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Broken and Abused (Amourshipping)

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by RarepairQueenJeanne, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. RarepairQueenJeanne

    Feb 2, 2017
    (A/N: Hello! Broken and Abused is my most popular fic on Wattpad so it's over here now! Warning- contains child abuse mentions, and some torture mentions. Btw, Ash and Serena are 15 while Red and Leaf are 16.)

    ~chapter 1~
    In her head, she was worthless, what she had been taught to think all her life.

    Her name was Serena Yvonne. She was 15, and since birth, she had lived in a house in the woods, her mother raising her, coming and going when she pleased.

    The residents in Pallet Town who lived nearby supposed the house was haunted, and a few tricks done by Serena's mother and convinced them enough to make them stay away.

    Serena had befriended three forest Pokémon, Braxiken, Sylveon, and Pancham, who her mother only let her keep if she never let them out of their Pokeballs.

    Her mother had homeschooled her, but only let her know how horrible the outside world was. Serena thought her home was paradise and she didn't deserve it, which made her extremely depressed.

    But everything would change, because of two people. A boy named Ash Ketchum, and a girl named Leaf Viridian...


    Ash Ketchum was having a fairly normal day after he and his brother, Red, had gotten home from Pallet High. Red was relaxing on the couch in the living room, flicking through channels in a bored manner while Ash was chatting with his friends on Skype.

    His mother, Delia, came in holding the house phone and said, "Ash, Leaf called and said she wanted to talk to you."

    The thought of 'Well why didn't she skype me or call my phone?' came to his head, but he took the phone and went out to the hall, raising it to his ear.

    "Hey, Leaf." He said and Leaf started rambling right away in her usual perky nature, "OK, Ash, listen up closely!"

    "I'm listening." Ash said thinking 'She's going to pull me into one of her crazy pranks again, like the time she filled the school fountain with soap...How is she not expelled again?'

    "Okay! Well, I was training my li'l Squirtle over by Viridian Forest, and I decide, Hey no one trains near that old haunted house, maybe I'll check it out!"

    "Go on..."

    "Well, anyway, I stroll on up to the haunted house when I hear crying!"


    "Crying! Like full-on wailing! And you know what I've figured out?"

    Ash was getting tired of her cliffhangers, but he dutifully answered "What?"

    "Well, the obvious answer is, there's gotta be a Pokémon stuck in there! Probably came in when that windy day 2 days ago blew by! I bet the door flew open and the Pokémon wandered in but now that the doors closed, he can't get out! So, I need some help with it!"

    "Why do you need my help? You're perfectly capable of opening a door by yourself."

    He could tell Leaf was getting antsy, "Ash Ketchum! What if I was wrong and it was a vampire or something? I'll make a bet with you. I'll give you ten dollars if it's just a Pokémon, but you give me ten if it's not."

    "Why can't Red come?"

    "I don't have ten dollars to give to you both if that happens, and beside, you're way more adventurous than him. So deal, or no deal?"

    He knew he was going to regret this.

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