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Entry for Heartwarming Tales Event - Based on a True Story

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Lord Vain, Dec 26, 2014.

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  1. Lord Vain

    Lord Vain ✯Drifting Digital God✯

    Dec 8, 2014
    Mario Mushroom ★Legendary Triforce ★★
    ~The Golden Angel~
    Somewhere in a Galaxy known as the Milky Way...

    There lives a girl who is as beautiful as all the stars in the cosmos, but growing up she was unfortunately treated unfairly and abused a lot, so in turn she developed the belief that there was a lot wrong with her looks among other things. Her name was as lovely as the smile she'd now rarely wear on her face, but despite all the difficulty she came by in life, she never truly gave up.

    All the hardships and pain life had brought upon her nearly pushed her over the edge a few times, but luckily she never perished, because she always tried to convince herself that maybe she actually was good for something and was or would be important to somebody out there...deep down she didn't fully believe these things due to what she had to deal with, but it was the truth, she just sadly couldn't grasp onto it.

    Eventually she did encounter somebody who made her feel things she never felt though, and from that day forwards things were a bit different for her, she'd smile more, laugh often, be able to get to sleep easier and just feel real happiness like never before. Somebody who cherished her and wished to help take care of her, she finally had such a person in her life, it made her so happy that she just couldn't even explain her feelings due to them being so new and unnatural for her.

    Time went by and they grew very close, they had many happy moments together, but unfortunately catastrophe eventually struck and they were separated for awhile. Around a year later they once again crossed paths though, they had grown up a bit since the last time, and so once again they grew close and had the time of their lives together for a time. Yes, for a time...after several months had passed, they unfortunately separated once more, much to the young man's dismay. Even with him in her life and by her side, the girl still unfortunately had some personal troubles, they were not easily gotten rid of. This didn't stop the young man though, it didn't waver his overall resolve, he still wanted to help take care of her no matter what and so he watched and he waited.

    Eventually the girl came back around again, and after some confusion, they grew close as they often did, but this time as friends. There was still an attraction and connection there shared by the both of them, but the girl, she was still terribly troubled and eventually was no longer even certain about what she wanted. She had terrible confliction when it came to him, deep down he made her happy and she never wanted him to leave her, but at the same time she still felt undeserving of his niceness and couldn't entirely understand why he put so much effort into dealing with her when she was so troublesome and unenthusiastic at times.

    With a smile the boy always said that it was because he could and wanted to, and went on to say that no matter what, he'd always love her and try to help her smile and be happy. It was an unconditional sort of love he held for her, one composed of a mind that never stayed mad, a heart that never hardened, and eyes which always saw a beautiful girl who deserved the best. To him she deserved goodness ever since she was young and he wished he could have tried to help make her life better sooner, due to this he's always trying to do his best in an attempt to make up for all the good treatment she missed out on even despite knowing it was out of his control.

    To this day they still spend time in each other's company, the girl is as much of a handful as ever, but the boy still understands and continues to do his best. There's no way to tell how this story may end, but in his mind...so long as the girl is happy and understands her importance, he'll be satisfied enough, all he's ever wished for was to see her happy and help her be happy too after all.

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