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Fanfiction Broken Souls

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Glixmix, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Glixmix

    Glixmix Youngster

    Jun 12, 2017
    Disclaimer, I do not own Pokémon or anything that cool for the matter. All rights go to their respective owners.

    Chapter one: Two For One Special

    Nebulas POV

    I awake to hear a faint call from one of the lucario in my village, "We are under attack!" I quickly jump up and run to my door.
    My parents barge into my room and barely miss me with the door they force open. They rush me out of the hut as they prepare to fight.

    I hear my father yell out to me as him and my mother go off to support the front lines, "Run Nebula! Get out of the village and find shelter! We will find you soon!"

    I catch a glimpse of a group of fire and electric types ravaging our village. They're destroying everything in their path and I know that I can't let them see me. I look around desperately for an escape route and I see a clearing. I decide that's the fastest way out of here and begin sprinting faster than I ever have before. I hear the sounds of battle and pain begin to fade and keep running.

    I think I'm in the clear so I slow down a bit to save energy. Then I hear a twig snap in the adjacent forest and a charizard reveals itself in the dense foliage. I fall backwards in shock and lock eyes with him as he prepares a flamethrower. The dragon takes aim and manages to clip my leg, leaving it with a painful burn. I get up and try running again because I know I won't be able to fight. The burn isn't helping my speed and the dragon is gaining quickly on me. The charizard is a few yards behind me and suddenly I hear the charizard let out a pained grunt and I see one of the lucarios from my village preparing another aura sphere to launch at the aggressor. I take advantage of the opportunity and continue through the clearing. I can see the end of the clearing where the open field changes to dense forest. That's probably the best place I can hide for now. As I reach the end of the clearing I see a bright light. I'm hesitant but decide it's better than being caught by myself. I walk into the light; hoping that it could be daybreak. As I go in further the world begins to fade until nothing is there.

    James POV

    "James, honey it's time to get up," I hear my mother say in a soft tone.
    I beg her to let me sleep in a bit longer but there is no arguing with her. I tried once and ended up with a nice hand mark across my thigh. She makes sure that I am up, and leaves my room so I can get dressed. I decide to lay back down and I remember the dream I've had for the past four days.

    I'm still not sure what to think of it. It always started with me seeing these weird creatures. Then more come out of nowhere and attack a village that I assume was my home. My "dream parents" helped defend the village while I ran. Then I would always run into a bright light and wake up. As to what I was, I can't really explain it. I was blue and black with silver bumps on my hands and had two things dangling behind me as I ran. Also I swear I saw a larger version of me shooting blue orbs from their hands when I looked back. It made sense in the dream but now I can't make sense of any of it. Even though I can't understand the meaning of the dream, I can strongly feel the fear of running away from the village and being attacked. It all felt so real and vivid.

    As I recall more of the dream I realize that I've been thinking for a while. When I look over at the clock it reads 6:37. School starts at 7:15 and I am still in bed. I groan in annoyance and hurry to brush my teeth, comb my hair, and get dressed before my mom beats me due to my carelessness. I rush out of the door as my bus pulls up and hop on. I find a seat near my friend David and sit down.

    "Hey man, sleep well last night," asks David.

    "I guess," I reply. "I had that dream again."

    "The one with the weird creatures?" .

    "Yeah, and everytime I wake up the emotions that I felt in the dream stay with me. Usually when I've had nightmares I wake up and then I'm fine but this dream feels so real and I'm not sure why."

    "I don't know man, and I really don't care. It's just a dream." David turns away from me to listen to his music.

    I wanted to tell him more but I didn't want to be rude and interrupt his air guitar solo. I know he will probably get annoyed if I keep talking to him so I stay quiet. I don't really talk to anyone else on the bus so I put my own headphones in and listen to my playlist. After 10 minutes of riding the bumpy back roads we arrive at my school and head into homeroom where my demon of a teacher waited for us to come in.

    "Everyone sit down, and be quiet. I'm going to take role," exclaims Mr. Robinson with his clipboard in hand.

    I listened to everyone say here and David for whatever reason decided smack his hand on the table and yell "TOASTED," when his name was called. David's the class clown and is humor is not usually received well by the teacher (or anyone for that matter.) After he facepalms, Mr. Robinson calls David out and sends him out of the room for being disruptive.

    "If anyone else has something funny to say I suggest you leave now," says Mr. Robinson in a menacing tone.

    He finished attendance with a few chuckles from my classmates. I hear the bell go off and I leave for my first period class, which is science. Today in science we're going outside to collect samples of dirt. (I know, riveting.) I find my friend Audrey outside and ditch the experiment for a minute.

    "What's up James," says Audrey with too much energy for a Monday.

    "Um, the sky," I reply as I laugh at my own dumb joke. Audrey gives me an unamused look and I ask, "You take psychology right?

    "Yeah, why?"

    "I was wondering what reoccurring dreams could mean." I twiddled my thumbs as she thought of a response.

    "Typically, they represent a problem that you need to face."

    I thought of any problems I had but really couldn't come up with one. "I don't think I have a problem in my life right now."

    "It could also mean you want to go out with someone to escape your loneliness." She puts her hands on her hips and leans forward to intimidate me.

    "Trust me, I don't like anyone." I decide to back away a little bit.

    "Ok loverboy."

    "Please shut up." I look down in embarrassment as a few people glance over. She chuckles to herself and walks back to her group.

    I feel eyes glaring at me as a few of my classmates laugh at my expense. Audrey is nice, but she loves to humiliate me in front of everyone. My lower leg starts to burn a bit but that's probably just embarrassment getting to me. After 10 minutes, we finish up our experiment and head back inside. We gather our stuff and head out to switch to our next classes. My next class is band. I normally love band but today was lecture day, and usually our teacher's "lectures" turn into a sob story about how screwed we are as people. I walk into the room and find a desk towards the back of the large room. I doze off as my teacher's ranting starts and start dreaming.

    I am brought to a white space. It's not a room because it just seems to go on and on for as far as I can see. "What the heck," I say questioningly. I know that I'm dreaming but I can't seem to wake up, so I begin to look around to see if there is anything else here. I also notice that my body is see through. It reminds me of when you turn down the opacity of a picture.

    Then I see him, I see the little blue and black creature from my dream. His body is see through like mine and he is sitting down crying. My eyes are staring at him trying to make sense of all of this. I slowly make my way over to the strange creature and he notices me. I lock eyes with him and get a feeling of familiarity. His eyes light up.

    "You're me," says the creature telepathically.

    I almost fall backwards for two reasons, one at what he just said, and two that he didn't use his mouth to say it. I collect myself and ask "Who are you?"

    "I'm Nebula," says the small creature proudly.

    I reply, "I'm James, and what do you mean by "You're me?"

    "Well, when I saw you I sensed your aura and soul, which felt like sensing myself."

    "Ok...," I say with the most weirded out face. "And how can you sense that?"

    "It's an ability all riolu and lucario posses thanks to the organs on the back of our heads."

    I let that sink in as I sit down. "Do you know why we are here?"

    "No." His face became dreary again. "All I remember is my village being attacked. I ran into a bright light and ended up here."

    I remember my dream and feel the sadness from the creature. I notice the burn on his lower leg from the dragon fire, which he tries to hide. His eyes swell with tears and I decide to help him by going over to hug him. He cries into my shoulder for a few minutes and I keep him wrapped in my arms.

    I try to calm him down and say, "Don't worry Nebula, I'll get you back to your village." He sniffles and looks up at me with a warm smile. I put the now cheery creature down and give him a high five. When our hands touch I start to feel fuzzy. I realize our bodies turning blue and a force keeps us in place. I try to get back up but I don't have enough strength to get up. "Nebula, run away!" Nebula looks at me with desperation in his eyes but he can't move either. The fuzzy feeling grows and I look up as Nebula morphs into a blue orb.

    I start to hear another, significantly deeper voice that isn't Nebula's, "Your soul will now be put back together after being split for so long."

    Before I can say anything I am transformed into the same kind of orb as Nebula. I try to move but can't. Nebula and I collide and merge into one orb. When I reform I am in Nebulas body but I can't sense his conscience. "What's going on, where's Nebula?" I stomp my paws on the ground and yell more but the only thing that comes out are growls and snarls. Then I hear the voice again.

    "Your soul has been restored but I'm afraid only one conscience could be allowed to stay."

    It can understand my snarls so I ask, "Why did Nebula have to go?"

    "His conscience was younger so yours overpowered his and swallowed it."

    I grit my teeth and say, "Why am I in his body then?"'

    "Your soul decided to take on the form of Nebula due to it being more convenient. You will be taken to his world from yours soon."

    "You're kidding, right?" My new body begins to shake uncontrollably. Then realization strikes me, "Isn't this is a dream?"

    "No James, I'm afraid I'm not. When you awake in your world it will only be a matter of time before you are taken to Nebula's. Split souls are a huge dimensional problem and I can't allow your soul to linger in your world for too long."

    "Why not?" I crossed my now smaller arms waiting for an answer.

    "Unfortunately, Riolu or any Pokémon for the matter, do not exist in your world."

    "What the hell are Pokémon?" To my annoyance, the voice decides to not answer me. I have a lot of questions but the voice is probably not going to humor them. I decide to try to wake up and after a few tries I feel myself waking up.

    The voice says one last thing, "You can still save Nebula, but you will have to act fast." As I wake up the white space fades away into darkness.

    I feel the voice's presence disappear and I wake up on my desk covered in my own drool. Thanks voice for giving me a stupid cliche. My inner ranting is interrupted by my band teacher who has a very annoyed look on his face.

    "Do you think it's funny to sleep during my lecture," asks my band teacher as he dramatically puts his arms on his hips.

    "Um sorry sir, I got very little sleep last night."

    "Ugh just make sure to get mor-, geez what happened to your leg," he asks me in a concerned tone. When I glance down at my lower leg I notice the large burn mark. I stare in disbelief and ask to go to the bathroom. My teacher lets me go and I run into the restroom and begin to kind of freak the hell out.

    I try my best to rationalize the burn mark as me hitting it on the desk but when I glance in the mirror I notice my irises taking on a red hue, like Nebula's. "Argh." I bang my fists on the wall and fall to the floor due the extreme pain starting to overtake my whole body. I stare at my body as blue and black fur starts growing. My hands turn into paws, and my nose and mouth morph into a snout. All the while I am writhing in pain. My body slowly takes on other characteristics of Nebula until I am completely transformed. I start checking myself over in the mirror when I notice the bright light from my dream forming around me. I try desperately to escape but the force of the light holds me in place. The world around me starts to fade until there is nothing. After a minute a dense forest forms around me and I feel like I'm going to throw up.

    Yes, I have a slight cliff hanger but I'm going to try to update this story in the next two weeks. Thank you soooo much for taking the time to read this. This story is my first and I would LOVE to get some reviews and feedback to help improve my writing. If you have any suggestions please leave them for me. Lastly I want to shout out the author of The Curse of The Lucario, Talkingbirdguy, for inspiring me to write this. Their story is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone. Any similarities between my story and theirs are not intentional. This is also not a mystery dungeon story if you are wondering.

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