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Dio. Time to go.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by YouHoney, Jun 21, 2015.

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  1. YouHoney

    YouHoney Snow wanderer

    Nov 6, 2014
    1867 England. Dario Brando and his wife got a child. This child was given the name Dio Brando. Dio was raised alone with his father. Dio's mom had died when Dio was born. Dario became an alcoholic because of this and Dio was raised on abusive home. On Dario's Deathbed, he sends Dio to live with a man who he has saved earlier. George Joestar. Dio arrives at the Joestar manor and is instantly greeted by his soon-to-be-brother Jonathan Joestar. Dio tries to break Jonathan's spirit and take his place as the favored son, even going as far as kissing Jonathan's love intrest and burning Jonathan's dog, Danny, alive. Jonathan is enraged by this and the two fight. Jonathan gains the upper hand and manages to spill Dio's blood onto a mysterious stone mask on the wall, causing it to drop and grow spikes out of this. Both boys notice this, but are interupted by George.

    Seven years have passed since Dio came into the Joestar manor. George Joestar has fallen ill and Jonathan heads out to find cure for his father from Ogre street, after finding out that Dio has been poisoning George. Dio sees this as an opportunity to hire men to kill Jonathan on Ogre street. Dio also fetches the stone mask and plans to kill Jonathan with it in case of his plan failing. He intends to use it to make Jonathan die from accident, while researching the mask. Dio however wasn't sure, that will the mask kill Jonathan, so he goes out at night to test it. He finds two men. He slits other ones throat, takes his blood, puts the mask on the other man and Smears blood on the mask, activating it. The man seems to have died. Dio kicks the man to proof that he has died. Dio turns around to pick up his hat, but the man raises up and tries to kill Dio. The undead man seems to have transformed into a vampire. Dio tries to fight this new enemy, but is easily defeated. The vampire start to drink his blood, but sun rises. The vampire dies and Dio survives. This night decided the fates of many.

    Dio returns to the manor and he sees that Jonathan has came back from Ogre Street, with evidence that Dio indeed had bought Poison from Ogre street and now he is being arrested by the police. Charged with attempted murder, Jonathan request to handcuff Dio. Dio states that there is a limit that humans can do and those who want to do great things must go beyond the human capabilities. Jonathan has little time to react, when Dio pulls out the stone mask and a knife. Dio tries to stab Jonathan and Dio manages to to get blood. This blood is not Jonathans. Its Georges. Dio laughs as he sets the mask on himself and smears Geroge's blood on the mask. The mask pierces Dio's skull and he is shot down by the police. Meanwhile George dies on the hands of Jonathan. The scene seems to be over. But suddenly a police officer is killed by Dio, who is now a Vampire. Jonathan steps up and tries to kill Dio. The battle goes as far as burning down the mansion. Jonathan manages to push Dio to a staircase. Dropping him into fire and impaling him on debris.

    However Dio didn't die, but he is badly injured. Dio goes to a town and turns the whole village into vampires. Dio knew that Jonathan will come after him. He build himself an army of the damned. Not long after he meets with Jonathans party. This time Jonathan has a weapon that even Dio recognizes as danger. Hamon, the power of the Sun. Dio manages to damage Jonathans Mentor Zeppeli, but decides to retreat to his castle, leaving Jonathan to his vampires Tarkus and Bruford. Soon after Jonathan is knocking on Dios door. Dio Fights against Jonathan, but is defeated by Jonathan and threw off the castle tower, all while being disintegrated by Hamon. However Dio's head survives and is collected by the man who sold him poison on Ogre street.

    Dio comes up with a plan to steal Jonathans body. Dio manages to sneak into a ship, where Jonathan and his Wife Erina are. Dio starts to turn the Ships passengers into vampires and manages to lure Jonathan into the Ships hull. Dio shoots his optic beam into Jonathan's throat, causing him to suffocate. Jonathan tries to resist Dio and does manage to cause the ships engine to get stuck and malfunction. This starts fires and Jonathan Grabs Dios head, shows Erina to escape on a life boat and Dies. Jonathan dies with Dio in his hands and the ship explodes. But like a miracle Dio manages to take Jonathans body in get into a blast proof coffin before the ship is sent to Davy Jones locker. Dio remained on the seafloor for a hundred years on the coast of Africa.

    The year is 1983. A group of sailors has went treasure hunting on the coast of Africa. They lift up a mysterious Coffin which has the name "DIO" on its side. The men open the coffin. The boat is found empty few months later. Dio now with his new body starts to plan his next move to wipe out Jonathan Joestars descendants and towards world domination. Dio decides to remain in Egypt and meets a woman with an interesting artifact. A bow and an Arrow. These artifacts have said to give the person pierced by the arrow to get power beyond their imagination. Dio pierces himself and get a power. A stand. The World. With this power, the power to rule the world, he starts to gather minions. Other stand users.

    Year 1987. Dio finds out that when he got his Stand, all of his descendants, or more specifically Jonathans descendants have got Stands too. Jonathans Grandson Joseph Joestar got the stand Hermit Purple and Joseph grandson Jotaro Kujo got the Stand Star Platinum. Jotaros Mother Holly also got a Stand, but she is too weak to have a Stand, so she fell terribly ill. So Joseph and Jotaro set the course to Egypt to Kill Dio. Dio hears about this and sends his Henchmen to buy Dio time. Time to Master The Worlds ability to stop time.

    After 43 days, Jotaro and Joseph Find Dio. The battle that has lasted generations begun anew. After a battle that went all across Cairo, Jotaros friend Kakyoin manages to figure out Dio's stands ability. Time Stop. Dio manages to kill Kakyoin before he managed to tell anyone. Kakyoin didnt give up. Kakyoin used his Stand to destroy a clock tower, stopping it. And left it as his dying message. Joseph decodes this and just manages to relay this to Jotaro, before Dio stopped time and threw a knife into Josephs throat. Final battle. Dio vs. Jotaro. The battle is fierce. Dio's ability to stop time was great. Jotaro however started to invade Dio's world of frozen time. Jotaro moved more and more on the frozen time. This helped Jotaro to cause an opening which to destroy Dio. Jotaro didnt notice though that he sent Dio Flying his Grand Father Joseph. Dio drains Joseph dry, killing him. Jotaro is enraged and charges Dio. By getting Joestar blood, Dio has became stronger. Dio and Jotaro fight and Dio is much stronger. Dio throws Jotaro through a tower, on to a bridge and stops time. Dio returns with a steam roller and plans to crush Jotaro under it. The Steam rolled hits the ground. Jotaro under it. Dio has won. But. As Dio moves to Jotaros body, he noticed that he cant move and Jotaro is standing behind him. Jotaro stopped time. Jotaro breaks Dio's legs and tells him to stand up. Dio does this, but suddenly squirts blood into Jotaros eyes. Dio uses The World to Kick Jotaro and Jotaro deflects it with a punch. Contact. Star Platinum's fist cracks, but Dios stand breaks in half, damaging Dio so badly that he is incapacitated. Dios body is picked up and his blood is transfused back into Joseph. Joseph comes back to life. Dios remains were taken to Sahara to be burned in the Sunlight.

    The century long battle between Dio and the Joestars has ended, but Dios legacy lives on.

    And may that legacy ruin many lives.

    Dio. Time to go.

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  2. Cay

    Cay Ultralight Beam

    Aug 24, 2014
    I guess you could say it's time to....................................................di-go
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