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Staff Post Featured Q&A Threads

Discussion in 'Question & Answer' started by Vigilance, Aug 19, 2017.

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  1. Vigilance

    Vigilance once here, now gone

    Level 54
    Jan 26, 2017
    Master BallGold Bottle Cap ★★★★★Mewnium Z  ★★★★★Beast Ball ★★★★Staff of Verity
    Featured Q&A Threads

    What better way to level up your buddies than to interact with other members in the Question and Answer section, right?

    Great news! Members now have the opportunity to have their personal Q&A thread "featured" weekly! This means your Q&A thread will be pinned at the top of the Q&A forum section allowing for more visibility and a higher chance of people posting in your thread! There will also be special prizes for the featured member!
    Your thread can be featured more than once but not in successive weeks.

    How are weekly featured threads picked?
    I will look at a variety of things such as most activity in a thread, quality of questions, and how much the owner of that thread posts in other people's question threads.

    What are the perks of having your Q&A thread featured at the top?
    Having your thread featured allows for other members to see it faster and interact with you more, which means more posting! You will also receive a 10 PokePoint prize for the week your thread is featured.

    Each week, on Monday, 12:00 AM (EDT), I will pick a thread to be featured. It will run for 7 days and a new thread will be chosen Monday, 12:00 AM (EDT).

    The first thread will be chosen on Monday, August 21st, 12:00 AM EDT. Get posting!

    In case of any questions, concerns, comments or feedback, please PM me.
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  2. Vigilance

    Vigilance once here, now gone

    Level 54
    Jan 26, 2017
    Master BallGold Bottle Cap ★★★★★Mewnium Z  ★★★★★Beast Ball ★★★★Staff of Verity
    This post contains a list of all featured threads and the week they were featured in.

    [August 21st - 28th] @AeroHail
    [August 28th - September 3rd] @SnowboundBecca
    [September 4th - September 11th] @❀Bloom❀
    [September 11th - September 18th] @BraviaryScout
    [September 18th - September 25th] @DrGetus
    [September 25th - October 2nd] @Eclipse
    [October 2nd - October 9th] @DeleteAbsol
    [October 10th - November 5th] BREAK
    [November 6th - November 13th] @JukeboxJukain
    [November 14th - November 19th] BREAK
    [November 20th - November 27th] StOwl
    [November 28th - December 4th] BREAK
    [December 4th - December 11th] @Smooshie
    [December 11th- December 17th] @Vaporwave
    [December 17th- December 26th] @Squidy822
    [December 26th-December 31st] @dangokura
    [December 31st- January 8th] @birb doggo
    [January 8th- January 15th] @Achromatic
    [January 15th-January 21st] @Kartoon
    [January 21st-January 30th] @HeroofFire101
    [January 30th-February 6th] @WolfeyStar
    [February 6th- February 12th] @SkittleBox
    [February 12th- February 18th] @Negative Zero
    [February 18th-March 3rd] @starry-syzygy
    [March 3rd- March 19th] @awney
    [March 19th- March 25th] @Laserdragon14
    [March 25th- April 3rd] @Barandofl
    [April 3rd- April 8th] @PokemonFan26
    [April 8th- April 17th] @SawstheSawsbuck
    [April 17th- April 22nd] BREAK
    [April 23- April 29] @Reckless
    [April 29th- May 6th] @Jason-Tyler-Monroe
    [May 6th- May 14t] @FireSpartan5
    [May 14th- May 20th] BREAK
    [May 20th- May 27th] @Mandriel
    [May 28th-June 3rd] BREAK
    [June 3rd-June 11th] @UnstoppableGamer
    [June 11th- June 17th] BREAK
    [June 17th- June 25th] @Pory-ZPlayz
    [June 26th- July 22nd] BREAK
    [July 22nd- July 30th] @ChocoChicken
    [July 31st- Aug 5th] BREAK
    [Aug 6th- Aug 13th] @Sethal
    [Aug 14th- Aug 20th] @Halcyon Storm
    [Aug 21st- Sep 9th] BREAK
    [Sep 10- Sep 16] @Wizard
    [Sep 16- Sep 23] @Fchicken77
    [Sep 24- Sep 30] @Arod
    [Sep 31- Mar 2] HAITUS/BREAK
    [Mar 3- Mar 11] @Momo Kisaragi
    [Mar 12- Mar 17] @Toxic
    [Mar 18- Mar 25] @Infernostar
    [Mar 26- Apr 1] @Arctiquaza
    [Apr 2- Apr 7] BREAK
    [Apr 8- Apr 14] @Bigredlittlepup
    [Apr 14- Apr 22] @Bug
    [Apr 22- May 26] @Shade
    #2 Aug 19, 2017
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