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Collab Opening in Pokemon Resonance

Discussion in 'Creative Zone' started by Nova Ozuka, May 9, 2018.

  1. Nova Ozuka

    Nova Ozuka Collector

    Level 26
    Jan 11, 2017
    I decided that in order to continue working on Pokémon Resonance, which I really want to, I need to turn it into a collab. For now, there's one opening. There are two requirements.

    1. You must present an example of your writing. I'm not asking for much.
    2. You must be an active writer

    The Collab slot is first come, first serve. Below are some spoilers containing parts of the story. You can click any of these, and then apply by posting here.

    Zero Surama travels across the Johto Region in a quest to collect all 8 badges in one year. He then meets a pair of Umbreon escaped from a lab and a mysterious Riolu with no memories. Along the way, they make plenty of friends and rivals and face Pokémon Hunters, Team Ragnarok, and maybe more.
    Zero, Cia, and Kalea finally depart from the Pokémon Center as they head toward Azalea Town, but first they must navigate their way through Union Cave. Inside they encounter an Onix attacking a Rockruff. Before they can return the Onix to normal, someone else steps in.
    The Resonance Chronicles is a side story overlapping with Pokémon Resonance revealing the adventures of other characters in the story. THis is also an area I ned help with. There are three that still need to be completed.

    Team Solace
    Xander and Yuki form their rescue team, Team Solace. More about their pasts will also be revealed.

    Jackson Powers
    Jack Powers and Atlas finally begin to recover from their devastating defeat in the Violet Gym. Jack gets new Pokémon and battles his way to the top of Sprout Tower.

    Nova Ozuka
    I'm in the story too! Of course, I'm only a minor character. A supporting character at best. I think. Anyway! In my chapter, I focus on running the Viridian Gym in Blue's place. I have other things to do like making sure what happened in Violet City doesn't happen anywhere in Kanto, but until Blue gets here or send somebody else to take over, I'm stuck in Viridian. I also have to help this Mugi kid. Oh, and there's the gym battle I told Zero about.

    If you want to learn what happened in the rest of the story before you apply, the link is in my sig. If I accept your application, I will let you in on some key factors in my story, which I would otherwise try to avoid giving away before the end.
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