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Forgotten: Hearts of Dusk

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by CypherServine, Mar 7, 2015.

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  1. CypherServine

    CypherServine Bug Catcher

    Dec 23, 2014
    Forgotten: Hearts of Dusk
    Chapter 1:

    "Take a deep breath..." Koji thought to herself as she stopped in front of the castle. It was dark outside as lightning strikes from above. She was nervous about rescuing Neo, her suppose mate. Her whole body felt like shaking or shivering as if there was a cold breeze flowing through her. She nodded to herself and took the first step; then continued until she reached the door. She was nervous as she lifted her paw from her side. Onto the door, it went and she pushed it. Allowing the door to open by itself, Koji walked in.
    She found herself in a dark room. Glancing around, she found out there aren't any lights to help her see in this darkness. She nervously walked towards the center of the room. Feeling the red carpet beneath her as she went, her breathing quickens. Then stopped and she looked around. There was a short yell for help and she yelled back "Neo!" "Koji!" Shouted the voice until it was silent. She yelled out "Kyoko! Where are you? What did you do to Neo?" Then an evil laughter haunted her soul as she backed off. Hitting on the wall behind her, she was scared. The lights came on again and there in the distance was Kyoko. She was still on her usual grin as she walked closer to her. "What... what did you do?" "Nothing" Kyoko remarked.
    She now has the chance to look around the room. Her feet lay on the red carpet with yellow strips running down the aisle. She looked up at the ceiling. There has to be at least two floors above her, with rails on the side. At the ceiling was a big red star, she had guess this might mean something. With her confidence, she asked, "Where is Neo?" "The better question here..." Kyoko smirked, drawing her blade. "What are you doing here?" Koji drew her scythe. The handle of the scythe was pink with a sharp point on it. She twirled the scythe around her and stopped. Growling at Kyoko, she made her move. Running forth, she allowed her second paw to grab the handle of the scythe as she raised it above Kyoko's head. Then she tried to crash it on her head. However, Kyoko jumped back still with her smirking smile. She rolled her blade.
    "You're going have to do better than that, my dear." Kyoko said, rushing forward. She tried to stab Koji's body. Clank! However, it stopped by Koji's scythe as the two weapons drew an "x". Kyoko eased up on her deadlock and jumped back three times. Allowing herself the distance she needs with Koji, she growled and ran forth. Clank! The two weapons were at a deadlock again. Kyoko still has the smirk on her face "You still have potential, my dear." "Shut up." Koji growled, easing up again. This was the perfect advantage for Kyoko as she lowered her weapon below Koji. Then Kyoko stabbed Koji on the chest, just as the scythe came down on hers.

    Blood oozing down from Koji's chest; she knelled down covering her chest with her paw. The Scythe fell down with a clank and Kyoko smirked, walking close to her. She grabbed Koji and raised her up into the air. Then with her free paw, she allowed the blade to draw close to Koji's neck. She growled quickly and struggled in her captive. However, Kyoko continues to smirk through the whole process as the blood drips.
    Staining the carpet with Koji's blood, Koji kicked Kyoko away. Allowing her to be free from her grasp and grabbed her Scythe. Kyoko growled, slide back a few inches away from Koji and ran forth. She raised her blade again and tried to slash at Koji's body. Koji backed off from Kyoko's swipe and counter-attack. Clank. Clank. They both backed off again from one another. Both seemed out of breath as they stared down at one another. "Heh" Kyoko smiled, and then rushed at her again. This time, she tried to punch her through the wound. Koji swipe her Scythe down, cutting Kyoko's arm from the rest of her body. She gasped and backed off again. Trying to get herself to rest and regroup her thoughts, Koji closed the distance and tried to swipe at her again. Clank. Kyoko blocked it with her blade. Then push Koji aside and kicked her to the ground. She fell without hesitation.
    She heard footstep coming closer to her as her eyes swirl. Confusing her head with the lost of blood, she tried to stand up. But she recognized that her Scythe was not there, she growled quickly and backed off. She tripped and hit her head onto the floor. Kyoko smirked and decided to end this quickly, nodding to herself. She lifted her foot onto Koji's stomach and pressed the blade onto her neck. Then she raised it up and in one quick swoop. She tried to kill her, but Koji blocked the attack with her paw. Blood dripping down as she stared at Kyoko, she gasped. Then Koji rolled to one side and made Kyoko fall onto her knees.
    She smiled and grabbed her scythe. Then she turned to Kyoko who stood up. Growling, they both raised their blades and charged at one another. Clank. Clank. Fire sparks fly from their weapons as they tried to gain the advantage over one another. There was another clank and they both stopped again. Then Koji rushed at Kyoko with her Scythe lowered onto the floor. She tried to swing it up and suppose to cut off Kyoko's arm. But she dodged it and stabbed Koji's shoulder. She screamed in pain and she swing her scythe, aiming at the lower part of Kyoko's body.
    From both of them, they were losing blood and fast. Kyoko and Koji swirled in their stance. It seems that their eyes are not coordinating with their paws. They swung around before laying head first onto the ground. They both passed out onto the red carpet. A clock ticked its sounds as the night lingers on. The storm flashed its last lights from the windows as a figure carried them both into the stairs and up the floor. They don't know where they're heading into or where they are. However, he laid them onto the red carpet with yellow stripes running down. A throne stands before them. Next to it was Neo, stuck inside his bird cage. The ceiling was low with spikes coming from it. As the lightning flashes from the windows behind, it allowed the colors to jump out of the wall. Then blood rain had poured, knocking onto the window as Kyoko woke up....

    Chapter 2:
    "Hey!" A voice yelled in the darkness, "Someone help, I'm stuck in here!" "Ah shut your mouth, Neo!" another voice growled. Koji opened her eyes and glanced around. She found herself in a strange room. Another voice yells out, "Someone help!" Koji blinked, "Who could that voice be?" She wondered, getting up. She found Neo in a birdcage. Rocking back and forth as he yells for help, next to him was Kyoko trying to shut him up. Then she glanced at Kyoko who was next to him, smirking. "Hey! Kyoko" Koji growled, grabbing her Scythe on the floor just inches away from her. Kyoko glanced at her and nodded.
    She drew her blade and smiled silently, "So you want to finish this duel eh?" "let go of Neo, Now!" Koji yelled, running up to Kyoko. But she lost her balance and she slide underneath Kyoko who laughed. She crashed onto the wall and tried to stand up. The icky good covered her body as Kyoko continued to laugh. Koji stood up. "What... what happen?" "We're in a slippery room, Koji." Kyoko spoke, uninterested. It seems to both Neo and Koji that she had changed her behavior. Kyoko raised her blade, pointing onto the ceiling above as Koji ran forth at her again. They both exchanged blows upon one another. But neither of them aren't getting the upper paw as the sparks flies once more. Clank. Clank. They both were tired again panting as if their lives depended on it. Koji tried to end this fight with a swipe at Kyoko's feet. However, she jumped out of the way and threw her blade at her.
    She ducked above it and ran again. As Kyoko landed onto the floor, Koji tried to swipe at her. Cutting her body apart as blood flows again. She growls as another swipe lands onto her arm. It was a shallow cut and not too deep. Just as Koji was about to swipe again, Kyoko stopped it with her two feet. Then she grabbed the Scythe and threw it to the side. Koji punched Kyoko who ducked. Then kicked Koji into the floor, distance away from her. As the battle was unfolding before Neo's eyes, Koji stood up. However, she received a punch from Kyoko, which lands her into the floor again.
    "Get up, Koji!" Was all she heard as Kyoko laughed, walking up to her slowly. "There's no way you can win now, Koji." She spoke as she brings her fist back. Then proceed to punch her once and twice until Koji had enough. She spun around Kyoko's paw, trying to releasing herself from her and she did. She landed onto the ground and growled at her. She smirked "You're pretty crafty." Koji ran forth, using the slippery floor to her advantage as she delivered a punch straight at Kyoko's head.
    She flew in the air and landed onto the hard floor. Her back hurt and she felt she broke something. She tried to get up but she couldn't. Koji growled and grabbed her Scythe. Closing in the distance, she raised her Scythe as pleads escaped from Kyoko's mouth. However, Koji was not giving her a second chance. She lowered her Scythe onto her, killing her in an instant. As blood flows from her body, Koji felt horrible as she dropped her Scythe onto the floor. Neo's cage magically opened and he ran out to hug Koji. Then they walked out of the room, leaving behind the dead body.

    "That was an awesome battle, Koji!" Remarked Neo as Koji smiled, faintly. "Thanks... I just don't know what else to say." "You were awesome!" Neo said again. They were in Moongem city, the storm had cleared, and it seems to be nighttime. Koji and Neo were walking home, smiling at the courageous fox that saved his life and he couldn't stop talking about it. Then Koji stopped which worried Neo. He glanced back at her and asked "What's wrong?" "Neo..." Koji asked, smiling. Neo glanced at her confuse "What?" Then out of nowhere, Koji kissed him on the cheek and they both blushed. "So... so you do love me, Koji" Neo remarked in a whispered and Koji blushed shyly. Giggling, Neo and Koji held paws and walked home to Wintergold.
    But rest assured, the war is not over as a shadow peaks out from one of the ruined buildings. Smiling, the figure walks out into the daylight, remembering that the two foxes had left Moongem. "Fools... they thought they had gotten rid of me?" The figure spoke, raising its paws onto the air. Laughing, the figure spoke "Well they haven't. Enjoy this peace while it still lasts, Koji and Neo. I will have my vengeance!" The figure raced back into the castle and disappeared... for the time being.
    "Koji, Neo!" Jyoti exclaimed waving his paws into the air as the pair walked home. They were still holding paws, smiling at Jyoti as he continues to wave. "Where have you been? We've been worried." "Don't worry, Jyoti." Koji smiled, and then glanced at Neo "I'm in good paws." Neo blushed and they released their grasp. Then Neo stared at Koji and walked back to Moonlight city, leaving behind Koji and Jyoti as they talked. Wintergold was still busy even without Koji around. The foxes were walking about, looking around at the tall buildings before them. Gasping and awed at the fruits they were buying at the market. For them, it was paradise as Koji sighed.
    "Everything's good around here" She asked Jyoti who nodded, "Yes. Even with Koji's disappearance, everything still acts normally." He stopped as Koji walked on ahead. "Something a matter" "Yeah" Jyoti spoke, "What happened to your chest?" Jyoti asked, pointing straight at her chest. It was still bleeding after the duel with Kyoko. As streams of blood race down her body, she smiled, "Don't worry about it." "Are you sure?" Jyoti asked cocking his head to the right as Koji nodded. "It's just a minor cut. Anyway, we have worked to do." Koji said before changing the subject. Jyoti nodded as they headed into the castle.
    As the breeze washed over them like waves, Koji took a deep breath and exhaled. Smiling around, she walked forward and up the stairs. Jyoti followed her in silence as they reached Koji's room. She glanced back at him "Leave me." Jyoti nodded and descended the stairs. After a few minutes of silence, Koji changed back into her usual clothing. She opened the door and walked down the stairs, allowing the others to admire her beauty.

    She smiled at them all and walked out the door. However, Seiko stopped her. Seiko was behind Koji as she glanced behind her. Seeing Seiko warms her heart and she smiled. Waving to him, Seiko walked forward towards her. But this was no time for a celebration for her return, as Seiko brought up some terrifying news."My queen... I bring urgent news." "Which is?" Koji asked, curious. Seiko glanced up at her with worried, "You didn't kill Kyoko. She's still alive." She gasped, remembering the dead body. "That... that was a fake?" Seiko nodded, waiting for her reaction. She fell silent at first as Seiko stared at her with confusion. "Something a matter, princess" Koji shook her head, "No. Just get Pyrail and everyone else."
    Seiko nodded without question and ran out from her presence. She growled slowly, grabbing her Scythe from her back and began swinging around at the hallway. Breaking stuff within the first floor, she stopped and sighed. As she dropped her Scythe, Pyrail walked in. But he gasped at the broken stuff. Growling forth at Koji, he took her to her room. Koji sat on the edge of the bed and sighed.
    "What is the meaning of this?" Pyrail asked, sitting next to her. Koji could tell he was angry for destroying the property. But how can she respond to him? Pyrail asked again, to which Koji didn't reply. Then there was a knock on the door and they both glanced up. He walked up to the door and opened it, revealing the Cyphers and the Xiras. "What happened?" Koji asked, standing up from the bed. Seiko bowed "The others are arriving soon. Please be patient." Koji nodded as the Cyphers took their spot at the corner of the room. The Xiras took their spot on the opposite side of the room, glaring at the Cyphers with anger.
    Sitting there patiently, Koji spoke to Pyrail "You're going have to wait until the meeting starts." Pyrail growled and walked out the door. Coming in a few seconds later with seven chairs in each of his paws, he then set them up into a circle and sighed. "Okay." Pyrail nodded, acknowledging her. Koji nodded and sat in silence. For the entire arrival of the other foxes, they sat in silence. Watching Crystal, Sharubi, Ryker, Neo, and Jyoti took their seats around the circle.
    Pyrail and Koji glanced at one another; taking their seats also. Silence fell onto them and neither of them spoke to anyone. Crystal sighed, breaking the silence "Koji." She said, "Why did you bring us out here?" "Yeah" Spoke Ryker as Jyoti growled at him. "Silence everyone, let the queen speak." Jyoti spoke and everyone fell silent. Glancing at Koji, she sighed and stood up from her seat. Then she walked to the corner of the room as she spoke "I have two announcements."
    "One" Koji explained, "As you all may know, I didn't kill Kyoko. I thought I had killed her but that was her double." Everyone was dumbfounded as she glanced at them in turn. Then nodding, she allowed herself to be quiet as they asked her questions. Then again, Jyoti rudely interrupted it. Once the silence had befallen on them, she continued, "Furthermore, I wanted you all to come here for a special meeting." "Which is?" Ryker asked, staring at Koji who smiled.

    "I want you all to make up." They all gasped again and glanced at one another. Nervously as the silence came over them again, they glanced at one another. Crystal and Sharubi glared at Ryker and Neo. But Pyrail and Jyoti glanced at one another, worried about their allies. "And I want you all to make up now. Because if we don't, Kyoko will destroy us all and unite the island under her control." They all nodded in silence but they were nervous with one another. Koji had wondered "Why? Why are they afraid of one another?" They continued in silence until Caesar spoke up "Seiko..." Seiko heard his name and looked at Caesar who smiled. He walked up to him and smiled. Putting out his paw, he spoke "It was good working with you..." Then blades were drawn.
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