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Sign Up/Discussion Bindings of Hell

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by LassusVulpes, Apr 6, 2021.


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  1. LassusVulpes

    LassusVulpes smol boi wooper

    (Giratina (Origin))
    Level 7
    Sep 2, 2017

    *inspired from The Binding of Isaac, Hades, Curse of the dead gods *

    "So. The boy is at it again, hm?" A monotone and dead voice rings around the dark room . "Kill him... And bring him to me. I wish to speak to this little devil of ours."

    "Twas, was a horrible night. For a curse."

    Sliding around on the icy peaks of the winter roofs, a young teenager was moving along the roof of a large apartment building. He knew what he just did, and showed no shame in it. All he had in mind, was the money he would make, in order to feed the puppy he had at home. As he jumps building to building, he was getting a feeling to the slide of the ice allowing him to move around much faster before any police arrived.

    As he was jumping building to building, it hit him . A tug on his pant leg as he was mid jump, he looked down in freight to see a long black skinny liquidy arm grabbing his pant leg, as he fell the arm pulled him into a room. Slamming into a table as he flew through the window the arm pulled him through smacking his head. Rubbing on where he had hit his head, he looked up to see the long arms arching out in a twisted pattern, snapping and cracking as they extend.

    He tried to get up but an arm already grabbed him in the leg pinning him. As he tries to call out for help his mouth was covered, and his body was pulled into a murky black puddle of sludge. The sludge wrapped around his body like a snake. Reaching out he grabs the nearest thing he could grab, grabbing onto a dresser. Trying to pull out of the sludge made whatever was controlling it angry, and with a crunch the sludge grabbed onto his extended hand by the wrist and sliced off his hand. He watched as his vision went black and he knew, his life was over. His dog, will soon join him in his next life.

    With a wet meaty slap the teen slams onto the ground. He looks up to see pitch black all around him, until a single flame breaks out and the entire room lights ablaze. Large torching arching over the room burning blue, revealing a man sitting on a chair up ahead. "I've been waiting , Devil."
    The man kicks back in his chair and twirls a pen.

    "Congrats, you died. You died a horrific death that involved you losing your own hand." With a grin on the mans face, he stared at the teen. "Look, I don't care about names. But imma just go ahead and name you . . . Lucifer. As you look like the type of a person to be named Lucifer." The man cackled.

    "Anywho, Lucifer you're not much of a talker, now are ya? But that's finnee." The man places his pen down on a desk. "So you might be wondering, why you're here. I have a job for you, i've seen your work with a knife, and I wish for you to be one of my own personal guards. But if you refuse, then heh. . . " The man snaps his fingers and large black wings break out of his back. "I'll make sure the wretches of hell, will rip you limb from limb, over and over and over and over and over and OVER AGAIN!" He cracked all his fingers out and was wide eyed, drool dripping from his mouth, bug eyed.

    Wiping his mouth he goes back to a professional posture, and a sword, and a shield form at the snap of a finger. "If you pick the sword, it shows you wish to work with me, if you pick the shield it means you wish to fight the creatures of hell to try and escape. But imma warn you now, it's gonna be impossible."

    Lucifer walks forward, nearing the sword before punching the man in the face and grabbing the shield. As soon as he grabs the shield , the disk breaks apart in a rush of brimstone ash, soon the ring follows then the handle crumbles apart. "Poor choice. . . Devil. You just awoken the two million ghouls of hell for your head." The man snaps his fingers and Lucifer was grabbed by two large boney hands and once again dropped into a room.

    Looking around, there was a door that seemed like it would take one more person to open, a pile of rocks lying in the corner, a puddle of water. Standing Lucifer walks over to the puddle of water and looks at himself in the reflection. What stared back at him, surprised him. His skin was turning a deep black, only patches of his once pale face showed. He pulled back his lips revealing sharp and long fangs, two horns breaking from his forehead, one broken off. He turned to look behind him and saw a glimpse of a wing he turned to try and see it better, but couldn't get a good angle.

    Reaching behind him, he felt where the wing connected, and tried to find its pair, there was no pair. He was a one winged demon. Looking down to his left hand that was once removed, he found claws in its place. Clutching the three claws he moved to the piles of rock. All he found there was a penny, and a tombstone scratched out by what looked like claw marks. He grabbed the penny and placed it in the pocket of his hoodie.

    As he went to move to explore more of the room, he heard a shuffling sound. He quickly turned to see a creature missing half its face, bloodied and bludgeoned. it walked in a limp, its fingers bent out of proportion . Lucifer gagged at the sight. He watched in horror as the creature walked forward, as it grew closer he noticed a stone stuck inside its skull. But now was not the time to admire the creature approaching. He punched it in what was remaining of its lifeless face, and watched as it stumbled back falling. Kicking at it as it was on the ground before raising his leg and crushing the skull. With a large poof of brimstone ash the creature falls motionless.

    Looking down at his boot he saw it was now pitch black from the brimstone. Shaking off his boot he continues to explore the humid but dry room. Eventually he finds a book laying near the rocks. Picking it up he shakes off the cobwebs, opening it he finds scribbles, a journal. Flipping through pages after pages he finds meaningless scribbles of humans, dogs, cats, and birds all amalgamated in some horrid fashion , all scribbled out. Eventually turning to a page of interest. A page with words.

    Strong, ruthless, mobile.
    Creatures sent from Azazel himself, in attempts of killing us all here down in hell . Their chains are the weakest of their arsenal, but are still able to rip our flesh. The ability to just summon long chains at the flick of a wrist is devastating. If a demon were to grab enough dark essence, their horns will be granted the power of shooting boiling blood in a straight line that can break through our bodies with ease. "

    Lucifer stared at the page, before finding a folded page hidden along the seam of the book. He unfolds it and was greeted by a drawing scribbled together , splashed with blood showing a demon , sitting with their legs crossed, their tail spiraling over their shoulder with a grin spread across their face, two large horns arching together making an A shape. Text scribbled under the picture wrote "Cross do not."

    Shrugging he sits and waits for another person, to help him to escape from hell. And see what creatures lie ahead.


    It's 5 : 00 am. But hey it's finally done . Time to make characters

    okay, so objection to the statement above. it's now 10 am. not 5am . but that's besides the point

    But before we get to characters, we gotta explain Sins . Sins are our classes in this. But unlike all my others rp's , there can only be one type of sin per run.

    A run is an attempt to escape from hell, as I do not expect people to get through on their first run. Everyone else can freely swap their sins as they seem fit, but only in the chambers (the first area, where Lucifer is waiting for someone else) HOWEVER, since Lucifer is already been forced into the Demon Sin for his actions in his life, he is unable to change.

    Sins give buffs, attacks, and downgrades. Imma use Demon as an example here.

    Chains of Babylon, fast and agile striking through the flesh with ease, LOUD
    Brimstone skin, the pure and natural life essence of this biome repels off your body, and breaks apart making it so that no other party members can use it
    Brimstone Skin cont. If struck in the skin infested by Brimstone, flood the entire room with a black smog that clouds vision and poisons all in the area.
    Brimstone blood, shoots a stream of brimstone blood out of the horns of the demon, can only be activated when their demon gauge is full
    Demon Gauge, Become the aspect of the darkness, strike your foes swift and heavy. As you take damage and get struck, the corrupt essense of enemies falls off and absorbs into your body, infesting your body with the unholy amalgamation of this hellish biome
    One winged Demon, able to fly for a short period of time, takes some time to recharge, flight time increases the more unholy essence absorbed.

    -~- That's all for the Demon, now for the other Sins

    Greed , Slow , Tanky, Wealthy
    CHING CHING CHING, You're a sack of money, weighed down by your wealth, as the creatures of hell strike you, you lose your coins. *Starts off with 20 extra coins*
    CHING CHING MOTHER FRICKER, Slits in your hands shootout coins that harm your foes, the foes you hit when slain will drop your coins back. Limited to how many coins you have
    BLING BOI, You have a higher chance to find coins in pots, can break pots with your attacks unlike all others who require bombs
    BITCOIN BOMB, You now have expensive bombs from the rich, shoots four spiraling coins across the room that explode dropping 4 coins each . Moves in a clover pattern. However can no longer reveal secret rooms, and break rocks.
    (yes I had fun writing the names of the abilities and passives)

    Sloth, Slow, High Damage, Punishing for both parties.
    Mmmmghpf , Your lack of will to move or do anything forces you to rely on others to do your bidding . Summons creatures of the last living to aid them in battle
    5 more minutesssss, Your sluggish body does not wish to battle foes, and instead summon chains from the ground bounding who ever you target to the ground for 5 seconds, does not work against bosses
    Uggggghhhhh, The ability to float around freely, but once planting legs down falls down to the ground and is unable to move for a few seconds, great for dodging a long attack I guess?
    Zzzzzzzzzzz, Falls asleep and their wounds heal up, but has a chance to over sleep, causing them to miss a rooms reward.
    Broken Slumber If woken from their slumber, enter an enraged state of ballistic tendencies, summon countless minions to barrage their foe. Falls asleep for an extra turn right after.

    Envy, Luck Dependent, Punishing for both parties, Chaotic.
    Mine, Steals the body of a target of their choice, allowing them to control whoever they grab with the wraith hands. However, the bodies are shattered once the room is cleared.
    Finders keepers, steals the reward of a room before the room is even cleared, but is not gained permanently, and only lasts for three rooms. Once those turns are up, the reward is burned and sent to the abyss, to never be seen again
    Who, me? Allows the user to teleport wherever they please , but makes them ill afterwards taking a bit of esense .
    Jealousy, If anything gets an item you want, you enter a hissy rage smashing through rocks, but not walls . The longer your rage, the more damage caused.

    Lust , High amounts of Crowd Control, Debuffs all around, Punishing , Can't take hits
    Shine of the room, Enemies are attracted to you, targeting you first. As you're hit all your abilities are less effective, as your body gets uglier.
    Charm, Beckon a target of your choice, seducing them making them more vulnerable, unable to attack or control themselves, taking more damage.
    Love is in the air, Spray a powder in the air that beckons a wave of enemies in a cone shape of you, making them deal less damage.
    All see, no touch. summon a blade out of your wrist, going invisible, all enemies who are charmed, feel a tingle in their neck, and get slit in the neck, as you glide by slaying all of them

    Pride, Strong , Mobile, Chaotic.
    I did it! When you gain a new reward, you gain a token in your self worth.
    My shop! Use your tokens of self worth to buy a random item anywhere in hell.
    MY COINS, NOT YOURS! The more tokens you have, the more damage you deal, if an enemy hits you , you enter an enraged state focusing only on the enemy that hit you. Once that enemy is killed, you gain an extra token.
    ME, ME, ME, ME! You want all the items, you want everything and anything. If something is in your way, and you cannot get it, you feel anger, sadness, and many other emotions wanting anything for it, making you careless.

    Wrath, Strong, Area of Effect, Chaotic.
    Hmph. You take less damage to foes, but get angry with ease. If the same enemy hits you more then three times , swing for stronger forces out of pure rage.
    Piss off, if an enemy gets to close punch them in the face as hard as you can, knocking them back. (Enraged: Kick them instead if they hit a wall they explode from the force. Does not work on Guardians)
    LEAVE ME ALONE! Spin around in a circle hitting as many things as you can (Enraged: Charge at foes then spin)
    AHHHHHH! Sending a barrage of fists at your enemies face, (competition to the 8 page Muda) Once finished send a cone shaped burst that cracks the floor and stuns enemies in that cone including allies (Enraged: The cone has 2x the distance, and also stuns for longer . For allies 1 turn.)

    Gluttony, Requires lots of enemies, tanky, slow
    CHOMP! Grab small foes and eat them whole, spitting out their bones at any you feel threatened by.
    Full. After eating a foe, you enter a stage of fullness. Where you are slowed down, but take less damage.
    Lemme taste this , Unhinging your jaw widening it, you send out a long tongue that smacks your foe, once they are struck 7 times, You bite them.
    Bongo drums. Smacking your belly to any song you wish, you awaken the forbidden arts of wet meaty slaps , allowing you to shoot out bones of enemies you ate faster, but you cannot move.

    *More to come as the story goes on*



    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A rugged boy with short black hair, skinny arms and thin legs , a broken left horn and a long and skinny right horn that pokes out forward in an L shape, wearing an oversized hoodie with very deep pockets, his legs covered with bandages wearing a pair of basketball shorts. With blood red eyes that seemed to be filled with blood.
    Personality: Not much of a talker, and much rather prefers to shrug. He is very dedicated to what he does , and shows no mercy for killing, a cold blooded killer whose only goal is to get out of the hell he had been thrown in. He isn't one for working as a team, and prefers to work alone.
    Sin: Murder, Theft
    Backstory: In vile attempts to feed his one and only friend, a small brown russell terrier, who he named Bones. He went to robbing apartments, one night he broke open a window of an apartment, stealing the jewlery laying about, a revolver laying on a table, wads of cash scattered about in dressers, paintings and portraits hung about, and a silver pocket watch. His first ever steal, was a successful one. He continued this pattern going to pawn shops selling off his loot. Buying dog food for Bones.

    During one of his heists he heard a voice. He loaded the Revolver and hid around a corner, as the voice grew closer he glanced over his shoulder to peer over the corner of the wall to see a drunken man dazing about stumbling leg in front of one another. Lucifer had one option and took it, as the man was stumbling over to the corner Lucifer extends his leg tripping the man. As the man falls Lucifer grabs his head and bashes it into the wall. The man falls to the ground in a blood bath and Lucifer runs off jumping out of the window.

    His theft spree and killing spree continued until that one snowy night, where he had been driven to the pits of hell

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    #1 Apr 6, 2021
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2021
  2. Barandofl

    Barandofl The eyeless user

    Level 101
    Jun 12, 2017
    Black Glasses ★★★★Red Orb ★★★★★Crown of Valor
    Boy I love me my rogue likes, and this looks like something I can mess around with.

    For the sake of having fun, some of these will be answered in first person by Orias himself. You'll immediately know its him, but just in case, there will be """"""""Quotation marks""""""'" before and after the sentence, emphasizing him talking.

    Name: Orias

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: "Well if you must know, I used to wear only the finest of silks. From head to toe the only thing that was able to touch my body, was clothing made by the finest tailors, and anything else is beneath me. But ever since I was dragged into hell, it seems that it's been replaced by some old aristocratic clothing. It looks a little tacky, but I know if anyone can make this look good, it's definitely going to be me."

    Orias is a well tailored young man with somewhat long brown hair, and green eyes. He would occasionally exercise to keep up his appearance, so he has a somewhat average build.


    Sin: "Oh please, is it truly considered a sin if I'm just better than everyone else, and that I believe that anyone beneath me doesn't deserve anything in life. Too bad everyone else in this world is in fact beneath me, so I'm the only one deserving of anything."
    (If it wasn't obvious at this point. Its Pride)


    Backstory: "If you don't know me, you're either stupid Neanderthal or you've been living under a rock. If you must know, I was born as one of the many Elites of this world. As a young boy, I had it all, money, power, there wasn't anything that I couldn't have. But that doesn't mean that I was a spoiled child, no, I was just so good at everything, that I earned all of my belongings. I quickly learned how to read and talk faster than my peers, and whenever I was assigned to do a task, I would do it better than anyone else. That's essentially almost everything else in life. Be at a job, task, or any other meaningless thing, I would always be better than everyone else. Hard work is just for idiots who have no Talent. I once turned my uncle's failing business, into a growing success. All of that when I was only 16.

    While being better than everyone else is great and all, it would've been nice to meet someone who's even remotely close to my standards. But alas, they will never be found. It's impossible to find someone as perfect as me.

    And so, I continued living my life, bathing in riches and fame, while laughing at all those who could only stare at my grandeur, attempting to reach even remotely close to how high I am. Until I somehow well ended up down here."

    (Yes, I had fun writing about this character. And I genuinely feel like I'm going to have a great time writing this guys dialogue and actions.)

    AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaand it's edited.
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    #2 Apr 7, 2021
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2021
  3. LassusVulpes

    LassusVulpes smol boi wooper

    (Giratina (Origin))
    Level 7
    Sep 2, 2017
    Pending / Misconception

    Looks good Baran, It does look like you did mix three sins in one, being Envy , Greed, and Pride. But other then that looks well made,
  4. Barandofl

    Barandofl The eyeless user

    Level 101
    Jun 12, 2017
    Black Glasses ★★★★Red Orb ★★★★★Crown of Valor
    AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaand it's edited.
    F*CK, i hit reply instead of edit!

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