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Event Fang Fiction Fiasco

Discussion in 'Valor Archive' started by BZRich64, Oct 10, 2022.

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  1. BZRich64

    BZRich64 The Mustachiod Machamp

    Late For A Date
    Level 16
    Jun 12, 2017
    The month of spooks and scares has come once again, and with it a time to reflect on the beastly monsters man has conjured up from the depths of our own twisted imaginations to express the darker aspects of ourselves in a way that we can comfortably understand. Now, to honor these storytelling traditions, we're offering you a chance to write your own story about the creatures that go bump in the night.
    - Pick a monster, any monster, and write a short horror story about it.
    - All entries must be 1000 words or less (the technical term for this is flash fiction).
    - Your story must be submitted in this thread by 11:59pm (EST), October 31st.
    - Collaborative stories are allowed. If you choose to partner with someone, then choose which one of you will post the story here and make sure to credit your co-writer.
    1st Place: 150 PP + Oktoberfest Winner's Medal '22 + 1 Entry to a special giveaway at the end of the month
    2nd Place: 100 PP + Oktoberfest Participant's Medal '22
    Participation: Oktoberfest Participant's Medal '22​
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    #1 Oct 10, 2022
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2022
  2. HiddenLore

    Time Master
    (Dialga Egg)
    Level 36
    Mar 25, 2014
    Crown of ValorPoké Ball ★Root Fossil ★★★Beedrillite ★★★★GS Ball ★★★★★
    Hope you enjoy this weird little story I wrote!

    Deep in the enchanted forest, a small hut rested beneath a strong pine. The main room of the hut was dominated by a set of dark armor gleaming on its rack. The armor looked over a bed where the covers buried the form of a young girl. As the evening light settled in her room, Kala sat up and stretched her arms. She then reached over and grabbed her head from the side table where it was resting. Her amethyst eyes glittered with excitement as she began to get ready for the night. Tonight wasn’t any ordinary night, tonight was the night that all monsters were excited for. It was Halloween! She gave an unnecessary polish to her armor before putting it on. The dark armor made her look much bigger and more intimidating. She placed her head in the jack-o-lantern she had specially carved for the evening. She would be gathering the most vital resource for a monster. Halloween Candy. When picked up as trick-or-treat spoils the candy had the power to get a monster like Kala through the dark invisible months between Octobers.

    She made her way through the forest and paused on the border. A pale glow outlined the edge. With a deep breath she stepped over the line. As she crossed her body shrank and her armor shifted shape transforming from gleaming metal to painted cardboard. Her head remained in the jack-o-lantern but had shifted to a younger appearance. She made her way into town and began knocking doors along with the locals. Her first house tossed in a handful of small candies to her child-like voice calling "Trick or Treat!" She slowly made her way through the neighborhood. She passed many actual children in costume, but also two werewolves and a vampire she knew. She gave them a friendly wave as she passed.

    "Trick or Treat!" She said at the door of the largest house in the neighborhood. Surely this house would give some large candy bars. The man at the door smiled.

    "What a clever costume," he said and dropped something that was definitely not candy into her bag. She thanked him and turned away. As the door closed she peeked inside. A toothbrush and floss? She might have to pay him a different type of visit later. The nerve!

    She continued on and was nearly finished with the neighborhood. She was trying to decide if she could hit another before porch lights started going off, when a sharp poke dented her cardboard armor "Nice costume loser," said a nasty male voice behind her. Kala turned to see two boys. Neither of them seemed to be wearing a costume. Perfect. She could have a little extra fun tonight.

    "Are you talking to me?" She asked, her young voice seeming to come from the armor.

    "Yeah dweeb," said the larger of the two boys, "Now hand over the candy!" Kala's face broke into an evil grin they couldn't see.

    "I was hoping you'd say that." She felt for the power in her candy bag, and tapped a single jawbreaker. A pale glow spread from her feet, spreading to create a dome of power around her. As it spread, her form shifted, her armor resuming its metallic qualities and her frame expanding. Her voice shifted from a young girl to a ghostly screech. "Because I've been looking to add to my… collection," she held her glowing jack-o-lantern high and let out an eerie screech.

    The two humans trembled. Since neither had a costume, neither gained any monstrous powers from her bubble. Instead they both ran into the night. Hopefully they'd leave other young children alone in the future. Kala sighed as the power faded and she resumed her costumed appearance. The fear from them had been delicious. With the power expended from that jawbreaker she decided she would need to head to another neighborhood after all.

    Just in case.

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