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Doomtheor8 (A story of incredible love)

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Doomhound, Feb 26, 2016.

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  1. Doomhound

    Level 2
    Nov 23, 2012
    The beautiful story, founded on a night in xenoblade x, of a beautiful relationship being born.

    One day, Doomhound, Deltheor, and Nate decided to go on a mission. They were going to kill the telethia, because they wanted its body. They were waiting around before killing the telethia, using their annoying voices to annoy the other people. Doomhound continually said in a girly voice, "please don't kill me!" Deltheor and Nate were having fun by poking their heads through each other and doing a contorted dance. Somehow, it made them become closer friends. The Nate x Deltheor ship had begun. Doomhound had long been shipped with Nate, but he didn't have much of a connection with Deltheor. That was soon going to change. Deltheor was tired of bobbing his head in Nate's chest, so he decided to sit down. Doomhound thought it would be fun to beg Deltheor not to kill him again, so he walked over to Deltheor and begged. For this begging to be proper, however, Doomhound had to get on the ground. Doomhound ended up putting his head between Deltheor's legs. Nate stood in the background, clapping and saluting. The connection was born. Doomhound x Deltheor was beginning. A few more instances of people sitting in each others laps happened, and the ship name was created: Doomtheor8. Ryan was once caught observing these sitting behaviors. Rydoomtheor8 was canon for 16 seconds. Ryan's curiosity faded, however, and he went over to pet the dog. Doomtheor8 was back in business! They killed telethia together, head bobbed together, and jumped around the barracks like it was somehow fun. A tragic end may await them, but lets just not talk about it.
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