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Fanfiction Dimension Jumper

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Arctiquaza, May 28, 2018.

  1. Arctiquaza

    Arctiquaza Never quite gone

    Level 32
    May 27, 2018
    Sail Fossil ★★★
    This was my first story on Fanfiction, and the Pokémon part is coming soon, don't worry

    Authors note: Hi! I recently just found this website, and a story has been brewing in my mind ever since! Actually, this story has been in my head for YEARS, and I am exited to finally write it down and share it to somebody! I am not the best at writing, but I am a master at procrastination, so my progress will be slow. Constructive criticism is greatly accepted! I have seen some stories up for adoption, and I might be finishing some of those as well. Well, here is the story

    Chapter 1: Beginnings, We All Have Them

    It was a beautiful, snowy, morning. It was also a Saturday! That normally meant I would be sleeping till noon. Oh! I'm sorry! I should probably introduce myself! My name is Crystal, I am twelve years old, and I am homeschooled. An if you couldn't tell from what I told you before, I'm more of a night person. I will stay up late, unable to fall asleep, only to sleep to eleven O'clock in the morning. So no wonder I came to love owls! Anyway, I getting sidetracked, your probably here for a story, and a story you will get!

    So it was a snowy morning, and I woke up at about 11:00 AM, and headed upstairs to get breakfast. Afterwards, I pulled out my phone and went to a site I found, now on my favorites list. It was called fanfiction. I looked up some of the new stories I found, and started reading.

    One hour later

    Oh, how I loved Pokémon! Especially the fanfics, creating whole new worlds with the base story! I gave a sigh as I put my phone away, deciding I should get some time outside.

    I shrugged on my jacket, slipped on my snow boots, and headed outside, calling to my mom that I was going outside for a bit. "Okay!" She called back, as I closed the door. I headed for the woods that surrounded my house, planning to just hike around for a bit, my two barn kittens following, mewling softly and circling my legs as I walked, hoping for a treat. I sat down for a bit, letting the kittens curl up in my lap for a bit, before poking them off and continued on my way.

    I was hiking slightly off-path, lost in my own daydreaming, when I heard a shriek very close by! As the cats got the heck out of there, I jumped, snapping out of my trance, and looked for the source of the sound. I saw a family of snowy owls, the young ones huddled up in the nest, while the adults... wait... what were the adults doing? Hold on, they were fighting something! Yes, they were fighting another snowy owl, apparently fighting over territory! I dove behind a nearby tree and peeked out from behind it. I couldn't just stand by as the intruder owl just took the family's home from the- my thoughts were interrupted with a louder screech than before, and I looked to see the mother owl fall from the sky, badly injured. That's when I snapped. I ran over, scrambled up the tree, and faced the intruder owl, staring straight at it and yelling with my fists balled. The owl was not prepared for this, as it stumbled and fell off the branch it was perched on, and flapped away, very confused, and deciding that it didn't want to deal with me. I climbed back down the tree and gingerly picked up the injured owl, placing it back in its nest.

    Ten minutes later

    Luckily, only the wing seemed to be hurt. I bandaged it the best I could, and the owl started to fall asleep. As I was climbing down, I saw something sparkle. I looked closer, and saw that there was a necklace woven into the nest. It was silver, with two wing shapes crossing over an ice blue gem, as if protecting it. The owl family saw me looking, and motioned their heads for me to take it. I carefully separated the necklace from the nest, climbed down the tree, and headed home, fastening the necklace around my neck.

    Hey! That was kind of short, but I wanted to get something out pretty soon. Thanks to The Cursed Blur for helping me figure out this whole writing stories thing! I hope somebody sees this, and I look forward to writing more!
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  2. Arctiquaza

    Arctiquaza Never quite gone

    Level 32
    May 27, 2018
    Sail Fossil ★★★
    And here's the next one

    I present to you, chapter 2! Also, I am going to try and slow it down a notch, the first chapter seemed way too fast.

    Disclaimer: I don't own anything, except my OCs

    Chapter 2: If You Could Have a Superpower...

    I woke up, got out of bed, and started to get dressed. I looked in the mirror and saw the necklace, and the memories of yesterday came flooding back into my head. I decided I would check back on the owls later today. I finished getting dressed and walked to the window - avoiding the mess that was my room - and peeked outside. It was no longer snowing, in fact, all the snow had melted! I opened the window to see what the temperature was, and was mildly surprised to find that it was quite nice! That was the way it often was in Tennessee spring, snowing one day, warm the next.

    I walked down the stairs, got my breakfast, and pulled out my phone, checking my messages. Nothing new. I decided to call my friends, Ami and Ci.

    "Hey!" I said

    "Hi!" They replied

    "Do you have any plans for today?"

    "Not really" Ami said.

    "Me neither" Ci said.

    "How about we go to the park?" Ami suggested.

    "That sounds great!" Ci and I agreed.

    "Okay, see you there!" Ami ended the call.

    I walked around the house, racking my brain for the things I would need to bring. Wow, it has been awhile since I've had a nice day outside, actually, I've been spending more time inside lately... oh right, I found new books to read, and whenever I find a new book, I will take every chance to read it...

    I finally decided that I should be find just bringing my phone and wallet, so I grabbed those, slipped on my shoes, and headed outside.

    A few minutes later...

    "Hi Ami! Hi Ci!" I called, running into the park.

    "Oh, hi Crystal!" Ci calling back, Ami repeating her after taking her attention off a nearby butterfly.

    "What do you guys have planned?" I asked.

    "Well... maybe some jogging, I guess." Ami stated

    "Ooh! Maybe we can go to the new coffee place afterwards!" Ci gleefully shouted. We all knew how much Ci loved her coffee.

    "Sure!" I agreed. I was a fan of frappes myself, and I had heard that the new place made them pretty well.

    Ten minutes later...

    I stopped jogging, panting. I had been much faster than normal, considering it had been awhile since I had run. Hold on, I felt something around the necklace, kind of like it was sweaty, sticking to my skin, it felt like something was coming out of it... flowing through me... I lightly slapped myself, telling myself that it was just sweat, the necklace spreading it a bit. I lifted up the necklace and rubbed the spot, expecting to wipe away the sweat, but it was completely dry. Strange...

    "Hey, Crystal! Can we go now?" Yelled Ci.

    "Yeah, I'll be there in a sec" I called back.

    "Oh, and Ami had to go, 'important business' she said" Ci told me as she headed towards the coffee shop.

    "That's ok, we were almost done anyway" I shouted as I tried to catch up with her

    We arrived at the coffee shop, it was called "Bean Lounge". We entered, Me ordering a peppermint mocha frappe, (my favorite) and Ci ordering a vanilla bean latte. We both got coconut cookies. We sat down and talked, and the conversation ended up turning into: "What would your superpower be, if you had one".

    "I think super speed!" Ci said

    "Well, if you did, you would probably get it by being powered by an insane amount of coffee!" We both laughed hard at that, knowing it was probably true.

    "Probably not too far off," Ci said, still recovering from laughter. "Anyway, what would yours be?"

    "Huh, I don't know, never really thought about it."

    "Well I don't know either, so many could fit you, maybe something with ice, since you seem more resistant to cold than others." She was right, I did have a pretty high tolerance for the cold.

    "Anyway, I think we should be going." I said

    "Ok, I just finished" So we left.

    We were walking home, me sipping the water I had brought along. Man, I wish there was some more ice left in this...and suddenly, there was!

    "Woah! How did you do that! That's a pretty cool magic trick, how long have you been practicing it?"

    Me, still stunned, stammered "U-uhh... I didn't do that on purpose..."

    "Wait, why is it getting chillier? It was warm a second ago!"

    By now, I was properly freaked out. I had just freaking SUMMONED ICE! Then it hit me. I JUST SUMMONED ICE! I tried to rationalize it in my mind, but drew blank. I felt the necklace getting warmer, but colder at the same time and I practically FELT something flowing out of it, into me. I was shaking. I grabbed Ci's arm and we fled to my house as it began to snow

    After we had settled down, Ci asked "What just happened?"

    "I think... I think I just summoned ice..."

    "... I think so to..." Ci whispered, but something hit her and she raised her voice a bit, "wait, you just summoned ice... you have superpowers! How did you get them, when did it start, what do you think about it, what-" "STOP! Calm down! Talk a bit slower!"

    "Ok... sorry..."

    "Oh, don't feel bad..." we were silent for a bit, then it hit me, I HAD SUPERPOWERS!

    After freaking out about it for awhile, we decided we should get tactical. "Okay, so we can't reveal this to the public, or everyone would go crazy. should we tell Ami? She could be a big help."

    "Yeah, we should probably tell Ami, but not now. Also, maybe I should try to control this, so it doesn't just burst out randomly."

    "Sounds like a good idea"

    "Okay" I wasn't sure how I was going to do it, but I figured I would try. I concentrated on a bead on the floor, and suddenly, I could feel something inside me, shifting slightly, presumably my power. And I also felt something around my necklace, a strange aura, flowing into me and feeding the growing power. I concentrated, and moved some of that power up my arm, and into my hand. I lifted my hand towards the bead, and leaked the power out of my hand, directing it towards the bead, and solidifying it around it. A thin layer of ice formed over it, and I coated it with more layers until the bead was snugly inside a small ice cube. Then I noticed that my power had gotten significantly smaller, practically gone. Then everything went black.

    Yay! We are finally getting to the exiting parts! I just want to say, I didn't think that anybody would read this for a while, so I was very surprised! This is just phase one of the powers. Also, the weekend is coming to a close, so I will have less time to write, But I will try my best! Till the next chapter!
  3. Arctiquaza

    Arctiquaza Never quite gone

    Level 32
    May 27, 2018
    Sail Fossil ★★★
    And the next

    Disclaimer: I don't own anything, except my OCs

    Hi! Here is the next chapter! Also, I know snowy owls don't live in Tennessee, but for the sake of this story, they do.

    Reader: hey, who is that person hiding in my bush?

    Oh, don't mind her, you will find out soon enough.

    Chapter 3: A Warning

    I slowly opened my eyes, just a crack.

    "Hey, she's waking up!" I faintly heard Ci say.

    "Oh, she is." Ami said, closer to me than Ci

    "Ami, Ci, what happened?" I weakly whispered.

    "You were practicing your power, but then you just fainted!" Ci answered

    "Wait, did you tell Ami?" I said, gaining back my strength already, my eyes fully opening.

    "Yeah, she told me, I was very surprised." Ami replied, in a completely unsurprised tone.

    "How long was I out?"

    "A day, not too bad, considering what could have happened." Ci comforted me.

    I started to stand up, feeling better already, I felt inside and saw that my power was back to normal size, of not bigger. I looked at my surroundings and saw I was still at home, just on my bed. And then something struck me, I hadn't seen my mom or dad for awhile! "Hey" I asked Ci, "do you know where my parents went?"

    "Oh, they went to town to do some errands."

    "Have you told them?"


    "Good, lets keep it that way" I shivered, knowing what their reaction would be. My parents were very factual, anything that seemed magical, would be deemed false and excluded from our lives, so we never believed in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, or anything like that. "Childish" they said. "It will make them more suspectable to falsehood!"

    "Hey, you there?"

    "Oh, sorry, I just spaced out for a sec." I then realized that Ami had just been sitting to the side, listening. "I think I should go for a walk, you know, get my energy up."

    "You sure you can walk?"

    "Yeah," I said, while getting up and walking to the door. "I feel better now."

    "I'll join you." Ami stated.

    "Ok!" Ci said

    Later, at the park...

    I was walking through the park, with Ami and Ci, but I felt like someone was watching me... wait, what was that? I heard a scuffle in the bushes. Ami also looked over there, but she started walking over, and she disappeared in the shrubbery.

    "HEY!" Someone yelled, making me jump. "DON'T TRUST AMI! SHE I-" she was suddenly cut off, and there were sounds of fighting... FIGHTING! What was Ami doing? There was more scuffling, and then it quieted down, and Ami emerged from the bush, looking all scraped up.

    "Sorry bout that." She casually said, "Does anybody here have some stuff to put on these scratches?"

    "I do, follow me." Said Ci, giving Ami a suspicious glance.

    "Do you really believe her?" Ami said, a little angrily. "She is a stranger hiding in a bush!"

    "Well... we never know..." I said, earning a glare from Ami.

    "Hey, maybe we should practice your powers!" Ci said

    "Yeah... show me this apparent 'power', I would like to see it with my own eyes, we both know the crazy stories Ci can come up with."

    That was true, but I was nervous that last time would repeat itself. "Ok, but only a little, I don't want to black out again."

    "Ok!" Ci agreed

    We found a bench and sat down. Ami pulled out a hair clip from her pocket. "Freeze this" She said. I focused on it, pulling on my power again, this time only doing a thin sheet of ice. "Interesting..." Ami noted. "Girls, I have to go for a sec."

    Amis POV

    "Hey, boss," Ami said into her phone, safely away from the table, "I think I found something."

    Ooh! Who is Amis boss? Who was the person in the bush? What is Ami talking about? See you next chapter, with phase 2!
  4. Arctiquaza

    Arctiquaza Never quite gone

    Level 32
    May 27, 2018
    Sail Fossil ★★★
    After taking a long break from the story, my writing had improved greatly, and chapter length was bumped up too.

    Hi! Sorry for taking so long on this one, it's just last time, I did a chapter a day for three days. I decided to slow down a bit and make a longer chapter.

    After trying to write:
    Writers block: MUAHAHAHA! YOU SHALL NOT CONTINUE THIS STORY! Ooh, what does this button do?

    A week later: Oh no! Procrastination and writers block have teamed up! I need backup!


    Disclaimer: I do not own anything, except my story and OCs

    Chapter 4: The Betrayal

    Amis POV

    "Oh really... and how do you know this?" The figure in the dark said

    "This is how." Ami handed the frozen hair clip to her boss

    "It seems so... normal ice would have melted way before you got here... go, find her, and bring her here."

    "As you say, boss."

    Crystals POV

    Where am I? I was floating in some vast space, everything around me was blurry... Wait, what was that? It felt like something was pounding my head, it felt like... what did it feel like? Information? Yes, information. And although I couldn't tell how I knew that, or decipher it at the moment, I somehow knew that when the time came, I would know. Something I did know though, was that something was going to happen. Suddenly, I noticed that I wasn't floating anymore, I was falling. I panicked as the blurry ground came closer, and closer... and closer...

    I woke up in a cold sweat, the sick feeling in my stomach that you get when you fall fading away. I got out of bed, heading downstairs to get some breakfast, when I stepped on something cold. I looked down to see that the bead was still frozen, and seemed to have melted only a tiny bit.

    Then some of that information suddenly popped up. The ice is special, it takes much longer to melt than normal, unless I melt it myself. Wait, how would I melt something? And I suddenly knew that, too. I think this information is going to be very useful...

    I started to head out of my room, but tripped on my phone charger, spreading across the room like a tripwire.

    "Agh! Why do I keep putting the cord like that!" I said getting up. "That reminds me, I should probably take my phone with me."

    I grabbed my phone from the charger, and headed downstairs. Mom and dad weren't home yet. I got some cereal and started eating.

    Ring... Ring... My phone started ringing. I picked it up and checked it. Ami and Ci. I answered it. Amis camera showed up on the top, Cis on the bottom.

    "Hi! Now, Ami, what did you call us for?" Ci said.

    "Well, I was thinking. Maybe Crystal should practice using her powers, Yknow, try to control it a bit more."

    "That actually sounds good!" Another thing suddenly popped into me head. "And, if I practice with them, it'll get more endurance and strength. Kind of like exercising."

    "How do you know this?" Ami asked questioningly.

    "I just... Do." I shrugged.

    "Well, Crystal. I found a nice place in the woods that we can practice in. It's pretty secluded, so nobody will find us. I'll send you the location. Do you want to come, Ci?"

    "Nah, I have some stuff I need to do. But I really, really, REALLY wish I could." She said as my phone bleeped and the message with the location was sent.

    "Suit yourself." I said with a shrug. "I'll come after I'm done eating breakfast."

    "Great! See you there!"

    After leaving a note on the table that I was going on a hike with Ami, I shouldered my backpack and was on my way. I had packed water, food, and my 3ds with Pokémon Moon in it. We weren't going to be out there for more than a few hours, so I didn't need to bring much.

    I glanced at my phone again, making sure I was going in the right direction. It was indeed a very descreet place, good for what we were using it for. I stepped forward and pushed away some leaves, and a giant clearing unfolded before me, spotted with dandelions and other wildflowers. The sun shone brightly, no longer blocked by trees, and warming my skin.

    "How did you find this place!" I marveled.

    "Just a lot of off trail hiking. Soooo... Ready to start?" she replied, looking all around her, paying a bit more attention to certain spots, I noticed.

    Probably trying to find a good spot. I shook it off.

    "Sure, let's get going!"

    "Over here." She lead me to a nice spot and sat down. I set my bag down and looked at her.

    "So, where do we start?"

    "Hmmm... How about you try forming things with ice.

    "Sounds good, I've only coated things before." I concentrated and felt the power in me, and I once again led it up my arm and to my hand, and tried to solidify it into a ball on the table. "Crap." I muttered as it just became a glob of ice stuck to the table. "I guess I'm not getting everything right first try."

    We continued practicing for a while, and after a bit of trial and error, I was able to form an ice ball. "Finally!" I groaned. "That was exhausting! I need some water." I pulled out a water bottle and chugged it down. "Much better. Hey Ami, anything wrong?" I said as I realized Ami had been silent for a while."

    "Oh? Yeah, just... Thinking..." Ami said slowly.

    "Okay then..." I said, not fully convinced.

    And then the headache hit. It hit hard, so hard that I almost collapsed.

    "What the... You alright!" Asked Ami

    "I think so..." I said as it suddenly lessened in power. "Still there though, wow that headache was bad..."

    And then I felt the flow coming from the necklace again. If it was a stream last time, this time it was a tsunami "Woah," I said, wobbling a bit. "That's a big power flow!"

    Now able to feel my power, unlike last time, I looked inside and saw a torrent of power rushing to my main source. It expanded and gained a more pinkish tint.

    Then, the information. I knew what was going on. Well, mostly. The necklace radiated power, and I was absorbing that power in bursts, gaining a new ability each time. How the necklace was like this and where it came from I didn't know. I suddenly knew what ability it was, psychic powers. Levetation, telekinesis, mind reading, all that jazz. It exited me, and I wanted to try it as soon as possible.

    "... Crystal, CRYSTAL!" I snapped back to reality, realizing that while consumed in my thoughts, I had fallen over.

    "Oh, umm... Yeah?"

    "What just happened? You just stared off into space then fell over!"

    "I was a bit... Lost in thought..."

    "Apparently a lot lost in thought, for you to have fallen over. Now what were you thinking about?"

    "New ability." I quickly muttered, swinging on my backpack.

    "What? How?"

    I had a forbodeing feeling that I shouldn't tell about the necklace. "I... Don't know..."

    "Well, tell me what it is!" she snapped. She had never acted this angry or nervous before, I wonder what was aggravating her.

    "Psychic powers. You know, telekinesis, mind readin-"

    "MIND WHAT?!" She burst.

    "Mind reading. And what is with you?"

    "Do you know how to use it?"

    "Not yet..."

    "Okay..." she sighed. I decided to get to the bottom of this. I poked at her mind, the action feeling perfectly natural. I dove in.

    My minds eye went black, and in it I was floating... In her mind I guessed? Random information and memories floated around, like glowing windows into other times. I instinctively combed through information, when a memory caught my attention. I floated it towards me and looked at it.

    "...o you know this?"

    "This is how." Ami handed a strange man the frosted clip.

    "It seems so... normal ice would have melted way before you got here... go, find her, and bring her here."

    "As you say, boss."

    The information clicked, right as Ami felt the poking. My stomach froze as Ami jumped and made a signal.

    A team of grunts leaped out of the underbrush and tackled me, I made a blast of psychic energy to push them away, but I didn't have enough energy left to stay conscious afterwards, especially after that training. "That was probably the intent..." I sadly realized as I faded out of consciousness. Darkness.

    Bum bum buuuum! A cliffhanger! Also, summer break is here! That means much more activity! I will be doing my best to work on this, but I also have other things to do, like my first game of D&D! Looking forward to that :)
    I think that my writing has improved drastically from the first chapter, and this one is much longer than the others. Well, see you next time! Oh, and on a side note, I'm not going to be doing the things that lots of authors do where they talk with their characters in the authors notes

    *Portal opens and Crystal pokes her head out* "Come on! I was hoping you would! I've always wanted to meet yo-"

    *Shoves her head back in and closes the portal* "How did she even find this place?! Well, she's gone now, so bye! And remember, always be careful when going down stairs!"

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