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From Triumph to Tragedy: Roleplay

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Ferrospike, Jul 10, 2015.

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  1. Ferrospike

    Feb 17, 2015
    This is the thread where the Roleplay will be taking place, not posting here until the roleplay begins. Character application and this same information can be found http://lakevalor.net/topic/11503-from-triumph-to-tragedy-reference/
    Plot and Setting
    The Pokémon world has often been plagued by attacks from groups wanting power, wanting money or wanting Pokémon released for their own good. Under different leaders they each fought to take over, to be the team in control, but each was beaten and disbanded by a special group of youngsters, one of a collection of elite trainers chosen by Oak and the other Professors of their own regions. Those trainers, the Pokédex Holders, had always been the ones to get involved when things went wrong.

    When team Flare were disbanded, the world fell into peace. The four years that followed were full of laughter and surprising amounts of joy. Children began to make their own journeys with Pokémon. Contests became a popular activity to attend and participate in. The world was united in the fact that they believed there was nothing left to hurt them. They were blissfully unaware that danger had been stirring behind closed doors.

    It began with freak storms, the new threat. Hailstorms, thunderstorms, vicious winds and tornadoes. These "natural" disasters did not strike on routes, merely hitting towns and cities all over each of the regions. Within weeks, thousands of people had been ripped from their homes, moving into spare rooms in other cities whilst construction companies attempted to rebuild the fallen towns.

    Every time they thought they were safe, another storm struck.

    It was all too suspicious for the group of heroes who, ever vigilant, had been training since the defeat of their own foes. They began investigating of their own accord and learned that in every city that had been struck there had been rumours of a group with no name who had control of Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus.

    When they thought they might have figured it out, a horrible earthquake struck Johto, destroying more than what it left in tact. This was too much, and they were sure that it had to be something more sinister than natural disasters, and that was when the Knights of Arceus made themselves known. They came out publicly in a calculated attack of Vermillion City. A horrible blow, it was full of explosions and too many terrible deaths. There was nothing but the smell of burning rubble remaining when the group chose to step into the light, announcing their name and their new idea.

    But it seemed that it would be the last attack, at least for a while. The Pokédex Holders began formulating their own ideas, though some argued against one another. The world seemed quiet without the constant stream of storms.

    The second blow came as a surprise.

    People would never have expected to see a League fall. They could never have predicted the demise of the Indigo Elite Four. They had always, even in other regions, been renowned for their mighty talents as Pokémon Trainers. But fall they did, and fall hard. In a sudden move from the Knights, the collection of trainers whom had once been known worldwide had been killed.

    They had been struck down by the God Pokémon himself.

    It had been the Knights plan all along to capture Arceus, but they had not expected it to be so possible. The legendary had been drawn out to an eruption on Mt. Chimney, where people were praying for their loved ones. The volcano had exploded into the town, taken hold in the way only a true natural disaster could, and people fled.

    However, not all survived. Two of the most widely mourned were Emerald, a member of the Pokédex Holders, and Flannery. In all the commotion of their deaths the people did not notice the Knights take Arceus into their custody, unaware of the trap they had lain for him.

    With the League dead and power so close to their fingertips, the Knights ceased all attacks, ceased all storms. They provided troops to struggling cities to help rebuild, planting the thoughts in the minds of all the people - no more damage, if they would give their support whole-heartedly.

    For a year, they campaigned. They offered aid. They spread the word of a unified world, under their leader. And people began to listen, for fear of their families being harmed and for simple agreement.

    All except those few heroes who wanted to see the world for what it already was. Wonderful. Without need for change.

    Now, the league have decided to hand over the reigns, with the support from the public. All that is left for the heroes to step up and fight once more for their world. This time, however, they have to do it from their own strengths, rather than that of the people. Only a few choose to align themselves against the Knights, knowing full well what fighting them might entail.

    This is the tale of Pokearth in the grasp of new leadership.

    Affect Cities
    Though most places were affected by attacks, these cities & towns were particularly damaged though all are in the final stages of rebuilding now that they have the assistance of the Knights. The percentage is how close to fully rebuilt they are.
    â–¸ Viridian City (90%)
    â–¸ Lavender Town (70%)
    â–¸ Fuchsia City (95%)
    â–¸ Cinnibar Island (100%)
    â–¸ Vermillion City (50%)
    â–¸ Indigo Plateau (0%)

    â–¸ New Bark Town (100%)
    â–¸ Cherrygrove City (80%)
    â–¸ Violet City (100%)
    â–¸ Azalea Town (60%)
    â–¸ Goldenrod City (75%)
    â–¸ Ecruteak City (100%)
    â–¸ Olivine City (60%)
    â–¸ Cianwood City (90%)
    â–¸ Mahogany Town (100%)
    â–¸ Blackthorn City (100%)

    â–¸ Littleroot Town (95%)
    â–¸ Oldale Town (80%)
    â–¸ Dewford Town (90%)
    â–¸ Fortree City (75%)
    â–¸ Ever Grande City (50%)
    â–¸ Lavaridge Town (60%)

    â–¸ Oreburgh City (70%)
    â–¸ Floaroma Town (50%)
    â–¸ Canalave City (85%)
    â–¸ Snowpoint City (85%)

    â–¸ Aspertia City(100%)
    â–¸ Striaton City(90%)
    â–¸ Icirrus City (65%)
    â–¸ Lacunosa Town (60%)
    â–¸ Black City (40%)

    â–¸ Dendemille Town (50%)
    â–¸ Snowbelle City (100%)
    â–¸ Couriway Town (55%)

    Notable Affected Citizens
    Emerald - Dex Holder
    Emerald was in Lavaridge town when Mt. Chimney erupted. He was assisting Flannery when the wave of lava hit, and they were both killed. His friends mourn his death along with Flannery's. He is the first casualty of the Pokédex Holders.
    Flannery - Gym Leader
    Was in Lavaridge town, trying to save civilians when the volcano erupted and was caught in a wave of lava. She was killed instantly. She has had her position taken over by her friend Faris, who was there when the mountain exploded and helped to get many citizens to safety.

    Blaine - Gym Leader
    Knowing the power of the Cinnibar volcano - and wanting to harvest in a way similar to Mt. Chimney - the Knights decided to take over the island starting by killing Blaine. It was done quietly and not one of their more public attacks, instead a quick death so that one of their own could take the role.

    Candice - Gym Leader
    Candice disappeared from Snowpoint City under suspicious circumstances. She was told to meet someone just outside of the town with information on the Knights and disappeared that very day. No one knows whether she is alive or dead, though her two-month absence has caused the league to replace her in the gym - at least temporarily.

    Indigo Leage - Elite Trainers
    Lorelai, Agatha, Karen, Will, Bruno and Koga were all killed in a vicious attack by the Knights of Arceus who unleashed the Legendary Pokémon's rage on them. They were killed instantly by the force of the attack, and the Pokémon League in Johto and Kanto was brought to rubble in moments. There has not been time to replace them as yet.

    Cashel Rigby - KOA Leader
    Dead after an accident, he has been replaced by his co-leader Nazo while they rally their troops after this devastating blow to their cause.

    Knights of Arceus
    The Knights of Arceus were founded by Cashel Rigby, a young son of a crime lord in Unova. His cause was to overthrow the Pokémon League and unite the world under one governing power, instead of the multiple leagues that ruled over their own regions. Because the leagues controlled the gym leaders, elite four and other government programs, they were the primary target for the Knight's initial attack. They had all the power, and each different region had its own ways. The Knights, however, believed that the regions should be under the control of one supreme ruler.

    Much to the dismay of the knights, Cashel fell in battle. Nazo Fumetsu was his second in command and took over the role of the primary leader of the Knights, supported by his own right-hand-lady, Aphrodite Bell, who was once secretary and troop commander. They are backed up by six other admins who each are in control of the future of a region under this new reign and with Arceus on their side, they believe that as a whole they will rule with a firm and commanding hand.

    With the destruction of the Indigo League (and the massacre of the members of it's Elite Four) they have ceased their major attacks. More and more people are putting their support behind the Knights and the leaders of the respective leagues have begun signing the documents prepared to give the Knights the power they have so been desiring. The Knights have promised the public that the more people put their voices behind that of their organisation, the less people will be hurt. They are trying to convince all to follow them, to abolish the gyms and elite trainers in order to run one major tournament in which people compete to claim the title of Champion.
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