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Original First Date

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Infernostar, Jul 29, 2023.

  1. Infernostar

    Level 23
    May 4, 2018
    Legendary Triforce ★★
    Greetings. So uhhh...I was egged on encouraged by my girlfriend to do some short story writing. So I said screw it and did a short based off of one of our commissions together. This is more fluff than anything else, but any feedback is appreciated.


    “C’mon Snowsnooooow, we’re almost there!” She said as she walked at a brisk pace, practically dragging along her partner.

    “I-I’m coming!” She replied, stumbling slightly but picking up her own pace to stay close. “S-So you said this place was cool, Nixie?”

    “I sure did!” Nixie answered, turning back and flashing a quick smile as she led the way. The catgirl was showing her new girlfriend to one of her favorite spots nearby after school, and was eager to see her reaction. Her red eyes shined as her sharper feline grin showed to her partner, who tried to smile back.

    “O-Okay! I-I hope it's not super crowded” Snowflake added, her blue eyes locking with Nixies red as she held onto the cat's hand tight. The duo had only just finished up the school day earlier, still in their uniforms as they darted along the busy sidewalks, passing a number of people in search of the promised destination.

    “Did you have any issues with the lesson today, Snowsnow?” Nixie asked, making chit chat while they walked. Her tail swayed lightly behind her, a dark purple hue to it that matched her hair, a bit short, stopping just above her shoulders. Atop her head, a pair of cute cat ears with soft white fur to their interior, one of them twitching slightly, with a small gold earring attached to it. Her skin was a darker hue than her partner, a touch above hazel, with a pair of gold markings on her cheeks.

    “I-It wasn’t so bad, I-I love math. B-But it was kinda scary when I was called on for that one problem…E-Everyone was staring at meeeeee” Snow winced, a hand scratching the side of her head. Her hair was much longer than Nixie’s down her back and a light blond, her skin fair if a bit pale. She was a few inches taller than Nixie but had a bit of an issue with confidence, often trying to hide herself from others, and suffering from stage fright, leading to her near constant stuttering, almost like she had chattering teeth from a cold winter day.

    “You still got it right though! Besides, everyone got to see how pretty you are” Nixie replied, smiling and holding back a giggle as she saw Snow's face turn flush, almost getting to a tomato red. Nixie, though genuine in her feelings for Snow, did like occasionally teasing her chilly girlfriend, as she liked seeing her get flustered from praise.

    “Bweh! Sh-Shuuuuuush” She countered, stammering as she had to stop for a second to recompose herself from that comment. Using her free hand she quickly fanned her face as the color gradually calmed down from rosey red back to her usual pale. Taking a moment to breath a sigh of relief, as well as adjust the backpack slung over her left shoulder, she exhaled and let out a light smile.

    “Ready, sweetie?” Nixie asked gently, not wanting to push it any further. She loved to tease but never upset, so she always stopped to check on her partner to make sure she was alright. Quietly she tapped the front of one of her shoes on the pavement, the wind blowing the skirt of her sailor fuku, her own bag over her right shoulder, hand held firmly to its strap.

    “...R-Ready” Snow soon answered, giving a little smile back as she moved closer to Nixie's side so she wouldn’t be trailing her this time. Nixie nodded and smiled back as the two kept moving and rounded a corner.

    “Ooo, we’re here!” Nixie confirmed, spotting the sign above the building they were at. She reached for the handle of the door and pulled it open, leading Snow and herself inside. “This is the Kobayashi Game Center!” Nixie announced, grinning as she watched Snowy’s eyes widen in awe.

    “O-Ooooo…I-I love it!” She squeed, eyes darting around as she admired the interior. There were pinball machines, crane games, and tons of arcade games, from rhythm games and racers to shoot em ups and fighting games. The blond's eyes were as wide as dinner plates as she stood still, taking it all in.

    “Heh, I figured you’d like it. I come here sometimes after school if I have some extra money” Nixie explained, a hand moving to cover her mouth as she giggled watching Snowflake. “Its one of my favorite spots, and I wanted to share it with you!”

    “Oooooo…S-So um, Nixie…I-Is this a date…?” Snow asked, cheeks turning red as she twiddled her fingers nervously.

    “Well that depends. Do you want it to be?” She countered, refraining from giggling more at how quickly she turned red asking the question.

    “...Y-Yes.” She admitted after a few seconds, turning her head away as the catgirl finally relented, giggling seeing the blond's anxiety pop out, but happy to hear such an answer.

    “Then yep, it’s a date~” She replied, grinning as she watched Snow perk up, the blush still there but a smile coming through anyway.

    “Y-Yay” She said quietly, clearly very happy. “L-Lets find a good game then, o-one we can both play” She added, as her eyes wandered, looking for something that fit that criteria.

    “You got it!” Nixie added as she walked in further, Snow keeping up with her. The pair passed by rows of machines, several of which were already taken by other players, some with their own friends or playing by themselves. The further they went into the arcade, the louder it seemed to get with all the noise from the machines' sounds, people chatting, buttons being pressed, and more.

    “This place sure is lively today.” Nixie noted, as Snow nodded, moving a bit closer to Nixie, holding onto her left arm for safety. The blond was not the best with crowds and felt safer closer to her girlfriend, as she kept her eyes peeled

    C’mon…There’s gotta be at least one multiplayer game that's free around here… Snow thought to herself, scanning the open machines before she finally spotted one. Her ears twitched slightly as she heard a familiar in-game commentator and jazzy sound effects from the machine that always excited her. “Oh!” She exclaimed, prompting Nixie to stop her movements and see what Snow had found.

    “Whatcha find, Snowsnow?” the feline asked as she turned her attention to the cabinet, smiling as she felt Snow's hands hold tight to her left arm. The arcade cabinet she had spotted was an old but classic one, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, a fighting game known for its flashy style and tons of characters to play.

    “H-Hey Nixie, I-I want to play this one!” Snow said, a big smile forming as she watched the machines high scores display previous players runs at its arcade mode, the two player machine empty and open for them.

    She’s so cute when she’s excited! Nixie thought as she watched Snow light up with excitement, giving a smile back to her “Of course!” she said as the two approached the machine, with Nixie fishing out a few tokens from her bag so the two could play.

    The pair took a few seconds to test the buttons and levers to make sure nothing was broken before getting to the character select screen, as the background music kicked up, “I wanna take you for a ride~” looped over and over as jazzy music pumped through the speakers.

    “Heh, the music is so silly, but so goooooood” Snow said, giddy at finding a game they could both play together as she selected her team. Nixie smiled warmly hearing that, noting Snow had managed a full sentence without any hints of a stutter, showing that she had finally relaxed.

    “Uh huh. So, what are we playing for, Snowsnow? How about…Winner gets to pick what we get for snacks after?” Nixie teased, her tail swaying as she wanted to make a little wager to spice up the match while she picked her own team.

    “Sounds like fun! But I don’t think I’m gonna lose, Nix” Snow countered, a rare smirk on her face as Nixie laughed back.

    “Alright, bring it on!”

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