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Dreams Update Thread

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by PokeMaster1, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. PokeMaster1

    PokeMaster1 Dragon Tamer

    Nov 24, 2012
    So as most of you know from the shoutbox, I am going to be redoing a story that I haven't touched for about 3 years or so. For the people who have known me since Pokewificastle, you should know the story very well, as a few of you were in this story, Dreams. In this rewritten story, I am deciding to keep the parts, instead of doing chapters, taking away some of the names that some of the Pokémon were named(members from pwc) and some of you may be able to take that Pokémon's role. The other updates are that I won't be combining any of the parts, but I will be making a few parts longer; another is that I've noticed in the story, I had horrible grammar back then,(I was in 6-8th grade) I shall be making sure there is no grammar errors this time. I will be making the story myself still, just getting some people to replace some of the poke's, and hope to have fun with it at the same time. After I get the whole parts of what I have from back then, I will be doing the next parts after it, meaning new Pokémon can be added, I have also thought about it and will accept B/W Pokémon can be in this(as this was made in the 4th gen). There are a few Pokémon that me and a friend have made that were never made, but I will be changing a few, as some of the names don't fit. As I said, there are a few members that are in the story, some that might bring back memories from back then ^_^. I will be updating this thread with the names of the Pokémon that need to be renamed, and if I decide to, some of the unnamed Pokémon might be put up on this thread to be named. I hope you guys will be patient with me as I've lost the focus I had back then, so it takes longer for me to make the parts, but once I get an idea and future scenes to follow and for the next parts, I'll post them. It'll be a while before the rewritten parts are posted, so hope they are great when I do post them at that time. Thanks for reading this, and if you try being in this, say which Pokémon you wanna be from the list and the name you wanna be called by in the replies below or you can message me.
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