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Books You Recommend and Why

Discussion in 'Creative Zone' started by LostSpirit, Jan 20, 2015.

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  1. LostSpirit

    (Oddish (J))
    Level 21
    Aug 5, 2014
    What books have you read that you want to share with others? What makes the book you're sharing great?
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  2. Sachi-Shimazu

    Mar 29, 2013
    Hmm, while the Mortal Instruments may not be for everyone, I would actually recommend the Infernal Devices trilogy (The Prequel series). Infernal Devices is a great series with no characters who are unimportant and some extremely tragic moments. Also,Cassandra Clare manages to do things that the reader wouldn't expect to happen or wish will not occur in the end. It is also extremely funny, with some of the best one-liners I've ever seen.

    "'I am not a certified idiot'
    'Lack of certification does not prove intelligence'"
    -Will Herondale & Gabriel Lightwood
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  3. Bubbles

    (Diancie Egg)
    Level 14
    Jun 10, 2014
    Mewnium Z  ★★★★★Ice Stone ★★★★Heart Scale ★★
    If you haven't read the Divergent Series yet, you should totally read the books before you even think about watching any of the movies!

    The books themselves are truly great reads. Divergent gets you into the mindset of Tris, a girl who is trying to discover herself in a world where everyone seems to fit into a certain faction. As you read the book, you learn and interpret situations with Tris and develop with her. Over the course of the series, don't be shocked when you may even form some kind of bond with her. The world of Divergent is very interesting, filled with a variety of serums and unique faction traits and customs. There is also a fair share of romance and emotional concepts of family and life. The last book may really get you in the feels, so be warned. Its an overall really great series though, and you give them a read if you can! :)
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  4. East

    East Look to the Stars

    Nov 14, 2014
    Ah, I'd recommend Oedipus Rex and Antigone, both by Sophocles. Sure they are two plays, and not one book, but they go on one story.

    Irony, pride, devotion, love, hatred, intelligence, tragedy. What can honestly get better? I won't post spoilers of them, of course ;)
  5. DIO


    Legendary Egg
    (Groudon Egg)
    Level 12
    Sep 14, 2014
    If you're into medievalish fantasy, I'd definitely recommend The Redwall series. Maybe not all 22 books, haha, but they're pretty fun and interesting reads. Though I will admit that the basis of them gets a little repetitive if you read all 22 of them, haha. It's got a fair bit of humor, adventure, suspense, battles, etc. The ones I'd personally recommend would be Redwall, The Long Patrol, Mossflower, Rakkety Tam, and Mariel of Redwall. :)
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  6. Smooshie

    Smooshie Feebas Enthusiast

    Level 27
    Oct 31, 2014
    If Only It Were True - Marc Levi (Inspired the movie Just Like Heaven)
    If you are into romance this is a great novel by this French writer. It is set in the modern day and it focuses on an architect who finds out that the apartment he is renting is haunted by its previous tenant, a nurse who knows she isn't dead but does not understand how her spirit lingers in her apartment. It is touching and the writing is just beautiful.

    Gentle Ben - Walt Morey (Inspired a TV series and TV movie)
    A children's book that focuses on an ill young boy who becomes friends with a grizzly bear that is owned by a cruel man. The boy visits the bear in its shed, anchored there with a heavy metal chain around its neck. The tale focuses on the boy and his friendship as well as the boy's parents who worry about their son, after having lost their eldest son to illness, and soon after, the grizzly bear named Ben. The writing just flows and the language itself is pleasing to read and helps fuel the imagination. It is a heartwarming story about friendship.

    Call of the Wild - Jack London (Inspired four movies)
    Another children's book that focuses on a dog named Buck who is illegally sold and was shipped to Alaska where he is forced to adapt to the life of a sledding dog. It is a story that is rich in characters, perils and decisions that affect Buck's life.
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