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Catcher Guide

Discussion in 'Pokémon Catcher' started by Morgaine, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. Morgaine

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    May 1, 2016
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    The Catcher Guide

    A small guide to how the Pokémon Catcher app works here on Lake Valor.

    How to encounter Pokémon

    Encountering Pokémon is really easy! Just go into any of the forums and chances are you will see a pop-up in the lower left of your screen. Like this:

    This is a Pokémon is have already caught and in the user's collection. When that is not the case you will see a message like this accompanying your Pokémon.


    Sometimes you can encounter a shiny Pokémon! But they are very rare, so keep an eye on the Pokémon you encounter!

    How to catch them

    Once you have encountered a Pokémon that has caught your fancy, it is time to catch them. Simply click on the "Catch" button and you will be brought to a menu that displays your available Poké Balls. Click on them and a catching attempt will be made.


    Choose the ball, click on it and you will be told if you have succeeded. This is a successful attempt.


    To nickname the Pokémon, just type in the name in the text box and press Enter. Your Pokémon should appear in your collection!

    If the Pokémon broke free, you can just try again.

    How to purchase Poké balls

    Poké balls can be caught in the LV Shop with the currency that is used on Lake Valor, called Poké Points or PP for short. Read more about how to earn PP, here.


    Go to the Poke Balls shop. And click on purchase. One copy of the Ball will appear in your cart/checkout. When you are done with selecting all the types of balls you want, go to the checkout. Here you can adjust the number of Poke Balls you want to purchase. After that, you just go and pay, like all other LV items.

    How to set a Pokémon as a buddy

    Your buddy is the one that appears on the main page under your info and will be situated next to your Avatar in the posts. Buddy Pokémon can be set from your profile. Go to the tab called "Pokémon Collection" and you will see all your Pokémon waiting for you. Click on the Pokémon you want to be your Buddy and its box should light up like Metapod's is in this picture.


    How to level up a Pokémon

    Leveling up your buddy is easy. Posting around the forum earns you the needed Exp to level your Pokémon! Pokémon like Caterpie that are the basic form need three posts to level up, First stage Pokémon like Metapod need five, and Second stage Pokémon like Butterfree need ten posts.

    Be aware that posts in the Game Corner do not net you Exp for your buddy.

    How to evolve a Pokémon, how to hatch eggs, and how to defossilize a fossil

    When your Pokémon has reached the required amount of levels it needed to evolve, return to your "Pokémon Collection" tab where you choose your buddy. In the box with your buddy, you will see a green arrow. Click on it and your buddy will evolve.


    The same goes for the Mystery, Odd, Legendary, and Mythical Eggs. When they have reached the level needed to hatch, you go to the Pokémon Collection tab where a green arrow will be waiting for you to reveal what was in the egg. This also counts for the fossils.

    Pokémon are not capable of evolving into multiple species, unlike the games. Each evolution has a different base Pokémon. There are two different kinds of Oddish, Gloom, Nincada, and Wurmple running around on Lake Valor. And there are just as many Eevee running around as Eeveelutions in the Catcher.

    How to change the nickname of your Pokémon

    If you are not satisfied with the name you have given your Pokémon when you caught it, there is a way to change it. In the box of the Pokémon whose name you want to change you will see the "box and pencil" button on the left side of their name. See Shuttermuffle the Caterpie's box above. Click it and change the name.
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