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Fanfiction Earth's Protectors II

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by nduns, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. nduns

    nduns Banned

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    Jan 10, 2017
    Crown of ValorStaff of Verity
    While five of Volcanion's soldiers had been defeated, there were still quite a few left. Not only that, but the heroes would need to hurry if they were to stop Zygarde from reaching full power and helping Yveltal and Xerneas take over the world.

    With that in mind, Eiko bit her lower lip and uttered, “We should probably get going now,” Sneasel nodding and replying, “I agree. Bronzong did help us a bit by giving us more energy than we were looking for.”

    But just as the group was about to head out, Gigalith's eyes twitched as he knelt down on one knee, the cat turning to him and sighing, “Alright, big guy, you've been through a lot. We've all gotten a good rest. Now you need yours.”

    The golem shook his head as the others watched with concern. But before he could try to rise up, Sneasel patted him on the side and said, “Come on, Gigalith. You did a great job and defeated one of Yveltal and Xerneas' servants. You've done a good job. Now please rest. I know we've always done things together, but I'd much rather not have you strain yourself.”

    Gigalith nodded before taking a seat and giving her a thumb up. He was fully confident that if she fought a villain in the base, she would win for sure.

    With all said and done, the group carried on, soon finding a staircase leading to the third floor. Though they would certainly need to pick up the pace. After all, Bronzong had cost them quite a bit of time.

    Meanwhile, while Yveltal continued to work her magic on Zygarde, Machop's eyes slowly started to open. Xerneas rose an eyebrow as the girl smacked her lips, looking around before spotting the villain who had defeated her. Thus she raced forward only for her face to hit the side of the capsule.

    “Hey, what the hell!?” she spat as she rammed her fist into it, barking, “Why won't this break!?”

    “Hate to break it to you, but that capsule is made of tektites,” Xerneas stated as she blinked and uttered, “Capsule?” suddenly noticing the bottom and the lid.

    She then nodded and started beating her fists repeatedly against it, Xerneas sighing, “Tektites aren't ordinary glass. It takes a lot to break such a thing,” as Machop gritted her teeth, growling, “Dammit!”

    She then looked at Yveltal more and asked, “What the hell is going on here anyway?” Xerneas sighing, “If you must know, Zygarde is about to reach adulthood with the help of my darling wife. Soon enough, the whole world will be ours and you'll have no choice but to serve us if you value your life.”

    Machop blinked before smirking and remarking, “You can keep me in here all you like, but you're a moron if you think that's good enough. Trust me. My friends will come here soon enough and put a stop to this.”

    “About that,” Yveltal chimed in, turning her attention away from Zygarde for the time being, “It seems that your friends have come here and are currently in my base. However, last I heard, one of them had been killed by one of our soldiers and I'm almost certain the others have likely met the same fate.”

    “Wait, what!?” Machop spat, her eyes and mouth wide with terror. There was no way this was true, was there?

    Either way, even if she did believe this, there was nothing she could do. It was as Xerneas said. This capsule was made from a material that the girl could not break through. All she could do was hope that her friends would be able to make it and save her.

    During this time, the others had made it to yet another room, and sure enough, there were already two villains waiting for them. One was a bee with three heads, all of them connected by what looked like a three-piece honeycomb. Her wings were connected to her cheeks and their abdomen was tall and slender. Two of the heads were next to each other on top, each with an antenna sticking out of its forehead. The lower head, located in between them, had a red spot on its forehead. Though while she had arms, she did not have any legs.

    The other was an assortment of polygons with a pink body and blue belly. He also had a matching tail and nose and his feet were perfect triangular prisms, his arms rectangular while his hands resembled spherical clamps.

    “Excellent, you made it!” the bee's lower head stated, “I was beginning to think you weren't good enough to get this far.”

    Sneasel frowned as Jackalu barked, “For your information, it'll take a lot more than a few villains to take us down!” Torchic nodding.

    “Quite the mouth on that one,” the polyhedron stated with a sigh while Clawitzer said, “They're just trying to get under our skin. Don't let it get to you.”

    “Fine,” Jackalu grumbled as he folded his arms, Vigoroth grunting, “That hardly matters, anyway! Obviously, two of us are gonna have to stay here and fight these guys!”

    “Oh, so that's how you managed to make it this far,” the bee uttered as the polyhedron rested his hand under his chin and said, “Well, if we take on two of these heroes, assuming those humans can't stand up to the others, that leaves only four of them left to take on Froslass, Magcargo and Volcanion.”

    “Wait, so there's only three more of you guys left?” Torchic asked as the bee sighed, “Why did you say that out loud?” as her polygonal partner shrugged and replied, “It hardly matters. I highly doubt these four will be good enough for those three anyway.”

    Vigoroth gritted her teeth and was just about to challenge them when Jackalu stepped forward and said, “I'll fight you,” Clawitzer stepping in and adding, “Me too.”

    “Are you sure about this?” Isamu asked, “These two don't look particularly threatening,” only for Jackalu to reply, “First off, looks can be deceiving, but secondly, Clawitzer and I work really well as a team. For all we know, those last three might very well be guarding their own separate areas.”

    “He has a point there,” Clawitzer added, “Trust me. We can handle this,” as Vigoroth took a deep breath and nodded, saying, “Alright. Make sure they suffer.”

    With that, the others headed out of the room as the bee groaned, the polyhedron sighing, “It's fine. Besides, I feel honoured having these two as our opponents. After all, that dog is Jackalu, the son of Lucario and that pistol shrimp is so far the only one who's managed to defeat him in combat.”

    The bee blinked and nodded, feeling a touch better now. After all, to have a chance to defeat two with such amazing reputations was truly amazing to say the least.

    With that in mind, the polyhedron pulled out a switch from seemingly nowhere and pressed it, bringing up a ring and leaping into it, asking, “How does a tornado tag match sound to you?” Jackalu shrugging and replying, “Sounds alright to me.”

    As the heroes leapt into the ring, the bee smirked as her lower head said, “By the way, we haven't introduced ourselves yet. We are the conjoined triplets, all of us known as Combee. And my partner here is Porygon,” the polyhedron bowing and saying, “A pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

    Jackalu blinked and uttered, “A collection of polygons named Porygon,” as Clawitzer held up a defensive stance and said, “Well, it seems you already know our names, so I guess we don't need to introduce ourselves, right?”

    “Indeed,” Porygon replied with an implied smile, “Also, you're right not to take us lightly, Jackalu. I can be quite intimidating myself, but Combee here has been craving this kind of action for years.”

    The bee nodded and sighed, “Well, as awesome as this is, I'm still mad at Yveltal for defeating Machop instead of us. But then again, Lucario was a really good friend of Machoke, so taking it out on his son is satisfying enough!”

    Jackalu blinked and uttered, “I have a funny feeling there's more to this than just Machop's reputation,” as Combee nodded and said, “You'd better believe it. Her father ruined my mother's life back in the day. She can't even show her face anymore! That's how bad it got!”

    All went silent until Clawitzer sighed, “Look, there are a lot of villains out there who want Machop's head for something one of her family members did. Can you be more specific?” as Porygon replied, “If you must know, Combee's mother fought Machoke and his personal trainer during the Ultimate World Team Tournament semi-finals. I believe you've heard of that.”

    “Oh yeah, lots of people know about that,” Jackalu replied, “A villain named Vespiquen snuck her way into the tournament and brainwashed Smeargle, turning him into a powerhouse in the process. Though from what I can gather, no one even knew she was a villain until she attacked an innocent bystander, so I fail to see how her not being able to show her face is Machoke's fault.”

    “Wait, so you're telling me she's spent all these years in hiding?” Clawitzer asked as Combee nodded, her lower head growling, “You are right in that her loss to Machoke didn't exactly ruin her life, but it was the first step towards that.”

    Porygon nodded and stated, “As you can see, my partner here is out for blood, and since Machop is unable to fight any of us, you two will do nicely.”

    Jackalu did not feel the least bit intimidated by this as he nodded to Clawitzer, the shrimp giving him her short claw up. She then proceeded to fling herself toward Combee with her claw out, latching it onto her neck and swinging her body around. Neither villain was able to react as Porygon took a two-legged roundhouse to his midsection, Clawitzer releasing her hold on the bee and lifting up her arm.

    “CRABHAMMER!” she spat as she sent it hard into his chest, Jackalu flying toward a Combee while she tried her hardest to rub the pain off of her neck. However, she would certainly need to act fast as the dog latched his legs into her lower head, leaning backward and lifting her up. And sure enough, the bee was unable to respond as her top heads were slammed into the canvas.

    But while Porygon had showed signs of pain in response to Clawitzer's attack, Combee did not seem to feel a thing. As such, she smirked and used this opportunity to take hold of Jackalu's ankles, pulling back thus causing him to trip and land on his chin.

    She then righted herself up before flying over Jackalu as all three heads smirked, the bee exclaiming, “FELL STINGER!” descending into his back as he cried out in pain.

    Clawitzer gasped upon hearing this as she turned toward the two. This was just the distraction Porygon needed as he propelled himself up and planted his feet into her back. Thus the shrimp faltered forward as the polyhedron barked, “Now, Combee!”

    “Of course,” the bee said with a wicked smirk, turning to the shrimp and shouting, “ATTACK FORCE!” all three heads jutting forward and striking her in the face.

    Clawitzer's eyes widened as she had already coughed up blood, and things only got worse as the heads continued to shoot forward like machine gun bullets. The only difference was that now the heads were moving in different directions, thus allowing the bee to hit more than just the face.

    Jackalu wanted so desperately to help out, but as soon as he rose to his feet, Porygon dashed in front of him and took hold of his wrists. Despite the hands not being actual clamps, the spikes had no effect on him. Thus the dog was unable to react in time to avoid being reeled in, Porygon ramming his skull into his chin.

    Things only got more complicated as Porygon said, “By the way, I have a very special talent that you're going to love. CONVERSION!” his body turning yellow as his structure changed.

    Now his tail was shaped more like a lightning bolt as he had sprouted a pair of cones on his head that were meant to resemble ears. His hands also became more normal, now having five rectangular fingers each as opposed to two big ones.

    “What the hell?” Jackalu uttered as Porygon exclaimed, “ZAP CANNON!” electricity surrounding his nose as he sent it forward into the dog's skull, electricity coursing through him as he cried out in agonizing pain.

    Clawitzer grunted as Combee put her assault on hold, saying, “As much as I love using that move, it takes quite a lot out of me. But luckily, I have plenty more in store,” before flying at the shrimp and striking her in the neck with her arm.

    Clawitzer refused to let this get to her as she ignored the pain, wrapping her right arm around Combee's back before planting her left claw into her gut. She then smiled and said, “Sorry to disappoint, but I need to help my partner.”

    She then proceeded to leap into the air, shouting, “VICE LANCE SUPLEX!” only for Combee to started flapping her wings, slowing down her descent with a smirk on her face.

    “I'm the one who should apologize for wasting your efforts,” Combee scoffed, “But I'd rather not,” before using all her might to flip herself one-hundred-and-eighty degrees. Due to her thin structure, that had taken quite a bit out of her, but she still managed to pull it off as she descended toward the mat, Clawitzer's head making with the mat.

    Jackalu wanted so badly to help out, but he was currently trapped in Porygon's grip. As if that was not enough, the polyhedron had sparks flying from him, electricity coursing through the dog's veins.

    However, he realized he could not allow himself to be beaten this easily as he gritted his teeth, barking, “ALRIGHT, THAT'S IT! IT'LL TAKE MORE THAN A LITTLE ELECTRICITY TO DEFEAT ME!”

    He then used all his might to lean backward, planting his foot into Porygon's gut thus causing him to release his hold and fly toward Combee. The bee's eyes widened as the polyhedron was still emitting sparks, thus when he made contact with her, she wound up taking in even more pain as all six of her eyes widened. And with that, she fell on her back with her partner on top of her.

    After a few seconds, though, Porygon ended his assault and rose to his feet, gasping, “I'm so sorry, Combee! Are you okay!?” Clawitzer slowly getting up and rubbing her skull, groaning, “Dammit. She's a lot tougher than she looks.”

    “Don't dwell on that,” Jackalu replied with a grin as he ran next to her, “We got up an opportunity here,” the shrimp nodding and leaping up as the dog took hold of her legs. He then lifted her up as she rose her claw in the air, the two shouting, “CRAB GAVEL!”

    Thus Jackalu threw his arms downward, sending the claw hard into Porygon's back. This dealt a little bit of pain to Combee at the same time, though both chose to ignore this as the polyhedron threw his arm back, sending it into Clawitzer's cheek.

    Jackalu wound up releasing his hold on the shrimp as she rolled away, rising to her feet. The dog blinked and asked, “You alright?” as Clawitzer gave him her small claw up and replied, “Compared to everything else I've taken in so far, that was nothing.”

    Even so, it was hard to ignore the fact that Porygon and Combee had risen to their feet, the polyhedron sighing, “Alright, I'm mildly annoyed now,” as the bee growled, “Dammit! I was actually having fun!”

    However, Porygon took a deep breath and said, “It's okay, Combee. Don't forget, not only are you incredibly strong, but I have far more abilities at my disposal.”

    He then spread his arms out and shouted, “CONVERSION!” his shape becoming more like that of a serpent dragon as his body turned red.

    Jackalu blinked and pointed at the polyhedron, Clawitzer saying, “I get it. That conversion ability allows him to take on a different type of fighter. That last one was Electric, so I'm guessing he's just become a fire type.”

    “Oh, you went and spoiled it,” Porygon groaned, “I was hoping that you'd question the ability at first and then I'd get to explain it to you,” as Jackalu blinked and uttered, “Why were you expecting that?”

    Either way, the polyhedron cleared his throat and replied, “Either way, yes, you are correct, and you should know the kinds of abilities I have obtained from this form.”

    With that in mind, he unleashed a blast of fire from his mouth as Jackalu and Clawitzer barely dodged. However, this was just the distraction Porygon needed as he leapt toward them with his arms out, lighting them on fire and ramming them into the heroes' necks.

    Both gagged in response to this, falling on their backs while light burns formed on the spots that had been hit. Combee took full advantage of this as she said, “Let's see you get up after taking this move a second time,” lifting up Jackalu and placing him on top of Clawitzer.

    “Hey, Porygon, let's do this the same way Hoopa and Diancie did to their parents in the Ultimate World Team Tournament!” Combee squealed as the polyhedron nodded and replied, “Oh, that sounds positively delightful.”

    With that, he spat, “CONVERSION!” and thus changed himself into a white polygonal falcon. Combee then fluttered over the heroes as Porygon flew over her, planting his talons into her shoulder while both exclaimed, “FELL STINGER METEOR!”

    Jackalu managed to recover too late to avoid taking the stinger to his gut as he coughed up blood, Clawitzer succumbing to a light jab herself due to said the weapon going all the way through the dog. As if that was not enough, it looked as if Jackalu might have been finished as his body twitched, his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth while Combee removed her stinger.

    “As satisfying as that was, I was hoping he would last a little bit longer,” the bee said with a snicker as Jackalu fell sideways off of Clawitzer, the shrimp slowly rising to her feet and staring down at him with concern, uttering, “Are you okay?”

    However, the dog seemed unable to move even a little bit as Clawitzer's eyes narrowed. She then turned to face the villains and spat, “Don't look so confident! It'll take a lot more than that to defeat Jackalu for good! In a few seconds, he'll be back up and ready for more, but until then, I'll just have to keep you busy!”

    Porygon shrugged and remarked, “Whatever. You may be strong against single opponents, but can you honestly expect to keep up with two adversaries at once?”

    “Well, I seemed to be able to at the start of the match,” the shrimp retorted as she leapt toward the two with her arms spread out. Her right claw was aimed at Combee while her left was directed toward Porygon.

    However, it seemed the polygon had a solution to this as he exclaimed, “CONVERSION!” transforming into a grey golem while Combee ducked down.

    But just as it seemed like Clawitzer's move would fail for sure, she spun herself around, thus switching the targets of her claws. She also had her big claw high enough to hit Porygon's face and her small one low so it would hit Combee.

    “DOUBLE CRABHAMMER HANDLE!” she exclaimed as both parts rammed into the villains' faces. As such, Porygon felt just enough pain to back up and rub that very spot while Combee wound up falling on her back.

    Things only got better when Clawitzer spun her body around again, this time ramming her right claw into the bee's gut. This caused her to cough up a bit of green blood as the shrimp leapt away from her, breathing heavily with a look of satisfaction on her face.

    And as if things could not get better, this provided just enough of a distraction for Jackalu to recover from the damage dealt earlier. Thus he propelled himself up with his hands and landed perfectly on his feet, breathing heavily with terror in his expression.

    “Oh my god!” he exclaimed, “I thought I died!” as Clawitzer rolled her eyes and patted him on the shoulder, saying, “It's okay. You're fine now.”

    Porygon and Combee both glared at their opponents, the polyhedron sighing, “I knew they were going to be tough, but I didn't think it would be this hard,” the bee saying, “Even so, you saw how close we came back there. I'm sure if we manage to catch them off guard again, our victory will be guaranteed.”

    Jackalu and Clawitzer did not seem to think so as both were much more confident. After all, there was no way they would allow these two to win and hunt the others down, especially when the group needed to deal with all of Yveltal and Xerneas' followers as soon as possible.
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  2. nduns

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    While Jackalu and Clawitzer's match with Porygon and Combee took place, the others were getting close when they entered another room with a snail made entirely out of what looked like grey rock. His eyes were yellow and oval-shaped and his shell had a streak of fire leaking out of its side.

    Upon seeing the group, he narrowed his eyelids and said, “So, you actually made it this far. I have to admit, I'm impressed,” folding his arms, “I am Magcargo, master of lava! Who dares challenge me!?”

    Before anyone else could volunteer, Vigoroth smirked and pounded her fist against her palm, saying, “Sorry, guys, but I've been itching for some action since we started this whole ordeal,” the others nodding as Fletchinder folded her arms, sighing, “Alright, I'm totally fighting the next one.”

    Sneasel nodded before exclaiming, “Do the best you can, Vigoroth!” as Eiko and Isamu nodded.

    But just as the group was about to head off, Magcargo narrowed his eyelids and said, “I don't think so,” pulling out a switch and pressing a button. The room started to vibrate as Sneasel uttered, “What the hell?” Eiko looking up and squeaking, “Oh no! Look!”

    It was at this moment when everyone noticed huge drain pipes sticking out of the walls near the ceiling. And their reason for being there was soon made clear as magma started to leak out of them, hitting the floor and spreading.

    “Wait, what!?” Vigoroth spat, her eyes wide with terror, “Hey, this isn't fair!” as Magcargo replied, “Hold on,” pulling out a remote control and pressing a few buttons.

    As a result, certain sections of the floor rose up, including the areas where the heroes and their human companions stood. As a result, the magma did not harm them, though they were low enough for small amounts of it to occasionally rise up and touch the edges much like water on a beach.

    Eiko trembled and held onto Isamu as he patted her shoulder, trying to maintain a calm attitude. However, it seemed their fear was for nought as Fletchinder smiled and said, “Don't worry. I'll fly you over to the exit,” pointing toward said area as they noticed the floor in front of it had also been risen.

    Vigoroth blinked as Magcargo sighed, “If you must know, I rose that up to avoid having magma seep throughout the entire third floor. After all, one of my partners is on standby and she wouldn't like having scorching hot liquid in her chambers.”

    The sloth smirked and remarked, “Well, too bad your plan to keep my friends from leaving has failed,” as Fletchinder lifted her friends up two-by-two and carried them over to the exit, allowing them to leave.

    But just as they set foot outside of the room, Torchic noticed the robin was not following them as she turned and asked, “You coming?”

    Fletchinder shook her head and replied, “As you can plainly see, I can fly. I'm a tad worried that if Vigoroth loses, that guy will probably try to toss her into the magma. As such, I think it would be a good idea for me to be on standby to rescue her if that happens.”

    The chicken blinked and thought about this before nodding and replying, “You're right. We wouldn't wanna lose another friend,” the robin taking a deep breath and smiling, giving her a thumb up.

    Watching this, Magcargo narrowed his eyelids and thought, 'This didn't go quite as planned, but that's okay. At least I can take down two of them. Though I wish I could just kill all of them at once,' gritting his teeth.

    Before he could think about more, Vigoroth struck a fighting pose and asked, “You ready?” the snail nodding as the sloth grinned, racing toward him and sending a hard punch into his face, the tops of her claws only adding to the damage.

    Magcargo gritted his teeth before sending a punch of his own forward. However, the sloth easily dodged to the side and took hold of his arm, tripping him with one leg and knocking him on his chin, pulling on his arm with both hands while applying the rest of her weight to his shell.

    Fletchinder folded her arms with a smirk and said, “Not bad,” as Vigoroth said, “Just to let you know, I'm a lot tougher than my build would have you believe.”

    Magcargo took a deep breath and replied, “I can see that,” as small cracks started to form on his arm. And when Vigoroth saw this, she was both shocked and confused. After all, it was a well known fact that golems did not crack nearly as easily as normal rock, and those were already hard to break open. Was Magcargo's body really this weak?

    Either way, the snail refused to let this work as he started whistling what sounded like an Arabian melody. Vigoroth's eyes widened as the fire leaking from his shell started to move like a snake, shifting toward her. With this in mind, the sloth leapt off of Magcargo and breathed a sigh of relief.

    Fletchinder nodded and thought, 'Good. I didn't have to point that out to her,' as the sloth waited for the snail to rise to his tail. And when he did so, she wasted no time leaping toward him with her arm out, ramming it into his neck as more cracks formed.

    “I have to admit, I'm kinda disappointed,” Vigoroth said with a smirk before shouting, “FURY PUNCHES!” sending a barrage of rapid punches into his face.

    This caused even more cracks to appear as Fletchinder rose her eyebrow. She then realized why Magcargo's body was so weak when a small fraction fell clean off, revealing a tiny bit of what looked like bright red flesh.

    A smirk crossed her face as she exclaimed, “HEY, VIGOROTH, KEEP IT UP! HE HAS ACTUAL FLESH UNDER THAT EXTERIOR!” Magcargo's eyes widening as Vigoroth blinked and nodded in understanding, a grin forming.

    “You know, the next time you decide to give yourself armour, maybe you should make it stronger,” Vigoroth said tauntingly as the snail narrowed his eyelids, barking, “NO!” sending his arms toward her.

    However, the sloth leapt back just in time to avoid being grabbed and reached her own arms forward, planting her claws into his shoulders. She then lifted him up, leaned backward and shouted, “SLOTH SUPLEX!” planting his head into the floor.

    She then released her hold as his entire rocky torso was cracked, his shell being the only part not to take damage. And soon enough, the material started to flake off as Magcargo trembled, uttering, “No! Dammit! I thought for sure this would work!”

    Soon enough, the entire cover fell off to reveal that his body was made of a red liquid, big droplets hanging from his cheeks. But while this hardly looked that threatening at first, Vigoroth's eyes widened when one droplet fell to the floor, emitting a small bit of smoke.

    Even Fletchinder had to admit this did scare her to a certain degree, though not so much because she feared having to fight Magcargo. If anything, she was more concerned for Vigoroth.

    The sloth blinked and uttered, “Your body's not actually made of magma, is it?” as Magcargo gritted his teeth, his eye twitching as he spat, “FINE, NOW YOU KNOW! I guess it's my fault for not putting more time and effort into my armour!”

    Vigoroth was confused until he sighed, “Oh well. The important thing is getting the job done, and now that my real body's been exposed, I can use my signature moves.”

    Now the sloth was terrified as he raced toward her with his arms spread out. And when he got close enough, he threw them downward in a sideways motion, rubbing his palms against her and shouting, “INCINERATE!”

    This not only caused Vigoroth more pain than if any other opponent had used it, but it also lit her fur on fire as she cried out in horror, patting herself repeatedly until the flames died. However, her fear only heightened when Magcargo glided toward her again. But just as she was about to try and counter with her claws, she remembered that doing so would involve her touching boiling hot magma.

    As little as Fletchinder showed it, she cared about her allies. As such, she gritted her teeth and snapped, “VIGOROTH, JUST SURRENDER! I CAN TAKE IT FROM HERE!”

    As much as it pained the sloth to even think of surrendering, she realized that she could no longer bring harm to this opponent. But just as she was about to agree, Magcargo caught up with her and bound her in place with his arms, exclaiming, “No! I will not accept a mere victory! I intend to kill you!”

    With that, he proceeded to leap high into the air, Vigoroth unable to do a thing. While Magcargo's body did not quite have the intensity of the normal magma surrounding the area, it was still beyond painful just to be near him.

    Magcargo flipped Vigoroth upside-down and descended toward the floor, shouting, “VOLCANO DRIVER!” planting her skull hard into the surface as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Thus the snail released his hold and allowed her to collapse, taking many deep breaths before turning toward his magma pool, fully intending to toss her into it.

    But before he could do so, Fletchinder wasted no time spreading her wings and flying toward the area, shouting, “OH NO YOU DON'T!” before lighting her arm on fire and sending it into Magcargo's neck, barking, “FLAME STEALTH BOMBER!”

    Magcargo's eyes widened as not only did this knock him down, but Fletchinder had shown no signs of pain whatsoever. Touching the magma had put a slight burn on her arm, but it was nowhere near as bad as the burns Vigoroth had on her after being rubbed.

    With that in mind, the robin lifted the sloth up and flew her over to the exit, carrying her outside and dropping her on the floor. Magcargo slowly rose back to his feet, gritting his teeth and Fletchinder returned, landing in front of him and folding her arms, saying, “Alright, you've managed to beat one of us, but don't think it's over just yet. You still have me to deal with.”

    Magcargo narrowed his eyelids and thought, 'Of course, she's a fire type. It only makes sense that she'd have a decent resistance to heat. But that hardly matters. She still took in some damage from my body, so I can win this.'

    During this time, Porygon and Combee were ready to get their advantage back as the polyhedron exclaimed, “CONVERSION!” shifting from a grey polygonal golem to a blue tortoise.

    “You ready, Combee?” he asked as the bee smirked and replied, “You'd better believe it!”

    With that, the polyhedron fired a blast of water from his mouth toward the heroes. Combee then proceeded to lay her back on it, flying toward Jackalu and shouting, “STINGER TORPEDO!”

    Jackalu panicked until Clawitzer leapt in the way, blocking the incoming water with her claws. However, when Combee closed in, her singer pierced through the big claw, Clawitzer's eyes widening as she could not help but think of what would have happened if that hit either her or Jackalu's forehead.

    Even so, she ignored the small bit of blood dripping from her claw as Porygon ended his water assault so he could catch his breath. The shrimp then lifted up her arm along with the bee, slamming her back into the canvas.

    Jackalu gave Clawitzer a thumb up and raced toward Porygon. Seeing this, the polyhedron panicked as a scarlet aura surrounded the dog's paw. And once he was close enough, he exclaimed, “FORCE PALM!” sending his palm hard into Porygon's face.

    It did not end there as he leapt up with his knees tucked inward and exclaimed, “MOON SOMERSAULT!” flipping his body backwards while scraping his foot spikes against the sides of Porygon's belly.

    The polyhedron cried out in pain as he prepared himself to shoot more water from his mouth. However, Jackalu easily saw this coming as he leaned backward just far enough for the liquid to fly over him. Thus the dog took full advantage of this and sent a hard kick into Porygon's midsection.

    While this went on, Clawitzer rose her claw in the air after prying it out of Combee's stinger. She then sent it hard into her skull and exclaimed, “CRABHAMMER!”

    Unfortunately, Combee seemed to take in no pain from this as she smirked and said, “Didn't hurt,” Clawitzer's eyes wide with horror as the bee proceeded to stretch all three of her heads in and out like bullets firing from a machine gun, shouting, “ATTACK FORCE!”

    Much like before, Clawitzer wound up taking in a great deal of pain as she succumbed to an onslaught of headbutts. After twenty hits, she coughed up a bit of blood as she tried to back up only for Combee to take hold of her wrists, trapping her in place.

    Jackalu was in the middle of laying more hits upon Porygon when he noticed this, his eyes wide with terror. But before he could step in and help, the polyhedron took full advantage of this, shouting, “CONVERSION!” and taking the form of a walking tree.

    In mere seconds, the dog found himself trapped in place when Porygon formed vines from the leaves atop his head, latching two onto his neck, four onto his arms and six onto his legs. He then lifted Jackalu up and exclaimed, “VINE BACKBREAKER!” pulling hard on all five parts as the dog cried out in pain.

    Combee continued her assault until Porygon exclaimed, “Quick, Combee! Take advantage of this!” the bee ending her attack and turning with a grin on all three faces.

    Luckily for her, Clawitzer was too dazed after the onslaught to take advantage of this. As such, Combee latched onto her shoulders and flew backwards toward the male fighters. She then flipped herself far enough so the shrimp's belly was facing Jackalu's.

    Porygon and Combee shouted, “VINE OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE!” as Clawitzer made contact with Jackalu, the area right below her neck making light contact with the chest spike. It was fortunate that her outer shell was hard otherwise this would have had far worse results.

    Even so, both heroes coughed up blood as a result of the attack while Combee released her hold on Clawitzer, allowing her to roll to the side and land on her back. Porygon smirked and threw Jackalu to the mat, reverting to his original form and saying, “I have to say, we make for a pretty kickass team, don't we?”

    Combee nodded and said, “Not gonna lie, that was satisfying. Guess we may as well finish what we started, though, right?” the polyhedron nodding as he took the form of a light-green scorpion.

    He then proceeded to lift up Clawitzer by the arms, readying his tail to strike her chest while Combee hovered over Jackalu with her stinger at the ready. She then exclaimed, “FELL STINGER!” as Porygon exclaimed, “POISON STING!”

    But just as they were seconds away from piercing the heroes, both regained consciousness as Clawitzer sent a kick into Porygon's gut, providing just enough force to get him to release his hold on her. Jackalu, meanwhile, rolled out of the way as Combee's stinger made contact with the ring, the bee now stuck in the material.

    Both villains stared at their respective opponents with their eyes wide open, Clawitzer leaping toward Porygon and shouting, “CRABHAMMER HANDLE!” ramming her big claw sideways into his neck.

    Jackalu, all the while, pierced Combee's shoulders with his wrist spikes. He then pried her stinger out of the mat, shouting, “SPIKE SUPLEX!” leaning backward and planting her skull into the canvas.

    However, it seemed their comeback did not last as Porygon prevented himself from falling on his back with the help of his scorpion tail. And before Clawitzer could respond, he sent a hard uppercut into her gut, shifting into his electric form and covering his body in electricity. As such, the shrimp took in the element and cried out in agonizing pain.

    As if that was not enough, Combee felt no pain to her skull as she took hold of Jackalu's ankles. She then pulled backward thus causing him to fall on his chin before rising up and hovering over his back. She took hold of his wrists and and exclaimed, “TORTURE PIERCE!” planting her stinger hard into his back as he coughed up a bit of blood.

    When Combee removed her stinger, the dog still had a bit of consciousness left. However, it seemed as if Porygon's electric punch had dealt more harm to Clawitzer than expected, the shrimp unable to respond as the polyhedron changed into his red dragon form. He then flew high into the air and flipped himself over, Jackalu shouting, “NO!” only for Combee to shout, “FELL STINGER!” piercing his back again.

    The dog felt so helpless as Porygon exclaimed, “DRAGON DRIVER!” planting Clawitzer's skull into the canvas and releasing his hold, allowing her to collapse.

    The shrimp passed out, her eyes closed as Jackalu gritted his teeth, his blood boiling now. Thus he ignored all the pain dealt to his back and threw his arms up, planting his wrist spikes into Combee's waist. Her eyes widened as she cried out in pain. This allowed the dog to easily pry her stinger out of him and throw his arms forward, planting her face into the canvas.

    “It took me a while to figure it out,” he grunted as Porygon flew toward him only to receive a roundhouse to his face, “The first time, I thought you were just ignoring the pain, but now it's clear to me that your middle head is the only one that's conscious. Those other heads act more like a helmet and take in damage for you.”

    Combee's eyes widened as she grunted, “So you figured it out! Big deal!” but just as she was about to rise, it seemed Jackalu had something else in mind as he took hold of her wrists and said, “Let's see how you like the taste of your own medicine.”

    He then shifted his feet backwards so his spikes were aimed at her back and barked, “ADAIR SLASHER!” planting them into the bee and sliding them downwards, putting two big cuts on her as she cried out in agonizing pain.

    Porygon stared in horror as Jackalu breathed a sigh of relief and smirked at him, saying, “Now we're both down to one,” only for Clawitzer to slowly rise to her feet, grunting, “What do you mean only one? Did you honestly think a bit of electricity was enough to take me down?”

    A big smile formed on the dog's face as he exclaimed, “Alright, now we can finish this together!” as Porygon spat, “OH NO YOU DON'T! CONVERSION!”

    However, since he was in a state of panic, he could not decide on a form and thus reverted back to his normal appearance. As such, he was unable to defend himself as Clawitzer leapt at him from behind, wrapping her big claw around his neck while planting her small one into his back.

    Jackalu jumped toward the polyhedron, tucking his legs under his chin and reaching them all the way around. With that, Clawitzer leapt high above the ring and flipped upside-down, Jackalu lifting his body up and wrapping his arms around Porygon from the front, planting his chest spike into him.

    “VICE LANCE EMBRACE!” the heroes shouted as the polyhedron's head made contact with the mat, his eyes rolling to the back of his head.

    Jackalu and Clawitzer released their hold on Porygon and allowed him to collapse. They took many deep breaths, looking at their opponents to make sure this was enough and after half-a-minute, there was no doubt in their minds that they had won.

    Upon seeing this, the heroes grinned at one-another, Clawitzer even managing to show small teeth under her mouth. Jackalu whipped out a dog biscuit seemingly out of nowhere, Clawitzer following it up with a bag of dry seaweed. The two then spun their respective foods like batons and chimed, “Victory Dance!”

    With that, the two performed a brief dance number while singing, “When you're feeling down and need to lose that frown, try our favourite foods, they're tasty-licious!” bumping shoulders and winking for no real reason.

    However, their good mood came to a halt as that number alone seemed to take quite a bit out of them, Jackalu sighing, “Darn. I was hoping after this, we could catch up with the others and help out,” Clawitzer nodding and replying, “Same here. But honestly, I'm not worried. I know they can do this.”

    The dog nodded and rested his head on the shrimp's shoulder, falling asleep almost instantly. Clawitzer rolled her eyes and rested her arm around his shoulder, dozing off herself. Though deep down, she really hoped the others could make it to Yveltal and Xerneas' quarters and stop them.

    But while things had ultimately turned out well for Jackalu and Clawitzer, there was still Fletchinder's match with Magcargo. And with one soldier along with Volcanion left, one could only guess if Sneasel and Torchic would make it.
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    During Jackalu and Clawitzer's match with Porygon and Combee, Fletchinder performed fairly well against Magcargo as she sent a roundhouse into his cheek, shouting, “ROUNDHOUSE INFERNO!”

    The snail's body singed her heel lightly, but due to her fire attributes, it did not deal too much damage. As such, she ignored it and sent another kick into the same spot, distancing herself before he could retaliate.

    Magcargo frowned and watched the robin's movements, waiting for just the right moment. He found one when she soared toward him with her beak pointed right at him, fire engulfing her body as she exclaimed, “FLAME MISSILE!”

    Just as she was close to hitting him, the snail knelt down as his entire body shifted into his shell. Fletchinder narrowed her eyelids and thought, 'Please. If that shell is anywhere near as weak as the coating her was wearing before, this will be easy.'

    But as she made contact, her eyes widened as not only did she inflict no damage to the material whatsoever, the collission dealt pain to her beak. And things only got worse when Magcargo started to whistle an Arabian melody, the fire leaking from his shell rising up like a snake just like when he attempted this against Vigoroth.

    Fletchinder had just regained focus, but it was too late as the fire formed a snake-like head and bit into her ankle. And since the flame had managed to touch her for more than a millisecond, she felt slight pain from this as she winced, a look of frustration on her face.

    Things only got worse as Magcargo emerged from his shell and lifted her higher into the air, exclaiming, “SNAKE FIRE SLAM!” sending her back hard into the floor.

    “I'll admit, the fact that you can resist my magma is impressive,” Magcargo stated before taking hold of Fletchinder's wings, “But even so, it seems like you can still take pain from heat. You just need to be exposed to it long enough, and I know just the way to make that happen.”

    He then lifted her over his head and leaned backwards, planting her skull into his shell while barking, “BRITTLE SUPLEX!” the robin crying out in pain as the snail released his hold on her wings, allowing her to collapse.

    “By the way, if you're wondering why my armour earlier was significantly weaker, it's because I've had more time to work on my shell,” Magcargo stated, “See, that armour wasn't made of rock but from hardened, brittle magma. But while Earth magma can harden really quickly, my Martian magma does not. In other words, if I had kept that coating for more than a month, it would have been just as hard as my shell. Maybe then could I finally interact with others without repelling them!”

    Fletchinder grunted and slowly rose to her feet, giving him a look of confusion. Where had this come from? He had no reason to explain this to her and yet he was doing it anyway.

    It seemed the snail realized this himself as he blinked, shaking his head and grunting, “Dammit! I forgot to take advantage of your state!” the robin frowning and taking to the sky, saying, “As if I'd let you toss me into boiling hot magma! I may be able to handle a few seconds of your heat, but I'd rather not take my chances with that!”

    She then readied herself for another attack only for Magcargo to retreat into his shell again. The robin halted her attack and kept her distance, thinking, 'Alright, I'll just stay airborne until you reveal yourself. My dad didn't raise a dummy. We learn from watching our opponents.'

    Meanwhile, the others were closing in on the staircase when suddenly, they entered a room covered in ice. Eiko squeaked in panic and slipped, sliding forward only for Isamu to take hold of her collar, stopping her in place.

    “Thanks,” she sighed as Torchic uttered, “Something tells me our next opponent put all this ice here.”

    “Right you are,” came a delicate feminine tone as a snow-white girl moved away from the right wall and floated toward the group.

    Her torso resembled a kimono and had a big red obi tied around it, the girl possessing no feet like Combee. Her thin arms were attached to the sides of her head and seemed to flare up around the wrist area, forming what looked like the hanging sleeves one would see on an actual kimono. On the ends of the flared portions were dappled light-blue sections and each hand had three tiny fingers. The girl's head was shaped like a sideways droplet and was topped with two ice crystals that resembled horns. It seemed that she was wearing a mask as on her forehead was a diamond-shaped hole, revealing purple skin underneath. Her chin matched the colour and there were also two holes revealing blue eyes with a yellow sclera for each.

    “Welcome to my domain,” the white girl said with a bow, “I am Froslass. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

    Torchic held a defensive stance and said, “Careful. She may seem more civilized than the others, but so did Bronzong.”

    “Oh, do not worry about that,” Froslass replied with a sweet smile, “Unlike Bronzong, I will not try to lower your guard with the offer of nourishment. I prefer to cut to the chase, so I'll wait until one of you is ready to challenge me.”

    With that, she released a small icy breath from her mouth, aiming it for the middle of the area. This caused a big block of ice with a turnbuckle and what constituted as ropes to appear. Seeing this made Eiko worried as she uttered, “Oh no. That looks like the worst kind of ring to fight in.”

    “I'm pretty sure it is,” Torchic grumbled, “But I'm sure we can do it. Something worth note is that in the twentieth Hero Olympics, Machamp fought the mighty Greninja in the second round, but it wasn't an ordinary match as they had to fight in a ring covered in ice. It was said that Greninja easily adapted to the fighting conditions while Machamp had lots of trouble, but despite that, he still wound up victorious. I'm sure if he could handle it, so can we.”

    Isamu blinked and uttered, “Wow, the Mach family just continued to impress me,” as Sneasel stepped forward and smirked, saying, “I'll take her.”

    Torchic blinked and uttered, “What?” as the cat nodded and added, “If anything, you should be the one who saves Machop, so let me deal with this.”

    She then leapt into the ring as Froslass bowed her head, saying, “My, how noble of you. But as much as it pains me to do this, and really, it does, I simply cannot allow you to leave this room without first defeating me.”

    With that, the white girl blew her cold air toward the exit, a wall of ice forming as Eiko squeaked in panic, Isamu growling, “Dammit! Now we have no choice but to stand around and wait!”

    Torchic smirked and remarked, “Or do we?” before leaping toward the wall with her talons on fire. But when they made contact with the material, it seemed her flames had no effect as Froslass sighed, “I'm sorry, but my ice only melts when I want it to. And speaking of which...”

    Sneasel's eyes widened when Froslass blew more wind around the surrounding area, forming a big block of ice around the ring and saying, “Just in case your friend there tries to interfere and help you. After all, there's no one around to stop you from breaking the rules, right?”

    While Torchic likely would not have done this, Sneasel still felt a tad distressed by this. After all, she currently felt like she was fighting in a prison and that her freedom depended on her winning.

    Since this ice was transparent, the others could see her through it but could not hear the words being spoken. As such, Eiko bit her lower lip and whimpered, “I hope she'll be okay.”

    “Hey, don't worry about it,” Isamu replied with a sweet smile, “We've seen how tough Sneasel is. There's no doubt in my mind that she can win this.”

    It seemed so as the cat wasted no time lunging toward Froslass. The white girl prepared to counter only for the cat to speed to the right, leaping toward her side and scratching it.

    Froslass winced from the pain as Sneasel continued to slash her, shouting, “FELINE FRENZY!” cutting open her skin while the others cheered.

    However, their cheers came to a halt when rather than blood, ice emerged from the cut. Sneasel's eyes widened as Froslass smiled lightly and said, “I probably should have warned you in advance, but ice isn't just a power I have. It's also what keeps me alive.”

    And sure enough, the substance had attached itself to the cat's claws, binding them in place. She tried desperately to pry them away only only for Froslass to blow onto her fingers, causing nail-like crystals to form. She then stated, “Ice Claws,” before swiping them across Sneasel's shoulders, causing her to cry out in pain as a bit of blood squirted out.

    At that moment, Sneasel managed to escape from her grip, thinking, 'Shit! If I keep making her bleed, I'll just set myself up for more moves like this!' as Froslass licked the blood off of her fingers, saying, “Spirited blood is simply delightful.”

    Sneasel and the others stared in horror as the white girl blushed, resting her hand against her cheek. As if her powers were not terrifying enough, now it seemed this surprisingly civilized villain had a taste for blood. Was she really as friendly as she seemed or was she actually psychotic?

    Froslass could tell the cat was thinking this as she said, “Do not worry about my liking for blood. You see, I grew up in Southeast Asia where animal blood is used in cuisine. Though while most prefer to cook it into delicacies such as sausage and pudding, my family prefers it straight out of a bowl.”

    “Oh god, you'd better not even think about eating me!” Sneasel retorted, trembling as Froslass smiled sweetly and replied, “Don't worry, I have no intention of eating your flesh. It's just, well, your blood was right on me, so I couldn't resist. And I have to say, it's very nice.”

    “That is not making me feel any better!” the cat retorted as she leapt toward the white girl, her feet pointed at her face. However, it seemed Froslass was ready for this as she blew a light bit of air, forming a wall in front of her face and saying, “Ice Barrier.”

    And sure enough, Sneasel's kick was halted when she made contact with the material. And to make matters worse, Froslass had even more planned as she formed a katana made of ice in her hand, saying, “Ice Katana,” sending it sideways through her barrier and across Sneasel's chest.

    “OH MY GOD!” Eiko squeaked with terror in her eyes, the cat crying out in pain as Froslass formed a set of ice shackles around her wrists and ankles, holding onto chains made from the same material.

    Sneasel was terrified out of her mind as the white girl drifted over to a turnbuckle, tying the chains around its top. As such, Sneasel found herself unable to move forward as Froslass formed a bo staff, saying in a heavenly tone, “Ice Torture.”

    When her eyes glowed briefly, there was no doubt in Sneasel's mind now. Froslass was clearly not right in the head, and the cat was going to feel the full brunt of her psychotic mind as she smacked her repeatedly with the long, icy staff. Thus Sneasel found herself covered in bruises, unable to defend herself against this.

    Torchic stared wide-eyed and spat, “COME ON, SNEASEL! FIGHT IT! YOU CAN DO IT!” the humans joining in with the cheers. Unfortunately, Sneasel could not hear them through the ice surrounding the ring, but even if she could, the shackles were unbelievably hard.

    'She said her ice only melts when she wants it to,' Sneasel thought with her teeth gritted, her ear feather glowing, 'But she said nothing about breaking it! It might not be easy shattering those big objects she's formed so far, but let's see how thin chains handle it.'

    With that, she leaned her body along with her head back, taking in more hits to her belly. But once her feather was low enough, she swung her head around and barked, “FEATHER SWORD!” slicing the chains open as Froslass stared in shock.

    “THAT'S IT!” Sneasel spat as she leapt toward her, darkness surrounding her claws as she threw them downward and exclaimed, “PURRNISHMENT!”

    This put big cuts on Froslass' torso as the cat leapt away just in time to avoid being trapped again. She then smirked as she thought, 'Perfect. As long as I don't stay near her after cutting her open, I can win this easily.'

    She then leapt backward toward the ice rope, leaping off and cupping her claws together. She then spun and exclaimed, “FELINE POWER DRILL!” striking the white girl's side and flying toward the opposite end. She then flipped herself one-hundred-and-eighty degrees, her feet making contact with this set of ropes as she launched herself back toward Froslass, trying the same move again, the others cheering upon witnessing this.

    However, the white girl saw this coming as she blew ice onto her wrists, covering them in a nice coating and held the one closest to Sneasel in front of her path. She had a light smile on her face once more as she said, “Ice Matador Cape.”

    As such, Sneasel's movement came to a halt as her claws scraped up against the ice, the cat gritting her teeth and trying her hardest not to let up. However, she soon realized halting her attack would have been a better idea as Froslass formed a hammerhead on her free hand, shifting it over the cat's head.

    “Ice Mallet,” she said as she sent it hard into Sneasel's skull. The cat's eyes widened as she coughed up a bit of blood, falling flat on her face while Eiko trembled, whimpering, “Oh no! She was doing such a good job!”

    Torchic and Isamu were unsure what to think of this as Froslass lifted Sneasel up, holding her in a tight embrace and floating high into the air. She then blew upward as a gust of wind surrounded both of them, small bits of hail coming with it.

    The white girl then flipped herself over one-hundred-and-eighty degrees, descending toward the ring and saying, “Hail Storm Suplex.”

    And with that, Sneasel's skull made contact with the canvas as she coughed up one last bit of blood. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as Froslass released her, allowing her to collapse before bending down. She then picked up some of the blood with her fingers and licked it, smacking her lips with a light smile on her face.

    “Oh my god!” Torchic exclaimed as she lit her talons on fire, kicking the ice surrounding the ring and barking, “I DON'T CARE WHAT SHE SAYS! I WON'T LET HER KILL SNEASEL!”

    However, it seemed that she had little to fear as Froslass snapped her fingers, causing the barrier to melt. She then gently lifted up Sneasel and carried her out of the ring, setting her down and saying, “Don't worry, fiery kiwi. I have no intention of killing any of you. I'd much rather have you alive.”

    Her smile sweetened by a bit as Torchic shuddered, not liking the sound of that. If anything, it came off as too innocent, almost as if there was a double meaning. However, she realized she had to look past that as she took a deep breath and nodded, saying, “Right.”

    Eiko bit her lower lip and whimpered, “Be careful, Torchic,” as Isamu took a deep breath and said, “Don't worry. I'm sure she can do this. After all, she has the power of fire helping her.”

    Torchic leapt into the ring and stated, “By the way, I'm not actually a kiwi. I'm a chicken,” as Froslass blinked and replied, “That's even better,” her cheeks turning light pink while she cooed, “I wasn't so sure because you don't have any arms or wings, but now that I know, I'm even happier to face you.”

    The chicken tensed up at the sound of this but tried not to let this get to her. She had to remember that she was the only hero left to combat Yveltal and Xerneas' helpers, thus she had to do her absolute best. This meant not letting a possibly psychotic opponent scare her.

    While this went on, Fletchinder flew in place, waiting for a moment to strike. However, it seemed Magcargo was a lot more patient than expected as he remained tucked in his shell, waiting for the robin to lose patience and try to strike him.

    After a few seconds, Fletchinder seemed to realize this as she thought, 'I know,' before flying toward him, figuring the snail would hear it. And sure enough, as she got close, he started to whistle an Arabian melody once more, his fire rising up and taking on the form of a snake.

    Seeing this, the robin stopped her attack and kept her distance, narrowing her eyelids as the fire snake reached around, nipping the air. And after a few seconds, Magcargo poked his head out to see the reason for this.

    'Perfect!' Fletchinder thought as she dove toward him with her beak on fire, shouting, “FLAME MISSILE!” the snail gasping as he tucked himself into his shell, the robin once again hitting the material and taking in light pain.

    “Dammit!” she grunted as she flew away just in time to avoid being grabbed by the fire snake. However, it was then that she got an idea as she thought, 'Alright, if Vigoroth was able to break your body suit, I should be able to break through that shell of yours, even if it is stronger.'

    With that in mind, she descended toward the shell with her heels pointed outward, planting them into the hard material. She then lit her talons on fire and exclaimed, “FLAME TALON BARRAGE!” kicking the shell repeatedly at a rapid pace.

    Magcargo could hear this as he smirked, thinking, 'Oh, this is just too much,' before whistling a different melody. Fletchinder's eyes widened when the shell started to vibrate, the robin noticing a small slit in the top that she had not noticed before.

    Before she could respond, Magcargo exclaimed, “LAVA PLUME!” as the magma on his back seeped through the tiny opening and shot up like a fountain, hitting Fletchinder hard and sending her flying into the air. She gritted her teeth, trying her best to ignore the pain as small burn marks formed.

    It only got worse when the snail retracted from his shell and said, “Finally,” before leaping high into the air and reaching the robin's level. He then latched onto her and flipped her upside-down just like he had done to Vigoroth earlier, descending toward the floor and shouting, “VOLCANO DRIVER!”

    Fletchinder tried her hardest to break free, but with her wings trapped in place and her physical strength being not quite on her father's level, this was proving to be quite difficult. And sure enough, the back of her neck made contact with the surface as she coughed up blood, more burns forming on her.

    Magcargo released his hold and allowed her to collapse, folding his arms and saying, “I already told you, my shell is significantly stronger than that armour I was wearing before. You were foolish to try breaking through it.”

    When Fletchinder started to push herself up, Magcargo's eyes widened as he gasped, “Oh, right! I'm not making that mistake again!” before leaping into the air and tucking himself into his shell once more. He then spun vertically and descended toward the robin, shouting, “VOLCANIC ROCK POUNDER!” the material hitting her hard in the back as she coughed up more blood.

    The snail took a deep breath and retracted from his shell, a smirk on his face as he said, “As you can see, I have no intention of letting you thwart the plans of my master and mistress. I fully intend to make these humans suffer for the way they've treated me ever since I left Mars to come to this planet!”

    Fletchinder could still move, but she knew if he noticed, he would likely end his speech and attack her again. As such, she decided to think logically and use this time to recover while Magcargo added, “It was horrible. While most members of my species would never even think of leave my home planet to come here, I always wanted to meet Earthlings and learn to get along with them, maybe even find a human mate to spend my life with, you know, seeing as it is common nowadays.”

    The robin rose an eyebrow as he continued, “Unfortunately, everyone I touched I ended up burning. In hindsight, I should have seen that coming, so I hardened my exterior to create a my new body suit. Unfortunately, no one wanted to associate themselves with someone who looks like that, even though no one has a problem with golems. That's the whole reason I joined the side of evil, to get revenge on this miserable, judgemental planet!”

    Fletchinder had to admit that she felt sorry for him. As he said, this was a time when beings like him were treated like everyday people. To think that he would get this kind of abuse even after making himself a body that would allow him to make contact with people and not hurt them. If the robin had lived a life like that, she would have probably tried to get revenge on mankind too.

    Even so, she could not allow Yveltal and Xerneas' plan to work, thus when Magcargo finally remembered to focus on the fight again, she lit her talons on fire and performed a handstand. The snail's eyes widened as she propelled herself up, kicking him hard in the chest and barking, “TALON BRANDING!”

    Magcargo backed up and growled, “Dammit! Another perfect opportunity and I wasted it!” the robin flying toward him while spreading her legs out. She then folded her arms and spun like a top, shouting, “PROPELLER INFERNO!” sending an onslaught of kicks into his cheek.

    It did not end there as she took hold of the snail's cheeks, ignoring the pain this dealt to her. She then reeled her head back before lighting her beak on fire and sending it into his forehead, barking, “FIRE NAIL!” knocking him backwards thus causing his shell to hit the floor hard.

    But much like before, this had barely any effect as Magcargo gritted his teeth and spread out his arms. He then exclaimed, “INCINERATED!” as he waved them downward, rubbing them against Fletchinder's chest thus giving her a reason to back up and flap away from him.

    The snail righted himself up and took a deep breath, saying, “I have to admit, it's actually kind of nice to meet someone on this planet who can tolerate my magma body. But even so, I can tell it's still having an effect on you and that every time you attack me, you end up harming yourself just a little bit. By the time this match ends, I think we both know who the true winner will be.”

    As much as Fletchinder hated to admit it, he was right. While her fire attributes gave her a good resistance to heat, it did not change the fact that his magma was having an effect on her. And combined with the moves she had taken in so far, she would need to be careful if she was to truly finish what she and Vigoroth started.
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    While Fletchinder had gotten a slight advantage back, Magcargo had still dealt more damage to her so far. And while this went on, Torchic was just getting ready for her match with Froslass after watching Sneasel suffer a horrible defeat. Needless to say, this snow-white adversary was a force to be reckoned with and quite terrifying despite her calm demeanour.

    Eiko looked nervous as Isamu patted her reassuringly on the shoulder. But even so, he knew how serious this was, especially since there was one more villain to deal with before the group could even think about making it to Yveltal and Xerneas' quarters. Not to mention Torchic and Fletchinder were the only heroes left with the strength to stand up to anyone.

    The chicken looked around and said, “Hey, I notice you didn't bring up that cover like before,” as Froslass nodded and explained, “It's because I don't have to worry about a pair of humans running into the ring to help you out and interfere with the match.”

    Torchic nodded and really hoped the white girl was right about that. The last thing she wanted was for Eiko and Isamu to endanger themselves, especially after making it this far without being attacked.

    Froslass gave Torchic a sweet smile as she said, “Since I just beat your ally, I feel it only fair to let you attack first,” as the chicken narrowed her eyelids, thinking, 'Well, she hasn't exactly lied so far. Maybe she won't try to counter.'

    Even so, she intended to take a more cautious approach to this as she raced toward Froslass. Once close enough, she leapt to the right with her talons on fire and exclaimed, “BLAZE KICK!” leaping up and sending both sideways into the white girl's cheek.

    Eiko and Isamu cheered as Froslass shifted sideways, rubbing that very spot as Torchic blinked and thought, 'She actually didn't try to fight back. Well, that's her first mistake.'

    With that in mind, she proceeded to aim a roundhouse toward Froslass only for her to cover her wrist in ice, saying, “Ice Matador Cape,” and blocking the incoming kick. And just as she had stated before, her ice could not melt unless she wanted it to, thus Torchic's kick had no effect.

    The white girl fully intended to take advantage of this as she lifted up her arm, sending the ice-coated wrist into Torchic's face. The chicken's eyes widened as she flew backward into the icy ropes, her backing taking in quite a bit of pain from this.

    Eiko bit her lower lip as the chicken gritted her teeth, standing upright and thinking, 'Dammit. Even with my fire powers, Froslass is still a pain. That was such a simple tactic yet it was really effective. Even if I don't cut her open, I still need to be careful.'

    It was then that the chicken realized something she could do. As such, she leapt toward Froslass and aimed a kick toward her only to have it blocked once again by her wrist. But just as it seemed that she was bound to take in damage again, she used this opportunity to bite into the white girl's hand.

    Froslass gasped in shock as Torchic lifted up her legs, wrapping them around her arm and latching her feet to her neck. The chicken then reeled her head back thus pulling on the white girl's arm, thinking, 'She may be able to counter punches and kicks, but let's see how she handles a submission hold.'

    “Sweet!” Eiko squealed with her eyes sparkling, “She's using the Torch Family Special!” as Isamu nodded with a grin.

    However, it seemed that Torchic did not quite have the advantage she had hoped for as Froslass blew her icy wind onto her hand, forming her katana. She then smiled lightly and said, “Ice Katana,” shifting it sideways and aiming it for the chicken's talon.

    Her eyes widened as while Froslass ran the risk of stabbing herself at the same time as the foot, this hardly mattered. She had ice inside of her as opposed to blood, ice that could heal any wound that she had, meaning even a stab to the neck would not kill her.

    With this in mind, Torchic released her hold and leapt away only for Froslass to hurl the weapon toward her. The chicken gasped in terror and leaned backward, barely avoiding a fatal strike to her heart. However, the katana still managed to scrape lightly against her belly, putting a small cut in it as a bit of her blood flew out.

    Seeing this, Froslass wasted no time floating over and catching the droplets with her tongue. She then smacked her lips and swallowed it, her cheeks bright pink as she sighed, “I'd almost forgotten how delightful chicken blood is.”

    Eiko felt like she was about to hurl as even Isamu could not bear to watch this any longer. All he could do was hope that Torchic would be able to turn things around as Froslass could have very well been the most intimidating of Volcanion's soldiers, even more so than Magcargo.

    Torchic ignored the pain to her belly and rose back to her feet, taking a few deep breaths and thinking, 'Okay, I can still do this. Even though submission holds won't work, it's not impossible.'

    With that in mind, she raced toward Froslass with her beak on fire. The white girl noticed this and blew on her hands, giving herself longer fingernails. She then said, “Ice Claws,” and swiped them toward the chicken.

    Torchic's eyes widened as she stopped her attacked and backed up. She then raced sideways and started circling the white girl. She figured that if she could confuse her, then she would not take in another hit.

    “Hey, have you noticed none of our friends have slipped on the ice in the ring yet?” Eiko asked as Isamu nodded and replied, “It's because they've been using the claws on their feet to keep themselves from falling,” the pink-haired girl nodding.

    After a few seconds, Torchic managed to get behind Froslass as she aimed a roundhouse toward her. Unfortunately, it seemed as if the white girl was ready for this as she spun around with her arm out, cutting open the chicken's cheek. But luckily, Torchic's roundhouse had managed to land at the same time, thus resulting in both fighters taking in damage.

    Froslass seemed to ignore the pain dealt to her side as she used this chance to latch onto Torchic, planting her nails into her shoulders. The chicken winced in pain as the white girl floated high above the ring, releasing wind from her mouth along with hail.

    Once high enough, she flipped herself one-hundred-and-eighty degrees, saying, “Hail Storm Suplex,” driving Torchic's skull into the canvas as her eyes widened and she coughed up blood. And while she still had fight in her unlike when Sneasel took in the move, it was still very painful as Froslass allowed her to collapse.

    “NO!” Eiko squeaked in panic as Froslass gasped at the sight of Torchic's blood on the icy ring. As such, she knelt down and scooped it up onto her hands, gulping it down and licking her lips. Her cheeks were flushed pink as she held herself in an embrace, sighing, “So heavenly.”

    But while Eiko and Isamu were once again terrified of this, Torchic had a look of hope in her eyes as she thought, 'That's it. I know how to defeat her.'

    With that in mind, she wasted no time leaping toward the icy ropes, launching herself off of them before flipping herself backwards. Thus her feet were now aimed at Froslass' back as they were soon engulfed in flames. The chicken then exclaimed, “ROARING PHOENIX!” while the fire took the form of a phoenix head.

    Froslass was unable to react in time as she took the blow to her back, her eyes and mouth wide with shock as she flew forward into the ropes. And since they were made of ice, this only added to the pain as she groaned, turning to face Torchic while Eiko and Isamu clapped and cheered.

    “Impressive, but don't think I'm going to let that happen again,” Froslass said as she formed her katana once more. But before she could advance forward, Torchic lifted up her right leg and planted a single claw into the cut on her belly, pulling on it and causing more blood to squirt out.

    “WHAT IS SHE DOING!?” Eiko squeaked in panic only for Isamu to slowly nod his head, uttering, “Oh my god, why didn't I think of that?”

    As soon as the blood spilled, Froslass' eyes sparkled as she smiled wide at the sight of it. As much as she wanted to focus on the fight, she could not resist the urge to dive toward the liquid, Torchic using this chance to send a flying roundhouse into her face.

    As the white girl backed up, rubbing that very spot, Torchic turned her head around and used her beak to pick at the open wound on her shoulder. Thus she wound up drawing more blood as Froslass blinked, slowly floating over to it and kneeling down. And as soon as her guard was dropped, Torchic leapt into the air and sent an axe kick into the back of her neck.

    “Oh, I get it,” Eiko whispered, “She's using her blood to distract Froslass,” as Isamu nodded and grinned, saying, “Seems like her creepy fascination with the stuff is now her biggest downfall.”

    But while Froslass had not heard the humans when they pointed this out, it seemed she realized it anyway as she gazed at Torchic with no life in her eyes. She neither looked angry nor happy. She appeared neutral, and somehow, this was much more terrifying than if she had sported a cold stare.

    “I knew it,” she uttered as the others stared at her in confusion, “You're just like the others. You see my love of blood and you treat me like some kind of monstrous animal for it. Admit it. You're making fun of me.”

    The chicken tilted her head to the side and asked, “What?” as Froslass stated in a deadpan tone, “This is exactly why I joined the side of evil. While it is normal for people in Southeast Asia to use blood as an ingredient or a sauce, my family is the only one that enjoys it by itself. Because of that, no one wanted to talk to me or be my friend. They saw me as some kind of freak.”

    “I can think of more reasons than that,” Isamu whispered as she added, “I sided with Yveltal and Xerneas so I could one day have revenge on the world that couldn't respect my family's customs and traditions. You could never understand that.”

    Before Torchic could even respond, the white girl blew onto her arm, forming a long sickle and flying toward her. The chicken wasted no time digging into the wound on her belly and releasing more blood, but at this point, Froslass was too angry to pay it any mind. As such, she soared right past the liquid and exclaimed, “ICE SICKLE!” hooking Torchic's neck with the handle.

    Afterwards, she shifted her arm sideways thus pressing the blade up against that very spot, digging it in enough to draw blood but making sure not to kill her target. After all, it was as she said before. She had no intention of killing any of the people in her room, and she refused to let her anger blind her from that.

    With Torchic defenceless, the white girl formed a hammer on her free hand and sent it into the chicken's cheek, barking, “ICE MALLET!”

    Eiko and Isamu stared in horror as Froslass formed an ice pick on each of her hands and wrapped her arms around Torchic, planting them into her back and shouting, “ICE PICK SUPLEX!” lifting her up and leaning backward, the chicken's head hitting the canvas.

    Torchic did her best to ignore the pain as she latched her legs onto the white girl's neck. However, this proved ineffective as Froslass flipped herself upside-down, taking hold of said parts. She then applied a great deal of force while pushing downward thus forcing Torchic's body into the canvas and causing her to let go.

    As the chicken lay on her belly, Froslass gazed down at her and took a deep breath, saying, “You brought this upon yourself. You and every other judgemental monster in the world will pay severely for your prejudice.”

    During this time, Fletchinder kept her distance from Magcargo as he once again tucked himself into his shell. While she had gotten the drop on him earlier, she also remembered what happened when she tried attacking the protective material.

    After a few seconds, she realized something that could work as she flew over Magcargo's shell, cupping her talons together. She then started to spin while engulfing her body in flames, descending toward the hardened magma and shouting, “SPINNING TOP INFERNO!”

    With that, her claws hit his the shell hard like a drill as Magcargo sighed, “Keep trying all you like, but it won't work.”

    However, his eyes widened when he looked up and noticed small cracks forming. He could not believe it. Even with his shell being so strong, Fletchinder was finally able to damage it.

    There was no way Magcargo would allow this to persist, though, as he whistled a war melody. Thus his back started to rise up through the cracks as he exclaimed, “LAVA PLUME!” Fletchinder gasping as she barely moved to the side in time to avoid the incoming magma.

    Unfortunately, it seemed the snail had expected this as he switched to whistling an Arabian tune, the fire leaking from his shell taking on the form of a snake once more. To make matters worse, Fletchinder did not have enough time to react as it bit into her ankle, lifting her up and slamming the back of her neck into the floor, Magcargo barking, “SNAKE FIRE SLAM!”

    After allowing the robin to collapse, he propelled himself into the air, spinning his shell vertically while shouting, “VOLCANIC ROCK POUNDER!” planting it hard into her belly as she coughed up blood. Now that he knew she could potentially break his shell, he could not allow her to recover again.

    As such, once she was crushed under his shell, he retracted from it, flipped Fletchinder onto her belly and wrapped his tail around her legs. He then latched his hands to her chin, small puffs of smoke coming from the area as he pulled upward with a big grin on his face, saying, “You may be able to resist my heat in a way no one else can, but you lack the physical strength to truly best me in combat.”

    Fletchinder gritted her teeth and thought, 'No! I'm so close! He may have a motive behind his actions, but I can't let him enslave humanity! After all, my father wouldn't have allowed such a thing to happen, so I won't either!”

    With this in mind, she started to shift her legs, and while this did only cause them to burn more, she ultimately managed to loosen Magcargo's tail thus prying them out. She then bent them back, resting them under the snail before placing her hands firmly against the mat, pushing herself up thus allowing her to lift Magcargo with her talons. And once he was high enough, she lowered her feet briefly before sending them back up, striking him hard in the gut thus causing him to release his hold on her chin and fly high above the floor.

    The robin flew up toward him with her body once again engulfed in flames. And it was not long until she planted her beak into his chest, raising her arms and locking his wrists in place. She then performed a U-turn and exclaimed, “NOW IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO DEAL WITH A SPIN ON AN OLD FAMILY FAVOURITE, FLARE MISSILE BLITZ!”

    And soon enough, Magcargo's shell hit the floor hard, his eyes widening as the cracks spread. And sure enough, once they reached the edges, the entire object came apart, its pieces flying in various directions while most of them fell into the magma surrounding the area, floating on the surface.

    Since Fletchinder had applied a little extra force to Magcargo, his back still took in pain from this as he lay there with his arms spread out and his eyes and mouth twitching. But even so, the robin did not believe for a minute that this was truly enough to finish him off and thus struck a fighting pose.

    And sure enough, the snail managed to rise up, breathing heavily and rubbing his back just to make sure he was not imagining this. And after feeling nothing there, he let out a disjointed laugh, a forced grin forming on his face.

    “YOU WITCH!” he snapped before lunging at Fletchinder in an attempt to pin her to the floor. However, now that he could no longer hide in his shell and his leaking flame was gone, Fletchinder did not have a reason to hold back as she sent her talons hard into his face.

    Magcargo ignored the pain and sent a hard punch into Fletchinder's cheek. However, the robin did not seem to feel it as she grabbed onto his wrist, ignoring how much this hurt her hand.

    “I hate to break it to you, but you should have learned more techniques,” Fletchinder grunted as she shifted her arms forward, grasping onto the snail's shoulders. She then took to the sky as her body was once again covered in flames, performing a U-turn and shouting, “FLARE BLITZ!”

    And soon enough, Magcargo's head made contact with the floor as a big cloud of smoke rose up, covering both fighters. And once it cleared, it was official. The snail lay on the floor unconscious while Fletchinder stood tall and proud, ignoring the various burns on her body and breathing heavily.

    “I'll admit, you were tough, but you weren't good enough,” she said with her arms folded, “I'm really sorry for the way everyone treated you, but trying to enslave mankind doesn't make you any better.”

    She then flew outside to rest along with the still unconscious Vigoroth, sighing, “I really hope Torchic and Sneasel are doing alright. I'm not sure if I'll be able to help them or not.”

    But while the robin had won, this did not change the fact that Torchic was in more trouble than before. As the chicken was still lying on her belly, Froslass floated high above her and blew a spiralling wind around her legs. This formed what looked like a drill head in that very spot as she spun around and descended, Eiko and Isamu gasping in horror.

    “ICE DRILL!” Froslass exclaimed, but just as she was seconds away from hitting Torchic, her eyes widened as she quickly rolled to the side. Thus the white girl wound up putting a hole in the ring, now stuck in place as the chicken rose to her feet, breathing heavily with terror in her expression.

    Unfortunately, she had missed a perfect opportunity to strike as Froslass melted her drill, blowing on the hole to patch it up. But even so, the white girl was beyond irritated. After all, she had really hoped that move would end the match for good, so to see Torchic avoid it was not something she could get over right away.

    As such, she proceeded to blow more wind toward Torchic, forming shackles around her ankles and neck. And just like when she used this move on Sneasel, she also formed chains that she quickly tied to the nearest turnbuckle, a light smile on her face as she said, “There, now you can't avoid me.”

    With that in mind, she blew into her hand and formed a bo staff, Eiko biting her lower lip and whimpering, “She can get out of this, right? I mean, Sneasel did it,” only for Isamu to sigh, “True, but Sneasel was able to cut her way out. Torchic doesn't have a blade and she can't melt Froslass' ice either. If she has a way out of this, she'd better use it soon.”

    And needless to say, the chicken was thinking the same thing as she knew exactly what was coming next. If she could not find a way out of this, she would lose for sure and all hope would be lost.
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    Things could not have been any worse for Torchic as Froslass had bound her in place with her ice chains. And with her bo staff in hand, there was no doubt that this match was still heavily in her favour as she had a cute grin on her face, light briefly flashing from her eyes.

    Eiko held Isamu tightly, biting her lower lip. Right now, she wished she had done what Rinko did and spent her life training to fight evil. Then she could step into the ring and take over.

    Torchic could tell she was thinking this when she turned to face her, a light smile forming on her face as she uttered, “Don't worry, Eiko. I can get out of this,” only for Froslass to lift up her staff, exclaiming, “ICE TORTURE!”

    She then proceeded to strike the chicken repeatedly with the weapon. As such, bruises formed on various parts of her body. And after taking another hit to her cheek, she found herself coughing up blood as Isamu gritted his teeth.

    “Dammit!” he cursed, “I wish we could do something! This is just painful! She was doing such a good job too!”

    After striking Torchic thirty times, Froslass halted her attack with a light smile and said, “Now that I know you can't take advantage of me, I think I'll have myself a little snack,” before walking over to the chicken's blood and bending down on her hands, licking it off the ring's surface.

    Torchic gritted her teeth as the white girl looked up at her with the most psychotic look anyone had seen from her so far, chuckling, “I know what you're thinking. That girl's crazy. She's coo-coo, not so right in the head, on her way to an asylum! Guess what!? I don't care what you think of me anymore!”

    Torchic could tell from the way she said this that she did not mean a word of it, and right now, that scared her even more. As such, she knew she would need to break free from these chains, otherwise she would likely be stuck there for life, doomed to forever be this psychotic girl's plaything.

    With that in mind, the chicken gritted her teeth and tried to move forward. However, all this did was cause pain to her neck and ankles, small cuts forming as bits of blood trickled out. Seeing this, Froslass gave her a deadpan look and uttered, “You're trying to take advantage of my love of blood again, aren't you? I don't like that.”

    With that, she blew on the end of her staff and formed a spearhead, adding, “If anyone's going to draw blood, it's going to be me,” before sending it hard into Torchic's shoulders, barking, “ICE SPEAR!”

    The chicken cried out in pain as Isamu spat, “Come on, Torchic! I know you can get out of this! You took in extreme torment from a big golem and not only managed to stand but even knocked him out! It takes a great deal of strength to pull off something so incredible!”

    Torchic's eyes widened as she took another stab, this one to her midsection. However, she chose to ignore the pain this time as she sighed, “Look, Froslass, I'm sorry I took advantage of you like that, but I wasn't making fun of you! I simple saw a way to get the upper hand and took it, just like you're doing right now! But even so, I can't afford to lose! Not only is the fate of the world at stake, but, well, it's wrong to keep a child away from the one who hatched him!”

    Froslass was not completely sure what the last statement meant, but this hardly matters as Torchic let out a loud cry, her entire body engulfed in flames. While her family was well known for being able to light up their feet, hands and beaks, not once had any of them ever lit their entire bodies on fire, so this was truly amazing.

    And of course, the chicken intended to make full use of this opportunity as she once again forced her body forward, Froslass trembling and looking terrified for the first time. And sure enough, it seemed her fear was necessary as the turnbuckle holding the chains in place started to crack near the bottom.

    “NO!” Froslass cried out, raising her spear, “FORGET IT! I DON'T WANT YOU ALIVE ANYMORE! I'LL KILL YOU IF I HAVE TO!”

    But just as she hurled it forward, Torchic manage to break the turnbuckle, swinging it in front of herself as the spear pierced it instead. And it did not end there as the chicken leapt toward it, sending a roundhouse into it thus causing it to fly out of the ring. And before Froslass could even attempt to respond, Torchic exclaimed, “FIRE PECK!” planting her beak hard into her gut.

    The white girl coughed up a bit of cold air as Torchic leapt up and wrapped her legs around her torso. Eiko and Isamu's eyes sparkled, big open-mouth smiles forming as they cheered wildly. There was no doubt about it. Torchic had this match in the bag.

    “I try to avoid using this move due to the fact that my family was never meant to use techniques like these,” Torchic grunted, “However, I can't allow someone as unstable as you to rise up again. As such, I find it much more logical to use something that'll take you out for good.”

    She then used all her might to propel herself and Froslass high above the ring, flipping one-hundred-and-eighty degrees. It took a great deal of energy, but deep down, she felt that this was worth it as she exclaimed, “ASTEROID FRANKENSTEINER!”

    Froslass' skull made contact with the surface as small cracks formed around the area, her eyes and mouth wide open. Torchic's hold on her loosened, though, as the chicken fell on her chin, the white girl collapsing. But while Torchic felt tired, she still managed to rise to her feet, breathing heavily as she turned and started down at her opponent.

    Eiko and Isamu tensed up as after a few seconds, it seemed that Froslass was no longer moving. With that in mind, the chicken smiled lightly before falling on her back, taking many deep breaths and sighing, “Thank god. That was a nightmare.”

    With the match finally having come to a close, all of the ice slowly vanished, including the wall covering the door. Seeing this, Eiko breathed a sigh of relief as Isamu patted her on the shoulder.

    The two then walked over to Torchic as the boy asked, “Hey, are you alright?” the chicken nodding and saying, “Yeah, don't you worry. I just need a short rest, then I'll be up and kicking before you know it.”

    As urgent as the situation was, Eiko and Isamu were unsure of whether or not they should really expect Torchic to face the remaining villains. After all, she had taken in a lot of damage against Froslass and even ended the match with a move that cost her a great deal of energy.

    However, they knew they could not advance forward without another hero there to help them fight. After all, there was still one more villain guarding Yveltal and Xerneas not to mention the bird and stag alone were powerful in their own right.

    As luck had it, though, a part of the wall opened up as Jackalu and Clawitzer emerged, the dog grinning and saying, “Well, what do you know? The elevators in this place really do go everywhere.”

    The group stared in shock as Clawitzer smiled and said, “Hey, guys,” before looking around the area and uttering, “Looks like things got serious here, eh?”

    Eiko and Isamu continued to stare in stunned silence as Jackalu blinked and said, “Right, we should probably explain why we're here right now. Well, you see, after a bit of a rest, both of us felt that we had enough energy to keep going.”

    Clawitzer nodded and added, “We also remembered what Dunsparce said about the elevators here, so we decided to use Combee's hand print to open the nearest elevator, seeing as there was no way she and Porygon would get up anytime soon.”

    Eiko nodded as Isamu replied, “Well, that almost explains everything. Did you actually know we were going to be here?” Jackalu nodded and replying, “Hey, don't forget, I may be a badass hero, but I'm also a dog,” pointing to his snout and twitching it.

    The humans turned to one-another and shrugged, nodding their heads. While neither had expected a dog's nose to be that sensitive, this was still convenient as there was no way Torchic would be able to fight anymore.

    The chicken smiled lightly and said, “It's always nice to have the extra help. Give me five minutes and I'll be able to join you,” only for Jackalu to shake his head and remark, “Oh no. I may not know exactly what went down here, but you are in no condition to fight right now. Leave the rest to us.”

    Eiko nodded and gave Torchic a sweet smile, adding, “He's right. You've done enough for us. Now take a long, well deserved rest, okay?”

    The chicken was about to retort only to nod and say, “I have faith in you two. Be sure to save Kelani and Machop, alright?” before closing her eyes and dozing off, Isamu breathing a sigh of relief and saying, “Thank god. I was starting to think this would be a repeat of when she fought Meloetta.”

    With all said and done, the two heroes and their human friends headed toward the exit to the area, ready to take on the last three villains keeping them from success. But they would need to hurry as one could only guess how long they needed to turn Zygarde into an adult.

    As it so happened, Yveltal was close as Zygarde asked, “How much longer, Mom? This is boring,” the bird sighing, “Be patient. We only need another hour or so,” the dragon groaning.

    Xerneas snickered and said, “I remember when I was like that,” as Yveltal sighed, “You're still like that sometimes, dear.”

    Machop, meanwhile, was seated with her legs crossed and her arms folded, growling, “Yeah, act high and mighty all you like. My friends will make it here and then you'll be sorry.”

    “Can I just take her out of the capsule and knock her out?” Xerneas groaned as Yveltal stated, “Look, I find it annoying too, but we can't take our chances. We may have beaten her once, but who's to say it'll be as easy the second time around?”

    “Oh, so you admit you're afraid to face me in a rematch,” Machop remarked with a smirk as Xerneas turned to her with irritation in his expression. However, he calmed down when Yveltal shot him a look and shook her head, Machop snickering.

    “Laugh all you like,” the stag grunted, “Once our little Zygarde is all grown up, you'll wish you'd shown us more respect.”

    He could have gone further, but he was interrupted when Volcanion entered the room through a door on the floor. The stag immediately turned to him and asked, “What are you doing away from your post?” the dinosaur replying, “Sorry. I just wanted to see how everything's coming along.”

    Yveltal smiled and said, “Well, we only have about an hour left, so I'd say things are going swimmingly,” as Volcanion nodded and gave an army salute, stating, “That's good to hear. I'll go back to my post now.”

    But as soon as he turned around, his eyes widened as the door opened up. And sure enough, Jackalu, Clawitzer, Eiko and Isamu were standing right there as Machop's eyes lit up, the girl pointing and squealing, “What did I tell you!? I said they'd make it and they did!”

    “Oh no,” Volcanion uttered as Jackalu smirked and said, “Yeah, don't you worry about a thing, Machop. We've dealt with two really strong soldiers and I'm sure the others have beaten their opponents too.”

    “You've gotta be kidding,” the dinosaur groaned as Machop beamed and squealed, “This is great! But why aren't the others with you?”

    Jackalu shrugged and replied, “Well, we found ourselves needing a bit of rest after our fight, and I'm pretty sure the others are resting up as well. Torchic we know is currently super tired after her fight. And, well, one of us won't be coming to help no matter what.”

    “Wait, what?” Machop uttered as Eiko bit her lower lip, Isamu sighing, “Unfortunately, Marshal was one of the others who made it into the base with us. He went up against the first villain we came across and, well, died.”

    Machop's eyes and mouth were wide open as Volcanion blinked and said, “So his victim was someone named Marshal. Do any of you recognize that name?” as Yveltal nodded and replied, “Why, yes. His full name is Marshal Arte and he's the son of Sawk.”

    Clawitzer let out a sigh and folded her arms, saying, “Yeah, we were devastated when he heard about that, but we won't let his death be in vain. Once we defeat that last servant of yours, we'll take you down as well,” pointing at Yveltal and Xerneas.

    Volcanion narrowed his eyelids as Xerneas asked, “Hey, Volcanion, it's two against one. Want me to even the playing field?”

    “Negative,” Volcanion replied with his arms folded, “If what these two have said is correct, they've already fought two of my soldiers. I'm certain I can take them by myself.”

    Isamu blinked and whispered, “Either he's really good or he's full of himself,” Eiko nodding and replying, “I know. Jackalu and Clawitzer are already awesome by themselves. I can only imagine how much better they'll be working together.”

    The boy then turned toward Machop and attempted to sneak over only for Yveltal to say, “Don't bother trying to break your girlfriend out. That capsule is made out of tektites, which are much stronger than ordinary glass. It'll take a great deal of strength to break through it, and considering Machop herself can't break it, I don't think any of you can.”

    Eiko squeaked in panic as Jackalu smirked and said, “Alright, fine, once we deal with this guy, we'll break her free,” as Clawitzer nodded and added, “Yeah. You see how big my right claw it, right?” showing it off as Volcanion gulped.

    But before the fight could begin, Zygarde groaned, “Hey, Mom, can we take a break from all of this? I wanna see Volcanion kick some heroic ass,” as Yveltal blinked and sighed, “Well, it's not like I'll have to restart the process, so okay. I guess we may as well take a break from this.”

    “Wait, who is that?” Eiko uttered as she did not recognize this much older-sounding voice. But as the dragon sat upright, somehow, she could tell just from looking at him who he was.

    “Is that you, Kelani?” she asked as Zygarde's eyes widened, the dragon uttering, “Mommy?” before blinking and rubbing his temple, remarking, “What the hell kinda name is Kelani? Seriously, my folks gave me a much cooler name.”

    “That's right,” Yveltal replied, “People fear names like Zygarde, but Kelani is much more likely to be laughed at,” as Isamu gritted his teeth, Jackalu gulping with his eyes wide open.

    “Even after hearing this from Dunsparce, I didn't want to believe it,” Jackalu groaned as Clawitzer asked, “Wait, so he went from a dog to a dragon?”

    “You think that's weird?” the dog remarked, “When he was born, he looked like a blob,” as Eiko did not even care about this, tears in her eyes.

    However, before she could try talking to Zygarde some more, Isamu rested a hand on her shoulder and sighed, “Look, I know it's hard to accept, but Kelani's been changed. If push comes to shove, the others might have to fight him,” as the pink-haired girl bit her lower lip, trying her hardest not to cry.

    “What's wrong with her?” Zygarde asked as Yveltal shrugged and replied, “Maybe she realized that there's no way her hero friends can defeat us,” only for Jackalu and Clawitzer to scowl at her and turn their gaze back to Volcanion, striking fighting poses.

    Seeing this, the dinosaur nodded and said, “Alright, since you two have probably not recovered from your last fight, I'll let you get the first hit.”

    Jackalu and Clawitzer nodded at one-another, not buying for a second that he would just let them hit him. As such, they both separated from each other and ran sideways, Clawitzer racing toward Volcanion's left while Jackalu was headed toward his right.

    The dinosaur's eyes widened as Clawitzer leapt at him with her arm out, shouting, “CRABHAMMER HANDLE!” Jackalu doing the same with with his wrist spikes at the ready. And sure enough, the shrimp's big claw made contact with the dinosaur's neck while Jackalu struck his cheek.

    Machop clapped wildly and exclaimed, “YEAH! YOU GUYS ROCK!” as Eiko and Isamu joined in.

    However, they were shocked when Volcanion seemed to ignore the pain, grunting, “Not bad, but not good enough!” lifting up his arms and grabbing each one's arm.

    He then proceeded to lift the heroes up before slamming them hard against the floor, Yveltal and Xerneas smirking with their arms folded. And it did not end there as Volcanion knelt down, lifting his arms up before planting his palms into their backs. But while this was already painful enough, things would soon get worse as steam shot from the holes in the ring on his back.

    “By the way, this ring isn't just for show,” he explained as his palms turned red, Jackalu and Clawitzer crying out in pain as extreme heat seemed to emit from those very spots, “In fact, this attachment here stores both water and fire within me, allowing me to combine them into a very deadly reaction. Not many realize this, but fire and water actually make for a very good combination when used right.”

    He then proceeded to shout, “STEAM ERUPTION!” as even more steam shot from the holes, the heat getting worse as Jackalu spat, “OH MY GOD, YOU MONSTER!”

    Eiko trembled as Isamu patted her on the shoulder, saying, “Don't worry. The fight's only just started. I'm sure they can turn this around.”

    Luckily, Jackalu and Clawitzer fully intended to do just that as they tried their best to ignore the pain. Thus the shrimp rose her big claw and rammed it hard into Volcanion's arm, causing him to wince and briefly raise it. This gave her just enough time to roll out of the way, sending her claw into the other arm thus freeing Jackalu.

    “Thanks,” he said with a grin as both heroes performed a handstand and swung their feet backwards, hitting Volcanion hard in the chest.

    Once again, the dinosaur seemed to ignore the pain as he took hold of a single leg on each hero. He then threw his arms back before sending them forward, flinging the heroes away from him as they spun vertically. But things got even more shocking when Volcanion's ring split open down the middle, revealing the halves to be more like hoses as he pointed them toward Jackalu and Clawitzer.

    “Something else worth note about my ring is that it's also two cannons that I can combine together,” he explained before unleashing a blast of water from each one, barking, “SCALDING BLASTER!”

    And just as the name implied, the water was boiling hot as it dealt considerable damage to the heroes upon making contact. Thus they cried out in pain as they were sent flying into the wall, Xerneas whistling with admiration and applauding the dinosaur.

    Machop stared in horror as Jackalu and Clawitzer looked surprisingly weak after taking in that hit. Perhaps it was as Volcanion suspected. After all, it was not as if they had gotten a lot of rest after their fight with Combee and Porygon, so perhaps they had chosen to attempt this too soon.

    “Wow!” Zygarde exclaimed with an implied smile, “Volcanion's awesome!” as Yveltal nodded and replied, “That's why he's our general.”

    Hearing the dragon praise the dinosaur like this made it hard for Eiko to focus on watching the fight. All she could do was pray that maybe there would be a way to change him back to the sweet, innocent child he once was so they would not have to bring harm to him.

    Jackalu took a deep breath and asked, “You okay, Clawitzer?” the shrimp nodding and replying, “Of course. Though I have to admit, we probably should have rested longer before doing this. I think maybe we should take our chances with our newest technique, don't you?”

    The dog nodded with a wide grin as Volcanion frowned and grunted, “What are you so happy about!?” preparing his cannons only for Jackalu to hold his arms out, allowing Clawitzer to leap on top of them as he propelled her high into the air.

    Seeing this, Volcanion aimed his cannons toward her only for Jackalu to race toward him with a crimson aura around his paw, shouting, “FORCE PALM!” and striking him hard in the chin.

    Like before, the dinosaur seemed to ignore the pain, but before he could retaliate, Clawitzer landed behind him and wrapped her big claw around his neck, planting the smaller one into his back. Jackalu used this chance to leap up and wrap his legs around the dinosaur's neck, the others staring in wonder.

    “This move ended our last fight,” Jackalu said with a smirk as Clawitzer leapt high into the air, taking both fighters with her. She then leaned backward, flipping one-hundred-and-eighty degrees, thus Volcanion's head was now facing the floor as Zygarde uttered, “That's actually kinda cool.”

    But as Jackalu lifted up his body and wrapped his arms around Volcanion, the dinosaur gritted his teeth and growled, “I DON'T THINK SO! STEAM ERUPTION!” reconnecting his cannons to form a ring and releasing steam, only this time there was even more as his entire torso turned bright orange.

    Despite this, though, Jackalu and Clawitzer chose to grin and bare it as they exclaimed, “VICE LANCE EMBRACE!” planting Volcanion's skull hard into the surface, Isamu cheering as Eiko breathed a sigh of relief, glad to see that their move had still worked.

    However, it seemed it might have been too early to celebrate as shortly after the attack landed, Jackalu and Clawitzer breathed heavily as they released their hold on the dinosaur. They then proceeded to collapse along with him as he slowly rose to his feet, smirking and saying, “I'll admit, you have some good moves, but you never stood a chance.”

    “NO!” Eiko squeaked as Machop gritted her teeth and started to beat against the side of the capsule. She knew it was pointless, but she could not allow this to continue. She felt so helpless watching the others suffer for her sake.

    Volcanion used this chance to place a firm grip against each hero, lifting them up and saying, “I'll admit, I'm actually kind of impressed you two lasted as long as you did. But even so, it simply wasn't meant to be.”

    With that, he proceeded to sandwich the two together with their heads facing the floor and leapt high above the ring, once again shooting steam from his ring thus heating up his palms. And to make matters worse, Jackalu and Clawitzer were currently so weak that they could not even cry out in pain. Thus they were sitting ducks as he descended toward the floor, exclaiming, “STEAM DROP!” planting their skulls hard against the surface.

    Both heroes coughed up blood as their eyes rolled to the backs of their heads. Zygarde clapped along with Yveltal and Xerneas as there was no doubt about it. Volcanion had won this fight as he folded his arms with a proud smirk.

    “NO!” Eiko cried as even Isamu could not help but tremble, Zygarde exclaiming, “Now no one can stop us, right!?”

    “That's right,” Yveltal replied with a nod, “Remember, humans like those two are powerless to stop us.”

    Eiko shook her head, tears rolling down her cheeks as she sniffed, “How could you, Kelani!?” Zygarde blinking as she whimpered, “Come on, it's me, Mommy! Don't you remember!? I was the one who hatched your egg and took care of you! Don't you remember any of that!?”

    Zygarde's eyes widened, but just as it seemed like he was about to remember, Yveltal sighed, “Clearly this girl is delusional. After all, you've always lived here with us, right?”

    The dragon blinked and nodded, replying, “That's right. I've never seen this sad sack before in my life,” as Eiko clutched onto her chest, breathing heavily while Volcanion sighed, “You know, if you two agree to serve us, we won't hurt you.”

    “ALRIGHT, THAT'S IT!” Machop barked as she sent a harder punch than before into the side of the capsule. Everyone stared in absolute shock as cracks formed on the tektites, spreading all the way around before shattering the containment unit into many small fragments.

    Isamu turned to face the girl as a big smile formed on his face. With that, he raced over to her as her anger became surprise, the boy leaping toward her and holding her in a tight embrace, shouting, “OH MY GOD, YOU ESCAPED! YOU ACTUALLY ESCAPED! THANK GOD!”

    He then started to shower her in kisses as her cheeks turned beet red. However, it felt very nice as she beamed bright and wrapped her arms around him, swinging him back and forth.

    “Ew!” Zygarde groaned, “That's disgusting!” as Yveltal sighed, “I couldn't care less about that right now. How the hell did she break through the material?”

    “I don't know,” Xerneas uttered, “But then again, the Mach family is known for pulling off miracles. Maybe that's what happened,” as Volcanion gulped, “She probably wants to fight me, doesn't she?”

    Upon hearing that, Machop released her hold on Isamu and sighed, “Well, he's right about that,” cracking her knuckles as Isamu blinked. He was about to ask if she was ready for this, but he knew better by now as he nodded with a sweet smile, saying, “Alright, show him why you're so amazing.”

    The girl shot him a grin and held her thumb up before walking in front of Volcanion, grunting, “You don't scare me in the slightest! The only reason you beat Jackalu and Clawitzer is because you took advantage of their weakened states! Let's see if you can beat a member of my family at full strength!”

    The dinosaur took a deep breath as Xerneas asked, “Do you wanna take a break? I'll gladly fight her instead.”

    “You're too kind, sir,” Volcanion replied with a smirk, “But trust me, I can do this,” before turning back to Machop, both beyond serious now. But while Machop may have been at full strength, could she truly finish what Jackalu and Clawitzer started?
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    This was it. With Jackalu and Clawitzer defeated, only Machop could stand in the way of Yveltal and Xerneas' plans. But of course, she would need to fight her way through Volcanion first.

    Zygarde was truly getting into the moment as he clenched his fists and waved them up and down, exclaiming, “This is awesome! Keep it up, Volcanion! You rule!”

    The dinosaur blinked and turned toward the dragon, grinning and holding his right claw up like a thumb. He then turned back to Machop with a more serious look and planted his fist into his palm.

    “I know of your reputation and how near-flawless your track record is,” he stated, “But make no mistake. I'm a lot tougher than those other opponents you faced in the past. Tentacruel? More like Tenta-Gruel! Gyarados? They should name her Hot-Air-Ados! Slurpuff? Come on, do I even need to make fun of his name?”

    “Seriously?” Machop remarked, “First you try to bore me to death with a bad attempt at intimidation, then you resort to petty name calling? I'm really starting to wonder if you're as threatening as you seemed when you fought Jackalu and Clawitzer.”

    The dinosaur's eyes and mouth widened as Isamu sighed, “She's right. You at least seemed serious about this before. Now you just strike me as immature,” Eiko nodding as Zygarde uttered, “Hey, I thought those names were funny.”

    “Oh, thank god, someone likes it,” Volcanion sighed as all went silent. After a few seconds, the dinosaur realized this hardly mattered right now as he cleared his throat and clenched his claws into fists, grunting, “Enough of that! Let's get to the part where I drive your face into the floor and make you eat volcanic rock!”

    Machop refused to let the dinosaur get the first hit as she raced toward him, a confident smirk on her face as she exclaimed, “Don't forget, I'm the world champ!” leaping toward him and sending a roundhouse into his cheek.

    The dinosaur stumbled a bit as the girl took hold of his arm and lifted it upward, forcing her shoulder against his. This caused him to lose his balance and fall forward, his chin hitting the floor hard while Eiko and Isamu cheered.

    “That's my girl!” Isamu exclaimed with a grin, “I missed seeing her pull off all those miracles,” as the girl used this chance to drive her elbow into the back of Volcanion's neck, distancing herself from him with a cute grin.

    “I'd try and use a submission hold on you, but you might use that cheap steam technique again,” she stated as the dinosaur pushed himself up, grunting, “Oh, aren't you Little Miss Smartypants? Don't think a few lucky hits makes you some kind of superstar. I barely felt those.”

    Before he could attempt to fight back, though, Machop once again raced toward him, heading to the side only to aim a kick for the higher part of his leg. But when it hit, Volcanion ignored the pain and swung his arm into her cheek, her eyes widening as she fell on her side.

    The others stared as Isamu uttered, “Did we just see that?” as Machop rubbed the spot that had just been hit, Volcanion smirking and saying, “You may be tougher than you look, there's a reason I'm the general. I don't know if you noticed this from watching your friends fight me, but it takes a lot to get me to feel pain, meaning that even slowing me down isn't easy.”

    Machop gritted her teeth and retorted, “You're just trying to scare me!” pushing herself up and sending both feet into the same spot she had hit earlier.

    Unfortunately, Volcanion once again ignored the pain this dealt as he sent his arm downward, planting his palm into the girl's gut. He then smirked and said, “You were smart to try and avoid my 'cheap steam technique', but did you honestly think that would last?”

    Steam shot from the holes on his ring as he exclaimed, “STEAM ERUPTION!” his palm turning bright orange as Machop's eyes and mouth widened. She could not help but cry out in pain as Isamu spat, “COME ON, MACHOP! FIGHT IT!”

    The girl gritted her teeth, grunting, “Right!” focusing hard as her muscles expanded briefly. Luckily, this was just enough for her to push herself up in an arch, causing Volcanion to lose his balance and fall on his rear end. And before he could respond, the girl rose to her feet and crossed her arms together, sending them into his neck.

    Unfortunately, Volcanion ignored the pain and wrapped his arms around Machop, smirking as he said, “I told you, it takes a lot to get me to feel pain.”

    He then proceeded to bend down, lifting the girl over his head. He then planted her chin into his hunch and exclaimed, “MOUNTAIN SUPLEX!”

    Machop gritted her teeth as he shifted his hands up, now clasping onto her ankles. He then threw his arms forward, sending the girl's back into the floor as he released his hold and smirked, saying, “See that? Even after taking in damage prior to this fight, I'm still dominating.”

    Machop was just about to get up only for Volcanion to step on her chest, saying, “Sorry, but I feel like using that 'cheap steam technique' again,” as Yveltal sighed, “Look, it was clever the first time. Try not to milk that taunt, okay?” as the dinosaur grumbled, “Fine.”

    He once again shot steam from the holes in his ring and spat, “STEAM ERUPTION!” this time transferring the heat to his heel as Machop once again cried out in pain. And it only got worse as Volcanion lifted up his foot and sent it back downward, adding to the pain as he barked, “STEAM ERUPTION STOMPER!”

    He then proceeded to shift his foot back and forth as it he was squishing a bug thus adding to the pain even further as Isamu spat, “Come on, Machop! You can easily get out of this!”

    The girl gritted her teeth and grunted, “Of course!” before lifting up her arms and placing a firm grip against Volcanion's foot. He proceeded to transfer heat all the way around it as opposed to just the heel, but Machop ignored this as she used all her might to force his foot upward, once again causing him to lose his balance.

    She then propelled herself up toward his neck with her leg stretched outward and exclaimed, “MOON LARIAT!” sending it hard into his neck and knocking him on his back.

    Eiko's eyes sparkled as she squealed, “She found a new way to use the Moon Hook! So cool!” as Isamu breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That's our Machop, always pulling off miracles when they're needed most.”

    However, much like before, Volcanion seemed to ignore all pain as he rose back to his feet, saying, “I'll admit, you're proving to be about as annoying as I'd heard members of your family can be. But don't think for a minute that's gonna save you from failure.”

    With that in mind, he separated his cannons as Machop panicked, the dinosaur adding, “By the way, I've heard your family and water don't exactly mix. As such, I just know you're really gonna hate this. SCALDING BLASTER!”

    He unleashed a burst of boiling hot water from each cannon as Machop dodged to the right. However, it seemed that Volcanion saw this coming as he shifted the left cannon toward the girl, thus sending the water hard into her face. She cried out in pain as she flew into the wall just like Jackalu and Clawitzer had, Isamu and Eiko trembling while Zygarde clapped and cheered.

    Machop groaned in pain as Volcanion reconnected his cannons, a bit of steam coming out as Eiko blinked and uttered, “Why did he stop firing?”

    Isamu tapped his chin before realizing the reason, his eyes widening. He then pointed at the dinosaur and exclaimed, “Quickly, Machop, he's reloading the cannons! Get him now!”

    “Wait, how did he catch onto that?” Volcanion uttered as Machop shook her head and sprinted toward him. However, he was more than ready for this as he released more steam from his holes, his forearm turning bright orange as he swung it toward the girl's face, shouting, “STEAM PUNCH!”

    Machop saw this coming, though, as she ducked under it. Unfortunately, it seemed this was pointless as the dinosaur sent his free fist into her face, causing her to cough up blood as she faltered back a bit.

    With that, the dinosaur once again separated his cannons and exclaimed, “SCALDING BLASTER!” hitting the girl in the chest and sending her flying into the wall once more, taking a deep breath.

    “I'm actually kind of impressed that your boyfriend was able to catch onto what I was doing,” Volcanion said with a smirk, “But yes, part of the reason my back is so big and hunched is because it's filled to the brim with water and fire. But in order to load them into my cannons, I need to have them connected to each other. Not exactly sure why that is, but yes, it means I can't just spend the entire fight shooting water at you.”

    Even knowing this fact, it seemed that Machop would need to be more careful if she was to take advantage of this as she once again tried her hardest to overcome the pain that had been dealt to her. There was no doubt about it. Volcanion was one of the toughest opponents she had ever faced.

    Even so, she could not allow herself to lose, not after how far her friends had come to stop Yveltal and Xerneas' plans. Thus she took a deep breath and raced toward the dinosaur once more, knowing she would need to try something else.

    Volcanion smirked and readied his fists again, his cannons almost full. And when Machop got close enough, he sent a punch toward her face.

    The girl was prepared this time as she smirked and leapt to the side. However, Volcanion figured she would try that and swung his arm in the same direction only for Machop to take hold of it, pushing down on it and propelling herself high into the air. The dinosaur's eyes widened as she used this chance to send her feet into his cheek, wrapping them around his neck and pulling sideways, thus forcing him to fall forward and land on his chin.

    The humans cheered as Zygarde blinked and uttered, “Wow, I feel like I've seen tactics like these before. I just can't remember where,” scratching his head as Eiko turned to face him, biting her lower lip. She really hoped this was a sign that he was starting to get his memories back.

    Before Machop could do more to Volcanion, he smirked and said, “I keep telling you, none of your attacks are actually hurting me,” separating his cannons and pointing one right at her, barking, “SCALDING BLASTER!”

    As he unleashed more water, Machop was much more prepared this time as she leapt over it, Volcanion aiming the other cannon at her. Luckily, the girl had seen this coming as well as she spun sideways, dodging the incoming blast. She then landed on the dinosaur's back right behind the cannons and took hold of them, pointing them at the back of his head thus causing him to hit himself. And after a few seconds, she reconnected the two cannons, only this time they still had three more seconds until the water came to a stop.

    Volcanion's eyes widened as he spat, “HEY! THEY'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TOUCH WHEN SHOOTING WATER!” both cannons inflating like balloons as Machop leapt off of his back, folding her arms with a smirk.

    And sure enough, an explosion formed as steam rose up into the air, a small burn having formed on Volcanion's back. As if that was not enough, the ends of the cannons had been destroyed as the dinosaur breathed heavily, a look of irritation in his eyes.

    Eiko blinked and uttered, “Did she really just destroy his water cannons?” as Isamu nodded with a grin and exclaimed, “Way to go, Machop!”

    Yveltal and Xerneas were just as shocked as Volcanion right now while Zygarde groaned, “Aw, man, those cannons were cool.”

    Volcanion laughed nervously and said, “This should be fine. I'll just reconnect them like so,” bending the cannons inward and pressing the ends up against each other. However, this proved ineffective as he could no longer attach them, his teeth gritted and his eye twitching.

    “YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THAT!” he exclaimed as he charged toward Machop with his fists at the ready. However, the girl easily saw this coming as she leapt to the side, sending a roundhouse into the top of his leg. But much like before, the dinosaur ignored the pain as he raised his arms and lowered it behind her, taking hold of her neck.

    “Just because I can't use my steam anymore doesn't mean I can't hurt you,” Volcanion grunted as he latched his other arm to her back, once again lifting her up and planting her skull into the top of his hunch, barking, “MOUNTAIN SUPLEX!”

    Since his hunch was as pointy as it was, this caused Machop's head to open slightly as blood poured out, the girl wincing from the pain. And just like before, Volcanion was prepared to add to the damage as he lifted her up over his head, shifting his arms downward, only this time he latched onto her thighs as opposed to her ankles.

    However, there was no way Machop would allow herself to fall victim to this a second time. As such, she took full advantage of the fact that her legs were free this time and bent them downward, latching onto Volcanion's neck. His eyes widened as she placed her hands firmly against the floor, grunting, “Next time you try something like this, make sure the opponent can't fight back!”

    She then used all her might to lift the dinosaur up, his eyes wide with shock as Machop slammed his skull hard into the floor. Eiko and Isamu cheered wildly, Volcanion gritting his teeth as the girl released her hold on him, allowing him to use his palms to propel himself upright.

    “Fine, keep pulling off counters like this,” Volcanion grunted, “But as I keep telling you, it won't help you in the slightest. I remember a time when I used to feel pain, back when I was weak, but I underwent extreme training that made me incapable of such a thing! You can beat away at me all you like, but I'll never feel the blunt of any of your moves! You may as well submit to my master and mistress right now!”

    Yveltal smiled and added, “It's not too late,” as Eiko and Isamu frowned, Machop smirking and retorting, “As if. You may be able to ignore the pain I deal to you, but that doesn't mean it's not doing something. Ignoring pain doesn't protect you from taking in damage. It just stops you from feeling it. In other words, my moves are still dealing damage to you whether you believe it or not.”

    “SHUT UP!” Volcanion retorted as he raced toward the girl with his arms at the ready, sending one hard into her face before punching her in the gut. The girl coughed up more blood as he asked, “Tell me, if I've been taking in damage so far, why haven't I started bleeding yet?”

    He then proceeded to send a wide array of punches toward Machop's face as she tried her hardest to block them. She would have used her family's infamous Mach Cover to soften the blows, but as was revealed before, she was the only one incapable of making it work.

    And it only got worse as after a while, Volcanion caused her to drop her guard by sending his big ankle into her gut. As such, she was now wide open as he sent a hard punch into her face, knocking her on her back as Eiko and Isamu stared in horror, Zygarde clapping while Yveltal and Xerneas smirked.

    Volcanion took a deep breath and lifted the girl up by her legs, hanging her upside-down. He then lowered his arms so his palms were pressed up against her sides and said, “I'll admit, you lasted a lot longer than you should have, but your time's up. All you've done here is delay the inevitable. You would have been better off staying in that capsule.”

    “NO!” Isamu barked as Volcanion leapt high into the air, shouting, “STEAM DRIVER!”

    But as he descended toward the floor, Machop gritted her teeth and grunted, “No! I will not let my friends' efforts be in vain!” thus she took hold of his legs and let out a louder cry, her muscles expanding briefly. And with all her might, she managed to flip one-hundred-and-eighty degrees, the dinosaur's eyes wide with shock and alarm.

    Machop continued to hold onto his legs as she pulled back on them, the dinosaur breathed heavily as she latched her ankles around his neck. Thus he had been forced into a bridge formation as the girl exclaimed, “MACH LIGHTNING!” his skull hitting the floor hard.

    Volcanion coughed up blood as his eyes were wide open, his mouth twitching. It was just as Machop said. Even though he had not felt any of the blows dealt to him, they still had an effect. As such, he was unable to continue as he closed his eyes, the girl releasing her hold and allowing him to collapse.

    The others stared in amazement as Zygarde uttered, “Did she just beat Volcanion?” Xerneas sighing, “It seems that way. He was doing such a good job too.”

    “Still, I can't say his efforts were meaningless,” Yveltal stated with a light smile, and the others soon saw it as Machop breathed heavily, bending over and holding onto her knees, grunting, “Don't count me out just yet. I can still fight.”

    Isamu ran over and patted her on the shoulders, saying, “No, it's fine, Machop. You won the fight,” Eiko nodding only for the girl to retort, “How can you say we've won!? Those two are still standing!” pointing at the villains as Zygarde uttered, “Did you forget I'm also able to fight right now?”

    Xerneas and Yveltal blinked and turned as the dragon got up off the table he had been seated on, saying, “Mom, Dad, I know I'm not at full power yet, but I wanna avenge our fallen comrades by ending this once and for all,” planting his fist against his palm.

    Both parents turned to their son as their eyes sparkled, Yveltal exclaiming, “Oh my god! You really are growing up!” before giving him a hug as he groaned, “Mom! Not in front of the heroes!” Eiko staring in absolute horror.

    Machop turned to the pink-haired girl with concern as she understood exactly what was going through her head. After all, Zygarde had been a member of her family until recently. And as hard as it was to deal with, Machop might very well have to defeat him.

    However, even that was looking doubtful as she was struggling to stay up, Zygarde smirking until Isamu turned to Eiko and sighed, “Forgive me for this, sis.”

    Before the pink-haired girl could ask what he meant, he stepped forward and exclaimed, “Hold on!” Zygarde blinking as the boy asked, “Is this really how you want to win your first fight on Earth? Defeat the world champion after she's already sustained lord knows how many injuries? I figured the son of two amazingly powerful villains such as Yveltal and Xerneas would have more pride and confidence than that!”

    Eiko stared wide-eyed, uncertain of how to feel about this. After all, if Machop was given time to recover, there was a chance she could defeat the dragon in a fight, meaning she would end up hurting him. But on the other hand, this was for the sake of mankind's freedom, so this certainly sounded ideal.

    Zygarde blinked and retorted, “What are you saying!?” as Isamu sighed, “What I'm saying is you're a goddamn coward if you think this sounds right,” Yveltal and Xerneas glaring at the boy.

    “Don't listen to him, son,” Yveltal said with a serious look on her face, “What he doesn't realize is that results matter much more than pride,” Xerneas shrugging his shoulders and uttering, “Yeah, what your mother said,” not wanting to admit that he actually agreed with Isamu's words.

    Machop secretly hoped that this would work. As much as she hated to admit it, she really was too weak to face another villain in combat and thus would certainly need at least a day to prepare herself.

    “Sorry, Mom,” Zygarde said with his arms folded, “I know where you're coming from, but that guy's right. If I beat her in her current state, all that will prove is that I need a handicap to be able to defeat a hero. But if she really is the world champion as they say and I beat her while she's at full strength, imagine how much the world will fear us.”

    Eiko tried her hardest not to freak out right now. Just hearing her little 'Kelani' saying this horrible stuff was too much to bear.

    Shockingly enough, Yveltal and Xerneas had taken his words into consideration as the bird nodded and said, “You know, the world already fears us enough, but he's right. There's nothing wrong with a little more respect,” as Xerneas nodded and added, “Besides, we still need to complete the adulthood ritual.”

    “Actually,” Zygarde replied with his hand out, “I want to win my first fight as I am right now. If I defeat her in my teen state, that will be even more impressive,” an implied smile forming as the parents looked at one-another. It took them roughly ten seconds, but ultimately, they agreed to this.

    Machop breathed a sigh of relief along with Isamu, Eiko biting her lower lip and trying not to tear up again. Deep down, she knew this had to be done and thus she smiled and nodded, saying, “I just know you can beat him, Machop. Maybe if you do, he'll come back to his senses.”

    Just saying that second sentence helped her feel more positive about this as Machop grinned and replied, “Yeah,” before turning and asking, “So, where and when do you want the match to take place?”

    Zygarde blinked and turned to Yveltal who nodded and said, “Worry not. We will give you one day to rest in the nearest hotel. Afterwards, you will return here where we will have a ring set up for you. In fact, we will even have a soldier bring you here on the elevator so you won't need to take an hour-long walk to get here. As for the time, try coming around noon.”

    “Geez, it this base really that big?” Machop groaned as Isamu and Eiko nodded, the girl taking a deep breath and turning back to Yveltal, saying, “Noon it is.”

    Eiko gave Zygarde one last look before heading over to the still unconscious Jackalu and Clawitzer along with Isamu. Each human lifted one up as they knew the last thing Machop should have done right now was carry someone. She had done more than enough for the day.

    But they knew that the upcoming match would likely be difficult. While Zygarde may not have been in his most powerful state, it was unknown just how strong he was as a teen. No one knew whether or not Machop really could win this.
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    It seemed that Isamu had helped as he had bought Machop a bit of time to prepare herself for a match with Zygarde. But until then, the group was more focused on making sure the others were okay.

    Luckily, the majority of them had recovered enough from their fights to exit the base, those fighting outside having just barely managed to dominate Volcanion's soldiers. Those still unconscious were, of course, carried out.

    As the heroes exited the base, Fletchinder was holding onto Vigoroth while Gigalith carried, Sneasel and Gallador in his hands while Garbodor was slung over his back. Meloetta and Delphox, all the while, had agreed to carry Marshal's corpse out of the building so they could give him a proper burial.

    Though along the way, Machop turned to Rinko and asked, “What's with the new fashion statement?” the brunette looking down at her roots and grinning, replying, “It's kind of a long story,” the group reaching the exit as Venipede sighed, “We'll tell it later. There's too much going on right now.”

    Upon seeing them, Psyduck blinked and walked over, saying, “Hey, guys. I take it you stopped Yveltal and Xerneas, right?” as Machop shook her head and replied, “Not yet, but I'll stop them tomorrow.”

    “Wait, you mean you got them to agree to a fight tomorrow?” one of the other heroes, namely Lombre, asked as the girl nodded and sighed, “Well, I'm gonna be fighting Kelani, unfortunately.”

    The other nearby heroes stared in confusion as Torchic hobbled over and said, “That's what we used to call Zygarde before he got captured,” all of them nodding in understanding.

    However, the conversation came to a close when everyone noticed Eiko looking down and trying her hardest not to start crying again. After all, it was as she said. If Machop could defeat Zygarde, there was a chance that might return him to how he once was.

    Though as if the whole deal with him was not enough, the group also felt that they had to at least bury Marshal and give him a funeral. He had died helping them make it to the top floor, so at the very least, they would need to get this out of the way.

    Needless to say, the whole day had been filled with challenges and hardships, and while there was at least a ray of hope now that Machop was free, the problem had not yet been completely resolved. Not only did the girl have to defeat Zygarde, but she would likely have to deal with Yveltal and Xerneas, even if they depended on the dragon to help them fulfil their goal.

    For the time being, though, Machop would need to rest up for her match. She could have gotten some training in if she had more time, but unfortunately, she did not. But of course, this would have to come after the funeral.

    All of the heroes who were still conscious pitched in to dig a hole, placing Marshal gently into it and bowing their heads in respect. Even those who did not know him particularly well had tears in their eyes while burying him.

    Eiko, meanwhile, watching this while sitting down and hugging her legs, whimpering, “I just really hope this all ends well. I don't want anyone else to die, but most of all, I want my little Kelani back,” tears welling up in her eyes as Isamu walked over to her and gave her a hug.

    It was not long until Machop, Rinko, Venipede, Torchic and Meloetta joined in. After all, they knew the dragon almost as well as she did, so they wanted him back as well. In fact, the very thought of having to fight him scared Machop as she could not help but wonder how valid Eiko's theory was.

    Would defeating him really restore him to how he used to be? Would she have to resort to killing him? As if the very thought of killing a good friend was not painful enough, she and every member of the Mach family had never once resorted to such extremes and she was proud of that.

    With all said and done, the heroes all decided to check in at a hotel for the night. After all, the day had been long and tiring. Though even with all the energy they had spent today, it was amazing how easily most of these heroes were able to get to sleep, especially knowing that the fate of the world rested in Machop's hands.

    Currently, the girl was sharing a two-bedroom suite with her friends from Tokyo save for Vigoroth who had been brought to a hospital along with the others who were knocked out. Torchic had gotten quite a lot of sleep after her match with Froslass, so she was able to stay awake a bit longer while Venipede and Rinko dozed off almost immediately after entering the room.

    Machop and Isamu currently shared one room while the others decided to give them some alone time. Currently, the girl was wide awake with her hands folded behind her head, Isamu looking at her with concern and saying, “Hey, you need to get some sleep. If you don't, you'll be too tired for your fight.”

    “I know,” Machop sighed, “It's just, well, I've never felt more nervous about a fight before in my life. It's not just the fact that the world is at stake, but, well, this is Kelani we're talking about here. Even as he is now, just one look at him makes me think of that sweet puppy who used to be so happy to see us.”

    “Yeah, I know what you mean,” Isamu sighed, “It's just weird looking at him now and hearing everyone else refer to him as Zygarde. It just doesn't feel right.”

    Machop nodded and asked, “Do you really think Eiko will be okay with me beating him in tomorrow's match?” as Isamu sighed, “She might not express it openly or even realize it at first, but trust me, she understands full well that this is necessary. She's not going to try and keep you from doing this and risk the fate of the entire planet because of her own feelings. She probably won't show it at first, but I'm sure she'll be glad to know the world is safe. Besides, I think her theory has merit. Maybe if you hit Kelani hard enough, he'll go back to being Kelani if you know what I mean.”

    Machop blinked and smiled lightly, saying, “You know, I'd almost forgotten about that. I guess the idea of fighting a friend under serious circumstances just felt so wrong. But then again, both Daddy and Mama did that back in the day during the Ultimate Team Tournament when Smeargle was brainwashed by Vespiquen. They didn't even hesitate. They just knew it was the right thing to do.”

    “Yeah, and look at how well it all turned out,” Isamu replied with a light smile, “I may not be up to date with everything regarding your family, but I definitely looked that up, and yeah, not only was Smeargle's humanity restored but he even went from a complete loser to a badass. But ultimately, he did need a good kick in the pants to realize who his true friends were.”

    Machop gave a light nod and said, “Thanks so much, Isamu. I really needed that,” the two sharing a brief kiss as the girl yawned and dozed off, falling asleep almost instantly.

    All the while, Torchic had joined Venipede and Rinko and gone to sleep while Eiko was still awake, having a lot of trouble doing the same. Meloetta could see this and understood perfectly as she bit her lower lip and shifted over to her, patting her on the shoulder.

    “Are you gonna be okay?” she asked with a sweet smile as Eiko sighed, “I don't know. It's just, well, I told Machop that I was okay with her fighting Kelani, but I just don't know. I know he's evil right now, but I don't wanna see him get hurt.”

    “None of us wanted this,” Meloetta sighed, “But it needs to be done. If there were any other way to bring him back, we'd have tried it by now. Besides, I'm sure that by the time this is all over, he'll come back to the side of good and we can start calling him Kelani again.”

    Eiko breathed a sigh of relief and nodded, saying, “Yeah, I'm sure this'll all work out. Things always work out for us.”

    With that, she and Meloetta shared a hug before wishing one-another a good night. But while the green-haired girl was able to get to sleep quickly enough, Eiko spent the next couple of minutes still awake, really hoping that she was right. While things often turned out for the best, that did not instantly mean the same thing would happen this time.

    Meanwhile, Zygarde was getting ready for bed himself as Yveltal stood there with a smile, the dragon sighing, “Mom, I don't need you to tuck me in.”

    “Oh, I know,” she sighed, “It's just that you make me so proud. It's like you're already an adult,” Zygarde implying a smile with his eyes and replying, “Yeah. I'll make that bitch pay for what she did to Volcanion. He will be okay, right?”

    Yveltal nodded and said, “Don't worry about him. He's recovering in the infirmary. But I'm sure he'll be more than happy to see you finish what he started.”

    With that, the two wished one-another a good night as the bird exited the room, Xerneas standing right there and asking, “So, you really think he can do it? I mean, I think it's pretty awesome that he's doing this, but still.”

    “Oh, don't you worry about a thing,” Yveltal replied with a smirk, “Even if Machop really does have the skills to match blows with him tomorrow, he will be the winner of that match.”

    Xerneas blinked and tapped his chin before nodding and grinning, saying, “Oh, I see. Well, then, guess we got nothing to worry about,” both parents walking off toward their own room on the top floor.

    What exactly did Yveltal mean, though? Was she really that confident in Zygarde's abilities or was there something she and Xerneas knew that no one else did?

    The night seemed to go by quicker than usual as Machop woke up at nine. This allowed her to get just enough rest without sleeping in too late, the others having gotten up a half-hour prior. And after a quick breakfast, the heroes and their humans friends were on their way to Sakurajima, the girl bringing with her a handbag humped over her shoulder.

    Along the way, Machop pulled out her cellphone and sighed, “Well, it's gonna cost me, but here goes,” before scrolling through her contacts and selecting Lairon.

    After a few seconds, she got a response as the dinosaur said, “Hello,” Machop replying, “Hey, Lairon. How are things in Tokyo?”

    “Oh, thank god,” Lairon replied, “I read in this morning's newspaper that you'd been freed, but I needed the sound of your voice to confirm it. You have no idea how worried we've been.”

    “Yeah, I know,” the girl sighed as she listened to him for a bit more and said, “Okay, I'll hold. I got about two-and-a-half hours before the match anyway.”

    After a little while, Lairon seemed to turn the phone to speaker as Garchomp exclaimed, “Hey, Machop! It's so nice to hear from you!” the sound of barking coming from the background as she added, “Oh, seems Eri's excited to hear your name.”

    “Well, yeah, it was hard, but I managed to escape from my confinement,” Machop sighed, “By the way, did the newspaper mention anything else? Honestly, I'm kinda surprised they even knew of my escape considering I didn't see any news crew on my way to the hotel.”

    “That's the thing with us heroes,” Lairon replied, “Word spreads fast about us in some way or another. Speaking of which, is it true that Marshal's dead?”

    “Yeah,” Machop sighed as Garchomp said, “Honey, now's not the time to bring up something like that,” only for the girl to reply, “It's okay. I know Marshal would rather not have me think about his death with such an important match coming up. I assume the paper told you about that too, right?”

    “Yep,” Lairon said with a sigh, “I have to say, Machop, I'm really proud of you for how far you've come and I'm sure you can defeat Zygarde in his current state. Just try not to let our connection to him cloud your mind. I know fighting someone who was once so close to us must be painful.”

    Machop let out a sigh and replied in a softer tone, “Yeah, you're right. But I'm sure if the old Kelani is hiding somewhere inside of this new form of his, he'd want me to do my best,” before facing Isamu and Eiko, both of which gave her supportive smiles.

    She had to remember what Isamu had told her before bed. While Eiko would likely have trouble showing it, she, too, would have much rather seen Machop try her best than hold back just because of their friendship with Zygarde prior to his capture.

    “Anyway, we'll actually be able to watch this fight,” Lairon said, “Currently, the area where you'll be fighting is being featured on every station. After all, it's kinda hard for the whole world to ignore such a big event, right?”

    Machop blinked and uttered, “Wow, I knew Yveltal and Xerneas were going to let me and my friends in there, but I didn't think they'd actually let a news crew in. But then again, they are intent on having the world fear them, so I guess this does make sense to a certain degree.”

    Her conversation with Lairon and Garchomp went for a little while longer as they ultimately wished her the best, the dinosaur reminding the girl to remember everything he had taught her. In the end, she was certainly glad that she called them up. Their encouragement only helped to mentally prepare her even more for her upcoming match.

    Yveltal, Xerneas and Zygarde were waiting as a ring had been set up in the middle of the room, the dragon talking to the stag about how he would go about the fight. Meanwhile, Yveltal stood before a camera as a reporter asked, “So, how do you think your son will fair against the world champion?”

    “Trust me, by the time this match is over, you'll all know how threatening this family is,” the bird replied with a grin as the reporter shuddered and thought, 'Why can't I react to these statements like a normal person when I'm on camera?'

    She then shook her head and said, “As you can all see, Zygarde is doing his best to prepare himself both physically and mentally for this legendary match for the fate of mankind. If possible, we will have a word with Xerneas and see what he has to say about this.”

    During this time, the dragon sent a few punches at a bag as he groaned, “Dad, this is too typical! Why can't you teach me any advanced techniques or tell me about any special moves I might have?”

    “We've been through this, son,” the stag replied, “Once the fight begins, you'll know. Your signature moves will literally come to you as if you had known them your whole life.”

    “That really doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but okay,” Zygarde sighed as he resumed training, the reporter walking over to Xerneas and saying, “Excuse me, sir, but I have a question for you.”

    The stag blinked and turned toward the camera, asking, “Alright, what would you like to know?” the woman asking, “Now, from what I can gather, Zygarde here is supposedly the key to your enslavement of mankind. What if he loses this match? Then what?”

    “Honestly, I don't think I need to answer that question,” Xerneas remarked with a smirk, “Our son is so awesome, he's gonna wipe the floor with Machop. Believe you me, she and the world won't know what hit them,” the reporter trying her hardest not to panic.

    At that moment, a portion of the wall came open as one of Yveltal and Xerneas' servants entered and said, “I bring you Machop and her friends,” the heroes and humans entering as Yveltal blinked and said, “Well, you came really early. I like that.”

    Machop had a serious look in her eyes as Xerneas said, “Damn. She means business. Maybe we should just start the match right now.”

    Zygarde blinked as Eiko bit her lower lip, not sure whether she liked this idea or not. On one hand, holding the match earlier would also likely bring this entire conflict to a close sooner but on the other hand, she still did not want to see Zygarde get hurt, at least not yet.

    Luckily, it seemed this might not be an issue as Yveltal shook her head and stated, “We said the match would begin at noon and we will stick with that. Thus Machop here is free to use the remaining two hours however she wishes.”

    The girl nodded and let out a sigh, Xerneas pointing to some chairs made of hardened magma and saying, “Oh yeah, we made you some seats so you can at least be comfortable while you watch your hero fail,” Isamu narrowing his eyelids and grunting, “Just you wait.”

    Eiko took a deep breath and squeaked, “Yeah, you may have bested Machop before, but that was only because you fought her late at night! She's the greatest fighter I've ever seen! No matter how bad things get, she always pulls through!”

    Zygarde's eyes widened when he heard this, but not so much because he felt intimidated by her words but because somehow, they were bringing back memories that he did not even know he had. However, he shook his head and figured he must have imagined it. After all, his transformation had caused him to forget all about Machop and the others.

    Either way, Rinko grinned and asked, “Hey, Machop, you want us to help you prepare for the match?” the girl nodding and replying, “Yeah. I could use a bit of training. After all, yesterday was the most active I've been in weeks.”

    Venipede implied a smile with his eyes and said, “Well, let's get started,” the group heading toward the trap door leading to the third floor. After all, they would have much rather trained where Yveltal and Xerneas could not watch them, Torchic joining in as well.

    As they left the area, Meloetta patted Eiko on the shoulder and smiled sweetly. This calmed the pink-haired girl down as Isamu nodded at her. He was just happy to see her showing as much support for Machop as she was. He figured it would be a bit longer before she could bring herself to do so.

    However, while Eiko had come to terms with the fact that Machop would likely have to defeat Zygarde to change him back if possible, she still could not help but look at him with a sad look in her eyes. She wanted so badly to walk over to him and help remind him of who she was, but she had a feeling that doing so would only make things worse, especially with Xerneas and Yveltal watching over him.

    For the next couple of hours, both Zygarde and Machop trained. However, with only twenty minutes to spare, the girl grinned at her friends and said, “Thanks for the help, guys, but I'll take it from here. You go join the others, alright?”

    “You sure?” Torchic asked, “We still got some time left,” as Rinko and Venipede turned to one-another and nodded, the centipede saying, “If she says she'll take it from here, she'll take it from here.”

    Rinko winked as the chicken soon realized what they meant and nodded, a smirk on her face as she said, “Right, of course. Kick some ass, alright?” before heading upstairs with the others, Machop smiling sweetly before taking a deep breath.

    With this in mind, she reached into the handbag she had brought with her and pulled out the head and wrist bands she had worn for her match with Slurpuff. While she did not believe this would truly be the final battle to end this conflict, this still felt necessary as she placed them on, her confidence building by the second.

    'I can see why Daddy always wore these to his biggest matches,' she thought, 'Just wearing these makes me feel like I can take on the gods themselves. I just know I can end this once and for all.'

    It was not long until the twenty minutes were up, Xerneas standing next to the ring and pointing at the camera, exclaiming, “Ladies and gentlemen from all over the world, we are here today in Mount Sakurajima where the biggest match in ages is about to begin! In the red corner, representing us is a powerful dragon who's yet to bless the world with his skills! Presenting Zygarde!”

    The dragon waved to the camera before saying, “Once this is over, you're next!” the reporter trembling as the cameraman nudged her.

    Eiko bit her lower lip and gazed into the dragon's eyes when he turned toward her direction. Upon seeing her, he felt memories flood back into his mind before closing his eyes, Yveltal narrowing her eyelids before looking at Xerneas, the stag nodding.

    “And in the blue corner, representing the heroes and citizens of the world is a fighter who has defeated many of us!” Xerneas exclaimed, “However, today's the day she suffers her third official failure on Earth, but dammit, she's trying anyway! Machop!”

    “Goddammit, how arrogant can you get!?” Torchic growled as the others patted her on the shoulders, Venipede sighing, “Don't forget, we don't have a regular announcer for this match. This is the best we're gonna get.”

    With that, Machop opened up the trap door and marched toward the ring with her bands on, throwing her handbag over to the others as Isamu caught it, his cheeks bright pink. A big smile formed on his face as he exclaimed, “Looking good, Machop!”

    “I have to admit, seeing those clothes again is pretty awesome,” Eiko stated with a light smile of her own, the others clapping as Torchic shouted, “Yeah! Show him who's boss!”

    She then turned to Eiko and uttered, “Um, I mean-” only for the pink-haired to shake her head and sigh, “I know this needs to be done, so I also hope she can pull this off,” Meloetta nodding.

    As Machop entered the ring, Zygarde blinked and said, “Wow, those are pretty snazzy clothes,” as Machop smirked and replied, “Thanks. My Daddy wore them back in the day for his most important matches.”

    But just as the match was about to start, Yveltal smiled and said, “Since this match is really important, I think it only necessary to add to the atmosphere,” as Xerneas nodded and pressed a button on the wall thus causing the ceiling to open up.

    However, at that moment, Machop was shocked to look up and spot a helicopter with another one of Yveltal and Xerneas' followers inside of it. And soon enough, a hook was lowered as it latched onto Eiko, the girl's eyes wide open as she squeaked, “WHAT'S GOING ON!?”

    “EIKO!” Isamu spat as he took hold of her only for the hook to rise up, the boy ultimately overpowered while the others gasped in horror. Had they been given more time to react, they would have jumped in to help out, but it was too late now as Eiko was too high for any of them to reach her.

    Zygarde was just as shocked as the others as he asked, “Hey, Dad, what's going on?” as Xerneas smirked and explained, “Well, we figure having us a little hostage will help to make this match more interesting,” before winking at Yveltal who added, “Yes, it helps raise the stakes. Besides, if we end at least one life in this match, the world will know just how terrifying we can truly be.”

    “WHAT!?” the others spat as suddenly a hole opened up in the floor, revealing a metal, cylindrical wall surrounding the area while Xerneas stated, “That pipe leads all the way to the magma that lies dormant in this volcano. Thus if Machop loses this match, we will drop the girl down the pit where she will be burned to a crisp.”

    Isamu's eyes twitched as Torchic spat, “What the hell, man!? Isn't the fate of the world enough!?” as Meloetta whimpered, Isamu barking, “Why did you pick my sister, anyway!? What made her such a standout!”

    “Oh, no real reason,” Yveltal replied with a shrug, “We're just a little old-fashioned when it comes to damsels in distress,” all of Eiko's friends growling angrily as the pink-haired girl breathed heavily, trying to calm down. After all, Machop was the one fighting and she had only lost twice in her career. Surely she would not allow her to die.

    Though unbeknownst to the heroes and even Zygarde, Xerneas and Yveltal had a completely different reason for this. Considering that Eiko was the one who hatched the dragon, they knew that she could likely change him back to the good guy he used to be. As such, they fully intended to kill her and prevent that from happening whether Machop won the match or not.

    Even so, Machop now had even more of a reason to win this match, but could she do it? After all, Zygarde's abilities were unknown even to the dragon himself.
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    As if Machop having to defeat a former friend was not bad enough, now Eiko was being used as a hostage. Before, Yveltal and Xerneas were merely planning on enslaving the human race, not killing them. Now a life was on the line, meaning Machop had to win even more than she did before.

    Zygarde was still surprised by this, but it was not long until he implied a smirk with his eyes, saying, “I have to admit, you are the coolest parents a guy could ask for. This is just so fiendish, I love it!”

    Eiko tried not to tear up in response to hearing this as Yveltal smiled and replied, “Why, thank you, son. We only just came up with this plan this morning,” Xerneas nodding and adding, “She's not lying.”

    Torchic gritted her teeth and growled, “I think I know exactly why they targeted Eiko,” Isamu nodding and sighing, “Me too. At first, I wasn't too sure, but there's no doubt in my mind that they know something we don't. Please, Machop, show me those miracles that you always manage to bring.”

    Machop looked up at Eiko and thought, 'Don't worry about a thing. I'll defeat Kelani and restore his humanity, then you won't have to die.'

    “Well, folks, I guess this is it!” Xerneas exclaimed with a big grin, “Let the match begin!” before ringing a bell, Machop wasting no time racing toward Zygarde.

    The dragon was about to try and counter only to blink and utter, “Wait, what do I do?” the girl sending a karate chop into his neck.

    Zygarde's eyes widened as he received another chop to his chest, Machop following it up with a roundhouse to his side. Eiko winced at the sight of this but tried her hardest not to let the girl know how much it pained her to see the dragon take in hits like these.

    Xerneas blinked and turned to Yveltal, uttering, “Are you sure his abilities will just come to him?” the bird nodding and replying, “Just you wait. Soon enough, he'll start dominating this match.”

    It seemed less and less likely as Machop rammed her elbow into face, wrapping her arms around him and lifting him up, leaning backwards. Isamu and the others seated cheered as the boy exclaimed, “Great job, Machop! That's my girl!”

    But just as it seemed like Zygarde would take in a suplex, his eyes widened as he sent his tail downward, smacking Machop in the face with the end. As if the counter was not enough, the part proved surprisingly strong as Machop released her hold on the dragon and fell on her back.

    “That was awesome!” Zygarde exclaimed as he crossed his arms in front of his face, aiming them for Machop's neck while descending. And sure enough, the girl took in extreme pain from this as well as she let out a light wheeze.

    Torchic blinked and uttered, “All that from two hits? Oh god, he really is as strong as they predicted.”

    Things only got worse as Zygarde wrapped his tail around Machop's neck, flinging her high into the air before leaping up to her level. With her back facing the mat, the dragon lifted up his arms and clenched his hands into fists, shouting, “Wow! I didn't know I was so amazing! You were right, Mom and Dad! These abilities just came to me!”

    “You mean he's practically improvising his attacks?” Rinko uttered as Eiko bit her lower lip, Yveltal and Xerneas folding their arms and grinning with pride.

    Both Zygarde and Machop had reached their maximum height as the dragon's fists started to glow green. He then proceeded to lift his lower body up while ramming the fists into Machop's gut, shouting, “LAND'S WRATH!” keeping them planted there while both descended toward the mat.

    And sure enough, Machop's back made contact with it as she coughed up blood, her eyes and mouth wide open as a green explosion formed around her and Zygarde. It cleared pretty quickly as all of the girl's friends stared in horror at the sight of her lying there and twitching.

    “OH MAN!” Zygarde exclaimed with an implied grin, looking at his hands, “I'M HARDCORE! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HOW MUCH MORE POWERFUL I'LL BE WHEN I'M AN ADULT!” Yveltal nodding and giving him a thumb up with her tail.

    “Oh my god,” Isamu uttered, trembling all over, “He's even more powerful that I thought he'd be,” as Meloetta nodded and whimpered, “And I thought Yveltal and Xerneas were intimidating.”

    But just as it looked like the match had already come to a close, Zygarde's eyes widened as Machop coughed and rose to her feet, sighing, “I'll admit, that definitely threw her off guard, but this match is far from over yet. I don't know if you're aware of this, but my family can take in a lot of pain.”

    Torchic breathed a sigh of relief as Eiko smiled lightly, thinking, 'Of course that wouldn't be enough. Machop won't fall that easily, never again.'

    Before Zygarde could even respond to Machop's recovery, the girl wasted no time flying toward him with her arm out and shouting, “MOON HOOK!” striking him hard in the neck. But rather than letting him fall on his back, she kept the arm there and swung herself around so she was behind the dragon. She then latched onto his chest and leapt into the air, leaning backward and planting the back of his head into the canvas.

    “That's more like it!” Rinko exclaimed with a big grin, the others breathing a sigh of relief. After all, the last thing they wanted was for Machop of all heroes to lose quickly.

    Unfortunately, just as soon as her advantage returned, it left her when Zygarde lifted up his tail, wrapping it around the arm clutching his chest. He then pried it off before flipping himself upright, throwing his tail downward thus lifting Machop over his head and causing her to release her hold on his neck. Her back then made contact with the canvas as as the dragon continued to hold onto her arm, flinging her high into the air.

    “Oh god, not again!” Rinko groaned as Zygarde seemed to have something else in mind, lifting his arms up and clenching his hands into fists. The same green glow from before appeared as Machop's back made contact, the dragon shouting, “EARTH CRACKER!”

    The name seemed fitting as everyone could hear Machop's backbone crack lightly, the girl crying out in pain as Zygarde spread out his arms and grabbed hold of her sides. He then lifted up his tail again and leaned backwards, planting the girl's face into the tip and shouting, “DRAGON TAIL SUPLEX!”

    Blood was dripping from Machop's nostrils as Zygarde implied a smirk and threw his arms forward, flinging her onto her back. He then folded his arms and said, “This feels incredible. I never would have guessed owning a hero would be so awesome, but man, I wanna fight even more after this!”

    “A dragon after my own heart,” Xerneas sniffed as a light tear fell from his eye, Yveltal nodding and sighing, “Even as a teenager, he truly has what it takes. Maybe we don't need him to reach adulthood. He seems more than good enough as he is.”

    Machop grumbled and slowly pushed herself up as Zygarde sighed, “I guess it's true. You do have an incredible fighting spirit. But it doesn't matter. I feel like I can defeat twenty of you at once.”

    Isamu gritted his teeth and growled, “This is just painful! I can't stand to see him act like this!” Venipede nodding and sighing, “I know. He used to be so sweet.”

    Machop readied herself for more as Zygarde advanced toward her. But just as she was about to counter, he swerved to the side and sent his tail into her ribcage. The girl winced in pain as the dragon sped a small distance behind her and leapt at her with his arm out.

    “MACHOP, LOOK OUT!” Torchic spat only for Machop to take the arm to the back of her neck, coughing up more blood and falling forward, her chin hitting the canvas. And things only got worse when Zygarde climbed onto her back, latching onto her chin with his hands and binding her legs in place with his tail.

    “You'll never believe this, but this is my first time fighting,” Zygarde stated with an implied smirk, Machop groaning as the others stared in horror.

    They already figured this was the case after what the dragon had said earlier, but it still came as a shock. All of the other heroes had to learn their abilities, and even then, Venipede needed to wait even longer before mastering his mother's best moves.

    “Also, that flying clothesline of yours is nothing special,” Zygarde added, “As you can see, I learned it easily,” applying more pressure to his grip as Machop cried out in agony, her back cracking even more.

    Eiko bit her lower lip as she could not bear to watch this any longer. As such, she squeaked, “MACHOP, COME ON!” the girl blinking as she added, “You're always able to get out of tight spots like these! You've faced some of the toughest fighters out there and still came out on top! Are you really going to let this finish you off!?”

    Once again, the pink-haired girl's words brought memories back to Zygarde as he started to loosen his grip. However, there was no way this was true, but before he could return the strength of his pull to what it was before, Machop used this chance to push herself up into an arch formation, forcing the dragon off of her back.

    His eyes widened as she leapt above him, wrapping her legs around his neck. She then latched onto his wrists and spread out his arms, flipping ninety degrees so the dragon's head was facing the canvas.

    Yveltal and Xerneas stared in shock as Machop exclaimed, “MUSCLE TOMBSTONE!” Zygarde hitting the mat hard as the girl released her hold, allowing him to collapse while the others cheered.

    Eiko breathed a sigh of relief as a light smile formed on her face. She figured if anything, one of Machop's most powerful slams could surely snap Zygarde out of his current state and restore him to his old self.

    The others thought the same thing as they watched in silence, Zygarde grumbling as he pushed himself back up. However, he still had a look of confidence in his eyes as he said, “That was an impressive move. I can't believe I'm still standing after that. I really am awesome.”

    Machop stared in stunned silence as Yveltal asked, “Did you really think just two of your signature moves would be enough to defeat him?” as the girl uttered, “Well, no, but I was kinda hoping that would restore his memories or something.”

    “Wait, what?” Zygarde asked as Xerneas sighed, “Don't try to confuse us with your strange words. Zygarde has all of his memories of the time spent living with us, right?”

    The dragon nodded and replied, “Of course. I've always lived here,” as Eiko bit her lower lip. Now she was even more worried. What if Zygarde could not remember his time spent under the name Kelani? What if Machop was left with no choice but to knock him senseless or, even worse, kill him?

    Even so, it seemed the dragon would not allow this as he advanced toward Machop. However, there was no way she would fall victim to another one of his moves, thus she dodged to the side and sent a roundhouse into his side. Unfortunately, Zygarde ignored the pain and latched onto her ankle, saying, “I may not be able to resist pain like Volcanion, but I can at least handle a wimpy kick.”

    He then proceeded to stand on the tip of his tail and spin around, said part glowing green as he headed toward the turnbuckle. Machop braced herself as he exclaimed, “EARTH CYCLONE!” sending her head repeatedly into the top of the pole, drawing more blood from her.

    “COME ON, MACHOP!” Eiko squeaked, “YOU'VE DEALT WITH WORSE!” more memories starting to flash in Zygarde's mind as he groaned, releasing his hold on Machop as she grabbed onto the turnbuckle. She then used this chance to lift herself up and spin herself around, sending her feet into the side of the dragon's neck.

    Torchic breathed a sigh of relief as Isamu grinned and exclaimed, “Way to go!”

    However, Yveltal and Xerneas could tell that comeback was not completely Machop's doing, and it was the same deal with when she escaped from Zygarde's submission hold. Somehow, Eiko had managed to distract him with her words alone, thus it seemed she was even more of a threat. But if the villains dropped her down the pit now, Zygarde would most likely question such a decision and ask why a mere human with no fighting skills threatened them so much.

    Machop fully intended to take advantage of this moment as she dashed behind Zygarde, taking hold of his wrists and leaping into the air. She then wrapped the lower half of her legs around his tail and pulled back, starting to spin as the dragon's eyes widened. Yveltal and Xerneas gasped at the sight of this as this was still one of the Mach family's best finishers.

    The others cheered wildly as the reporter exclaimed, “Alright, Machop's gonna use that infamous Muscle Tornado! This'll likely put an end to this match for sure!” before blinking and uttering, “Oh yeah, I'm not actually commentating on this.”

    But while Machop really hoped the reporter's words were correct, she also prayed that this would snap Zygarde out of his evil state. The last thing she wanted to do was injure him any further. But as she spun and flipped herself one-hundred-and-eighty degrees, her friends, the reporter and the cameraman all stared in shock when they noticed Zygarde's green scales start glowing.

    Suddenly, a pair of black legs formed with two green hexagons on each toe and knee, bigger, white hexagons between them. Machop's eyes widened as he latched them to her own legs, using all his might to flip ninety degrees forward. As a result, Machop's belly was now facing the canvas as it soon made contact, all going silent as she coughed up blood, the dragon releasing his hold.

    Suddenly, his torso changed to one was that more human-like save for his chest, which now resembled big armour. His body was mostly black with a green line down the middle. His tail also changed black save for a single patch in the middle of it. He also had two green hexagonal eye-like formations on his chest along with a blue, white, orange and red squiggly line underneath.

    “What's going on?” Isamu uttered, Eiko trembling in terror as Yveltal let down a light tear, sniffing, “I knew this would happen, but I wasn't expecting it so soon.”

    Things only seemed to get worse as Zygarde's shoulders became round, his arms now thinner while his forearms were slightly wider. Green hexagons surrounded the end of each hand with three white claws under them.

    His head also changed, now resembling a knight helmet with two white eyes and four green hexagons that resembled a mouth. And attached to each shoulder were two long appendages that looked like thin wings. On the right side were blue undulating patterns, red ones on the left.

    It was not long until Zygarde noticed this change, looking at his hands and feeling his new head, asking, “What's going on?” before gasping, “My voice! It's deeper!”

    “That's because you've just become an adult,” Yveltal replied, “As I explained yesterday, I only needed one more hour for my power to change you. That means without my influence, you only needed a little less than a day's time, and it would seem that time has come. Welcome to adulthood, Zygarde.”

    Eiko's eyes and mouth widened as Isamu groaned, “Oh no! Why!?” Torchic trembling and uttering, “If what we keep hearing is correct, he's supposed to be stronger now.”

    Venipede and Rinko hugged one-another as Meloetta took a deep breath and said, “It's okay. Knowing Machop, she can still turn this around, right? She always pulls through.”

    Unfortunately, it seemed unlikely as while Machop managed to stand, she looked really weak. She was breathing heavily while holding onto her knees, staring up at Zygarde with a helpless look in her eyes. She may have gotten over the fact that she had to fight him seriously before the match even started, but now she could not help but wonder if that was good enough.

    “I'll admit,” Zygarde said with a devious smile, “You've actually managed to entertain me throughout most of this match. I'm actually kinda glad you keep getting up. It only makes my inevitable victory so much more satisfying.”

    Machop gritted her teeth and retorted, “Look, I don't care how much stronger you are! I can't let you help Yveltal and Xerneas take over! I also can't allow Eiko to suffer any longer, so don't think for a minute that you have this match in the bag!”

    With that in mind, she raced toward the now humanoid dragon and sent a karate chop into his chest. She then dashed behind him and wrapped her arms around him, lifting him up and leaning backward, planting the back of his head into the canvas while the others smiled.

    “Thank god,” Isamu sighed, “She's still putting up a good fight,” only for Torchic to utter, “I hate to burst your bubble, but look.”

    The boy soon realized what she meant as Zygarde chuckled. That chuckle soon expanded into a big laugh as he shouted, “Oh my god! This is incredible! I didn't feel a thing!”

    “What!?” Machop spat as the dragon proceeded to shift his body, forcing her to let go of him. He then wrapped his tail around her and performed a handstand, allowing himself to fall backward thus planting the area just below the girl's shoulders into the mat.

    As if the hit alone was not enough, this was even more painful than the majority of the moves Zygarde had used up to this point. And it did not end there as lifted Machop up, sending an onslaught of punches into her face as it started to bleed even more.

    “THIS IS THE GREATEST THRILL EVER!” he exclaimed as ended his assault, Machop now struggling to maintain focus. There was no doubt about it. Zygarde really was the biggest threat to mankind and Machop would need a miracle to defeat him.

    After looking at her long enough, the dragon nodded and said, “Yep, you're weak enough. Guess I may as well finish this,” Eiko squeaking, “COME ON, MACHOP! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!” the others nodding and standing up, chanting her name as Xerneas and Yveltal laughed.

    “That may have helped her many times over the past, but not this time,” Yveltal stated, and it seemed so as for the first time ever, Machop was unable to recover. She still found herself wobbling back and forth while trying her hardest not to pass out, her eyelids half-closed already.

    Seeing as she could no longer fight back, the line on Zygarde's chest opened up, revealing itself to be a second mouth. Inside were five cores, each with a different colour. The one on the far right was purple with the one next to it being blue. In the middle was a white one followed by an orange core, a red one on the far left side.

    “Machop, don't let him hit you!” Isamu spat, tears forming, “I know you can handle more damage than this!” the girl trying her hardest not to let all the damage to her face get to her.

    Unfortunately, it was too late as the ends of the appendages came open, taking the form of snake heads. They shot forward before biting into Machop's shoulders, the girl wincing from the pain but feeling too weak to so much as let out a cry. And things only got worse when she was flung high into the air, Zygarde leaping up to her level.

    Once high enough, he had the appendages bite into Machop's ankles, pulling them as far to the side as he could and held her over his head. He lifted his arms to take hold of her hands, spreading her arms out while lifting up his legs and wrapping them around the area just below her shoulders. With that, he had her body lowered just enough as he descended toward the mat, Yveltal and Xerneas smiling while everyone else watched in horror.

    “LAND'S VENGEANCE!” the dragon exclaimed as the back of Machop's neck hit the canvas hard, the girl coughing up the most blood she had ever released. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as Zygarde released his hold on her, allowing her to collapse as it truly seemed like this was it.

    “MACHOP!” Isamu and Eiko exclaimed as the girl was not even breathing. However, there was no doubt that this match was over as Xerneas rang the bell, exclaiming, “And after a rather intense match, our son, Zygarde, has won!”

    Those words were all Isamu needed to hear as he raced toward the ring, climbing into it and kneeling down in front of Machop, uttering, “Are you alright?” the others staring as Eiko bit her lower lip.

    Zygarde folded his arms and implied a smirk, saying, “Don't feel too bad. She actually did a pretty good job,” the boy ignoring this as he rested his head against Machop's chest, his eyes widening as he turned to the others, breathing heavily.

    “Guys...” he uttered, his body tensing up as even Yveltal and Xerneas looked shocked, the boy taking more deep breaths before saying, “Machop's heart has stopped.”

    For whatever reason, hearing these words led to Zygarde's eyes widening. He stared silently and twitched all over, but why would he feel bad about this? After all, he was a villain and it was a villain's job to make sure heroes could not stop him no matter what.

    But of course, the people most devastated were all of Machop's friends. Eiko did not even care about the fact that she was still tied up and likely to be dropped in a pit of magma. She refused to believe for a minute that Machop of all heroes had just been killed.

    But was this really the case? Was Machop really dead? Had Yveltal and Xerneas' plan succeeded?
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    This day could not have been any worse. Not only had Machop lost the match but Zygarde had killed her. As if it was not enough for Isamu's sister to be at risk of death, now he had lost the only person who made him openly happy to be alive in ages.

    He let down tears and sniffed, Yveltal folding her arms and sighing, “I wanted her alive so she could potentially serve us after our conquest, but this is fine. Not only does this remove a possible threat but with the world champion dead, the other heroes might very well be afraid to try and face us.”

    “Yeah, as awesome as busting in some heroic skulls can be, I would like to relax after becoming a world leader,” Xerneas added, though both quickly noticed that Zygarde did not seem as happy about this as they did, but why? Surely he meant to do that, did he not?

    “Oh god, no!” Venipede cried out, slapping his upper arms against the sides of his head, “I can't believe it! I just can't believe it!” breathing heavily as Rinko held him in a tight embrace, patting his back with tears in her eyes as she sniffed, “There, there, she wouldn't want us to freak out. She wouldn't-” before breaking out into heavy wailing.

    Meloetta trembled and breathed heavily, trying her hardest to contain herself as Eiko did not even seem to care about her own predicament. It was bad enough losing one friend already, but Machop was special to her. She and her family were the pink-haired girl's biggest heroes. She had always looked up to them, so to see the entire era come to an end was beyond heartbreaking.

    The reporter could not help but tear up as even the cameraman whimpered, the woman stepping in front of the camera and sniffing, “As you've just witnessed and heard, folks, Machop, the best hero Tokyo has had in years, is dead.”

    Needless to say, those watching this on TV were just as devastated as everyone who was there in person to witness this. Delphox's jaw was dropped, her eyes set to stunned while Fletchinder gritted her teeth, more angered by this than anything else.

    Gigalith, who had been by Sneasel's side while she slept in the hospital, let down light tears and gave an army salute. And as if that was not enough, Jackalu and Clawitzer had recovered just in time to see this, both staring wide-eyed at the TV screen. And one could only guess how Vigoroth and Gallador would take this after finding out.

    And of course it was not just them. In his assigned area, Chesnaught witnessed this and could not believe his eyes. The same girl who had shattered his helmet after he came so close to beating her lost.

    Noboru and Hana were watching this as well as they hugged one-another, the woman crying into the man's shoulder. After all, they had been alive when Machoke and Gardevoir became the tag team champions, so to see their daughter of all people suffer this fate was truly horrific.

    But those taking this much worse were Lairon, Garchomp and Eri. Even the dog could tell what was going up as she let out a big howl toward the ceiling, the dragon and dinosaur breathing heavily, hoping that Machop really had survived and that her heart stopping was only temporary.

    But most of all, Machoke and Gardevoir themselves had also watched this as big tears formed in the man's eyes. And after enough time, he broke out into heavy waterworks and exclaimed, “NO, IT'S NOT TRUE, GARDEVOIR! SHE'S NOT DEAD! SHE'S JUST FAKING IT!” as Gardevoir wrapped her arms around his left one and sniffed, soon bawling just as loud as he was and holding him in a tight embrace.

    Isamu turned to face Yveltal and sniffed, “Look, Yveltal, before you enslave us all, I have one last request. Can you please forget the deal you made and spare my sister's life? I can't bare to lose another person today, especially when both these girls are so special to me.”

    Eiko bit her lower lip and stared at Zygarde, mostly shocked by the fact that he of all beings had done this. But when she noticed how much this seemed to be hurting him inside, her sadness seemed to briefly leave her, her jaw dropping slightly.

    Yveltal and Xerneas had been more focused on this themselves as they could tell keeping her alive any longer could potentially ruin everything. As such, the bird folded her arms and sighed, “I'm sorry, kid, I'd love to let your sister live so she can serve us, but a deal is a deal,” before exclaiming, “Hey, Shedinja, drop her!”

    The one driving the helicopter nodded before pressing a button as the hook holding Eiko came open, causing her to fall toward the hole that led to the magma. Isamu turned to face her and spat, “EIKO!” rising up and leaping out of the ring, sprinting toward her even though he knew he nor any of the others were close enough to make it.

    But just as all seemed lost, Zygarde suddenly snapped back to reality and narrowed his eyes, shouting, “NO!” before leaping toward the area in question and flying into Eiko, holding her in a tight embrace and falling sideways against the floor. Everyone else stared in shock as the dragon took many deep breaths, rising to his feet with a big smile and asking, “Are you okay, Mommy?”

    Isamu stared wide-eyed and rubbed his eyes, uttering, “Is this really happening? I'm not imagining this, right?” the others just as shocked as he was while Eiko slowly opened her eyes, Yveltal and Xerneas shaking their heads. Despite their best efforts, the pink-haired girl had still managed to ruin their plans entirely, but how was anyone's guess.

    She stared with her eyes wide open and uttered, “Kelani?” Zygarde nodding and childishly exclaiming, “Yay! You remember me!” before holding her in a tight embrace, Xerneas and Yveltal covering their eyes, refusing to watch this any further.

    Eiko bit her lower lip and let down tears before sniffing and crying, “THANK GOD! AT LEAST SOMETHING GOOD HAPPENED TODAY!” wrapping her arms around him and patting him on the back, “You really scared me!”

    Zygarde let out a sigh and replied, “I know,” before releasing his hold on her, “I've been a really bad boy, haven't I?”

    While it was weird hearing an adult say that in such a deep voice, the others could not help but feel touched by all of this. After having two friends die, it was nice to see something as glorious as this happen. Despite everything leaning away from this outcome, 'Kelani' was finally back.

    “Son?” Yveltal uttered, holding her hand out as the dragon turned to face her and retorted, “Shut up! You may have laid my egg, but you're not my real mommy!” the bird taken aback as he looked at Machop.

    He then rose to his feet and sighed, “Now, if you'll excuse me, there's one last thing I need to do,” the others staring at him as he opened up his chest, saying, “It's not Machop's time to die, not yet.”

    The others stared in confusion as Eiko asked, “Wait, can you revive her?” the dragon nodding with a smile as Yveltal snapped, “No, Zygarde, I don't care if you've decided to turn on us! I simply cannot allow this! Do you even know what will happen to you!?”

    “Yes, as a matter of fact, I do,” Zygarde retorted with his arms folded, Eiko and Isamu staring at him as the pink-haired girl uttered, “What do you mean? What's going to happen?”

    The dragon turned to Eiko with a light smile and knelt down to her level, saying, “Before I go through with this, I just wanna tell you how wonderful my life has been. I'm glad you were the one to hatch my egg and raise me since birth.”

    “Wait, what!?” Eiko squeaked, shaking her head as Torchic groaned, “Oh, shit. I think I know what's going on,” Meloetta trembling as Rinko and Venipede looked down, Isamu shaking his head.

    “I mean it,” Zygarde added with tears welling up in his eyes, “Though my time was short, it was a lot of fun. You taught me many things, showed me so many fun activities and, well, you were a better mommy than I ever could have asked for. Thank you so much for giving me a great life.”

    He then turned to face the others and added, “And thank you all for being such amazing friends. It's been fun.”

    Eiko's eyes and mouth were stuck wide open as she shook her head before crying, “NO! THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY! THIS ISN'T FAIR!” the pink-haired girl embracing Zygarde as he patted her on the back, the cores on his chest flying out of him and circling around Machop.

    Xerneas stared in stunned silence as Yveltal spat, “NO, MY SON!” feeling choked up herself now. She knew that he would have likely fought against her either way, but the last thing any mother wanted was to outlive her children, regardless of which side they fought for.

    Eiko continued to bawl like a baby as Zygarde's body started to vanish, beginning with the tip of his tail. His smile brightened as he said, “Don't be sad, Mommy. I'll always be with you in spirit,” the girl forcing a grin and sniffing, “Okay. I'll try to be happy for you. Goodbye, Kelani.”

    “Bye, Mommy,” Zygarde replied as after a few seconds, his entire body vanished, Eiko falling to her knees and whimpering, “It's okay. I'll be strong for you, Kelani. I won't let this get the better of me.”

    Meloetta clasped her hands over her mouth while Rinko and Venipede patted one-another on the shoulder. Torchic was trying her hardest not to cry as she knew the dragon did not want her to.

    Isamu was just about to walk over and comfort Eiko when suddenly, he heard a familiar voice grumble, “Oh, god, what happened?” the boy slowly turning to see Machop rise to her feet, breathing heavily with her eyes wide open and gasping, “Oh my god! I thought I was dead!”

    She then looked around at everyone, Isamu smiling wide and racing toward the ring, climbing into it once more. He then ran over to Machop and held her in a tight embrace, exclaiming, “OH, THANK GOD! IT WORKED! IT ACTUALLY WORKED!” the boy showering her neck in kisses as she laughed lightly and patted him on the back.

    “Whoa, boy, what are you talking about?” she asked, “What worked?” as Isamu blinked and took a deep breath, letting go and sighing, “Well, Machop, your assumption isn't wrong. You were actually killed back there.”

    “Wait, what!?” the girl spat, looking at her hands and feeling her head before uttering, “And yet I'm alive right now. Seriously, what happened?”

    Before anyone could answer, she realized something as she looked around, gasping, “Hey, um, where did Kelani go? Did he escape!? Is he off to wreak havoc on the world!?” before noticing Yveltal and Xerneas looking down.

    “Well, about that,” Isamu replied with a sigh as Eiko approached the ring and smiled with tears still in her eyes, sniffing, “He felt like he was doing the right thing. He gave up his life for yours. It's just as I thought. He really was a gentle soul to the end.”

    Machop's eyes and mouth widened as she did not even stop to question why Eiko was okay. Even the pilot of the helicopter, Shedinja, let down a light tear, sighing, “What am I doing with my life?”

    The reporter tried her best not to start choking up herself while talking about all of this, Machop letting down tears of her own and whimpering, “I'm so sorry, Eiko. If I had won that match-”

    “Mm-mm,” the pink-haired girl replied, shaking her head, “You did the best you could. I'm just happy you're alive. Kelani wouldn't want us to be sad,” as Meloetta nodded and tried her hardest to stay calm.

    But just as the group was ready to at least set up a funeral for the dragon, Yveltal gritted her teeth and growled, “Fine! Whatever!” Xerneas staring wide-eyed and uttering, “Honey, are you okay?”

    “I'm just peachy!” she retorted, “Alright, so we lost Zygarde! Big deal! You know what!? We'll just take over this planet without him! I'm sure that's what the real Zygarde would have wanted!”

    “Oh shit, I forgot about those two,” Machop uttered as she slowly turned to them, Yveltal pointing and growling, “Don't think for a minute that you're going to get your bittersweet ending! You still have us to deal with!” Xerneas nodding and adding, “If any of you wanna join her, be our guest. We'll defeat each and every one of you and finish what our son started!”

    Machop tensed up and remarked, “Hold on! We've been through a lot here! Can't you give us some time to prepare!?” only for Xerneas to retort, “No! The idea was to end all of this once and for all today and we're gonna do that! We're not like other villains who follow some weak ass code of honour! As long as there's still someone who can threaten our plans, we'll take care of that person!”

    Machop tensed up as Torchic stepped forward and said, “Don't worry, Machop. We're not gonna let Kelani's sacrifice be in vain! I'll fight next to you!” Meloetta adding, “And if she loses, I'll take her place!” Rinko and Venipede stepping forward and exclaiming, “Don't count us out!”

    But before Machop could agree to this, a deep, booming voice entered the area, shouting, “WAIT!” the cameraman pointing his camera up as his eyes widened, the reporter gasping as well as a UFO with a big letter M on the front appeared.

    “Is that the Mars logo?” the reporter uttered as the cameraman replied, “You mean the planet or the chocolate company?”

    The others continued to stare as the voice stated through what sounded like a speaker system, “I will be Machop's partner for this match!” the girl blinking and uttering, “Do any of you know anyone with that voice?”

    The others shrugged as Eiko scratched her head, saying, “It sounds kind of familiar, but I'm not sure either,” Yveltal and Xerneas both looking rather annoyed by this. All they could do was hope that whoever was on board would not be too much of a help for Machop.

    Soon enough, the door opened up as a ramp came down, a set of glowing red eyes forming in the blackened doorway. When a thick grey dinosaur-like foot with gold claws emerged, Eiko gasped as she now realized where she had heard that voice.

    The rest of the body followed to reveal a tall, grey dragon with three gold half-rings around his neck. Thick black stripes and thin red ones ran vertically along his front side and he had a pair of ghostly black wings with three red spikes.

    “Oh my god,” Machop uttered as Isamu asked, “Um, is that who I think it is?”

    The reporter confirmed his suspicions as she grinned at the camera and exclaimed, “Alright, folks, we are seeing a real legend here! Coming down the ramp right now is the great, powerful Giratina, a villain that only the mighty Arceus was able to defeat back in the day! He was later revived but was beaten by Machoke! And now he seems to have volunteered to be Machop's ally in this battle!”

    Yveltal and Xerneas stared in horror, the stag uttering, “Um, no one told me we'd have to fight him,” as the bird took a deep breath and calmed down, replying, “It's okay. This might actually benefit us to a certain degree.”

    Machop and the others stared in shock and amazement as Giratina walked down the ramp and stood before the girl, saying, “I have to say, it's a pleasure to finally meet the daughter of the man who changed my life for the better. I've been watching your matches in my spare time and I have to admit, you are certainly worthy of the family name.”

    “Um, thanks, Mister Giratina, sir,” Machop uttered, her cheeks flushed pink as she could not help but feel nervous. However, the dragon chuckled and said, “Come now, I'd rather not be treated like a celebrity. I'm merely here to pay back a favour to your father that I've owed him for years.”

    “No offence, but how can we not make a big deal out of this?” Venipede asked, “Not only are you well-known, but you're the king of Mars,” the others save for Rinko staring at him and remarking, “What!?”

    “So, wait, this is really happening?” Machop asked, “You're actually going to fight alongside me,” the dragon nodding and replying, “Yes. See, we get Earth's news on a special channel that only rich folks like me can afford, and when I saw that you were going to face Zygarde, I had no doubt in my mind you would also have to fight Yveltal and Xerneas. Thus I got here as quickly as I could.”

    “Wow, that's amazing,” Torchic uttered with a light smile, “He'll make for a much better ally than any of us,” Machop about to protest only for Meloetta to say, “I don't really know him, but he looks strong.”

    Venipede nodded and replied, “Yeah. You have no idea how hard it was for Machoke to defeat him,” Rinko adding, “And it's just as that reporter said. He was so powerful back in the day that only Arceus, a hero whose power was unmatched by pretty much everyone, could best him in combat.”

    Eiko nodded with a big grin, squealing, “She could not have asked for a better ally!” only for Yveltal to say, “Well, maybe back in his prime, or, hell, even when he fought Machoke.”

    Machop blinked and turned to the bird, retorting, “What do you mean by that?” as Xerneas sighed, “Come on, even back then, the only reason Machoke matched blows with him so well was because his strength had deteriorated due to the fact that he was, well, dead for almost a hundred years. How old are you now, Giratina?”

    Machop tensed up as she realized they had a point. After all, it was a known fact that the dragon was thirty-two when he died.

    The dragon let out a sigh and nodded, saying, “That's right. I'm sixty now and I turn sixty-one next week,” as Xerneas smirked, folded his arms and stated, “You were right, Yveltal. This is more beneficial than detrimental.”

    The younger heroes and their humans friends looked worried now as Machop sighed, “Giratina, I appreciate this offer, but you know, it's not like I can't choose the others,” only for the dragon to shake his head and reply, “You have all done your part. And don't assume that I'm weak just because of my age. See, that was not the issue when I fought Machoke. The problem was that because I'd been dead all that time, I was unable to train and keep my strength as high as it used to be. However, since then, I've been working hard for the day when I would have to step into the ring again.”

    Now Yveltal and Xerneas were uncertain as Machop turned to the others, all of them feeling the same. But even so, there was no doubt that Giratina had made his decision as the girl looked into his eyes, seeing a great fire within. With all said and done, she now realized that this was right as she nodded and squealed, “It'll be an honour fighting alongside you!” the dragon smiling.

    Yveltal smirked and folded her arms, saying, “Well, then, I guess an agreement has been reached. This shall be our final battle,” Xerneas looking at the reporter to let her know that he wanted her cameraman to record all of this.

    Torchic nodded and said, “Well, you heard the girl,” and thus returned to her seat along with the others. Needless to say, this would not be easy, but Machop was confident that she and Giratina could win and save mankind from enslavement. There was no way they would let Zygarde's sacrifice be in vain.
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    With Yveltal and Xerneas as the only threats left, Machop felt more than ready, especially with the legendary Giratina on her side. There was no doubt in her mind that she would win this time. After all, Zygarde had sacrificed himself to give her this chance and she refused to waste it.

    “Well, seeing as this will be our final match, I feel it only fair to give you two a half-hour to prepare yourselves,” Xerneas stated, “After all, Machop, you just lost a match prior to this. Kind of funny seeing the world champion lose twice in less than a week.”

    Machop frowned as Giratina patted her on the shoulder and said, “Don't let it get to you. That's what they want. Try to stay focused on the match and nothing else.”

    “Right,” the girl replied with a sigh as she and the dragon headed toward the trap door so they could ready themselves in private. All the while, Eiko watched them and asked, “You don't think Yveltal and Xerneas are right about him being weaker, do you?”

    “Well, I have no doubt age has probably taken a toll on him,” Torchic replied, “but keep in mind, Giratina almost defeated Machoke in his thirties after having spent years losing half his strength. If anything, he'll probably still be strong enough to stand up to these two, especially since they don't exactly have youth on their side either.”

    “Still, they did beat us pretty easily,” Venipede uttered as Rinko sighed, “Don't remind me.”

    “Either way, we've seen Machop pull off all kinds of miracles before,” Isamu stated, “And I trust Giratina. He may be old now, but that also makes him experienced. I just really hope this is enough, though. Even without their son helping them out, these two are still threatening.”

    All the while, Machop threw a few punches forward as Giratina smiled and said, “It's nice to know you're not letting your loss to Zygarde get to you.”

    “Yeah, you don't need to worry about me,” the girl replied with a grin, “After all, I don't know if you've heard, but I lost my first match here on Earth, but looking back, I'm kinda glad I did.”

    The dragon opened an eye wider to imply raising a brow as she added, “It helped me realize that my way of going about fighting was all wrong. I used to rely on nothing but pure strength, but then Lairon taught me how to strategize. And while I lost to Yveltal when I first fought her, I got a good idea of how she fights.”

    “Well, that's a good thing,” Giratina replied with a grin, “You learned that long before your father did,” the girl blinking as he added, “I don't know all the details, but from what I've heard, Machoke wasn't exactly super serious about fighting until his loss to Lucario. Supposedly, that match opened his eyes and made him see just how serious his job really was. He realized that he wasn't the undefeated powerhouse that he seemed to be.”

    Machop blinked and nodded, replying, “I've heard that he wasn't always the most mature of fighters back in his prime, but I didn't think he was that bad. And just think, he only lost one match in his entire career. If he can pull off something like that, I'm pretty sure I can too.”

    Giratina nodded with a smile as the duo spent the next little while sparring. After all, they needed to be ready for this match as they could not allow Yveltal and Xerneas to continue to terrorize people.

    Once the half-hour was up, it was finally time as Xerneas and Yveltal stood by a corner. As it so happened, they had just about threatened the reporter to announce them only for her to agree to it with no trouble. After all, when would she get a chance like this again?

    “Alright, ladies and gentlemen at home, it's time for the main event!” she exclaimed with a grin, “This match could very well decide the fate of the world as we know it!”

    And sure enough, people from around the globe had gathered to watch this match upon hearing about it. Companies decided to put their businesses on hold just for this event, some even giving the rest of their employees the day off.

    Of course, the heroes still in the hospital really hoped Machop and Giratina could win, Jackalu and Clawitzer nodding with serious looks on their faces. Gallador, Garbodor and Vigoroth had also woken up to see this, all of them wishing they could be there in person to cheer their friend on.

    Of course, Noboru and Hana were glued to the TV as the man sighed, “Oh man, this is intense. And here I thought Machoke and Gardevoir going up against Hoopa and Diancie was exciting.”

    Hana nodded and replied, “I know. But either way, I just know Machop can win this. I still can't believe she's fighting alongside Giratina. It's like some avid fan's dream come true,” both humans staring silently at the TV screen.

    And of course, there was no way Lairon, Garchomp and Eri would not watch this. The collie looked a tad worried after having witnessed Machop die, but Lairon ruffled the fur atop her head and said, “Hey, it'll be fine. If I know Machop, she won't let herself fall again.”

    Garchomp nodded and grinned, adding, “Yeah. She has so many close calls but always pulls through when it really counts. She may not have quite the track record her father had, but I have faith in her.”

    “In the red corner,” the reporter stated, “representing the forces of evil and having already proven themselves a real force to be reckoned with, the mighty, terrifying, uh...”

    She then turned toward Xerneas and Yveltal as the bird called out, “Call us Life's Destruction!” the reporter blinking before shrugging her shoulders and exclaiming, “Life's Destruction!”

    With that, Yveltal lifted Xerneas up by his antlers and took to the sky, flying toward the ring. Once above it, she descended as both landed with their arms spread out, making a face similar to that of a totem pole. Even if they were on the side of good, though, there was barely anyone there who could have possibly cheered them on, so they simply imagined a crowd applauding them.

    “Wow, I actually wasn't expecting them to put on a show,” Torchic uttered as Meloetta nodded and said, “Yeah, I thought they'd be too serious for that.”

    “And in the blue corner,” the reporter yelled, “fighting for the fate of the world are two very unexpected allies! One is the world champion who has done nothing but impress us time and time again! And though she has lost a few times in her career, she still stands strong as Tokyo's greatest hero! The other is a dragon who once terrorized the world but now fights for peace! Though currently the king of Mars, he has taken time out of his busy schedule to help us out in our time of need! Presenting The Phantom Muscles!”

    With that, Giratina and Machop emerged from the trap door and walked toward the ring. Unlike the villains, they did not set up a big spectacle. After all, Machoke always treated his final matches as the most serious moments of his life. If anything, it only made sense for his daughter to do the same.

    Once they entered, Yveltal folded her arms and said, “I have to admit, I was disappointed when our son used his life to resurrect you, but I'm actually glad we have a chance to face you at the same time. Not to mention fighting the legendary Giratina is a huge honour in itself.”

    “Cut the chatter already,” Giratina remarked, “We have a match right now. Try to stay focused,” Machop nodding as Xerneas sighed, “Yeah, he's right. The sooner we end this, the more the world will fear us.”

    With that in mind, both teams headed to separate sides of the ring as Yveltal turned to the reporter and said, “Any time you're ready,” the woman nodding and signalling the start of the match.

    Machop held her ground along with Giratina as Yveltal gasped, “You're giving us the first move!? How sweet of you!” before flying toward the dragon while Xerneas rushed at Machop.

    Once both opponents were close, Machop knelt down and took hold of Xerneas' leg, using all her might to force him into his back. She then wrapped her own legs around it as he let out a cry of pain, his head shifting back and forth.

    Things only looked better when Giratina sent a hard punch into Yveltal's face, aiming another one at the same spot. But just as it was about to hit, the bird easily took hold of his hand and asked, “Is that it?”

    Xerneas, meanwhile, stopped wailing after a while as he smirked and said, “Just kidding. This is nothing I can't handle,” before bending his free leg back, sending it forward into Machop's chin. As if that was not enough, this proved powerful enough to cause her to release her hold on him as he rose up and leapt into the air, planting his hooves into her gut.

    The others stared in shock as Xerneas proceeded to send rapid kicks into the same spot, Machop coughing and wheezing in response to each hit. And things seemed worse as Giratina received a hard punch to his face followed by one to his gut. Yveltal then flapped her arms and lifted herself into the air, sending her tail fist downward and into the dragon's face.

    Eiko could not believe what she was seeing as Giratina was already coughing up blood, Yveltal using her tail's claws to clutch onto his head. She then used all her might to force him downward, ramming his face into the canvas.

    “Don't feel too proud of yourself for that first punch,” she said with a smirk, “I merely let you hit me so I could gauge your strength. You really have gotten weaker with age,” the dragon gritting his teeth before turning toward Machop.

    It seemed neither hero was going to let up so easily as Machop lifted up her arms, taking hold of Xerneas' ankles as he smirked and said, “I was wondering when you'd try that.”

    With that, he leapt into the air, carrying a spellbound Machop with him as Giratina spat, “NO!” only for Yveltal to take to the sky, clenching her tail hand into a fist. She then descended toward the dragon only for his wings to split apart in three separate string-like fragments each. And once the bird was close enough, he bent them backwards thus sending them into her tail, her eyes wide open as he rose to his feet, slamming her back into the mat.

    The others cheered as Xerneas flipped two-hundred-and-seventy degrees, aiming Machop's face toward the mat. But just as it seemed like he was about to land the ultimate frankensteiner, Giratina flew up to his level and exclaimed, “I DON'T THINK SO!” ramming his skull into the stag's cheek.

    Xerneas' eye widened as Giratina swerved around to Xerneas' back, pushing hard against it and forcing him to fall forward. And since Machop was still clutching onto his ankles, this only made things worse for him as his chin hit the mat hard.

    “YEAH!” Eiko squealed as the others joined in, Torchic breathing a sigh of relief and saying, “Seems Giratina's still got some fight in him.”

    Machop released her hold on Xerneas as Yveltal rose to her feet, gasping, “Are you alright!?” the stag slowly rising to his feet and sighing, “It's fine, honey. You know I can handle far worse than that.”

    Machop, all the while, took many deep breaths and uttered, “Oh my god. My counter would have failed if you hadn't helped,” as Giratina sighed, “Don't let that get you down, okay? After all, this is a team effort. There's no shame in getting help from your partner during such a match.”

    The girl nodded as Xerneas knelt down and started counting with his hooves, barking, “Don't get too confident!” his antlers glowing as Yveltal flapped her arms and rose into the air again, a red light surrounding her body.

    “Oh god, I know exactly what's coming,” Machop uttered as Giratina nodded and readied his wings, saying, “I know what they're doing too. After all, I saw you and Meloetta fight them on TV.”

    Machop nodded as she took a deep breath, knowing she would need to be ready as Yveltal flew toward Giratina, shouting, “OBLIVION WING!” Xerneas charging at Machop and barking, “GEOMANCY STAMPEDE!”

    The dragon immediately took to the sky only for the bird to redirect her aim toward him. But just as Machop was ready to dodge Xerneas, it seemed she might not need to as he leapt up to Yveltal's level, the bird clutching onto his back with her tail hand and lifting him up onto hers.

    “What!?” Giratina spat, his eyes and mouth wide open as both rammed into him, shouting, “OBLIVION GEODE STRIKE!” the dragon coughing up a great deal of blood as he flipped backwards, falling toward the mat.

    “NO!” Machop exclaimed as she leapt up to catch him. However, Yveltal and Xerneas knew she would try this as the bird flung the stag toward her with his glowing antlers aimed right at her.

    “MOON BLAST!” the two exclaimed as the horns made contact with Machop's shoulders, the girl coughing up blood of her own as her back hit the canvas hard, Xerneas standing tall and proud while Giratina landed right next to her.

    “Man, that was awesome!” the stag exclaimed, clapping his hooves with glee, “I'd forgotten how fun it was to fight together! Now I'm really glad we got to do this!”

    Yveltal nodded and landed next to him, saying, “And you're just as strong and wonderful as always, dear,” Machop and Giratina struggling to get up as Eiko squeaked, “NO!”

    Isamu shook his head and uttered, “There's no way it can be over yet. Come on, Machop, get up.”

    It looked like she and the dragon would need to act quickly as Yveltal lifted up Xerneas by his ankles. She then lifted him high into the air while his antlers glowed, Torchic barking, “Come on, guys! You can do it! You've barely taken in any hits!”

    The others joined in and started to cheer the heroes on as Giratina turned to Machop and whispered, “You know what to do, right?” the girl nodding with a grin and replying, “You'd better believe it.”

    Yveltal released her hold on Xerneas as he descended toward them, shouting, “GEOMANCY BOMBER!” but just as his antlers were about to make contact, Giratina and Machop rolled to the side, the stag's eyes wide open as he soon found himself stuck in the canvas.

    Isamu breathed a sigh of relief as Machop rose to her feet, sending a roundhouse into the stag's side. Giratina proceeded to leap up toward Yveltal, exclaiming, “My turn now!”

    Once he was high enough, he sent his wing fragments forward, piercing the bird with the spikes. He then leaned backward, flipping her over him and exclaimed, “SHADOW CLAW SUPLEX!” descending toward the mat and planting Yveltal's skull into her husband's feet.

    The bird's eyes and beak were wide with shock and horror as Xerneas spat, “HONEY!” only for Machop to latch onto his ankles and leap into the air, prying him out of the mat. She then latched her ankles to his wrists and spun like a wheel, descending toward the canvas and shouting, “SUNSET SLAM!”

    While incomplete, the move still worked as Xerneas' belly hit the canvas hard. Thus he gasped in pain as Machop placed a firm grip against the back of his head and slammed his chin into the surface.

    The girl's friends erupted into many cheers as Giratina took a deep breath, a small bead of sweat dripping down the side of his head. However, he chose not to draw attention to it as he grinned at Machop, giving her a claw up while she returned the gesture.

    Xerneas and Yveltal slowly rose to their feet as the stag took a deep breath and grunted, “Don't look so proud of yourselves. That was nothing,” Yveltal standing up as well, noticing a little more sweat on Giratina's face.

    With that in mind, she grinned wickedly and nudged Xerneas, pointing a claw toward the dragon. Once the stag saw what she meant, he grinned and thought, 'I knew it, Giratina. You really shouldn't be in the ring right now. By the time this match is over, Mars will need a new ruler.'

    Either way, Machop did not seem to realize this as she grinned at Giratina, asking, “So, ready for more?” the dragon nodding and replying, “Yes. Now that I've seen a good number of their abilities, this won't be nearly as difficult as it was before.”

    “Let's see you back up those words!” Xerneas retorted as his antlers glowed once more. He then lowered his head and raced toward the dragon, barking, “GEOMANCY STAMPEDE!”

    Yveltal proceeded to fly toward Machop as she smirked, saying, “They're not seriously thinking of using the same tactic they used before, are they?”

    However, Giratina had a different thought as he stated, “Before you take any action, wait until they're close enough. I doubt they'll be stupid enough to try the same thing.”

    Once the villains got close, Machop leapt to the side while Giratina took to the sky. However, it seemed Yveltal and Xerneas were ready for this as the bird swung her arm sideways, striking Machop on the side as blood flew out.

    As if that was not enough, Xerneas leapt up toward Giratina with amazing speed and exclaimed, “GEOMANCY HEADBUTT!” ramming his antlers hard into the dragon's gut.

    It was not so much the fact that both had taken in the hits that shocked them. It was the fact that both Yveltal and Xerneas reacted so quickly, almost as if they depended on the two to try these exact countermeasures. And it only got worse when Yveltal leapt up and took hold of Machop's head, Xerneas wrapping his arms around Giratina and forcing him against his antlers.

    “GEOMANCY SUPLEX!” the stag exclaimed as he leaned backward, planting the back of the dragon's head into the canvas.

    Yveltal, meanwhile, lifted Machop into the air and flipped her backwards thus forcing the rest of her body upwards. Once her ankles were high enough, the bird took hold of them and descended toward the mat, exclaiming, “TRIPLE ARM DRIVER!”

    Machop's face made contact as she coughed up blood, Yveltal releasing her hold and allowing her to collapse. The others were mortified as the reporter blinked and uttered, “Is it already over?”

    Shockingly enough, despite the fact that the match had not lasted all that long, it seemed like that might very well be the case as Machop's eyes had rolled to the back of her head. As if that was not enough, Giratina was not moving at all as Yveltal and Xerneas folded their arms and smirked.

    “I'll admit, those two did put up a better fight than anyone else we've faced,” Xerneas stated, “That's more the kind of struggle I'd expect from the world champion. But I hope she doesn't take it too hard. After all, those two didn't really stand a chance.”

    Yveltal nodded and replied, “Exactly. At the very least, I give them an A for effort.”

    “Oh no,” Eiko whimpered, “This can't be it,” Isamu shaking his head and uttering, “It can't be over. I know Machop can handle much worse than this.”

    It seemed so when Machop started to twitch, Xerneas smirking and saying, “Well, well, well, looks like our little girl hasn't quite given up yet.”

    “Well, we can't have her getting up now, can we?” Yveltal replied as she once again took hold of the stag's ankles, lifting him high into the air as his antlers glowed.

    Once said parts were aimed at Machop's back, the two villains exclaimed, “GEOMANCY BOMBER!” as it truly seemed like the girl would be knocked out for good. After all, with so little strength, how could she avoid this?
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    It seemed that after only a little more than ten minutes, Machop and Giratina's match with Yveltal and Xerneas was about to come to an end. The dragon seemed to be out cold while Machop was struggling to get up. And worst of all, Xerneas was right above her with his antlers glowing.

    “Oh my god,” Torchic uttered with terror in her eyes, “I've seen Machop get out of tight spots before, but these two are something else entirely,” as Isamu and Eiko hugged one-another, Meloetta joining in.

    “GEOMANCY BOMBER!” the villains exclaimed as Yveltal released her hold on Xerneas and dropped him toward Machop. But just as his attack was about to land, Giratina's eyes shot wide open as he leapt over her, sending his wing fragments and hands upward and using the spikes and claws to block the incoming antlers.

    “WHAT!?” Xerneas spat as Giratina took in slight pain. But ultimately, he managed to overpower the stag and wrap his wing fragments around the horns. He then shifted them to the right, slamming Xerneas on his side before rising up and taking a deep breath, a few drops of sweat running down him.

    Yveltal frowned and snapped, “OH NO YOU DON'T!” as she descended toward the dragon with her tail fist aimed at his skull. Luckily, he saw this coming as backed up slightly before rising to her level.

    Yveltal's eyes were wide with shock as he wrapped his arms and wing fragments around her, flipping her upside-down while the others cheered. Xerneas slowly rose to his feet and gasped, just about to help his wife when Machop regained just enough strength to grab hold of his ankles, pulling hard enough to knock him on his back.

    With Yveltal perfectly set up, Giratina pointed his head up toward the sky and opened his mouth. Dark energy formed as he exclaimed, “DRAGON BREATH DRIVER!” releasing it into the air to speed up his descent. And soon enough, the back of the bird's head hit the canvas hard as she coughed up blood.

    Machop's jaw dropped as Xerneas spat, “HONEY!” He then aimed a kick at the girl only for her to block it with her palm. Afterwards, she proceeded to take hold of his other foot before throwing him over her, slamming his belly into the canvas.

    The others cheered wildly as Isamu breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I have to admit, Giratina's really been a great help so far,” as Venipede nodded and replied, “No kidding. This is the second time he's saved Machop.”

    The girl grinned at the dragon and said, “Thanks,” as he nodded with a smile, breathing quite a bit while his sweat was more noticeable. The girl blinked and was just about to question this when Xerneas rose to his feet and grunted, “Hey, didn't anyone ever tell you never to turn your back to your opponent!?”

    His antlers once again glowed as he raced toward the two. However, Giratina was not the least bit intimidated as he very quickly noticed that Yveltal had not yet recovered. Thus he waited just long enough before using his wing fragments to hold him back once more, Machop swerving to the side and planting a roundhouse into him.

    Unlike the other times this had happened, Xerneas ignored the pain and continued forward, Giratina's eyes widening as he used his hands to try and add to the strength of his push. Before Machop could help him some more, Yveltal rose to her feet and flew toward her, Isamu exclaiming, “MACHOP, LOOK OUT!”

    The girl turned just in time to see the bird's tail fist headed her way. Thus she instinctively held her arms up defensively, the fist making contact with her palms and forcing the backs of her hands into her face. Thus Machop grunted in pain and fell on her back, Giratina gasping, “Machop!” while panting.

    And soon enough, his guard lowered as he felt too weak, Xerneas smirking and shouting, “GEOMANCY STAMPEDE!” forcing the dragon's back into the ropes. He then rose his head a little bit higher, getting only the shoulders and pushing back further. As a result, Giratina cried out in pain as this caused his back to bend against the material.

    Machop wanted to help, but Yveltal was currently hovering over her with all three fists balled up, shouting, “TRIPLE ASSAULT!” sending them rapidly into her.

    The others watched this in horror as Rinko groaned, “Dammit! They were doing such a good job!” Meloetta whimpering, “Please, don't let this be it.”

    As Xerneas continued to force Giratina's shoulders back, he said, “I knew it. From the moment we saw that first bead of sweat, it was clear that you're way too old to fight us. Admit it, every attack you've used throughout this match has exhausted you almost as much as the hits you've taken in.”

    “Is this true?” Isamu uttered as Torchic sighed, “Well, I'm sure you all noticed him breathing quite a bit earlier, but I thought maybe that was a result of him taking in a lot of damage prior to using those attacks. I didn't think just using them would have that kind of effect on him.”

    Machop, however, would not allow this to continue as she wrapped her arms around herself, and while this softened the punches a little bit, it barely seemed to help. But even so, this was all she needed as she lifted herself up with her shoulders, sending her feet hard into Yveltal's gut.

    The bird's eyes widened as she ended her assault, the girl leaping up and wrapping her legs around her neck. She then took hold of her ankles and spread her legs out, shouting, “METEOR WARHEAD!” thus planting her skull into the mat.

    The girl then proceeded to leap backwards toward Xerneas, latching her ankles to the back of his neck. She pulled backwards as hard as she could, and after a few seconds, she managed to pry his head away from Giratina as his back made contact with the mat.

    Afterwards, she rose her foot and sent it hard into the stag's face before looking at Giratina with concern, asking, “Are you alright?”

    “Yeah, I'll be fine thanks to you,” the dragon replied with a light grin as Machop shook her head and retorted, “That's not what I meant and you know it! Is Xerneas right!? Should you really be fighting right now!?”

    The others were equally concerned as Meloetta sighed and uttered, “She's right, Mister Giratina, sir. We don't want you to strain yourself so much,” as Machop nodded and added, “My great aunt died doing the same thing you're doing right now.”

    “Is this true?” Isamu uttered as Eiko nodded and replied, “Yeah. Gardevoir's aunt, Psyla, fought Tyranitar back in the day and won with a brainbuster. But because she was so frail and he was so big, she died after using it. Many consider it a miracle she even managed to pull it off.”

    Giratina took a deep breath and replied, “I see where you're coming from, and I'm grateful for your concern. The fact that anyone would even care that much about me just warms my heart. But I knew what I was getting myself into when I volunteered to be your ally for this match. Besides, if I leave this ring, you'll be fighting alone and not even you can take these two by yourself.”

    The girl took a deep breath as Xerneas and Yveltal had already risen to their feet, Yveltal smirking and tauntingly saying, “Well, well, well, this is quite dilemma, isn't it? If Giratina continues to fight, he might just suffer an early death. But if he gives up and saves himself further torture, he'll just make our victory easier.”

    Machop slowly turned to the villains and growled, Xerneas chuckling and saying, “She's right. The others are free to try and fight us if they want, but only after this match is over. And you know what? We were thinking of sparing you before, Machop, but we'd rather do what our son foolishly retconned.”

    Machop's eyes widened as she gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. Now she wished she had refused Giratina's offer and chosen one of her other friends. After all, if she died, Zygarde's sacrifice would have been in vain and the last thing she wanted was to render his efforts pointless.

    The dragon patted her on the shoulder and said, “Look, Machop, it's true what Xerneas said. This match is taking a toll on me, but I just know that we can still win this. There's a reason I volunteered to be your ally. It's because I have more combat experience than anyone in this room, including you. But most of all, I feel like I owe this much to your father. He influenced me to become the kind leader I am today. I can't thank him enough for that.”

    Machop bit her lower lip. She wanted to protest against everything he had just said, but when she saw the sincerity in his eyes, she realized there was no point in arguing. As such, she took a deep breath and nodded, saying, “Alright, let's keep going.”

    Xerneas rolled his eyes and groaned, “Thank god. I was just about to take advantage of that conversation of yours,” Yveltal nodding and adding, “Even I was considering it.”

    Neither Machop nor Giratina dared question why the villains did not do that anyway as the dragon leapt up and said, “They've used a few team moves so far. Let's give them a taste of one of ours.”

    Machop nodded and took hold of his ankles. With that, he grinned and said, “I was just about to tell you to do that,” the girl replying, “Yeah, that was pretty easy to figure out.”

    With that, the dragon flew forward as Yveltal rose up to his level, grunting, “I don't think so!”

    Giratina grinned and flung Machop toward her, exclaiming, “NOW, AIM YOUR HEAD AT HER AND SPIN!” the girl nodding and doing just that, Yveltal's eyes wide open as she took the attack to her gut.

    Giratina gave Machop more directions as she lifted up her arms, taking hold of Yveltal's. And before Xerneas could rush in to help, the dragon flew toward him and wrapped his wing fragments around him, stating, “I think you know what to do from here, Machop.”

    The girl analyzed his actions and nodded, flipping herself one-hundred-and-eighty degrees as she descended toward Xerneas. Giratina then rose up and exclaimed, “COLLISSION SUPLEX!” Yveltal's skull hitting the stag's antlers and coming open.

    With that, the dragon flipped sideways, slammed Xerneas' neck into the canvas and spat, “SHADOW CLAW SIDE SUPLEX!”

    The others cheered wildly as Isamu exclaimed, “WAY TO GO!” Venipede and Rinko applauding the two as Meloetta breathed a sigh of relief. Things had been mostly against the heroes before, but now it truly seemed like they could win.

    But just as quickly as the advantage had come, it seemed like it might very well leave as Giratina was breathing more heavily than before. More sweat could be seen as he thought, 'No. Come on, body, you have more energy than that.'

    Machop noticed this as Xerneas rose to his feet. But just as she was about to rush in to help, Yveltal latched onto her ankle with her tail hand and smirked, asking, “Did you already forget about me?”

    With that, she proceeded to rise up into the air, pulling Machop up with her. And once high enough, she flipped her backward, reaching back and taking hold of her arms. She then flipped one-hundred-and-eighty degrees and soared toward the ground, shouting, “AVIAN DIVE!” planting Machop's skull into the canvas.

    Giratina wanted to help, but Xerneas was blocking his way as he smirked and asked, “Did you honestly think that would be enough?”

    The dragon scowled and grunted, “I wasn't going to rely on this, but you give me no choice! HEX!”

    He gazed deep into Xerneas' eyes as the stag briefly closed them. This hardly seemed to mean a thing as he had a deadpan look on his face, his body no longer moving.

    'Don't worry, Machop, I'll help you,' the dragon thought as he exclaimed, “THOUSAND FISTS!” sending his wing fragments at a rapid pace toward Xerneas.

    However, his eyes widened when the stag smirked and lowered his antlers, once again making them glow as they blocked the incoming strikes. And all the while, he explained, “Nice try, but I know all about your Hex technique. You need the opponent to gaze into your eyes the exact second you use it. Unfortunately for you, I closed mine just long enough for it to have no effect on me.'

    As if that was not enough, Giratina's punches started to slow down as Xerneas took full advantage of this, shifting his antlers around in a way that resulted in the wing fragments getting stuck in them. He then laughed and lifted the spellbound dragon upward, leaning backward and shouting, “GEOMANCY SUPLEX!” ramming the back of his neck into the canvas.

    Giratina coughed up blood as Xerneas managed to shake the fragments out of his horns, tauntingly asking, “That's the legendary Thousand Fists technique? I gotta say, I'm really disappointed. I've heard so many incredible things about this technique, how it's killed so many heroes over the past and yet you didn't land a single punch. As if that's not enough, you only sent out a little more than a hundred punches. That's not even close to a thousand.”

    As Giratina slowly rose to his feet, Yveltal smirked as Machop did not seem to be moving. As such, the dragon's eyes widened in horror as he shook his head, the others just as mortified as he was. If she could not get up soon, he would be in trouble for sure.

    There was no way he would allow all of their efforts to be in vain as he scowled and grunted, “Alright, so you managed to bypass Hex! Let's see you get around this!” before sinking into the mat.

    Torchic blinked and uttered, “I heard of this. I'm kinda surprised he didn't use that until now,” Eiko nodding and replying, “Oh yeah. That really gave Machoke trouble back in the day.”

    But as Giratina's wing fragments rose up under Xerneas, he smirked and leapt up, stamping his feet against two of them. This caused the dragon to hesitate as Yveltal flew over and took hold of the others, Xerneas stepping to the side and allowing her to pull Giratina out and fling him into the air.

    “Come on, let's finish him off before Machop has a chance to recover,” the bird said with a smirk as Xerneas nodded and leapt onto her back.

    With that, Yveltal flew toward Giratina as Xerneas' antlers glowed, the bird covering herself in a red light. Before the dragon could respond, both villains rammed hard into his back and exclaimed, “OBLIVION GEODE STRIKE!”

    Just like before, Giratina was unable to stay afloat after taking in such a devastating attack. Thus he plummeted toward the mat and landed hard on his back, his eyes closed now. All the while, Machop's friends and the reporter stared in horror. There was no way he could get up after taking in so much damage, was there?

    Both Yveltal and Xerneas were still airborne as the stag said, “Alright, let's end this once and for all. This has been fun, but we've had enough close calls so far.”

    “Agreed,” Yveltal replied as she aimed her tail claws toward the dragon's chest, Xerneas leaping up and planting his hooves into her shoulders. The two fell quickly toward Giratina and exclaimed, “LIFE DESTRUCTION DROP!”

    With Giratina unable to react, he soon found his chest struck as blood flew from it, the area going silent as he coughed up blood. His body then started to twitch as Xerneas lowered himself and wrapped his legs around Yveltal's shoulders. He then shifted sideways, spinning his wife like a screwdriver as more blood flew out, the dragon crying out in pain.

    “NO!” Eiko squeaked in terror, Meloetta shielding her eyes. None of them could believe this. Even after all of Giratina and Machop's best efforts, it seemed like they had failed.

    After enough time, Giratina let out a light gasp and closed his eyes. Thus Yveltal and Xerneas ended their assault, each sporting a wicked smirk.

    “That's what he gets for not realizing his limits,” Xerneas said with his arms folded, “He knew he was too old for this and he still tried anyway. What a dumbass.”

    “Indeed,” Yveltal replied with a sigh before turning to Machop and adding, “Though I'm kinda surprised she hasn't risen up again. Guess we may as well finish her off too while we're at it.”

    Isamu's eyes widened as he spat, “NO, DON'T! SHE'S CLEARLY UNCONSCIOUS! ISN'T THAT GOOD ENOUGH!?”

    Tears formed in his eyes as Xerneas rolled his eyes and sighed, “God, what a whiner,” only for Eiko to rise up and exclaim, “Come on, Machop! Get up! Don't let Giratina's efforts be in vain!”

    Unfortunately, it truly seemed that Machop had been defeated as she was unable to move so much as a muscle. Thus Yveltal and Xerneas slowly approached her, readying themselves for the attack that would end her life for good.

    But not long after they started their walk, their eyes widened when they felt something tugging on their ankles. They then looked down to see four of Giratina's wing fragments, the dragon coughing lightly before smirking and saying, “Fooled you.”

    “What!?” Xerneas spat, his eyes and mouth wide open, “How did that not kill him!?” as Yveltal let out a sigh and groaned, “I'm just ashamed of myself for actually falling for that.”

    Unfortunately, though, Giratina had not given himself nearly enough time to recover a great deal of strength, thus the simple act of binding their ankles in place was the best he could do right now. But just as it looked like the two villains were ready to end his life for good, Machop's eyes shot wide open as she used her hands to propel herself off of the canvas.

    “OH MY GOD, YES!” Isamu exclaimed as the others cheered, Machop spreading out her legs and shouting, “DOUBLE MOON LARIAT!”

    “Oh no,” Yveltal and Xerneas groaned as Machop's legs hit their necks, causing them to cough up a bit of blood. Giratina grinned and ignored all the pain dealt to him earlier, flinging them high into the air. With that, he nodded at Machop who grinned and leapt up to Yveltal's level, latching onto her neck with her legs and locking her arms in place.

    Giratina took a deep breath and vanished. He reappeared behind Xerneas and wrapped his wing fragments and arms around him, flipping him over. He also used his legs to apply a firm grip to the stag's neck thus forcing his head forward so his antlers could not cushion the incoming strike.

    “This might actually end it,” Torchic uttered, “It's gone on history that only Hoopa and Diancie were ever able to recover from this move.”

    “I really hope this does it,” Meloetta whimpered, “It seems like a true miracle that Machop and Giratina are still standing at this point.”

    Isamu nodded and replied, “Yeah, but only Machop could pull off a miracle like this. Though I really was terrified back there,” before wiping the tears from his eyes.

    “Me too,” Eiko replied as she patted her brother on the shoulder.

    Soon enough, the back of Xerneas' head made contact with the canvas as Yveltal's skull was rammed into the his feet. With that, Giratina and Machop exclaimed, “MUSCLE COFFIN!” as they released their hold and allowed the two villains to collapse.

    The others cheered and clapped while the reporter wiped her forehead and stated, “And there you have it, folks, the legendary Muscle Coffin! To think that Giratina and Machop were able to pull that off!”

    Giratina breathed heavily, sweat pouring down his face as he grunted, “Damn. That really took a lot out of me. This is why I don't use my Shadow Force ability anymore.”

    Machop shook her head and patted him on the shoulder, saying, “Still, as much as your age seems to have gotten to you, I don't think I could have asked for a better ally for this match.”

    But just as it looked like everything had finally come to a close, Machop and Giratina's eyes widened when they heard the sound of grunts and groans. And when they turned, it seemed their fear was justified as Xerneas and Yveltal had managed to rise to their feet. They breathed heavily and glared at their opponents, blood dripping from their mouths.

    “How!?” Yveltal grunted, “How are you two able to keep getting up!? Machop I can understand, but even you, Giratina!? It's already been established that you're too old for this!”

    Giratina took a deep breath and folded his arms, replying, “If I could be perfectly honest, I don't know why I continue to fight. By every logical count, I should have lost the ability to fight back when I took in that team move of yours a second time. I guess maybe my fighting spirit is just too strong, kinda like another someone I know.”

    Machop beamed bright as Xerneas growled, “Whatever! So you two have managed to pull off a few impressive hits! So you continue to rise after everything we've done! That hardly matters because there is no way in Hell we're letting you ruin everything after all this time!”

    With that, a blue aura surrounded the stag while Yveltal had a red aura. The pointy coloured formations on Xerneas' antlers grew so they reached one-and-a-half times higher. He also sprouted three fingers and toes on each hoof. Meanwhile, Yveltal's claws grew slightly longer while her tail changed form to look more like a spear.

    While neither had undergone a huge change in appearance, it was clear just from looking at them that they had become more deadly. The match had already been difficult for Machop and Giratina up to this point, but now it had gotten even worse. Was all hope lost or could they still win?
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    As if Xerneas and Yveltal were not threatening enough before, now they had made themselves more powerful. All the while, Giratina and Machop had taken in all sorts of damage prior to this while the dragon had exhausted himself with all of the moves he had pulled off up to this point. Needless to say, it was not looking good.

    “Dammit!” Isamu cursed through gritted teeth, “Why!? They were doing such a good job! Why do these two keep recovering!?” as Eiko bit her lower lip and whimpered, “I just want this all to end. We've already lost two friends. I can't bear to lose anyone else.”

    “Hey, don't lose faith,” Rinko uttered with a nervous smile, “This is Machop we're talking about here, and Giratina's proven himself pretty awesome for an elderly man. I'm sure they can keep their advantage going.”

    Venipede nodded and replied, “Exactly. Think about how many tight spots Machop has managed to get out of. Sure, she's lost a few matches, but she still has as better track record than any of us.”

    Meloetta took a deep breath and nodded, saying, “If anyone can defeat Yveltal and Xerneas, I'm sure it's these two. I don't think it was a mistake for Giratina to team up with her. I get the feeling he really is better than any of us could have been.”

    Meanwhile, in the hospital, Jackalu gritted his teeth and growled, “Come on, Machop! Don't let these new forms get to you! You're saucesome!” as Clawitzer patted him on the shoulder.

    Gallador and Garbodor had woken up a while ago and thus had seen half the match up to this point. And after what they had witnessed, both were fully confident that Giratina and Machop could turn this around. After all, with the number of close calls they had already overcome, the fact that Yveltal and Xerneas continued to fight felt like the true miracle to them.

    Vigoroth was also awake as she grinned and said, “Come on, Machop, kick their asses. I know you can do it.”

    In the hotel, the other heroes were just as supportive, especially Delphox and Fletchinder. The last thing they wanted was for all of their efforts to be in vain.

    Sneasel and Gigalith also watched with serious looks in their eyes, both feeling fully confident in Machop and Giratina. While the golem may not have faced the girl in an official match, the fact that she had defeated Sneasel convinced him that she truly could pull this off.

    And of course, Lairon, Garchomp and Eri were all supportive as the couple cheered Machop on. They knew she could not hear them but still felt like they had to give as much encouragement as possible. And the same went for Noboru and Hana.

    But most of all, Machoke and Gardevoir watched the match on TV with hope. After all, Machop had the fighting spirit of her father and the hidden power of her mother. This certainly made for an amazing combination, one that had proven itself useful multiple times.

    Machop seemed to think so as she took a deep breath and asked, “Do you feel up to this, Giratina?” the dragon nodding and replying, “Yes, I think I can manage. I don't know what it is, but fighting alongside you has given me more energy than I figured I would have.”

    With that, the two struck defensive stances as Xerneas smirked and asked, “You ready for this?” Yveltal giving him a thumb claw up and flapping her arms, rising up off the mat.

    She then flew toward Giratina who waited for her to get close enough before taking to the sky himself. But just as it looked like he was going to dodge her next attack, his eyes widened when the bird flipped backward, lifting her tail up and putting five big gashes on his torso. And things got worse when she flapped behind him, planting her hand claws into his shoulders while piercing his back with her tail.

    Machop, all the while, tried dodging Xerneas by leaping to the side. Unfortunately, he saw this coming and sent a roundhouse into her face, and due to his feet how having three toes as opposed to one, this wound up dealing more damage than it normally would have. And with Machop distracted, he sent two jabs into the same spot before tilted his head down and planting his antlers into her.

    Since his spiky protrusions were dominant at this point, Machop's body had been pierced as her eyes and mouth were wide open. As if that was not enough, Xerneas now had her stuck in place as he lifted his head back up, leaping into the air as Yveltal smirked and descended toward him with Giratina's belly facing Machop's.

    “AVIAN STAMPEDE!” the two villains exclaimed as both heroes made contact, coughing up blood as the others stared in horror, Isamu rising to his feet and barking, “MACHOP!”

    Giratina gritted his teeth and tried his best to ignore this, sending his wing fragments upward and piercing Yveltal while shouting, “SHADOW CLAW!” but the bird ignored it and smirked.

    She then removed her claws from his shoulders and spread out her arms, keeping the tail claws in his back while Xerneas descended toward the mat and flipped himself one-hundred-and-eighty degrees. Yveltal then descended toward the mat and exclaimed, “TAIL SPEAR DROP!”

    Giratina's belly made contact with the mat as he coughed up more blood. And all the while, the back of Machop's neck had been slammed into the canvas as Xerneas exclaimed, “GEOMANCY SUPLEX!”

    Both villains released their victims and folded their arms while laughing maniacally. Everyone else was silent as they were once again mortified. It seemed these small upgrades really had made Yveltal and Xerneas more deadly. Could the heroes even recover from this?

    Even if they could, Yveltal would not allow this as she flapped above Giratina with her claws aimed at his back, specifically the area where his heart was. Now that her claws were long enough, she knew she could pierce it even from this side.

    “Alright, this time, you'd better die for real,” she stated as Xerneas leapt up to her level and planted his hooves into her shoulders. Thus both villains descended toward Giratina and exclaimed, “LIFE DESTRUCTION DROP!”

    Just as they were seconds away from piercing the dragon, his eyes shot wide open as he gasped, “Oh my god, I can still move!”

    With that, he sent his wing fragments up once more and planted the spikes into the tip of Yveltal's tail. Her eyes widened as not only was the recovery itself shocking, but he was actually able to push up hard enough to prevent her from landing her attack even with Xerneas adding to the speed of her descent.

    The others cheered wildly as Machop rose to her feet with a grin on her face. Both villains were too spellbound to respond as she leapt at Xerneas and wrapped her legs around his neck. And with all her might, she managed to pull them downward, their backs hitting the canvas hard.

    “Oh my god,” Isamu sighed as he wiped sweat off of his forehead, “They keep cutting it so close,” as Meloetta and Eiko hugged one-another. Both had been even more terrified than the others.

    Giratina quickly rose to his feet and sent a spike into each villain's back, shouting, “SHADOW CLAW!” before removing them and distancing himself.

    Machop grinned as Yveltal and Xerneas once again rose to their feet. Both looked furious now as Yveltal spat, “Dammit! I'd accept this if Giratina had transformed into his more powerful state, but he hasn't! How does he keep doing this!?”

    “Wait, more powerful state?” Machop uttered as the dragon sighed, “Oh yeah, it's a form that multiplies my physical strength by one and a half. As much as I would have loved to have used that form earlier, the last time I used it, it caused me to go rogue and revert back to how I used to be when I was evil. That's why I'm really hoping we can win this with me in my current state.”

    The girl nodded and smiled, saying, “Well, we seem to be doing alright despite the odds constantly stacked against us. Come on, let's keep going.”

    Yveltal and Xerneas refused to let them deal more hits as they readied their claws and antlers. And just as it seemed like Machop and Giratina would be struck again, the girl swerved to the side and sent a roundhouse into Xerneas' side and a karate chop into his cheek at the same time. While the kick alone had barely slowed him down before, this time he reacted as he grunted and faltered sideways.

    All the while, Giratina waited for Yveltal to get close before spinning around with his wing fragments outward, barking, “OMINOUS WIND!”

    While spinning like this did cause the dragon to exhaust his energy quite a bit, it also allowed him to cover Yveltal in cuts while Machop took hold of Xerneas from behind. She then leapt up and planted her skull into his back, causing him to fly forward and run right into Yveltal's back.

    “That's what I'm talking about!” Torchic exclaimed with a grin as Isamu nodded and said, “Yeah. This match is theirs. I can feel it.”

    Unfortunately, Xerneas and Yveltal refused to let this get to them as they locked arms and lifted up their feet. They then spun and dealt a series of kicks to Giratina's side, shouting, “COUPLE'S TWISTER!”

    Their assault came to a halt when Machop leapt toward them with her arm out, shouting, “MOON HOOK!” and reaching them just in time to strike Yveltal's neck.

    Despite all the pain he had just taken in, Giratina was still able to fight as he took full advantage of this and pierced Xerneas with his wing spikes. He then leaned backward and lifted the stag above his head, shouting, “SHADOW CLAW SUPLEX!” shifting his wing fragments so they were pointed downward thus planting Xerneas' back into the canvas.

    Things seemed to get better as Machop swung Yveltal around, wrapping one arm around her chest area and asking, “You think you can handle this?” as Giratina nodded, kept his spikes in Xerneas and turned to him.

    With that, both heroes lifted up their opponents and leaned backward, exclaiming, “DOUBLE SUPLEX!” ramming the back of each villain's head into the other.

    But just as Machop and Giratina were ready to try even more, Yveltal and Xerneas ignored the pain as the stag wrapped his ankles around the dragon's neck. Yveltal, all the while, bent her tail backward and used it to clutch onto Machop's head.

    Both heroes gasped as their eyes widened. And soon enough, they found themselves flung into the air as Yveltal wasted no time flying above Giratina and ramming her tail fist into his gut thus causing him to careen into the mat.

    “Now, dear!” she exclaimed, “At the very least, we're gonna finish off Machop for good!”

    “Right!” Xerneas exclaimed as he leapt up and rammed his antlers hard into Machop's back. This sent her flying higher as he leapt up to her height again, repeating the attack and sending her even farther from the ring. And once she was as high as she could get, Yveltal flew behind her and took hold of her head, throwing her backwards hard enough to cause all but her head to flip upside-down. The bird then took hold of her ankles and descended toward Giratina's back, shouting, “GEOMANCY TRIPLE ARM DRIVER!”

    Xerneas grinned and leapt up to her level, once again planting his hooves into her shoulders and speeding up her descent. And soon enough, Machop's skull made contact with Giratina's back as the both coughed up blood, their eyes closing as Yveltal released her hold on the girl.

    Meloetta bit her lower lip, cupping her hands together and praying that things would turn out for the better. Venipede trembled and uttered, “They'll get up from that, right?” as Rinko nodded and replied, “Of course. They've managed to overcome much worse throughout this match, right?”

    Yveltal and Xerneas were once again prepared to end this match for good. After the heroes had recovered from so many close calls, they could no longer risk it. As such, Yveltal took to the sky and aimed her claws at Giratina's chest while Xerneas followed suit, flipping himself over and pointing his horns at Machop.

    “TAIL SPEAR DROP!” Yveltal exclaimed as Xerneas shouted, “GEOMANCY BOMBER!”

    But just as their attacks were about to hit, Machop and Giratina managed to recover just in time before propelling themselves up and latching onto the villains. Giratina flipped Yveltal upside-down as Machop took full advantage of the fact that Xerneas already had his head aimed downward, both wrapping their arms around their opponents and adding to the speed of their descent. Thus both villains had the backs of her heads hit the canvas hard as they coughed up blood.

    However, they refused to allow Giratina and Machop to add to this as they wriggled free from their holds. They then leapt upright and breathed heavily, looks of irritation on their faces. They could not believe how many times this had happened.

    However, they also refused to let this get to them as they nodded at one-another. Xerneas then leapt on Yveltal's back as she rose up off the mat and spread her arms out. A bright aura formed around each villain as the bird flew toward the heroes, both of them shouting, “OBLIVION GEODE STRIKE!”

    Giratina and Machop were unable to respond in time as unlike before, Yveltal tilted to the right. As such, Giratina took her beak to his gut while Machop was once again stabbed by Xerneas' antlers.

    It did not end there as Yveltal used her tail hand to lock Giratina in place. And with the antlers still stuck in Machop, Xerneas did not need to do a thing as the bird took to the sky. Once they reached the edges of the volcano, they smirked as Yveltal performed a U-turn, heading toward the canvas.


    Thus the two exclaimed, “OBLIVION GEODE BOMBER!” only for Giratina to grit his teeth and growl, “No! We won't fail! Right, Machop!?”

    The girl nodded and ignored the pain to her body as she let out a loud cry, briefly expanding the size of her muscles. After a few seconds, Xerneas' eyes widened as this managed to force his antlers out of her flesh, Giratina all the while spinning while shouting, “OMINOUS WIND!” dark wind surrounding him.

    Yveltal winced as she found herself unable to hold onto him. Thus both villains had their guards dropped as Machop took hold of Xerneas and lowered him so she was clutching his ankles. She then forced his body into a bridge formation and locked his head in place with her feet, forcing it forward so now the back of his head was facing the mat.

    Things only got better when Giratina flipped himself upside-down and wrapped his wing fragments and arms around Yveltal. He then spun while the same dark wind picked up, planting her skull into Xerneas' belly while now all four fighters were spinning like a tornado.

    The others watched in awe as Isamu uttered, “Oh my god,” Eiko saying, “That's so cool. They're combining the Mach Lightning with Giratina's Ominous Wind Suplex.”

    After a few seconds, the back of Xerneas' head hit the canvas hard as Machop and Giratina exclaimed, “MACH THUNDERSTORM!” Yveltal's skull taking in extra damage as both villains coughed up a great deal of blood.

    All went silent as Giratina and Machop released their hold, allowing both villains to collapse with Yveltal still on top of Xerneas. But while it looked like the villains might not rise, the heroes refused to drop their guard. After all, both teams had recovered from many powerful strikes throughout the match.

    After half-a-minute, the heroes and their friends tensed up as Yveltal and Xerneas managed to push themselves up, their bodies shaking. The stag took a deep breath and pointed at Machop, growling, “You think that's gonna stop us!? Zygarde may have been tough, but we're tough too!” Yveltal nodding and uttering, “Yeah. Don't think for a minute that you've... you've...”

    Both coughed up one last bit of blood as their eyes rolled to the backs of their heads. Their eyelids then closed shut as they fell forward, landing on their chins as the reporter nodded and stated, “Well, there you have it, folks. Giratina and Machop, or rather The Phantom Muscles have defeated Life's Destruction and saved the world!”

    Isamu and Eiko smiled wide and embraced one-another, exclaiming, “YES! THEY DID IT!” Rinko and Venipede performing a victory dance while Meloetta and Torchic breathed sighs of relief.

    In the hospital, Vigoroth grinned and said, “I knew they could do it,” Jackalu and Clawitzer cheering in the other room, not caring how disruptive they were being right now.

    Gallador and Garbodor grinned as the trash heap said, “I knew she could do it, especially after the way she defeated me,” Gallador nodding and adding, “And we can't forget Giratina. He showed amazing perseverance.”

    Sneasel grinned and exclaimed, “Yeah! I knew they could do it!” Gigalith pumping his fists happily in the air.

    The others watching could not have been happier, Garchomp and Lairon giving each other a high five and exclaiming, “That's our pupil!” Eri barking happily and wagging her tail.

    Noboru and Hana were beyond relieved as the man said, “Wow. I tell you, that Mach family continues to amaze me more and more,” Hana nodding and adding, “I'm just glad the kids didn't get hurt once.”

    And naturally, Machoke and Gardevoir were beyond ecstatic as they pulled out bottles of soda and clinked them together. Needless to say, they were not only proud of their daughter but really happy that Giratina had come to help her pull this off.

    Machop breathed heavily and smiled at Giratina who was breathing even harder. He forced a smile and held a claw up, the girl saying, “We make an awesome team, don't we?”

    Giratina nodded before glaring down at Yveltal and Xerneas, asking, “What should we do with them?” as Machop shrugged and replied, “We'll have Hero Planet's government throw them in jail.”

    “So you don't believe in killing your opponents either,” the dragon replied as the girl nodded and stated, “It doesn't matter how horrible a person is. A life is still a life. And besides, if I let them live, I give them an opportunity to turn their lives around.”

    With that, both heroes stepped out of the ring, Machop immediately met by a tight embrace from Isamu. The boy let down light tears and patted her on the back, exclaiming, “You are amazing! Both of you were so awesome back there! I'd expect no less, but it still astounds me every time I see it!”

    Eiko nodded and sighed, “I bet up in Heaven, Kelani's really happy that you won. And, well, so am I.”

    “Yeah, thank god it's finally over,” Venipede sighed as Rinko added, “Yeah. I've never seen such a close match before.”

    Meloetta nodded and walked over to Machop, squeaking, “I was so scared! Are you gonna be alright!?” the girl replying, “Of course I am. Think about who you're talking to here.”

    She then turned to Giratina and added, “But special props go to my partner. I honestly don't think I could have won this without him,” the dragon sighing, “Same here. I don't think I'll ever fight again after this, but I'm just glad I finally got to do something good for the world.”

    With all said and done, he headed toward his UFO and grinned, saying, “Maybe if I get the time, I'll stop on by for a visit,” Machop nodding and replying, “That would be awesome. I'll call up Mama and Daddy so you can see them too.”

    The dragon nodded and replied, “I'd like that,” before boarding the space vessel and taking off.

    With all said and done, things had truly turned out for the best. Yveltal and Xerneas along with their followers were all brought to prison, most of them deciding to start a new life once they were freed. Though of course, there were those who would not change their ways, such as Froslass and Dunsparce due to them both being too mentally unstable.

    It was unknown whether or not Yveltal and Xerneas themselves would ever change their ways, especially since deep down, they knew their plan could not work without Zygarde. But luckily, Hero Planet's prisons were more than powerful enough to contain them, so this was hardly an issue.

    Giratina returned to Mars and all of his followers were happy to see him return in one piece. As much as they respected him, even they had wondered if he was really fit to fight evil, especially two villains as powerful as Yveltal and Xerneas.

    And of course, Machop and her friends took a flight to their assigned areas. Though many of the others had agreed to stop by Tokyo on the way back for one specific purpose.

    As it so happened, Eiko and Isamu had both agreed that it would be a good idea to hold a proper funeral for Zygarde when they returned and even though Fletchinder and Delphox did not know him very well, they felt that it would only be right to pay their respects to the one who gave up his life to save Machop.

    When the group returned, Machop was happily greeted by Lairon and Garchomp, both of them holding her in a tight embrace and talking about how proud they were of her. However, the girl was shocked to hear that her parents were on their way to Tokyo to see her. After all, they wanted to congratulate her for all of her efforts in person.

    And needless to say, Machop was very happy to see them when they arrived. Naturally, Machoke and Gardevoir wanted to celebrate her accomplishments, and ultimately, the girl decided to do so at the club. After all, both Machoke and Gardevoir used to visit that place frequently, so it just felt right.

    But before they could do that, they decided to hold the funeral first. A monument had been set up in the cemetery for Zygarde as everyone close to him arrived to pay their respects. As exciting as it was for Eiko to be in the same area as Machoke and Gardevoir, she could only focus on the funeral as naturally, she had the most tears during the entire event.

    Once everyone had given a speech, the pink-haired girl walked over to the monument and sniffed, “I'll miss you, Kelani. You have no idea how happy you made me. I know I'm not your real mother nor am I really old enough to be one, but it was still pretty awesome teaching you so many things and spending time with you. I don't see you as a son but as a friend, and I hope you're having the time of your life up in Heaven.”

    She then placed a flower in front of the monument as she and the others headed off, deciding they may as well postpone the celebration. However, Eiko protested against it, figuring that the last thing Zygarde wanted was for them to spend the rest of the day mourning over him. If anything, she figured having a good time would make him a lot happier.

    Unfortunately, most of those not assigned to Tokyo felt that they had to return to their areas, though Gallador, Jackalu and Clawitzer had ultimately decided to stay for the celebration. Not only did they feel obligated to do so, but at the very least, the dog and the shrimp could easily take the bullet train back to Osaka.

    While the group had a bit of trouble really getting into the spirit at first, it was not long until they were having fun, Machoke and Gardevoir more than happy to see the owner again. Gardevoir and Meloetta even performed a duet with the karaoke machine to which they were met with a great deal of applause. The green-haired girl was especially happy to meet someone with a singing voice that complimented hers so perfectly.

    And from that moment on, things really started to look up. Meloetta eventually started a relationship with someone who genuinely liked her for who she was, Vigoroth having of course helped her realize he was right for her. He was a polite young boy named Yoshinori.

    As everyone had suspected, Jackalu and Clawitzer started a relationship as well. Needless to say, it came as a shock to them when they discovered their friends had seen it coming.

    Gigalith and Sneasel or course continued to fight crime in Edmonton, keeping the streets safe. Though unlike Jackalu and Clawitzer, they never developed feelings for one-another, each one finding a different mate. Either way, they were happy and that was all that mattered.

    Though one thing that really surprised everyone was that after being released from prison, Magcargo had chosen to help protect the same area Fletchinder was assigned to. In order to help him interact with people, the robin's ally, a flower girl named Bellossum, had a good friend of hers, an inventor named Shindo, create a fireproof outfit. And with that, the snail was able to make contact with others without burning them.

    And during that time, he and the robin developed feelings, especially with Fletchinder being one of the few beings who could touch him without being badly hurt. Needless to say, Magcargo was beyond happy.

    Garbodor felt beyond fortunate as he wound up with a nice young garbage woman. Since she worked with dirt on a regular basis, a walking pile of trash did not repulse her in the slightest. And of course, Gallador had found himself someone to settle down with as well.

    Five years passed and things had been surprisingly peaceful during all that time. It was as if the defeat of Yveltal and Xerneas had caused other villains to rethink their ways. As such, many of the heroes went on to get normal jobs, Meloetta becoming a live performer with Vigoroth as her bodyguard.

    Venipede got himself a nice office job as he did not wish for a stressful career. Rinko, meanwhile, became a police officer, still feeling the need to protect the innocent. And needless to say, she was the best that Tokyo had to offer.

    Isamu had passed college and went on to become a banker while Eiko became a daycare assistant. After having spent months caring for a child and doing a surprisingly good job of it, she felt that this was the life for her. And while she hoped to one day get married and have her own kid, she did not try to rush into it.

    Torchic got herself a job at a construction site. While her lack of arms did make this rather difficult, she was still able to pull it off.

    Machop had become an instructor at a local dojo. After having spent so long learning to fight, she felt it only necessary to pass Lairon's teachings onto a new generation of potential fighters. And after making enough money, she eventually moved out of the dinosaur's house to get her own place.

    And after a bit more time had passed, Isamu finally popped the question. Needless to say, no expenses were made for the wedding as Machoke pitched in to pay for it just like Machamp did when he married Gardevoir. And of course, it was a joyous occasion.

    Rinko and Venipede were married later that same year and were already making plans to have a child of their own. They were fully intent on teaching him or her both of their methods of fighting, whether the child was a centipede or a human. After all, if Rinko could match the strength of a hero, anything was possible.

    As for Clawitzer and Jackalu, they had been married for quite some time. As a matter of fact, they only waited until the age of twenty as they could not anticipate such a major event any longer. And after their marriage was official, rather than sharing a kiss, they decided to perform their victory dance much to the audience's dismay.

    Meloetta and Yoshinori waited a touch longer than the others. While Meloetta had been more eager for marriage than Jackalu and Clawitzer at first, she realized that she was better off thinking about such a big decision for quite a while before going through with it. But when it finally happened, she was beyond happy and even got to perform her own reception as per her request.

    Five more years passed as all of Machop's friends had children save for her. This was due to the fact that she had been pregnant during that time, but it was not long until the big day came.

    Isamu, Eiko and all of the others stood there as Machop breathed heavily, a nurse handing her a baby covered in a blanket. Machop smiled sweetly and held her new baby girl, this one resembling her but having six arms, the most any member of the Mach family had ever possessed. She then lifted the child up and said, “Hello, little cutie. I'd like to welcome you to Tokyo. From now on, your name shall be Mapin.”

    The end. Third installment can be read here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12238748/1/Earth-s-Protectors-III

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