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Sign Up/Discussion Eagle's Fall

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Laserdragon14, May 1, 2018.

  1. Laserdragon14

    Laserdragon14 Dragon Maverick

    Level 22
    Jan 16, 2018
    Flame Orb ★★★★★Luxury Ball ★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Poké Ball ★Trainer Card - Cave Theme
    Alright here I go with another RP thread, but this time I want to be as realistic as we can be (Not saying that I won't let you go off into a not as realistic but I want to be reasonable) Anyway here I go with what is going on...

    Years of rising tension between the remains of the Warsaw Pact and Nato has finally escalated to a World War Three nuclear war. After the first few hours of fighting, The United States of America has been destroyed by the nuclear weapons of China and Russia and what remained of NATO surrendered, leaving Israel to face off against the world. How will Israel be able to fight what NATO couldn’t?

    This RP will be starting a couple of days before WW3 and I would like for people to play as a leader for China, Russia, and Israel and then some people play as soldiers, ranks for the soldiers should be lower than a commander.

    Application needs:


    What part of the military:




    (If needed) What real-life vehicle do they use:

    A nation that they will be fighting for:

    Background/other useful information:

    My character

    Name: Elazer Tomer

    Part of Military: Airforce

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Vehicle: F-22 Raptor

    Nation: Israel

    Rank: Private

    Background: Elazer Tomer has had a mostly common life, and he’s currently serving his last year of mandatory service before being sent home for reserve duty, at least he thought before WW3 started
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