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Fanfiction Awakening the God

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by ShireHime, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. ShireHime

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    May 16, 2016
    Dawn Stone ★★★★Love Ball ★★★★★Comet Shard ★★★★Tapunium Z ★★★★★Crown of Valor
    “Let us all welcome and congratulate the new Pokémon Champion, Jessica!”

    Those words of Cynthia echoed inside of Jessica's head. It was the day of the announcement at the Pokémon League, filled with a huge amount of people and was broadcasted inter-regionally by numerous broadcasting stations. Camera flashes made it difficult for the young girl to see anything properly in front of her, but she carefully stood up, accepting the great honor.

    Walking towards the podium, her legs were obviously trembling in nervousness and excitement. Cynthia was beside it, smiling at the young girl who couldn't see properly. The former Champion whispered something in her ear before she began her speech. "You can do this."

    Jessica then gathered courage and proceeded to rest her hands on the podium filled with multiple microphones, waiting for her speech.

    "Good day to each and every one of you," she began, trying her best to look upon every camera that was trying to get her attention. "I am Jessica Lane of Twinleaf Town, facing all of you today with glee and excitement."

    "I may be the youngest Pokémon Champion in existence, but I want to assure you that I will not waver and I will never abandon the people of Sinnoh, even if the title of the greatest Pokémon Trainer in Sinnoh is taken from me."

    The young Champion's introduction could have been better, in her opinion, but she was determined to not give up. "With the trials that the region has faced from Team Galactic now over, the peaceful region of Sinnoh has once again returned, and I will be sure to lead this new era of tranquility with all of my might."

    Raising her hands in the air, full of determination, she smiled. "May the Sinnoh Region prosper!"

    It has been six years since Jessica became the Champion of the Sinnoh Region, and to this day, she is still at the top, sitting on her throne of honor. For the past six years, she's been challenged by many Trainers aspiring to be like her, but none of them prevailed. Keeping the title of Champion, Jessica has been working hard to keep the Sinnoh Region safe from any threats; helping out anyone in any way that she can.

    Everyone called her the "Region's Hero" ever since she defeated Cyrus and abolished Team Galactic. Even today, people still regard her as the greatest hero to have ever been alive, but quite recently she has been feeling disheartened. Her time as the Champion was full of expectations, and those expectations needed to be met.

    She had to be working every single day that she no longer has enough time for her family and her friends, or at least, a lack thereof on the latter. Her friends tried to contact her numerous times, but she was so busy that she couldn't make it to any appointments, birthdays, or events with them. Jessica's entire childhood has been robbed by her shiny title of Pokémon Champion and the promise that she made to keep Sinnoh safe.

    Jessica walked through the halls of the Pokémon League, thinking about the happy days before her tenure as the Pokémon Champion until she reached her hexagonal chamber decorated with golden chandeliers and marble pillars. At the center lay a luxurious bed with comfy bedsheets, and to its left was a door that led to an enormous yet elegant walk-in closet with every piece of clothing she may desire. To the right of the bed was a vanity table made with white wood that spoke the word classy.

    The Champion had a desk with a healing machine and PC found at Pokémon Centers and she has her own laptop. She sighed, opening it, revealing an opened Pokésoft Word. She quickly tapped on the print button and the printer beside her began to make some noise.

    Jessica's chamber had large windows looking out the Pokémon League Island. While waiting for the document to finish printing, she stood up, looking outside. "The entire region is now safe... I think it's the right time to step down from my position."

    With a loud beep, the printer signaled its owner that everything has been printed. Jessica turned around, taking the papers that had her letter of resignation as the Pokémon Champion. It began with her sincerest thanks, followed by solemn apologies for her abdication.

    Laying them on the desk, she tried to take a folder from beneath her desk, but when the phone on her desk ringed violently, she accidentally bumped her head. "Ow!"

    Not standing up, she tried to feel where her phone was before successfully grabbing it and standing up at the same time. The call came from Volkner, one of the Elite 4 members. She quickly swiped it to accept.

    "What is it?" Jessica mumbled, patting her head. "I was just below the desk an-"

    "Okay, look, I'm sorry, but this is urgent," Volkner completely cut off Jessica's sentence. When she heard it was serious, the girl instantly changed from being annoyed to being stern.

    She gulped, "What is it about?"

    "It's... It's Cyrus. He's back. With a monster. A beast," Volkner's grave tone didn't help with the situation at hand. "Sinnoh needs their Champion again."

    Jessica moved the phone away from her ear. She began asking herself, what should she do? Her letter of resignation was already in place and she was only a few minutes away from passing it. But it seems like she needs to do her job one more time.

    Volker instantly noticed when there was no reply. "Hello? Jessica? Can you hear me?"

    The Champion quickly raised her phone back to her ear. "Where is he?"

    "The distortion is happening at Mt. Coronet," Volkner breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Jessica's voice again.

    "Fine. I'll do it," she replied, looking at the clock. "One last time..." she muttered, but Volkner didn't catch what she said.

    "Meet me at Mt. Coronet in thirty minutes. We have to act fast."

    And there you have it, folks! The Prologue to a new story that I will hopefully finish. This is based on one of @WavePearl's Weekly Prompts that reads:

    Suppose Cyrus returned from the Distortion World now in control of Giratina. On top of that, he managed to control Dialga and Palkia against via the Red Chains. The only way to stop him now is to awaken Arceus...so how do you go about this?

    Here are some pictures to show you guys what Jessica looks like:

    I'd love to hear what you guys think about the story so far. Thanks for reading!
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  2. ChocoChicken

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    May 28, 2018
    Misty's EmblemLegendary Triforce ★★
    Wonderful writing here! I love how her struggles with her new status and missing out on a different life are written!
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  3. ShireHime

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    May 16, 2016
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    Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to read this! Is there anything you think I can improve on based on the Prologue?
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  4. Absolute Zero

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    Mar 17, 2015
    This was a fun read, and I'm excited to see "champion" mean "chosen protector" in this kind of a context, also so glad to see the downside of the shiny title.

    For an improvement recommendation, I honestly don't have any ideas right now, but in honesty the reason is two fold. On one hand, there's not much material (for now) to criticize, but on the other hand, the material that is here is very solid work. Now where's that "watch thread" button...
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  5. ShireHime

    (Meowstic ♀)
    Level 39
    May 16, 2016
    Dawn Stone ★★★★Love Ball ★★★★★Comet Shard ★★★★Tapunium Z ★★★★★Crown of Valor
    Thank you very much for your comment and the time you took to read this! I'm glad you enjoyed reading the prologue and found it interesting, even if it was short. I would be more than happy to hear you and other people's recommendations once I finish the first chapter of this story since it will help me improve my writing ^^
  6. ShireHime

    (Meowstic ♀)
    Level 39
    May 16, 2016
    Dawn Stone ★★★★Love Ball ★★★★★Comet Shard ★★★★Tapunium Z ★★★★★Crown of Valor
    Chapter 1 - Mount Coronet

    After receiving the call from Volkner, Jessica immediately contacted her secretary, Aileen, through her phone. She nervously tapped her fingers to her lips while she waited for her to pick up. There was no time to waste, especially when Cyrus suddenly came back from the Distortion World. "If I remember correctly, he was supposed to be stuck there. The Distortion World was meant to be his prison... forever."

    Aileen still wasn't picking up her phone. Jessica's impatience began to show that she decided to do two things at once. Opening the door to her walk-in closet revealed clothing of all sorts - casual, formal, and those classy pieces that were to be worn at important events. Taking out a white and red dress, she continued searching for a matching red jacket. Words of frustration began leaving Jessica's mouth after finding out that Aileen still hasn't picked up her phone, "Come on!" She hung up and called Aileen once more.

    She had no more time to waste. She knew she had to take the matter into her own hands. Hanging up, the Champion quickly changed into her chosen outfit and took the six Poké Balls, containing her Pokémon, from the podium just beside her desk. Jessica moved quickly from the podium to the door until she remembered something. The resignation papers. What if someone were to accidentally find it?

    Walking back to the desk with a thought, the girl threw the document into the trash bin. "No one should see it... at least until I finish my final duty."

    Running through the halls and walking up stairs, Jessica made her way to the rooftop of the Pokémon League. It had a beautiful view of Sunnyshore City to its south, Route 224 to its east, and Veilstone City to its west. The girl planned to get a helicopter from Aileen but since she couldn't answer her calls, she knew she had to take it upon herself to get to Mount Coronet.

    Jessica cast a glance at her Togekiss' Poké Ball before calling him out. "Togekiss, come on out!"

    A jolt of bright white light flew into the sky before quickly falling to the ground. Togekiss appeared with all of its glory in front of its trainer. Its glory was replaced with cuteness, however, as it made its way towards Jessica, snuggling the girl. Jessica responded to Togekiss' action with a snuggle. "It's so good to see you again, Togekiss!"

    The girl could faintly remember the last time that she had seen Togekiss in action. It was probably nine months ago when a trainer last made his way to the Champion's Chamber, triumphing against the Elite Four consisting of Flint, Lucian, Candice, and Volkner. It was very rare for her to get challenged since the Elite Four were all talented trainers in their own right. Flint commanded Fire-types like a madman, Lucian analyzed his opponents and used remarkable strategies, Candice's Pokémon froze their opponents, and Volkner made use of paralysis in order to gain the upper hand against his battles. However, this particular trainer was someone special. Someone who was just as talented as Jessica. Someone that she never thought she would’ve seen again after all those years.


    Edward Asher.

    Jessica and Edward go way back, and unfortunately, not in a good way. However, they didn’t start off with a negative relationship. They were childhood friends who began their journey together as rivals who trained and battled against each other, but Jessica always came victorious.

    They didn’t travel together, but every time they met, the both of them were full of excitement and determination since they always faced each other in battle. But little did Jessica know that Edward’s excitement had something much deeper behind it.

    “Hah… so you beat me again,” Edward said, looking at Jessica who was victorious in their battle.

    It was at the Victory Road, six years ago, just a mere few steps before the Pokémon League. They faced each other there, using their Pokémon, going all out. They had a deal that whoever won the battle would proceed.

    Jessica smiled at the boy, “Always happens.” She then took out her Empoleon’s Poké Ball as she called back the Pokémon. “We’re at the same level now yet you still end up losing against me. How come?”

    Edward sighed as he called back his Infernape. “I wonder why…" the boy's voice suddenly got weaker, "is it because I get distracted?”

    “Distracted?” Jessica looked confused at Edward who made no sense. “You always look focused. That’s impossible.”

    Edward closed his fists and his eyes. “I am focused… but not in the battle…” He then opened his eyes, walking closer, his voice shaking and hesitant, “but to you.”

    The young Jessica took a step back, fixing her eyes upon Edward in confusion. “What are you saying…?”

    Edward finally gathered his courage and got his normal voice back. "I'm saying that I like you, not as a friend, but as something else." He couldn't help but blush and Jessica was the same, making it awkward between the two of them. "Well, you don't have to say anything right now. I'm just glad I got to say it."

    He then turned her around so that he was no longer facing her and pushed her away. "Now get in there and make sure you win that title!" Jessica couldn't see him anymore but she knew that he already ran away. When she turned her head around, he was no longer there, confirming her thoughts.

    It was then when their relationship began. Edward was completely on board and supportive of Jessica when she became Champion. He even accompanied her in her quests to protect Sinnoh and stayed by her side. He was the perfect person for a busy girl like Jessica. Loyal and understanding. What more could Jessica have asked for?

    She didn't ask for more, but she felt like she needed to give more. She never had enough time just between the two of them. It was just a mess. Jessica felt like she was neglecting Edward and was not giving him what he deserved. Even though they stayed strong for two years, the girl felt like she was disappointing Edward in their second year. She knew that they were bound to break up anytime soon.

    The time came when she needed to make a choice. A crucial one. And she chose Sinnoh over her happiness.

    The two never talked since. No news about Edward came to Jessica, but the girl was well aware that her actions were all being published in newspapers and television programs, making it inevitable for Edward to receive news.

    Snapping back into the present and leaving her thoughts behind, Jessica looked at Togekiss who wondered at the girl's long face. "It's nothing," she smiled, patting the Pokémon's head. "Togekiss, I need your help right now. Can you please use Fly so we can get to the base of Mount Coronet?"

    After hearing his trainer's wish, he squealed happily and motioned for Jessica to get on his back. "Thank you Togekiss. Now let's go!"


    Flying through the skies of Sinnoh to get to Mount Coronet felt strangely serene. Jessica could remember the good old times when she had the chance to travel Sinnoh freely without having to do anything important in her destination. She could just relax, eat, go shopping, or catch new Pokémon. But after becoming Champion, with almost every place she visits comes with a task that she must accomplish.

    As Jessica's eyes surveyed the sky, she could not see any form of disturbance. No black vortexes, no portals, no meteors, no anything. It was just the bright moon and the pitch black sky filled with clouds that she could see.

    Suddenly, Jessica's headset microphone received a signal from Aileen's office. She slightly rolled her eyes in annoyance after how long it took for Aileen to get the message.

    "Apologies, Champion! I wasn't at my office when you called and I left my phone behind," Aileen began as she began typing away. "Can I help you with anything?"

    Togekiss glided over the waters as Jessica spoke. "Well, I could've used a helicopter earlier, but not now. Contact all of the Elite Four members and tell them to meet me at the base of Mount Coronet."

    Aileen nodded as she began to contact everyone. "Would that be all?"

    Jessica's eyes looked serious and stern. She was thinking about something else.

    "The Database has the numbers of every Trainer in the Sinnoh Region, right?" Jessica asked as she held her headset tightly. Her secretary was confused by the question but replied nonetheless.

    "Yes... is there someone else you'd like for me to contact?" She then proceeded to open the Database full of information.

    The Champion sighed, closing her eyes. "There is someone else I need you to contact. Tell that person to meet us at the base of Mount Coronet in a few minutes."


    Jessica walked towards Mount Coronet's entrance, looking around and above to see if anything of worry was occurring. Like what she saw when she was flying, nothing concerning was threatening the Sinnoh Region. If anything, it was dark and quiet as it always was.

    Waiting for her at the entrance are the Elite Four members, all wearing jackets except for Candice. Normally this would make Jessica raise a brow, but then she suddenly remembered that the girl was a Snowpoint City native.

    Volkner ran towards Jessica with worry. "I'm glad you could make it."

    If it was up to Jessica right now, she wouldn't have shown up. But her title and the region needed their Champion. The girl just ignored Volkner and proceeded to ask. "What exactly is the problem? The skies above it aren't darkening like it was supposed to when Giratina opened up a portal and took Cyrus in six years ago."

    "There may be no portal, but Sunnyshore City picked up some strange signals emanating from the mountain's peak not long ago," Volkner explained as he brought a record of the signals that were detected by satellites.

    Jessica scanned through all of them, her face turning into worry. "Are the Pokémon here feeling threatened, in any way?"

    "I got a report from Snowpoint's Gym Leader that a huge amount of Pokémon started running away from the mountain," Candice began as she approached the Champion, "and just today, over two hundred of them started taking refuge in the Acuity Lakefront."

    The Champion shook her head. "That's no good. We should get ready and head up. If it's true that Cyrus has returned to this world... then we may be in for some trouble."

    "I don't know whether or not he's gone insane... but if he has, it will certainly help us in defeating him," Lucian came out from the shadows, holding a book like he always did. "I mean, being stuck in the Distortion World for six years should definitely stress him out... at least, I think it would."

    Flint grinned, his appearance making it seem like the snow began to melt. "Keep in mind that the regular rules of time and space in this world might not work the same way in that world."

    The Elite Four members and the Champion all stood right in front of each other in a circle, waiting for the right moment. This was a threat that Sinnoh's best trainers need to handle so that no innocent people may get harmed.

    Volkner began taking a step forward, "Let's go. My Pokémon can use Flash if it is way too dark to navigate."

    "Aww, are you scared of the dark, little Volkner?" Candice teased, earning her a grumpy face from Volkner.

    He sighed, looking at Candice. "I live in a city that had frequent blackouts because I was obsessed with making my former Gym better... so... nice try."

    While their conversation continued, Jessica looked behind her to see if the last person she contacted came. She looked back at the Elite Four members who were already walking to the entrance, then looked back one more time. When she was sure that no one else was coming, she sighed. "I should've expected this."

    She then began to walk towards the others before a guy wearing a black dress shirt came into view that Lucian couldn't miss it. "Oh, looks like we've got more company."

    The Champion immediately turned around after Lucian's words left his mouth. The last person she called for was making his way to her.

    Or rather, to them.

    "Edward," Jessica thought, recognizing his black messy hair from afar. The girl didn't know how she should exactly feel, but she was definitely lying to her true feelings. She shrugged it off and acted like it was no ordinary day where she had to be serious for a mission that she needed to take.

    "Apologies for being late," Edward began as he stood right in front of everyone else. "I believe I was contacted last by the Champion's secretary."

    The Elite Four raised an eye when they heard what Edward said. They knew exactly what happened between the two of them and it felt awfully strange that Jessica was the one who contacted her.

    Jessica sighed, her face as serious as ever. "I told Aileen to tell you to be here in a few minutes. That took more than five."

    Edward grinned. "That's why I was apologizing... to everyone."

    The Champion turned around, rolling her eyes ever so slightly as she made her way to the entrance, passing by between Flint and Candice. "Let's go."


    The group proceeded to head inside the mountain. It was slightly warmer than the outside but retained most of the cold. Everyone except for Candice was feeling chilly, making the Elite Four member giggle whenever she saw one of them shaking with the cold. "I thought that you guys have gotten used to my room in the Pokémon League... but I guess not."

    "If only I could burn that room of yours so that I don't have to go through torture whenever I need to visit..." Flint mumbled under his breath, looking away.

    Instead of joining in the conversation, Jessica looked out for anything suspicious that may have occurred inside the mountain. So far, there hasn't been any sign of battle while they ventured deeper into the area. It was quiet and peaceful that you could hear the ripples in the water, the footsteps of the group, and the little conversation that the Elite Four were having between each other. Since the Zubats and the other Pokémon have left the mountain, no Pokémon have bothered them so far and the trip to the top was quiet.

    That was the case until a rumble began to shake the mountain. Everyone stopped moving as they tried to keep their balance. Everyone was completely alarmed by the current situation that Jessica tried to contact Aileen, but somehow the signal has been lost. "Lucian, can you contact the Pokémon League please?"

    The Psychic-type specialist nodded as he tapped his headset, but he couldn't get a signal either. "Something's wrong," he remarked, "the signal should be able to reach the League in less than a second."

    "I'll try contacting Snowpoint," Candice offered as she tried to obtain a signal. Meanwhile, the tremors continued to occur, each time becoming more and more powerful. Jessica was forced to hold on a small rock that was sticking out from the walls of the cave to maintain her grip and balance.

    "I can't get a signal!" Candice yelled as she tried to look for something to hold onto. "This is definitely not normal!"

    "Panic is the last thing we need right now," Volkner encouraged everyone to stay calm but had a hard time doing that himself. "It will stop. Let's give it time."

    Jessica suddenly wished that Bertha was still with them. The talented lady could easily call upon her Pokémon to put a stop to these tremors, but the last she heard of the former Elite Four member is that she has retreated to her home somewhere to the west of Sinnoh.

    The girl closed her eyes, feeling lightheaded. Then in a second, the tremors stopped. Everyone got their balance back again and were able to stand up properly without using the walls of the cave as support. "How's everyone doing?" Volkner looked upon everyone with a face full of concern. Jessica acknowledged his act with a nod, giving him a sigh of relief.

    While the group tried to catch their breath, the signals suddenly returned that Lucian noticed it immediately. "I think it's stable again... I'll try contacting the League."

    However, this just turned out to be a few seconds of hope as the signal disappeared once more. Jessica knew it happened again when Lucian's face turned grave and hopeless. "Gone. Again."

    "Then that only means one thing," Jessica looked up, holding on to the small rock she had held onto from earlier. "The tremors occurred when the signals began to disappear. Then that means..."

    "Another tremor is about to happen!" She called, "Get in a stable position! Now! Now!"

    With the warning in place, the tremor shook the walls and the ground of the cave once more, but this time it was completely devastating. Small pieces of rubble began falling from the ceiling, followed by huge boulders that threatened to crush the group alive. Jessica could feel the ground beneath her slowly crack, a sign that it was about to collapse. The exit was nowhere in sight and the only thing that they were waiting for was the boulder that could claim their lives.

    Just as she was about to call out one of her Pokémon, the floor beneath the group began to break, revealing a giant hole that extended into a deep pit of darkness. "Ahhh!" Jessica was the first to fall into the deep abyss, panic running through her entire body, rendering her unable to do anything except scream. Soon after, the entire group fell into the pit followed by rocks that came crashing down.

    The dark abyss made Jessica feel like she was skydiving, but indoors. She couldn't see anything or anyone and could only hear things that were falling with her.

    "Alakazam, use Psychic!" A voice from the darkness called as Jessica tried to locate the sound.

    A jolt of white light appeared, illuminating the dark pit a little. With the light came an Alakazam who used Psychic on Jessica to stop her from falling. "Lucian," she thought. The light came in so quickly and the darkness came back just as fast that it felt like nothing happened.

    Jessica could feel her senses slowly come back to her when she reached the ground together with Lucian. The Elite Four member then called out another Pokémon. "Espeon, use Flash!"

    With the Poké Ball thrown into the air, Espeon emerged from the light and quickly used Flash to illuminate the part of the cave where they landed. Jessica blinked her eyes for a few seconds, still trying to get used to the bright light coming from Espeon's gem. "Thank you, Lucian."

    The Psychic-type Master nodded. "It seems that we have been separated from the others..."

    "I always feel separated from everyone else..." Jessica muttered. Lucian couldn't hear her words properly but caught the words "separated" and "everyone else."

    He then sighed. "Would you like to talk about it?"

    Jessica avoided looking at Lucian, beginning to walk once more. The Elite Four member followed closely behind, not daring to speak until she needed it. The Champion then opened her mouth. "I... I think I need a break from all of this helping others all the time... I don't remember the last time I felt so... free and had my own life."

    "Is that why you decided to end that relationship?" Lucian's words instantly made Jessica look back at him. He closed his eyes, smiling.

    Jessica found it strange. "How could you possibly know?" She never shared too much information with any of them.

    Lucian chuckled slightly. "How could I not notice? You were struggling to make a choice when the time came."

    Jessica raised an eyebrow after that statement. "Okay, that is seriously creepy. How could you possibly know everything?"

    "You told me. Just now,” he replied, earning a confused look from Jessica. When she realized that what Lucian had said earlier was just a bait for her to believe he knew something about the situation, she sighed. “Thanks for confirming my suspicions,” he added.

    “You were trying to act fine when you obviously weren't. I think that you didn't make the right choice back then. It wasn't a logical decision," he continued, still looking forward.

    Jessica sighed. "I think it was the right thing to do. Sinnoh comes first before anything else."

    Lucian stopped walking all of a sudden, alerting the Champion. "You're a talented individual, Jessica. I think you could have managed both situations without having to choose between one over the other. It was just your tenure and the expectations as the Champion that made you believe that 'Sinnoh needs to come first before my personal life because I am the Champion.'"

    "Cynthia found a balance between her duties and her personal life. She dedicated most of her time to keeping Sinnoh safe but also found time to do what interested her the most which were studying mythology and history."

    Lucian's words somehow hurt Jessica, but at the same time, she felt like what he said knocked some sense into her. To Jessica, Lucian seemed like a person who was more on the intellectual side of things, always looking at what had a better effect than the other. But right now, he just seemed like a regular person who had emotions.

    “I feel like you don’t even know what the words ‘personal life’ means anymore," Lucian sat down for a second as he patted down Espeon's head, the Pokémon purring in response.

    Jessica looked at the ground as she continued to walk. "I might as well have."

    And that's it for the first chapter! More than 3500 words are in this chapter and it makes me proud. What do you think of the story as of now? Is there anything else I can improve on? Your opinions matter and I'm always open for feedback!

    And like the last one, here are some pictures to show you guys what Edward looks like!


    Also, here's the outfit that Jessica chose:
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  7. ShireHime

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    Dawn Stone ★★★★Love Ball ★★★★★Comet Shard ★★★★Tapunium Z ★★★★★Crown of Valor
    Chapter 2 - Necklace

    The Psychic-type Elite Four member and the Champion continued looking for a way to the top of Mount Coronet. The tremors have stopped occurring, allowing the two to breathe a sigh of relief. They still have problems, however. First, the signal still hasn't returned and they can't send a distress message, second, they still haven't found their way out of the place they ended up in, and third, they were separated from the others.

    Jessica held the necklace hanging around her neck tightly, remembering it as a symbol of her success given to her by the previous Champion. Remembering the thought, she couldn't help but reminisce her first few moments with the necklace.

    The young Jessica stood inside her new room in the Pokémon League, full of excitement and happiness. "Wow... this place is incredible!"

    Cynthia accompanied the Jessica into the room, smiling when she saw how thrilled she was. She could somehow remember herself in Jessica when she first came to this room. Of course, it looked different from what Jessica was seeing now, but she was happy that someone deserving was about to inherit this place from her. "This is room is all yours now. You're free to decorate it as you wish."

    "Really?" Jessica turned around, smiling when she heard Cynthia's response. "I should get a... bookshelf filled with books! That'd be so nice, wouldn't it?"

    Cynthia stared at Jessica's eyes, the young girl's passion filling her with strength. "I'll give you a book about mythology when you get yourself a bookshelf. That will be the first book in it, okay?"

    Jessica nodded eagerly. "Of course!"

    Many days passed. Jessica became busy decorating her room, buying new furniture. She bought herself a white bed, with bedside tables, a small TV with some sofas, and a large desk beside a white bookcase. Keeping her promise to Cynthia, Jessica made sure that there were no books on the shelf. She smiled, "That's where Cynthia's book will go! It's the perfect spot."

    Suddenly, a knock on the door turned got her attention. Opening the door was Cynthia who held a book close to her waist. "Good morning!"

    Jessica's eyes lit up in excitement. "Good morning! Glad you can make it here!"

    The girl offered Cynthia to a conversation over tea. Even though she was young, Cynthia was impressed by Jessica's taste when it came to tea. "Huh... I thought someone as young as you wouldn't like tea, but turns out I was wrong."

    "But I'm not here to talk about tea," Cynthia continued as she placed the cup on the coffee table. "I'm here because I have gifts for you."

    The young Champion tilted her head to the side. "Gifts? But I thought you were only bringing a book?"

    Cynthia just smiled, "Well... I thought it'd be nice if you had something you can always wear."

    The former Champion proceeded to give Jessica the book about mythology as she promised. "This is a book containing important details about the Legendary Pokémon of Sinnoh. As you already know, Dialga and Palkia control the dimensions of time and space, respectively. Giratina stayed in the Distortion World, but no one knows why it decided to stay there. Do you remember what I told you in Celestic Town before, about the presence of another Pokémon?"

    "Yeah... has anyone ever met that Pokémon before?" Jessica wondered, capturing the attention of Cynthia. "Well, as far as I know, no one has ever met it or explained if it even is a Pokémon. But who knows? Maybe someone has already met it and were just forgotten in history. That happens sometimes, you know?"

    "Forgotten in history..." those words echoed in Jessica's mind. "That will probably happen to all of us, right?"

    "Maybe..." Cynthia's face was full of sadness for a second, but her eyes instantly returned to Jessica who fixed her eyes at her. Cynthia closed her eyes, taking off a necklace that was being covered by the black scarf around her neck. The necklace was a golden ring with a green gem at the center.

    Cynthia held the chain in her hand, showing Jessica the piece of jewelry. "I'd like you to have this. This necklace came from my grandparents, but I think you deserve to have this." Jessica's ponytail hair couldn't get more convenient for Cynthia who locked the jewelry in Jessica's neck.

    The young girl looked at the necklace, smiling before turning to Cynthia. "I'll take good care of this for you."


    "A dead end..." Lucian's words brought Jessica back from her thoughts into the real world. Blocking their path was a pile of boulders. "These rocks seem to have fallen down due to the tremors from earlier," Lucian was ready to turn back but stopped himself from doing so when Jessica stayed.

    Jessica scanned the area, trying to figure out whether or not it was really a dead end. If the boulders contained the painting of the Lake Guardians, then they were at the right place. "I just need to find a small trace of that painting... hopefully it's just blocked..."

    "I think you're looking for something," Lucian looked at Jessica who was still focused. She did manage to reply a short "yes" towards him. "Very well. Using Psychic to lift those rocks should help your search."

    The rocks began to glow purple as Alakazam lifted a few of them up in the air. Jessica guided the Pokémon on which rocks to lift until she saw what seemed to be Azelf in the part of the painting that was left after Team Galactic blew it up to gain access to the peak of Mount Coronet six years ago. "We're in the right place," Jessica muttered under her breath.

    "Hydreigon, come on out!"

    The three-headed Dragon-type Pokémon emerged from the bright light released by the Poké Ball, letting out a loud roar. When Jessica made official visits to the Unova Region in celebration of Unova's newest Champion, Jessica found the time to explore the Victory Road where she encountered Hydreigon as a Deino.

    When the event was over, Jessica Deino back to the Sinnoh Region to train. At first, she wasn't adding on planning it to her team, but the Pokémon showed great promise when it evolved into a Zweilous. Since then, Hydreigon became one of her main Pokémon that was feared by all challengers for its sheer power.

    "Hyper Beam on those rocks!" After hearing the orders, the three heads of Hydreigon proceeded to release a dark purple beam of energy that converged at one point, forming a large powerful beam that hit the boulders, causing a powerful explosion. Jessica and Lucian were both unfazed at the sheer power produced by the Pokémon and continued to look forward.

    When the light and smoke disappeared, it revealed an exit that opened up to the peak of Mount Coronet. Snow was falling and the temperature dropped even further that Jessica felt like she should've chosen a thicker jacket. She ran outside, trying to look for anything suspicious above the mountain, but she couldn't see anything. It looked calm and undisturbed.

    Lucian followed shortly after, still looking at Jessica who was confused. “This is… completely strange,” he heard her say.

    “Where do you think everyone else is?” Lucian looked around, trying to find the rest of the group.

    It pained Jessica deep inside to go ahead without them, but she knew that she has to go forward. “Wait here,” she said, turning towards Lucian. “I’ll go up and face Cyrus. Until everyone with us has found their way here, do not go up there to help me.”

    The Psychic-type specialist was in shock and in disapproval. “No, I can’t leave you on your own! As an Elite Four member, I have-”

    “This is the only way!” She cut him off, her voice getting louder. “Someone needs to get up there, right now. Who knows what could happen if we are a minute - no, even just a second late?”

    After finishing her sentence, Jessica turned around and ran towards the peak of Mount Coronet, leaving behind Lucian who was yelling at her to come back. When she was at a high enough point, she looked down at Lucian, their eyes fixed upon each other.

    “As Champion, I order you to stay there and wait for everyone else. Once all of you are complete, I permit you to join me at the Spear Pillar!”

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