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Cobalt's journey

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Vasu, May 28, 2018.

  1. Vasu

    Vasu Black Belt

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    May 28, 2018
    Journey begins

    It was a pleasant morning in Littleroot town of the Hoenn region. A 13 year kid woke up by the sound of his alarm at 7:30 A.M. He had short black hair with brown eyes and light brown skin. He had a scar between the knuckles of his ring finger and pinkie of his right hand.

    Meet Cobalt. He is gonna receive his starter today since he got his trainer license yesterday. He quickly jumped out of his bed and went for a bathe and changed into his travelling clothes. It consisted of a white t-shirt with a blue jacket and a blue jeans and some sport shoes. He quickly checked all the things in his bag.

    Carrying his bag he went downstairs.

    "Good morning mom!" Cobalt said. A woman in her thirties came out.

    "Good morning Cobalt. Are you all ready?" His mom asked.

    "Yes!" He said. He then sat down while his mother gave him breakfast of fried eggs and bacon. He had his breakfast and then left to get his starter.

    *At the lab*

    Cobalt entered the lab and looked around searching for the professor.

    "Professor?" Cobalt said.

    "Who's there?" An unknown female voice said.

    "Its me professor, Cobalt!" Cobalt said.

    "Oh Cobalt!" The voice said and behind one of the bookshelves a woman in her twenties came. She was wearing a red shirt with a navy blue semi-circle on it, a yellow fanny pack, a white mini skirt over dark blue cycle shorts, and black ankle socks along with red shoes with black and yellow stripes. Over all that she was wearing a lab coat.

    "Are you ready to get your starter?" She asked.

    "Yes, I am professor May!" He said. She lead me to a door at the backside of the lab. She opened the door and three little Pokémon came out of the door.

    The first Pokémon was a red coloured chick with yellow beak and fur around its neck. Second one was a blue fish like Pokémon with a fin on its head and a greyish tail. The third Pokémon was a bipedal green coloured gecko Pokémon with a green coloured tail and a red coloured lower jaw.

    "These are Torchic, Mudkip and Treecko respectively. Which one will you choose." May said.

    After thinking for a while Cobalt said,"I choose Treecko!"

    "Treecko!!" The wood gecko said.

    "Nice choice Cobalt! Okay here is your Pokédex and pokeballs." May said giving him a red device with some pokeballs.

    "Thank you Professor!" Cobalt said taking the dex and pokeballs.

    "Safe journeys!" Professor said Cobalt nodded and went away with Treecko walking beside him.

    *Back at Cobalt's home*
    Cobalt went back at his house to get his travelling bag and to say goodbye to his mum.

    "So, which starter did you choose?" His mother asked. The wood gecko jumped on Cobalt's shoulder and said,"Treecko!"

    "Oh what an adorable Pokémon! So what are you gonna do in your travels?" His mom again asked.

    "I am gonna challenge the Hoenn eight and then compete in the league." Cobalt said.

    "Oh well I will be always cheering for you!" She said. Then it was time for him to go giving his mother one last hug and goodbye he headed towards route 101.

    Travelling through route 101 Cobalt suddenly thought something.

    "Oh yeah I forgot to scan you Treecko!" He said to the wood gecko on his shoulder. He took out his dex and scanned the grass type.

    Treecko the wood gecko Pokémon

    TREECKO has small hooks on the bottom of its feet that enable it to scale vertical walls. This POKéMON attacks by slamming foes with its thick tail.


    Gender: Male


    Attacks: Pound, Pursuit, Leer, Quick Attack, Bullet Seed.

    Egg moves: Dragon Breathe, Crush Claw, Crunch.(All locked)

    "Woah! Thats some good some of moves you have!" Cobalt said and Treecko scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. At that time a greyish hyena Pokémon came out of the bushes.

    "Grrrrr......" The wolf Pokémon growled.

    "Cool! A Poochyena." Cobalt exclaimed,"So Treecko are you ready for our first catch?"

    "Treecko-tree!" Treecko said and jumped on the battle field.

    Treecko v/s Poochyena

    "Treecko start of with a Quick Attack!" Cobalt said. Treecko got covered in normal type energy and shot off like bullet towards Poochyena. The hyena Pokémon got struck by the Quick Attack and fell back. Poochyena stood back up and charged towards Treecko covered in Normal Type energy.

    "Dodge that Tackle and use Bullet Seed!" Treecko junped up and opened its mouth channeling its grass type energy to it mouth and launched several green coloured seeds. The dark type Pokémon got hit by the seeds and fell back once again.

    "Okay! Go Pokéball!!" Cobalt said and threw a white red ball. The Pokéball hit the dark type and it was sucked in. It shook for some time and dinged signaling the successful capture.

    "Oh yeah!!! We caught a Poochyena!!" Cobalt exclaimed joyfully he picked up the Pokémon and opened his dex.

    Poochyena the Bite Pokémon

    At first sight, POOCHYENA takes a bite at anything that moves. This POKéMON chases after prey until the victim becomes exhausted. However, it may turn tail if the prey strikes back.

    Type: Dark


    Nature: Brave

    Moves: Tackle, Howl, Bite, Odor Sleuth.

    Egg moves: Astonish, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Poison Fang.

    "Cool! Our new friend has some cool moves too." Cobalt said.

    "Come on out Poochyena!" Cobalt sent out his dark type.

    "Poochy!!" The hyena Pokémon said. Cobalt took out a potion from his bag and sprayed it on Poochyena to ease his pain.

    "How do you feel now?" The black haired kid asked. The bite Pokémon barked happily in response.

    "Okay lets train here for some time, kay?" Cobalt asked the two Pokémon nodded.

    "Okay our first gym battle is in Rustboro town. The gym leader is Roxanne and she specialises in rock types. So Treecko I need you to best your Bullet Seed by using it while running. And Poochyena you are gonna learn a new move Mud Slap. Okay?" Cobalt said and the Pokémon nodded," Then lets go."

    For two hours the Pokémon trained Treecko sharpened his Bullet Seed, Poochyena was learning the move Mud Slap while Cobalt himself was doing push up, pull ups etc.

    After the training they sat down to have lunch. Cobalt had the Pokémon food of different flavours. He asked which flavour they wanted and gave them that. Treecko had sweet while Poochyena had spicy. Cobalt help himself with some sandwiches made by his mother. After the lunch they continued their travel towards the first city Oldale Town. The travel to Oldale town was very quick. It was 10 AM right now and he was already there. He gave his Pokémon for healing while he went out to the mart to stock up on some medicines. He brought some Antidotes, Paralyse heal and some pokeballs. Afterwards he went back to the centre to get his Pokémon. He took Poochyena's Pokéball and clipped it on his belt while Treecko jumped on his shoulder.

    "Ready?" Cobalt asked Treecko nodded. He walked out of the centre and proceeded towards route 102. While going through route 102 Cobalt was challenged by a trainer.

    "Hey you!" said the trainer. Cobalt turned around to see a girl about his age.

    "I challenge you to a battle!" The girl said.

    Thats it done! Okay now you might think who the girl is? So I am telling you one thing- its yours to decide who she is! This is a reader's story! There will be many polls in this story. Okay right now I want all of you to tell me about the girl that means please create the character for me coz this will be Cobalt's first travelling companion in this format:

    Birth city:
    Birth date:
    Goal: League/Contests/Battle Chateau/Showcase/Breeding/Type Pokémon mastery(Ex-fire Pokémon master)/Doctor.

    Thats all! Also if you don't create any characters then I have to create one, and believe it or not you might not like it. Okay see ya all sooner or later!

    Cobalt's team:

  2. Vasu

    Vasu Black Belt

    Legendary Egg
    (Giratina Egg)
    Level 13
    May 28, 2018
    Come on seriously no one read it.....

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