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Original First Martian War

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by 1mightydragon, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. 1mightydragon

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    Mar 24, 2019
    This is a story I have been working on for some time now and at this point, I feel comfortable with posting it somewhere. Here is what I would like from any potential reader:
    1) FEEDBACK (ie if it is good then what is about it and if it's bad then what is bad about it and how I can make it better)
    2) I don't know how the story will end (seriously)

    Any help or feedback is appreciated and most of all: please enjoy.

    Chapter 1 / Prologue: Life on Mars

    A truck with cargo and two passengers gets off at the Mars Prospecting Companies prospecting outpost in the Hellas Flats region.

    Mack the Cameraman: Dang it that took a long time to get here.

    Edward the reporter: How long do you expect us to get to the farthest outpost away from New Washington?

    Mack: You know they offered us an air transport?

    Edward: Oh, come on seeing the Martian country side was fun.

    Mack: The only thing I saw that was even interesting was the back of my eyelids.

    A man walks up to the two.

    Man: Are you two Edward Moore and Mack Reed?

    Edward: We are.

    Man: Allow me to introduce myself I am Blake Williams I am the manager of this outpost, nice to meet you two, the company informed us of your arrival.

    The group shakes hands.

    Blake: Let’s get inside so we can take these helmets off.

    Mack: Thank you sir, mines been itching the entire trip.

    Blake: *Laughs* the trip for you must have been extra-long then but come along.

    Blake shows the two inside which is immediately to the “Common Room” the truck driver came along

    Truck Driver: Do you know where the bathroom is?

    Blake: Past that airlock straight ahead it’s the only door that is open.

    The truck driver moves out of the “Common Room” leaving the three alone.

    Blake: Would you two like any coffee or tea

    Mack: I would like a 5th of bourbon.

    Edward: Coffee please.

    Blake: Unfortunately, we only have medicinal alcohol here Mr. Reed.

    Mack: Well you did ask for what I would like.

    Everyone: *Laughs*

    Mack: Coffee too please.

    Blake went to a small kitchen set up in the corner of the room to get the pot of coffee for the two. Mack got his camera ready and Edward got his questions ready for the interview. Blake came back with the coffee pot and three mugs for them.

    Blake: Are we ready to get started?

    Edward: Yes we are.

    Mack turns on the camera to document the answers.

    Edward: How is life like out here?

    Blake: For the most part its quite boring really but really busy we try to stick with the Earth 24 Hour day cycle but it’s been proving difficult to get adjusted to and the relatively low gravity meant that we each have to use the Tethered Treadmill at least once a day for about an hour or two on the 1.25G setting to make sure that we don’t lose strength. Just the bland environment that is constantly around us gets old really quick, to be honest I was excited to get the position of manager when I first got here but the red dust of Mars and its beauty faded quickly because we just looked around to find it for miles and miles. I am getting off track sorry. The best thing about it is the company chosen to be here, the team has been awesome to work with.

    Edward: Who are you working with on this site?

    Blake: You have myself as the Manager overall but really, I do the work of just about everyone here if they need the help. Then you have Pat Jones, he is the mechanic and the crane operator, overall good guy but he is a bit hot headed.

    Just at that time someone entered in from another room, who appeared nervous and was caring vegetables.

    Nervous man: Oh, uh, hi how can I, uh help y’all?

    Blake: That is our Greenhouse specialist, Louis Sharpe, he is a bit shy but he knows the Greenhouse systems better than most people know the back of their own hand.

    Louis: Am I interrupting something, sir?

    Blake: Just an interview about us living out here.

    Louis: Oh, uh, let me put these up and I will get back to the greenhouse.

    Louis quickly puts up the vegetables and quickly went back to the greenhouse.

    Blake: We have three others here and

    A loud man opens the airlock screaming


    Blake: really? What are the soil samples readings?

    Loud man: Well, we have average percentages of Silicon Dioxide and Magnesium oxide.

    Blake: Get to the good stuff man.

    Loud man: we have higher than average percentages of Water and Silver

    Blake: Oh, how rude of me, this is David Pincher, he is our geologist. He is smart but sometimes he does not get straight to the point.

    David: A habit I am trying to break, gentlemen.

    Blake: Dang it let me call in the rest of the guys so we can all share our experiences on Mars. Excuse me.

    Blake gets up to get on the intercom to call the outpost team to the “Common Room.”

    Edward and Mack look at each other.

    Mack: This looks like its going to be a fun interview for once.

    Edward: These guys seem to be good at the field they are in but not “professionals.”

    After a few moments the entire outpost team shows up and sits down and Blake made another pot of coffee for the team.

    Pat: Hey boss what is the occasion you made two pots of coffee?

    Blake: The occasion is we have an interview with our guests this is Edward and Mack they are doing a story on what Life on Mars is like.

    Blake looks back at the guests

    Blake: Let me introduce the team: That’s Pat I have already told you about him.

    Pat: Hi guys

    Blake: That one is David.

    David: Why are you doing introductions twice?

    Blake: Because I have a hard time with names and we need a proper introduction.

    Louis: I am good with one introduction.

    George Maxwell: I have not seen these people yet so I definitely need the introduction.

    Blake: That is George Maxwell our electrician, programmer and communications specialist.

    George: Nice to meet you gentlemen but I would like to add that I assist Pat when he is operating the crane and I am also the certified safety expert.

    Kobe St. Nick: Speaking of certifications I am Kobe St. Nick; I am certified doctor and medical specialist of the team and a gym and health instructor.

    Pat: Basically, our guy to tell us to get in shape and mend our broken bones when needed.

    Kobe: That is putting it too simple.

    Pat: You probably just confused our guests.

    Kobe: What is to confuse them: I am a doctor, a health and fitness advisor.

    Pat: *rolling his eyes* There you go with all of that fancy talk.

    Kobe: *sounding irritated* Why do you push my buttons.

    Blake: That’s enough you two.

    Edward was taking notes the entire time and Mack was trying not to burst out laughing.

    Edward: Ok now that we have your team down what are the major challenges that you and your team face?

    Pat: If I may start first, dust storms occasionally blow through the area from time to time and we have to check the wind turbines and solar panels for damage and clean off the dust that is left after it but that is not the worst of it. The thing is that when everything is going good and everything is working there is not much else to do except to help Louis over in the Greenhouse.

    Louis: You forget to mention that when the dust storms blow over the Greenhouse gets covered in dust as well and I also go out there to clean up that portion of the base. *He pauses a minute* Wait was it my turn?

    George: Thankfully communications don’t go down in those dust storms unless the wind knocks a panel out which that rarely happens but does from time to time.

    Kobe: On the medical side the entire team needs at least 2-3 hours per day exercising and part of that time in the Tethered Treadmill. On the diet side we have just about everything we need in the Greenhouse: potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, Jalapenos, some onions but I would like to see some beans, peanuts, collards, turnips and grains eventually.

    Louis: speaking of the Greenhouse one of my biggest issues is water. It takes a while for the water to be distilled from the sources directly on Mars and we need water to run most everything.

    Blake: Water is an abundant resource on Earth but here we need as much as we can get our hands on.

    Edward: Why is that?

    Blake: After the Great Mars Disappearance the governments of Earth declared that everyone here on Mars needs to be a self-sufficient as possible so that in the case that another event happens.

    Pat: The Chinese and Russian outposts are not bound by that agreement, I might add.

    Blake: I was going to get to that after, but since there is no oil or natural gas found here yet, we must turn to other energy sources: wind turbines, solar panels, and water.

    Edward: Why water?

    Pat: I got this one boss, we turn water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas during the day and at the same time store the excess energy in batteries and in the night or when the wind is calm we use the the hydrogen and oxygen gas to run in our generator to keep the power running.

    Louis: Also, the water is used in our plants in the Greenhouse and in our own consumption.

    Blake: As it stands right now this outpost is not entirely self-sufficient yet. I think we will need at least a source of water nearby and a greater variety of plants to at least be self-sufficient without adding a major disaster.

    Mack: Could yall just start producing corn in the greenhouse?

    Louis: Uh, no, the reason is that our Greenhouse is too small to produce enough corn to turn into alcohol to burn and using corn in that way is not efficient enough to justify its costs. Its possible on Earth due to the relative abundance of oxygen but not here on Mars.

    Edward takes a moment to look at his notes.

    Edward: David, when you came in here for the first time you said you hit “Martian Gold” care to explain what that is?

    David: Aha, you see because water such a sought after resource because of the regulations stating that each and every outpost, home AND city must be self sufficient AND the fact that the majority of the water on Mars has been located in the Ice Caps finding a underground source of water is extremely rare AND to top it all off the water content in the atmosphere is less than 1% we could not justify adding an Atmospheric Water Collector. Back to the discovery so far, we have found increased evidence of water in reach of the crane installed on the outpost.

    Blake: Out here the cost of water is about 1000 times more on Earth because of the costs to transport it. The more we can find and use here the better off we are.

    David: AND the fact that we found a potential silver deposit has made this site very lucrative as it is.

    Blake: We have to confirm the silver and water deposit first before we tell the company.

    David: Oh, right alright.

    The truck driver walks in through the airlock.

    Truckdriver: everything is offloaded and stored in your cargo bays just sign for the delivery.

    Blake gets up to sign for the delivery.

    Truckdriver: By the way the weather report indicates a dust storm 1 miles to the west heading this way so I am going to need to stay a while.

    Blake right I do apologize that we don’t have any regular beds available but we do have some blow up mattresses available.

    Truckdriver: that’s fine just as long I am not sleeping on rock or steel, I am good.

    Mack: Why can’t we just drive in the middle of the storm?

    Truckdriver: Simple: no visibility. Unless you like diving off a cliff to your death or getting stuck in a crater that you would normally see if you enjoy that then go out there yourself.

    Edward: Have you ever gotten stuck in a crater?

    Truckdriver: ONCE, and hopefully NEVER again.

    Blake: Well let’s get yall a meal and a bed.

    Louis: I got the meal.

    Louis gets up to get the kitchen started.

    Pat: Oh, well, I am going to make sure everything is tight.

    David: I got your back Pat.

    Pat and David grab their gear and head out of the airlock to the Martian Landscape.

    Kobe: Louis the last time you cooked it was not up to the nutritional standards we have.

    Kobe gets up to help Louis with the cooking.

    Louis: At least it actually tasted good.

    George: I got the crane.

    George gets up to prepare the crane for the storm.

    Blake: I will prepare your beds.

    Mack: Wait a minute why in the world are you preparing beds for us.

    Blake: Dust storms last a day or two on average and your driver said that he is not going out there till the storm clears. Soo, would you like to sleep on steel instead?

    Mack: NO

    Blake: Wonderful now you three follow me.

    Mack, Edward and the Truck Driver follows, Blake to a room where there is a small medical station set up to one side of the room and 6 doors that lead to other rooms the only door that was open was the door to the bathroom.

    Blake: That door leads to the crane and where George’s and my apartment is.

    Mack made a strange face.

    Blake: No, I am not gay. We each have our own separate room and a bed for us to sleep in. My wife and child are back in New Washington.

    Edward: How long is a shift out here?

    Blake: The company tries to keep it at 1 Month intervals but since this is a relatively new site its been hard to find competent people to change shifts with but the good thing is that we get 3 weeks on then we shut down for at least a week then 3 weeks back on.

    Edward: How much longer until you get your week off?

    Blake takes a look at his smart watch.

    Blake: 14 days and 12 hours.

    George (over the radio): Blake you got a message over the Network.

    Blake: Right let me finish the beds first.

    George (over the radio): It is marked urgent sir.

    Blake: Alright.

    Blake pulls out the beds for the three.

    Blake: Yall know how these work.

    Edward: I do.

    Blake: Good now I must be in the radio tower, if yall need me it’s the ladder right behind the chairs yall were seated in just take it straight to the top.

    Edward climbed his way straight to the top of the tower once he got there, he went to the control desk and flipped the communications switches on. A face of his boss came on the screen.

    Blake: Hey, Donald what’s up?

    Donald: Hey, Blake how is the interview going?

    Blake: I think we are giving them a really good insight to what life is like out here, but you marked this urgent what is going on?

    Donald: To cut to the chase: another Chinese outpost has been ransacked.

    END of Chapter 1
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