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Eternal life pokemon colosseum in modern life romance fanfic WesxRui

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by KrazyK, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. KrazyK

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    Feb 19, 2017
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    Hiya guys!!! It's KrazyK here!!! This is my first fanfic for WesxRui but it is set in modern day times and there are no Pokémon knocking around so its basically just them two but with other characters from the game (Pokémon Colosseum) just fitting in our way of life... well at this moment in time.
    Well that's enough of me chitty chitty chat chat and onto the god damn fanfic..
    Oh yeah by the way ...
    DISCLAIMER ALERT!!! — I don't own Pokémon Colosseum or any Pokémon related things that may appear (this also includes real life brands coz I don't own those either )
    Likes, reviews and improvements accepted here!!!! 
    In the dead of the night ,the wind howled as rain battered the car window of a black BMW owned by a young man with sandy coloured hair, blue trench coat with black combat pants, golden amber eyes and one white stripe under his eyes. the cracking sound of the thunder was everywhere and from the dark clouds lightning struck here and there, lighting up the sky for a second before vanishing whilst the young man pulled up into his drive of his modern day house .

    Rushed out of his car, stumbled upon his doorstep , slowly unlocked and opened his front door then quickly slammed it behind him without hesitation.

    "Rui! I'm home!!" he shouted ,his body was trembling with exhaustion and fatigue, his eyes were almost closed. The young man's body was as cold as snow (maybe even colder!), his lips were blue which made them looked bruised .

    At the sound of his voice ,a pregnant, young redheaded women came rushing down the stairs in her baby pink nighty with a little, cute kitten on the front.

    "Wes! Where have you been? Oh my god! Look at you! What happened!" Rui shouted whilst running towards him, snatching a dark blue bottle from on top of the fire place on her way towards him.

    "shit day at work...terrible weather and stuck in traffic... what else could go wrong?" Wes listed in exhaustion as he shrugged off his wet blue trench coat and removed his black t-shirt to reveal his well tanned ,muscular upper body .

    "a miscarriage? "Rui added in

    "Rui that will never happen I promise you, nothing like that is going to happen on my watch" Wes replied placing his hands gently on her hips .

    Rui responded to this by placed her hands on his tense shoulders , dropping the dark blue bottle and gently massaged them making them looser

    "Rui you don't have to do this for me" Wes assured he didn't want Rui be a slave to him. She is his wife and nobody treats her like a commoner, especially now whilst she is pregnant.

    "Wes I don't care you need this treatment and it ain't gonna do itself !" Rui demanded she didn't care what state she was in, Rui knows that she isn't incapable .

    "I'm not unable I can do things. .."
    Rui ranted on until Wes interrupted her with a long ,sweet kiss which made her legs turn into jelly so she had to hold on to his shoulders

    Wes slowly walked Rui gently over towards the sofa ,turning their sweet kiss into a passionate one, and sitting on the sofa and Rui followed but sat on top of him

    Suddenly, Rui broke up the kiss . letting go of his shoulders and sliding her hands up into his hair and combing her hand though his silky, sandy-blonde hair with a gentle smile on her face

    "you know not everything is able to be dealt with a kiss " Rui said calmly

    I wasn't expected to solve anything I was just showing that you are beautiful in every state you are in" Wes tried to explain with a smile in return

    Rui giggled " with my wings out?"

    "especially with your wings out" Wes chuckled

    "your just saying that" Rui blushed

    "no no no you are always beautiful with or without your wings" Wes tried to explain once again

    Rui smiled at him then kissed him once again, passionately stroking though his silky hair once again and in response he placed his worn hands on her hips ,gently gripping them to try and bring Rui closer until she couldn't go any closer to him. He wanted her close, so close that he knew she was safe from the deadly threats that will Ruin her.

    Rui broke the kiss to start getting comfy on his lap by moving her legs across him and rested her head on his shoulder and started to doze off, Wes let her because she needed all the rest she can get. Eventually he did the same.

    But what are the threats? Dun! dun! duuun!
    Ok the wings part of this first chapter is NOT A EUPHEMISM!!! So keep hold of yourself if you are laughing your socks off because it shall be explained during the rest of this fanfic! :/
    Don't forget to like, review and help improve each chapter as I write them coz my English is terrible!!!

    I actually think that I would write better in a different language.

    Anyway Onward to the next chapter!!! 
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