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Celebrations Forum Rules

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ❀Bloom❀, Nov 29, 2014.

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  1. ❀Bloom❀


    Jun 10, 2014
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    [​IMG]Celebrations Forum Rules[​IMG]
    Welcome to the Celebrations Forum! Here you can make threads about celebratory events that you wish to share with others in the community. These celebratory threads could range from a topic about a fellow member's birthday to even a thread about congratulating those who ran a race, found their first shiny, or even began a relationship! Now with all of this celebrating, there are certain rules you should be aware of.
    1) Do not create celebratory topics that would embarrass anyone in particular.
    We want to make sure those who are being mentioned are okay with it and do not take things the wrong way. For example if you are making a surprise birthday celebration thread, make sure you keep it appropriate and don't embarrass them by showing their baby pictures. Its not fun if everyone isn't comfortable.
    2) Do not make celebratory topics off certain events that would offend others.
    Now this may vary, but please be considerate of others when making an topic about a certain day in particular.
    3) Make sure the topics you make are actually celebrating something with relevance.
    For example, a topic about celebrating your pet fish's 3rd hour of being alive is too specific. Rather a topic about celebrating your first pet fish or animal would be more plausible.
    4. When replying to celebratory topics, try to avoid spamming with excessive caps and making replies with less than 5 words. Its good to be excited about celebrating, but remember that spam is not acceptable.
    5. Do not "steal the spotlight" in someone else's celebration thread.
    For example, if there is a topic celebrating someone else's birthday, please refrain from making replies such as "Its also my birthday today! You guys should say happy birthday to me too!" If you have something else of importance to mention, it can have its own thread to celebrated in.
    6. Multiple topics celebrating the same event or topic are not allowed.
    Please keep each celebratory topic in its own thread. For example, if there is already a Merry Christmas topic posted, do not make another topic celebrating Christmas, or a Christmas related topic.
    7. Do not create topics about yourself!
    Celebrations are about bringing people together to congratulate someone. If you are the person congratulating yourself, it comes off as extremely rude and pretentious. If you want to be commemorated about something, you can have a friend make a topic for you or you can make a status update about your own accomplishment.
    8. Overall, keep things positive!
    Do not make threads/posts that celebrate negativity in any form. We want to keep the environment of the forum positive and happy for everyone. =)

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