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Create an Evil Team - Results!

Discussion in 'Creative Zone' started by Halcyon Storm, Dec 7, 2014.

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  1. Halcyon Storm

    Halcyon Storm Joking motive

    Level 11
    Sep 25, 2013
    Thanx to everyone who entered my Crazy Contest! It is now time to reveal who of the participants has won the grande prize of​

    $7500 PokéPoints
    After reading through all the amazing entries, I simply couldn't decide which entry should be the winning one... So I decided to make the first place a tie, between these two participants:​
    [member='Malc Modnar'] and [member='Gengar's Grin']!!!​
    Malc's entry:
    Team Gestalt
    an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts."

    Team Gestalt was founded on a single vision: power. Its leaders hold no false pretense of altruism, no noble goals for the world. They pursue power, to dominate and control, to rule no matter the cost. In this regard, they are terrifyingly efficient.

    Team Gestalt was founded on the vision of a single man: Ghetsis. When his schemes in Unova failed, Ghetsis retreated into hiding, his will broken by defeat. For years he hid, his mind shattered, wasting away in the dark of his last hidden stronghold. From this madness emerged an obsession: revenge. He would have his vengeance on the world that wronged him. He would have his victory... and, in the quiet depths of his sanctum, he found the answer.

    In the following months, Ghetsis wandered the world, travelling from region to region. In Hoenn, he met the disillusioned leaders of teams Magma and Aqua, bitter from their failure and hungry for a cause to fight for. In Sinnoh, he found the remnants of Team Galactic, still driven to rule and reshape the world. And in Kanto, he spoke with Giovanni of Team Rocket, whose ambition had never wavered despite his multiple defeats. To each, he made the same offer: alone, their organizations had failed, their goals too great for their means. Their enemies had never stood alone - why should they? Together, they could achieve their goals. Together, they could rule.

    And so Team Gestalt was born. Under this new banner, these organizations pooled their resources towards a single goal: control. From Team Rocket's vast criminal empire came funding, the wealth to fuel their schemes. From the laboratories of Team Galactic came some of the most brilliant and amoral scientists the world has ever known. From teams Magma and Aqua came a legion of historians and archaeologists. And from the ranks of Team Plasma came trainers, whose empathy and zeal made them excellent Pokémon handlers.

    Today, Team Gestalt has a presence in every major region. They operate in secret, through dozens of front businesses and organizations. Their hidden research centers work day in and day out to unlock the ancient secrets of the universe, while their agents stage covert raids on laboratories and museums across the world. In working together, they have discovered a terrible truth: the legends can be controlled. By expanding on the work of Charon on the Red Chain, studying the mysterious power of the Red and Blue Orbs, and even going so far as to raid abandoned Cypher and Dim Sun laboratories in Orre and Almia, they have begun to develop a machine capable of controlling Pokémon. Not simply one or two, but every Pokémon, everywhere, legend or not. Already, simplified versions have been developed and issued to special operatives, with which they can enslave wild Pokémon, if only for a time. Although loyalty to a trainer can negate this effect, Gestalt scientists are confident they can find a solution. It's only a matter of time.

    Lower ranking members of Team Gestalt do not wear a single uniform, to avoid detection.

    Proxies are the lowest ranking members, and compose the bulk of Team Gestalt's forces. Proxies always work under the direct supervision of an Operator, as Team Gestalt is painfully aware how incompetent the lowest ranks can be. They tend to wear heavy coats to better conceal stolen goods or special equipment (although Proxies are rarely issued any of Team Getalt's proprietary technology). To identify themselves, they usually carry a simple metal disk etched with the team's logo stitched into their coats or jackets. When exposed, they will reveal this logo in an attempt to intimidate their opponents.

    Next in line are the Operators, who are tasked with managing most Gestalt field operations. Their clothing is generally cleaner and more refined, with many Operators wearing simple suits. Like Proxies, they carry the Gestalt logo on a metal disk stitched into their clothing, and will reveal it when their cover is blown. All Operators also carry a simple radio, to communicate with Gestalt HQ.

    Arbiters are upper-level Gestalt operatives. Unlike their subordinates, Arbiters are assigned only to the most important missions. Arbiters are also the lowest ranks issued a uniform: a featureless white suit, with the Gestalt logo on a silver medallion. Arbiters also bear a strange, glove-like device with a large red jewel on the back of the hand - The Domination Gauntlet, first of Team Gestalt's control devices - as well as a simple earpiece radio.

    Controllers are the commanding officers of Team Gestalt. Wearing ornate white suits with matching capes and a gold medallion bearing their organization's logo, Controllers are second only to Ghetsis himself. Each controller has a distinct appearance and specialty:

    Gestalt Controllers Mars and Jupiter both wear Advanced Domination Gauntlets, bulky prototypes that cover the arm up to the shoulder and bear three red jewels along the forearm. Mars and Jupiter both specialize in field operations.
    Gestalt Controller Giovanni carries a Domination Cane, a clean, elegant machine with three small, red jewels set into its side. Giovanni is often tasked with management, public affairs, and finance.
    Gestalt Controllers Courtney and Tabitha carry Domination Scepters, simple devices topped with a large red jewel.
    Gestalt Controllers Shelly and Matt each carry a Domination Cutlass, ornate blades with a large red jewel set into the hilt. Along with Courtney and Tabitha, they head Team Gestalt's archaeological research division.
    Gestalt Controller Charon is clad in a heavy lab coat over a simple white outfit, and carries the complex Domination Harness strapped to his chest. As Team Gestalt's head of research and development, he is also their expert in science and technology.

    At the top is Gestalt's Chief Controller - Ghetsis. Clad in a flowing, pure white robe, Ghetsis commands the entire team from his hidden command center. He carries with him the Domination Blade, a broadsword-like device with the Gestalt logo on a broad disk over the hilt, inset with five red gems. Not only does the Blade allow for easy control over even the strongest Pokémon, it is also key to operating Gestalt's greatest device - the Domination Engine, a towering machine built at the heart of their base. Once operational, this machine will allow for flawless, unbreakable control of every Pokémon in the world.

    A new day is dawning. From the ashes of five failures, a single force has emerged. Let the world tremble before Team Gestalt.

    This whole storyline is extremely well thought out, with every little detail explained. I like the name Team Gestalt a lot, as well as the new rankings in the teams! I hope you'll enjoy your well-earned $7500 PokéPoints!​
    Gengar's entry:
    Team Novum

    Regional Leaders:
    -Kanto: Giovanni
    -Johto: Archer
    -Hoenn: Zinnia
    -Sinnoh: Cyrus
    -Unova: Colress

    True leader: AZ

    Team Novum wishes to recreate the "imperfect" universe and unite all life, dead and alive, into one massive entity, a "collective unconsciousness," existing as one mind. This plan has 5 parts:

    1. The regional leaders will track down and capture Legendary Pokémon. The main Legendaries they're after are trio masters (Lugia, Ho-Oh, Rayquaza, Regigigas, Kyruem, and Landerous), as well as Mew, Mewtwo, the creation trio, and the lake trio; the most of the other Legendaries will be drawn to the capture of their fellow trio members and/or their trio overlord. As they collect the Legendaries, the teams will also look for clue that might point to the location of the mystical Azure Flute.

    2. If the Azure Flute cannot be found (Uxie having deleting it from its memory or something), hook them up to a machine made by Colress and any other Novum scientists that will create an artificial Azure Flute from the Legendaries' mystical energies.

    3. Use the Azure Flute to make the Hall of Origin appear, and thus, Arceus.

    4. Subdue Arceus, probably with the other Legendary Pokémon, and get it under control.

    5. Use Arceus' power to recreate the universe, destroying it and remaking it into a "perfect" universe where all of life past and present is united into one entity, a universe where death, pain, and betrayal do not exist.

    AZ was blessed by Xerneas, granting him immortal life. He was the only survivor of the Great Kalos War, where his younger brother betrayed him and caused the ultimate weapon to utterly destroy Kalos and all its inhabitants, including his beloved Floette. These events twisted AZ, and as the world around him aged he grew more and more disillusioned with it. He began plotting to recreate the world as he saw best: originally planning to just revive all the fallen of the War, now he wishes to create a universe where there is no death, nothing to cause wars, and in essence give everyone past and present immortality, like a modern-day Messiah. People and Pokémon alike would essentially be united into one being. Despite his madness, AZ is a clear-headed and perceptive individual, often able to divine the actions an opponent might take against him and make a counterplan. AZ is the last pure-blooded Kalosian, and since 3000+ years have passed since the death of the region, Kalosian blood has been all but eradicated in the rest of the world.

    For the regional leaders:

    -Giovanni: The Ground-type specialist was drawn to join Team Novum by the massive amounts of monetary gains he could make and a high position of power in AZ's new world. Despite this, he views AZ a threat to his organization and plots to overthrow him, a fact AZ is aware of. He is arguably the most powerful regional leader, since he basically controls Johto as well due to Archer's loyalty to him. He has been tasked to track and capture the most elusive Pokémon and its clone, Mew and Mewtwo.

    -Archer: While Archer is in command of the Johto legion of Team Novum, he continues to see himself as just another subordinate of Giovanni; if Giovanni commands him to obey or betray AZ, he will betray everything else to follow his true commander's wishes. He has been primarily assigned finding the phoenix and the storm-bringer, Ho-Oh and Lugia.

    -Zinnia: The mysterious Zinnia was actually the first one to spark the conflict between Teams Magma and Aqua in their race to awaken Groudon and Kyogre. As the Lorekeeper, Zinnia watched the battle with great interest, especially when Rayquaza appeared and drove the two feuding Pokémon away. AZ approached her and convinced her it was her birthright to awaken Rayquaza again to help change the world for the better. Zinnia now holds the reins of Maxie and Archie as they set into motion the events that will wake the weather trio once more, and it is her duty to subdue the emerald dragon when it awakens. Zinnia manipulates her team from in the shadows, having Archie and Maxie's antics take the spotlight.

    -Cyrus: AZ found him in the Distortion world and convinced him to come back and help make his dream a reality. It didn't take much convincing, as the end goal would be very similar to Cyrus's original dream. He has been assigned arguably the hardest mission of all: capturing the creation and lake trios without the aid of the trio master.

    -Colress: The scientist inherited the remains of Team Plasma after Ghetsis's second defeat and subsequent insanity. He is motivated by the vast amount of data he would be able to collect in achieving AZ's goal of the capture of Legendary Pokémon and even meeting the legendary Arceus. He has the task of capturing Kyruem and Landerous.

    For the most part, all the uniforms for Team Novum are simply the original teams' outfits but with a coloring redesign. The official colors are dark grey, black, and a splash of yellow, like the team's official logo:

    (except, y'know, better cause I suck at making things lol)


    (Malc actually made this for me and I'm supeeeesssss grateful like you wouldn't believe)

    This logo represents the sunrise: the sun rising up out of the darkness to relight the world once more. It symbolizes AZ's desire to recreate the universe out of the darkness he perceives it to be, as well as reminding them of their "unattainable" goal: to find and control the Alpha Pokémon Arceus.

    Where all the original logos would be (ex: on chest for ex-Rockets, on bandanas of ex-Aquas), the sunrise logo of Team Novum replaces it. All the bosses have slight differences to their usual boss attire, however:

    -Giovanni: Black trench coat and fedora with regular suit underneath, Novum badge instead of Rocket badge

    -Archer: Retains his white suit, but has Novum badge on breast

    -Zinnia: Keeps her cape-cloak thing, the red cord-belt, and the red crescents on her shirt, Novum emblem on the back of her cape

    -Cyrus: Keeps the lighter color of his vest, Novum emblem on breast

    -Colress: Retains white lab coat, Novum badge on outer labcoat pocket

    -AZ: Mostly original look, but less shabby. Red hat is black with a small sunrise in front, back of gloves have mini-sunrises, scarf is a dull orangish red, and armbands and legbands are dull yellow. Novum emblem on the front of shirt/jacket/sweatshirt/whatever it is, and no sack on his back.
    Not only is this entry really good by itself, it gave me various great ideas that I didn't think of myself. I didn't think about Archer or Colress a single time, until I read this entry. This is a very detailed entry, with a lot of creativity put into the plot. Enjoy your $7500 PokéPoints!​
    Everyone else who joined will receive the participation prize of $1000 PokéPoints! Here are all the other entries:​
    [member='Darkest Ninja']
    Why did all the evil organizations suddenly decided to form one huge team?

    The simple fact of try to rule the world and own the power, and also the hidden power of the Pokémon, made the different organizations establish a cartel dedicated only to the global control.

    What is their motive?

    The motive is simple, combine all the dark forces to became one unbeatable and powerful organization.

    What are they trying to achieve and how?

    They have discovered a secret power related with Mega Rayquaza's Power and the Legendary Pokémon Azelf (Team Ragnarok doesn't know its location cof cof Lake Valor cof cof). A scientific said that controlling both powers plus Musharna's smoke (scientific factor very important to create a cloud that will give the capacity of controlling mind of the Pokémon), they would be able to control not only the Pokémon (like Team Galaxy thought), also the human's mind. So the plan is that, obtain the Green Orb, find Azelf, combine the powers of Azelf and Rayquaza (and Musharna smoke), create a specific weather (with the clouds) and take control of the world. Compilation of Plans : Team Galaxy = "Free the Pokémon", Team Aqua and Magma = Manipulate the weather for evil goals, Team Rocket= Rule the World, Team Flare: Create a beautiful World only for a few persons.

    What is the name of the organization?

    The correct name is Team Ragnarok (The End Of the World in Nordic Mythology).

    What does their outfit look like? (Do members from different original teams still have varying outfits, or are they all identical?)

    The outfits still the same for each organization, The presentation or tittles of the members will sound like this "Lieutenant Cole from Rocket Division". This member is from Team Rocket but he has the "Lieutenant" tittle on the Team Ragnarok (It is an example I am not creating a character)

    What is their logo?

    The logo in this accesories (that could be used by the organization's leaders) can be good. (Rayquaza's Logo)


    Why did all the evil organizations suddenly decided to form one huge team?

    A new Team rises to power and brainwashes other teams. Thus, all teams are under this one teams control.

    What is their motive?

    They are using the other teams to gain legendary Pokémon in order to create a new world of their own.

    What are they trying to achieve and how?

    Creation of their own world. (Magma-Groudon+Aqua-Kyogre+Galactic-Dialga,Palkia,Arceus+Plasma-Reshiram,Zekrom+Flare-Xerneas,Yvetal+Rocket-Rayquaza)

    What is the name of the organization?

    Team Beta

    What does their outfit look like? (Do members from different original teams still have varying outfits, or are they all identical?)

    Team Beta's uniform is almost what you would see in Tron. The other teams still have their own uniforms.

    What is their logo?

    Their logo is the Beta symbol.
    Why did all the evil organizations suddenly decide to form one huge team?

    Because every team in the past has failed. Every great push by a criminal organization has been brought down by meddling kids. Embarrassed and thwarted, the teams come together as defeated parties who haven't given up the fight just yet. They're bringing out the biggest guns they have, combining all of their forces in one final effort to seek their collective goal, which is really a mishmash of all of their goals that they hope will hold them together long enough to achieve their motive.

    What is their motive?

    What has nearly every team sought in the past, aside from power? Change. Magma and Aqua wanted to change the balance of the world, Galactic wanted to destroy the world and make a better, changed version, Plasma wanted to change the way humans and Pokémon interact by removing that interaction entirely, and Flare wanted to change the world for the better by using the weapon to destroy all humans and Pokémon aside from their members. Team Rocket is kinda just in it for the money, so you could easily have them be tagging along for the profit. Their motive is really just that they want change that benefits themselves, but also that they want revenge on the ones who embarrassed them in the beginning, starting with the Pokémon professors.

    What are they trying to achieve and how?

    They want to continue what they started, changing the world into a more beneficial place for them. In pursuit of this, they seek to capture every legendary Pokémon and use their combined powers to awaken Arceus, the creator. They will convince Arceus that the universe has become broken and twisted, and implore him to create a new universe where the faithful can begin again. They could succeed too, if there isn't a brave trainer willing to convince Arceus that there is good left in this world before it is too late...

    What is the name of the organization?

    Team Origin.

    What does their outfit look like? (Do members from different original teams still have varying outfits, or are they all identical?)

    All grunts wear a plain white outfit, with the colors of their previous team stitched on the right shoulder and Team Origin's logo on their chest. Admins have an all black outfit with the colors of their previous team stitched on the left shoulder and Team Origin's logo on their chest. The group leaders wear a white outfit that resembles a ceremonial robe, with Team Origin's logo in the colors of their old team on their chest.

    What is their logo?

    Team Origin's logo is the earth surrounded by Arceus' golden cross-like wheel (the golden thing around his stomach). It is usually simply monochrome, but on the leaders it is colored to match their old team.
    Why did all the evil organizations suddenly decided to form one huge team?

    The teams have always been one but they were shadow led by a head organization. now that the leaders of the organizations have disbanded the tames, the shadow leadership is taking full control

    What is their motive?/ What are they trying to achieve and how?

    they want to get revenge for their teams collapse, as well as a little world power perhaps. this could include striking at the professors and their starter Pokémon, or the former player characters, or the Pokémon league. they could even try to get a hold of multiple legendaries in order to create their own region where they would rule. I'm not totally sure

    What is the name of the organization?

    Team Darklight

    What does their outfit look like? (Do members from different original teams still have varying outfits, or are they all identical?)

    not sure, maybe black jumpsuit, rocket style, with a White D on it

    What is their logo?

    A white D with a blue L inside it.
    Team Terminus

    The name of this team is Team Terminus. They are the culmination of the efforts of Team Plasma plans to gather the remnants of Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, and Team Galactic (and also maybe Team Flare if you want to include those orange-suited fabulous men). Even though most of the teams had lost their leaders, Ghetsis returned with a vengeance after recovering from his defeat in B2/W2 and a plan to take over the world with the help of various other villainous groups. However, most of the remaining members (excluding leaders; if you've played the game, you'd know that most of the leaders basically gave up on their cause) that still stayed true to their cause were fanatics and devoted zealots; indeed, it took intense efforts on the parts of Ghetsis and various sub-leaders to get Team Aqua and Team Magma to even co-exist. No one decided (least of all suddenly) to work together; they are merely helping each other to accomplish something that will make them all happy. It's an added bonus that they get to wipe out any adversaries in the process, since, you know, they kinda get to reshape the worlds to how they want them to be, complete with no resistance due to fear of the legendary Pokémon.

    The name, Team Terminus, comes from, well, its definition of succinctly meaning "the end". Not only are they bringing an end to the current world, but to life as most know it and will bring forward a new one. I could've used Team Genesis, but we're not really starting anything, are we? Other than world domination, of course.

    Their motive is to recreate several worlds in a new version of this dimension, not just one Earth. Team Galactic had the relevant information supplying the overall plot with their knowledge of the Red Chain of the Lake Trio and the Creation Trio. Team Plasma knew of the legendary Tao Trio (and you know, the other teams so that they could team up) that could keep the people subdued while they followed through with their plans. Team Aqua and Team Magma had the knowledge of the Weather Trio and the whereabouts of the Red and Blue Orb that could give rise to new terrain when the new worlds were created. Team Rocket had funds and manpower to back up their plans. (Team Flare is made up of a bunch of losers. Seriously though, X/Y had so much wasted potential. The soundtrack sucked, the animations sucked, a lot of moves sucked, etc.) Together, they make up Team Terminus.

    Let's be real here, though, Team Aqua and Team Magma are going to be seriously at odds. Even though they may be on (technically, I mean) the same side, they have completely different goals and even though there are going to be separate worlds, they want their dreams for Pokémon to be universal. However, I think that it would be interesting to show the different members teaming up with Pokémon from their respective regions. Let's be real, despite their inherent rivalry, all the Teams have a more uniting hatred of the Dexholders, the Professors, and the "enemy". They're all canonically 10, and they've defeated an entire villainous team. Actually, you know what would be cool? If the previous trainers of all of the regions (and also you, the player) teamed up to take on Team Terminus in the same fashion that the B/W gym leaders did in the N's Castle bit with the Seven Sages, excluding that little bitch Ghetsis.

    Anyway, let's just get to describing the worlds. Team Rocket rules the world, Team Aqua has a world of complete water, Team Magma has a world of complete land, and... Actually, I just realized that Team Galactic, Team Rocket, and Team Plasma want essentially the same thing. They want to rule the world. Team Aqua and Team Magma were the only really original ones. Yeah.

    To achieve their goals, there are several steps. Team Terminus must first capture the Tao Trio to subdue the people. (This step can be skipped, which could be an integral part of the storyline as the main character stops Team Terminus at this point but they still go ahead with their plans.) Then, Team Terminus must capture the Lake Trio to create the Red Chain to summon the Creation Trio to create the new worlds. The Weather Trio will then be used to alter the terrain of the worlds. To clone more Pokémon to populate the new worlds, it could be said that the Mew duo must be captured... though I suppose only Mew or a fragment of Mew is really needed for the job as Mewtwo can be created out of the fragments and Mew's DNA contains the information on basically every Pokémon in existence. (Edit: Check below for other legendaries.)

    Though their outfits more or less remain the same (the most current versions; Team Aqua and Team Magma have their ORAS suits and Neo Plasma has the black outfit rather than the B/W white colored one), the usual iconic symbol on their clothing is replaced with the new Team Terminus icon, a supernova to represent the eventual creation of a new world and yet the current destruction of an old one. (Note that he supernova doesn't have to be a particular set image; I'll leave that to you. After all, there are a lot of different supernovas based on shape, color, size, etc.)

    I have a lot of ideas for this, such as some of the people in Team Terminus finding slight objections to the plan. Though they're not exactly traitors, I imagine them to be similar to some of the original Team Plasma members inside N's Castle in B/W. If you were talked to them, some of them expressed confusion over their Pokémon and about how some of them were so attached to them even though the members were using them. Some of them, however, were really all "Hahaha, I'm using these Pokémon and they're so dumb", which would be of those who joined Team Terminus. Some probably joined Team Terminus out of desperation for they weren't accepted for who they were in the past, even though they probably repented and went to jail for some time. They want these worlds as to be a place where they can be (relatively) safe, be accepted, and be a part of society without being shunned and whatnot. Though let's be serious here, most of them are going to be huge jerks with no real concern for their Pokémon. That's how a majority of Team Rocket, Plasma, and Galactic were and probably still are. Team Rocket is probably the biggest offender with a side business of chopping off Slowpoke tails and selling them. I'm calling Pokémon abuse on that shit.

    Team Terminus is such a great threat because they've been planning this for a long time. Like, a LOOONG time. Okay, for five years. But that's still a lot of time. In that time, they've slowly spread through the various regions, gathering recruits, making plans, doing stuff... Yeah, whatever evil teams do in their free time. Probably build sweet lounges. Have you seen the cool member's lounge in the hideout in the submarine? But, I digress. Anyway, the basic setup for the ranks are of the regular grunts, then the specialists, then the admins, and then the leaders. No one holds a particularly higher role than each other in the leader role; those who used to be admins were elevated to this role. Many, however, had still left. Of course, recruitment swelled their ranks once again. (Except for Team Aqua and Team Magma, of course. Their teams were just way too crazy for most people. Who the hell wants to make the world into pure ocean or pure land???)

    Edit: I've figured out a way to implement the other Legendary Pokémon. First, the Legendary birds, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno, and the Legendary dogs, Entei, Suicune, and Raikou, are important in summoning the Tower duo, Ho-Oh and Lugia. Ho-Oh and Lugia are needed for that shock and awe effect on the people, similar to the Tao Trio.

    Celebi is trash. Celebi is worthless. However, Celebi can travel through time. HOWEVER, Celebi is still worthless trash. Please ignore this onion fairy piece of trash.

    Meanwhile, the Regi trio and their subsequent trio master, Regigigas, are needed to move the land past what Groudon and Kyogre can do; after all, Groudon and Kyogre only created the terrain, not move it around and form the current regions. (And, like, you know, the real world. Because as

    stated by multiple sources, apparently the Pokémon universe is just our universe with more land bits.)

    The Eon duo are the key to traveling super fast to places. Let's just assume that. I mean, like, let's be serious here, they can fly at jet speed and they don't really do much other than fly around and be super friendly to the player. They're pretty okay in OU, but they don't really fit in as a "holy shit guys we need to capture these Pokémon to take over the world" thing. You don't really need them to take over the world.

    Jirachi and Deoxys have no reason to be here either, and I don't think there's a way to fit them into the plot. Let's be serious here, why do you need - Oh. Right, Jirachi grants wishes and Deoxys is a super powerful space virus that will most definitely wreck your shit. Yeah, that's a pretty good reason to capture them...

    The Lunar Duo could possibly be used to manipulate people. Like I said, I'm really grasping at straws here. I want to incorporate all the Legendary Pokémon, but there's not a lot of ways to put them into the plot. Anyway, dreams are a super good way to manipulate people into doing what you want them to do. Imagine plaguing a top-ranking politician with nightmares for days... anyone would break after some time and give in to Team Terminus' demands, which could explain how they got so far into the world's governments.

    Sea guardians (Phione, Manaphy) are also trash. Forget these blue blobs. (You might be able to tell here that I am 40000% done and I have no idea what to do with all these Legendaries.)

    Heatran, Shaymin... there's too many Pokémon. I'll get around to the rest later.
    Why did all of the evil organizations suddenly decide to form one huge team? All of their leaders have been so "Bossy" to all of them, so they decided for all of them to be their own leaders. That way they could do what they wanted to do.

    What is their motive? They all want to rule their own worlds. And now no one can stop them from ruining their plans. They'll all get the items they needed before, and now no one can stop them from doing so, since they're now one. And with all the Pokémon they can control, they will be unbeatable.

    What are they trying to achieve and how? They all want to take over all the Pokémon in the world. With doing so, they will have the items they need to make their worlds, and they will have an unbeatable team too.

    What is the name of the organization? Team Trigger. They always say this. "When you pull the trigger, a new Pokémon is now taken over" That meaning they have a device called the Triggerizer. They point the device at the Pokémon they want to control, they pull the trigger, and the Pokémon is then theirs.

    What does their outfit look like? (Do members from different original teams still have varying outfits, or are they all identical?) They are still all the same. That's because they don't want anyone to know that they have formed one team now.

    What is their logo? http://static.ipaust...8537.1.high.jpg - kinda like that
    Team Pabulum

    After getting rekt by the protagonist, all the teams were tired. First, they took a nap, but when they woke up, they were hungry. So they joined forces to make delicious food for all!

    They started by eating the Slowpoke tails that were still in Team Rocket's storeroom, but, when that failed, they turned to new methods: farming!

    Why would they need the legendaries, you ask? Well, the answer is simple: They needed to turn the entire region into a giant Slowpoke farm, so they could make the ultimate Grill and Bar! :D


    Of course, there were a few other types of food they wanted, so they needed Jirachi to help them wish those into existence. These people don't want to fight, they just want a happy, all-you-can-eat buffet! Sadly, Slowpoke tails are short in supply, so only the few, affluent people can eat them. Sadly, many customers of Team Pabulum never get to try these delicacies.

    But... the protagonist won't allow that. Oh no, he won't. Do you know why? Because he/she is secretly evil! I mean, how could you not love an all-you-can-eat Slowpoke-tail buffet? :P

    Team Pabulum has bases all around the world, under the pseudonyms "McSlowpoke's", "Slowpoke King", and "Slowpoke in a Box." They're the equivalent of a massive fast-food chain. Each team controls one franchise of the chain, in the region. Thus, they wear different uniforms.

    The Grunts work 8 hours a day, sleep 8 hours a day, and play with their Snorlax 8 hours a day. In addition, they have many benefits, including free Potions, a $10k Pokedollar wage monthly, and free housing.

    The Admins, however, have it a bit harder. They never have strikes, and get paid more, but have to deal with those annoying customers who never like what they get. They also have to deal with the protagonist, who apparently hates fast-food.

    Their logos include a giant, Yellow S, a Slowpoke in a box, and a Slowpoke burger.

    Did I mention that Slowpoke tails are low in fat and sodium, and rich in essential vitamins and proteins? :D


    Also, I'm pretty sure Xerosic figured out how to steal people's Pokémon already.
    Why did all the evil organizations suddenly decided to form one huge team?

    According to legend discovered deep in the Sinnoh Underground by none other than Roark, Arceus was not the true creator. This god was merely a hoax. The real god was in fact closer to human than he was Pokémon. This legendary creator created the universe in a beautiful state, but something rivalled him. The evil entity, Dark Rust, was created by hatred and sorrow, and emerged in a beast form. The god fought Dark Rust in an epic duel, and most of the universe was destroyed in the process. Using the remainder of his power, the god created Arceus to restore it, and sealed Dark Rust deep within a key. The god then died, leading Arceus to create the universe as we know it and seal Dark Rust on Earth in an unknown location. Roark was intrigued by this discovery, but was kidnapped by a mysterious man. This man turned out to be Cyus; in the Distortion World, Cyrus had been able to communicate with Giratina, and able to convince him that he was a changed man. He escaped, and had heard snippits of the discovery. Upon being shown the murals by Roark, he ordered a speech in front of all of the previous team leaders, asking them to hear his plea. He only wanted one thing: Dark Rust's return.

    What is their motive?

    Team Supernova only want one thing, that being the return of Dark Rust to his beast form, to oppose Arceus and destroy the universe. Cyrus doesn't want to recreate it this time; he just wants everything to turn into ruin for what's happened to him. Maxie, Archie, Colress, Giovanni and a Team Flare member called Dan (proclaimed as the new leader of Team Flare) all thought this was an interesting motive and were blown away by Cyrus's speech, and agreed to help.

    What are they trying to achieve and how?

    The team wants to destroy the universe and leave it in ruin, in payback for their suffering. To do this, they are going to have to collect the Silver Wing, Rainbow Wing, Red Orb, Blue Orb, Jade Orb, Adamant Orb, Lustrous Orb, Griseous Orb, Dark Stone, Light Stone, Xerneas's horns and Yveltal's wings. With all of these things in hand, they wish to free Dark Rust from the key once found, and use it to tackle Arceus, summoned with the Azure Flute. This applies to everyone except Dan. Dan secretly has another motive; he doesn't want to leave the universe in ruin. He wishes to ask Arceus, when the universe is under threat by Dark Rust, to fuse with himself, in hope of tackling Dark Rust and permanently becoming an omnipotent god, allowing him to create and recreate his own universe.

    What is the name of the organization?

    Team Supernova.

    What does their outfit look like? (Do members from different original teams still have varying outfits, or are they all identical?)

    All regular members where a black shirt with a burning star on them. The team leaders look similar to before, except they all of badges of this star on their uniform, that contain Key Stones needed for Mega Evolution.

    What is their logo?

    A star (a REAL star).
    Thanx to everyone for participating in my Crazy Contest, I hope you had fun with it :D
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