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Fanfiction Cobalt's Journey

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Ignem, Oct 15, 2020.

  1. Ignem

    Ignem Psychic

    Level 28
    May 28, 2018
    Charizardite X ★★★★
    "And there you have it folks, your first Alola Champion, ASH KETCHUM!!!"

    Listening this the audience broke into a thunderous applause and cheering. A raven haired teen with auburn eyes and Z marks on his cheeks stood shocked and surprised.

    "Did I... win?" He muttered.


    After all his hardwork, travelling regions, participating in countless leagues he had finally done it. The boy also known by the name of Ash Ketchum had finally accomplished his dream of being a Pokémon master. Or did he?

    After all the award ceremony he was back at Professor Kuikui's house, where he was staying for the period of his stay at Alola.

    That night Ash was laying on his bed staring the ceiling. He was in deep thought. He was thinking about what he should do after this. It was then he felt some weight on his chest. He looked to see Pikachu on him.

    "Hey, Pikachu, you weren't asleep?" He asked.

    "Pika!" Pikachu squeaked back while shaking his head.

    "What do you think we should do after this, huh Pikachu?"

    "Pika, pika-pikachu. Pika!"

    Ash was somehow able to understand and said,"Yeah, we'll think after we are done with school..."

    After that with a yawn both the Pokémon and trainer fell asleep.
    After the league, the school was still left for about a month. So he stayed for another month at Alola which meant there were many people challenging him for the league champion throne, though most of them were almost beginners.

    Like for one instance Ash was walking back to Kuikui's house after school when suddenly a youngster came out of nowhere.


    "Who in the name of Lord Helix are you?!" Ash exclaimed.

    "My name is Joey and I am here to challenge you to a Pokémon battle, for the title of Alola Champion!" The youngster said.

    "That's not how it works," Ash said back to him.

    "What you afraid of losing?" The boy mocked.

    "Now you are on! PIKACHU!!!" Ash yelled. Pikachu jumped from Ash's shoulder to the imaginary battle field.

    "GO RATTATA!!" Joey said as he threw a pokéball. The pokéball opened and sent out a flash of light. The light materialized to a small mouse-like pokémon, with large incisors and a whisker on both sides. It had purple colored skin with cream coloured underside.

    "Are you seriously going to battle me with a Rattata?" Ash asked.

    "Well my Rattata is in the top percent of all Rattatas!" He said,"I'll show you, Rattata use Quick Attack!"


    Rattata dashed forward in high speed with Normal type energy surrounding him.Ash quickly responded and commanded, "Pikachu use Thunderbolt!"

    Pikachu cheeks sparked. He was then covered in yellow electricity as he shot a bolt of that electricity towards Rattata.


    Rattata unable to dodge got hit and fell down to its side fainting, having swirly eyes. Joey's mouth hung open as he saw his Rattata was quickly defeated. Pikachu hopped back onto Ash's shoulder as they both walked away giving no attention to Joey.

    Even though most of the trainer's he faced were beginners it was getting tiresome for Ash and his pokémon to handle all of the battles. This thing was solved when a new pokémon joined Ash's team.

    One particular day Ash was fighting another battle with a random person and his Toucannon in the school grounds. All of his friends watching him battle.


    "Pikachu finish it with Electro Ball!" Ash commanded. The yellow rodent jumped high as an electric orb formed on its tail. He launched the orb towards the cannon pokémon.


    The orb exploded as it touched the Toucannon. The pokémon fell to the ground with swirls in his eyes. Pikachu and Ash breathed a sigh of relief after pulling off that battle. But when they looked at their opponent they saw him yelling at his pokémon and then suddenly he kicked the bird pokémon. Anger filled raven haired teen as he took a step forward and with blinding speed appeared infront of the trainer. All of the people were suprised on seeing that. He punched the trainer. The trainer stumbled back and grasped his bleeding nose.

    "What the hell is your prob-" he yelled in anger but stopped when he saw the look on Ash's face. His face showed an REALLY pissed look and his eyes were glowing blue instead of hazel brown. The trainer backed up in fear and Ash took a step forward. Just as the raven haired teen was again about to hit the trainer he was knocked out. Ash fell to the ground face first revealing a bipedal wolf like pokémon behind him holding a bone club.


    "Pikapi!!" Pikachu cried as he a came sprinting towards Ash along with Ash's friends.

    "Is he okay?" Mallow asked. Lillie bent to check Ash.

    "He is okay just knocked out.." she said.

    "Let's get him inside the school," Kiwae said. All of them nodded and proceeded to carry him inside. After Ash was brought to the school building Professor Kuikui asked them of what happened to Ash. Kiwae proceeded to explain of the battle, then the trainer and the events that followed. Which suprised Kuikui.

    "So you are saying that Ash ran at blinding speed and punched that trainer?" The professor asked, rest nodded," and then this Lucario knocked Ash out?"

    They nodded again and then Kuikui's eyes fell on Lucario.

    "Why did you knock Ash out?" Kuikui asked but the Lucario didn't reply. Kuikui was about to ask again when Ash started to stir awake.

    "W-what happened?" Ash asked as he rubbed the back of his head.

    "You were knocked out by this Lucario," Kuikui replied. Ash's eyes fell on Lucario.

    "Sorry for hitting you master," Lucario said to Ash. Ash jumped at that and exclaimed,"You can talk?!"

    Every one else were confused on why Ash said this, because for them Lucario was saying his name.

    "Yes I can talk, but not everyone can understand me," Lucario said.

    "Why can I understand you then?" Ash asked again.

    "Because you are an aura user."

    How did you like the Chapter 1? I did have another story with same name but I did not continue it 'cause I lost inspiration for it. After that I decided to bring it back in another way. Tell me your views please I need them to get better.

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  2. Ignem

    Ignem Psychic

    Level 28
    May 28, 2018
    Charizardite X ★★★★
    "Because you are an Aura user"

    "What?" Ash asked even more confused. He had heard of the stories of aura users and had encountered quite a few of them too. But him being an aura user is quite unthinkable!

    "How can you say that I am an aura user?" Ash asked again.

    "You see everytime an aura user is born, a riolu is also born," Lucario replied, "What makes the Riolu different is its ability to be able to use Aura sphere."

    "So how does that makes me an aura user?" Ash said.

    "At the time you were born, I was born at the exact same time, but I didn't knew that you would be my master, " Lucario replied, "For years I travelled, trained, trying to find you."

    Ash looked at Lucario with awe as he continued,"Then today as I was training I felt a surge of aura. But the aura felt very familiar I followed the aura... When I found the source, it was you and I felt a sort of bond between us... An aura bond and I knew you were my master."

    Lucario bowed after he stopped talking. Ash quickly told him not to bow. That was when Kuikui suddenly said,"Would you explain what were you two talking about for the last 5 minutes?"

    Ash chucked and proceeded to explain Kuikui and his friends what they were talking about. After his explanation ended all of there faces were that of awe.

    Later that night when Ash was at Kuikui's home he asked Lucario,"So why do the Aura users get Lucario?"

    "To help them train in aura!" Lucario replied.

    "But what if I don't want to train in aura at all?" Ash asked to which Lucario replied,"If you don't train your aura will still keep on increasing, due to which you might lose your mind of this amount of power!"

    "Okay, but why only Lucario? I mean there are other pokémon that can learn Aura Sphere," Ash asked.

    "I know, but Lucarios are the best when it comes to aura, in addition to that we are fighting types." Lucario replied.

    "What does fighting type has to do with it?" Ash asked.

    "To be able to master aura you have to be physically and mentally strong which fighting types are," Lucario said and Ash nodded.

    "But now since I am going to train you in aura I prefer you train me as well to be a good battler," Lucario said. Ash looked at him in suprise and asked,"You mean you want to come to my team?"

    Lucario nodded, causing Ash to smile. He stood up and went to his bag to get a pokéball. He then walked back to Lucario and showed him the pokéball. Lucario without hesitation tapped the pokéball. A red light came out of the pokéball and surrounded the aura pokémon. Soon Lucario was sucked inside of the pokéball. The pokéball shook twice before dinging indicating a successful capture. Ash smiled before posing raising the pokéball in the sky,"I CAUGHT A-"

    He was cut of by Pikachu shushing him. Ash quickly put a hand on his mouth. The raven haired teen then looked at the pokéball and grinned.

    A month later the school was over. Ash was set to leave for Kanto. After saying goodbye to all of his friends he made in Alola he boarded the plane and left Alola to return home to Kanto.

    Meanwhile at Ketchum's residence Ash's mom Delia was preparing food for her son. As she was preparing some food, she said a bit loud as if wanting someone else to hear, "Cobalt! Your brother will be home soon so clean up your room!"


    "Okay mom!" A boy's voice replied. A few footsteps were heard from upstairs. A boy with black hair and brown eyes was seen in his room nesting things up. That was Cobalt Ketchum, Ash Ketchum's younger brother about 6 years younger than him.


    Ash and Cobalt had a same room and because Ash was mostly on a journey, Cobalt got the whole room for himself. Though he wasn't very much a neat and clean sort of kid, he was able to finish cleaning his room quickly. After doing the chore his mom allotted him the black haired kid ran downstairs.

    "Mom, how much time till big brother gets back home?" He said excitedly. Delia chuckled and said, " He would be here anytime now."

    And right on that time the doorbell rung. Cobalt quickly went to take the door. He opened the door to see a teen standing there with a Pikachu on his shoulder. The teen then stepped in the house with a toothy grin revealing to be Ash.

    "BIG BRO!" Cobalt said as he hugged the the teen. Ash stumbled back a bit but hugged him back. After a minute both brothers stopped hugging. Delia was next, she quickly took her elder son into a bone-crushing hug.

    "M-mom can't br-breathe!" Ash said, causing Delia to leave him. Ash smiled at the two. Soon Cobalt and Ash settled down while Delia prepared food for both of them.

    "So Big bro, I heard that there was a league in Alola! So did you take part in it!" Cobalt asked.

    "Yes, I did and I won it too!" Ash replied.

    "Really?!" Cobalt asked and Ash nodded.

    "But Cob, you should be on a journey this year, why aren't you out?" Ash asked to which Delia replied, "Well there have been several mishappenings for the past few years with legendary pokémons and some evil teams, so the leagues decided to put the kids who want to be trainers to go to a school when they are ten to learn the basics of a being a trainer and when they turn thirteen, then they will leave for a journey!"

    "Oh so he has a to attend a pokémon school for three years?" He asked.

    "Yeah..." Cobalt said. Delia then served both of her kids vegetable noodles she had prepared for her kids. After eating Ash said he was going to meet Professor Oak. Cobalt asked to tag along with him just to meet his new pokémon to which Ash agreed.

    Ash, Cobalt and Pikachu both reached Professor Oak's lab. Ash without hesitation entered the lab with Cobalt following him.

    "Professor Oak!" Ash voice echoed a bit in the corridor. And then suddenly Ash was hugged by a large purple blob.


    "Muk-Muk!" The blob said which Ash heard as,'Ash I missed you!'

    "I missed you to Muk!" Ash said. He was a bit surprised at first but then remembered that he was an aura user.

    "Hey Muk!" Cobalt said as he hugged the sludge pokémon. Muk returned the hug to black haired kid.

    "Pika!" Pikachu said translating to 'Hiya Muk!'. Muk smiled at the yellow rodent and said, " Muk!(Hey!)"

    After Muk let go of Ash and Cobalt, Ash asked Muk to take him to Professor Oak. Muk nodded and lead Ash to the ranch behind Oak's house. There he saw the old professor holding a clip board with a Scyther in front. The brown eyed brothers walked towards Professor Oak. As they were close enough, Ash said, "Professor Oak!"

    The old professor turned around when he heard his name to see Ash, Pikachu and Cobalt behind him. Oak smiled and said, "Ash my boy, you're back!"


    "So how was Alola? I heard they held there first league there, did you participate?" Oak asked.

    "Yes, Professor! I participated in the league and managed to win it too!" Ash said.

    "Really? Congratulations!" Oak said.

    "So Professor are there any new regions you were able to find out?" Ash asked. Oak shaked his head and said, "I did found the Galar region but it is still developing its league and gyms, I don't think you should travel there."

    Ash responded with a sigh before Oak talked again, "But.. you can always re-challenge the leagues!"

    "What?" Ash asked. Oak replied, "Leagues in every region are held every year, so you can challenge every league again if you have the gym badges with you!"

    Ash nodded his head and Oak continued,"But I prefer that you start preparing for the leagues! Because for past some years, trainers are taking leagues very seriously! Because some leagues have rules that you have to challenge the Elite Four and Champion before being able to become the Champion!"

    "Alright then I will start training from tomorrow!" Ash said.

    Ash and Oak talked for about some more time before Cobalt, Ash and Pikachu went back home. When they reached there doorstep, Ash knocked at the door and said, "Mom we're back!"

    The door opened and Delia's voice said, "Come on in Ash, one of your friend has come visit us!"

    "Huh? Who?" Ash said as he walked in followed by Cobalt and Pikachu. When he saw the person he was suprised.

    "Hi Ash!" A female with cerulean eyes and blonde hair said.



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