolutely detest?
    Coca-Cola. To this day, it has remained the one and only food or beverage I have eaten, that I was not able to keep down. It was utterly disgusting. Root beer and Pepsi come very close (as, to my taste buds, all three drinks are essentially synonymous), but there is something in Coca-Cola that I was completely unable to tolerate.

    What is one food that you probably would not want to taste if given the opportunity?
    Anything spicy. Spicy foods don't sit well with me; it's a flavour a bit too intense for me, even a mild form thereof. I've had some...unfortunate run-ins with spicy foods, and I don't care for repeating that experience.

    What is one location in a video game you would want to visit for real?
    Any place in the Golden Sun series. The universe of Weyard is so bright and vibrant, not just the villages and other places of dwelling, but also the vast number of intricate and colourful ruins dispersed throughout the world (Golden Sun 3 is really big on these, and they look absolutely amazing). There are some places that are a bit more destitute (like most of the islands in the Eastern Sea), but if I don't have limitations on where to visit, just give me a ship and/or a soarwing, and off I will go.

    What is one old meme that always makes you laugh no matter what?
    60s Spider-Man.

    What is one responsibility that you never forget?
    That I have to look out for my friends no matter what, and that there are a lot of people who look up to me and I can't let them down.

    What is one smell you like? one you hate?
    These aren't the only ones, but: freshly baked bread, and cigarette smoke, in that order. Those stand out the most, compared to other things I've smelt in life.

    What is one thing you dislike about mathematics?
    Occasionally problems will arise when the method to solve them is not completely intuitive - ∫ sec x dx is an example, but ∫ sqrt(x+4) / x dx is just as tricky - or simply because the problem itself requires a lot of steps to get to the end product and thus can accumulate a lot of error between steps (I'm looking at you, partial fractions). When math gets time-consuming is when its enjoyment diminishes.

    What's one thing you like about where you live? What's one you don't?
    The weather is pretty static and doesn't tend to fluctuate much or be very weird. On the other hand, the temperature is almost always rather high, and cooler days are few and far between.

    What is one thing you want to try and understand but can't quite wrap your head around? (Can be something physical, a viewpoint, science, etc. You choose.)
    Hoh, boy. That's definitely a good solid question, so I will treat it with the respect it deserves.
    The major hurdle of understanding for me right now is definitely 'depression'. I used to suffer from it (and its vestiges still exist so I'm not completely out of it), but more often than not, it's tied to psychological and emotional onsets, rather than being brought on by straightforward chains of events. After I forsook non-logical approaches to things, I couldn't understand depression because I couldn't remember my own, or where it came from - so just seeing feelings of sadness with no clear source was a huge source of frustration to me, because they were so spontaneous and irrational.
    Having bits of my own depression resurface recently is heightening my understanding of it again (as I have been able to trace the source of the onsets, and why they arise), but it's still a rather big puzzle that I need to solve and deconstruct fully. I'd like to believe I'm making some recent progress on that, at least.

    What is something that is better bought used rather than brand new?
    Video games - it always helps to save a little cash!

    What is something that others do that you find extremely rude?
    Make jokes about my name. It's only seven letters long and matches up with an existing word in the dictionary - it's not that hard.

    What is something you buy at a store that you consider a necessity to have?
    Food. That was easy.

    What is the best abbreviation?
    Any title to a Codename: Kids Next Door episode. It doesn't matter which title; they're all about on the same level.

    What is the best costume you've seen?
    It was a cosplay of some kind and that's all I remember. I'm not very good with remembering details of social encounters.

    What is the best first impression that someone has made on you?
    There was someone I met first on here whom I took a liking to almost immediately after the person joined - I'd been here a while already, but I saw some rather similar qualities to myself in this person, a temperament I hadn't seen in anybody else. I decided to strike up a conversation and was rather pleased to find the person was exactly who I thought to be.
    I'm not going to name names, but you out there, you know who you are.

    What is the best meme?
    There really isn't one. They're all terrible; we just like them because they're amusing.

    What is the best piece of literature that you have had the pleasure to read?
    I don't know. I really don't know.

    What is the best tasting colour? Is it red?
    I wasn't aware that colours even had taste, but I do know that it wouldn't be green.

    What's the best time of day for you to get something extremely important done?
    Most certainly the morning. That way, it is done and taken care of immediately, before much of the rest of the day has begun. I don't have to think about it as the obligation is fulfilled, and I have most of the rest of the day to act with freedom as I please. (This is why I prefer to have university lectures in the morning. Having them in the afternoon isn't very conducive to my productivity at all.)

    What is the biggest/longest book you’ve ever read?
    The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien. Yes, all of it. I was 10, 11, and 12 at the time.

    What is the biggest thing in the world? Why do you think so?
    Its interior structure, the largest part of which is its mantle. Think of all of that lava beneath your feet. That's the largest tangible thing, though; the largest intangible thing is the combined sum of all of human imagination.

    What is the difference between happiness and joy?
    The quick answer is that happiness is an emotion whereas joy isn't. Joy is hard to describe, but it deals with fulfillment, and being pleased about circumstances, be it your own or somebody else's. More often than not it deals with good fortune, or simply someone's life changing for the better. Happiness is more of a reaction and a surface feeling, and tends to be more immediate and transient, whereas joy is more of an inward response, and thus tends to be deeper and more long-term.

    What is the dumbest question you've been asked?
    The one where the answer is already obvious.

    What is the first thing (that comes to mind) when you think of Pie: the constant, or the dessert?
    I think of the constant pi (π) before I think of the dessert pie. The reason for this is not only because I am mathematically inclined, but because whenever I 'think of a number between 1 and 10', a great deal of the time, I choose π. After all, no one said it had to be an integer. (This is a habit I picked up from a friend of mine.)

    What is the first thing you plan on doing when you get out of school?
    Ditching my graduation. It's a family tradition. If you mean the first thing after that, it will probably be whatever the first thing comes to mind will be. Perhaps I will be celebrating with friends and/or treated to dinner by my mum. In any case it is a day that I am very much looking forward to, for many reasons.

    What is the funniest TV trope that you know of?
    This one, due to its accuracy: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TVTropesWillRuinYourLife

    What's the greatest distance you've run in one go?
    A mile, I think? I don't remember how long it took - it was somewhere between 9 and 13 minutes. I have never really been a runner in my life, though I have exercised in other ways. I always try to keep moving somehow.

    What's the hardest piece of literature you read? What made it so difficult to read?
    Probably The Lord of the Rings. I was 11 at the time, though. The book is not exactly easy to wade through.

    What is the healthiest food you eat on a regular basis?
    Probably salmon. I have it on average about twice per week, and it's actually contributed marvellously to my physical health and figure.

    What's the least amount of money you've payed for a game? Most you've paid for a game? Were both of those games worth it in the game?
    Least: Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters (used)
    Most: A few of the Etrian Odyssey games (roughly tied)

    In regards to Etrian Odyssey, I was recommended to it by a friend and I now utterly love the series, so I am certainly willing to continue supporting the series - even though I don't use the preorder bonuses very much. As for the Ratchet & Clank game, I enjoyed it so thoroughly that it automatically became the best purchase in terms of the time-value of my money ever (I think it only cost me $2 or so). So, were they both worth it? Undoubtedly yes.

    What is the longest time you've given tutoring to someone, in one sitting?
    As of 31 May 2015, it would be 150 minutes, as part of a last-minute study session for a Calculus II final. It is very rare that my sessions will go over 90 minutes, or even 120 unless my client has a lot of available time, so I found this interesting. It was part of finals week, however, so that may have been the main reason.

    What is the meaning of life?
    I don't have a way to concretely answer this because meaning can be derived from a lot of different sources, and people have different reasons for how and why they live their lives. So I'm just going to say that "Yes, the answer is indeed 42."

    What's the most memorable event that happened during this summer?
    I was with a few study buddies who were working on math (okay, I was tutoring them). One of them finds out that his ISP (internet service provider) had asked a technician to come to his house to check his modem, but the scheduled time was when his family wouldn't be home. So while there, he had to call up the ISP, and eventually he had to get permission from one of his parents to change the appointment time to something else (since the account wasn't in his name). He beckoned me over. All I had to do was say "Yes, that's acceptable", but the request essentially came out of nowhere.

    "Thank you, fa/mother," he said to me afterwards. "You're dead to me, son," I replied.

    What's the most surprising thing that you're passionate about?
    My opinions on tutoring and teaching in general. I believe that both learning and instruction have to be done in very specific ways, in which both parties have to know exactly what they want and expect from each other. There's a lot more to it than just that, but I'll vehemently defend my stance on the matter if challenged.

    What's the most times you've skipped a rock?
    Zero. I've never done it.

    What is the secret to your genius witty comebacks?
    That's tricky to say, as I don't really have a 'secret' per se. I like to see if I can find humourous twists in even the smallest of situations, in an attempt to brighten people's days and make them smile. Whether that be a witty perspective on something said, a silly pun waiting to happen, or just a whole new way to look at something, I like looking at things from various angles, and picking what I believe is the funniest one.

    What's the strangest thing that's happened to you in a video game?
    I have a hard time remembering any of the bugs I've unintentionally found or exploited - probably because I haven't found aren't very many. It was never anything when I'd have to reset the game, but they were generally small things I found amusing.

    What is the weirdest thing you've asked Siri (if you have an iPhone), or anything with an electronic voice?
    I don't think I possess anything with an electronic voice that I can ask questions to. My computer has a speech-to-text synthesiser, but that's not quote the same thing. I do recall one day in which I and a few of my friends were asking questions to a friend's Siri - which I had to end up stopping because it got far too out of hand. Still, it was most hilarious.

    What is the worst piece of advice that you’ve received?
    That emotions are helpful things and that they can help you enjoy life with a holistic experience of all feelings. That is, of course, total malarkey; emotions aren't helpful in the slightest (they are rather harmful, in fact), so I rejected that piece of advice immediately.

    What is the worst service that you've ever received (whether it be from a store, restaurant, or something else entirely)?
    I don't remember exactly what the contact was, but it had something to do with calling tech support up for something. It was related either to my Internet or my printer. I blotted out the memory because it was rather unpleasant.

    What is the worst thing you ate in the past 24 hours?
    The same worst thing in all of the past 24 hours: a small bowl of potato crisps.

    What is the worst TV trope that you've read?
    I'd probably have to say this one. Without some kind of purpose or motivation behind it, immortality would be decidedly awful. It can be utilised as a form of punishment or a fate worse than death. Combine that mental anguish with physical anguish, and, well...

    What's worse, having fake friendships or none at all?
    Definitely the fake friendships. I've lived for years with no friendships at all, so I'm easily used to that - that way you don't need to set yourself up to be hurt in some fashion. You gain nothing, but you also lose nothing either. That is not the case with fake friendships, because you stand to get hurt and lose quite a bit.

    What is your best advice for somebody about to take an exam?
    First, read over your notes, multiple times if necessary. Notes are how you express the material in your own words, so that is a good starting point.
    Next, look at the source material - be it a textbook, slideshow, handout, or other medium. Look as to how that connects back to your notes; in other words, see why you wrote what you wrote.
    Figure out if you study best alone, or in a group. If you find yourself frequently stuck while alone, finding a study partner will help. S/he will often see things that you don't notice, and vice versa. In so doing, missing pieces of your understanding are filled in.
    Repeat the above multiple times, though unless the exam is 2 days away or less, I do not recommend doing this more than twice per day - you can only read something so many times before you've gleaned all you can. And, on occasion, if you're stuck, the realisation will come when you're doing something completely unrelated.
    Be familiar with the steps you have to take to solve problems. You don't need to give yourself sample problems or do extra examples (it can help, but not always) - just be aware of the steps, and why you take them.

    What is your earliest memory?
    I was 3 years old and running out from behind a sofa. I think I was playing hide-and-seek or something? But my tangible memory as I recollect it does not go any further beyond that point.

    What's your experience with Magic the Gathering, if any?
    It's a game that is stupid on purpose and meant to be played with close friends so you can mess with them, and create shenanigans of the highest calibre. If you play it for any other reason, it's not fun.

    What's your favourite animal?
    The peregrine falcon.

    What's your favourite anime?
    I've only ever watched 1 anime - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - and I don't have plans to watch any more to speak of. A bit of a dull answer, I know.

    What's your favorite anime opening?
    Great Days, from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. As I've mentioned earlier, the song is not only both lively and fun, but it's guaranteed to get me out of poor spirits when I listen to it.

    What is your favourite aspect about road trips?
    Hard to say, actually. I suppose it's time I get to spend with friends (or just new acquaintances) that I wouldn't otherwise be able to do, though that's somewhat cancelled out by the fact that I am usually the driver. I don't think there's something specific about road trips I look forward to or think about, but more about what awaits me at the end, at the destination I look forward to.

    What is your favourite bagel? Least favorite bagel? A bagel you want to try?
    I do not really like bagels very much; eating them causes me to feel queasy. I am occasionally invited to enjoy bagels with friends, but I will never go for any flavour besides 'plain'. Bagels just unsettle my stomach too much for me to eat them on a regular basis.

    What is your favourite book genre?
    Historical fiction - that is to say, books that are set in real-world locations, times, and events (or at least very close to them), but have an entirely fictitious cast. I know that description probably covers a lot more than historical fiction, but it does help me acclimate better. However, if the author sufficiently describes the scenery and situations well, I can easily construct for myself the mental landscape for almost any book.

    What is your favourite Christmas Carol? If you don't have one, what could be your favourite?
    Not sure if I have one per se, as in terms of carols, I prefer them based off their tunes, not their lyrics. Were I to choose, I believe Once in Royal David's City would land first, followed by The First Noel in second, and afterwards Away in a Manger (that opening measure tune specifically, not the variant that starts high and moves low) lying at third. In all three cases I like them for their melodies, as when I listen to music, that is the primary thing I look for - you can have the most fantastic words ever, but if the musical flow doesn't match well, the message is distorted or even lost.

    What is your favourite colour?
    It is a dark colour, and that is all I will say.

    What is your favourite draconic legend?
    I don't really have one, actually - when it comes to dragons, other than not liking serpentine variants as much, I'm pretty impartial.

    What is your favourite drink?
    My favourite drink is unequivocally water. It's guaranteed to slake thirst and is always a healthy choice regardless. Tea is nice but it can't beat water.

    What is your favourite eating utensil?
    I would have to say the fork. In addition to holding things in place, it can serve as an impromptu cutter if held correctly - in the case of silverware, at least. (Plastic utensils are pale imitations of the real things, no matter which utensil they emulate.)

    What is your favourite element (from the periodic table) and why?
    Probably osmium (#76). A bit of a weird choice, but I have a few reasons for this: it's the densest naturally occurring element, it's quite rare and used only in highly specific applications, and one of its compounds (osmium tetroxide) is one of the most toxic compounds known to man, extremely dangerous even in minuscule amounts - you need to be wearing a hazmat suit in a de-pressurised environment just to work with it!

    What's your favourite emoji, or one you use often?
    That would be unquestionably Dabby.

    What is your favourite food?
    Blueberries, easily. I don't get chances to eat them often, but when I do, I gobble them up pretty quickly.

    What is your favourite form of transportation and why?
    Dragons fly, and the sky gives me tremendous freedom. Makes sense, no?

    What is your favourite fruit?
    Blueberries top the list, by a fairly large margin. They're easy to acquire (and eat) and are extremely good for physical health. Next after that would come the kiwi, then the nectarine, though for different reasons than the above (largely because of flavour).

    What is your favourite hairstyle you've seen? (Doesn't have to be one you're wearing, if dragons have hair - some I know do.)
    Hairstyles don't really stand out to me unless they're particularly flashy or ostentatious, and when they do that, I tend to react very negatively to them, usually because they stand out for poor reasons. So I suppose the best answer to this question is that it'd be a hairstyle that I don't notice.

    What is your favourite kind of pizza?
    Plain old vanilla cheese pizza. I'm a pretty ordinary person as far as pizza is concerned.

    What is your favourite kind of syrup?
    Maple syrup, but only because that's the only kind of syrup I've ever eaten. Oh well.

    What is your favourite meal?
    Homemade fish and chips. It is utterly fantastic.

    What is your favourite movie?
    I keep forgetting, honestly; since I watch movies so rarely, remembering which one is my favourite actually requires some conscious thought. Oftentimes when asked this question, I will just call upon the name of a movie I'd watched sometime in the past year or so that I've really liked. In this case, it would be Twelve Angry Men, namely the adaptation starring Henry Fonda. I'm sure if you'll ask me again, I will probably say Toy Story.

    What is your favourite music genre?
    Video game OSTs, with classical music being a rather close second. Those are tracks I can listen to with very little disappointment, generally.

    What is your favourite musical instrument?
    That would be the piano, for its large range of notes - capable of playing virtually any note required in the musical repertoire. Piano-like instruments with similar ranges I also like, though synthesisers do have to be used liberally - they aren't intended for just special effects.

    What is your favourite nameglow on Lake Valor?
    It was and still is the golden nameglow that the Mentors sported (which now belongs to the Recruitment Crew). Part of it stemmed from the colour really standing out (though the orange-and-black Social Crew medium was nice, I knew that would forever be out of my reach), and part of it was my desire to find a true niche and opportunity to help out on LV, and I felt that the Mentors would be the easiest way to do it. Sadly, that has gone the way of Captain Jack Sparrow's dignity so I'll not get a chance at all, but it was always a nice goal to reach for.

    What is your favourite natural disaster (if there were no fatalities)?
    This is a difficult question to answer, as I have to consider what criteria to measure natural disasters by as being 'desired' over others. Upon some contemplation, my answer is actually a bit of a 'cheat': it is a supercell. I call it a 'cheat' because it's not strictly a natural disaster (though it can cause one), and it's a combination of 2 other disasters: a thunderstorm and a cyclone. I've been fascinated by supercells for quite some time now, largely because it's intriguing how they will hold together always into one general 'anvil' shape.

    What is your favourite natural rock formation?
    Probably Uluru. This is a question I hadn't thought of much, and in truth I don't know of very many natural rock formations, but Uluru is the first one that comes to mind, and it does give rise to a location based upon it in Golden Sun, so that gives it bonus points in a sense.

    What is your favourite painting?
    I don't think I have one, actually. I have never really been to a museum or even critically analysed paintings before, during my lifetime. I know very little about the world of art.

    What is your favourite potato dish?
    My personal favourite variant is having the potatoes cut up into small cubes and baked that way - so I can eat the little cubes one at a time. They tend to be so tasty - and so quickly consumed - that I often go back for seconds or even thirds. It has as much power over me as broccoli does, and for much the same reasons.

    What is your favourite shade of green?
    I'd have to say something closer to an evergreen or forest green. I couldn't pick out a specific name for you, but it would be around there.

    What is your favourite snack before heading to bed?
    In general I do not usually like to eat right before bed; I prefer dinner to be the last thing I eat during the day. Having to eat after that means that I will go to bed with hunger pangs if I do not. Thus, I have to choose something that is filling, so more often than not, I will prefer to choose a glass of cold (not warm) milk.

    What is your favourite song/musical piece based on melody?
    You may find this a little odd, but for many years now, my favourite song has been and remained the Big Arm track from Sonic Generations. Why this one over others, I can't say - I was neutral to the original Sonic 3 version - but it's a perfect song to relax and just rock out to.

    What is your favourite sport?
    I don't play sports myself, so all of the judgment call would be down to what I've been known to watch time and again. Of the sports I've ended up watching, the ones I like the most (back when I actually had a TV) are football and ice hockey.

    What is your favourite TV programme?
    I can't really answer this one on account of the fact that I don't have a television.

    What is your favourite type of burger?
    Don't really have one; I'm not a burger-loving person. I don't hate burgers, but they're just food to me.

    What is your favourite type of egg and why?
    I don't really like eggs. They taste strange.

    What is your favourite type of sauce?
    HP Sauce. I don't really tend to put condiments much on my food anymore, but when I was younger I basically grew up on this stuff. I still have a bottle lying around my house somewhere.

    What's your favourite way to relax?
    I pull up my music playlist, I put on my headphones, I turn the volume up, then I just sit back and chill. With this, my mind is quieted and stilled, and I am immersed in the music tracks I enjoy.

    What is your favourite word?
    'Fortuitous'. I use it a lot and it rolls off the tongue very nicely. It's also a complicated-sounding word with a relatively simple meaning (it just means 'lucky'), but it's an interesting twist on an otherwise basic concept.

    What is your greatest aspiration for yourself?
    One day I want to be at a point in which my emotions are entirely unneeded, not only for myself (at this point I believe I have this covered), but also in regards to how I interact with other people (this bit, not so much). I can't force anyone to think the way I do, and to go into this mindset unprepared can be very dangerous. When I talk with others, I take careful note of the emotions in their words and voices, and respond appropriately - I do not rebuff their feelings as I know they are real. I don't always like having to do this as I see emotions as a sign of weakness, and altogether unnecessary. However, humans are dynamic creatures, dictated by preferences and decisions, spur-of-the-moment or otherwise. Thus, as much as I wish for myself to be in a state where emotions will no longer be a factor, I know this shall be impossible as my life will always involve interaction with other humans, each of whom will have varying levels of emotional intensity.
    That is my aspiration, but if such a thing will never happen, is it really an aspiration at all, or just a pleasant dream?

    What's your idea of a paradise?
    A location - or, more accurately, state of life or being - in which I am completely free of worry in all forms. Either ignoring or displacing the source of worry doesn't count - it has to be a point where any reason for worry doesn't exist, or is (or already has been) resolved. This includes physical needs and resources (food, shelter, etc.), friendships and relationships, meaningfulness of work or activities done, and so on. When worry is absent, so all problems will be too. (Many things, including fear and uncertainty, stem from worry.)

    What is your least favourite word to spell?
    You may find this amusing, but it's 'embarrassed'. I don't often recall if it has 2 Rs or 1. (Strangely, I remember how to spell 'accommodation' perfectly well.)

    What is your life goal?
    My life goal would be to reach a point where I don't have to worry about finances or career (i.e. have a fairly solid position in such), and have many opportunities to interact with and grow alongside my friends. Right now I'll admit that I am much closer to the second one than I am the first, though I hope the trek through university will solve the first one, despite the losses I incur now.

    What is your opinion on a completely grey-scale world?
    It's something that many people (and animals) experience every moment. I suppose it would be less vivid than a world of colour but it's certainly no less real. It is simply a different way of viewing reality, and nothing less.

    What is your opinion on fast food?
    It's seemingly inexpensive, and readily available. It's not quite as healthful as other food options - and, in the long run, it is more expensive. The main draw as to why it is so attractive is that it takes less time to prepare than other options, and laziness becomes a priority. Not all fast food is outright bad or unhealthful, but there are other choices just as readily available that are better for nutrition.

    What's your opinion on jazz music?
    It hurts my ears.

    What is your opinion on memes?
    Memes are a disease, like bronchitis, or checking Facebook.

    What's your opinion on New Year's resolutions, and what differentiates a good resolution from a poor resolution?
    I honestly don't see the point to New Year's resolutions. What makes them different from resolutions made around any other time of year? What's going to stop you from forgetting about them in two days? The difference between a good resolution and a poor one is that the good one is one you actually care about enough to get done.

    What is your opinion on the 'Western' influence of society?
    Having lived in such a setting my whole life, and not having really been exposed to the Eastern societies, this is not an easy question to answer, mostly because of bias and blindness. The first thing that comes to mind about the differences between them, though, is recorded history. Granted, both Western and Eastern cultures in times past did record history, but - at least from my point of view - Western records were more detailed. I think, because of its influence, historical records worldwide are now kept with a greater deal of detail and precision, so it does have that going for it - not to devalue the Eastern culture in any way, as that has its own unique art and beauty, which can even surpass Western art. (Have you seen old Japanese folklore scrolls? They're spectacular.)

    What is your preferred colour combination out of the three: primary colours of pigment (red, yellow, blue), light (red, green, blue), or print ink (cyan, magenta, yellow)?
    Probably light (the RGB model), because as I work with signatures and such a lot, it's the model I encounter the most often. The RYB and CMYK models definitely have their uses, but I don't encounter them as often as I do RGB. It's really just different models for different disciplines, or so I believe.

    What's your price range when it comes to games?
    It will largely depend on the franchise and my familiarity thereof. If it's a franchise I know, like, and/or respect, I will be willing to spend more money on it than I would normally. Those franchise that rank high on my favourites list, such as Fire Emblem or Golden Sun, will be in this category.

    Conversely, if I'm unfamiliar with the series and don't know much about it, or haven't done much research on it, I will be unwilling to spend much money on it, if any at all. Rarely will I buy a game without knowing too much about it. The Legend of Zelda games tend to fall in this category.

    Recommendations from friends and acquaintances fall into a sort of middle-ground area, something that I'm willing to test or investigate, before sorting it into a 'like' or 'don't like'. As of this writing, Tales Of is one of the franchises in this area.

    What is your second favourite flower?
    A dying one. My first favourite flower is, unsurprisingly, a dead one.

    What is your standing on the word 'insomnia'? Is it possible that that word could get a positive connotation one day?
    "Hmm, it appears I cannot go back to sleep yet. Ah well. I shall play video games to pass the time, until the sun rises." I'd like to think that is a very positive connotation, especially when everyone else is sleeping and can't hear you.

    What is your worst elective, or side subject, in school?
    Anything that I do not have to take for my major - in other words, general education classes. I tend to do much better in my major classes than I do in the side 'padding' classes that I have to take because I have little choice. Of course there are a few exceptions, but overall I just don't enjoy them very much.

    What kind of music are you in to?
    Largely classical music and VGM, including remixes thereof that I enjoy. It largely depends on what I stumble onto and can follow, as I like to be able to follow the music along as it's playing. This is why I inherently dislike any track that has lyrics, because they distract me from being able to follow the music. (This is also why I can't watch movies for music either - I'll never notice it.)

    What kind of stories do you like to read?
    In terms of genre it's hard to say, but I prefer those that are based on fantasy or mythological universes. Mystery sounds like a genre I should enjoy as well, though I've largely run into those via video games, not so much books - and the mystery novels I did read weren't all that interesting for some reason, but it's been a very long time since I've actually read one.
    Generally I find I can enjoy a story better if there are adequate descriptions of the locations therein, as well as the personalities of the characters (physical appearance can help, but it's not quite as important). In essence, if I am given enough information that I may visualise the world with my mind's eye, it is sufficient. That way I can stand behind the character's viewpoints and extrapolate from there.

    What made you stay at LV when you first joined? Was it a person or an event of some sort?
    A person. I had a certain promise to keep.

    What makes a good shoe?
    One that will last for many years, and hopefully it will never fall apart, thus never making it necessary to buy a pair to replace them. As my feet have stopped growing, thankfully I don't have to trade up for shoe sizes anymore, so I am fairly stable on that front. It should also be comfortable on the feet as well; as I am flat-footed, I usually have to acquire outside orthotics for shoes, as the ones that come with the purchase are usually far too stiff and arched for me to use. (I have found a great pair of orthotics, though, and I haven't had to replace them! Don't get Scholl's; they fall apart much too quickly.)

    What makes you happy?
    I can't answer this directly, as happiness is technically an emotion, something I don't strongly feel (or feel much at all). In regards to joy, though, that's something I can experience. I am joyful when I see my friends grow, when I see situations in which I can help with their growth, or just learning more about my friends, even in the most insignificant ways. (Getting an honest and thorough answer to "How was your day?" enriches a conversation much more than you might think.)

    What mouse do you currently have?
    I use a PS/2 mouse that came bundled with my first Windows 98 computer, that was made by Microsoft. It uses an optical sight. It must be at least 20 years old and it still works perfectly well - which is no surprise because it's just a mouse with a cable, nothing fancy.

    What never fails to put you in good spirits on a bad day?
    Listening to Great Days. I sing along to it too. Or sometimes, I'll just dig through my playlist for a Sonic the Hedgehog song and rock out to that instead. Either method is generally effective.

    What, or who, is the last thing you'd want to be trapped in a room with for a day?
    Most likely the smell of marijuana. There are worse things out there, that's true, but that is the most unpleasant thing that I have experience being around.

    What other websites do you frequently visit?
    Besides Lake Valor, I stroll through YouTube, Wikipedia, xkcd, and a few other wikis and webcomics I scan every so often, for the purposes of information or humour, respectively.

    What personal quality of yours do you think stands out the most?
    Either my snark or my verbosity, and most likely the latter. It's the most prominent in virtually all exchanges I participate in.

    What phobia do you have?
    I don't have any, unless you count getting dizzy when looking up at tall buildings as a phobia.

    What place do you consider the most peaceful?
    Anywhere in which I'm distant from some sort of Internet access, free of worry, and lack of visitors. This doesn't happen very often mostly because of the middle factor, though when my work is slow I get at least an hour of that at a time, which is nice. Other than that, the most 'reliable' place that fits those criteria would be a dreamless sleep - I use quotes because I sadly can't control whether I get dreams or not.

    What plant possesses your favourite aroma?
    I don't even think I have a favourite aroma, so this question doesn't have an answer. If I did, though, I don't think it would be from a plant.

    What seafood do you like?
    The only seafood I like is fish and chips, so...that's as far as it goes.

    What should I do to improve my English, besides just using the dictionary?
    I'd also recommend looking at how other people write. See if you can find works or articles by authors you know or respect, and look at the style with which they write, in addition to the vocabulary choice. Reading featured articles on Wikipedia could be a good start to that as well (just pick one at random); those usually tend to be very well-written, even if they are a bit lengthy. I know not everyone learns by just watching and doing, but I think it's a good starting point at least, if only to note or emulate another writer's style. (And, of course, have the dictionary on hand if you stumble upon any words you don't recognise.)

    What sparked your love for dragons?
    Not sure, but I think part of it might have been spawned from playing Golden Sun: The Lost Age; the draconic summon Eclipse (my namesake) attacks by shooting a giant laser from space. I think Yu-Gi-Oh might also have been responsible, as I am quite fond of the Ice Barrier Dragons and later the Dragon Rulers, and it just went onward from there. There's also so much wiggle room on what a dragon could be, and they have such phenomenal control over elemental power. In most games I've seen, the dragons tend to be the strongest creatures.

    What themes do you look for in a book/film?
    I don't think I look for anything specific per se - I just want to relax and read something that I would enjoy. I can spot clichés a long way off and the less I see of those the better, but beyond that I just want something that I find a joy and a pleasure to go through.

    What things amuse you the most?
    The thought processes that humans are capable of, and how they use them to solve their numerous quandaries.

    What things do you find to be the most inspirational?
    Me, myself, and I, really. I rarely draw inspiration from much else. Sometimes I may draw a new idea from someone else's idea, but that is not inspiration per se.

    What type of headphones do you use, and what do you use them for?
    I just use a really cheap brand of Sony headphones (the cheapest brand I could find, actually) and replace them every several years when the pads begin to wear off or when the hearing starts to go out - usually the former. This cycle lasts a minimum of 5 years, but it can last much longer; I think I've had one such pair last for roughly 8 years. As for what I use them for, I use them for music when on my computer, or for when playing video games, as I really like to appreciate games for their soundtracks (I've been wearing headphones near constantly ever since I've started playing video games, and that was back in 2001).

    What type of math that you've learned do you consider to be the most challenging for you and why?
    Integral calculus. The hardest part is figuring out which rules you have to use - getting from start to finish of a problem can veer into some very garbled and messy territory. Intuition, past experiences, and the trial-and-error process play very heavily into it.
    I have yet to learn vector calculus fully so I don't know if that would be even harder, but based on what little I know of it, I have a feeling it isn't.

    What was a game you thought you wouldn't like playing, but ended up loving it?
    Hard to say because usually the opposite happens - and right now the only game I thought I'd dislike but didn't would be Sonic Colours. That game is surprisingly fun, and easy to unwind with.

    What was one of your proudest moments ever?
    I can definitely think of one that happened to me, during my earlier days at Lake Valor, in an old thread from 2015 when the then-staff were asking for feedback (link here).
    Keep in mind that I had only been at Lake Valor for a scant 8 months (and didn't talk much), but already had a reputation as someone who goes very in-depth with talking about or explaining things. I honestly felt proud being described as a 'poster child for intricate explanations'.

    What was one thing that you have always wanted, but have never seemed to get?
    I would say 'a family', but I lucked out in my older years so I have one of those! (Relatives are overrated.) I suppose beyond that I could say that I've wished for an ever-present companion (emphasis on ever-present; my bouts of loneliness happen most often when I'm trying to sleep), but beggars can't be choosers, and anyway, I have a multitude of friends.

    What was the last game you pre-ordered?
    If memory serves, I believe it was Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight. I attempted to pre-order Zero Time Dilemma, but I had ordered too late (I didn't think it was coming out until October - by the time I realised it was earlier, it was a week before the release date) and thus couldn't place a pre-order. I'm not always in the habit of pre-ordering games (buying used games is preferred as I'll almost always save money), so when I do want to pre-order a game, it means a lot to me.

    What was the last social faux pas you made?
    Probably mixing up the last names of two different people in a presentation I had to make somewhat recently. Thankfully I was able to catch myself before I went any further and fixed my error, and the audience got a slight laugh. Any social faux pas I tend to make usually just involves mixing up words or something similar - nothing quite as drastic as an improper attitude.

    What was the last thing to make you howl with laughter? How was it hilarious?
    I don't exactly howl, but I tend to laugh harder at crafty or otherwise well-done plays during board games or card games. Bonus points if the play spills over into mind games.

    What was your best school subject?
    Math, by a longshot. Though, knowing what I do now (math tutoring), that isn't too much of a surprise. I absorbed it readily; my brain works better with numbers and data points than it does with definitions and text information. It has gotten to the point where I sometimes see certain parts of life itself as a numbers game, but that's getting a bit off-track. What can I say? I'm calculating.

    What was your favourite thing you ever wrote as part of the Writers?
    That's definitely a hard question to answer, though I think that it would probably be an article back in November 2016 when Marine became Member of the Month. It isn't my overall favourite thing having to do with the Writers, though - that would be when I was interviewed as MOTM earlier that year, in April. I don't want to say why those are my favourites - rather, I will let you go read them on your own, so you can see for yourself.

    What was your reaction when you found shiny Pokémon on LV?
    I had this weird hollow feeling in my chest and I nearly went into shock.

    What weather do you feel most comfortable in?
    Cool climes are where I feel most at home in, but amongst those I prefer either clear or cloudy skies with little precipitation. It's not that I dislike rain by any means, but I don't like being out in it for too long. Walking through a cool cloudless night with a soft breeze is one of the small pleasures I find in life.

    What with current events being crazy, do you think next year's will be better or worse?
    Most likely worse. In both the events themselves and the mentality they're received in, there's a gradual trend towards the world getting worse and worse, little by little. It might get better one day, but not at the current rate. Something really massive or borderline miraculous would have to happen. I'll always hope for that, but I don't think it'll be too soon.

    What word do you think has lost its meaning the most?
    The word 'literally', with 'ironic' coming at a very close second. I find it literally ironic that two words with such strong initial meanings have been watered down to be essentially meaningless.

    What would you do for a Klondike bar?
    Nothing. I don't like Klondike bars very much; they are among the blandest of ice cream sandwich brands I have tasted.

    What would you like to be on your headstone?
    Just my name and naught else. I am not really one to draw attention to myself - mostly because I don't like attention. If I am dead, then I am dead. I want to be remembered for who I am, not who I was.

    What would you say is your biggest weakness?
    It would be my inability to fully reconcile that I cannot influence the decisions or circumstances of those around me.

    What would you take over if you had the chance?
    Somebody's mind. The mind is the gateway to the soul, and if you can influence the mind, you can influence that person's decisions - something I always try to do, to steer people to the better.

    What would your last words be if you were to die tomorrow?
    Tricky. I hadn't given that too much thought, but the first thing that comes to mind is "It's about damn time you got here, Grim Reaper". Despite being wordy, I am not poetic. However, realistically, I would just have a conversation in which I am asked "Any last words?"
    And I'll reply "Yes, just three."

    What would be your preferred item of spellcasting? (Wand, book, staff, etc.)
    Why would I need an item? Isn't my outstretched hand good enough?

    When did you first get into memes?
    I haven't really kept track, but if I had to say, it would probably be sometime in 2012.

    When did your fascination with dragons begin?
    My fascination started largely due to the influence of a few friends, who had equated my current pattern of speech, and calculative approach, as being rather lofty, on a level that placed itself different than human. After some deliberation they realised it reminded them of how certain dragons speak in fictional stories, and that's when it started. Eventually I grew fond of the idea, and developed and refined it further, to make the outlook mine own (such as choosing darker colours to suit myself, and finding one of my favoured elements to be 'shadow'). And thus, here I am now.

    When it comes to math, how would you rate yourself (out of 5 stars)?
    3π/2. (har har har)
    Knowing how to do math isn't quite enough for me (given my line of work). I need to know both how to do it, and how to explain it in simpler language, for the sake of those who struggle with the material. That said, I know there are some areas of higher level math I am not familiar with because I haven't had any chances to study or learn them myself, but for what I do know, I am very skilled at what I do, and I take a small modicum of pride in that.

    When it comes to reading information, does amount matter? (For instance, would you rather read this or this?)
    (Interestingly, a problem I see with both of those sites is that the text is aligned too heavily to the left, and not indented - but I digress.)
    Amount doesn't matter so much as the type of information that's included. It is easier to illustrate points with pictures and examples; some things can't be fully explained with words alone (or, in other cases, a visual aid makes it better). Both those articles you linked have roughly the same amount of information, but the difference lies in how it is displayed and presented. Among such factors that contribute to this are visual aids, font size and spacing, and interpretability by the layman. That said, amount will matter to a point (after all, there is so much of a textbook you can read before your brain refuses to cooperate), but it's only one of many factors that comes into play.

    When it's late at night, does exhaustion seep in, causing spelling mistakes or typos?
    Sometimes, but more often the exhaustion tends to cause strange thought patterns or weird trains of thought that don't actually make sense, such that I wonder what the hell I just said. At that point I know it's time for me to step away and do something else.

    When reading someone's work, do you criticize harshly, or constructively?
    Both. My criticism is always done with a constructive intent, to make the writer improve - but my actual tone can come off rather harsh. I tend to describe myself as 'bluntly honest' because of that, as I will not spare anyone's feelings just to give an ego boost. If I think something is bad, I will simply say so.

    When speaking to someone in tech support, do you get frustrated easily?
    I certainly try not to. I understand these are people who have jobs and have to deal with very annoyed and angry people. I try to be polite but firm, and come prepared with the full nature of my problem.

    When the world is at its brightest, where do you disappear (to)?
    If the world is at its brightest, it means I've died, releasing all of the light I've accumulated over centuries. Such a feat is generally not possible, because light and shadow exist in a 'circle of life' deal; the Sun emits it and I absorb the excess. As for what I'll do with all of the stored light, well, you'll see.

    When was the last time you had dinner with someone?
    Very rarely I'll go out to dinner with a few friends on occasion, when I have the time, and everyone is reasonably in the mood. It is not something I or my friends make a habit of, though. Generally, my meals tend to be a rather solitary affair, even when at home.

    When you conceal the light, does your back get sunburn?
    Good question, actually! Truthfully the answer is no, because my back is covered in scales, and sunburn only afflicts those with skin. How the process works is that I turn my back to the sun (or at least the light image it casts upon the earth) and I absorb the light through my back (including on my wings), which is how I draw sustenance from the light. Should I choose to glut myself long enough it would cause a great darkness culminating in an eclipse (hence the namesake), but I rarely need to absorb light for that long - unless I'm very thirsty and it were a life-or-death situation for sustenance.

    When you were young, what did you want to be 'when you grew up'? Has your ideal/dream job changed since then?
    I wanted to be a mathematician! Now I want to be an actuary, or at least a business analyst. It has changed, though both jobs use numbers a lot, so it hasn't changed by much.

    Where are you?
    I'm right here.

    Where do you stand on the debate between using Metric or Imperial units of measure?
    I alternate a lot between these two based on the situation, which is probably not the best outlook to have. On the whole I like the Metric system better, as most of its units ascend to their 'higher forms' via powers of 10, which is a nice and easy unit of conversation. I have noticed though that, despite my having used and being familiar with both, I tend to speak in terms of which out of the metric or imperial unit is smaller, because a smaller span allows for a greater degree of precision, and decreases potential rounding error as a result.

    For example, I prefer the pound to the kilogram, the foot to the metre (nobody measures things in yards, even though that's also smaller than a metre), the centimetre to the inch, the litre to the gallon (while a quart is smaller than a litre, just like yards, it's not a common measuring unit), the ton to the tonne (though this one comes up so rarely it's a non-issue, and both convert neatly anyway), and Fahrenheit to Celsius. The one bizarre exception to this is that I prefer the mile to the kilometre, but I feel that is largely because most road signs I see, as well as my car's odometer, are measured in miles (per hour). Thankfully, the kilometre-mile conversion is much easier than other metric-imperial unit conversions (with only Celsius-Fahrenheit being easier than that), so little is lost there.

    The weirdest thing to remember is that both systems use the fluid ounce, but the imperial pint has 16 fluid ounces, while the metric pint - true to its basis on multiples of 10 - has 20. However, I think my favourite conversion factor is converting millilitres into cubic centimetres. (I won't spoil it for you if you don't know.)

    Where is your favourite place to think through things, do work, etc.?
    There are two places for that. The first is my room, where I have to do all of my work, thinking, and so forth anyway, largely because my desktop (main computer) is in my room and I can't haul it around. The second place, funnily enough, is my workplace - I'm a math tutor, and when on the clock I'm in the tutoring center waiting, whether people come in or not. When people don't come in, though, it's really quiet and I can focus really nicely, getting a lot of projects done (be they for school or recreation). At times I've known myself to take my laptop to work and spend hours there on projects when nobody comes in for help, and it's rather tranquil.

    Which game do you consider stupid, but like that way?
    Definitely Mario Party. Games that you play for the sheer hilarity of the experience can be as stupid as they please and nobody will care, because it's how friendships are built - or, in MP's case, destroyed.

    Which genre of video game do you like, e.g. RPG, arcade, adventure, etc.?
    I honestly don't know. I'm drawn towards RPGs because I'm used to them, and visual novels because they're easy to pick up and hold the attention, but beyond that I tend to gravitate towards video games that are more familiar to ones I've already played.

    Which is better: failing, or never trying?
    I'm convinced that it's 'never trying'. While the cliché answer is that failing is better because you learn from your own mistakes, it neglects to state that mistakes can at times be very costly, and leave you with very painful memories you'd rather not have and would very quickly choose to forget.

    Which one would you prefer? Peace with no quietness, or quietness with no peace?
    This question isn't even remotely difficult: I'd choose the latter. The reason is because, from my perspective, the former is an oxymoron. I cannot have peace without quiet.

    Which pronouns do you prefer, if I may ask?
    Pronouns irritate me, and seem to be a major source of confusion in the English language, especially when it's possible for a pronoun to refer back to 2 or more objects earlier in a sentence. Were it possible to eradicate them completely I would jump at the opportunity, but unfortunately English is saddled with them, so pronouns are, sadly, a language's cross to bear.

    Which theorem in calculus do you find most enjoyable to use?
    I'd have to say l'Hópital's Rule, because it's so easy to apply and there's so little hassle involved in getting to a solution.

    Which word(s) do you tend to use a lot (with the exception being the obvious ones, such as "I" and "the")?
    Usually the words I tend to use more often are words that are somewhat uncommon, or have to do with the exercise of thought, due to my choice of spoken vocabulary. Examples include 'untoward', 'fortuitous', 'intriguing', 'connotation', 'analyse', and 'rebuttal'.

    Who is your favourite author?
    It's Jules Verne, actually. He is one of the few authors I've read avidly, due to the sheer amount of detail he gives his work, describing nearly everything in a broad and scientific manner. I've read many of his stories (short or otherwise) beyond his 'big three' (Around the World in Eighty Days, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and Journey to the Centre of the Earth), and I've thoroughly enjoyed every one. I loved 20K Leagues so much that after finishing it, I immediately started reading it from the beginning again.

    Who is your favourite character from the Sonic The Hedgehog series and why?
    It's a bit odd to say this, but I'd have to say Dr. Eggman. His current persona as of Colours depicts him as a large ham (though he had hints of this before), and with a sense of humour like Mike Pollock's, it's not that hard to smile or laugh along with him. The one game that I know of where he is playable, he attacks by throwing wrenches at people, in a most amusing fashion. There are other contenders for the position (Knuckles is among them), though none have made quite as much of an impression on me as Eggman has. (Yes, it's Eggman, not Robotnik. Get over it.)

    Who is your favourite first-party Nintendo character?
    This is hard to say as there are so few of them, none of whom I'm particularly fond of. However, if I had to hazard a guess, it would be either Luigi or Ganondorf, with a slight inclination towards Luigi. I base this largely off of my experiences with him in the Mario & Luigi RPG series.

    Who is your favourite video game character?
    I don't think I really have one. I think of video games as a cohesive whole, and it's rare that I give thought to characters as individual pieces. If I had to choose one, though, I suppose I'd pick Alex from Golden Sun - and those of you who have played through those games will know exactly why.

    Who, or what, do you value?
    Above all, my friends, my family, and myself. My friends give a reason to keep life interesting and entertaining (you Valourians are nice people, all of you); my family gives me a purpose and a raison d'être so that my time spent alive is not in vain; and I myself value my brainpower to hold all these aspects together and organise them in a coherent fashion. The answer to this question is deceptively simple, but it required a fair bit of pondering to put all of the separate pieces together.

    Why are you so evil but still very charming?
    I'm...guessing you refer to my demeanour in everyday speech? At times I've been known to make subtle remarks that can make people react very strongly, such as with puns or other stupid jokes, with things or reactions that are common to many people. I assume that's what you mean by 'evil yet charming', but if it's not, go ahead and correct me.

    Why are you so popular in the Q&A?
    The Dragon Deity of Questioning is the patron saint of the Q&A section. Good questions will come to you, but only if you post "Question me please!" in response to one of my status updates.

    Why do cute things slide off of you?
    Because they only stick if I want them to.

    Why give away so much forum currency?
    I basically have no need of it, so I might as well give it away to those who do.

    Why Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Bane out of all the other Dragons in Yu-Gi-Oh! ?
    That's not entirely accurate; I've been known to cycle through several Dragons from YGO here from time to time (Evilswarm Ophion and Shooting Star Dragon are among them, and there have been at least 3 more besides - and I'm always looking out for more), but in regards to Enmaryu Red Daemon Belial specifically, it's largely because I like the pose its artwork displays it in.

    Why love dragons as much as you do?
    Because of the myriad ways in which they can be portrayed. As far as dragonkind is concerned, there are only a small handful of qualities that need be met to be considered a dragon - reptilian, usually scaly, and maybe affinity with some sort of some elemental force. Things like biped vs quadruped, flight, and even body shape are not characteristics common across all dragons (the western vs. eastern portrayals make this immediately obvious - giant lizard shape as opposed to giant snake shape, never mind all of the folklore differences).

    Why so serious?
    I take my work seriously, as I take my recreation seriously. Any less would be a shallow and improper use of my time.

    Will I get a long response to this question?

    Will there ever be an end to our questions?
    When you're all dead, maybe, but that's not going to happen.

    Will you ever play Pokémon?
    Based on what little information I even have about it (which amounts to only 2 sentences), I doubt it.

    With all the time you've spent around LV, how much would you say you've learned about Pokémon?
    Still zero, because I have chosen not to learn about it.

    Would you attempt eating a thousand means in one day or one meal every day for a thousand days?
    One meal per day for 1000 days. This isn't even a question. And it wouldn't be that hard anyway, because I average 2 meals per day anyway.

    Would you consider getting the GS Virtual Console games?
    No. I don't play unfamiliar series.

    Would you consider hot chocolate to be superior to coffee?
    I believe so, yes. I'm actually not a coffee drinker at all, since I don't like the aroma and I don't require caffeine to function (I've found out that all that if I'm tired, all that caffeine does to me is displaces the tiredness 2 hours forward), so coffee's nuances are lost on me. I will have hot chocolate if invited to do so, and I do like the taste of it; I prefer the Nestlé brand of instant hot chocolate for taste (all you need do is add boiling water).

    Would you consider watching an anime involving a Maid Dragon?
    Impossible. No dragon is that humiliating.

    Would you consider yourself to be a creative thinker?
    Not really. This may seem weird to people who observe me, but in truth my mind moves in very predictable patterns and rarely (if ever) deviates. There are times in which I may spontaneously receive a flash of inspiration for something, but more often than not, my thoughts (or even the revelations) just rely on old thoughts I never really considered in depth.

    Would you consider yourself well-read?
    Decently so, though I find my vocabulary stronger than my array of knowledge (as large as that is). There's so much information out there that I don't know about and I always have the potential to learn more - the tricky part is choosing what to learn. But I find my knowledge sufficient to get by.

    Would you describe yourself as a pessimist, optimist, or a realist?
    Yes. I am never exclusively one of these; my mental outlook will shift between them depending on mood. However, the realist outlook is the one that comes up the most often.

    Would you enjoy listening to waves at night at the beach if you had the chance?
    Probably not. I've only been to the beach a handful of times in my life, and I always hated it (for multiple reasons, none of which I really want to elaborate upon).

    Would you enjoy playing a game like Minecraft or something of the sort for the crafting, the redstone, the building, or the fighting?
    No. Sandbox games like Minecraft are things I know I wouldn't enjoy very well, because they're time sinks.

    Would you ever consider buying an Apple product?
    Absolutely not. I like things that actually work, thank you.

    Would you ever consider buying Photoshop for your artistic endeavours?
    I did once, because my university offered various Adobe programs as licences for their students. Then I looked at it, and found it was (1) cloud-based and (2) a yearly licence. That forever killed off any interest I have in Photoshop.
    Besides, why would I need a second program? I don't make banners to get better; I make them to relax and have fun. 'Getting better' is just the perk.

    Would you ever go to a concert?
    Good God, no. Too much noise, too many people, would set off my claustrophobia like mad... It's not a very healthy environment for me to be in.

    Would you go to space if given the opportunity?
    Probably not, because I'm rather prone to dizziness, and my ears can't adjust to quick changes very well. It's a beautiful place; my body just wouldn't be able to handle it.

    Would you hold a cockroach?
    I did that once when I was a young'un for about half a second. Never again.

    Would you let someone borrow your intelligence for one day?
    For the sake of this question, I'm going to assume the person gets a copy of my intelligence for the duration, or I just go catatonic for it (or something) and instantly get it back when the time is up.
    I really do like sharing my knowledge with people whenever I can; it's a personal joy, even if it's something really small. Intelligence is largely information, so I wouldn't have to worry about my views and stances on various subjects also being copied - but if they were, I'd have to warn whoever wanted to borrow my mind that my brain isn't to be taken lightly, because I do have very strong views on things (as I'm sure most of y'all are well aware), so it would be a necessary caution.

    Would you like to go on adventures like skydiving?
    I'm not really one given to extreme activities, so I doubt I would want to do that.

    Would you like to play the Tales Of series in the near future?
    Yes, actually. Sadly, since most of them are on consoles, and my system lineup consists entirely of handhelds, the opportunities to do so are slim. I know Tales of the Abyss is a handheld, but I have an odd feeling that is not a very good entry point into the series. I am open to recommendations, however.

    Would you like to try blue velvet in the future?
    I certainly would! After finding out that blue velvet is essentially exactly the same as red velvet, just with a different food colouring used, it would certainly be worth it. The only snag is I would now have to find some, as it's not all that common. Curse you for adding to my bucket list!

    Would you prefer a flat beverage or something fruity?
    I should note that those two things aren't mutually exclusive - flat doesn't mean 'empty of flavour'; it means 'empty of carbonation'. A common example of one that is both is lemonade.
    To answer the question directly, I don't have a direct preference, since pretty much all I drink is water. I've moved away from fruit juice and the like, though, so that may be an indicator that fruity beverages don't really possess much appeal to me anymore.

    Would you prefer to have a chicken or an egg?
    An egg. I truly couldn't find myself to have much use for either, but at least an egg is quiet.

    Would you rather have a dog or cat?
    I don't really consider myself a pet person one way or the other. I'm not particularly fond of animals, nor do I like dealing with things that require maintenance but ultimately produce nothing of worth. I'd rather have neither, forever.

    Would you rather have a few close friends or a lot of regular friends?
    A few close friends, easily - that's what my current setup is right now. Having too many friends and I spread myself too thin, and I can't be honest or frank with any of them - on top of that I wouldn't know who to trust, anyway.

    Would you sacrifice yourself or someone else for your own safety?
    Not a chance. More often than not, I'm the one putting my own mental health and resources on the line for the sake of one of my friends. To expect or even demand someone do the same of me would be extremely selfish. No, that would be unconscionable.

    Yes or no?
    ... ...

    You are stranded on a boat floating away in the middle of the sea. You have no fishing rods, no food, and only three bottles of fresh water.
    As you drift along in the sea, you spot three dead, but fresh enough to eat, fish. However, in the distance, you notice there is a shark that is also eyeballing those fish. Would you risk yourself to get those fish despite the shark being there? Or would you wait for (hopefully) another opportunity?
    You certainly don't spare any expense with your questions, do you? But details are important for this one, so I begrudge thee not. As I am generally a conservative person who does not like to take risks, I would wait for a more prime opportunity that has a lesser chance of bodily harm to myself. I consider the chance of wresting food from a preying shark to be rather low, and the benefits do not offset the risks in this scenario.

    You find an injured white dragon and nurse it back to health; in return, it'll grant you one wish. What would you wish for (except for more wishes)?
    As the white dragon is the one responsible for the opportunity, most likely my wish would be something for the white dragon's benefit. Thus I would inquire at length as to what things the dragon enjoys, lacks, dreams of, looks forward to, and so on. It would be difficult to think of a wish for myself, not to mention selfish. I would receive greater joy than asking for something on behalf of the white dragon. Besides, I have to look out for my own kind.

    You have to complete 1 of 3 momentous tasks, as a test of bravery: 1) climb to the top of Mt. Everest; 2) walk across the Sahara Desert from end to end; or 3) scuba-dive to Challenger Deep, the deepest point on Earth. You will have the gear and supplies necessary for each adventure. Which one would you choose?
    All of them are designed to test and extend the limits of human endurance and prowess, and I'll admit those are all extremely daunting tasks. After some careful consideration I've decided that of those three, I'd rather climb to the top of Mount Everest - the Sahara Desert one is automatically ruled out as I don't like heat, and I feel there would be little non-intrinsic reward to choosing Challenger Deep (though I may be overlooking something there).

    Another part of it is that I like the cold, even though I know Everest would be too cold for even my tastes. The two challenges that Everest presents to me - cold and altitude - are two that I'd really like to increase my own endurance and range on, even now - as being able to survive with less oxygen available would, I feel, be a very nice skill to have. The Sahara challenge would test heat and dependence on water, though the human body can only stretch out its need for water so far before it is unable to extend any longer. Challenger Deep seems like more of a physical endeavour than the other two, as well as the ability to navigate through unseen (or even unseeable) areas. They all have their strong points, as I can see, though it's the Everest trek that I feel a preferential leaning towards.

    You say you're not interested in reading any more of Shakespeare's plays. Does this apply to watching them as well?
    Isn't that the same thing? They are plays, after all - meant to be performed and spectated.

    Your current place of residence suddenly bursts into flame. You only have time to grab three things and still make it out alive. What three things do you grab?
    Ooh, you're quite attached to that question, it seems. The first would be my backpack, as it holds all of my various gaming systems within it at all times, so there is a fair amount of value there that I wish to preserve. Similarly, the second would be my computer, as there is much there that holds significance to me, and represents many hours of labour put into it, so that too is difficult to replace. The third thing would probably be the rest of my video game collection, which I keep in a small box separate to my backpack. Technically it's part of the first thing, but more so of a subset. If I cannot choose that, I would probably yank my Dededoll. Virtually everything else I own is replaceable to some degree.
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  8. Smooshie

    Smooshie Feebas Enthusiast

    Level 27
    Oct 31, 2014
    Have you seen the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service? What's your opinion on it?
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  9. Shada

    Shada netflix binging

    Level 7
    Mar 12, 2015
    Repel ★Charizardite X ★★★★Gardevoirite ★★★★Galladite ★★★★Bottle Cap ★★★★★
    Do you have a crush on an anime/fictional character? If so, who is it?
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  10. Eclipse

    Level 82
    Apr 3, 2015
    Marshadium Z ★★★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Luxury Ball ★★★Comet Shard ★★★★Mewnium Z  ★★★★★
    Have you seen the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service? What's your opinion on it?
    I have not even heard of it, much less seen it. (I generally do not watch movies, as a personal choice.) With a title like that, though, it certainly sounds interesting.

    Do you have a crush on an anime/fictional character? If so, who is it?
    No. I don't have crushes of any kind, real or fictional.

    ...The post editor is decidedly irksome.
  11. Shada

    Shada netflix binging

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    Mar 12, 2015
    Repel ★Charizardite X ★★★★Gardevoirite ★★★★Galladite ★★★★Bottle Cap ★★★★★
    Have you tried Garlic Knots? If so, did you like them?
    Cheese Bread or Garlic Bread?
  12. Eclipse

    Level 82
    Apr 3, 2015
    Marshadium Z ★★★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Luxury Ball ★★★Comet Shard ★★★★Mewnium Z  ★★★★★
    I will combine both of those into a single entry, since they are closely related.

    Have you tried garlic knots? If so, did you like them? What about cheese bread or garlic bread?
    I have not heard of garlic knots before, but if they are anything like garlic bread, I believe I would like them, as I absolutely love garlic bread, whenever it is available (which, sadly for me, is not all that often). I prefer garlic bread to cheese bread, which I think is just 'okay'.
  13. Shada

    Shada netflix binging

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    Mar 12, 2015
    Repel ★Charizardite X ★★★★Gardevoirite ★★★★Galladite ★★★★Bottle Cap ★★★★★
    What's your favorite bagel? Least favorite bagel?
    A bagel you want to try?
  14. Eclipse

    Level 82
    Apr 3, 2015
    Marshadium Z ★★★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Luxury Ball ★★★Comet Shard ★★★★Mewnium Z  ★★★★★
    I find it odd that only one person is consistently replying, but perhaps it is because the topic is continually pushed off of the first page. Ah well, it makes little difference to me.

    What's your favorite bagel? Least favorite bagel? A bagel you want to try?
    I do not really like bagels very much; eating them causes me to feel queasy. I am occasionally invited to enjoy bagels with friends, but I will never go for any flavour besides 'plain'. Bagels just unsettle my stomach too much for me to eat them on a regular basis.
  15. ShiroLugia

    ShiroLugia ✂ No Longer Human.

    Aug 7, 2014
    Do you consider yourself to be social or antisocial?
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  16. Eclipse

    Level 82
    Apr 3, 2015
    Marshadium Z ★★★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Luxury Ball ★★★Comet Shard ★★★★Mewnium Z  ★★★★★
    Do you consider yourself to be social or antisocial?
    Antisocial, most certainly. Dealing with people is quite irritating, and I will gladly avoid them whenever possible. I will only put up with social interactions and gatherings because I have to. I cannot effectively deal with people if it is anything more than a one-on-one format (or, rarely, a conversation triangle).
  17. Achromatic

    Achromatic #TeamMagikarp

    Eevee (KS)
    (Eevee (KS))
    Level 17
    Nov 21, 2012
    Deep Sea Scale ★★★Deep Sea Tooth ★★★Star Piece ★★★★Rage Candy Bar ★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★
    What about forums interests you? :O
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  18. Eclipse

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Marshadium Z ★★★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Luxury Ball ★★★Comet Shard ★★★★Mewnium Z  ★★★★★
    What about forums interests you?
    Absolutely nothing. There are far too many people at once, there is little true interaction, and most people on forums seem to be primarily concerned with their own self-image. Staff tend to be even more atrocious about it, though all of this is based on personal observation and having been on one forum or another for roughly 7 years in all. Simply put, I don't believe that forums actually know what they are trying to accomplish, and thus, don't actually accomplish anything useful. Thus, I find them rather irksome on the whole; I would not deal with them had I the choice.
  19. Achromatic

    Achromatic #TeamMagikarp

    Eevee (KS)
    (Eevee (KS))
    Level 17
    Nov 21, 2012
    Deep Sea Scale ★★★Deep Sea Tooth ★★★Star Piece ★★★★Rage Candy Bar ★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★
    What is your favorite theme on LV?
  20. Eclipse

    Level 82
    Apr 3, 2015
    Marshadium Z ★★★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Luxury Ball ★★★Comet Shard ★★★★Mewnium Z  ★★★★★
    What is your favourite theme on LV?
    I'd not thought much about it, actually. I was not even aware there was an option to change the theme, as I didn't see it in the User CP, but chanced to find it at the bottom of any given page. I generally prefer the default whenever possible, but I suppose it could not hurt to view the others. After scrolling through all of the themes I believe I will settle on the Animate for a while, as a change of pace, though I would not be adverse to cycling through other themes, such as Mewtwo's Metropolis, Source, The Depths, and the default.

    The information below this line shall not be stored in the original post, but will remain here.

    While I am at it, I believe I can give a brief opinion on each theme as I go through it, as I am sure you may find feedback on such things useful.

    Those I liked:
    Animate - I was quite fond of the darker colors presented, and I have a fascination with space (even though the moving image at the top of the screen may not be of space, it looks much like it).
    Lake Valor default - This one I like not only because it is the default (I am not sure why I have a preference for such), but it appears as though a lot of time, love, and care went into making it. It is the small things that differentiate themes that may make or break them, and this has quite a lot of those small things.
    Mewtwo's Metropolis - This one I find quite astounding. It seems to be even more receptive to minute changes in the cursor than even the default theme is. The background picture is also something I like; I was a bit saddened to see most of it disappear behind the forum sections themselves! But, such is layout.

    Those I was neutral towards:
    Gaussian - Neither too bright nor too dim. I am not sure why it has the name Gaussian, though; I think of bell-shaped curves and I saw none of those.
    Groudon's Grotto - An interesting volcano-based counterpart to the default. I do like the choice, though I feel the red is a bit dark, and the font is a bit too distracting. Still, I believe the good points cancel out the bad, hence why it rests at neutral to me.
    Guardians - Rather plain-spoken overall. There is nothing that really catches the eye about it, but at the very least there is nothing truly negative about it.
    Source - See also Guardians. I have a slight preference for this one over other neutrals, though, largely because of the choice of font. And, I don't know if this is present on other teams, but the topmost bar for the User CP follows me as I scroll. I didn't see that on other themes, but perhaps I am not as observant?
    The Depths - Oriented almost the same way as Source, just very slightly different. Much of my comments on this will be the same thus.

    Those I did not like:
    Atlantis - It was not that much different from the default, in truth. The white foreground clashed more.
    Dashboard - See also Atlantis, and for much the same reasons.
    Kyogre's Cavern - In sharp contrast to Groudon, I found this to be very plain in comparison, which surprised me. I also noticed at the top right, where the User CP is found, the user's avatar is not seen before clicking the drop-down menu at the username, which I found was a nice touch.
    Lake Valor Lite - As I do not use a smartphone to access the Internet, and my 3DS can load the default theme just fine (usually), I do not see the need for me to use this. That said, I understand its purpose perfectly well.
    Valor - I am guessing that this was an older default theme, from who knows when, but I could be wrong. It's missing a background image, but it's not just that - there seems to be some kind of small 'charm' missing from it too, and I cannot place my finger on what.
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