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Document Ricka

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by MaverickKayPrime, Sep 5, 2014.

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  1. MaverickKayPrime

    Sep 5, 2014
    A bit of preface.

    This is strange for me. I've never posted stories on a forum before. But, hey, I was recommend to do so, so why not? Anyway, this is a story I somewhat abandoned on my fanfiction.net profile. It wasn't getting much views and I figured why continue it? That being said, I think it's a really good story on its own right. I have two chapters of it, but for now, I'll just post the first. If it gets enough activity, then I'll post the second. And, still, if things are good, I just might continue.

    So, yeah. I hope you enjoy this story!


    The Region Yonder
    It was the dead of night. From outside, the many calls of feral beings echoed. They beckoned to her. Or, that's what she heard. Her fingers sat upon the bed's sheets, where she clawed them in during her midnight slumber. Her red hair was spilled out upon the pillow, flowing long over her blankets and covers. She was breathing in and out, slightly, not heavily. For all intents and purposes, this was normal. She was just some young woman, resting within bed, waiting for tomorrow's events. Yet her face still held a bit of turmoil not seen before. She started to sweat within her rest, which gave way to steady panting within. She was having some horrid nightmare that would not leave her, no matter how hard she tried.
    "Etta..." she ended up whispering through her night terrors.
    The slight whisper of that name caused the woman to launch up. Her eyes wide, she breathed in and out heavily. To anyone looking in, it would appear as if she had just run a mile. She was sweating bricks, and panting hard. Her hand sat on her chest, as if to stop it from moving up and down so face. Her heart was thumping at great speeds, and her lungs were puffing air. Her eyes closed, and her hand met the top of her head. She wiped the sweat that boiled upon her brow, and swung it off with a mere wave of her hand.
    After such a turbulent awakening, there was no way she'd go back to sleep. Her feet kicked over the edge of the bed, while her hand scratched at the back of her head. Her haggard expression showed she was still yearning for dreamland, but her body simply said 'No'. She was awake now, and she needed to deal with it.
    The adult woman with her red hair gazed down toward her toes with shining blue eyes. A loud and unneeded yawn escaped her lips, while she gazed down upon her clothing. For nightwear, it wasn't much. Just t-shirt that was a size too short, and her panties, not to mention her wild hair was untamed by any means. It appeared as if she just stripped down and jumped into bed; not really the womanly way to conduct herself.
    Eh, it didn't matter. It wasn't like anyone was spying on her; that would be creepy. The woman stood up from her bedside, while thoughts entered her mind. She walked through the room, toward the bathroom that sat on the opposite end. Stopping briefly, her blue eyes trekked toward the coat hangar, which sat in the corner of the room. Other than her coveted black vest, a belt was there. Said belt owned a pouch, and six slots that were filled with red and white capsule devices.
    Her finger's lighting danced upon these balls, but she stole herself from actually doing something. Instead, the adult trainer whisked her way into the bathroom. Her finger's flicked pass the light switch, bringing a vibrant life into the small restroom. She pulled apart the shower curtains, and placed her hand upon the waterspout. Twisting the 'HOT' knob, she caused water to fly from the showerhead.
    The woman brought her eyes over to the bathroom's mirror. Her finger teased her cheeks, and one of her eyelids, as she performed a self-examination. Even though her rest was turbulent, she didn't look that much worse. Just some bags under her eyes that would go away after she washed her face. In reality, she was having a mental argument again. For the umpteenth in her life, she was about screw things up. She was so close this time, so very close! But, no, of course not, she wouldn't complete things. She could easily do so, but something inside said 'No'. Something inside told her to leave.
    And she was poised to listen to that voice.
    After removing her clothing, the adult woman stepped into the shower. The hot water caused her to wince briefly, but she quickly got used to it. Instead of washing immediately, she instead placed her head fully under the water droplets. She leaned over and placed one hand upon the wall in order to keep herself propped up. Her other hand was on her face, while her eyes grew half-closed.
    "Again? Really?" she said to no one but herself, "Really, Ricka?" her eye's began to quiver, as if fighting back tears, "You're really about to do this again?"
    Ricka Constant, age 20. Pokémon Trainer, some would even say Pokémon Champion. If only she had the means to continue her journey, to see one Pokémon league to the very end. Just one. In her ten years of being a Pokémon trainer, she never stepped into those hollowed halls of champions. She's come close, yes, so very close, but it just never happened. And it appeared as if it was going to happen again. How many badges did she have this time? The full eight, yup. She was due to make that last stand through Victory Road, and challenge the Elite Four. Then she was going to surmount the league, make way to the Champion, strike him and her down, then finally make her dream's realized. Finally become that which she begged and pleaded for.
    But today was not the day. Nor would it be tomorrow, or next week, or the week after, or the next month, or the month after! Nor this year, nor next year, nor any year! She was bound to give up for no reason, to leave when victory was so close, to come up short thanks to her own humanity.
    Her Pokémon would be less than staller. They have been by her side for years now; they too wanted victory. They too wanted their names spoken of in reverend tones, they two wanted to win so badly. But it seems as if their Master had the final say-so in this, she always did. Her way goes, even if it pains them. Even if it pains her.
    This was her second challenge of the Kanto League, and her second failure at that. Sure, she came closer now than ever before, but it no longer mattered. She was leaving again. Where would her journeys take her this time? To Hoenn? Will she challenge the Hoenn League for a third time? How about Johto? It was just on the other side, it would be easy to head there and fail again. What about Unova? She missed that place; it had been a while since she last visited the region. Maybe even Orre? The desert area would be a nice change of pace from the others.
    No, she disliked them all. She would just go wherever the wind took her. The next boat out of Kanto, and she was poised to be on it. She would need to take some time apologizing to her Pokémon; they surely wouldn't like her decision. Especially her Nidoking, this was his home region after all. She felt bad for them; why did they have to be shacked up with some trainer like her.
    Ten years. And still going.
    Don't you bug me, with a Caterpie! For Flying type the win's easy!"
    Her head bobbed up and down as she listened to the tunes flying from her headphones. Without a care in the world, she discarded all the feelings of animosity brewing within. She just had her head on the pillow, her foot in the air, with music blaring into her ears. It was the easiest way to disregard all that's happened to her, and all that's going to happen. Just her, her music, and her Pokémon. The Forest Pokémon was sitting in the corner of the room, as he always did. His arms crossed, his eyes closed, as if to meditate. Nay, it wasn't mediation the brave Pokémon was undergoing, it was just deep thought.
    With one eye open, the redheaded trainer gazed upon her Pokémon. He was, as expected: angered, frustrated, unhappy, annoyed even. Her jovial manner was placated; how could she be happy when he was so unhappy? Why did he even bother to put up with her? He was a strong Pokémon, if he wanted to, he could easily run off for unknown lands. Be free, free to leave her crying and alone.
    She turned the dials of her headphones, making the music grow silent until inaudible. With a face that matched his unhappiness, she stood from her cot, and walked over to him. The lizard like creature stared up to his trainer, where he saw her smile. Her hand met his, and she lifted it up. She brought the limb up to her face, and rubbed it gently, showing a sign of affection only she could give. Truly, she was happy he put up with all of this. She didn't know how much she could love him like this.
    "Thanks, Ace," Ricka said, as one of her hands pinched his cheeks.
    "Scep... tile..." the Forest Pokémon replied with his usually stoic self.
    The trainer couldn't help but to giggle and laugh like a little girl, an action her age would not permit. Her Sceptile tried to keep a straight face, but it didn't work. After a while, he began chuckling as well. Only his master could bring about such an advert change within, whether he liked it or not.
    "It's nice to finally see you smile, Ace!" Ricka claimed, as she continued to laugh with her Pokémon, "I thought you were going to be mad at me all day! Then where would I be?"
    "Scept..." the Forest Pokémon answered, as he finally uncrossed his arms, "Tile, tile, Scceeep..."
    "Oh don't take that tone with me," she claimed as her fingers dragged down his lizard-like snout, "We're doing what we were meant to do, Ace! Adventure, right? That's why we started this journey, isn't it?"
    "Sceptile, scept..." the less than enthusiastic Forest Pokémon replied, as he turned to face another way.
    There was something slightly melancholic about Ricka's words. She claimed this would be different, like all those times before. Promising them they'd be able to find all the adventures they loved, and though she delivered on that promise, there was only so far they could go. When will it finally end? When will they finally be able to hang up their coats, and finally rest in one area? When will they stop roaming their straying path, and finally settle down? If they, her Pokémon, pondered these questions, then surely she did too.
    If Ricka did, she sure didn't show it. The trainer turned away from her Sceptile, while her arms folded over one another. With her face not shown, she took on a visage of disdain. She didn't like what she was doing to them, even though she was. Maybe she was abusing her powers as a Pokémon Trainer, maybe not. Only Ricka knew what went on within her mind, though her Pokémon have tried to figure it out themselves.
    Where were they heading, anyway? Ricka failed to check that herself. She just flashed the captain a few dollars, and he whisked her away upon his boat. Now that she thought about it, maybe that wasn't so wise a move. But hey, she's been doing this Pokémon thing for the pass ten years, she knew her ways. If some pervert tried to get in her pants, she whips out one of her many Pokémon. Yes, it does happen, as rarely as it is.
    Ugh. The thoughts alone were enough to send shivers up Ricka's spine. After straightening out her hair, Ricka made way for her cot once more. It didn't really matter where she was going, as long as she got there. After laying within the bed, she lifted Ace's empty Poké Ball. Shaking it, she wondered if the Forest Pokémon wished to return to his capsule. He curtly shook his head no, making his trainer shrug. But after a few moments, she closed her eyes and turned up the volume of her headphones.
    Once more, Ricka loss herself within the world of her music. Deep down inside, she prayed this boat was heading toward Kalos. She never had the chance to enjoy the region during her first visit. Or perhaps this boat was heading toward Sinnoh. She heard the region had grown even more beautiful since her last visit. Maybe it was better for her to not know where the boat headed.
    Speaking of the boat, it suddenly shook and shivered. The jerking was strong; strong enough to throw Ricka from her cot, and knock Ace off of his feet. The Forest Pokémon landed on his fours, while his master landed flat on her butt. Groaning from annoyance and pain, the twenty-year-old trainer got to her feet. Her blue eyes ran from the room's window, to the door which lead to the boat's deck. After settling her headphones upon her head, the trainer exited the room. Ace stood up and prepared to follow his trainer, but his eyes traveled over to the window. He noticed snow falling.
    The great Sceptile quickly escaped through the door, where even more snow slapped him in the face. Stepping back, the Forest Pokémon groaned from the feel. Being a grass-type Pokémon, it was expected of him to dislike anything icy and cold. He really wasn't bothered by the snow, seeing as how it wasn't an attack, instead he was bothered by its sudden appearance. Despite the winter feel, it was, arguably, sixty degrees Fahrenheit right now. There was no way this weather could hold snow.
    "Ace!" Ricka yelled, drawing his attention to the boat's edge.
    The Forest Pokémon ran over to the guardrail and gazed over. To his surprise, the water around the boat was covered in a heavy sheet of ice. The watercraft was held in place by this ice barge, keeping it stuck in place. Standing near the capsized boat, with her hands out to catch falling snowflakes, was his master.
    "Sceptile!" Ace yelled, as he leaped over the boat's edge.
    "What's got you so riled up?" Ricka asked of her Pokémon with a slight chuckle, "It's just a snowfall, nothing you haven't seen before..." her face took a thinking pose, while her blue eyes stared toward the grey skies, "Its extremely odd though. What could have caused this? There's no Pokémon battle going on... well, not as far as I can see, anyway..."
    Placing her hand over her eyes, the redheaded trainer tried to focus her eyesight on the horizon. The snowstorm which caused their situation had already left by now. She could see it, those dark clouds, they were drifting just over the horizon. With a twitchy nose, the trainer figured whatever caused that storm, was the one responsible for there situation.
    She saw an icy blue creature flap its magnificent wings. The great being was visible for only a second, before vanishing from eyesight. Ricka shook her head, as she tried to locate the bird. But was it really there? Or had she merely imagined that?
    "Hey lassie!" the boat's captain yelled from the deck, "You mine usin' your Pokémon to help an ole sea dawg out here, eh?"
    "Yeah..." Ricka answered as she withdrew one of her Poké Balls, "I can help you with that..." she then took an empowered pose as her Poké Ball aimed toward the skies, "Don't let me down here! Mortar! Use Water Pulse!"
    Her Poké Ball snapped open, releasing a great blue lobster with an even greater left claw.
    "CLAAAAAWWW!" the Howitzer Pokémon roared as it was released.
    The Greco region. Funny, never before had the redheaded trainer heard of such a place. She's been to them all, ya'know. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Orre, Ransei, even Almia and Oblivia. But never, in her many years of adventuring, had she heard about the Greco region.
    Ricka's boat was nearing the Greco region port. There was a stunning lack of life within this region. Most port cities were large and vibrant, but not this one. The city streets were expansive yet empty, devoid of all life. No buildings flashed their signs, and if they did, they sure didn't look it. Trash and debris was littered on the roads and sidewalks, yet there appeared to be no one cleaning it.
    Never before had Ricka seen such a pitiful sight. She dragged her fingers through her hair, whilst taking in all the sights of this port city. No, this couldn't be a city, just a docking bay. A city needed lively buildings and many citizens, to be classified as a city. Maybe it was the grey skies; it looked like a storm was brewing above.
    The redheaded trainer pushed some hair from her face, while she stood up tall. The boat she caught a ride on drifted slowly toward the city's bay. Pulling up toward a wooden dock, said boat came to a stop. The captain, a lively fellow with a hearty attitude, dropped the boat's bridge upon the wooden dock. Usually, there would be groups of people ready to aid an arrival, but not in this city it seemed. No one was here.
    "Hey?" Ricka called to the boat's captain, "You mind telling me where we are?"
    "Aye," the captain said as he lifted a heavy container with his strength alone, "This be Okeanos City," he started walking down the bridge, "Greco region's number one port."
    Seriously? This place? Ricka couldn't believe it; the land just look so ludicriously abandoned. In fact, she was pretty sure this place was devoid of life in general. No humans, no Pokémon, no nothing, just trash and debris. Not to mention the murky waters that sent shivers down the trainer's spine. The boat's captain appeared to be unimpressed by it all, possibly because he had been here before.
    Whatever reason he had for being here, he was performing it. The captain was moving his containers from the top of his boat, to the deck outside. Didn't he have Pokémon who were willing to help him out here? Maybe, but it wasn't in Ricka's place to ask. Instead, she tried to give her a helping hand.
    "Hey? You need help?" she asked of the older man, making him stop to gaze back at her, "My Nidoking could make this all go by quickly."
    Ricka withdrew the gold and black Luxury Ball which held the might Drill Pokémon. The captain gained a pretty enthusiastic look, while he chuckled inwardly to himself. With a slight wave of his hand, he pretty much said 'no'. And then he continued walking up the bridge to the boat's deck.
    "You ain't been to the Greco region before, have ya lassie?" he inquired as he started lifting containers again, "This ain't no place for you trainers, ya hear? I recommend you lose that lively exterior of yours if you expect to keep on movin'..."
    Ricka didn't know what to make of the old man's words. A region where Pokémon Trainers weren't allowed? She had never heard of such a place. Then again, she's never heard of the Greco region until now, so maybe there's a lot of things she's never heard of. Whatever the case may be, the trainer felt like she shouldn't be here. If this man said trainers weren't allowed, then maybe she should ride with him to another, more familiar, region.
    But Ricka stole herself from doing so. The Pokémon Trainer stuffed away her Poké Ball into her belt, then headed off for the Okeanos city. Ricka was always heading to new places, so she was used to this feeling of uncertainty. But this just felt so different and odd. The boat captain's words floated around in her head. 'This ain't no place for you trainers', what did he mean by that? Was this another Pokémon Ranger owned land? If so, then Ricka was heading back to Kanto as fast as possible.
    What had she promised her Sceptile and the rest of her Pokémon? Adventure, right? Well, there's no adventure like learning about a new region. The region of Greco. What kind of place could it possibly be?
    Ricka tugged on her Pokébelt, before brushing some hair from her face. Checking her Pokétch, the trainer wondered if she had a map of the area. Unfortunately, she did not. Standing around wasn't about to solve any of her problems, Ricka needed to get a move on. So, with fists at her side, she did what she had done many times before. Ricka began yet another Pokémon adventure in a strange and unknown land.
    And, maybe this time, she would complete a league. If a Pokémon League existed here, that is.
    The wings of the magnificent creature flapped up and down. From its blue feathers, ice and snow fell. The Freeze Pokémon called out to the wind, its scream being high-pitch and shrill. It was heading somewhere, somewhere far and deep within the land it flew above.
    Just as before, the great icy bird vanished within the storm clouds it crafted with its own wings.
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