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Generation One Game Remakes?

Discussion in 'Pokémon General' started by BluuCrayon, Oct 28, 2014.

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  1. BluuCrayon

    BluuCrayon Bug Catcher

    Oct 26, 2014
    Hey guys!

    A few days ago, while browsing through YouTube to find something interesting (and most importantly, something new) to watch, I stumbled upon a TyranitarTube video, where he covered the recent Project Pokémon leaks of the ORAS demo (other than the new Hoopa form), and he mentioned something near the end of the video about new games.

    In short, to paraphrase, he mentioned that the hackers found that there will be two more games in Generation Six (currently consisting of XY and ORAS), after ORAS, that can display the blue pentagon in the summary of your Pokémon. This could mean there could be two new Kalos follow-ups, either X2 and Y2. or X^2 and Y^2, or, Kanto remakes - just in time for their 20th anniversary.

    However, the 20th anniversary wouldn't be until 2016 (I believe), so it is also possible that we'll receive the first Generation Seven games in 2015, then Kanto remakes the next year, in theory.

    On a less important note, one of my friends shared a list of "unreleased megas" for ORAS, I.E., megas that could be. Some of these included Mega Arcanine, Mega Golem, Mega Machamp, Mega Tentacruel, Mega Johto Starters, Mega Steelix (which did happen already), Mega Butterfree, and Mega Dragonite (Dragoniteite?) to name the most notable ones. According to my friend, this list came from someone who was "under contract" and wanted to share the fact that these megas could have been, and could possibly be introduced in later games. Most of the Megas on this list are indeed Kanto Pokémon, which could further support the possibility that Gen One remakes are in the near future - but, because it's some random person from the internet who claims to be under contract, this list of unreleased megas should be taken with a grain of salt. Also, it should be noted that Mega Steelix is indeed a legitimate mega in ORAS, so keeping Mega Steelix on the unreleased megas list makes the list less credible - why have a mega on there that we already know about? In addition, a lot of the megas on the list are fan-favorites, and, more importantly, Pokémon that fans really want to see mega-evolve at some point (especially Mega Arcanine (Flariate!), and the johto starters), furthering the lists lack of credibility as this could just be some fan who wants to start rumors.

    Whether that list is accurate or not, many fans are speculating that Gen one remakes are in the near future. Personally, I'd want them to revisit Generation four and five before they remake that (which could possibly put gen one remakes off so far that we'll play them on the next Nintendo hand-held (the 4DS?)), it does make sense for them to give a much-needed reimagining of the games that started off their franchise, and give them the respect they deserve for their 20th anniversary.

    *Edit: here is the link to the video. He talks about the possible Gen one remakes at 3:38 *
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