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Fanfiction Coltar: Before Dawn [Complete]

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Cavespider_17, Jun 15, 2024.

  1. Cavespider_17

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    Oct 23, 2023
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    The first Elkran civil war in the Bloodied Era is underway, or at least it was. A failed attack on the Elkran Citadel has left Erik Piscar and his younger brother, Aaron Piscar, captured. Their father, the Lord Elite, Ellio Piscar intends on making an example of them and showing his people what he does to those who stand up to him. Erik and Aaron have one night before Ellio's plan for them is underway. As they sit in the dungeon, awaiting their fate, Erik makes a decision.

    This piece is a one-shot and you don't necessarily have to have read any of my other Coltar work to be able to understand and enjoy this piece.

    Warning: This story is rated Teen. It contains: Strong Language; Moderate Violence, such as: non-explicit examples, indications and outcomes of abuse, depictions of threat, and depictions of injury, indications of torture; Moderately Mature Themes: such as: slavery, and mentions of public execution.

    Banner by KOT0NE

    Before Dawn

    Saturday, 16th February, 1974

    The cold Elkran weather surged through the bars at the top of the dungeon and wafted down the stairs and into the cells. The barred window at the end of the chamber allowed the cold wind to rush through, inflicting frostbite and hypothermia on any prisoners who hadn’t been given carkoal coals to stay warm. The metal bars that wrapped around the cells were made from metagross metal and wouldn’t yield even in the coldest conditions, much to many prisoners’ disappointment. All they could do was do their best to stay warm and survive another day.

    In a cell near the door leading into the freezing dungeon was Erik Piscar, son of the Elkran ruler, Lord Elite Ellio Piscar. The man he called father and a tyrant had stuffed him into this newfound misery. Erik sighed, sat up on his bed, and glanced over at his brother, who was still unconscious. Memories of the battle for the citadel square rushed through his mind. He replayed every little detail.

    The spy’s information had been correct. His father’s forces were where Erik had expected them to be, but what he didn’t expect was his father to know their troops were coming. The moment he had sent his rapidash into battle on the cobbles of the square, the war had been lost. A thought danced in his mind. I hope my pokémon are still alive. He crumpled himself up onto the floor, remembering the reason he had his younger brother, Aaron, had gone to war with the monster they called father. The enslavement and torture. The pain and suffering the people of Elktan had gone through. His restrictions, and laws forcing them into a downspiral. The Elkran people were suffering, and removing the Lord Elite was the only thing they could do. The Lord Captain, Von Recht, was on his side. As for the Lord Interrogator, in Erik's mind, he was best not spoken about around his younger brother.

    When he was sure his brother was still unconscious, he took a deep breath, watching the Guardsmen in the dungeon as they kept a close eye on him. “It’s my fault. I was wrong. The people I was killing for… they weren’t worth it,” he muttered to himself. I know you’d think differently, Aaron.

    The Guard pacing nearby caught Erik’s attention. The man was wearing the typical Lord’s uniform, except it didn’t quite fit him properly. Although, it wasn’t a surprise to him. His and Aaron’s army had taken out a large amount of his father’s Guard up to this point. A newbie, he thought.

    “Guard! Yeah, you!” Erik shouted out. “I want to speak to my father, you hear me?” He clenched his fists as the man ignored him, tilting his glasses slightly as he walked away. “Oi! You fuck take me to see my father!”

    The Guardsman ran his fingers through his black hair and walked over to the window at the end of the chamber, continuing to ignore him. He turned his wrist and typed on his holo-device.

    “I demand to see my father at once!” Erik shouted once again. What is he doing? He stood up and grabbed the bars. The chains wrapped around his wrists, ankles, and stomach attempted to pull him back.

    The Guardsman walked over to Erik’s cell and opened the door. “As you wish.” With a small device made from the same metagross-type metal as the bars, he pressed against the chains, undoing them one by one. “If you think of running away or breaking into the pilot’s stables to fly away, you will be caught and killed.”

    Erik nodded, understanding. His hands shook as the Guardsman led him up the stairs, away from the dungeon.

    An hour later, Aaron Piscar sat up on the rickety, broken bed. The tropius wood was collapsing under the harsh cold. He planted his feet and walked toward the bars at the front of his cell. The rustling sounds of the chains wrapped around his arms, legs and stomach echoed through the chamber. How did we lose? He took another step, but the chains pulled against him. Where’s Erik? His vision was fuzzy, and he tried to remember what had happened.

    “I still have my tongue, at least,” he muttered to himself. Keeping quiet is the best option. Aaron sighed and undid his blue uniform jacket. “Someone stitched it?” he said, glancing at his stomach. Why would he do that? Aaron took a deep breath. The last thing he remembered was vague, but he recalled a battle with his father’s aegislash and the pokémon being too fast for his salamence. Erik dropped his blade to rush to his side. Then, his memories faded to black.

    Aaron shook his head and tried to steady his legs. He glanced across the chamber and saw who he assumed to be was Erik. Even with fuzzy vision, Aaron could tell that Erik’s face was bloodied from where he had been punched and kicked, undoubtedly by the monster he called father.

    A sinking feeling filled his stomach as he saw the bruises on his brother. What happened to Mylious? Is Clarence okay? Traitor. What about my pokémon? His head dizzied at the rush of questions surging through.

    He was disarmed, alone and scared.

    “Erik!” he cried out, hoping to get his older brother’s attention. Aaron’s shout faded into a whisper as he added, “Please… what’s going to happen now?” He slumped back down on the bed. “I am sorry. I was wrong… It’s my fault. I screwed up… You should have let me die… let me die and stopped him…”

    The door to the dungeon opened, and the sound of boots tapped on the stone floor. The growls of houndooms filled the air. Their twisted horns and sharp teeth dimmed whatever hope was left in the dungeon. A looming figure stepped forward, twirling his moustache and pulling back his long black hair. “My, my. My two traitorous sons in cells, chained up like the creatures you are. What would your mother think? Perhaps she would be disappointed, or perhaps she’d plead with me to spare your ungrateful lives.”

    “Fuck off!” Erik shouted out.

    One of the houndoom snapped at Erik, baring its teeth as fire rose into its mouth.

    Erik scurried back, covering his face with his arms. A burn on my arm is better than my face, especially if the pain lasts for eternity.

    From across the room, Aaron’s timid voice said, “Dad?”

    Lord Captain Von Recht drew his sword and pointed it through the bars at Aaron. “Be quiet, runt!” His blue uniform barely clung onto his shoulders.

    “Ah, Aaron, you are awake too. I see. I assume breaking through the west wall and attacking the citadel’s weak structural integrity was your idea? Always the tactician. Never the best fighter, though. Your timing was impeccable, I must say. Although a spy is a valuable tool, don’t you agree?” He paused, leering down at Aaron despite being the same height as his youngest son. “When I find your spy, I will make them suffer the most unbearable pain, and only when they finally beg for death will I sell them off. I won’t bless them with death.” Lord Elite Piscar smirked and glanced over to Lord Captain Von Recht, who nodded back at him. “While you two are both… awake… we have determined that you are both to be executed for treason,” Lord Elite Ellio Piscar said with a smirk.

    “You can’t kill Aaron! He’s protected by the Hamilton Accords!” Erik shouted. “He’s 22!”

    With a chuckle, Lord Captain Von Recht stepped forward and grabbed Erik’s shirt through the bars. “Oh, you silly boy. Do you really think we care about some petty law from those old coots? They are both dead. Their laws died with them. The same fate awaits your friends, allies, or whatever you want to call those fools who followed you into battle. Of course, if you want to be spared…” He raised an eyebrow and looked to the Lord Elite for a reaction.

    Lord Piscar cleared his throat and glared at Erik and then at Aaron. “I have no mercy for traitors. You aren’t my sons. You’ll fight to the death, and the winner, I will have hanged in the gallows in the square. Sleep well.” He turned and stepped up onto the twisting stone stairs. “Von Recht, drop him. Oh, and knock Aaron out. I can’t have him spoiling the fun tomorrow with an escape plan or something that the little shit could pull off. Erik was always the stronger of the two, but alas...” He turned and glared at his son.

    With a shove, Lord Captain Von Recht pushed Erik back onto the cold stone floor. He turned his attention to Aaron. “As you wish, my Lord Elite.” He bowed his head and walked over to Aaron.

    "This is a game of cyriok, and both you and I know he isn't capable of planning. What were you going to do, Erik? Make Aaron your Lord Captain, and have him control the military as well as the Guard? The whole battle was Aaron's plan, after all..." Lord Elite Piscar waved his hand once, before departing with his Lord Captain in tow.

    I’ll do anything. Anything to save you, Aaron. Anything, Erik thought. I am so sorry…

    The sound of Aaron hitting the floor rang out and echoed in the chamber. The door slammed shut, and the footsteps disappeared into the distance. All the Guardsmen had gone. No one was there to watch him.

    “I demand to see my father at once!” a voice said.

    Erik scanned the chamber, only stopping when he saw a chatot on the window sill at the end of the cell block. Wait, that Guardsman…? His eyes shot wide open. For the first time in my life, it’s my turn to be like you, Aaron. He called out, “Hey, come here… please… I need you, creature… no, I need your help, please… tell your trainer the following…”
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