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Free Pokémon! Legit, and with good stats.

Discussion in 'Market' started by Slugkid, Sep 27, 2013.

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  1. Slugkid

    Slugkid Slacker Extraordinaire

    Nov 23, 2012
    Slugkid's successes at failure giveaways!

    I changed the title to draw a bit more attention.
    Hi! As you may or may not know, I enjoy breeding legit Pokémon in game, and trying to make them as perfect as possible, to the extent that they could stand up decently against hacked Pokémon.
    So, in the process of achieving that one really good Pokémon, I end up getting Pokémon that aren't there yet but are still pretty damn good. And instead of just releasing them, which would be a shame, I'm giving them out to whoever wants them!

    First Pokémon I'm giving away is Sneasel. I've got 4 available. If you want one, PM me the one you want from this image and what you'd like it's nickname to be, and we can arrange a trade.
    They've got Pursuit as an egg move.

    OK, next up is Croagunk! I'll release all of the Sneasel in a week, and these Croagunk in two, so if you want one, be quick about it!

    I'll be updating this post with new Pokémon (and bumping it) and also updating old Pokémon availability.

    Oh, I won't give them to members that haven't been around for at least two weeks and who haven't posted over 20 times. :)
Thread Status:
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