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Fanfiction: The Summer at Lake Valor

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by platinumdaylight, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. platinumdaylight

    Jan 16, 2017
    Read Here on fanfiction.

    RoseradePetals has just logged on! Dawn was in earshot of the ping noise her laptop made from receiving the notification. That was probably Andrew, her internet pen pal from Hoenn. They'd been exchanging messages through the pokepen chatrooms for the past several months. Pokepen was nothing like your average social media site, full of demanding creeps who harass others. Pen pals were assigned here, paired up by interests and trainer description. Andrew was a Coordinator, just like Dawn. And she was determined to meet him today at the Lakeside Resort's Grand Hotel at Lake Valor for the summer trip.
    NoNeedToWorry has just logged on! Dawn slid into her seat and clicked on Andrew's chat box, opening up the new message he sent her.
    RoseradePetals: I imagine that username of yours only makes people worry more. LOL!
    NoNeedToWorry: Oh, give me a break "Roserade Petals" what were you even thinking?
    RoseradePetals: Hey, Roserade is a very elegant Pokémon! You wouldn't be knocking my username if you knew a thing or two about that. :P
    NoNeedToWorry: All of your usernames always have something to do with roses, makes me wonder if you're even a guy. Probably a catfish. :o
    RoseradePetals: Well you're about to find out today, aren't you? Who knows, you're probably the catfish, Dawn! How do I know you're not like, Team Rocket or something behind those emails? Probably reeling me in so you can force me to join you!
    NoNeedToWorry: UM! Morbid much? That was like the worst thing you could come up with lmao but Arceus, never! Anyways, don't worry, you're going to meet two coordinators today because my BFF May is going to be there right next to me.
    RoseradePetals: Whoa, wtf that's crazy you know, cause' I dated a Coordinator named May at one point lmao
    NoNeedToWorry: "Dated" as in past tense, because you probably scared her off with your obsession with Roserade petals.
    RoseradePetals: Let's see if you'll be so cheeky when we meet IRL!
    NoNeedToWorry: Same to you! But you know I don't mean that.
    RoseradePetals: Better. She... truly meant a lot to me. It's a long story.
    NoNeedToWorry: Maybe you could tell me at the Lakeside Resort if you feel like it.
    RoseradePetals is typing...
    "Dawn!" A voice called from outside, followed up with a sound of a car honking. That was May, waiting for her to come outside. Her little red car was visible from the corner of the window.
    Shoot, Dawn sped over to her window and opened it, "Hold on, May. I'll be right there!" she quickly popped back down her chair to say goodbye to Andrew.
    NoNeedToWorry: Anyways, I gtg. Ttyl.. irl I'm actually really looking forward to it!
    RoseradePetals: Yeah, same here. See you!
    NoNeedToWorry has logged off.
    RoseradePetals has logged off.
    "Coming!" Dawn yelled out, shutting off her laptop and packing it inside her suitcase. She ran downstairs and made her way out. Johanna kissed her goodbye and saw her off as she rushed into May's car.
    "God, Dawn. What was holding you up?" May put her foot on the pedal and turned right out of Dawn's house, checking her mirrors. "Was it that pen pal of yours again? Andrew?"
    "Yeah, sorry about that." Dawn strapped on her seatbelt slumping into her seat, "We were just talking and we're finally going to meet at the Lakeside Resort! I get to spend the whole summer hanging out with you and my pen pal in person! How great is that?" For Dawn, this was going to be a great experience. Only the most accomplished Pokémon Trainers were invited out to this year's summer trip. Both Dawn and May had become grand festival champions at some point over the years, which qualified invitations for each of them. That meant Andrew had to have been a pretty good Coordinator himself.
    But May, however, was not all that enthusiastic. She was silent, uncomfortable. When the traffic light turns red, her eyes were staring straight at the road, contemplating something. She and Dawn had kept a pretty solid friendship over the years. They even began travelling together right after they both won a grand festival contest from their respective regions. But the last several months hadn't exactly been so easy for May, not since Dawn had signed up for a pen pal service over the internet. She was never against her communication with Andrew. It's just that the more Dawn talked about him, the more he sounded like-
    "Um... May?"
    May shook her head, snapping from her daze, "You're fine, Dawn. It's just–your pen pal somehow reminds me an awful lot of my first true love." Her heart tightened up at the confession.
    Dawn raised her eyebrows in surprise, "What?! No way! Oh, come on, May. Now you've gotta tell me everything."
    "Okay, I used to date this Coordinator I was traveling with before I competed at the Grand Festival in Hoenn again, and I know that has absolutely nothing to do with your pen pal but when you told me he was a Coordinator from the Hoenn region, that was the first person I thought of. Those letters Andrew sent you reminded me of everything I used to share with him." May said this all in one breath, trying not to reel from her memories because she was on the road.
    "I'm so sorry, May. I had no idea." Dawn's voice took on a soft but shocked tone. She supposed this was just one of the few things she didn't know about her. But with the disappointment layering over May's face, Dawn couldn't blame her for not talking about it. But then she suddenly remembers the message Andrew sent her. That's crazy you know, cause' I dated a Coordinator named May at one point. May didn't know that Andrew told her that, though. "I don't mean to pry, but could you tell me his name? Are you two still in contact?" Dawn asked, her eyes filled with curiosity.
    She paused, trailing off, brown bangs falling over the corner of her eye, "His name was Drew. And I never saw him ever again."
    The moment the light turns green again is exactly when Dawn put two and two together. Andrew, the name clicks into her brain, with emphasize on Drew. Dawn didn't think much of it then, but now she knew just exactly who she'd be looking for.
    The Lakeside Resort is bustling with crowds of elite trainers and top coordinators. Most of them were recognizable because of the fame they'd obtained. When the both of them arrived, their baggage's were picked up by a few bellboys to be moved to wherever their assigned suite was.
    "I wonder if I'll see anyone I know." Dawn said, referring to old friends rather than celebrities she'd competed with in the past. She'd hope to be able to see what they were all up to after all these years. It was mostly all in the news.
    Ash went back home to Pallet Town to start all over and won the Kanto League.
    Brock achieved his dream of becoming a Pokémon Doctor, working alongside Nurse Joy.
    Cupid Lyra managed to beat out Lance and became Johto's newest Champion... and opened a matchmaking business after that.
    Kenny finally became a Top Coordinator.
    Nando became a Top Coordinator and made top four in multiple conferences.
    Barry became a poketech model.
    And Gary Oak was now one of the most renowned Pokémon Researchers to date.
    Lastly, there was Zoey. She was still a traveling Top Coordinator, but Dawn never heard much from her after they competed against each other for the second time in the Sinnoh Grand Festival, which resulted in Dawn's first victory against her.
    It was nice to know they'd all become so accomplished, but it wasn't quite the same as when Dawn was traveling with Ash and Brock.
    "After that Veilstone City traffic I had to go through, I just hope I don't see some of my old rivals here." May puffed, crossing her arms. "Anyways, my suite number is 192. So, meet me there if you need me!" May waved, taking off.
    "Alright!" Dawn waved back, waiting for May to be out of sight before initiating her plan. As Lyra used to say, for this matchmaker–it's cupid time!
    "Could I get this note to go to Drew's room? You know, the Coordinator Drew? It's very urgent." Dawn slipped a hundred-dollar bill to the receptionist with the note.
    The receptionist nods, taking the cash and sending a bellboy to do the favor.
    "Thank you so much!" Dawn winked, waving off, "You're a huge help!"
    "Please don't tell me that was a love letter to the famous Top Coordinator Drew." A voice crept up on Dawn from behind.
    "Oh, as if!" Dawn put her hands on her hips, her chin raised up, not facing the source of the sound. "I'll have you know, I'd never have feelings for someone I haven't even met! Let alone write a love letter."
    "Well, that's good, because then I'd have to trash this poem I wrote for you if you had eyes for someone else."
    "Huh?" Dawn's eyes perked up, that voice sounded familiar. Her blue locks whip around her shoulders when she turns around to face the source. "Gary?! You're here too?!"
    Gary chuckled, his brown hair was messier than ever, "Surprise, haven't seen you in a while." His arms spread wide open.
    "No kidding! Oh, my god, I missed you!" Dawn exclaimed, skipping over to give him a quick, tight hug. "Tell me how you've been! I haven't seen any of my old friends in forever, you know. C'mon, you've gotta tell me about the cool adventures and breakthroughs you've had as a researcher!"
    "And I will, Dawn." Gary assured her, "But not before you tell me about your journey leading up to your fame as a Top Coordinator. You've been in so many Grand Festivals!"
    Dawn beamed at him, "Well, that's no fair because I asked first!"
    "Okay, we'll play rock, paper scissors. Best two out of three! Loser has to go first." Gary pumped his fist.
    "Oh, you are so on!" Dawn pumped up her fist as well.
    "Rock, paper, scissors..."
    An envelope slipped in room number 190, Drew Hayden's suite. His eyes perked up in curiosity, picking it up and opening it.
    Hey there, Andrew!
    Or should I say RoseradePetals?
    Today is finally the day, huh?
    Anyways, if you're reading this, it means we've both finally arrived.
    So, I've got this great idea.
    In thirty minutes, come meet me at Suite #192.
    It'll save the trouble of looking for each other in this huge crowd.
    - NoNeedToWorry
    Drew chuckled. So, she's finally here. And only two doors down from him, too. He flipped his green bangs from his eyes, Alright, Dawn. See you later.
    "I cannot believe we're roommates!" May exclaimed excitedly, hugging Misty, "If I'd known you'd be here, I would've told Ash when he called me from the PC in the Pokémon Center!"
    "Wait, Ash is going to be here too?!" Misty gasped, "I haven't seen him since he won the Kanto League, god he's becoming a greater trainer each and every day. It's like he turned into a full champion right before my eyes! May, he looked SO different when we reunited in Kanto. It was like the boy I once knew finally became a man!" she said that last bit in a dreamy tone.
    May blinked, going through her thoughts, "Misty, are you and Ash..." she twiddled her thumbs, which has been a habit for her every time she asked a question that made her feel uncomfortable "...You know– "
    There fire set in Misty's eyes were as red as her hair, "NO FREAKIN' WAY!" she yelled, tossing a nearby pillow at May, causing her to fall face down on the ground, "AS IF I'D EVER! NOT WITH THAT KID!"
    "G-Guess it was wrong to step on that minefield..." May stammered, her body lying flat on the floor.
    Before Misty could spit out anymore disgust with May, there was a knock on the door. A voice rang from the other side. "May, open up! It's me!"
    "O-Oh look, right on time! Misty, you really need to meet my best friend Dawn, she was also one of Ash's traveling companions!" May rushed up off the ground and ran to the door, pulling Dawn in and shutting it quickly.
    "Uh–" Dawn started, only to be cut off by May.
    "Dawn, Misty. Misty, Dawn."
    "Oh, my gosh!" Dawn clapped her hands together and beamed, "You're even cuter as a full sized human!"
    "Um, what?" Misty uttered in confusion.
    "Oh, when Ash and I journeyed together, we went fishing once. And he took out the CUTEST red-headed fishing lure and told me you gave it to him. He wouldn't even let me touch it!"
    Misty nearly blushed, "H-He still kept it? After all that time?"
    "Wow, Misty. He must have told Dawn all about you." May smirked at her.
    The faint red streak from Misty's face had vanished as soon as May said that, shooting a deathly glare at her "For the last time, May–"
    "Anyways," Dawn announced, shaking her head, "Listen up! I came here because my pen pal is going to be knocking on that door at any moment, we're finally going to meet him for the first time!" She directed that last bit to May, looking her in the eye.
    "A pen pal? Misty tilted her head, letting the reality of what she said seep into her brain before scrunching her face in repulsion, "YOU MEAN SOME GROSS, CREEPY STRANGER ON THE INTERNET IS GOING TO KNOCK ON OUR SUITE?! DAWN, YOU'VE GOTTA GET RID OF HIM!"
    But Misty would find that it was too late, as someone was already knocking on the door, "Oh, great..." Misty softly grumbled, rushing over the kitchen counter to hide while May followed suit.
    "Shhh," Dawn whispered, placing a finger on her lip, "Quiet." She turned on the handle, revealing a mop of green hair on a male figure.
    "Dawn?" his yes dilated upward.
    "Mhm, Andrew." Dawn nodded, smirking.
    "Well, what do you know." Drew flipped his bangs with his fingers, "My pen pal was the Top Coordinator Dawn. And here I thought I was talking to a complete nobody." He laughed at his own joke.
    Dawn beamed at him, "Trust me, today is going to be full of surprises. Guess I was wrong about you being catfish, why don't you come in? I want you to meet May and Misty. She widened the door opened.
    He took a few steps inside the suite, with Dawn following behind.
    "Okay, guys, you can come on out and meet Drew." Dawn said with as much clarity in her voice possible.
    "Wait, Drew?" May's head was the first to pop up. She walked over to him in disbelief, "No way..."
    Drew took a step back, the shock was slowly morphing its way into his face, "May?!"
    Dawn stood by and watched the scene unfold as the two stared at each other in awe and surprise.
    "Hey." May started.
    "It's been awhile-" Drew beamed at her faintly.
    Misty popped out from the kitchen counter angrily, "You invited a fuckboy into our suite?! Dawn, I'm going to let this one slide since you probably didn't know any better, but he can't be trusted!"
    Drew's eyebrows furrowed, "Okay, who's the redhead and what the hell's her problem?"
    "Misty, stop! It's okay!" May grabbed her by the arms, holding a thrashing Misty back from rearranging Drew's face.
    "Whoa!" Dawn exclaimed, running over to help May, pulling Misty back from him as much as possible.
    Dawn tightened her grasp on Misty's arm, "Drew!" she grunted, "Step back!"
    "Drewy-kins!" A familiar, feminine voice interrupted, the sound of heels clicked into the room, "Are you done meeting your pen pal yet? I got tired of waiting."
    "Drewy-kins?" May grimaced, loosening her grip on Misty.
    Dawn let go, whipping her head to the source of the voice. From the bottom of her Mary-jane heels to her signature pastel blue dress and strawberry blonde hair drills–it was Ursula.
    "What's the prissy Barbie doing here?" Misty snorted as soon as she stopped her thrashing completely.
    "Excuse me, Ariel but my name's Ursula and I'm here because you and your little friends are holding my boyfriend hostage." She rolled her eyes, and shot Dawn a look, "Nice seeing you again, Dee Dee."
    "Boyfriend?" May snapped her head towards Drew, who looked at her with as much disappointment.
    Looks like my matchmaking plan was a bust. "Why don't you come over here and say that to my face!" Dawn challenged her, stepping forward with her fist clenched, only for Misty to grab her wrists. Never in her life did she hate Kenny so damn much.
    "It's not worth it, Dawn. The people in China would just make another one in her place." She smirked at the displeasure surfacing in Ursula's face.
    "I just love it when exes downgrade." Misty's smirk doesn't falter.
    "Oh, please!" Dawn exclaimed, "Drew is way too down to earth to go out with someone like you."
    "Well then, I hate to break it to you Dee Dee, because we've been an item ever since he started sending letters to that pen pal of his." Ursula nearly hissed, "So which one of you is it?"
    "That would be me." Dawn said sweetly, watching the lines scrunch up on Ursula's forehead.
    "Well, Drew. I think it's time for you to leave! You wouldn't want to catch dandruff in your perfect hair now, would you?" Ursula smirked.
    Dawn took out Pachirisu's Pokéball, "I'm about to show you how I got that nickname in the first place!"
    "Dawn, stop." Drew finally said, "And you stop, too, Ursula." He shot a glare at her, "She's my friend and she's just as important to me as you are. So, can you guys please try to be civil? At least around me?" he pleaded.
    Dawn was the first to give in to agreement, pocketing away Pachirisu's Pokéball. "Okay, sure."
    Ursula rolled her eyes, letting out a very exaggerated sigh before responding, "Fine, but you're coming back to my suite once you're done!"
    Misty interjected, "Actually, he should just get going right about now. I mean, you do know that it's rude to leave your trash in other people's suites, right?"
    "Misty." May hissed, "That's enough. If Dawn and Ursula can agree to be civil with each other for Drew's sake, then you and Drew should do it for mine."
    Misty looked at her guiltily, "I'm sorry, I was just trying to look out for you."
    "Hey, I was civil." Drew pointed out, "She was the one that started it."
    Misty shook out of her apologetic mood, cracking her knuckles together, "Why don't I go ahead and finish it then, huh?"
    "You guys!" May yelled.
    "Okay, sorry we'll be civil." Both Misty and Drew said in unison.
    When all was said and done, Drew and Dawn made reservations at the Seven Star Restaurant to have lunch tomorrow. It was the end of the day, and Dawn hadn't even got a chance to see her suite yet.
    "Alright, #191 is right next to May and Misty's suite." Dawn took out her key card, sliding it through the lock, "I wonder who my roommate is going to be..." she murmured to herself, walking inside the room. Her bags were placed near the living room couch, next to a few other different suitcases.
    Maybe it'll be someone she knew, like Zoey. It would've been great for them to catch up again, it might even be a gym leader like Candice or Maylene. Dawn always got along with those two very well. Or, it could've be Lyra. That didn't sound too bad.
    Dawn nearly dropped her jaw at the pastel drenched figure with stiff strawberry blonde hair curls. "Arceus, hell no."
    Or, it was Ursula.
    "Hell no is right." Ursula retorts, "What do you think you're doing here, Dee Dee?"
    "What am I doing here?! This is my suite!" Dawn whipped out her key card, "My room number. #191."
    Ursula also whips out her key card in response, "Well, you're mistaken because this is mine!"
    "Oh my ARCEUS. Please don't tell me you're my roommate." Dawn groaned. "There's no way I'm going to share a room with your sabotaging ass!"
    "We're not roommates, Dawn. Because this is MY room."
    "As if I'd just hand it over to you!"
    "I got here first!"
    "Right, just like how you were also the first to get eliminated from the Wallace Cup, but that's none of my business!" Dawn stuck her tongue out as she played the petty card.
    "Bringing up a loss from what was years ago?" Ursula's irritation became visible in her twitched eyes, "Grow up, Dee Dee!"
    "That's because you keep using that age-old nickname from all those same years ago!"
    "You're not getting this room!"
    "I have a right to be here too, Ursula!"
    "Fine! We'll share." Ursula hissed, "You stay out of my way, I stay out of yours."
    "Hmph!" Dawn crossed her arms, "And we both get equal halves of this suite."
    "Deal." Ursula quickly but reluctantly agrees.
    I'm probably not even going to be here all that often. A thought ran through Dawn's head, followed by a mental sigh.
    Over by the docks, three young men had emerged from a small little boat. The one with a Pikachu on his shoulder took a nice, long stretch as the boat sailed off, while the one with the sketch book started a sea portrait. The tallest of them all lowered the map in his hand, knowing for a fact that they'd arrived at Lake Valor's Grand Hotel Resort.
    "Alright, Pikachu, we're here!" Ash beamed, pumping his fist up in the air, "Man, we haven't been here since the Wallace Cup. I'm so psyched to be here!"
    Tracey finished up the details to his drawing, "Viola, my first Sinnoh Sketch!" he held it up with pride, "This trip is already off to a great start."
    Brock stepped forward, eyeing the hotel, "May did say the girls would be here, right Ash? It'd be nice to have the whole gang together again. And it's about time Dawn finally met Tracey."
    Before any of them could say a thing, the girls had already been ahead of them. Running towards the docks were Misty, May and Dawn- ready to greet the boys after many years of separation.
    "No freakin' way, it's Ash!" Dawn exclaimed as she gave him a hi-five.
    "It's so great to see ya, Dawn!" Ash smiled widely, touched that she remembered their signature hi-five after all these years.
    "Gosh, Tracey, you barely just got here and you've already finished a full portrait. You just never stop drawing do you?" May giggled.
    "Some things never change." Tracey beamed at her.
    Misty almost cried when she saw Brock, "I haven't seen you in forever! And what's this about you being a doctor now? Oh my god. I bet you became a doctor just so you can get close to Nurse Joy, huh!" she smirked, arms crossed.
    Brock scratched his neck awkwardly, "Well, you see..."
    The six chatted it up for a little while, mingling amongst each other. Dawn and Tracey were finally acquainted. Misty and Ash reunited. And May could not wait to explore the Lakeside's mall district with the only guy that didn't dread shopping with her.
    She snatched the map from him, pointing at the shopping district, "Brock, you have no idea how many new stores they've put up here! If we go now, we'll have a full six hours to shop before the midnight curfew!"
    "Speaking of time," Misty started, "It's about time Ash caught up with the rest of us and actually got himself a car. Everyone else drove here!"
    "Misty, do you have any idea how expensive cars are?!" Ash flinched at the amount of zero's that amounted to the price. Pikachu became dizzy at the idea of Ash strapping him to a seat belt, meaning he'd be restrained. (Although Pikachu had a very exaggerated version of seat belt restraint playing in his head.)
    "Yeah, but you're the Kanto League Champion now. You could afford it." Misty shrugged.
    "Driving takes away all the fun from the adventure!" Ash curled his fingers into his palm, "Plus, uh, I almost backed up mom's car into Gary's house once, so..." he smiled shyly.
    "Typical Ash behavior." May beat Misty to the punch as she said that, "But at least someone here finds it charming." she smirked at Misty.
    "Don't you dare test me!" Misty chided.
    "Huh?" Ash tilted his head, "Who finds me charming?"
    Dawn snorted. But after witnessing what Misty almost did to Drew, she knew better than to interfere with matters involving Misty.
    "No one." Misty said, a little too quickly, "As if any girl would wanna date a guy who doesn't have a car!"
    "Guys, I wanna go shopping!" May almost whined, "And I'm also hungry... Brock, let's go!" she tugged on his arm.
    "Wait!" Brock stopped her, "What's the rush? We're all here together now, and most of us have traveled with each other before. Don't you think this little reunion calls for a group picture?"
    "Oh!" Ash's eyes perked up, digging in his backpack with his hand, "We can take it with my phone. It's the latest model so it's got the best camera!" he pulled out a slim white phone with a Pokéball case, installed with the latest Pokédex Updates.
    "Whoa, that's so cute!" Dawn exclaimed dreamily, "I'm so getting that model!"
    "That's Ash for ya." Misty rolled her eyes, "Always got his priorities messed up, picking a new phone over a car."
    "Well, I don't need a car to become the greatest Pokémon Master!" Ash stuck his tongue out at her.
    "Uh," Tracey coughs, speaking in a way that only Ash could hear, "However, you do need one if you're planning on taking a certain special someone out on a date."
    "THAT'S RIDICULOUS!" Ash yelled, his Pikachu shook his head.
    Dawn whips out a hairbrush and started carefully brushing through her locks, "So, are we gonna actually do this thing or what? I wanna look as good as I can for our reunion picture! C'mon, it's a pretty big deal."
    "Alright, alright!" Brock projects his voice and manages to settle everyone down, getting them ready for the picture.
    "Let's take more than one, I wanna send a couple of these to Max back in Hoenn." May smiled and struck a pose.
    "Okay... one... two..." Ash beamed for a final click as he raised his phone up in the air to get everyone in the picture, "...Three!" Snap.
    "Pika pi!"

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