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Forgotten: The Fake Revolt

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by CypherServine, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. CypherServine

    CypherServine Bug Catcher

    Dec 23, 2014
    Forgotten: The Fake Revolt
    Chapter 1:
    "This coalition is nothing but a flunk!" Neo muttered after reading the paper. He growled quickly and crumbled it up before spitting on it. He threw it at his bed and stormed outside the tent. It was morning again in Emerald city; he glanced around at the site. It seems everyone was busy. Koji and the Cyphers were talking about something, laughing. He hated this. He hated Koji and Pyrail for their corruption of the coalition, and that for the sake of this war, he would kill them both. But he froze. Stopping in his tracks as he heard someone yelling and catching everyone attention. Silence has fallen once again upon the coalition and Crystal stormed out. She too has a paper and Neo ran to her.
    But he was stopped by a pounced from Mizu who growled at him. Showing her nasty teeth at him, but he pushed her aside and asked Crystal "What is wrong?" "What is wrong?" Crystal roared her voice was at its peak. It seems that she was mad... but at what? She pointed at Neo and Koji. "You that's what" Crystal yelled. "What do you mean?" Neo raised a brow, confused. He had no idea what she was talking about. He asked her again, but that was his mistake. She grabbed Neo and threw him into Pyrail's tent, knocking it down with a hard landing as she stormed off. Sharubi emerged from the horizon later, running towards the coalition as Neo stood up. Dusting himself as Sharubi asked "What's... what's going on?" "Your sister" Neo snarled, "She threw me into Pyrail's tent. You got to calm her down." "Maybe you're the problem, Neo." Sharubi suggested but Neo growled quietly "What... what do you say?" "Nothing" Sharubi started and ran off.
    Neo blinked and wondered for a few minutes. "What is going on here?" he wondered thinking, "has it has something to do with Koji?" He blinked again, shaking his head. He smiled peacefully and thought "No... No..." But he turned to the note he received at his bed and how he reacted to it. In truth, he felt shameful that he raged and stormed off. Cursing Koji's name in the heavens above, he wished for forgiveness, would he received one? He shook his head again and went into his tent. Grabbing the note was that still on his bed; he unscrambled it and ran out. He took another look at it before seeing Koji.
    "Koji!" Shouted Neo as Koji glanced at him. She smiled and stood up as Neo caught up with her. She seems to be getting things settled down and she was without her dress anymore, Neo blushed again and spoke. In a rather rubbish voice, "Koji... I.... here's a note..." "What's this?" Koji blinked, grabbing the note from Neo. She began to open it, reading the contents inside. When she was finish, she stopped and growled. Looking up at Neo, she glared "Who gave this to you?" "No one!" He shuddered, "It was handed to me at my bed this morning." "This morning?" Koji blinked. "Are you sure?" She eyed him for a short time before shaking her head. Sighing, she gave the note back to him and he ran off.

    "It wasn't her..." He thought with a frown, "Who in the right mind would do this to a coalition?" Neo thought running back to his tent. When he emerged, he found out that his entire tent was packed cleaned. There were five suitcases each stamped and he knelled down to check each one. Then he blinked and took a closer look; the stickers contain a sharp crystal like end sticking out at the front of the suitcases. He blinked for a long time and looked around. "Was it him who packed, or Crystal?" He thought again, wondering what was going on around here. Then, there were some shouts and a blast of energy was heard.
    Neo glanced out again. But he was quickly grabbed by Sharubi by the back of his fur. They escaped the coalition and into the forest where the Winter Gold would not catch them. Sharubi put down Neo as he shouted at them "What's going on?! Why are you doing this?" "It's for your own good, Neo." Spoke Crystal in a dark tone. Neo gulped and took a step back. But Caesar stopped him with a blade behind his back. When he touched it, he yelped and turned around, Caesar was gone. Crystal walked up to Neo as Sharubi prepared their weapons. "You see Neo..." She smiled without any mercy. Neo wondered what she was going to do with him. Take him to a volcano? Behead him right there and then? So many choices and so little time, but all he could do is stand there and watch.
    Crystal walked in front of Neo and smirked. She knelled down in front of him, grabbing his neck. She forcefully pulled him near her face and whispered something. Then they separate and Neo was left there with widen eyes. He turned to Crystal, his fear turned back to him. "What do you have plan with Koji?! Answer me, Crystal!" "That traitor?" Crystal growled so low. Sharubi smiled and raised his paws, ordering the Xiras to surround Neo in case he tries to escape. "Koji? We'll be done with her in a jiffy... as for now. We have to declare war on them." "But..." Neo gulped, nervously as he eyed Crystal again. But Crystal turns her back on him, yelling out "Let's move out." "Where are we going?" Sharubi answered, "We're heading towards Icy cove."

    "What do you have in mind, Crystal?" Neo shuttered nervously. He was still shaken by the events. He glanced around and he wondered if the cold was making him shiver. Crystal laughed and turned to Sharubi. "We got a plan, Neo." Sharubi smiled turning to Neo making him shiver more. He went up to him and whispered "We're going to wait until the Shards finish them off and then we'll be there to attack as the second force." "But how is that going to work!" Cried Neo, a gust of wind blew into the room. Sending chills down his spine, but he choice to ignore it.

    He growled again and looked outside. The sky was white, not a hint of blue anywhere. Neo continued to shiver and he sighed again. Wondering how Koji and the Wintergold are doing, now with them gone and Crystal calling them traitors. This is the perfect time for the Shards to strike... he stopped for a moment and glanced back at Crystal. Then he spoke, confidently "Crystal." "What is it, Neo?" Crystal Sighed. She knelled in front of him. "I think the Shards played us." "What... what do you mean?" Sharubi interrupted as Crystal and Neo turned to him. Then Crystal turned to Neo, seconds after "yes... What do you mean? Please... explain." "Well..." Neo spoke, walking around Crystal. He glanced at Sharubi as he spoke about the two notes they both received at their bases and how it links to the Shard's strategy to separate them.
    When he closed his mouth, he heard laughter. He turned around and growled angrily. Crystal, Sharubi and Xiras laughed. "That's funny." "I am being serious!" Neo Shouted. But they continued laughing until their throats hurt. Crystal coughed and Sharubi stopped. With a smirk, he walked up to Neo and grabbed his chin "We will begin the preparations, Neo. Let's go back to the coalition." "But!" Neo complained "Now!" Sharubi interrupted Neo and before he could say anything else. Everyone went outside the castle, leaving Neo alone inside. He growled and smacked everything in his sight. He can't believe he was laughed at. But what can he do? Now that the Coalition is broken and the Shards probably already took over Emerald city. What can he do? Then... he smiled, glancing at the direction where Crystal and Sharubi had gone. He went out the window and sneaked towards the outside territory. He had hoped his plan of his works...

    "Koji! Koji!" Neo shouted as he runs into the coalition camp. Koji glanced over her blade and smiled just as Neo came into her sights. Stopping, she asked "What is it Neo?" Neo smiled and spoke "You're being attacked. Crystal and Sharubi plans to attack after the Shards." But Koji wasn't surprise and she smiled at the thought of it. Thanking Neo, she sent him back to his tent where his original stuff was. All stuff inside a single luggage, Neo gasped wondering how the Wintergold manage to do it. But he set that thought aside and opened it up.
    Inside were his weapon and a few accessories that he needed for this war. But he stopped quickly after picking up his black blade. He wonders how Crystal and Sharubi was doing and how they are going to react to Neo defecting. He shivered quietly to himself and dropped his blade just as there was a knock on the door. Opening it, Koji emerged inside still with her dress off. She looked beautiful as she spoke "Neo. What's a matter with you?" "Nothing." Neo stammer. He tried to answer her with a smile. But Koji wasn't fooled and she laughed, "You're trying to impress me, aren't you." "No I'm not!" Complained Neo, a slight blush of red was seen on his cheeks and he choice to ignore it. Koji sighed, changing the subject before this awkwardness could go any further "Anyway, Crystal and Sharubi had arrived at the battlefield. We must meet them head on." "What about Pyrail?" Neo asked, "He retreated back to Wintergold, he's going to be held there for a little while." Nodding, the two went outside.

    Chapter 2: Shaken fear
    Neo shivered as he meets Crystal and Sharubi in battle. Never before had he turned against them both as they always fought together as one. Now, he had doubts about his decisions. Glancing over at Koji who stood there as a rock, he wonders if she could handle them both while he runs off. The Cyphers and Xiras arrived late into the battlefield, meeting each other once again. Seiko growled at Caesar "It's you Caesar. I thought you are on our side." "Think again, Cyphers." Caesar smirked, raising his scallop into the air. "We're here to defeat you and the corrupt coalition." With this, Koji growled "The coalition is not corrupt, Caesar! The Shards are just using you so that they can..." But she stopped afterwards. Neo knew what this meant and silence fell over the Allied forces. Crystal laughed.
    Then she charged forward, the rest had charged also. Koji sighed again as she called this the "Worthless charged attack." Koji ordered the Cyphers to use their bow and arrows. Seiko nodded and brought out his bow. Making the arrows fly into the air and strike into the hearts of their enemies. But Crystal and Sharubi dodged the attack, continuing their advance on Koji. Neo had no choice as he watched in horror. Then, without even thinking, he went in front of Koji. The allies gasped suddenly even Koji was surprised by this.
    When Crystal and Sharubi finally reached Neo, they swing their blades around. Neo tried to block both blades, but only manage to get cut at his arm. Blood gushed out as the ice twins continued their attack on Neo. Koji couldn't stand there and watch her teammate die in front of her, she stabbed Crystal in the face causing her to stop and back off. Seiko and Sayuri charged forward towards Crystal. Caesar retaliated and attacked the duo Cyphers. But they fell into a trap as fire arrows reign down on them. Cursing slightly, Caesar and Mizu backed off even further, allowing Crystal to be defenseless. Koji saw her chance and rushed Crystal.
    Attacking her in the chest, Crystal slammed her face into the snow. Blood was into her mouth and she cough to spit it out. She glanced up and saw Koji standing by her. Her blade rose above her, Crystal smiled and glanced down. Closing her eye lids as the blade comes down... But a rope that was tied to Koji's foot suddenly gave way and she fell down, missing her mark by a few inches. Seiko glanced back and saw that she was tied to burning supplies. Growling, Seiko yelled for help. But only Shenzi came. Together they went over the supplies but they were blocked by Mizu. The rope continued to pull her closer and she screamed for help.
    Neo noticed what was going on and tried to rescue her. Before realizing that Sharubi was blocking his view of Koji and with nothing in their way, they began their fight. Sharubi always wondered why Neo defected to Koji's side and there were only two possibilities, either he was in love with her or that he wants to kill her personally, but both options lead to her death. They blocked and counter attacked, but no one gain the advantage. Suddenly, Koji screamed for help again and a blade cut off the rope that binds her. Shenzi stepped forth and threw his blade at Sharubi who sidestepped it. But his arm was cut off by Neo and he fell without any hesitation. Crystal yelled at Sharubi.

    The battle had draw to a close as Crystal ran over to Sharubi. Neo ran back to Koji. Frowning, Crystal knelled down in front of Sharubi. He glanced up and smiled at her, using his only free paw to pet Crystal. It seems that his time was up and he whispered one last sentence before he dies "Crystal, Koji is going to die and we will rid ourselves of this tyrant." Crystal, at first became confused as Sharubi closed his eyes again. Neo ran up to Sharubi, putting his head into Sharubi's chest. Then standing up, he quickly nodded. "He's going to be fine, he's just unconscious." "Then what would we do to his cut?" "We'll have to give him another arm." Suggested Koji as all eyes fell on him. "What" Crystal roared, standing up She left her brother alone for a quick second. Walking towards Koji, she roared again "You can't make decisions here, Koji! You are not the true queen of Wintergold. You are not the daughter of Pyrail!" "I am!" Koji growled back. The two continued to argue. Neo; Cyphers and Xiras glanced at the white sky. There were two black objects above.
    Blinking, Neo growled at the arguing foxes. They both turned to Neo and he pointed above. Gasping, the two gasped but no words came from their mouths as the two sacks fell on them. Silence fell on them. The Cyphers glanced at one another. Then they tried to flee the scene but the Xiras grabbed them quickly and pulled them towards Neo as he laughed. The Cyphers blinked, "Are... are you okay, Neo?" "Am I?" Neo responded with a smile, "Of course I am. Now with them captured, I am going to reap my reward with Yi." They all gasped quietly as Neo continued laughing. The war was over and Crystal, Sharubi, Koji and Pyrail were captured. Neo smiled and glanced at the Cyphers. Smirking, he walked up to Seiko. Placing his paw onto Seiko's armor he spoke "You would do nice as bodyguards of Yi, enough of Koji. You'll be working for us now." Seiko said nothing as he nodded slowly. The rest of his team gasped in horror. Shenzi and Shiro attempted to escape as Caesar and Mizu tried to capture them. But they were out of their grasp and they came back empty handed, this displeased Neo and he sighed. "Let's go, we got to deliver these guys to the king." Caesar nodded and together they walked away from the battlefield. With the war over, who will stand before the king and threaten his absolute rule?

    "What... what are you going to do to us?" Pyrail asked. They emerged from the cages that imprison them for so long since the Shards had captured Wintergold City. Both Pyrail and Ryker had chains on their necks that are linked to their paws. As the chains clanked against one another, three guards stood by them with long spears. Pyrail wished that he had spent more time with his only daughter and tears fell from his eyes. "Get a move on." Spoke one guard, behind them. Piercing Ryker's back with his spear, Pyrail heard a scream, but didn't glance back as they found themselves out in the open.
    It was a roman coliseum; the ones that the ancient Romans had used back in the medieval times. Pyrail glanced at Ryker. He said nothing as they continue to walk towards the center of the place and then stopped. The three guards surrounding them stopped also. All eyes are raised upon the moonlight as Yi emerged from the room above them. Raising his paws into the air, he smirked looking down at his prisoners. All fell silent as an executor entered the stadium. On his paw was an ax and Ryker gasped. Struggling in his chains as he shouted "my Ax! What... what are you going to do with it?" But Yi laughed, pointing straight at them with his paw.
    Then bringing it closer to his neck, slicing his neck as Ryker and Pyrail knew what this meant. They were going to be executed on the spot. As the executor stopped in front of them, everyone fell silent. Then he raised his ax and blood splattered onto the sand.
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  2. EverchangingArcadia

    Dec 24, 2014
    It is very good and interesting so far; the characters are distinguishable and I am able to grasp an idea about their personalities. However, I have no idea what they look like. The imagination is an infinite resource of creating the character of individuals, but the reader does not have the same idea of what the author has. The readers only knows them by name, but that's all there is. They can be mere silhouettes for all we know. I do hope you go in more detail of who they are in the future, the ambiguity does not abet, rather it hinders the reader from being able to fully understand a story.

    Overall, it's a nice read. I do hope it gets better in the future. Good luck on the rest! (Disregard the previous statement if it is indeed, finished and has been out for a while.)
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