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Game Maker Project: Jack's Crazy Adventure

Discussion in 'Creative Zone' started by Nova Ozuka, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Nova Ozuka

    Nova Ozuka Collector

    Level 26
    Jan 11, 2017
    RIght, so I've mentioned in a few places that I'm working on a platforming game, which I call Jack's Crazy Adventure. The idea for it came to me after watching Dashiegames play a demo of Dashie's Puhrfect Perfection. In this game, Jacksepticeye must travel through the world of the game to rescue his friends who have been kidnapped. Each of his friends, once rescued, will operate a different facility, like a shop for costumes and upgrades. The player can also spend coins to buy more attacks in addition to the four they start with.

    The game will feature a meter that powers some of his actions, which I call the Fun Meter. This meter is filled by punching enemies (which is his neutral action when he isn't near an interactable object) as will as jumping on them, collecting health and coins (only slightly), and by picking up cookies.

    So far, I've finished a single idle sprite, health sprites (they're cupcakes), and the cookie sprite. I'm still working on coding the player's actions and attacks. These include...

    : Jack uses his fun meter to perform a super jump that goes twice as high as his regular jump.
    Speed is Key: Jack performs a dash using his fun meter

    Jack's Scream
    : For his default neutral attack, Jack uses his loudness to attack.
    HAAAAPPY WHEELS!: For his default forward attack, Jack performs a wheelie on a bike.

    In addition to being an attack, Jack's scream will also play when falling offscreen or from high places. If anyone has any ideas to add to the list of attacks, feel free to post them here.
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