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Currently Enrolled Students

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Ryan, Jul 21, 2013.

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    Nov 21, 2012
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    Below is a list of our currently enrolled students, placed in alphabetical order and with all the details hidden under a spoiler tab.​
    Please note: This post contains active and deceased characters only.​

    Alastor Nightshade​
    Name: Alastor Nightshade
    Username: Trainer Ebony
    Dorm #: A4
    Class Schedule: Art, Combat, Forging, History, Magic, Potions
    Age: 17
    Appearance: A slender, pale figure, standing at 5'11. His body is draped in an oversized black long sleeved shirt and pants of a similar fasion. His face is veiled in a dark blue scarf that wraps most of his face, as well as his neck. The only uncovered part of his face is his right eye, which glows a light purple. Peeking through the scarf, and hanging over his head is his mid length Crimson hair, which stands out over his dark wrappings. Underneath his clothes, a majority of his body is wrapped in bandages, likely concealing a set of red markings which peek out under his uncovered right eye.
    Race: Shadow bender
    Pet: Albino Snake: Boethiah (Named after a dedric prince)
    Pet Powers: Invisibility, Paralizing Venom
    Attribute: Chaotic neutral
    Element: Shadow
    Powers: Shadow manipulation, letting him form both solid and intangible objects from shadows, matching the real thing in feeling, such as weapons with sharp blades, body doubles that would feel like hitting the real thing, etc. This ability is limited by 'shadow mass', meaning he cant make more than what the shadow can provide. An example is that he couldnt make a solid shadow double from his shadow alone, as it would not provide enough 'shadow mass' to create a copy of his body. He could, however, create an intangible shadow double, as it wouldnt require any extra mass. With enough 'shadow mass', however, what can be created is only limited my ones imagination. He can, as he is now however, only maintain up to 4 solid shadows, or 10 illusions maximum at one time, and the more he trys to form or the larger the formation, the harder it is to manipulate them.
    Additionally, shadows can not be used in absolute darkness, as there is no way to draw a line between the shadows and the darkness. This problem goes away with the introduction of any light to the area, brining his abilities to their peak at sunrise and set, when shadows are at their biggest. He believes there is more to his abilities, and that the limits can be extended, or even broken with the right teacher.

    Bio: Shadow benders are the product of an ancient order known as 'The Veil' that study this unusual abiltiy, often committing dark rituals to grant this power for themselves, often in a misguided persuit of differing wishes, most commonly immortality. Alastors parents were once part of this order, and were devout followers. When Alastors mother became pregnanat, she was used in one of the orders rituals, which is how Alastor gained the abilities in utero. He was to be worshiped as a prophet in the order, not unlike the Buddha, once he came of age (10).
    Prior to reaching age 10, he lived a semi normal life, aside from the dark religion he was a part of. He had friends, went to school, and was completely unaware of his place in 'The Veil', despite the abilities occasionally showing themselves. However, once he came of age, all was revealed to him. He was taken to their temple, and told of his fate before being forcably scard with the full body tattoos that marked him as their prophet.
    For the months to follow, he was to stay in the temple, body bare to keep his tattoos exposed, while the members of The Veil gathered to worship him and try to understand his powers. The whole ordeal frightened the boy, as one would expect, and caused him to withdraw into himself durring the period afterward. He wouldnt speak or look at anyone, and would barely eat or drink what was brought to him.
    After the first year of this had nearly passed, finally Alastor moved from his near statue-like stillness. He stood, still not granting anyone his gaze, and his hands slowly rose from his sides, the entire collective order watching in awe of his every movement. This position was held, almost resembling that of one being crusified due to his lowered head, long enough for word to spread of his first movements since the ritual and the members of The Veil to collect to see their prophet. Once the mass of the group had collected, the doors shut on their own, Alastors head moved to view the group, and the lights dimmed at his motion. The collective grew silent, waiting for their prophets words. What came instead was the horrid scream of his first victems, his parents. His father appeared to have a dark blade through his chest, while his mother had been chopped in half at the waist. As the group came to relize what had occured, most quickly scrambled for the doors, while some accepted this as the way to the gifts they desired. Either way, none of them made it out alive, each killed by the shadows they worshiped turned on them. He walked out that day with the first smile he had worn in a year, his bare, pale body stained with blood
    Alister wrapped his body to conceal the marks that remind him of that place, and for the next 6 years, he drifted, attempting to get as far from this whole thing as possible. Its unknown to him how he reached the plane of reality the Academy exists in, perhapse he was guided by whatever diety granted him his cursed powers in the first place.
    Theme Song (Optional):

    Additional notes: The Veil unknowingly worshiped the creatures of the Twilight World, explaining the similarities in his abilities with that of a Shade.​

    Alice "Ally" Ahhls​
    Name: Alice "Ally" Ahhls​

    Username: ElizaBlaze​

    Dorm #: 8​

    Age: 15​

    Appearance: Tall with red scales that turn to orange, then yellow towards the extremities. Has amber eyes, claws, backspikes, tailspikes, chests scales, and wing membrane. Has a large sun shaped black tattoo on her shoulder.​

    Race: Draconian ((An anthro-dragon basically. D&D coined the name))​

    Pet: Tuxedo Cat named Teddy​

    Pet Powers: Can calm down people and get rid of a small amount negative emotion.​

    Attribute: Good..​

    Element: Fire​

    Powers: Can bring drawings to life with a fraction of their real powers, but the result is weak to water, fire, and erasers. Can also breathe fire.​

    Bio: Ally lived on a dormant volcano in a fire draconian tribe. Her parents did not have enough money to send her to Crisis academy, so she set out and had to work in Blackwind own for around a year. She finally worked up barely enough and decided to set out for Crisis Academy as fast as she could.​

    Theme Song (Optional): Nope.​

    Annabel Lee​
    Name: Annabel Lee
    Username: Vanillite
    Age: 18
    Dorm #: 3A
    Appearance: http://i.imgur.com/7IsAyIn.png
    Annabel is a beautiful young lady at the height of 5'7. Her wavy, golden hair wonderfully frames her angelic face, though occasionally her bangs cover her ocean blue eyes. At the age of eighteen, Annabel's slim, fragile frame became well-developed. She wears only one piece of jewelry; a beautiful crescent moon necklace her beloved Lucifer made for her when they were younger. She never takes it off.

    Race: Angel​
    Pet: Pan, the loyal Red Panda http://i.imgur.com/Aev372x.jpg

    Pet Powers: Pan is one with nature. The small ring tailed creature can make sharp spears of bamboo grow up quickly from the ground, potentially stabbing his enemies and without a doubt ensnaring them. The bamboo stalks he creates are extremely sturdy and can be climbed. The leaves on these bamboo stalks are something to watch out for! Pan can make the leaves sharp and poisonous, or smooth with healing abilities. Being one with nature, he can draw natural energy into his long tail, making it extremely hard. By doing this, he uses his tail as a club.​

    Like his master, Pan has control over light, though not as extensive as Annabel. The rings on his tail can light up brightly. Having so much light packed into his tail causes the fur on his tail to stand on end. To attack, he shakes his tail wildly, causing the light to fly off, striking the enemy like small needles. This red panda can also envelope his paws in light, making them appear larger and much fiercer. He can attack with his extended light claws. ​
    Pet Bio: Many, many years ago, Pan belonged to another angel named Carmichael. During a gruesome battle, the two were unfortunately sucked into the Chrono Realm. At the time, not much was known about the Chrono Realm. When they arrived Carmichael was on his death bed. Being a master of time, he cast a spell over his beloved pet, stopping Pan's aging process completely. The angel wanted his pet to find his way out of the Realm, return to the angels, and tell them all he could about this mysterious and dangerous realm. The spell could be broken only with the touch of an angel with time abilities. After casting the spell on Pan, Carmichael passed away.​

    Grief stricken and unable to leave the Realm, Pan walked alone for years. After what was probably a century, the red panda became enraged that he was unable to die. Distraught and infuriated, the Realm worked horrible wonders on him. His small, cute form turned large and wretched. The now savage beast rampaged throughout the realm for many years.​

    When Annabel arrived on his turf, things changed for the first time in many years. Enraged that someone dared come near him, he lashed out at her. The angelic young woman had trained herself, and had fought many monsters previously in the realm. She prepared for battle, calling forth butterflies of light.​

    As soon as the light made contact with Pan ragged pelt, something happened. The red panda shrank down to his original form, and felt as though a huge weight had been lifted on him. Small once again, he turned his brown eyes on Annabel, eyes full of happiness, yet there was some sorrow in them too. He'd finally found an angel to tell everything he knew.​

    Unfortunately for Pan, Annabel had to tell him that angels were becoming scarce. The only other angel Annabel knew was her mother. Upset and still loyal to the angelic race, Pan vowed to accompany, serve and protect Annabel for the rest of his days. Annabel was delighted by this; happy that she now had a friend. Pan was happy as well because Annabel reminded him of his previous master: kind and gentle. ​

    However, the two friends were ripped apart. Without warning, a hole with a powerful suction opened up in the realm, engulfing the angel and the red panda. Frightened, Pan closed his eyes. When he reopened them, he was happy to find that he had escaped the Chrono realm, though depressed that he had been separated from his new companion; Annabel.​

    Completely driven by his newfound reason for living, Pan set off to find Annabel. For a year, he followed the faint trail of Annabel's aura. Sharing the ability over light with Annabel, he was able to tell when/where the ability was used. Using this technique for over a year, he finally tracked down Annabel. He found her at Crisis Academy.​

    Attribute: Good. (could change later)
    Element: Light & Time

    Powers: Though Annabel does not like to show off her abilities, she is the lady of light. She can make light appear out of nowhere and manipulate the light that is already present around her. She usually makes her beautiful light transform into the shapes of butterflies. These butterflies are capable of healing wounds quickly. An ability she is currently working on mastering is her ability to control time. However, this ability takes a lot out of her, and pushing it to the limits could kill her. She is able to slow down time for ten minutes, and freeze it for five. Not one to engage in combat, Annabel uses this ability to escape the grips of enemies.

    Combat Prowess: Although she doesn't like to fight, Annabel is perfectly capable of handing her own battles. Being very flexible, she is perfect with gymnastics and martial arts and could easily take out any normal being.

    Weapons: Annabel's angelic harp and butterflies of light. Though she usually plays her harp for fun, it can be used as a beautiful but deadly weapon. When she feels as though she is in danger, the beautiful sounds her harp makes when she plays it can give anyone nearby a massive headache, eventually causing them to pass out. Annabel uses her elegant butterflies to distract her enemies before then turning them into deadly shards of light that she hurls at them, slicing through their bodies.

    Personality: Annabel is a shy and gentle girl. Though very intelligent and tactical and could easily lead, she lacks the courage to do so. Because of her angelic nature,
    she is usually willing to help anyone in need and is selfless. This makes her easy to get along with. When her beau Lucifer was alive, she would do anything for him.

    Bio: Annabel was sent to live with an adoptive family in a small village at the young age of four. She cannot remember much of her birth parents, except that they were always moving around to avoid the "bad people," as her biological father called them in front of her. Her mother's name was Ava, and her father Titus. After her fourth birthday, her parents sent her to live with a human family. Her mother and father had promised her they'd return soon, and she believed them. Many years had passed and there was no word from them, but she believed that she would see them again. Eventually.
    Her adoptive parents, Hazel and Birch, were two nice humans. Unable to have children, they treasured their adoptive child. They spoiled her with many pretty dresses and nice toys, but they knew she longed for a playmate. However, she was never good at interacting with the other children in the village. This got worse when she started to develop her powers.
    At age five, she began to show signs of light and time control. Hazel and Birch told her it was important to keep these powers a secret from everyone else in order to keep her real parents safe from harm. At this age, her adoptive parents told them all they knew about Annabel's parents and why they were on the run.
    Her father used to be a part of an evil organization called Ciph. Ciph's goal was to destroy anything they deemed to be impure. Titus left this group after falling in love with an angel; Ava, Annabel's mother. After joining Ciph, Titus wasn't allowed to leave because of the intel gained on the organization. Trying to leave meant he and Ava would be hunted down and exterminated by the Ciph. Annabel was born during their many travels to stay hidden from the Ciph. Her parents decided to let Annabel live with Ava's human friends, since the Ciph did not know Annabel existed and they wanted her to have a normal childhood. Annabel knew that she would eventually search for her parents when she was strong enough.
    For the next two years, she kept to herself, until she met Lucifer. She found the crumpled, seven year old boy at the time at the entrance of her home. Normally, she would never speak to a stranger, but she was drawn to this boy. She pulled him into the house and took care of him, begging her adoptive parents to let them stay with them, which they agreed to; delighted that their adoptive daughter had finally made a friend.
    Lucifer lived with Annabel and her family for the next seven years. He and Annabel eventually fell in love. But then tragedy struck; the Ciph had arrived in her village. Annabel was terrified, thinking they were after her but it was worse. They were after her sweet Lucifer. Breaking her promise that she wouldn't use her powers, she attacked the assassin using light in hopes of killing him to save Lucifer. Her plan failed, and she was badly wounded. She felt herself on the brinks of death, and gave Lucifer a passionate parting kiss, and disintegrated in his arms.
    Annabel did not die. She awakened to find herself in the Chrono Realm: a twisted place her adoptive mother had told her about. She woke here, her wounds completely healed. For the first few days she just laid there, grief stricken. She was sure Lucifer had died. She couldn't save him. She was so weak. She wanted to die, too. After a few days, she realized Lucifer wouldn't have wanted it that way. Lucifer had once told her what his goals were, and she then made her goal to fulfill his wishes. She would live and make it out of the Chrono Realm to do that. In order to survive in the harsh Realm, she trained herself in martial arts and practiced her powers. After training for a year and a half, she had enough control over her abilities of time control to escape the realm.
    She returned to her village to find it in ruins. Clearly it had been ripped into the Chrono Realm. Only the steps were left of her childhood home. It brought tears to her eyes. Where were her parents? Were they alive? She hoped they were okay in the Chrono Realm. As she was about to leave, she noticed a letter on the foot of the steps. An invitation to Crisis Academy. She read the invitation over and over. She would consider going after she searched for Rikkus; Lucifer's childhood home. She had to restore it for him.
    She searched for Rikkus for a year. She knew it would be in ruins, but she just had no idea where it would be. She thought she would never find it. That's when it hit her; she would attend the Academy. Maybe going there would find someone who had similar abilities to hers. She wanted to be able to travel so far back in time that she could save Lucifer's life.

    Goals: Fulfill Lucifer's wishes to revive to kingdom. She longs to recover her adoptive family and village from the Chrono Realm. She also wishes to find her real parents to discover the full potential of her powers.

    Themes: "Iris" by The GooGoo Dolls & "Silhouettes" by Avicii​

    Brant Finnegan​
    Name: Brant Finnegan
    Username: bubbie
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Brant is rather top-heavy, he is broad chested and muscular. He stands at a towering 6'8". He as short gold and green hair, shaved into a fluffy mohawk that ends in the back as a short ponytail. He has a thick chinstrap beard and a hairy chest, making him appear older than he actually is. His eyes are a deep blue and his face is littered with piercings. Most of them congregate on his long, elfin ears, however he has a ring through his nose and the middle of his lower lip, as well as two studs above either side of his top lip. He prefers being topless whenever he can get away with it because he loves showing off his physique, but when clothed he usually wears simple clothes fashioned from thick cloth, fur and leather.
    Dorm #: 2B
    Race: Elf
    Pet: Feivel, a large hippogriff. Feivel is tawny colored and has light spots covering his hide, much like a fawn. His back legs are also more deer like than most hippogriffs.
    Pet Powers: Feivel isn't special, besides being a hippogriff. He cannot communicate with humans nor does he possess any extraordinary powers other than being cable of flight due to his massive wings.
    Attribute: Chaotic good
    Element: Earth
    Powers: Brant can control the earth around him - he can cull stone from dirt, manipulate mountain paths and cliff faces with ease, and control the earth into any form he may seem fit.
    Bio: Brant was abandoned as a baby at an orphanage for unknown reasons, and he had grown to resent his lineage - whatever it may be - because of it. He grew up troubled and angry and often felt unloved and uncared for. When he discovered he was different at a young age - moving pebbles in the playground without touching them - he was taunted and teased for it. He lashed out at his peers and got into many fights, but he was predictably scolded and treated different from his teachers and caregivers as well as the other children. He focused his energy into making himself stronger, and growing tough physically as well as learning to hone his earth manipulating powers. When he deemed himself capable enough, at around 13, he escaped from the orphanage to live on his own. He spent many nights on the streets and stole many things to keep himself clothed and fed, but he considered himself better off than in the captivity of the orphanage. He made a name for himself among the homeless and became known for his tough attitude and strong arm, but instead of being looked down on as he had been in the orphanage, he was praised and encouraged, though he had since learned to keep a barrier around himself to keep his powers to himself. As he got older and stronger, he shrouded himself in pride and buried himself in the pleasures of drink, drugs and women. He is egotistical and has become skillfully charismatic in order to get people to do what he wants, which usually means for him to get a quick lay. It wasn't long before he grew dreary of the street's night life, and moved himself out to the forests to the south of Blackwind, occasionally going in to town for supplies and to flirt with the ladies. It was here he befriended and tamed Feivel, his hippogriff.
    Theme Song: Ugly Casanova - Things I Don't Remember

    Fauna Love​
    Name: Fauna Love​
    Dorm #: 6-A​
    Username: Kohakuchan19​
    Age: 17​
    Appearance: Fauna has light orange fur with brown strips over most of her body and has white patches on the tips of her ears and tail, as well as white hands, feet, and belly. Fauna has pink pads on the bottom of her feet and one her palms. Her nose is brown and her eyes are pale blue. Her face has mostly human features, except for her nose and cat-like pupils. She has semi-long brown hair. Is about 5 ft. tall with a 2 ft long tail.​
    Fauna Wears a White, long sleeved shirt, a Soft Leather Vest, Gloves, and Leather Pants. She doesn't usually wear shoes, but will put on leather boots when she knows she'll be outside in a wet climate, or bad weather. She'll also wear them during class, since some teachers are strict about dress code. She carries along a Satchel for supplies and carrying her Pet Opossum​
    Race: Neko (more Specifically of Tabby breed)​
    Pet: Sparky the Opossum​
    Pet Powers: Sparky doesn't really have magical powers, but he DOES have sticky fingers, and is good at picking locks, especially when food is involved. If you need to get something, Sparky can get it, but he'll want a reward for doing said task. He's useless in combat however, as he will either run away, hide, or faint at the sign of extreme danger.​
    Attribute: Good​
    Element: Earth​
    Powers: Fauna has the Ability to communicate with other animals, being that she is half animal herself.​
    Though there are some beasts that refuse to see reason or listen to Fauna, she can still understand what they all are saying to her. Being as it may, this make Fauna a great if not prime candidate for the Animal Taming Classes. She's even good with growing and spotting plants that can be used for medicine or food.​
    At times of Danger, Fauna's Animal Instincts tend to kick in immediately. Her Claws with come out, her fur will puff out, and everything you'd expect to see from a defensive or frightened cat. Fauna is very fast, and has great balance, She fairs well enough without a weapon, but is a bigger challenge to deal with when she has one.​
    Also, as a Tribe Secret that is only passed down to special members of the tribe, If Fauna chants a special spell, she can create temporary wings on her back.​

    Bio: Fauna comes from a Tribe of Feline Demi-Humans known as the Sphynx Clan, living in a far away island. Where she comes from, The people respect all life, big and small. When they kill for food, they would used every part of the animal, and thank the animal's spirit for it's sacrifice. When they kill as the result of battle, they pay respects to their fallen opponent and burn and bury their bodies. Whatever was not burned is used to make a marker for their grave. However, Fauna herself does not like to kill for any reason, and would prefer to stay away from combat, so she will resort to tricks and stealth instead.​
    Fauna loves to draw or paint in her free time, when she isn't keeping her pet Opossum, Sparky, in check. Fauna is ,at times, a bit of a ditz, She's a young adult, but she behaves like a child a lot of the time. She loves to make new friends with Animals, Humans, or whatever. She does not like being alone, so she keeps her Pet Opossum with her at all times, letting him ride on her shoulder, or in her Satchel. Her weapon of choice is a Slingshot, which she uses to shoot off various projectiles, such as small darts, seeds, rocks, and powder bombs (sleeping powder, poison power, and itching powder) But really she'll use anything she can reach as a projectile if it's small enough. When she's out of Ammo, She has a small knife.​
    Theme Song: Twin Flight (main)

    Louis Silvestre
    Name: Louis Silvestre
    Dorm #: 6B
    Username: Banshee
    Age: 18

    Being from the forest-like area of this here world; his attire is mainly created to represent his tribe and the ability to blend in with the environment. His attire consists of; a long sleeved dark green tunic that reaches just above his knees. There is an elegant embroidery that travels along the edges of the light-weight material. Over his tunic he wears a lighter green leather vest that has black laces that tie the vest together. There is a long leafy-like hooded cape that drapes over him. (He doesn't wear the hood up often due to it messing up his hair and draping over his eyes.) He wears leather fingerless gloves with some leaves covering his forearms. (These leaves can also be removed, just like his cape.) Louis wears a dark brown belt that contains two smaller bags and have giant leaves draping off them. His pants are also a light-weight material of a dark brown color. These pants are almost skin-tight and go down to his dark leather boots. (Loose pant-leggings are often noisy and would have revealed his presence to the enemy.) Lastly, on his back, he has a bow and quiver that are almost always equipped.

    As for his hair and skin, Louis has dark brown hair that is nicely kept. However he has a noticeable cowlick near the front. His eyes are of a greyish-green color. Louis is rather lean and his skin tone is on the pale side of the spectrum.

    Race: Elf

    Pet: White Faced Scops Owl
    ------ Named: "Archimedes" or "Archi" for short.

    Pet Powers: Can squawk fire balls. Although, being this element, Louis usually has Archimedes be his "second pair of eyes." Reason being, Louis mainly focuses on using the power of Mother Nature's plants and fire can burn down the vines/plants he uses.

    Attribute: Neutral

    Element: Nature


    --- Special Ability Descriptions:

    In his tribe, Louis is a Stealth Warrior. His main focus is on sneak attacks and not brute force combat. Louis' ability heavily relies on Mother Natures' presence in the area. This being said, he can use:

    - Vines: This is his most used ability due to it being more useful than the others. Using vines, he can make them into damaging whips or use them to simply trip up the enemy. They can also catch someone if they are falling out of a tree or cliff side.

    - Vine Shield: With the use of vines, he can make a cocoon-like shield around himself. This can protect him from rocks falling or attacks coming from above. However an enemy can still attack from under ground or through the use of blunt force.

    - Trees: Are useful when he's fleeing from an enemy. He can use them for; barricading, minor protection, hiding, or grabbing at an enemy using the branches. He however cannot make these trees walk around. They can only lean over as far as they can possibly reach. He is also capable of controlling four trees at a time.

    - Plant Magic: Not really useful here other than making things pretty, growing, or reviving dead plants. However as much as he would love to, he cannot make 20 foot flowers; the plants can only grow their regular size or slightly larger than normal. Sometimes he uses this ability to confuse people by making them feel lost in the woods. This is done by making plants grow and changing the appearance of the path they have recently traveled.

    - Talk to Owls: Just as the label says. Louis is only capable of talking to Owls. Being that his partner is one, he has learned various ways to communicate with them.

    ---- The downside of his Nature ability:

    - Low Plant life: If he is in an area where plants are low and scarce, his abilities are weakened. Being that there is a lack of nature, he cannot use them to assist in battles. So rocky, beach, water, desert terrain are horrible for him. This will make him resort to using his Bow and arrows and fleeing.

    - Intense focus: Most of his abilities require a lot of focus. Especially when he is controlling more than one object at a time. This makes it easy for cheap/sneak shots. When he performs these attacks, this is why he is usually trying to hide from sight, to help prevent or lower the chances of sneak attacks from happening.

    Other Skills:

    Bow and Arrow Skill: Louis is pretty skilled on using his Bow and Arrow. One could say that he is a sharp shooter.

    Stealthy: No he cannot turn into a chameleon and blend in. But with his attire he wears, he can hide pretty well in forest-like environments. He's also careful and quiet on his feet.

    Bio: Louis was born and raised by his father, in a small tribe that resides within the depths of a large forest. Along with his father, Louis lived with his two younger sisters, a grandfather and a younger cousin. As for his mother, Louis only remembers her turning her back to them and running off. The only words he remembered coming from her lips were... "You'll never amount to anything worthwhile, Louis."

    He knew that he was a rebellious young child who performed tricks on the innocent and laughed at their troubles. Causing mischief was something he had always done. Louis had been scolded several times by many and has been disciplined more times than all of the kids who lived within the tribe combined. However, upon his mother's departure he remembers those foul words and being struck by this; Louis was then determined to set aside his past self and change for the better. He wanted to prove her wrong. Louis wants to show her that he could amount to something, perhaps something more than she ever could be.

    As he grew older, he began to watch the warriors of his tribe practice their combat. He noticed the flaws and the positive traits of their specific styles of fighting. However, knowing that in his past he was a bit of a trickster, he figured that with his current body build and current knowledge, he would perform better as a sneaky warrior rather than a blunt force one. Once he completely decided on this, he joined their ranks as a Stealth Warrior.

    Upon his entrance to the rankings, he was given a gift. An owl. Little did he know, that this Owl was a joke from the commander. Archimedes was a temperamental and troublesome critter that often ignored orders and spat fire at his owners. Louis knew that if he was going to get anywhere, he needed to step up and get this owl to listen to him. After a series of conflicts, arguments, and battling one another, Archimedes and Louis finally met on similar terms. However, even to this day, the duo will occasionally get into arguments and try to prank one another.

    How Louis heard about Crisis Academy was through his commander whom sent in an application to the academy for him. The commander felt that with Louis' abilities, he had a chance there. A much better chance than any of his other warriors. With this letter sent, Louis later received a response letter from the Academy saying that he had a choice to join or not. Without any thought, Louis accepted the application and makes his way to the academy.

    Theme Song: "I will not Bow" by Breaking Benjamin​

    Lucifer Nakamura​
    Name: Lucifer Nakamura​

    Username: Satix​

    Age: 18​

    Dorm #: 3A​

    Appearance: Lucifer is a fairly young, pale Shade who casts a shadow upon most of those he stands before, towering at 6'9. His pitch-black hair hangs neatly in and around his face, just barely out of his cold, crimson eyes. Lucifer is well-built and muscular while still maintaining the thin frame that he drapes his fine-trimmed, (synthesized) spider silk clothing on. He wears a silver piercing on the upper portion of his ear, and dons an obsidian, cross-shaped necklace around his neck.​

    Race: Shade​

    Pet: Erebus, a wolf of the shadows.​

    Pet Powers: Being born in the darkest depths of the Shadow Dimension, Erebus, like the land's other inhabitants, can bend darkness to his will, controlling both solidity and shape of the shadows he summons. The wolf's true power lies in his ability to warp the very fabric of reality, creating incredible illusions capable of fooling all five senses, and occasionally confusing the sixth. By exploiting this talent, Erebus has gained the ability of verbal communication.​

    Attribute: Lucifer walks on neither the path of good or evil. He does what he feels is necessary.​

    Elements: Darkness and space​

    Powers: Lucifer is a master of the element of darkness. Shadows follow his command without hesitation, changing their solidity and shape to fit Lucifer's whims. His great control over his talent allowed him to, at one time, conquer the land of shadows. Along with complete mastery of the dark, Lucifer also possesses the ability to manipulate the very fabric of space itself. Due to the very complex and dangerous nature of this power, he has yet to learn the full capabilities and uses of this ability. Lucifer's ability allows him to cut through and manipulate anything, though due to his currently limited control of it, he is not at a level of being able to do so. While his knowledge and mastery of his talent may not be complete, it is still a force to be reckoned with. Lucifer primarily uses his ability to aid him in his swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat, allowing him to slice through even diamond and damage targets who may shift into forms that would normally allow them to forgo injury or contact.​

    Combat Prowess: Along with the training he received at the Palace of Rikkus as a young boy and the guidance of his siblings, Lucifer later spent two years of his life undergoing physical and mental training that could break a normal, human man within moments. His body and mind went through an intensive course of the purest type of hell; his body torn apart and rebuilt every day, and his mind struggling to keep up with his rapidly changing physical form as well as stuff itself with every morsel of knowledge possible. As a result of his training, Lucifer has become incredibly skilled in the art of combat, being able to calmly handle an enormous variety of situations. Lucifer's muscles, condensed to a point where their hardness seems to match that of steel's, grant him an explosive amount of raw strength and speed. With his punches being able to shatter boulders and his kicks able to dent a various amount of metals, Lucifer is a terribly frightening foe in hand-to-hand combat. His swordsmanship exceeds his skill in hand-to-hand combat, being able to cut through even the most dense of diamonds and ranking high among the top thirty of the world's best swordsmen.​

    Weapons: Being the last descendant of the Nakamura family, Lucifer carries his family heirloom, the enchanted obsidian sword Tomos, around his neck in the guise of a necklace. The heirloom's basic enchantments prevent its diamond-tip point from dulling and protects its finely crafted blade from damage; however, the real enchantment of the sword lies in its unique ability to sever through almost anything, though its effectiveness varies greatly upon its users ability to manipulate space. One who has mastered it can cleanly cut through any substance to lay within the fabric of space, and one who has miniscule knowledge of their abilities can barely slice through a sheet of iron. Lucifer also carries a myriad of other weapons, stored in a pocket of space; however, many of the weapons see little to no use. The unique storage contains a wide range of weapons ranging from swords to throwing knives to even wire.​

    Bio: Lucifer originated from the noble, shade-inhabited kingdom of Rikkus, where the streets were lined with the purest of gold, and the buildings raised and decorated with diamond. Being a member of the royal family, Lucifer's first few years of life were spent in euphoria and luxury. His mother, Selena, and his father, Aeson, the rulers of Rikkus, cherished Lucifer and his older siblings above all else, even the prideful land they ruled. Their love allowed the children to escape from one of the most terrible tragedies in the history of the world - the Massacre of Rikkus.​
    Taking place within only a day, the kingdom was assaulted by the organization Ciph, hell-bent on wiping out specimen they deem impure. The city was ravaged and a majority of its inhabitants massacred, leaving very few survivors, three of which being the children of the Nakamura family. Lucian, eighteen years old and looking much like his little brother does now, was the oldest and by far the strongest and most mature of the three. Serenity, the middle child at fourteen years old, took after her mother in both appearance and personality, always caring for and looking out for her little brother, Lucifer, who, being the youngest child, was six years old and given the Nakamura family heirloom - the enchanted blade Tomos in the form of a necklace.​
    The two elder siblings looked after and raised Lucifer for the many months they were together, before, at the cost of their lives, saving him from another attack by Ciph. Having lost his only remaining family members, the young, seven-year old Shade wandered the vast and dangerous lands alone, having no goals, no dreams, and no hope of survival. He clung to life only because of the final wish of his siblings. There was seemingly nothing left for him, until he stumbled across a populated village - the first he had seen in over a year. His body, paper thin and barely four feet tall, collapsed outside of one of the town's many homes, where he was soon discovered by a young girl named Annabel.​
    Annabel, who was about Lucifer's age, was quite pretty, having ocean blue eyes and golden, shoulder-length hair. Like Lucifer, she also possessed special abilities, though this was unbeknownst to him throughout the seven years he spent living with her and her family. The two had fallen in love, and at the age of fifteen, they were tragically separated due to yet another attack by one of Ciph's higher-ranking assassins. Lucifer, desperate to protect Annabel, gave himself up in the hopes that they would allow the girl their life; however, she had already confronted their assassin and, while gravely wounding him, had suffered tremendous wounds of her own. Barely holding onto life, she gave Lucifer her final words, along with a parting kiss, before her body seemingly disintegrated.​
    Lucifer was alone again. Wracked by grief, he once more began wondering the land, though this time with the intent of reviving the glorious kingdom of Rikkus. Throughout his travels, he trained his body and mind with the most inhuman and torturous of methods - ones used by the first, and by far most powerful, generation of Shades, each and every day growing stronger and smarter, as well as learning how to make and use his abilities and various weapons. At the age of seventeen, Lucifer entered the Shadow Dimension - a ruthless land full of the most demonic and barbaric of creatures - with the intention of ruling the land as practice for reviving and defending the land of Rikkus. Lucifer conquered the dimension within the course of a week, meeting and befriending perhaps the only mild-mannered creature in the whole entirety of the realm - a shade-wolf pup hybrid with the peculiar ability of manipulating all five senses. The creature, being only a baby, took to Lucifer quickly and through the use of its power granted itself the ability of communication. The wolf, going by the name of Erebus (chosen by the Shadow King Lucifer), gained an undying loyalty to the young Shade. The two, sharing an unbreakable bond and flawless teamwork, had little trouble facing the challenge of dictating the Shadow Dimension's unruly inhabitants. Finally tiring of the dreary and dark land, Lucifer and Erebus abandoned their powerful kingdom, and returned to the world from which Lucifer had come. The duo currently travels the land, seeking to eliminate Ciph and searching for possible recruits for the ressurection of Rikkus.​

    Siven Eastwood​
    Name: Siven Eastwood

    Username: 7Demented

    Age: 16

    Appearance: His hair is silver, as are his ears and tail; his hair extends down just past his shoulders and has a blue painted stripe in it. His eyes are a deep jade green. His skin is slightly tan and has a tribal tattoo around his right wrist. He wears a white long sleeve shirt with dark blue cuffs and stripe across the torso, beige cargo pants, brown hiking boots and a blue cap backwards. He also has an emerald necklace, shaped into a diamond.

    Personality: Siven is generally good-natured. He will help anyone who needs it, even at the risk of his life. He loves to joke around; a prank from him is not uncommon. He enjoys the company of pet wolf, Dementia. Siven is somewhat reluctant to reach out to the rest of the world, as his childhood was miserable, decimating his trust in others.

    Dorm #: 9A

    Race: Half-wolf

    Pet: Dementia, the timberwolf

    Pet Powers: Dementia is a pyrokinetic, and has the ability to transform into an anthro as well.

    Attribute: Good

    Element: Fire

    Powers: Siven has pyrokinetic abilities, allowing him to control fire. He also has a sword made of an obsidian blade, a blue colored steel edge, and a ruby imbedded in the hilt.

    Theme Song: The Chase by Manafest

    Bio: Siven was born in the town of Hachiko, a hidden town located within the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. His mother, Sierra, was a human, who became lost in the Appalachian Mountains during a camping trip, becoming seperated from her family. A werewolf named Kysuze (pronounced kai-U-zay) discovered her in a cave and brought here back to Hachiko. He cared for her, after a few months Sierra and Kysuze fell in love. The Elder of the village, Kysuze's uncle, did not appreciate the fact that one of his best soliders had fallen for a mere human; he despised the couple from then on.

    When Siven was born, Sierra found that he had a special talent, most unlike anyone else: Siven was a half-wolf. Kysuze feared for his son's life, soon the Elder would discover what had occurred. The villagers began to grow suspicious of Siven, they resented all other species besides their own. Siven was taught how to keep his ears and tail hidden, which worked quite well. There were quite a few close calls, however, some that nearly cost him his life.

    Siven was teased and bullied since he began school, the lycanthrope children knew he was born from an outsider, giving them reason enough to exclude him and terrorize Siven. He came home to his mother crying almost every day, having suffered a new wave of torture and misery. She would eventually calm him down, but the pang that a new fresh batch of insults would return each day still weighed down his heart. Siven eventually learned how to cope, but the scars had already run deep.

    The teasing never ceased; it became worse with each passing year. One day, when Siven was 16 years old, he became surrounded by his tormentors in the hallway. A sharp headache overcame him as his peers shouted various hurtful words at him, with no remorse. A high-pitched ring echoed in his ears as it continued; he prayed that it would simply end.

    Then it suddenly ceased. He opened his eyes to see that some of the children were lying down, covered in scorch marks and burns. The ones that were unafflicted stood mouth agape at Siven, as if a ghost had appeared before them. Siven fled the scene as the teachers came to see what happened, in fear of punishment and more torture; heading back to his home seemed to be the best idea.

    At home, he explained to his mother what had happened earlier in the day. He even somehow managed to replicate the fiery destruction that took place at the school as well. Sierra went quiet, frozen to the spot. After what seemed to be an eternity, she walked over to a safe hidden in the wall. She reached inside and retrieved a small necklace, made of emerald and carved into the shape of a diamond. She also retrieved Siven's father's sword, made of strengthened steel and a simple leather hilt. Sierra gave both of these items to Siven, explaining that he should seek out someone named Quasar; he would explain almost everything. Siven gazed down at the necklace; it gleaned in the light, it seemed familiar somehow. He looked at his mother and nodded his head in agreement to take on the quest. He left a few hours later, determined to find the reason behind his powers.

    Siven journeyed far into the mountains to find this person, knowing that they may hold the key to his future. Upon arrival, an enormous yeti appeared from behind a stone gate. It roared so loudly that it seemed that the whole mountain shook. Trying to focus, Siven attempted to summon his abilities. He succeeded; the yeti stumbled backwards at the blast of roaring flames, and fell over the cliffside. The summoning of the blaze caused Siven to pass out. His last image before his eyes shut was of a humanoid shadow approaching.

    When his eyes reopened, he found himself in a small hut, next to a fire. A man sat close by. He saw Siven wake and introduced himself as Quasar. Siven quickly showed him the necklace his mother gave him, explaining the situation within minutes. Quasar took a long look at it, deep in thought. He explained that Siven had a special ability: Pyrokinetics. It was rare for anyone to have such powers. He advised that he should seek out the counsel of the Crisis Academy; they would most certainly help Siven with his conundrum and train him to use his ability for better usage.

    Siven left immediately for this "Crisis Academy." On the way there, he encountered a grey timberwolf. It seemed to be looking for something specific. A twig snapped underfoot as Siven passed by, drawing the attention of the creature. It seemed to recognize him, though, as it came bounding towards him, excited like a normal dog. Siven reached down to pet it, being friendly. Suddenly, the wolf uttered, "I know you." This caused Siven to panic and try to flee; the wolf stopped him in his tracks. "I really do know you. Do you not remember me?" it asked. Siven replied with a no, then barraged the wolf with a series of questions, including "Who are you?", "How are you able to talk?", etc. The wolf called himself Dementia, and stated that he was to help Siven on his journey. Seeing that he did not have much choice, he let Dementia tag along.

    Siven has traveled through storms, harsh terrain, and many fearsome enemies, all to seek out the Academy. It is his hope that with the training he will recieve, all of his questions will be answered. Siven knows that by having his questions resolved, perhaps his destiny will be revealed as well.

    Name: Tabitha


    Username: Banshee

    Age: 20

    Appearance: Tabitha has a pale complexion that sort of looks like the reflection off of the moon's light. Tabitha has dark grey eyes. Her black hair is wrapped tightly in dreads and are tied into a pony tail that reaches down to the middle of her back. On the base of the hair-tie, she has a skull. Her body build is rather lean due to her kind. She's normally seen wearing dark clothing which consists of; a dark tattered black cloak that touches the floor when she walks. Under her chest armor she has a black material that drapes over her. She wears jewelry that appears as If they were made of bones. She wears black gloves covering up some stitches she have on her arms due to a past battle. In her hand, she normally wields a large scythe that has decorative black feathers and a bird skull on the base of the staff. When she is doing her summoning her eyes can glow an eerie color.

    Race: Lich

    Pet: Shadow Dragon

    Pet Powers: Being that it's made entirely of darkness this dragon has the capability to travel in ones shadow. Normally Bastiel travels in Tabitha's shadow or as a shadowy mist in the air but she can also materialize into a medium-sized dragon. (Though, she is not as big as an ordinary fire breathing dragon, Bastiel is capable of carrying one person on her back at a time.) Her ability; she can create thick clouds of dark smoke around her opponents and use it to do sneak attacks. She also has a loud screaming cry that can make her opponents' ears hurt and can cause headaches.

    Attribute: Neutral.

    Element: Ice / Necromancer

    Powers: (All at her current level of skill)
    Tabitha is a practicing Necromancer. She is not at a high enough skill level to be able to raise the dead, at least not without having severe consequences. With necromancy, she can communicate with the dead and see ghosts. Along with her practices she can also cast a small range of curses. This can stem from, constant itchiness; bad luck, sneezing constantly, to minor hallucinations and clumsiness.

    When necromancy doesn't work nor has a value in a battle, Tabitha also knows a thing or two about the ice element. With her scythe, she can make the blade covered in an icy aura that can freeze parts of the enemy that were struck. This usually lasts a short period of time or until the break free from it. She can make her breath become frigid and she can blow it into people's faces. It's basically a beginning case of frost bite though if she continued it could become worse. Tabitha can also take her hand and turn it into ice and freeze small areas that she touches. She's also skilled with close combat with her scythe.


    Several hundred years ago, a large feud between living beings and the Senkrad emerged. The beings believed that the Senkrad practices of Necromancy were nothing more than evil witch craft and demonic ceremonies. The Senkrad thought that the living should mind their own business and let them be, let alone be grateful for what they have done. However, a deadly battle emerged and many perished. In the end, the living had outnumbered the Senkrad and banished them into a massive cavern that was located in the middle of a swamp. The living believed that these creatures would eventually die off due to the poor conditions that they were forced to live in.

    However hundreds of years later, the Senkrad tribe still exists. Though, not being completely cut off from the rest of the world, the Senkrad had outsiders visit them on a regular basis. They taught them everything they knew and what wars have occurred. They also learned about new discoveries and new inventions. Eventually the outsiders had forgotten about the punishment that was brought upon the tribe. This caused a great temptation to select someone to walk amongst the land of the living. Being a young and loyal member of the clan, Tabitha was chosen to be the first to walk amongst the surface with her partner at her side. The reason being was; they saw that she was not only loyal to the laws, but she had a strong will and sense of adventure. They believed that maybe with her spirit, she would be able to break away the banishment and perhaps one day her kind would be able to walk with everyone once again.

    Many of the Necromancers had some form of pet at their side. Her parents managed to get their hands on a shadow dragon egg and had given it to her on her fifth birthday. Tabitha had named her new friend after a brave character from a legend that was read to her when she was younger. From that day, Bastiel has been her best friend ever since. The two of them sometimes get into a little trouble but always manage to escape with their close bond and team work. They also enjoy investigating new areas and solving mysteries together.

    Much like many of the other students, Tabitha has been practicing Necromancy. However due to her current skill level and class ranking, there are plenty of laws that she has to abide by until she is appointed to a higher ranking or class level. These laws are placed so Necromancers do not abuse their ability with resurrecting the dead or killing a random civilian on whim. Currently, without an elder by her side, she is not allowed to bring back anyone. Even if she had the skill, it is a law that she must follow. If she were to break the law, the chamber members of her clan would request someone to fetch her and bring her back home. This then would result in severe punishment, many of which would never enjoy. So being brought upon strict rulings, Tabitha often comes off as being a stickler to rules and guides.

    Theme Song: "Never Gonna Stop" Rob Zombie https://www.youtube....h?v=RXznhpPnwCo

    Tristan Coles​

    Name: Tristan Coles

    Dorm #: 8B

    Username: xaviey14

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Tristan is a youthful adolescent with soft golden hair that falls just a little past his dark brown eyes. A portion of these blond hairs are tucked carelessly inside a brown bandanna with a white skull stitched onto it. He wears matching fingerless gloves on both hands that amplify his lightning abilities. Tristan carries around a brown knapsack from his home village with him wherever he goes, full of a few supplies, such as his a canteen full of water and food. His light, white complexion is complemented by a snow-white vest that's often left unbuttoned during the hot and steamy summer months. On his body he has his upper left arm inked in a chain-linked design and on the left side of his chest, his village's crest, an elaborate sun. His prized, brown necklace given to him by his brother is worn around his neck at all times.

    Race: Superhuman

    Pet: Ereth, an electric fox.

    Pet Powers: Ereth's unique genetic makeup gives him the ability to manipulate and create electricity. Since the majority of his body is composed of pure energy, Ereth is capable of passing through walls and solid walls with little to no effort. Ereth can also communicate with humans after the scientists that created him implemented a special language chip into into his mind that allowed him to comprehend and speak the English and Latin language. His special body is also as light as paper, and his it's electric composition permits him to be able run on water and bounce off of solid objects. Timid at nature, he usually likes to communicate with other beings as little as possible. This includes combat, but if he has to fight, Ereth prefers to keep his distance being that his small size provides him with little defense from predators that can trap him. To defend himself from those that can trap him, Ereth can disappear into the atmosphere in the form of static electricity, run away at lightning speeds, or intimidate the foe with a roar of thunder. His roar can reach up to 180 decibels which can ultimately destroy hearing tissue. Though Ereth was originally designed to travel across cyberspace, his favorite and most powerful ability is to release deadly lightning bolts from his fur to shock and quickly kill his prey.

    Pet Bio: Ereth is the result of multiple years spent in an attempt to create the first genetically engineered fox. Though he was originally intended to be a tool to travel across cyberspace and become the first being to do so, his missions only produced less than disappointing results, and termination of the creature was to begin immediately. Luckily Ereth escaped captivity after realizing the scientists' heartless plan, but after two years of living in the wilderness alone, Tristan stumbled upon him one fateful day near death, and the two have become the closest of companions ever since.

    Attribute: Neutral.

    Element: Electric.

    Powers: A few years of vigorous training have given Tristan the powers he has today. He can use the electric he controls to obliterate objects or even living beings. Tristan commonly uses electricity to create balls that he can hurl at opponents at lightning speeds, or even pure beams of the energy that can leave others in critical conditions. On average, his electricity can reach over fifty volts, but during thunderstorms, this amount is nearly quadrupled. Release of this power can cause significant damage to the environment, and blackout can occur.

    Weapon(s): Tristan's one and only weapon is a small metal dagger and is air light. When used properly, it can be as wild as lightning. Because it easily conducts electricity, it can become electrically charged by Tristan himself. It has no magical properties, but is nearly unbreakable.

    Bio: Tristan Coles always knew he was different from the other boys at school. At age seven, he found out that he could shock people with slight jolts of static electricity by simply touching them. When he was nine, he realized he would often become tense during thunderstorms. And finally, at thirteen, he discovered that he was a monster. He destroyed everything and everyone in his village, including his family. Days went by with Tristan mourning over the deaths of everyone in his village, wishing what he had done was a lie and regretting the day he was born. On the day before his fifteenth birthday, Tristan found Ereth, a small electric fox, also lost and alone in the world. Since the day they first met, Tristan and Ereth have become an inseparable duo. After a brief visit to Blackwind Town, they hear about an Academy not too far away, and they set out for the school that is said to be a home for the two wanderers of fate.

    Theme Song: "King for a Day" by Pierce The Veil Feat. Kellin Quinn

    Voltaic Melody​

    Voltaic Melody

    Yang (Lucario_J)
    Dorm #:



    Voltaic has beady, teal eyes. He has silky, wavy chestnut coloured hair. He is very tall and has a graceful build. His wardrobe is quite attractive. He is usually seen wearing a light blue suit with a dark red vest.

    Half Lightning-Nymph (Though he doesn't know)

    Zrilk (Thunderbird)
    Pet Powers:

    Zrilk has the ability to grow and shrink to a certain size, which makes it useful to get into buildings.
    Smallest size - Phoenix size.
    Largest Size - Ridable.

    Chaotic Neutral


    Voltaic carries a small stone around with him wherever he goes. This stone seems to sparkle, and has a large lightning bolt symbol on one side. This stone send out a constant trickle of electricity, charging Voltaic with the electricity. Voltaic calls it the Thunder Pebble. This electricity can then be used to turn into a being of pure Lightning. Also, during thunderstorms, He can often call down a strike of lightning, using his charge. Though, being hit by lightning greatly adds to his overall energy. He often has the ability to fire small bolts of lightning, all which he can control the voltage of, out of the palms of his hands. He often wields a dull-yellow scythe, which Voltaic calls Electric Crescent. When He is charged, he can move electricity through the scythe, zapping anyone on the receiving end. It can also be normally used when he is depleted of electricity. It takes a great deal of energy to expel electricity for all these things, and its lucky that he has the Thunder Pebble to constantly, even though slowly, charge him up, but by bit.
    Personality :

    Voltaic is very experience oriented and focused on material goods. Always on the go, running from some interior anxiety, he is less people oriented and uses this boundless energy to make money to buy material things to further occupy his mind and time. Voltaic is an adventurous person, even to the point of endangering his own life - a major risk taker, not afraid of confrontation. Restlessness increases during the story and he becomes less focused. He is less likely to worry about what others think, willing to push others aside and even ignore laws to get what he wants. And he wants everything. He is strong willed, not likely to get involved in vices like drugs. However, he doesn't condemn those who choose to use them. Voltaic's character flaw is based on the incorrect belief that suffering can be avoided indefinitely. He avoids being constrained and limited. When he's under pressure, he becomes rigid and self-limiting. When he's relaxed and secure, he takes time to think things through.
    Voltaic is very direct. Getting right to the point without worrying too much about what others think. He will have a been-there-done-that edge to him. He has done a lot of things and can imagine what everything else is like. Still, he is very positive about the opportunities ahead and very positive about his own life. Sometimes, at this level, Voltaic is slightly delusional about how well he is doing. Under pressure, he becomes very charming, able to talk his way out of almost any trouble.

    Voltaic wasn't born early, or late. He was simply born. Nothing seemed wrong with him when he was birthed, but nobody could suspect anything then. Voltaic was the only child of the Melody's. When born, they originally named him Stanley. Quite a dull name. He grew up in Blackwind town, as it was becoming larger. he never went to school, and was taught by his mother, because his father was too ignorant to bother. They once lived in the middle of the city, in a small house, but had to leave, due to the spreading of the town, and had to move to the outskirts. It was a difficult time.

    His parents argued a lot, and were not forgiving when Voltaic did wrong, for example, broke a vase. He would be sent outside, without food. He slowly became accustomed to this. When sent out side, he would not sleep, for the punishment would become more severe. Instead, he daydreamed. He daydreamed of other places, other realms perhaps. He often wished to leave Blackwind Town, and leave everything he knew. So he lived on, peacefully.

    The day before his seventeenth birthday, his parents had an argument. Not a usual argument, but a bigger one, with face slapping and all. Voltaic couldn't understand what it was about, but suddenly his mother left. He ran outside to find her, and she saw her on the roof of one of the neighbouring houses. She was calling out to the stormy sky, willing for something to happen. Then, there was a bang. A large bolt of lightning, sent down from the clouds, hit his house, his father within. The house set on fire, and his father was surely dead.

    His mother climbed off the rooftop, and walked towards Voltaic, wearing a gentile smile, as he slowly backed away. His mother stopped in front of him, then took out a small stone from her pocket, and a scythe from her back. "Happy Birthday." She whispered. She handed the items to him, then walked off. Voltaic was stunned. He suddenly tried to follow her, but it was too late. She was gone in the crowd of people trying to put the fire out.

    The small stone, as he held it, seemed to give him a small boost of energy. Voltaic examined it to be sparkly, and have a thunderbolt on one side. He had no idea what was going on. He then examined the scythe, to find the scripted words 'Electric Crescent'. What was this? What was his mother? It seemed as if nobody knew him any more. There was nothing left to do. He just stood up, and walked.

    It was still stormy, and lightning was hitting everywhere. Voltaic was tired, even though he only walked a short distance, and could still see the edge of the town. It was then when the bolt of lightning hit him. He heard a deafening bang, and a zap of energy coursed through him. He would've fainted from fright, he should've died, but the energy from the bolt was keeping him up. One could almost see the sparks around his body. He decided to test if he could do the same thing as his mother, if it was something to do with a bloodline. He pointed at the ground in-front of him and waited. Then after a while, the lightning struck, in the exact spot where he concentrated. He felt somewhat drained though. He could harness lightning.

    Voltaic still had some energy, and the stone seemed to still be charging him up. He took his scythe off the strap on his back, and concentrated on the scythe. He hoped that he wouldn't cause lightning to zap it. Slowly but surely, sparks became visible along the blade of the scythe. He was channelling energy through it. He couldn't only harness lightning, but electricity itself. It was then that he decided that Stanley was too boring of a name. Voltaic sounded good. Sounded electrical.

    Suddenly there was a FWOMP sound next to him, and the ground shook. He looked for what had created it, and he couldn't believe his eyes. A large, golden bird. A thunderbird, from the myths. The thunderbird looked at him oddly, with its piercing eyes. Surprisingly, Voltaic has enough courage to go towards it, to try touch it. It WAS a thunderbird after all, maybe he could control it. Voltaic touched the giant bird, and concentrated to expel some electricity from himself into the bird. The thunderbird seemed to like it. It suddenly shrunk, into the size of a phoenix, he assumed. It looked much cuter like this. He then noticed a small tag around its leg. It read 'Zrilk'. Voltaic stepped away, and the bird seemed to follow it, flapping its cute little wings. He decided that it would be his pet.

    When he re-entered Blackwind Town, the fire was still raging, but he took no notice. It was just at that moment, as someone showed past him, that they dropped a letter, directly in-front of him. he picked it up, and was about to shout to the person so he could give it back, but then he noticed something strange. The letter was directed to him. Master Voltaic Melody. It didn't say Stanley. How did they know he changed it? He sat down against a wall that wasn't burning, and opened the letter.​
    Dear Master Voltaic.

    We have observed your abilities, and wish for you to join the Crisis Academy.
    Crisis Academy is a place for you to interact with people who also have unnatural abilities.
    Along with that, our school offers courses that will help you hone your skills as a lightning master.
    We hope to see you here.

    - Signed, Emereth Elmore

    Voltaic had decided. He was going to go to the academy. Zrilk grew to a size that it could be rode, as if sensing Voltaic's mind. He was unsure at first, but he trusted it enough to get on. Zrilk flew up, knowing somewhat of where to go.
    Theme Song:

    This Will Be The Day - Jeff Williams


    ---Name: Xikun



    ---Age: 18

    ---Appearance: He has an average yet somewhat cut build. He is about 5'7. He is quite pale, and his hair seems slightly frosty at the tips. He often wears a black scarf with his basic cotton shirt and dark-brown leather gloves. He doesn't prefer shorts, so he has regular slacks most of the time. His hair is usually swept forward, but not in front of his eyes. It archs away from his line of sight. He has deep purple eyes. He looks very serious with a focused glare, but his smile comes off as extremely friendly. His ears are more pointythan a humans but not as pointy as an elf's. If it's dark, it looks like there's a faint aura around him.

    ---Race: Half human/ice nymph

    ---Pet: A female rattlesnake named Rouga.

    ---Pet powers: Normal except for her ability to use an acid that she can spit out of her mouth instead of venom, and immunity to the same acid.

    ---Attribute: Good

    ---Element: Ice

    ---Powers: Controls his body temperature, and can freeze with any part of his body, or if some ice is in contact with someone already, he can freeze them from the ice if he's in contact with the same peice. He's sensitive to any changes in temperature to the air, causing him to notice if someone is in the proximity. His body can with stand extreme temperatures, and could freeze just about any liquid. He can also shapeshift the ice into things such as shields or icicles. Of course, he requires water to use his power. He can only freeze people on the outside to impede movement. Their own body is perfectly in-tact. The only way he could freeze blood is if he's in contact with it long enough, and it has to be an open wound. So he could technically freeze the blood in your arm if you are envenomated or something to stop the toxins from flowing to your heart. Also, he can't just make ice needles. They're too thin to make.

    ---Bio:Romero was a very country-like place to live in. The air was clean, and the weather was rather fair most of the time. It rained, snowed, and had the usual earthquakes, but none were so out of control that he would have to move. He honored his parents equally, and did do family things such as go fishing or meet relatives from time to time, yet he grew up rather alone with his own devices, but he did go out with some friends whilst he grew up. Although he did keep many of his feelings to himself. This is usually because he always felt bad to bother others with his own problems. His parents would argue like any parents usually would, but they always made up in the end. He learned from their squabbles and took to heart what they taught him... about life, about justice, about love. If there was anything he wished to achieve in his lifetime, he would wish to make that one friend that would be the only one he could feel more comfortable with.

    He was always afraid of punishment to the point that when he did anything wrong, he would be incredible hesitant to take the blame... But his will was more that his fear, and he would take the full brunt of any punishment that would be given... It's strange that his parent's didn't believe in punishment to their only son simply because he recognized the gravity of things he'd done. So they would just attempt to tell him to not worry about it, and occasionally tell him to try to make up for it. He normally doesn't make up for it because his parent's were the ones it would hurt, such as accidentally breaking furniture or but they loved him too much. It made him very thankful, but he always felt weird when he wasn't punished.

    He was told from a very young age about his special mother. Being a nymph. It was nothing strange to a young child that was new to how the world really worked, and it didn't help that they didn't explain what being a nymph actually meant. The world was cruel and unforgiving. The day came when their house was being robbed as a young teenager. When the robber stabbed his father's leg and tried to escape, it was the mother that happened to freeze the intruder's legs with him watching from behind the couch of his home. The mother disposed of him with his own knife. It was at that time he realized being a nymph was more than just another race. This was another species.

    After that and an awkward further explanation, it seemed that Xikun finally understood this world had more "variety" than he thought. The world was much, much bigger than he could contemplate. It was a few years later, and Xikun realized his parents tried to keep him out of the trouble that had been brewing where the more populated areas that were biased upon who you were. He learned about his powers after the incident, but only had small progress in controlling it compared to his mother.

    Soon enough, after his 18th birthday, a letter came in the mail...

    Dear Master Xikun,

    We have observed your abilities, and wish for you to join the Crisis Academy.
    Crisis Academy is a place for you to interact with people who also have unnatural abilities.
    Along with that, our school offers courses that will help you hone your skills as an Ice master.
    We hope to see you here.

    - Signed, Emereth Elmore

    He was surprised that someone would send such a letter to him, considering that mostly everyone he knew was just human. Regardless, he did hear rumors of this school for "Gifted" students. He gathered supplies and said his goodbyes to his parents, his parents sad to see him go but proud for him to be selected like this.Xikun was fairly optimistic about going there himself. He'd been told once that it was, in its own way, a truly picturesque place.

    He actually knew enough of it's whereabouts to navigate himself in the right direction. During his venture, he did stumble upon many a creature, eventually making a friend/pet out of one of them. A kind of rattlesnake, but it could spit acid, which was surprising... He saved it from a large bird of prey that seemed like it wasn't affected by the acid. He sometimes wears it around his neck now like it was a necklace.

    Theme song: There are many songs to like, but I think of this. But the original version is here.​
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