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Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Jathemon, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Jathemon

    Jathemon Hex Maniac

    Mar 18, 2013
    Well, I'm bored so I think I'm gonna go ahead and post the final story. If you haven't read the other stories, it probably won't make any sense!
    (The Beginning, Acceptance, Judgement, Assimilation1, Assimilation2, Revolution, and Transition)
    So this marks the final main-series story, complete with shocking plot twists! Shii lures the heroes into what they are well aware is a trap, but feel there only choice is to at least try to catch the villains off-guard, rather than have them come to their families. They make the trek to Kanto, to discover Elvis has somehow managed to escape the Distortion World, and yet again has some nasty plot in store, for them. As his plan finally begins to unveil, a twist in the story uncovers a greater threat...

    Quiet. Things had grown quiet, settled down. There was still tension between humans and Pokémon hybrids, but things weren't quite as hectic as they were just a year ago.
    It was indeed, quiet.

    Except for the gentle crashing of waves, against the soft, sandy shore.
    "Beautiful, aren't they?" Elvis muttered, gazing at the trio of birds flying across the horizon. The Sevii Islands were home to many legendary Pokémon, and Arcticuno, Zapdos, and Moltres could often be seen flying through the evening sky. "Of course, I wouldn't expect you to comprehend such a majesty." he said, turning to Shii, who only responded with a snarl. It was answered by another snarl, one made by the creature standing next to Elvis: A large, cat-like creature. She had fur of black and burnt orange, bones adorned her back and shoulders and horns curled along the back of her head. She was Artemis, the now-grown Luxray-Houndoom fusion. She and Shii often competed for Elvis' attention. "Is it ready?" Elvis spoke up, breaking the chorus of growls between his two pets.

    "Yes, yes. Shii fixed everything. Tested. Works perfect. Everything ready."

    "Ah, good. Very good. Prepare our guests, then." Elvis said, as he turned back toward the ocean. Shii grinned, an eerie, toothy grin. "With pleasure." he cackled.

    Icirrus City, a week later:

    "..And just when I thought he was finally gone for good, that stupid mutt comes back! Can't we call a dog catcher or something?" Naga ranted, as the kids got ready for their classes at Musashi's dojo.
    "Yeah, yeah. We get it. You hate each other. Now shut up and just get out of here. Bad enough Alice is still going to that stupid dojo, without you making things worse." Zee grumbled. Naga only replied, with a "Nyeh!", flipping his visor down and heading out with Alice and her not-brother. She still refused to call Drake her brother.

    Naga greeted Musashi with his typical "Sup, Mu-Mu?" as he dropped the kids off. His expression changed from his typical cheerful expression, to something more serious, concerned. "Hey, uh. Just a head's up, here. The mutt came back a couple weeks ago. Kept babbling weird stuff about Elvis. Has been, for a while. I don't know what's going on, but I think he's planning something freaky. Might just...wanna keep your guard up, for a while." he said, both hands in his pockets.

    "Speaking of, I should get going. Last time I left that freakshow home alone, he made a nest out of my laundry." He flipped his visor back up, grinning at Musashi. "Later, Bug Boy."

    Musashi accepted the children into the dojo. At first, he gave Naga a grunt in greeting, always hating that damned nickname. It had been a while since the birth of his new daughter and Lilith was able to walk around and watch the children once more. "Don't worry, my guard is always up. If I catch so much as a glimpse of that mangy degenerate I'll take him down before he could chew on his own buttocks." he replied.
    Something about the last thing Naga said almost immediately set Musashi off. Bug Boy? Wait a minute! Musashi's swords were out and slashing after Naga before his voice even came out. "Halt right there, Shii!"
    Not-Naga stepped outside, cackling, his voice changing to that of Shii's. As he did, the moor began to ripple and distort for all of half a second, leaving Shii nowhere to be seen.

    Gone. Only an empty moor was seen. "Not yet, Bug Boy." Shii's voice echoed, his tone smug. "Has party to attend. Shii wouldn't want to make you late, no." and with that, silence. All the was left was a small piece of paper, apparently fallen out of his pocket. A ferry ticket, for the Sevii Islands. The moor rippled once more, the illusion dropping. This was a common trick for Zoroark, but Shii had never done it to quite this scale. There was no trace of Shii. Or rather, anybody or anything that looked like Shii.

    Musashi picked up the ticket, staring at it. "Sevii Islands? In Kanto? What do you have planned, Shii?" he asked mostly to himself, as he put the ticket away. "Lilith, I'm heading out; watch the children, please. It's free practice, today." he said, deciding to keep this moment to himself; best to leave everyone else out of it.

    Nico was in a rush, hurrying to get ready to leave for Tartarus Research, although his parents still thought he was going to classes. "Nico, slow down! You haven't even eaten breakfast!" Lash insisted, as Nico rushed toward the door. "SorryMomI'llgrabsomethinglaterIcan'tbelateagain!" he said, leaving. "But...I made pancakes..." Lash pouted.

    "Don't worry about him, Lasciel. He's not a child, anymore. He's growing up and learning to be more responsible." CT replied, stepping in between Mavra, a roll of duct tape, her younger brother, and the wall. "Unlike some other child, of mine." he growled, glaring at Mavra. Mavra only responded with a "Puh!", and went back to her room. "I swear, I don't know what I'm going to do, with her." CT sighed.

    Musashi knew what he had to do. He had to get to CT's home and let him know about this ticket. Something wasn't right. He had to let him know about Shii, about the feeling of foreboding crawling up his spine.
    He had to pay more attention so he didn't collide into a running Nico. Being very solid, Musashi watched Nico bound backwards and fall flat on his butt. "Nico. I suggest that today is not a very good day to be heading to Tartarus." he said flatly. "Something bad is going down and I want you someplace safer. Head to the dojo and stay there, I have something to talk to your father about." Nico rubbed at the back of his head, seeing stars for all of a brief moment. "Ow..." he whined. "Wait, what? What's going on?" he said, getting back to his feet. "If something's going on, I'm staying here. I'm tired of people telling me to run and hide." He stopped, pausing for just a moment. "Besides," he sighed. "If it involves Tartarus, I might be of some help."
    Musashi sighed. "Fine fine, come with me then." Musashi took Nico and went to his home. "CT, we have a problem." he called out, letting himself in.

    CT was in the process of stopping Malcolm from bathing the dog in pancake syrup and Mavra from setting the kitchen on fire. Again. He regarded Musashi with a raised eyebrow and a look that just said, Really?
    "I hate those four words." he grumbled. "Every time. Every blasted time I think things might be going just fine, somebody says 'we have a problem'. What is it, this time?" CT sighed, more tired than really angry. "I'm not a fan of them either, and yet we're stuck saying them a lot." Musashi said. "I...have forgotten you had a third one. You seem to have your hands full being a father, so I'll make it quick. I have a bad feeling something big is going down in Kanto. Shii's actin up and he gave himself away to show me this ticket to the Sevii Islands. I know the significance of those islands, being from Kanto. Needless to say, it could mean something as big as the Giratina incident."

    Nico moved the sticky Arcanine away from young Malcolm. He knew something was happening. Shii disappearing for weeks at a time, data missing, Artemis stolen. But what could he say? He couldn't let his parents know what he was doing. Maybe he should let them know. But then what?
    "Blast it all, Musashi. You came all the way over here, for that? It's Shii. What in bloody hell could Shii possibly be planning, by himself?" CT replied.

    Musashi walked up to CT. "Sorry for this." he slapped CT. "Now that I have your full attention. Shii doesn't plan anything by himself. This means that someone is pulling his strings. Now let's think, CT: who would pull Shii's strings and hand us tickets to come to Kanto for whatever the plan is?"

    The slap to CT's face amused Malcolm and Mavra. It did not amuse CT. "Blast it all, Musashi!" he growled, rubbing his face. "Have you even thought about this? Shii has only worked for two people: Elvis, and me. Unless you suspect me of anything, who else could it possibly be? If you recall, Elvis is in the bloody Distortion World!"

    Nico chewed on his bottom lip, thinking. He had been working in the Tartatus labs. He had been grudgingly working with Shii, to create Artemis. Shii had constantly babbled about continuing Elvis' work, disappeared for weeks at a time with data, and finally left with Artemis herself. How could he say anything, without letting his parents know what he had been up to? Nico sighed. Might as well chime in. "What if Elvis got out?" he shrugged.

    "Think about it, CT!" Musashi said. "Who else has the Arceus damned ego to give me a ticket like I'm going to a show? Think about it. Who else but Elvis has that swollen of an ego? Your son has a point, what if he got out?"
    "Alright, alright. We'll assume that Elvis somehow managed to escape a prison made for a bloody demi-god, and sent Shii to send you a ticket to the Sevii Islands. Yes, that makes plenty of sense." CT grumbled. "Well, Musashi was there, when Elvis got banished. Maybe he blames him." Nico shrugged. "So was I, Nick. And others. None of us were confronted by Shii. Nothing adds up." CT replied.

    Musashi thought for a moment. "It was for subtlety, perhaps? Shii made a slip that was far too obvious. He came to my dojo disguised as Naga, I was almost completely fooled until he called me Bug Boy. Who knows, maybe he has a plan to pick us off, or he knew I would come to you anyway. Perhaps he thought if he lured you, you'd either ignore it, not catch on, or simply go all by yourself."

    "Or perhaps he knew if he came to me, I wouldn't jump to such absurd conclusions." CT sighed, rubbing his forehead. "Look, even if this was Elvis, what do you plan on doing? Walking right into Shii's trap?"
    "What else are we gonna do?" Nico piped up. "We can't just sit here and do nothing."

    "Well, stay if you wish, CT." Musashi said. "But I am going to get Ahti and Shade, they were there to during the Cyrus incident. I will go to Kanto, even if none of you come with me."

    "Musashi, I'm not letting you go to Kanto on some hunch. You don't know why he wants you there or if it even is Elvis." CT insisted. "I....I can't let you go, either." Nico said, quietly. "Because....because Shii...." he started, gritting his teeth. He did not want to say this, but if there was something going on, he couldn't keep lying to his parents or keeping things from Musashi, especially if they put him in danger. "Shii took Artemis." he gulped. Musashi was about to snap on CT for telling him what he was not going to be allowed to do, but then looked at Nico. "Artemis? Who is Artemis, Nico?"

    Nico sighed, and pushed Musashi and CT outside. He didn't want his mother to know. His father knowing, was bad enough. "Nick." CT growled, sternly. "What's going on?"

    "Artemis..." Nico said, quietly. "Is a fusion. A naturally-born one. She's probably full grown by now, making her half Luxray, half Houndoom. If Elvis is out and Shii took her to Elvis....you wouldn't even get past her, 'Sashi, if you went there alone." he continued, still biting his bottom lip.

    CT crossed his arms, raising an eyebrow. "And you would know this, how?"

    Nico gulped. "Because....I helped Shii make her."

    Musashi sighed. "Nico, I told you it was a mistake. With such a mix I wouldn't be able to go alone, indeed. I'm going to need Ahti. I suppose you have to have a good talk with your father, while I contact him."
    "I think I need to have a long talk, with the both of you." CT growled, glaring at Musashi. "You," CT pointed at Nico. "You worked with Shii? Where in bloody hell were you working with Shii, at?"

    "I...um...T-Tartarus...." Nico stuttered. "I um...I haven't been going to Musashi's classes..."

    "So you've been lying to me, working at Elvis' old labs, and making friendly with somebody who tried to kill you, and you..." he snapped, pointing at Musashi. "You apparently knew about this!"

    Musashi crossed his arms. "Don't get angry at me, now. I'm not the boy's father, so I hardly have the authority to outright stop him from doing anything. Arceus' sake, CT, he's almost an adult, he can make his own choices and learn from his mistakes. I remember when I was his age, I wandered all the continents, granted it was to find and kill you. I told him I didn't think it was a good idea and that he should talk to you, apparently he didn't heed my advice and he's learning from it. Right, Nico?"

    "So you let him work for a bunch of people who tried to kill him, and us?! Musashi, learning from one's mistakes is one thing, letting them run off to get themselves killed is something entirely different! What if it was your child? What if I let her go work with somebody who tried to kill her, and not tell you?" CT snarled.
    "Dad...don't...don't blame Musashi. I told him not to tell you. It's...it's not-" Nico was interrupted.
    "No, don't try to take the heat. You're both equally guilty! You were both being absolutely irresponsible by both lying to me, and refusing to tell me!"

    "You want to speak of such things, CT? When I was his age, I stalked through the lands searching after the man who I thought ruined my whole life. Arceus' sake, CT! Nico is frankly my best student and I believe in him enough to know he can defend himself against someone like Shii. And don't bring my daughter into this! Your son has been crying for one chance to prove to you and Lash he was capable enough to do something on his own because you shelter him so! I won't take back my decision to let him make this choice, and fuming at me won't solve anything now. I'm going to Kanto to clean up this mess, you can continue yelling if you wish, but I am taking responsibility for this."

    "So you let my son hang out with the people who flooded your dojo, tried to kill us, almost killed Lilith, twice, and now it's gotten us into this mess!" CT continued fuming. "I trusted you. Both of you."

    "That's why I'm not letting Musashi go, alone. I'm going to Kanto, with him." Nico insisted, tone firm.

    "No, you're not." CT growled.

    "Yes, I am."

    "As long as you're living under my roof-"

    "I abide by your rules. I know. I get it. But I'm going to Kanto."

    "You're not going to Kanto-"

    "This is my fault, Dad! It isn't Musashi's responsibility to clean up after this mess I caused!" Nico snapped, much more loudly than his usual tone.

    "..Without me." CT said softly, as he tugged at his jacket.

    Musashi smiled softly at CT. "Seems we're building up the old gang for one last ride, or so the saying goes, I believe. Shall I call Shade and Ahti, now?"

    "Assuming this is Elvis' doing, at all. Call them both up, ask if there's been anything unusual going on, lately. Nick, it wouldn't hurt to warn your boyfriend, either." CT said, heading back inside.

    "For the last time, he's not...." Nico sighed, rolling his eyes. "Why? Shii's only bothered contacting 'Sashi and me."

    "Because if it is Elvis, he's not beyond hurting family. He took Ahti's children to lure him in, and he could easily do the same, with your friend."

    "Aw, so you do care!" Nico teased.

    "About you. If anything happened to your friends, I'd have to deal with you sulking around the house blaming yourself, for months." CT replied, again tugging at his jacket.

    Musashi rolled his eyes. "Stubborn..." He called up Shade and Ahti, asking if they've heard of any strange activity.
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  2. Jathemon

    Jathemon Hex Maniac

    Mar 18, 2013
    Slateport City, Hoenn: Four days ago.

    Life was going as normal, for Ahti. Fishing in the harbor, raising two teenage girls, one of whom went to summer classes at Musashi's dojo.

    "Beautiful day, isn't it?" Ahti said to the other man on the boat, as he inhaled the ocean air. The other man didn't respond. He was just leaning back in his seat, as the boat sailed forward to deeper sea. Ahti looked back at his new partner, to see him once again wearing those infernal earphones.

    A smirk grew across Ahti's face, as he made the boat take a sharp turn, splashing the other man with a wave. "Aw, come on, Ahti!" he sputtered, taking the buds out of his ears. He was a young man, most likely in his late teens or very early twenty's. "You kids, these days. Always listening to your music, instead of working. I tried some of Clementine's and Kai's music, once. I had no idea what they were singing about!" Ahti said, with a chuckle.

    "I guess you're not an Elvis fan, then." the young man laughed. Ahti responded with a raised eyebrow. "Presley. Elvis Presley. The King?" Ahti just smiled at the young man. "Just keep your mind on work, not music."

    Four days later, Ahti's new partner had vanished without a trace, and then his phone rang.

    Musashi heard Ahti answering. "Ahti, it's Musashi. This is a suspicion, but I think you should come with us. I think Elvis may have broken out. Shii is behaving much stranger than usual, like someone is pulling his strings again. He broke character to lure me and I found a ferry ticket to the Sevii Islands in Kanto. Have you noticed anything strange, recently?"

    For a moment, Ahti didn't answer. He had to give his brain enough time to process what Musashi had, quite bluntly, just said. "Um, okay. Recap. Elvis is out. Shii's...being Shii, and they're in the Sevii Islands?" he repeated.

    There was that strange kid, a few days ago. "Bah! I knew something was strange about that kid's music. No teenager listens to Elvis Presley, these days!" he grunted. "Musashi," he sighed. "If this has all been a set up, are you sure it's wise to walk straight into their trap?"

    Musashi sighed. "Why does everyone keep asking me that? Ahti, if Elvis is out, he's going to either have us come or do something horrific and bring it to us. Would you rather go and stop him or have him grow impatient and bring it down on our families? I'm a father now, Ahti, and I don't want whatever is happening, on my doorstep with my baby girl."

    Ahti sighed, deeply. "Neither do I, but this might be exactly what he's counting on." he continued. He knew he wasn't going to sway Musashi. Besides, he was right. Better whatever this is happen to them, rather than their families. "Alright. Meet me in Vermilion City. We'll get this figured out."

    "I'll meet you there then." Musashi hung up. "CT, you contact Shade since I assume you know his number. I'm going to go ahead of you for now. We'll all meet in Mistralton City." he said to CT, heading off. "Right, then. I'll just get right on that." he said, looking at Nico. "What?" Nico asked. "Well, I don't have his number." CT shrugged. "Besides, one of us has to figure out how to tell your mother." Nico just rolled his eyes and sighed, as he grabbed his cell to call Shade.

    CT had just gone on a long rant, about lying and hiding things. They were about to go to Kanto, on some theory that Elvis was loose and wanted them there. He really, really did not want to tell Lasciel. "Well, I've lived a good life." he sighed.

    Shade and Glade were at home with Bertha, who was making lunch for the two. "RINGRINGRING! RINGRINGRING! PHONE CALL! PHONE CALL!" Shade's cell phone in his pocket was going off. "You sure you don't want a new ringtone or something?" Glade asked. "Nah, it's a classic." Shade replied, seeing that Nico was calling him. "Haven't heard from him in a while." Shade said to himself before answering the phone. "Hello?"

    Castelia City, the previous day:

    Shade and Glade were in the police station with a a surprise party in progress; it was a retirement party for the chief after 30 years of service, and in turn, Shade was promoted to being head of the Crime Scene Investigation unit.

    "How does it feel to now be like Unova's David Caruso from CSI Viridian City?" Glade chuckled, covered in streamers and glitter like his brother. "Pssh, I wish! He only has to act and touch fake corpses; I'm the Michael Jordan to his LeBron James." Shade replied with a silly grin.

    Suddenly, a mysterious person kicked open the door to reveal a cunning Elvis impersonator. No one knew who invited him over or why they would pick that over some woman, but who cared? It lightened the already extravagant party even more.
  3. Jathemon

    Jathemon Hex Maniac

    Mar 18, 2013
    "Hey, Shade..it's...it's Nick..I mean...obviously. Who else would it be? But I um...I mean...uh..." Nico stuttered. He didn't want to get anybody else involved in this, but if Elvis was going after everybody who was there, he felt he should know. And he certainly didn't want anything to happen, to Glade. "Shade..." Nico sighed. "You remember back in Hoenn, that guy who summoned Giratina...Elvis. He's..well...at least we think he's in Kanto. The Sevii Islands, specifically. He's...well, Shii's baited both Musashi and me, and maybe Ahti, too. Has anything weird been going on? If you're involved, you might want to come to Kanto, with us. Musashi thinks he might hurt your mom and Glade, if you don't."

    " I knew that guy was going get out of the Distortion world, that son of a...." Shade muttered almost off a sudden before realizing Nico didn't know about what happened in Snowpoint a few months ago. "... Anyway, well, nothing really strange happened other than the retirement party yesterday, although there was an Elvis impersonator who sorta crashed the party. What about it, Nico? Shade asked. "Elvis impersonator?" Nico blinked. "That...that could have been Shii!" he said. "Then it is him...Elvis is out." he continued, quietly. "Um, meet us at the Mistalton airport. I'd give the phone to Dad, but I think he's uh...kind of distracted, right now."
    By distracted, he meant Lasciel about to strangle him, for him going off on another dangerous adventure, and taking their son with him. She seemed to be taking it better than he thought.

    "I'm sorry, but they're right. If Nick and I stay here, whatever Shii and possibly Elvis is up to, could bring it here if we don't show. I'm not going to let anything happen to you and the kids." CT said, to his wife. "So, you're just putting yourself and our son in danger." Lash crossed her arms. "Willingly? No. But I can't talk him out of it. Besides, I'm not quite the fighter I used to be. He might have to be the one looking out, for me." CT said, with a smile. Lash only pouted, still clearly upset. "Don't worry, everything will be just fine." he said to her, softly, as he embraced her in a tight hug. "Please, be careful." Lash whispered. "When have I ever done otherwise?" CT grinned.

    Shade was about to reply, but the phone got cut off for some unknown reason. "I'm coming along." Glade said to his brother.

    "I dunno about this; if it's what I fear most, you might get hurt." Shade replied.

    "Nico almost died when he was frozen, Shade; if that happened to him again and I'm not there, I don't know what would I even do-" Glade was inturrupted by his mom, who heard the entire conversation, reaching for Ziploc bags and placing their lunches for them, then replying, "Let him come along, Shade; your brother is old enough to make his own choices. Besides, I wouldn't want to be left worrying about my boyfriend too."
    "Mom! Nico's not my..." Glade couldn't finish his sentence and was blushing almost as red as a fire truck, before snatching his lunch from Bertha's hands and storming out of the house.

    "Well, I guess this means I'll be seeing you back in a few days, mom; the PD is going to be wanting to hear about this, anyway." Shade said to Bertha.

    "Take care of yourself, Shade. Make sure nothing happens, to Vladimir."

    "I haven't messed up on that yet, have I?" Shade grinned.

    "True. Best get going now; at the rate of speed he left, he's already out of town by now."
    Shade nodded, and headed out to catch up with his brother.

    Musashi sighed as he entered the dojo. "Lilith, we need to talk." He explained everything to her. "So I have to go there and stop him, before he brings it here and puts you and Suki in danger."

    Lilith pouted, but understood. She didn't want him to go, but he was right. They couldn't risk Elvis coming to them, and she couldn't go with him, this time. She had to stay at the dojo, with the children. Plus, CT, Ahti, Shade and Nico were going to be there. It wasn't like he was going to be alone. "Okay..." she said, softly. "But I don't like this, not one bit. You just...you better come back in one piece, you hear me?" she smiled, giving him a kiss.

    Musashi kissed her back. "I will return to you and our daughter, I promise." he removed one of his swords, giving it to her. "Hold onto this one, until I return." he said before heading out toward Mistralton City.
  4. Jathemon

    Jathemon Hex Maniac

    Mar 18, 2013
    The drive to Mistralton was short and quiet for Shade and Glade; When everyone met at the airport, it wasn't any easier for Glade since he saw Nico, thinking that he didn't want him to come along. He thought that it would be better once they landed in Vermilion.

    During the flight, Shade tried breaking the ice to Glade, still feeling embarrassed about earlier. "Well, this is our first time, going to Kanto." Shade said, with Glade nodding yes, trying his best not to look at Nico and CT who were on the other side of the aisle. "Something wrong?" Shade asked. "Shade... you know, I was thinking." Glade replied quietly.


    "What if mom was right?"

    "About what?"

    "Are you really gonna make me say it?!" Glade's face was starting to blush again.

    "I know, I know; there's nothing wrong about that; I mean, no one's going to judge you on your decisions."

    "But what if it's too soon or too late? I mean, you haven't been interested in anyone for Arceus knows how long, so how would you even know?"

    "Unfortunately, I don't...at least not yet. But wherever your heart goes, just follow it; after all, your heart is as important as your brain, and you can't live without either of them."

    "I just hope you're right; no matter what happens, I don't have a lot of time left."

    "Everything will be fine. Maybe you should talk to him when we reach Vermilion."

    "Alright then, Dr. Phil." Glade replied, much to the relief of Shade as he readjusted himself on his seat.

    Baggage was just as annoying as ever for Musashi, who had to wait for his sword to arrive. Vermilion was about the same as Musashi remembered. He spotted Ahti and greeted him. "It's good to see you again, Ahti; I only wish the circumstances were better. You...you left everyone at home right?"

    Before Ahti could answer a brown flash ran up and hugged him. "Daddy! Oh Daddy Daddy, this place looks so familiar! I think...seems so boring~" Clem said.

    "Ahti, why?"

    Ahti shrugged. "She's sneaky. Didn't realize she was in the car with me, until we were already at the airport. And when we get home, she's grounded, forever." he said, attention turned toward Clem and arms crossed.
    "Hey, Clem. Ahti." Nico nodded, in greeting. "Nico. You've grown quite a bit, since the last time I saw you." Ahti replied, with a warm smile. "Where is your father?"

    "Complaining about how filthy harbors are." Nico replied, with a light chuckle.

    "Wha~?" Clem out out a huge whine and groan at the subject of grounding. "But but...Nico's getting to go and Daddy you're getting too old to go do fun stuff by yourself." Musashi couldn't help but snort a bit at Ahti being called old. He hoped it helped that he regretted finding it funny, but it was. "For crying out loud, CT! All it's been was dirty this, dirty that, with you. You even refused to have one of the complimentary drinks and snacks on the plane."

    Everyone was finally on the ferry some time later, and Glade noticed Nico was looking into the distance on the side. "If you have anything to say to him, now would be a good time." Shade told his brother. Without even giving an answer or looking at his brother, he walked forward to Nico, and stood next to him. He felt really awkward trying to talk to him, but he had to take the first step. "So..... it's been a while since we talked, Nico...." Glade said to him, trying his best not to sound more nervous than he already was.

    "What do you mean? We talk all the time, Glade." Nico blinked.

    "Oh yeah..." Glade replied, starting to blush yet again, and twiddling his fingers a bit. "This is just like that time when we went to the beach, except there's no Shellders to pick up." he added.

    Nico smiled, softly. "Sort of. Except this isn't just a trip to the beach. It's dangerous, Glade. I don't know what or who we're going to find, or what Elvis is planning. Or if it even is Elvis. I just...don't want anything to happen, to you."

    "Same here..." Glade replied, knowing fully-well about what could happen. "I want to make sure that nothing happens to you either, but we'll worry about that when we get there." he added before he looked at him and asked, "I'm gonna go get a snack; you want anything?"

    Meanwhile, Shade had a conversation with CT and Musashi; "So, what is next? If Elvis really did get out, then I know for sure who took him out of his mousetrap." he asked them both.

    CT was trying to avoiding touching anything on the ferry, because Arceus-knows who's had their hands all over that boat. "You know, it seems a lot of people have been withholding things from me, lately." he growled, at Shade. Ahti just clapped his hand on CT's shoulder, as a way of telling him to settle down. "If there is anybody else we should know about, please, tell us." Ahti said, gently. "We need to take every precaution, possible."
    "We don't even know what island Elvis is on. Whether or not he has his usual grunts, matters little unless we know where he is and how to catch him off guard." CT growled again, jerking away from Ahti. "I tried stopping this guy and I really thought I took him down when we were on an investigation case at Snowpoint; even Mac would tell you this if she was here." he turned to CT and looked at him straight in the eyes and asked him, "Does the name James Blackstone ring a bell?"

    "No." CT said, after thinking a moment. "I don't know, anymore. That man at the tournament a couple years ago...Sebastian, or something. He called himself Blackstone. Maybe they're connected. Maybe not. Dr. Blackstone never talked about family, except for the occasional mention that he hated them."
    "Yeah, I remember James blabbered on about how he deserved the labs, what he wants to do, how he's ultimately going to get back at his uncle and everyone and so on." Shade replied to him. He then turned to Sashi and asked him, "Why would he pick the Sevii Islands, of all places? He already tried to get Legendary Pokémon, so why even do it again?"

    "I'm not sure what he's planning, but there must be a laboratory on the Sevii Islands or something." Musashi said.

    "No, thanks." Nico smiled, leaning on the rail of the ferry. CT stood next to him, as soon as Glade left and Shade's attention turned toward somebody who wasn't him. "Something on your mind?" he smiled. "Something perhaps involving your friend?"

    "Wh-what? No...no!" Nico blushed and stuttered. "Wait no, I didn't mean it like that...I mean...I uh....I was thinking about..." he had to change the subject, and quickly. "Drake? Yeah. Everybody's been trying to keep him as far away from Shii as possible, but he took him to class, illusioned as Naga. Why didn't he attack?" of course Nico knew Shii was just keeping in character, but at least the subject was changed to something a lot less personal.

    "Drake?" CT raised an eyebrow. Nico was obviously dodging, but might as well go with it.

    "Shii's son, apparently. Thought neither of them knew." Nico shrugged.

    "Ah, yes. I know his mother. Lives in Celadon. Thought the boy went missing, years ago." CT replied, looking at the approaching islands in the distance. "Well, there they are. And none of us have even the slightest idea of which one to go to.
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    Mar 18, 2013
    The ferry finally landed on Boon Island. "Well, should we split up?" Nico suggested. "Right, because that's always such a fantastic idea." CT grumbled, tugging his jacket. "Well, what are we supposed to do? Search every island, one by one?" Nico snapped back.

    "Elvis has a gigantic ego. Chances are he's on Knot Island, Navel Rock, or Birth Island. It's where several legendaries have been spotted, after all." CT said. "Actually, Nico might be right." Ahti sighed. "It would take much too long, to search every island. You are also right. He would be on one of those three. We can split in groups. If we're wrong and don't find anything, we will meet back here. If we are right and we find him, we at least won't be alone."

    "Truly a flawless plan." CT mumbled. "Agreed, but let's search this island before we do anything; I mean, he could actually be wanting us thinking he's at those places while he is right under our noses the whole time." Shade insisted to everyone.

    Some time went by, searching for anyone suspicious, but found nothing. "Before any of you say that this was a waste of time, remember that this is standard detective procedure, and there's plenty of times where it has actually worked, and other times, like this, where it hasn't..." Shade said to everyone outside, before continuing. "Which brings me to the next phase of our little 'operation' where we will split up into groups of two; CT and Nico can head to Knot Island, Ahti and Musashi can check out Navel Rock, and I'll head to Birth Island on my own, because really, it's just flat land after all." Shade looked over and saw Glade showing off magic tricks to Clementine, and Shade almost forgot to mention them. "Well, should I tell Clem and my brother to stay behind?"
    Ahti nodded, in agreement. If they were staying in a large group, maybe it would be okay. He didn't want her off on her own, though. "Clementine," he said, walking up to her. "Shade and I think it's best if you and Glade stay here. "But..but Daddy." Clem whined. "I'm strong too, I can fight. You're old, what if something happens to you and Mu-Mu? I gotta be there to protect you." she looked up at Ahti with teary eyes.

    "Clem, I'll be just fine." Ahti smiled at her. "I know you are strong, and you are more than capable of fighting, but we don't know what Elvis is planning. It's better if you stay here, and wait for us. We'll be right back. Don't you worry." he said, giving her a tight hug.

    Clem whined a bit, hugging her father back. "You have to come back, you promised." she said softly.
    Musashi smiled as he watched the father and daughter, wondering if he and his own daughter would be that close. How was he going to be a father?

    "I...I'll tell him." Nico stuttered. "Hey um...Glade?" he said, approaching him. "Can I uh...I mean...I think....you should stay here. Or uh, y'know. Just wait for us, here. If we don't find anything, we'll all meet back here."
    "What?!" Glade said to Nico with sheer dread. "But Nico, this guy has done some really horrible things before, and what if you don't come back?! I couldn't live with such a huge burden, especially after saving you from freezing to death at the hospital. If it happened again and I'm not there to help you, I...I..." Glade couldn't finish his sentence, and looked like he was on the verge of crying; he knew that if things went south this time, they wouldn't come back.

    Nico tried to be just as reassuring, to Glade. "And I couldn't live with myself, if anything happened, to you. Don't worry, I'll come back." he said, pressing his lips firmly against Glade's. "I promise." Glade was flabbergasted; all this time he thought he was going to be the one making the confession, but instead, it seemed like Nico had the same feelings for him. Glade close his eyes and kissed him back. "Al...alright then, Nico; I'll look after Clem and make sure she doesn't cause any trouble in the hotel room..." Glade said calmly as if he was walking on clouds as he held Nico close and didn't want to let go when he heard his heartbeat. "Nico, Does this mean we're..." Glade asked, but couldn't finish his sentence.

    Shade looked on. "I didn't think my brother would be into Nico like that." he quietly said to CT.

    CT shrugged, always assuming that was the case, anyway. Of course, there was too much mush going on, at the moment. Something had to be done, so they could get a move on. "GAAAAAY!" he shouted, causing Nico to shoot him back a very annoyed glare. He turned back to Glade, and sighed. "I um...guess we have a lot to talk about, when I get back." he shrugged, nervously.

    "Yes, yes. Now come on, the sooner we get going, the better." CT said, rushing a still-annoyed Nico onto the ferry to Knot Island.

    Shade had the same glare Nico made, at CT. He didn't say anything, but smacked him at the top-back of his head. "Not really the thing to say in a situation like this; you can say it when we get back home, but not now, please, for both Glade and Nico's sake." he told him afterwards before telling everyone, "Alright then, if anyone needs me, you can call my cell, and I'll be sure to let everyone know if I find anything." Shade walked up to Glade and asked him, "Do you feel better now, Vlad?" Glade only nodded yes in reply. "Listen, I know that you want to tag along, but like Nico said, we'll be back; we've been through situations just as bad, but this one is something we can't risk."

    "I know..."

    "And unlike Cock Tease back there, I respect your decision, and you know that Mom and I want you to be happy." Shade told him but noticed Glade was chuckling.


    "You owe mom a quarter for that."

    "For what? Co- oh... Fine." Shade replied, pulling out his wallet and giving Glade the quarter. "Well, I better get going now; I'll keep you posted if anything happens."

    "Okay." Glade replied before Shade started walking away, but not without asking one more question. "Shade?"

    "If you get the chance to group together for some epic showdown or whatever, please... make sure Nico doesn't get hurt; I don't want it to be the last time we... you know..."

    "Don't worry; if I got Cherry... chimpanzee.... I'm out of names.... The Man Formerly Known as Ferrovax out of a warzone, I am more than capable of getting Nicodemus out, too."


    "No Problem." Shade replied one last time before heading out to Birth Island.
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    The ferry rides to the other islands weren't terribly long. CT and Nico stepped onto Knot Island, while Ahti and Musashi landed at Navel Rock. Both were homes to powerful legendary Pokémon, and both good chances that Elvis could be there. He had to make such a show, out of everything. "So, uh...where do we even start? I don't think there's even anybody on this island, to ask." Nico said, scanning the shores.

    "Of course there are people on this island, Nick." CT said, looking at some of the raggedy old buildings, there. "They're most likely senile, but there are people." Nico just rolled his eyes. "Well, we might as well ask if they've seen anything. There's only a few houses here; what could it hurt?" he shrugged. "Alright, alright. Go play detective. Meanwhile, I'll ask somebody in the Pokémon Center, assuming they can hear me and don't immediately forget my question." CT grumbled.

    Randy watched CT and Nico from a distance. "Can't we just hit them, now?" He growled.
    "Not yet." Zee said, to Randy. "Wait until they're out in the open, away from the town. Not many people live here, but enough to call for help. Not that we can't take 'em, but police would be a minor annoyance." he shrugged, waiting for CT and Nico to leave.

    Which was exactly what they were doing. "I told you they wouldn't be of any help." CT said, leaving to the route, on the backside of the town. "You said they were old. They just didn't see anything." Nico retorted. "Well, they were old-ish." CT shrugged.

    Randy snarled. "I hate waiting. They're open now." he built up his energy, charging up purple energy in his hand. "How about a nice welcoming present?" he launched the orb of dragon energy at CT. The Dragon Pulse slammed into CT, sending him hurtling backwards. "Dad!" Nico shouted, but was immediately faced by a series of swift, glowing blue punches to the face. "God, that felt good!" Zee said, crackling his neck and shoulders as Nico fell to the ground. "You two..." CT growled. "Had a feeling you'd be back."

    "And here we are!" Zee said, with a mock grin. "Here, let me show you just how much I missed you!" he snarled, sending a series of Close Combats barreling down on CT.

    Randy grinned at Nico. "Nothing personal kid, but I will be enjoying this." he said as he charged up a cylinder of water, blasting his Aqua Tail attack down on the boy. "Sleep time."

    The Dragon part of Nico resisted the water attack, but the Ground part of him took it, badly. Plus he had already been beaten by Zee's Dual-Chop, which was not taken well, either. He slumped down next to his dad, both badly beaten. "Elvis said he wanted them alive. Never said we couldn't beat them to near-death." Zee grinned. Randy hit Nico with one more impact of his Aqua Tail. "Now we gotta drag these two to Elvis, great."

    Musashi sighed as he looked around. He had no clue where to start searching, so they might as well look anywhere Elvis could possibly build. Hating the silence, Musashi spoke up. "So, Ahti. Fatherhood. Is it hard? You know, raising girls? I have no clue how to be a father."

    "It is not too terribly difficult. As long as you make sure they are fed daily, have plenty of water, and are taken for walks." Ahti said, trying to keep his tone serious. Apparently a little too serious, as he glanced at Musashi. "A joke. That was a joke, Musashi."

    "Really, there is no manual on how to be a perfect parent." he said, joking aside. "Even I still wonder if I'm doing the right thing, for my girls. Sometimes things are difficult, but you work through it. Other times, you just automatically know what to do. It can be one of the most challenging, but rewarding, gifts that life can give you." he continued, with a warm smile, completely unaware that the were being watched, from above.

    Musashi smiled as he looked at Ahti. "You've really adapted, Ahti. I kind of wish I could be more like you, you know." he sighed, running his fingers through his hair. "I still think like a Pokémon. Even now I can keep feeling my father's teaching method wanting to come out. I don't want to be my father, but I have no clue on how to raise children otherwise. Sometimes I feel like I haven't changed at all, not for lack of trying."

    Ahti started to speak, but rocks falling from the ledge of a cliff caught his attention. "I think somebody is here." he said, cautious and listening for any more movement. "Yah thought right!" a female voice yelled from behind, as a giant, swirling cyclone came barreling down on top of Ahti, like an oversized whip.

    "Shit!" Musashi ducked from the cyclone. "Ahti!" he called out, drawing his sword. It felt a bit awkward only having one, but he took a stance, anyway. "Show yourself, villain! I will strike you down!"

    "Michael, if you would kindly remove the bug?" the woman purred. "Gladly!" a male voice grunted, barely heard under the sound of whooshing wings as he swooped down, causing the earth beneath him to shake as he landed. He stood tall, and had a gruff, almost feral look to him. He had a long tail and huge wings. "When was the last time you flew, buggy boy?" he growled in a deep voice, grinning as he easily grabbed Musashi in both hands, and soared back into the sky, a bright blue energy beginning to surround him.

    "Musashi!" Ahti yelled, trying to get up. "Oh, no you don't!" the woman demanded, sending another Aqua "Tail" at Ahti, causing him to again crash to the ground. She stepped forward, revealing herself. She was tall and fit, broad shoulders and swaying hips. She had fins in place of ears, and glistening, violet eyes. A Gyarados, it looked like. Ahti clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, readying a Thunderbolt to throw at her. But she was faster. "Naughty, naughty!" she grinned, grabbing his fist in her hand, ice beginning to form around it.

    "I'm not just a bug man." Musashi glared, kneeing and elbowing his assailant. "I am a Scyther, and we are stubborn!" he shouted before biting into Michael's shoulder.

    Michael winced at being kicked and bitten, but only chuckled as the bright aura grew brighter, lighter. "And I'm a Rock Type, buddy." he grinned, wings spreading as he stopped soaring forward, and began to freefall downward, intending to slam Musashi into the ground below.

    Jo leaned on the barely-conscious Ahti, waiting impatiently for Michael to return from the skies. "One down." she yawned. The air was blown out of Musashi's lungs as he felt himself lose consciousnesses. "Lilith...Suki...I'm...sorry." he said softly before fading out.

    Shade arrived on Birth Island, and just as he suspected, it looked like a flat piece of land with some rocks. "Easy enough." Shade said to himself; he was able to walk through the rocks with ease. "I wonder why I don't abuse this more often; it'd make doing a lot of things easier."

    Somebody was also watching Shade, on Birth Island. Somebody whose eyes glistened a bright, crystal blue, and another whose eyes shone a haunting red. Both watched Shade as he approached closer, and both were ready to pounce, as soon as he was within distance.

    Shade's self-proclaimed "Lampent Senses" noticed that he wasn't alone, and without hesitation, he threw a Shadow Ball at the two sets of eyes. "Nice try." Shade yelled.

    Shii bounced down from the rocks, cackling at Shade's attack. "Shii is Zoroark. Ghost Boy is ghost. Ghost against Shii? Stupid, stupid ghost." he grinned, revealing his sharp teeth. He could have easily attacked Shade. Knocked him out, even, being a Dark Type. He could even poison him, his favorite thing to do. But he was wearing different gloves. No claws on the end of them, to scratch his Toxic into Shade's bloodstream. This time, he just grinned and snapped his fingers.

    And then there was a deafening roar, as a huge, bulky creature jumped down, roaring loudly at Shade. She was Artemis: the Luxray-Houndoom mix. She was larger than the normal Luxray and Houndoom, and she was fierce, continuing to roar and growl at Shade. "Ghost Boy comes with us, yes? Calmly. Attack again, Artemis rips throat out, yes." Shii purred. "Would be a shame, if Shii had to bring you to Elvis, all broken."

    "I figured it was going to be you, Shii; I mean, who else would Elvis want. It's ironic that you speak in third person when you're talking normally, but you are perfectly fine imitating everyone else." Shade replied, knowing fully well that if he attempted to attack again, the newest "fusion" would end him. "But I digress." Shade said, trying to stall for time, thinking of a plan. Then, he remembered one thing he hadn't used in a long time, but he wasn't sure that if it would work on something like Artemis. Shade winked at Artemis to see if it would work, and in the midst of it all, dove straight towards Shii and tackled him.

    Artemis shook her head, evidently unfazed by the Attract. Everything happened, in an instant: Shade had just tackled Shii and Shii just barely had time to throw a Toxic-laden punch into Shade's side, before Artemis pounced on top of Shade, likely bruising a few ribs in the process.

    Artemis stood on top of Shade, breathing heavily; she was so close to Shade that her breath fogged his glasses, and her teeth rested gently on top of his jugular. "Stop!" Shii growled, before the lioness could go any further. "Elvis wants him alive. Don't kill him. Not yet." he said, grinning widely at the last part. "So, Ghost Boy wants to cooperate now, yes?"

    "Wow, I didn't know you could speak a full sentence there, you should be awfully proud..." Shade replied, struggling to breathe since he was bruised and poisoned. "Fine, I'll cooperate, but I don't see why you didn't want to kill me now if Elvis wants everyone dead..." he finished before grunting.

    "Never said Elvis wanted you dead." Shii grinned, at Shade. "Now, come. He is waiting for other guests." he said, grabbing Shade by the arm on one side, Artemis walking beside him on the other side, ears down and growling, ready to make a move should he try anything, again.
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    The others awoke inside a lab. More specifically, a containment unit quite similar to the one he had them put in, back in Hoenn. Typical Elvis set-up. "I wouldn't bother." a voice rang out, directed more at Shade than anybody else. "I worked out that little Ghost problem." he said, a touch of smugness in his voice. "Or rather, Nicodemus worked it out." Elvis said, walking out from the shadows. "The boy is quite brilliant, although incredibly stupid, at the same time. He helped me with quite a bit of this, under the guidance of Mr. Raith, of course." he continued, patting Shii on the head. "I'm sure you're familiar with Artemis, as well. I must congratulate you on that one, Nicky. Absolutely brilliant work, and she's simply wonderful." he said, resting a hand on the lioness' head.

    "Escaping is one thing." CT growled, before Nico could say anything. "Threatening us is another thing. But using my son? I swear, as soon as I get out of here-"

    "You'll what, hm? The only way you're getting out of there, is if I let you out. And I will only let you out, when I'm ready to." Elvis smiled, tapping on the translucent cage. "How did you escape?" Ahti said, tone firm. Elvis only replied, with a smile. "People are stupid. Easily manipulated, and quite gullible."

    "Idiot wasted a wish from Jirachi, to get me out. Made a deal, with him. He gets me out, I make him into a powerful hybrid. I agreed, of course. Anything to get me out of that infernal hellhole. Alas, poor bastard actually believed me. Shii here handled the hybridization part. Not quite what he wanted, though." Elvis chuckled. "Then of course I had Shii hire the boy and work with him, at my old research labs. He returned research, notes, and current projects, to me. You're being restrained in one of them, of course. No ghosting out this time, Mr. Potter." Elvis smirked, at Shade.

    "Enough monologuing, you egotistic bastard! You have us. Now what?" CT snarled. Elvis grinned. "You see this chamber, behind me?" he said, tapping on a small cylinder-shaped chamber, behind him. "Once a hybrid is put in there, it will release a vapor. This vapor will not poison nor kill you. It probably won't even be that painful. It will, however, strip you entirely of your power. Unfortunately, there can only be one at a time. If I had you all in there at once, it would be much too large of a space and not be nearly as concentrated enough. It might not work, you might still have some power, and that's just too big of a risk for me, to take." he shrugged. "So, does the class have anymore questions, or should we begin lessons?"

    "I appreciated the fact that you made this cage with me in mind." Shade sarcastically said to Elvis. "Whether you want to admit it or not, though, you would've been stuck in the Twilight Zone forever if no one came to get you; I mean, Elvis may be a big name, but not 'Elvis, scientist wonder'. One of us is gonna make it out of here, just watch." Shade looked at Nico, next. "Why did you help him? Glade would feel so heartbroken if he found out about this."

    "I...I didn't...I didn't know...I thought..." Nico stuttered, unable to find the words. "He already feels bad, without you making it worse!" CT growled at Shade. "Enough, all of you!" Ahti said, stepping between CT and Shade. "We know it wasn't your fault, Nico. And we're not helping things by bickering and blaming each other."

    "Still a lover, not a fighter, eh, Ahti?" Elvis chuckled. "I still have plenty of fight left in me, if it comes to that." Ahti said, glaring at Elvis. Nico just leaned against CT's shoulder. "I didn't know..." he said, voice breaking.
    Musashi felt memories awaken of Blackstone's lab, ramming against the wall, uselessly. "Damn you, Elvis! You think removing our powers will make you safe? I'll break every bone in your worthless body, powers or no powers!" he snarled. "Open this cage and try to put me in that cell, I dare you." Elvis only responded to Musashi's threats, with a hearty chuckle. "Well, if you insist." he grinned, calling Michael over. Being an Aerodactyl, there wasn't much Musashi could do to him. "If you would kindly escort him to the chamber, please?" Elvis said, in a much-to polite voice for somebody like him. "Artemis? Make sure the others don't get any ideas, while we prepare the Scyther." Elvis said, to the lioness. Artemis growled in response, and stood in front of the containment unit, ready to pounce anybody who dared make a move.

    "I'm not just a Scyther." Musashi said, springing when the cage was open. Musashi was sure Michael wasn't expecting the swift kick to his nether regions. Hewasted no time leaping over the bent over Aerodactyl. "I'm a warrior!" he shouted, baring his teeth. He would bite Elvis' throat out with his teeth if he must. However, his efforts were met with his green hair being yanked by Randy and meeting a deafening punch to the jaw from Zee. Randy snickered as he gave Michael a glance. Musashi groaned as he was flung into the chamber.

    CT clenched his fists and growled. He flung a Focus Blast at Artemis, sending her tumbling backwards. He had taken all of three steps, before he was struck down by Zee's Dual-Chop, and grabbed and held by Michael. Artemis stood in front of him, snarling wildly. "Bastard." CT growled. "He's been through enough. Don't do this." Elvis studied CT for a moment, shook his head and sighed. "What happened to you, Ferrovax? You used to be fierce. Strong. A worthy opponent. Now look at you. You've gone soft."

    "The hell I have!" CT snapped. "No? Well, then." Elvis said, gesturing at Shii to close the chamber door. "Let's see about that." CT growled and struggled to wriggle free of Michael's grip, but his efforts were in vain. He felt weak. The claws on Michael's wings were glowing a bright blue, with dragon energy. Dragon Claw, then. No wonder. "Don't....don't do this." CT growled, his voice quiet. "Take me. For Arceus sake, if you do this, do it to me. Leave them out of it." Musashi groaned in the chamber. He heard CT's remarks."No, CT. I can get through this. I'm strong even without my powers, I don't need them." he said, trying to remain strong. In truth he didn't know what he'd do. It wasn't just about powers, the Scyther in him was his very identity. If he lost that part of himself....

    "Musashi, even now you're still adjusting to being human." CT snapped, at him. "Let him go. Just...let him go."
    Elvis smirked. "Such a good friend, you are. A shame it matters, little. Oh, well. If you're so eager to be the first one, go on ahead." he grinned, as Zee dragged Musashi out of the chamber, and CT was tossed in. Nico could only watch, helplessly. He threw flames against the unit, desperate to escape. "Dad!" he shouted, raking at the walls with fists coated in flames. "Nico! Stop!" Ahti said, grabbing Nico's arm, trying to calm him down. "We can't just sit here and do nothing!" Nico responded, jerking away. "There is nothing we can do!" Ahti replied. "I'm sorry, Nico....there is nothing we can do."

    Musashi threw himself against the chamber. "CT no! Don't you get what's going to happen to you, you idiot!? Elvis, I swear to Arceus I will kill you! I will end your miserable piece of Trubbish life!" he shouted, slamming his fist against the glass wall. "Open this door! Let him out! Damn it, CT, why!? Why would you do this!?"
    "You have your whole life ahead of you. You don't deserve this. None of you do. Maybe Elvis is right. Maybe I have gone soft. But blast it all, I'd rather be soft than lose control, again. Forget about me. You can still stop him." CT said, softy, as the vapors began to pour in. CT winced. It did hurt, a little.

    Shii cackled, watching CT struggle. Artemis stayed close to Musashi, waiting for any sudden movements. "How sweet." Elvis chuckled. "Would anybody else like to volunteer? Flip a coin, perhaps? Or how about young Nicodemus, there? Hm? Care to join your father?" Nico gritted his teeth and glared directly at Elvis. "Go to hell."
    Musashi stood up slowly, turning without any sudden movements. "I'm sick of you, Elvis. Plan after plan. You've involved children, and now you plan to strip away our very selves. I'm done dealing with your shit." he glared at Elvis. "I'm ending this right here, I swear it on my very life that you won't put a single other person in this chamber."

    Shii grinned, as the door to the chamber opened, CT falling to his knees. "Who's next?" Shii cackled. "The boy." Elvis stated. "I rather like the idea of having Musashi here be forced to watch all of his friends suffer." he grinned. "Don't...." CT gasped, weak and disoriented. "Don't you dare lay a hand on my son." he snarled. "Looky, looky. Still thinks can stop us. Sad, yes?" Shii said, kicking CT in the side, causing him to stumbled back onto the floor.

    Musashi stood in front of the chamber, hand on his sword. "Just try it, dirt bags. No one is passing by me." he said calmly.

    Shii looked around. CT was struggling to stand, still disoriented. Everybody else seemed to be focused on Elvis, Musashi, or Nico. A wide, toothy grin crept along Shii's face, as Artemis just barely flicked her eyes in his direction.

    No more playing suckup to some bird brain. No more punching bag, for some hot-headed Gyarados. No more being regarded as the lowest of the grunts, as some idiot everybody treats as the mutt. This is what Artemis was made, for. This moment. This was the perfect opening. Everybody was distracted, and nobody would see it coming. "Artemis." Shii grinned. Artemis never took her eyes off Shii, but her posture shifted just enough, where she could easily pounce. "Attack." A deafening roar bellowed and a blur flashed by so quickly that nobody had time to react.

    Especially Elvis.

    Before anybody could process what had just happened, the unit the others were in opened, releasing them, surrounded by Elvis' other henchmen. Shii continued grinning and cackling, as Artemis prowled back toward the other group. Elvis was gone. CT had his power stripped from him. The heroes and villains were suddenly mixed in a group, with no leader.

    "Have fun." Shii grinned, the room suddenly rippling as he appeared to vanish; the same illusion trick he pulled, back in the moor.

    Musashi rushed to CT and picked him up. "Come on! let's go!" Shade could see the chaos unfolding in front of him and the villains surrounding them; he would've easily helped them out, but the bruised ribs and Shii's poison was starting to take it's toll; he wouldn't stand a chance after a minute, but he couldn't just simply say that he can't battle.

    He decided that it would be best to take a risk and bring CT with him out of the battle and the both of them heal up, but if anyone got in the way, he would fend them off with a Shadow Ball or two in the process. Before he could do anything, he needed proof for the UPD that Elvis had been neutralized, regardless of the bloodshed; he pulled out his camera phone, and snapped a picture of Elvis, especially his face.

    He ran as fast as he could through the battle, and helped CT get on his feet. "Just like old times, huh?" he said to him with a small grin before yelling, "Sashi, make sure you get them off our backs; I'll make sure he gets out of here in one peace!" as he tried his best carrying CT with his shoulders, but it wasn't getting any easier since he was slowly starting to feel lightheaded and sick to his stomach. CT shoved them both off. "I don't need your bloody help!" he snapped, wobbling as he tried to stand up straight and tugged on his jacket. He still felt light-headed, but he tried to stay strong. For Nico.

    Randy stared as Elvis was being attacked. He looked to Zee as if to ask 'Well, now what?'

    "New rules." Zee grinned, at Randy. "Seems like we're without a boss to tell us what to do, and you're with one very powerless Hydreigon. Elvis wanted you, alive. Me? Not so much." Zee shrugged. "Don't you dare hurt my dad!" Nico shouted, sprinting toward Zee. He was easily stopped by Michael's arm slamming into his chest, knocking him back. "And what are you gonna do about it, runt?" Zee sneered, grabbing Nico by the arm, and slamming a Dual-Chop at him.

    "Don't you touch him!" CT growled. At least it felt like a growl. He felt...different. "You're powerless, Ferrovax. You can't do shit." Zee smirked, tossing a weakened Nico to Michael, as he stepped forward toward CT.
    Which was probably a bad idea, since the next thing he knew, there was a resounding "BOOM!" and a "zing" of something flying inches from the side of his face. CT stood, pistol in hand, glaring at Zee and the others. "I don't need power to kill every single one of you, if you so much as lay a hand on my son, again."
    Randy stared at the gun. "Um...Zee? That's a gun, he has a gun. Why didn't we search him for a gun? Maybe we should cut our losses for now, no point in risking taking a bullet over Elvis' stupid plan." Randy grunted. Zee was too busy being frozen in place after being shot at. CT most likely aimed where he knew he wouldn't hit Zee, but the shock of it was enough to make his tail fluff out, in fear.

    Musashi drew his sword. "We will all stand against you, now back off from the child." Shade was able to offer some assistance, but he was running out of time; CT was distracting the others, but Artemis was eyeing Shade as if he was fried chicken. He knew that he can only last so long before he gets eaten, but he had to take the risk. "Heere kitty kitty kitty." Shade walked to the right to lure the beast towards him and away from everyone else.

    The huge lioness stalked Shade, prowling in the same direction he was walking. He was badly poisoned and bruised, making him the easier prey. She was also wary, waiting to attack until he got as far away from the group as possible. It was also an opening for Ahti to grab Nico, and cautiously trek back toward the group. She wouldn't attack, if they were together in a group.

    Ahti and Nico finally stood next to the others, watching as Shade continued to lure Artemis away. "Now what?" Ahti said quietly, to CT. "Now we get him back with us, as fast as we can." CT said, aiming the pistol just in front of Artemis' feet. "Shade," he said, trying not to speak too loudly. "I'm going to startle her. As soon as she jumps back, sprint back here as fast as you can."

    "Dad, he's hurt." Nico pointed out. "Well he's going to have to hurt, just a little more. If he doesn't get back in the group, she'll attack. She's hunting. She's luring the weaker one out of the herd. Getting back to us might be painful, but at least he'll be alive." CT said, firing the pistol at the big cat, startling her and causing her to lunge back, hopefully giving Shade enough time to get back to the others.

    Musashi moved closer to Shade, holding his sword ready as he glared at Artemis. Zee and Randy obviously lost their will to fight, so it was only this fusion that was dangerous. "Come on Shade, we have you covered. Get back to the group and let's go." he said softly, his eyes not leaving the big cat. Shade understood CT loud and clear, and as soon as he saw the shot at Atemis, he dashed as fast as he could, but he was becoming increasingly lethargic, and eventually tripped within a foot of the group, and felt like there was more weight being put on him by the second "Help.. please..." Shade said before he stumbled inside the group. "Thanks, CT." he said to him, before turning his attention to Nico. "About earlier... I'm sorry about what I said. I know you didn't mean to help Elvis; make sure you fulfil your promise to Glade though." he smiled at Nico.

    Artemis roared in anger, charging at the group but immediately falling back as Shade stood, leaning on Musashi. Nico just nodded, at Shade. "I know. You were under pressure. We all were. Don't worry, about it."
    "Apologies, later. It would be preferable if we got out of here while we have the chance, before they all change their mind." CT said, again, voice not quite coming out as a growl. It was an effort to get back to the ferry. They were all still weak from being attacked, earlier, especially Shade. CT was still a bit woozy from having the Hydreigon part of him completely stripped away. It was an effort, but they made it. Elvis was dead, the villains had no leader, and Shii had vanished. Maybe all of this chaos was finally over.
  8. Jathemon

    Jathemon Hex Maniac

    Mar 18, 2013
    CT started to step onto the ferry, but something in the window of the boat caught his attention: his reflection. Windows, especially those on boats, didn't serve as the best mirrors, but it was just enough to tell that something was definitely different. More than just CT losing his powers, had changed. His hair had gone entirely black, and eyes turned a deep green, rather than black and purple. He also seemed to have lost his fangs. "Why in bloody hell didn't anyone tell me?!"

    "I uh..." Musashi looked away, scratching his head. "I didn't know how to tell you, CT. I.. I mean." he sighed. "You're like that because you saved me from suffering through that."

    "You look like a charming gentleman for a full-fledged human; I used to have black hair and green eyes too, long ago." Shade said to him, slumping on the wall, looking like he was on the verge of falling asleep. CT rolled his eyes, at the both of them. "Blast it all. How am I going to explain this, to your mother?" he said, directed at Nico. "You saved Musashi. I'm sure she'll go easy on you, for that." Nico shrugged, smiling.

    "Yes, perhaps only a mild strangling, this time. Maybe I should throw in that I also saved Shade from a lion, just in case."

    "And defeated Elvis."

    "I didn't defeat Elvis."

    "Mom doesn't know that."

    CT smiled at Nico, threw an arm around him and ruffled his hair. Musashi smiled. This moment almost made him wish he also had a son. When they landed back in Vermilion, Clem was waiting with the biggest most momentum filled tackle hug ever for Ahti.

    There was a lot to process, on the flight home. Both for Nico, and for CT. Ahti and Clem headed back to Hoenn, leaving Ahti wondering how to explain things to his wife. Which is exactly what CT was thinking about, along with something else. Before they left, CT made a call to a Celadon casino, run by a woman he occasionally worked with.

    Nico had gone home, ahead of his dad. He had already told his mother a bit of what happened, preparing her for when CT got back home. Maybe she wouldn't kill him as badly, at least.

    Nico sat on his bed, Seymour at his feet and very far away from the toddler of the house. Seymour wasn't bad with kids, he wasn't very fond of getting bathed in syrup and being painted on and having small toys attached to his long fur. He was very happy that Nico was back, and that Nico was currently giving him scritches behind the ears.

    "So Nico... since we're back home, what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?" Glade asked as they sat in Nico's bedroom. "Well...y'know..." Nico shrugged, slightly blushing. "We've been friends for a long time...this is...a big change, for us. You and me...not...us...I mean...is there an us? This is...just so different. I think. Does it really change anything?" he stammered.

    "Well, it can change as much as you want it to, Nico." Glade replied, blushing at the same level as he was. "I mean, I was at a loss of words when you kissed me, and like you said, we've been friends for such a long time." he continued, and he placed his left hand on top of his right. "But I was wanting to make a confession...for a really long time; I...I had written down a letter a while ago describing my feelings for you, but I forgot where I had placed it...Arceus, this is awkward; I never thought I would end up..." Glade was now starting to talk like Nico, and blushing even more. "I uh...I didn't know you...uh..." Nico stuttered. "It..doesn't have to be awkward. It's...it's just us, right? It's not like anything is really changing...sort of...I mean...other than...you know..." he continued stuttered, still blushing. "Wow, I had this all planned out a lot better in my head, back in Kanto." he chuckled, nervously.

    "I know; but just to make sure we're on the same page, I'll try to finish this sentence before I chicken out again like I did back in Kanto." Glade replied before taking a deep breath and holding his hand again, before continuing. "I like- no... I love you, and do you want to be my b... my boyfriend." he asked, blushing the reddest he had been since talking with Shade. "Regardless of your answer, what did you have in mind?" Nico smiled at Glade, still faintly blushing as he leaned over to give Glade another kiss. "You know, Mavra's never gonna shut up, about this." he said, with a light chuckle.

    Musashi was greeted by a blur and sudden cling and flurry of kisses that was Lilith, CT stepped beside them, clearing his throat. "Don't mean to interrupt, but is Drake here?" Lilith nodded, pointing him in the direction the young boy was. It was a little bit lonelier in the dojo, since June finally went back home. She still came to classes, but she was no longer living there. CT knelt down beside him; "You're Drake?" he asked, holding out a hand. The boy nodded, shaking CT's hand. "Nice to meet you. Well, again. My name is Ferrovax. I work with your mother. I met you when you were a baby. She said you went missing, years ago. Been looking for you, ever since. I uh, understand you're a bit attached to Ziggy, but your mother does miss you. She'd really like for you to come home."

    Musashi smiled at Drake. "Isn't that great? You can meet your mother, Drake." he wrapped an arm around Lilith. "And with these peaceful days coming up I can focus on being a father, rather than being a warrior."
    Drake's eyes lit up. He had family. But...he always sort of had family. He didn't even remember his mother. All he remembered, had been Zee and Alice. "What...about about Zee?" Drake pouted. "He...he'll be worried...."
    "Drake," CT sighed. "I don't want to force you to do anything. But Zee has....he's done a lot of bad things. You would be a lot safer, with your mother. She would be really heartbroken, if you didn't at least see her. I understand you also have a sister. Don't you at least want to meet them?" Drake, for once in his life, was at a loss for words. His earliest memories were of Zee picking a young, lost boy off the streets, raising him alongside his daughter. Although, he never really seemed to acknowledge Drake as his own. He also sent him away, a lot, and Drake didn't understand why. Now somebody was actually looking for him. Real family.

    "O-okay. But...I wanna say bye, to Zee." Drake said, his eyes big. CT didn't know what to say. He didn't even know if Zee was coming back, or if he just left the kid there. "I...don't know where he is, Drake. He was in Kanto, last I saw. He..." CT sighed. "As soon as I hear anything about him, I'll let him know how to contact you. But you can't stay here waiting for somebody who might not come back...for a while." he added, not wanting to discourage the young boy. "Your mother is waiting, outside. So, what are you going to do?"

    Drake blinked, not expecting his mother to actually be waiting for him, here. It was decision time, it seemed. He didn't want to hurt Zee, but he also wanted to have a real family, one that actually accepted him as theirs. "M-mama?" he said, stepping outside, to be greeted by a woman of medium height, short hair, and a fedora. She wrapped her arms around him, and although he was hesitant at first, he returned the hug. "I thought I lost you." she whispered to him.

    Even CT couldn't help but smile, at that scene. He wouldn't be smiling much longer, as he had yet to face his wife, about this whole event. "I should go home." he said, stepping out. "Seems like everything is taken care of, here." He really, really did not want to face Lash. She worried about her family enough, already. She worried a little bit more, each time something had happened. Her worry meter was very likely full, at this point. What if this sent it over the top? What if she never let him and Nico out of her sight, ever again? What if she...

    ..Tackled CT in a tight hug, and repeatedly said what a brave, very, very stupid person he was. She used the word "stupid" and "idiot" a lot more than she did, "brave". "Lasciel, I'm fine. I'm just....a little different. I'm still me." CT smiled, as he brushed her hair from the side of her face. "You're an idiot, Ferrovax Blackstone." she said, once more.

    "But you love me." CT grinned.

    "But I love you." Lash repeated, clinging to him.

    Musashi sat beside Lilith, looking at their child. "So um...Lilith. We have a child and we live together. I mean, CT and Lash have a..well...arrangement. I'm not sure how to go about this really delicately or anything but..." he scratched his head. "Why don't we..you know..get married like they did?" Lilith would have shouted in glee, had Suki not been sleeping. Instead, she just leaned against Musashi's shoulder, her tail wagging, rapidly.

    "So, Elvis has been taken care of so we can 'inherit' his assets?" James said to Shii as they overlooked the construction of their new lab by their hotel in Opeculid City, as he showed Shii the blueprints. "And yes, I'll even add a whole 'house', just for you."

    Shii narrowed his eyes, emitting a low growl. "Appreciated, but not necessary. Shii does what Shii wants, now. Shii may travel, yes. Look for new Pokémon to bring back, yes. Bring them to you. Make more fusions, like Artemis." he said, giving the huge Luxray-Houndoom mix a scratch behind the ear, which she seemed to appreciate. "Stronger. Faster. More powerful. Brutal." Shii grinned, obviously having something else planned. "Shii starts in Kanto. Bring back lots of new toys. Shii still has data, from boy. Still needs lab, though. Will be back, soon enough." he smirked.

    "Well, fusions aren't going to be the only things we will do, here." James insisted to Shii. "Unlike the other labs, we are going to be researching for possibly giving the benefits of Pokémon powers for everybody, like... if someone were to take a pill; think of the possibilities of that! I think we could also open up a pet shop around the region too, but the fusions...I don't exactly know how we'll take care of selling those though; I wish you good luck, Shii, the lab should be halfway finished by the time you get back."

    THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT, LAKE VALOR! Ah. I dunno how many people are actually reading these, but to those who have, I really cannot express how grateful we are. We know they're not the best stories, not the longest stories, probably don't have the most amazing plot, but we learned a lot, making these. We learned how to better collaborate with each other, we got to know each other's characters and even our own characters, better. We got a feel for each other's writings styles and it eventually meshed flawlessly together. Probably the most notable thing in these stories, is the major character development the cast has gone through, and continues to go through. Jathemon started out as Daemonsparta and I inserted into a Pokémon story, and grew into an angry Hydreigon seeking revenge, to that same Hydreigon seeking forgiveness and becoming best friends with the person who formerly wanted to kill him. We grew a lot, as writers, and our characters grew along with us.

    There are three side-stories, but I won't be posting them, unless people absolutely want me to. One story takes place immediately after the Finale, focusing on what happened to the four villains, and leads up to the "sequel", which is about Shii becoming the new major villain. Another side-story is about Zee and Naga going back home, to see their parents.

    This might be the final story in the main series, but I, in no way, want to discontinue Jathemon. Unfortunately, Daemonsparta will most likely not be on board, for further stories. However, as one door closes, many more have opened: this is why I'm posting these stories here. I'd like for Jathemon to be open, for anybody to join! The world of Jathemon is constantly growing, and it would be absolutely fantastic, if more and more people joined in, on it.

    So I guess that's about it, then. Hope you had fun, and I look forward to many more!
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