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Frost Bloom

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Cadbberry, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. Cadbberry

    Cadbberry Dad: 76.... Or Cad: 76

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    Level 12
    May 25, 2014
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    This was my entry for the writing event for community month. If you wanna see more let me know!
    I do not write much, in fact, it is one of my weakest skills, but because "Love is in the air!" I will do my best to write a good story.

    I used two of my OC Pokémon Gijinkas- Sirius Schniter and Eira Kristabelle
    Title: Frost Bloom
    Words: 2105

    As the clock struck 2 and lunch break had now ended, an average height man in a white button-down shirt and an earthy brown tie grabbed his forest green lab coat, above the pocket, his name was stitched into it. The name read as, "Sirius Schinter, MD". He clipped on his badge and headed back to the front desk of the Pokémon Center. He stood tall next to Nurse Joy but was really only 5'9" or so. He tightened his ponytail, his long brown hair cascaded down his back, his hair fluffy and with volume. He spoke quietly, though there were few people in the Pokémon Center he wished not to disrupt anyone, "Have we had any patients come in during my break?"
    Joy looked up to him, her little pink ringlets bouncing as she did, "Just a few trainers, nothing too interesting. You didn't miss anything important." She squinted her eyes and stood on her tiptoes for a second.
    Sirius took a step back, "Everything alright there?" He asked, confused by her sudden pause and actions. He pushed his glasses back up his nose to look at her more clearly.
    Joy nodded and moved her hand to his large horns, brushing off some pollen, Sirius shuddered as she did such, feeling her emotions when she placed her hand on his horns. She then returned to her normal standing position, "There we go, just a little pollen."
    Sirius fixed his tie and turned to face the front door as they usually do, "Thank you Joy." He did his best to shake off the feeling, she was calm as usual nothing new with that, he didn't like people touching his horns, it made him feel more attached to them. Though she was his trainer so nothing he could do about that, he just had to let things like that slide. As he was deep in thought a trainer came running through the automatic doors, though moving so fast he almost ran into them.
    In his arms was a young girl, she was tall for her species, her large icy blue ears were angled back and her 9 tails were dragging on the ground. The trainer was panting and set her on the counter, "This Ninetales was on the beach, someone dumped her there and she won't wake up!" The trainer was obviously worried and shaken up about the event. Joy looked the Ninetales over and nodded quickly, summing things up in her head.
    She looked back at the trainer, "Please take a seat, get some tea and calm down, we will take care of her. Sirius would you please help calm this trainer."
    Sirius nodded and grew a flower from his hair, he picked it like a fresh flower, the offered it to the trainer over the counter. "Please breathe in and out calmly. Lemon verbena is very soothing to the senses and it should help you relax." With that Sirius picked up the Ninetales and Joy picked up her tails to prevent them from getting dirtier, and they carried her into a private room for examination. Joy took her temperature and found that she was elevated above freezing, she quickly went to the ice machine and got a bag of ice to lay on her head. Sirius grew a few Oran Berries and Sitrus Berries then picked them gently. He began to create a paste from them, something easier for her to swallow when she would awaken.
    Joy gathered a few more bags of ice, "She simply overheated, that winter overcoat and the sun just got her too warm," Joy concluded. "I am going to return to the front desk since other trainers are bound to come in. Please keep watch over her, she is going to wake up soon." Sirius nodded in agreement to staying as Joy walked briskly out of the examination room. Sirius took a seat next to the Ninetails, her blue hair had a slight icy shimmer and was beginning to flutter naturally like the wind was making it wave. Sirius shivered slightly as the room began to rapidly drop in temperature. His hair began to frost over slightly, he began to feel nervous as he was a grass type, this one a large weakness to him. Suddenly the nine tails went from limp and loose to tight and constricted before puffing out to what they usually look like. The Ninetales shot up panting, holding her chest, small ice drops shot out from her slicing Sirius in the face and striking the wall behind him. Sirius made no movement, he stood still as to not scare her more, though the multiple cuts were stinging and beginning to bleed. He did his best to keep his voice calm, "Woah, woah, not so fast, you are ok, you are just at the Pokémon Center in Tapu Village." He began to move closer with his hands up to show he meant to harm.
    The Ninetales looked around and took a deep breath, her breath visible like a cold morning. "Where am I! Where is my trainer!" She began to worry and she looked around, "She is a tall girl with pink ribbons in her hair, two pigtails and a tattoo on her tummy... Wh-where is she." The Ninetales started to calm down, the room was freezing cold and Sirius was not feeling well in this temperature. His glasses were fogging over but he couldn't see without them so he kept on wiping them down.
    He still did his best to stay calm, he took her hand gently, "I am afraid I don't know where she is, but we are going to help you feel better, you overheated on the beach, someone brought you in. Please try to calm down, you are freezing the room." His teeth chattered slightly and his hair was fluffing up in alarm. To his liking, the room did warm slightly as the Ninetales calmed down.
    She took a deeper breath and laid back down, she fixed her blue thigh high socks, made she her overcoat was buttoned all the way, her left hand hanging over the small bed and her right hand on her chest. She just stared at the ceiling, "My name is Eira, Eira Kristabelle, that's what she named me as a Vulpix..." She said shakily.
    Sirius felt for this poor woman, he whispered, not thinking about it much, "I was bred and sold for racing but was dropped off at a Pokémon Center for not being able to transform as a child, I know how you feel." Eira looked at him, she at back up and realized that they were still holding hands, he was so warm and comforting to her cold chill.
    Eira opened her mouth to speak, but found herself void of words, "S-s..em..." She just stuttered out few sounds before biting her lip and looking him in the eyes, "Seems we have something in common."
    Sirius smiled a little and nodded, his thumb lightly rubbing her hand. "I guess we do." The frost had melted and a few flowers were blooming down his hair, much like the season change of Winter to Spring. "You can stay here if you want...." Eria looked confused and blushed slightly. He shook his head quickly and grew red faced, "I mean to wait for your trainer so you aren't in the sun!"
    Eira the giggled and nodded, "Thank you, oh um, sorry about the ice, your cheeks are cut a bit..." Sirius moved his hands to his cheek and wiped the blood. He then put his hands together and a slight green glow came from him before a slight pop, his hair fluffed out and his lab coat waved around like wind had touched it.
    He was completely recovered like nothing had happened other than the flowers he had grown in his hair. "It is no problem, I know Synthesis." He chuckled a little and struck a triumphant pose causing Eira to laugh. "Anyway, feel free to rest, I best get out front to help Joy..." He looked at her once again, she was a very pretty woman, rosy in her cheeks from the cold and always a sparkle from the little bits of frost over her. "Do you think, we... we could go to dinner later?"
    Eira seemed a little surprised at his statement, he was a kind man but they had only just met. Though she had nothing better to do and no one else would be around to take care of her anyway. She nodded and smiled at him, "Sure, why not, when do you get off shift?"
    Sirius smiled brightly to her, "I don't usually get off shift ever, just breaks here and there, but I will ask Joy if she minds me taking off for a little bit." He gave her a thumbs up and headed back to the counter to talk to Joy.
    ---Later That Night---
    Sirius took off his lab coat and his tie. slid on a brown jacket with chained buttons and green cape, the neck piece made of leaves and the cape portion made of grasses. He looked a bit ridiculous but each species of Pokémon has different looks and this is the one he was given when he evolved. He spent an extra few minutes to grow a bouquet of Gracidea flowers to give to her. He walked back to the bedroom she was now using and knocked gently. Eira opened the door quickly, she had cleaned up a bit, there was no more dirt in her tails and it looked like she had washed her jacket, the light blue fluff was looking very spotless.
    Eira smiled, "Hello Doctor Sirius, you look... nice" she chuckled a little. He blushed and offered the flowers to her. She took them and smiled at him, placing them down on the table next to the door.
    Sirius fixed his chains and smiled, "Joy picked it out for me when I evolved into a Gogoat, she said I should look more natural so I thought I would wear my species outfit." He stood tall and tried to look impressive.
    Eira giggled again at his mannerism, "It is cute Doctor Sirius, you are very cute." She winked slightly and Sirius blushed deeper.
    Sirius moved to the side and smiled, "Shall we head out then?" He smiled again and fixed his glasses once more. Eira nodded and closed the door behind her and locked it.
    She brushed her flowing hair out of her eyes, "So where are we going to eat?" He looked a little nervous at the question and spoke slowly to respond.
    "We are going to an amazing place, to get Free Samples at the Thrifty Megamart!" He said and gave jazz hands, Eira looked grossly disappointed at his answer.
    Eira raised her eyebrow to him, "Are you serious, it sounds... n-nice." She was stiff, unsure if she should just call it here. As she was about to go back and unlock her door Sirius started to laugh.
    "I would never, those berries aren't fresh!" He chuckled and giggled, Eira rolled her eyes and gave a pity laugh, a bit confused at his sense of humor since she was not in the medical profession nor a grass type, to her berries were berries. "We are going to a nice little restaurant in Malie City, they say even the Kahunas dine there." He patted his pocket, "My treat, though, don't you worry about a thing other than having a nice time."
    Eira nodded and took his hand, "Let's get going them, I am going to have a great time with you, Sirius!"
    He laughed and started to walk her to the door, "I even got my good friend to fly us there!" Outside stood a large Fearow resting, picking at its feathers until it saw them approach, it lowered its body and extended its wings. Sirius picked Eira up, she squealed in surprise as he did. She looked up at him, stronger than she thought and he seemed a lot more manly. Sirius took a seat on Fearow's back and smiled at Eira, "Hang on tight." Fearow flapped its wings and took off into the night sky, flying high up over the island and letting them look on over Alola's beauty. Sirius looked down at Eira, the moon making her frosted skin glow, he went in and gave her a kiss. Eira closed her eyes and let the tender moment happen as they flew in front of the moon.
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