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1x1 Bindings of Hell

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by LassusVulpes, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. LassusVulpes

    LassusVulpes smol boi wooper

    (Giratina (Origin))
    Level 10
    Sep 2, 2017
    After like 20 attempts of writing this, it's finally time. as I got Starbomb , and a major lack of sleep... It only took two months. (and before you ask, the starbomb song is Zelda rap 2.)

    As Lucifer sat on the ruined Pillar of the room he looked at the large gaping hole on the ceiling , tapping his fingers. "WELL HOWDYDO~" A voice calls out from behind him. Lucifer turns behind him slowly. A white ghost stares at him, a collection of rocks in its chest. "Wow, a stone hearted man... Well! I'm Perra!"

    Lucifer stares at the ghost with a stern face. "Tough crowd..." Lucifer shrugs and looks back at the hole "Ah , waiting for a person to come and open the door? I was just like you when I was alive. But I ... heh, better not spoil the surprise."

    The ghost dances around the room like a paper airplane . "I guess since you're new here i'll give you a run down. You're gonna open this door with a big buff dude named Harvoth, he'll punch things for ya , and you'll both get a random piece of loot. It'll always be displayed on the door of which type of loot it'll be. Sadly, the most common is a blank space..."

    "Each person here was sent for a reason, they sinned in some way on earth, and are sent here. Each sin has a different kit for their survivability. But you're one of the few that has some sort of damage at the start. The others have to punch through their foes. So sucks for them~"

    Perra shrugs and looks up the hole. "Looks like no on- HOLY SHI" Perra teleports away and a large fat man slams right onto the pavement with a loud wet and meaty slap . Lucifer looks at the ball that just came from the hole.

    "PHFurg. Babe now is not the time" He kisses the floor and stands . His belly shakes like a pot of jell-o being run over by a car. Lucifer stares at the man . They make eye contact and the man waves. Lucifer waves back. "Whanna see some magic?" Hagrid asked.

    Lucifer shrugs , and Hagrid lifts his shirt. As he lifted it all his fat splashed out like a water balloon and jiggles. He picks up his gut and starts singing the lion sleeps tonight as he throws his gut in a circle motion "A WIMOWEH! A WIMOWEH! A WIMOWEH!"

    Lucifer just stares at this grown man making an embarrassment of himself and looks at Perra just to shrug . As Hagrid was embarrassing himself the hole makes a shuffling sound that was barely audible over the A WIMOWEH!'s

    (sorry baran)
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  2. Barandofl

    Barandofl The eyeless user

    Level 101
    Jun 12, 2017
    Black Glasses ★★★★Red Orb ★★★★★Crown of Valor
    The only thing he felt at the moment, was the feeling of perpetually falling. It was dark, and Orias could barely see what was just 7 feet in front of him. Orias has been falling for a long time now, and he's lost track of how long exactly. All he knows, is that he's been at it for too long, and he wants it to end. Luckily for him, he was soon about to get his wish. After god knows how long, he was finally able to see some light while he was falling. The only problem, was that the light was approaching quickly while he was falling at high speeds. With no other choice, Orias braced himself for impact while he fell through the hole in the roof, and slamming onto the ground below.

    Despite hitting the ground at terminal velocity, He didn't feel the least bit hurt by it, a little sore from falling at an uncomfortable angle, sure, but nothing serious. Placing his hands on the ground below him, he pushed himself off the ground, and managed to get into a sitting position. Looking at his own arms, he noticed he was wearing something different than he remember having before his incident. Taking a look at his chest and legs, he confirmed that he was indeed wearing new strange clothing. It looked a bit tacky, but he didn't care much about it at the moment. Fully standing up from the ground, did he finally notice the two others standing before him after dusting himself off, with one of them grabbing their own gut while singing nonsense, while the other one looked like a demon on a budget.

    'Oh... boy what is this place and why did I fall here?' Orias thought to himself while trying to ignore the singing fool. He quickly looked around the room to see any points of interest. But only two things stuck out; a large door, and the big hole in the ceiling.

    'Huh, so that's where I fell from?' He thought to himself, looking at the big hole in the ceiling. That was when suddenly, a different body fell through the same hole. '...And also where that guy fall from...'

    The newest body landed somewhere between Orias, and the 'demon', looking worse for ware. Something told Orias that the cause for such were not from the fall, nor the impact, but from something else. The newest person, following the same steps as Orias, sat himself up soon after the fall. He looked at Orias, the fat man, and the demon looking one, the finally back at himself. Once he got a good look at himself and his plain clothing, he made a loud *TSK* sound, and stood himself up, not bothering dusting himself from the dirt that clung to him. Not missing a beat, he quickly looked at the three of them once more before asking his question.

    "Where... the hell am I?" He asked, looking around for answers.

    Orias, not knowing the answer himself, just stood there in silence, waiting for the other two clowns to hopefully answer the question.
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