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Let's Go Did Anyone Else Like This?

Discussion in 'Switch Pokémon Games' started by Silver-the-Glaceon, Apr 28, 2024.

  1. Silver-the-Glaceon

    (Eevee (S))
    Level 1
    Apr 27, 2024
    Let's Go Eevee was my first Pokémon game. I found it a wonderful, exciting, and marvelous adventure. If I boot it up again, I love it just as much as I did then. I know this game's reception was far from spectacular, but did anyone really enjoy it as much as I did? As well, this same question is for Pokken Tournament DX. When - and how - did that just disappear? Like, you could play with Mewtwo and Suicune! And SHADOW MEWTWO. (I Suicune/Braixen mained the whole game)
    #1 Apr 28, 2024
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2024
  2. Kecleon

    Kecleon Mod Crew

    Ace Wings
    Level 54
    Sep 16, 2014
    Blue Orb ★★★★★Decidium Z ★★★★★
    While I won't say that Let's Go Eevee was my favorite Pokémon game, even on the Switch, I will say that I am super charmed with the art style, as it is clearly one of the prettiest Pokémon games on the console. Add onto that the rather unique catching mechanics that I personally thought was pretty cool and the fascinating twists on the common Kanto formula, and I can't help but have a soft spot for it, even if there are some flaws in the gameplay balancing. Also, Eevee is cute, and the times the game let's Eevee be cute is wonderful.

    Also, I recently cleared the single player campaign of Pokken Tournament. Kicked my butt a lot, but I think it's a fun game through and through. A solid fighter, at the very least. Very much a Decidueye main, btw.
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  3. ColsonOtis

    Level 8
    Sep 14, 2022
    Poké Ball ★Potion ★Oran Berry ★★Thunder Stone ★★★Helix Fossil ★★★
    I played Let's Go Pikachu! In my early days so kinda the same thing.
    I think the main reason it went down was because of the catching method, it was too much like Pokémon Go and felt like just an advertisement for the mobile game.
    I did like playing the game, however, and I still sometimes play it. To answer your question, I enjoyed it a lot and still do today. I don't know about that other game though.
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  4. BZRich64

    BZRich64 The Mustachiod Machamp

    Late For A Date
    Level 16
    Jun 12, 2017
    I'm glad to hear that some people were able to have a good time with the Let's Go games. They were very much meant as an entry point for new fans but as someone who had already been with the franchise for over twenty years, they really weren't for me. Even as someone whose first game was Yellow, which these were technically a remake of, I didn't end up getting any enjoyment out of Let's Go Pikachu. It's my least favorite Pokémon game to date and I pretty much had to force myself to finish (and compete the Pokédex). But, as I said, I wasn't in the game's target audience and I'm glad to hear that it served as a good entry point for new fans.
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  5. Jeydis

    Jeydis Deep down in Underfity

    Level 11
    Aug 11, 2017
    Poké Ball ★Trainer Card - Cave Theme
    I found the look of it super charming and it is quite fun to shiny hunt in with the very clear visuals for the spawns. Not a fan of the super powered partners but hey I just boxed my eevee and considered it my "shouldermon" instead of using it in battle. I didnt end up playing it through at the time, I should nuzlocke it at some point.
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  6. Neb

    Neb Cosmog Enthusiast

    (Flabébé (O))
    Level 20
    Nov 4, 2018
    GS Ball ★★★★★Love Ball ★★★★★Poké Ball ★Potion ★Oran Berry ★★
    There were things in the game that frustrated me like the catching mechanics, dumbed down difficulty, and removal of the Sevii Islands, but after seeing how the other Switch Pokémon games turned out I think it was better than I remembered. It’s the only time the Pokémon following mechanic has ever worked in 3D, the remastered soundtrack is fantastic, and it’s a very pleasant to look at game. I also appreciate the better Pokémon distribution than past Kanto games. Having Oddish and Bellsprout before the first gym was fantastic. I kinda regret selling the game tbh.
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  7. Katanaeyegaming

    Katanaeyegaming #FEARTHEWYVERN

    Level 44
    Feb 6, 2015
    Poké Ball ★Potion ★Oran Berry ★★Thunder Stone ★★★Helix Fossil ★★★
    I'm mixed on getting them tbh. I want to for collection purposes but at the same time why?

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