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Must Read Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'Support Hub' started by Professor Azelf, Jan 30, 2018.

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  1. Professor Azelf

    Level 1
    Oct 14, 2016
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Welcome to the Support Hub, a section where you can pose forum questions and suggestions alike! There's no need to fear asking a question - after all, a question never asked is never answered.

    But there are some questions that come up, that may have rather short and simple answers, are answered somewhere else, or have just been asked many times before already. Well, worry not - here's an FAQ list for you!


    First off, I highly recommend reading the Global Lake Valor Rules, as well as the Guide to Lake Valor topics. Not only is reading them a good idea anyway, but a lot of simple questions can be answered there.

    Now, before you post a topic to ask a question, first check to see if it's on this list:

    How do I change my avatar and signature?
    That's in the Guide, under the section 'Settings and Preferences'.

    How do I put a spoiler tag in a post?
    You use the 'spoiler' syntax.
    [spoiler]Using that will create a button you can open and close to view text.[/spoiler]
    Using that will create a button you can open and close to view text.

    [spoiler=Click me!]You can also give the spoiler a name to make it a bit more attractive![/spoiler]
    You can also give the spoiler a name to make it a bit more attractive!

    How do I add an image to my post or signature?
    If it's an image you made yourself and saved on your computer, you will first need to upload it to an image hosting site of your choosing. Lake Valor does allow you to add images as attachments to your posts, but for more long-term usage, an image hosting site is preferred.

    Then, you'll need to get the URL of the image in question. Input that URL into the post editor accordingly, where it prompts you to insert an image.
    Alternatively, you can enclose it in img tags (either way has the same effect):


    How do I donate PokePoints to another user?
    That's in the Guide, under the section 'PokéPoints & our Market'.

    How do I control what Treasures I have visible?
    That's in the Guide, under the section 'PokéPoints & our Market'.

    How do I change my user title?
    Your default user title will change on its own based on your current post count. However, if you want to change it to a specific phrase, you will need a coloured username - either from a donator rank or a staff/helper position.
    If you have that, you can change it in your User CP under 'Personal Details'.

    How do I change the colour/formatting of my user title?
    You will need to purchase the shop item 'User Title Formatting'. While that won't change the user title words itself, it will allow you to change the colour display on your user title.

    How do I donate to LV?
    Glad you asked! You can donate money (yes, real-world money) at this page here.
    Lake Valor is kept going entirely on user donations, so any amount you want to contribute is vastly appreciated. Depending on the amount you donate, your rank will upgrade and you'll get new benefits to go with it. You can read the list of benefits here.
    (You don't have to donate the money all at once, either. If you donate $20 USD now and then $30 USD later, you would qualify for Supporter.)

    I donated money but my rank hasn't changed yet!
    Donator ranks on LV are manually processed. It should be processed whenever an administrator gets online to check the logs. Give it a day or two.
    If it's been a while and you think you've been forgotten, you can PM an admin about it if your rank needs upgrading.

    How do I change my profile's cover image?
    We're working on it! It's on the to-do list of 'things to fix'.

    How do I use the profile music player?
    We're working on that too!

    What's the Pokémon Catcher, and how does it work?
    We have a Catcher Guide written for that!

    Is there a way to make Shiny Pokémon in the Catcher easier to notice?
    We're also working on that!

    I logged into the Discord server but I can't talk. Is there something I forgot?
    We have a Discord Guide for that, actually! You'll need to link your forum account to a Discord account, done in your User CP under 'External Accounts'.
    The guide above explains the process in full.

    What if I want to report a bug or something that might need fixing?
    That you would do in the Bug Report Thread - or, if it's something to do with the Catcher, it would go in the Catcher Bug Thread.
    Make sure that it hasn't already been asked before, or is already a known issue!

    What if I have a suggestion for LV?
    Feel free to make a thread here about it! Suggestions are always welcome.

    Anything else you can let me know?
    I may periodically update this post with other frequent questions that may arise. But beyond that, if ever you aren't sure about anything, ask a staff member.

    Other than that, have fun and enjoy your stay at Lake Valor!
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