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Event Creatémon Challenge: Science vs. Magic

Discussion in 'Summer Scramble 2024' started by BZRich64, Jul 5, 2024.

  1. BZRich64

    BZRich64 The Mustachiod Machamp

    Late For A Date
    Level 18
    Jun 12, 2017
    Creatémon Challenge: Summer Scramble Edition

    The theme this year is 'Science vs. Technology'. Your task is to create-a-mon that expresses one of those two themes in some way. If you're signed up to one of the two SS teams, then you need to pick the one that corresponds to your team. If you're not in one of the teams but still want to participate, then feel free to pick either.

    Rules and Info

    • Each entry must include a name, type and some form of visual representation. Other details are not required but could help your chances of success.
    • Any art style can be used for the visual part of the entry.
    • All submissions must contain at least one Fakemon or alternate form created specifically for the event. Evolutions/pre-evolutions/alternate forms of official Pokémon will be accepted. Evolutions, etc. of pre-existing fakemon that you created may be included in an entry as long as you add at least one new form for the event, which must be specified in your post.
    • Entries may be submitted as individuals or worked on in teams. If you want to work in a group, then one member will submit the entry here, with a list of everyone who worked on it and what they did.
    • All submissions must follow the rules of Lake Valor. No offensive or NSFW content.
    • Any participant caught plagiarizing or using AI image generation will be disqualified.

    The staff team will then review both team's submissions and hold a vote to determine the top three entries. This will be primarily subjective and so each staff member will likely have their own criteria for which they think is 'better', but some general guidelines to keep in mind are:
    Does your creation feel like it could be a real Pokémon?
    Did you include any extra details beyond the listed requirements?
    Do your concept and final creation feel cohesive and self-consistent?
    Do you and your teammates feel satisfied with the work you put in?

    Prizes and Deadlines

    1st Place: 200 pp + SS2024 Winner's Medal + 150 Scramble points for your team
    2nd Place: 150 pp + SS2024 Winner's Medal + 100 Scramble points for your team
    3rd Place: 100 pp + SS2024 Winner's Medal + 50 Scramble points for your team
    Consolation Prize: SS2024 Participation Medal + 10 Scramble points for your team

    Submissions must be posted in this thread by 11:59pm EST on August 2nd​
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