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Denizens of Otaria Rising

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Madaraki, Jun 9, 2013.

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  1. Madaraki

    Madaraki Poké Maniac

    Apr 12, 2013
    Oh yeah. Profile time.

    Full name: Vapentaraxevictus Pyreshivan
    Given name: Pentarax
    Age: Seventeen
    Gender: Male
    Creature type(s): Halfdragon

    Appearance: Pentarax is a taller-than average human with blackish-grey scales all over his body and a wild mane of black-red hair hanging to his mid back. With the scales acting as armor, he usually wears only a pair of black pants and sandals in this form. While not readily visible, he does have a thin pair of wings embedded in two small ridges that run from his shoulders to his lower back. With this method of concealment, he can move relatively undetected, although his weight does not change and anyone would notice when the tall person in the cloak breaks a chair just by sitting on it.

    -Height: 6'2"
    -Weight: 375lbs.
    -Eye Color: Green.
    -Hair Color: Blackish red.

    Color Alignments: Black, Red, Green

    • Affinity for fire. The halfdragon may create and manipulate fire in several ways. He can channel it in destructive blasts and use its heat to revitalize himself. Additionally, he can imbue others with his own fire-based capabilities, although this tends to be destructive if the affected person isn't strong enough to handle it.
    • Affinity with dragons. Pentarax naturally has a bond with his former kind and can therefore summon and control them if need be. Even enemies who seek to use the lords of the sky against him often find their scaled partners bent to the halfdragon's will and turned on their masters. This is however, a newly acquired ability and he cannot summon more than one or two at a time.
    • Natural color alignments for three colors. While red, and thus his affinity for both fire and dragons will always be his strongest suit, Pentarax has access to a host of spells both in the darker and the wilder realms of magic.

      With green magic, he can bring ruin to artifice and enchantment alike, and spur growth in things with but a touch. Unfortunately, he is not so skilled in using these arts for their healing purposes.
      Black magic is Pentarax's least-used and most limited sort. Burn wounds fester and injuries brought about by brute force become infected. Black magic is the stuff of death, decay, and insanity, and while he has access to some of its spells, they are not often utilized.
    Weapons: None necessary.

    Personality: Despite a humanoid appearance, Pentarax is still prone to many of the mannerisms of his "old race". He still hisses when he speaks, remains decidedly unaware of the existence of any sort of utensil, and keeps always in mind the important question "Yesss, but can it be burned or melted?" While one might suspect him of being short-tempered, he often appears the perfect model of patience, preferring to let his anger build until the emotional outburst becomes as hot as the flames he creates. Ever anxious for some sign of his kind or word of his homeland, he keeps conversations as short as he can and getting his attention is a task unto itself.


    "Destiny is a strange thing in our world. It can lead you to great fortune or great peril, and yet you always have the option of seizing fate and breaking its bloody neck."

    ~Vahridarigaaz Pyreshivan, age unknkown.

    "What if I only feel like punching it in the stomach?"

    ~Pentarax Pyreshivan, age 12.

    It was an odd question for a young halfdragon to ask; expressing the desire to let his travels lead him wherever they led him without any sense of being meant to be in a certain place at a certain time. From a certain standpoint, one might almost see Pentarax as the useless one in many situations. He never got involved in anything seen by the majority as meaningful, and he certainly never had any plans for life other than to live it on a day-to-day basis.

    Dead Ends

    Myths and Legends begin with their central character's birth in relative obscurity, and Pentarax is no exception to the rule. An established colony of dragons was located on a secluded island where the great creatures were able to live alongside the humans; something usually not very common for the mountain-dwelling, territorial fliers. The Pyreshivan dragons were something of a renegade group that had abandoned the main dragon homeland of Shiv before the mainland was phased out by the Zhalfirin mage Teferi.

    Unfortunately, peace between the Pyreshivan dragons and the humans on the island did not last long, and war broke out, with the humans' magic matching the raw firepower and strength of the dragons. The battle raged for years and went largely unchronicled in the outside world, though travelers who hailed from the small colony would whisper of it to anyone who listened.

    The war itself lasted for a mere three months before the dragons grudgingly spared the humans on a single condition: Their race was fading quickly, with such a limited number of their species remaining. Expending energy and lives on the humans was seen as illogical. The dragons would allow the humans to live on the island and keep the land as they saw fit. In return, the dragons would be allowed to choose five soon-to-be-born children a year and have the fetus infused with their own brand of magic that would result in the birth of a human-dragon hybrid. The Pyreshivan elders saw it as a new step in their race's evolution; their species' power in a form easily able to blend with the rest of the humanoid races across Dominaria.

    Pentarax was one of such child born to human parents although he himself resembled a greyish ball of rock upon birth; rather than a human child. He was taken within weeks of his birth to the Pyreshivan Stronghold and to this day does not remember his human parents. Taken up to the mountain almost immediately with four other children -three girls and one boy- he was raised among the dragons and knew little of the humans below during those years.

    The dragons had once said that the halfdragons would be brought up well and raised among peers, however their lifestyle was still different from that of humans. While Raylah, Skaril, Livikis, Ravosk, and Pentarax never found themselves fighting over food, their hobbies and pastimes tended more towards games like "Catch the flaming mountain goat" rather than "toss the ball". Thankfully, the hardened scales they possessed enabled them to survive more than a few kicks to the chin.

    By the time he was fifteen, Pentarax had developed something slightly more than a close friendship with Raylah, and the two were almost never seen apart, although she tended to act as his cautionary half, keeping him from flying too low over the lava spouts that dotted the pitted mountain's sides. Branded as something of a risk-taker at an early age, Pentarax began growing eager to visit the outside world and his words even had an infectious edge to them that picqued Raylah's curiosity. While Livikus and Ravosk remained nervous of the rest of Dominaria, Skaril was all for leaving with Pentarax and Raylah, and practically went out of his way to keep the two more nervous halfdragons in the group.

    At the time, the Pyreshivan Stronghold was ruled by five dragons who tended to prefer that the race keep themselves and remain on the island. Of the five; Vahridarigaaz, Emerithal, and Trevalus upheld the law of maintaining isolation. The other two -Maldromar and Necrosis- seemed to go along with the isolationist policy in public, although unpleasant rumors soon came to light that Maldromar occasionally aided a halfdragon or two in leaving the island.

    For the five halfdragons that comprised Pentarax's group, the rumors suddenly became fact when Skaril revealed that he had stumbled upon a route that led beneath the Pyreshivan mountain to an underground portal. Pentarax, already quietly eager to explore the rest of the world, required practically no persuasion to go along with Skaril's idea of escaping. Fearing the truly unknown beyond through the portal, Raylah sided with Livikus and Ravosk in wishing to remain behind.

    Unfortunately for the small party, they were found by Maldromar, who made no small show of waving the portal itself from existence and sending the halfdragons away from the lower chamber, sealing the entryway as they went and declaring the area off-limits. The group remained somewhat quiet after that; Raylah focusing the brunt of her rebukes at Skaril and trying to ignore the fact that her closest friend in the group had been about to follow the wilder halfdragon through.

    It wasn't long before the portal became a part of their lives again however. A month after Maldromar had supposedly sealed it, the Pyreshivan Stronghold was thrown into a state of chaos as one of the dragon mages found Trevalus, and Emerithal dead in the council chamber. Vahridarigaaz was mortally wounded, and both Necrosis and Maldromar were missing. No sign of forced entry was found, and as word spread a day later, Pentarax and his friends realized how a murderer might have gained entrance without using the doors.

    Racing back to the catacombs where they'd found the portal originally, they were surprised to not only find the wall blocking the entryway gone as if it had never been, but even more shocked to find Necrosis and Maldromar; very much alive and preparing to bring an army of sinister mechanical creatures through the portal into the mountain. Realizing what was going to happen to their home, the five young halfdragons made an attempt to breach the portal and escape before the mountain was overrun, but as they neared; the first wave of the invading army broke through and hit them like a black wave, burying all five.


    The passage of time was short, and the recovery was painful in his mind. After escaping from the Stronghold, Pentarax was returned to consciousness by a mental command from Vahridarigaaz, who in his last moments, named Pentarax the successor to the Pyreshivan legacy. Barely understanding what was being passed to him, Pentarax then awoke to find himself in the middle of a vast metropolis, separated from his kind. Looking around at the small crowd that slowly gathered around him, he failed to see Skaril or Raylah among them, and the Pyreshivan dragons themselves were nowhere in sight. That moment was perhaps the lowest in Pentarax's life, when he realized he was utterly alone. None of his kind could be found, and having been sheltered all his life, he didn't even know where he was; if he was even on the same plane as his homeland.

    His desperation did not last long however, before survival instincts took over; his lord's message forgotten. He went underground for a period of time then; learning both where he was and how the city itself was run. On more than one occasion, he found himself attacked simply because he was the easiest prey psychologically. Fortunately, the attacks soon became farther apart, as people learned that attacking something capable of demolishing a small house in one tackle and mentally setting things on fire was a fool's errand. Alone and slowly realizing he couldn't survive by stealing and intimidating, Pentarax turned to the only option that his sort faced in Utuul: The Pits.

    A dull name for an otherwise impressive part of Otaria, the Pits usually referred to the hastily constructed venues in the undercity. Creatures and beings of all sorts flocked to them; whether it was for a wager or a chance to compete and earn something they could spend from it. Drawn to his first fight by the promise of facing another dragon; Pentarax was sorely disappointed to learn that the pit fighter dragon Rorix did not possess any connection to his own homeland. Feeling abandoned once more, the young halfdragon lost his edge and was beaten in the first round.

    It was perhaps that beating and feeling of loss that caused Pentarax to focus all his loneliness and anger in the next fight alongside a seductive and vicious Gorgon. Together, they not only nearly killed the crimson dragon, but annihilated several rows of seats in the stands near the front row. In that instant, Pentarax became not only the top fighter of the Pits, but one of the more feared beings in Utuul. He was a creature with nothing to lose, everything to gain, and the temper to burn his way to an objective without conscience interfering.


    Full name: Calchaxus Sengirsbane
    Given name: Calchaxus
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Creature type(s): Drow Vampire

    Appearance: Few have seen the enigmatic Calchaxus face to face. Beneath his otherwise loose and somewhat flowing attire, he keeps his entire body wrapped in dark bandages, straps, and wrappings for fear of exposing even a hint of his skin to the deadly sunlight. Beyond these wrappings, he is clad in an array of black and dark blue silks; a loose tunic, pants, and a hooded cloak that covers his entire head and hangs down to his waist. His most curious garb however, is a lensed mask that covers his eyes and has a flared projection with sharpened edges that branches away from his nose and out over his mouth.

    -Height (humanoid): 5'7"
    -Weight: Unknown
    -Eye Color: Red
    -Hair Color: White

    Color Alignments: Black

    • Vampiric Mimicry. Like other beings of his kind, Calchaxus subsists on the blood of other lifeforms. Unlike other beings of his kind, taking in the blood of another not only improves his vitality and preserves his youth, but he absorbs any magical capabilities that being might have, including their natural color alignments. How long he can use these powers however, is dependent upon how much blood he took in.
    • Superhuman physical conditioning. Strong enough to shoulder-throw a charging Nishoba, fast enough to kill a swordsman before his blade is drawn, and able to leap a one story dwelling in a single bound.
    • Regeneration. Though his regenerative capabilites would be outmatched by the disintegration of his body in direct sunlight, the vampire boasts an impressive rate of healing that enables him to recover from almost any injury within seconds.
    • Affinity for black magic. While he often prefers to rely on his physical capabilities, Calchaxus has received training with the Cabal in the art of spellcasting and dementia summoning. The spellcasting however, is far from a first resort, and if he resorts to his dementia training, he has truly been pushed to his limits.
    Weapons: Buzzsaw Gloves. A simple name for a devastating weapon. Crafted by artificers of questionable sanity, these dark metal gauntlets have three jagged sawblades mounted on the backs of the hands; one in the middle and two on the sides. When the trigger grip is swung from the wrist to the palm of the hand and squeezed, a charge runs from energy collectors worn on the inside wrists and spins the blades. The longer and harder the squeeze, the faster the blades spin. When the grip is relaxed, rather than slow down, catches on the blades axes are released and the blades are sent flying at high speeds, generally resulting in devastating injury. Each gauntlet has three blades ready, and three sets of backups that reload automatically. Calchaxus wears a satchel that contains replacement blade cartridges.

    Calchaxus carries an assortment of serrated knives of varying lengths concealed in various parts of his clothes.


    Very much at ease with his state of being and assured of the fact that for all intents and purposes he will never die, Calchaxus is a curious mix. He is patient, easygoing, and almost good natured, though he seems to take a little too much pleasure in the spilling of blood.

    When a plan is finalized however, the meticulous and calculating vampire moves rapidly to achieve his objectives, acting recklessly in the eyes of some. All his plans, laid out and prepared in advance are executed swiftly and with a viciousness that alarms anyone who once thought him mostly harmless.


    Curiously, Calchaxus has already survived one Apocalypse; when Ravi rang the Chime whose sound emanated throughout the plane and decimated almost everything in its path.

    Hailing from the plane of Ulgrotha, the vampire known as Calchaxus has a limited memory; no longer able to call to mind what his life was like before being turned or whether his family still lives. In fact, he doesn't know whether "Calchaxus" is his true name or merely one bestowed upon him by the Baron at the time of his awakening.

    From when he was first aware of himself as a vampire however, his memory has remained crystal clear. He knows how he came to Dominaria, he knows that he is not the only one of his kind to traverse the planes, and he knows full well why he carries the name "Sengirsbane".

    It began with the "murders". Vampires in the Dark Barony began vanishing. It was all the more troubling because of the lack of remains. No bodies, and not even patches of ashes over a blasted mark in the earth to mark the presence of a "sun-death". Initially, the Baron gave orders to find the perpetrator, but gave the affair little thought.

    His attention became all the more focused however, when a Markovian vampire -heralded as the greatest blademaster in Ulgrotha- guarding his chambers vanished.

    For the first time in years, the Barony and the Sengir vampires within it felt fear. It was a fear that soon turned to rage however, when during a skirmish with Anaba Minotaurs, the young vampire Calchaxus singlehandedly routed the force and beheaded the leader.

    All through the use of two swords wielded in an alarmingly similar style.

    Despite this sudden suspicion, the Baron ordered the incident not to be discussed at any length. There was a suspect now, but if what the display of swordsmanship suggested was true, special steps had to be taken. At his present rate, Calchaxus was rapidly gaining power and if he wasn't reined in, he would soon be strong and skilled enough to not only face the Baron, but to defeat him without a challenge.

    Soon, the Baron was forced to call in a favor.

    Deciding the time was finally right to slay the Baron, Calchaxus moved against Castle Sengir under the light of a full moon. Making short work of opposition, the upstart was nearly at the Baron's chamber door when he found himself repelled by a blast of pure black mana.

    And thus it was that Calchaxus came face to face with the ancient vampiric planeswalker Sorin Markov. The fight began in earnest, but did not last more than a minute. At his perceived height of power, the drow-vampire was little more than a gnat before one of the oldest beings in the multiverse.

    Still, complications arose when Sorin refused to take Calchaxus from Ulgrotha to be "dealt with" elsewhere. He had been asked to defeat an over-powered brat only; not to figure out what to do with him afterwards. As he said it;

    "There are gods to deal with. I have little time even for an anomaly such as this."

    For a time, Calchaxus lingered in a cell in a dungeon kept just beyond the borders of the Barony; where sunlight still shown and the vampire was always forced at one time or another to shift his position in the small chamber to avoid being caught in the rays. Sustained only on the vermin that infested the area, he might have remained in isolation to the point of simply throwing himself into the light.

    Eventually however, he was released from his cell.

    Covering him in a hood and long robe, a disguised figure led him out of the cell at high noon, smuggling him away when the other vampires of Sengir were at rest. Not stopping to question his rescuer in his perilous state, he was brought back into the Barony and into Castle Sengir itself, seemingly under the Baron's nose.

    Into the castle, and down.

    Revealing herself, Grandmother Ravi led Calchaxus below Castle Sengir, and for the first time, the dark-elf was apprehensive.

    There, at the lowest level of the castle, was a mana rift; a portal through space and time through which mana of every color flowed. The Dwarven Gate was both rift and portal; a passageway to an unknown realm. Scouts had been sent through, and none had ever returned, even when tethered by the best spells the Baron's casters could muster. After initial attempts, knowledge of it was restricted, and Sengir had begun to think of using it for an extreme sort of punishment; permanent exile to the unknown.

    Ravi however, saw another opportunity. Sending Calchaxus into the rift would accomplish at least one of two things. It would get him out of the Baron's way and remove a threat to his rule; and it would send a forerunner ahead, one vicious enough to prepare whatever plane lay beyond for an invasion force if the rift were deemed suitable as a mode of transit.

    And so it was that Calchaxus was abruptly shoved from behind into the swirling mana vortex

    He soon found himself trading one hostile plane for another.

    Crashing to ground in a whirling flash of light that rapidly dissipated, he landed in a crater lined with ash and bone. Rising unsteadily, he had little time to contemplate his scenario before two black mana spears pierced his body and a man leapt at him from behind, clamping his hands over Calchaxus' face viciously.

    The vampire was confused.

    The future Patriarch was astonished. His touch, normally capable of rotting anything it touched, had no effect on the vampire who regenerated as fast as the touch rotted.

    To Virot Maglan, the vampire was a welcome asset, especially as his ranks had just been severely depleted as a result of a "troublesome experiment".

    To Calchaxus, the worshipper of Kuberr and his cabalists were everything he needed. A group that would now move into the shadows and provide a welcome cover for any who would "disappear" in the near future.

    In the few years since his arrival on Dominaria and his induction into the Cabal, Calchaxus has come to amass considerable skill in the underground pit fights of Baphel and Utuul. Keeping himself masked and hidden, he has maintained an aura of secrecy worthy of a Cabalist. He has been a great asset to Virot Maglan and a devoted worshipper of the black deity Kuberr.

    Or so he claims.
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  2. Smaug

    Smaug School Kid

    Apr 30, 2013
    Name: Xavros of Krosa
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Creature type(s) Elf, Druid, Ranger

    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Brown


    Color Alignments: Green

    • Stealth and Guerrilla tactics: Xavros is able to traverse the forests easily and without leaving a trace. He's able to out-maneuver almost anyone or anything else while in the woods. This is lessened while in other terrain, though Xavros is intelligent and adaptive enough to be able to use available terrain to his advantage. Xavros prefers the hit and run tactics, especially in the forest where he could hit his opponents while they are most vulnerable.
    • Nature Magic: Xavros has studied heavily into the Druidic magics that harness green mana. His specialties are in growth and buffing spells, as well as spells that animate the land around him in order to control the battlefield. He is adept at healing and regenerative magics, as well as offensive damaging spells and those to awaken the forest to do his bidding. He can also turn red mana into green mana and vice versa using Manamorphose, though it is only a little at a time and also takes some concentration.
    • Affinity with beasts and animals: Being a druid with Elven blood, Xavros finds it easy to bond to beasts and animals of the forest, able to find kinship with them and call upon them during fights. These bonds are so strong that he empowers himself and those companions he has bonded with. In addition, he has gained respect among the native centaurs and Nantukos living in Krosa, and can go to them for aid.
    Weapons: Elven Smallswords (for melee), Elven Bow, Throwing Axes, Treetop Bracers (Utility Equipment)

    Personality: Xavros is a calm, collected, and contemplative person. He's quiet and introspective, and only speaks his mind when he feels he needs to. This is not to say he's brooding, far from it. He always appears to be in a serene state of peace wen at rest, but can switch to a silent fury when avenging the forests of Krosa and it's denizens. Xavros feels most at home and relaxed when in nature alongside animals and beasts, rather than people. He spends most of his time outside of villages including those of the Nantuko and Centaurs.

    Backstory: Born and raised in the Wirewood, Xavros grew up like every other Elven child. He was taught about nature and green mana, how to shoot a bow, and how to wield Elven smallswords. He was also taught how to get around the forest easily, including the use of Treetop Bracers to move through the trees with little effort. Xavros, even at a young age, always seemed to connect move with animals and beasts rather than his fellow Elves. This alienated him a bit, though the elders saw this as a good thing. Believing that he had a stronger connection to the land than most Elves, they encouraged him at adulthood to venture outside the Wirewood and head to Krosa. Following their advice Xavros did just that, crossing through the Pardic mountains. Over the months of travel Xavros had to deal with Goblins, Giants, and Barbarians. Most of the time he used his training in stealth to get by, and occasionally had to resort to violence.

    Once he entered Krosa, Xavros instantly felt the power dwelling within there. He could feel the green mana pulsing through every plant and animal in the forest. He could feel it flow through him as he strolled through the undergrowth. The creatures of the forest didn't bother him, in fact the animals and beasts seemed drawn to him. He spent days bonding with the creatures of Krosa before he was found by a Nantuko.

    Years went by, and Xavros learned to channel his powers to greater effect, and how to use his Elven stealth and training to defend Krosa from those who would harm it and it's people.
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  3. Trainer_Ebony

    Jan 18, 2013
    Name: Alair Alexandrus
    Age: Appears around 15 or 16. Actual age unknown
    Gender: Male
    Creature type(s): Angel, appears human

    Appearance: Alair has long platinum hair that reaches the center of his back, bright blue eyes, and green marks on his cheeks that look of elvish nature. His clothing consists of a green elvish cloak, light chain armor with a green tunic over it, white pants (like Link :P), leather boots and a golden bracelet around his left wrist, which he often leaves concealed under his cloak. He keeps a pair of goggles around his neck, silver in color with black tinted lenses. Attatched to his belt are several pouches containing items ranging from food to small knives, as well as a short sword in a silver sheith. Across his back, he keeps a bow and quiver holding several arrows of differing appearances. His angelic wings appear and dissapear at will.
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 110
    Eye Color: Bright blue
    Hair Color: Plat. Blond

    Color Alignments: White, Green

    -Human abilities: Alair is a very capable warrior, usually trying to use tools as opposed to magic to defeat enemys when he is able. He is skilled in the use of blades, bows, and other weapons.

    -Angelic abilities: As an angel, Alair is able to fly. He is also more resillient than a normal human.

    -White magic: As an angel, Alair is strong in the defensive properties of white magic, as well as the healing abilities so prominent in this color of magic. He also has several anti-undead spells

    -Green magic: Growth, anti-artifact and anti-enchantment spells are the abilities in Green magic Alair focused on durring his time with the elves.

    Personality: Alair is a relaxed, carefree young angel who has come to enjoy wandering, seeing it as the ultimate freedom. Despite this, he IS an angel, and with that comes a strong sense of right and wrong, meaning like it or not, he will end up helping those in need. He also has a strong distaste for the undead.

    Backstory: A rarity almost unheared of, the male angel came into being in the female dominant recreation of Serra's Realm. Despite this, he was treated more or less the same as any other angel as a child. He was trained in battle, taught spells, and has protected humans more than once, who in turn worshiped him like the others. As a male, however, he wasnt always treated exactly like everyone else, especially as he got older. From being left out to being swarmed, being the sole male of the generation was confusing and unplesant.
    After the apocalypse, his situation only deteriorated, as less humans ment less worshipers, which would mean less need for the angels. This caused several angels, including Alair, to roam the land, just to fill the boredum.
    Alairs ventures would lead him primarilly south, where he would spend much time with the remnants of the Skyshroud Elves, learning a handful of their spells and abilities, as well as their cultures.

    (Did more editing)
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  4. Banshee

    Banshee Pokémon Professor

    Gregg the Egg
    (Odd Egg)
    Level 3
    Dec 5, 2012
    Name: Drakken Kylte
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Creature type(s) Dragon

    Dragon-Appearance: Unlike a fire breathing dragon, his build is more feline-based and is considerably smaller in size. (Though he is still capable of carrying a dragon rider) He has two large horns that curl back towards the backside of his head. He has a goatee and sharp pointed fangs that protrude out from under his upper lip. His scales are white in color color with speckles of light blue scattered about. Around the base of his neck there is a thin layer of soft wintry blue fur (similar to a lion's mane), which wraps around his neck and drapes over the front of his chest. His wings appear to be made of ice and have a see-through aspect to it. He has a long tail with a tuff of fur at the end of it.

    Human-like Appearance: Drakken stands at an average height of an adult human male. He's lean build and carries himself with pride. In this state, he has icy blue colored hair which is neatly kept into a pony tail that rests against his back. His face build consists of; a goatee, thin rimmed glasses, fangs that stick out from under his upper lip, a narrow jaw line, and horns that curl towards the backside of his head. His icy wings are in disguise as a cape, which with his attire makes him look like some sort of wizard. (He wears a deep blue wizard-like robe. The wings just make it look like he has an icy cape.)
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Eye Color: Deep Blue
    Hair Color: Wintry-blue
    Color Alignments: White, Blue
    • Immunity to cold: Being that he's an ice dragon; he has the ability to withstand cold temperatures.
    • Human Shape-shifting: This allows him to have the ability to shape-shift himself into a human. However, in this form he still has some resemblance of a dragon. He still has; horns, a tail, wings, long claws, scaled arms/legs, and sharp fangs that stick out from under his upper lip.
    • Affinity for ice: He can manipulate his energy in two ways. One way is creating a variety of ice-oriented attacks. This ranges from; frigid breath, launching ice blasts, making shields that can withstand a certain amount of attacks, and creating his weapons. The other way is; he can lower his body temperature to where he sends himself into a trance-like state. This allows him to focus on healing himself while his body goes into a peaceful state. Though healing himself requires a good amount of focus which could become difficult to achieve during the heat of a battle.
    Blue Magic: Blue Magic is the primary source of his ice abilities.
    White Magic: White Magic allows him to create ice-like mirrors and shields to protect himself from harm for a short period of time. He also can use the white magic to lower his body temperature, sending him into a state of trance. This allows him to recover from wounds.

    Weapons: Bladed staff - This staff is made out of his own icy breath and he can recreate it as long as he has the mana to do so. If an enemy tries to hold it, it either melts in their hands or is too cold for them to hold.

    Personality: Often times, people assume that Drakken is a villainous being. This is due to some of his choices, as he does what he feels right no matter what the consequences are. Like a typical ice dragon from his pack; his personality can come off as; antisocial, bitter, serious, and cold-hearted. In truth, Drakken is really just unfazed by stupidity and won't respond to useless questions that are too easy to answer. The bright side to this moody being is that he is very loyal to his closest companions. He will fight for what is right and fight for what he believes in.


    Much like his brethren; Drakken was born and raised on a mountain located on the eastern side of the region. While there, he was undergoing a serious amount of training by his tribe's Elder. Seeing Drakken's serious and loyal personality at a ripe young age, the Elder believed that Drakken would take control as the leader, within time. As long as the young dragon had the proper training and knowledge gained, he would be an impressive leader. This is when the Elder appointed his most trusted friend Alden, to train Drakken.

    Alden had trained Drakken well and taught him many unknown facts about the world surrounding them. However, little did Drakken know that some of this education had been false and full of lies and deceit. Alden had been plotting a way to kill off the Elder by the use of Drakken. When Drakken succeeded, he was to kill off the young dragon and be seen as a hero. By then, he would have been in charge of the dragon tribe and no one would have been there to stop him. Unfortunately, Drakken had caught onto this place and informed the Elder about it. The Elder did not take too kindly to Drakken's words and had punished him for disobedience.

    Growing impatient with Drakken's disobedience, Alder had decided to act on his own accord with killing off the Elder and blaming it on Drakken. However, Drakken had returned from his punishment just in time to stop Alder in his tracks. With his heroic deed, he had saved the Elder from an unneeded death. Being grateful to the dragon, the Elder felt that Drakken was ready to become the tribe leader.

    Drakken turned down the option and informed the Elder that he wasn't ready for such an important role quite yet. He felt that he still needed to gain more knowledge and grow. The Elder understood Drakken's wishes and gave him another option of going on a mission to where he would seek whatever it was that he desired. With that kept in mind, Drakken turned and left his tribe. He'll return once he feels ready to.

    A couple years later, Drakken had been wandering over the lands of Wirewood. Though, he was mainly admiring the beauty of the forest atmosphere, fate had alternate ideas at hand. While flying about, he couldn't help but notice a small half elf-fairy being chased by a mob of angry orcs. She was cornered at the edge of a cliff and had no other alternatives left for her to choose from. Death was the only option.

    At first Drakken was just going to let her be and have fate handle the situation. But a sinking feeling had altered his plan and he ended up rescuing the young woman. Blasting the orcs with his icy breath, Drakken had actually saved her. When he finished with the orcs he had noticed the condition she was in and quickly brought her to the nearest hospital for recovery.

    Drakken thought about leaving the hospital but the feeling of being noble and a hero stuck with him. He ended up staying at the hospital for the week she was stuck there. The dragon had wanted to make sure she was going to be alright, if not, he were to find out where her family was and was going to tell them about the fate of their daughter. Lucky for Kyra, she had survived the brutal attacks and came out of the hospital. She was eternally thankful for his courageous deed and told him that she wanted to repay him. Drakken rejected her offer but the stubborn creature insisted. In the end, he ended up allowing her to follow him. At first he hated having a companion to travel with but within a couple of months of being stuck with her, his thoughts changed. She was a good friend and one that would be behind his back whenever things seemed grim.


    Name: Kyra VonHammer
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Creature type(s) Half-Elf/Fairy
    Appearance: Kyra's attire is mainly based off of Victorian styled witches. She has a long deep purple robe that drifts down towards her ankles. The edges of her robe end with a rigid style, creating a witchy-styled look. Underneath the robe, she wears a black dress which is mainly seen from the waist down. Around her waist she has a yellow belt. She has a golden necklace with a single red gem in the middle of it. Kyra also wears a pair of black heeled boots and gloves. On top of her head is a pointed hat, much like a witch's hat. Kyra has long, light pink hair which is placed into a pair of pigtails. On her back, she has a pair of glowing pink lights are bent into the shape of fairy wings.
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 120lbs
    Eye Color: Deep red
    Hair Color: Light pink
    Color Alignments: Blue, Green

    • Dream Weaving: When one is asleep, Kyra has the ability to enter their dreams. She can create a soothing and wondrous dream to where the target sleeps peacefully without a problem. This is also used against those who have trouble with sleeping at night. Or she could create a nasty nightmare to where it seems so real that it actually messes with the target's mind. They get confused as to whether or not their nightmare was a nightmare or if it was a real event they lived through.
    • Creative Illusion: This ability allows Kyra to take something she had seen in a dream and bring it into the real world as an illusion. These illusions are usually used for entertainment for those watching, or she could use them as a distraction. Being that these are illusions, they cannot physically harm anyone unless they are nightmare/dream based creatures that had escaped into the real world.
    • Wind Blast: This is pretty much the only magical attack that Kyra knows that can physically harm another. Channeling her energy and current emotion, she can create strong gusts of wind. The stronger the feeling she has, the stronger and more dangerous the wind is.
    Blue: With blue magic, Kyra can create the illusions of images that were gathered from dreams. These illusions can travel in the real world but cannot inflict harm upon those who live within it. However, if the creature she is fighting is spiritual or from the dream world, these illusions Kyra creates can fight them.
    Green: Green magic revolves around her emotions and ability to control the wind. The stronger her emotions are, the stronger her winds can get.

    Weapons: Magic Wand

    Personality: Personality: Kyra is a cheerful and humorous young gal with a creative imagination and a big heart. She does whatever she can to help people out and often puts others before herself. Kyra is honest and fun-loving as well as clever and sneaky. The downside to her personality is that she can be stubborn as an ox. She is also very naive. Being that she often puts others before herself, she never really stops for a moment to think about what she really feels. With this said, she also bottles her emotions up and never tells people about how she really feels. In her way, she feels that expressing her feelings is bothersome to others.


    Kyra and her twin sister lived in Wirewood. Their parents had always been rather interested in the study of dreams and how illusion and creation comes from it. Dreams could be a blessing, a relief from daily-life stress. Nightmares could be one's deepest fears and worries which can haunt them for the rest of their life. These dreams can create so many stories and creatures.

    Using what was gained; her family used what they had learned and used them to create "magic" performances for their viewers. With this in mind, they had created a name for themselves. However, Kyra's mother and sister were more interested in the nightmare aspect of dreams and they often made horrific scenes. This often scared the viewers and made them cry or scream. Feeling bad for the children crying, Kyra used her illusion ability to create something fun and cute. This made the crying children laugh and smile. Seeing this happen made Kyra feel better about these performances. However this infuriated her sister to no end as she believed Kyra was ruining her powers.

    One day, Kyra's sister had told her about a rumor. She had to go to a specified area and if she made it on time, she would find something inspiring. Kyra figured to go and investigate the rumor and went off on her lonesome. This in turn, became grim rather quick as this specified area had a bunch of blood-thirsty orcs who thought of her as a perfect punching bag. They had done a surprise attack which damaged her ability to fly for the time being. Not wanting to become dead, she gathered up her thoughts and tried to create an illusion to distract them. However it didn't work as well as she planned and she had to flee the scene. She eventually reached the edge of a cliff and if she continued, she would have fallen down into the sharp bedrock surrounded by water. An instant death was waiting for her if she continued.

    Luckily, Drakken had come around and saved her from the attack. He later brought her to a near by hospital. To her surprise, he had stayed the entire time she was held inside the room. When she emerged, she had thanked him and told him that she would have to repay him. Drakken rejected her offer but she stuck with it. She had fallowed the Dragon around for a couple of days, traveling back to her home to inform her parents that she was okay. As they traveled, the two began to know one another a bit better and she figured that instead of staying home, where everything was the same, she would travel with the Dragon and be inspired by many more things.
  5. 7Demented

    7Demented Hex Maniac

    Feb 18, 2013
    Name: Tetris Fierr
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Creature type(s): Human

    Appearance: Inspired by the village's mages, Tetris wears a blue mage's robe with white and gold trim and stripes. The robe flows freely allowing him better maneuverability in close combat. Around his neck is a topaz necklace, the gem cut into a octahedron. Underneath the robe he dons a black undershirt with a gold stripe on the left side and beige cargo pants. He wears black talon gloves on his hands and dark brown leather hiking boots on his feet. His silver hair extends down to his shoulderblades and is slightly ruffled. His sword's sheath rests on his back. Some say in combat that fiery "ears" appear on his head when using fire.
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 190 lbs.
    Eye Color: Jade
    Hair Color: Silver

    Color Alignments: Blue/ Red

    Mind Reach: Tetris has a profound ability to use telepathy and telekinesis. He normally uses this skill to speak with others non-verbally, for situations that require silence. In desperate situations Tetris can even control other's actions with his powers. However, he is a novice at this and thus ends up in failure- or worse, the enemy gains control of his mind.

    Swordmanship: Tetris was a high ranking combat and tactical officer in his division. He can easily pick out weaknesses and faults, able to exploit them well against his opponents. His weapon of choice is the sword; he has some training in other weapons but not enough to be claimed competent in them.

    Red Magic: Tetris has an affinity to Red mana, particularly fire, and is able to control it. Tetris can use red mana to unleash fire and lightning upon his enemies, as well as summon a ring of fire to encase him like a suit of armor, somewhat resembling chain mail. This can be doused by a spray of water or at his own discretion.

    Sword; the blade is made of obsidian strengthened with diamond and cobalt, the hilt and handle is gold/ platinum with a sapphire embedded in the base of the handle. Tetris has named it "Starburn."

    Personality: Tetris is a fun-loving, kind young man who yearns for knowledge and understanding. He is always willing to lend a hand and is truly a team player. He has high moral standards and refuses to lower them, save for desperate situations. Preferring tactics and diplomacy to brute force, he tries to work out disputes calmly rather than letting it become an all-out brawl. However, he is somewhat stubborn in the fact that he isn't easily swayed by what others think; once he forms an opinion, it's hard to change it. Tetris is also rather desperate to leave a legacy behind and will try just about anything to get there.

    Backstory: Born in the northern sector of Otaria in a barbarian encampment, Tetris's parents couldn't provide a whole lot, though they managed. The unlikely parents met Tetris's father, Kyuzuse (ky-YOU-say) was skirting the edge of the Pardic mountains in search of any suspicious activity when a small group of goblins ambushed him. Unarmed and unprepared (he wasn't exactly the brightest bulb), he tried to flee yet was still caught and beaten on by the goblins. The only reason he was saved was because Molliko, the barbarian mother, was on patrol. Spotting the man being attacked, she scared off the little buggers despite her supposed "arrogant" nature. Concerned for Kyuzuse's health and safety, she escorted him back to her village and cared for him until he could return. The elders of the village frowned upon outsiders and a deep hatred for the non-barbarian was seeded. Kyuzuse never went home; instead he declared his love for Molliko and stayed in the village. This fascinated some and angered others throughout the town.

    Throughout Tetris's childhood he was miserable, as the otherchildren of the village ridiculed the boy simply because he was different. Tetris's parents told him that they were jealous of him, but the boy knew better; they didn't like him one bit. At the age of 16 he discovered he had a natural ability to control fire, a talent that was despised by the natives. Word of this spread to the High Official of the village, infuriating him and his justification for promptly evicting the family, essentially banning them from return. Just as they were making their way to Akihiko's home town, the family was attacked by Goblins, accompanied by a few giants. Tetris managed to stand his ground, but his parents weren't so fortunate, being carried off as prisoner by the beasts. He swore that would continually seek justice for the needy and not let this happen again.

    Traveling around for a while, he stumbled upon a rogue group of barbarians in the Pardic mountains. Intruders were not appreciated, so it seemed, as two of them attempted to kill him, but the boy pushed them back with a hell of a fight. Impressed by the young boy, the one who called himself General Iriton invited Tetris to join their group, claiming they were peace-seekers. Having nowhere else to go, he agreed. Tetris quickly made his way up the ranks and became General Iriton's right hand man within a full two years of joining. Living in the mountains also allowed Tetris to quickly improve his fiery capabilites due to the abundance of red mana; a few ventures to minor outlying islands also allowed him to pick up a few blue mana skills. The "High Rank" (as they called themselves) also trained him in firecat taming; this allowed him to keep one as a companion. The High Rank did complete some peace-keeping tasks, but this charade rapidly faded the higher in the hierarchy Tetris went. He soon discovered that Iriton was planning a takeover of the civilized cities by allying with the Goblins, finding this information through confidential files and other means. This invasion would most likely cause a war to break out; Tetris could not let that happen.

    Fearing the worst, Tetris devised a plan. Over the course of a few months, he secretly destroyed plans, files, and other vital intel to Iriton's invasion, slowly sapping the momentum from Iriton's ambitious moves. The General discovered this from one of his subjugates, and ordered Tetris to be killed. Sending 10 men after him, the boy fought valiantly and defended himself. But in fear of the remaining 100+ man army, the boy fled to the Krosa where he was somewhat welcomed by the druids that wandered there. Tetris has been roaming the forest of Krosa, taking refuge with the Nantuko and making friends with Xavros, one of the most highly known druids. He has been sticking to his promise of justice by performing various tasks to help out the Nantuko and their troubles, wherever they may be.

    (Many thanks to Smaug for helping me revise this! :) )
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    Apr 30, 2013
    Name: Sir Virgil Solaire
    Age: 120
    Gender: Male
    Creature type(s) Spirit, Knight

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Eye Color: White
    Hair Color: None


    Color Alignments: White, Black

    • Mana Aura: Solaire's body has been permanently fused with white and black mana, the side effect being that his body absorbs ambient white and black mana from the land. This aura also allows Solaire to absorb the black mana within undead and creatures created through black magic, dissipating their bodies. The mana that gets absorbed and stored within his body can be used for several purposes. For White mana, he can channel it to heal people, or to create his sunlight magic. Black mana is used for his regeneration, or can be purified to white magic over time, though the amount gained through this process is halved.
    • Knightly training: Solaire has been trained in the use of all nightly weaponry and armor, and he had about two decades of real combat experience before his death during the Phrexian war. Sword, lance, shield, mace, and flail are the weapons he's been trained in, though he prefers the Bastard sword.
    • Undeath: Solaire's wounds heal themselves. The more black mana he's around the faster they heal, as his body's aura absorbs the surrounding black magic on it's own.
    • Minor magic: Solaire can harness white magic to a minor degree. He can heal, and harness pure white mana into sunlight which he can use to light areas up or even into magical attacks. These sunlight magics are most effective against black creatures. If he manages to store up enough white mana (about a month long process), he is able to channel and release it into a minor Wrath-Of-God sort of spell. This drains him of all white mana, and without enough black mana to help cancel out the damage to himself he could put himself into a regenerative coma.
    Weapons: Chainmail, Bastard Sword, Round Shield


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