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Get out of my head

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Coraline, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Coraline

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    Jan 24, 2017
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    As another morning was beginning in Hobsworth, there was a family known as the Renans. They were a family of 5. Marc and Hannah were proud parents to triplets. Much like their mother they had the dark and curly hair, while their dad gave them a hormonal disorder that he had. It had him born with proportional dwarfism. At least for him, his limbs were proportionate to the torso. He felt bad for the ones that were disproportionate. All his children sadly got it in the genetics. His 8-year-old girl looked the size of a 4-year-old and her brother's looked to be 9. Their real age were all 9 years old.

    As Tabitha, who was the baby triplet by 4 minutes, went downstairs she saw her brothers roughhousing. "Don't let mom catch you. She just gave you a lecture last week," she warned. Damien rolled his eyes. "I'm serious. You may be the big guy on campus between us 3, but you know how well she can use her powers," she reminded.

    "Yeah and we have them too. Don't think I know how to react to mom?" Percy was very sarcastic to Tabitha, but she did love him. She rolled her eyes and nodded. The family of 5 lived in secret. They attended normal schools, with normal children, in a more than normal town. Nobody knew how Hannah received her powers, but they know he has them and now so do her children. They train at their powers daily. But not when it's school time. As soon as Marc got downstairs he began on breakfast. The children were very quiet. Especially since when their mom was awake, you said nothing until she had her first sip of coffee.

    "Tabitha, did you get your homework done?" Hannah was back to normal and on task. Tabitha usually was the one causing phone calls home. Tabitha nodded and she playfully looked at her mom. "I'm serious. The teacher said if he has to call home once more this month, you're staying for detention for an hour," she responded.

    "I don't cause phone calls all the time," she responded. Marc nodded at that and Tabitha pointed at her dad. "See? He believes in me," she sighed in relief.

    "Didn't say that I didn't believe in you. I just want you to try and start handing things in. He sent me an e-mail mentioning the assignments and when he sent them out. Your biome project?"

    "Complete. I have French first so I'll do the print off then," she answered smiling. Hannah was actually shocked. This was the first time, that her classes accessibility to computers was being used just to get the printing done.

    "Okay how about that report on stimulants? You know how Chesnick feels about that," Percy added.

    "Handed in Tuesday morning," she answered showing her agenda to her mom. The teachers now by requirements had to write in her agenda about the day Tabitha had. There were questionable incidents.

    "She's telling the truth," her mom answered to Percy's look. Her dad looked shocked and her mom nodded. "Mind if I read it? Just to show the men you can do all kinds of things when nobody looks?" She nodded and her mom smiled in relief. "Tabitha had a very good day today. She was helpful to all kids around her, including her brothers. She had the most free time today since she finished assignments accurately and early. She cleaned up everyone's art centers and even reorganized the books into their proper bins," she read.

    "I'm impressed, Tabitha. After today, if your mother and I see you had more good days than bad, I'll put another tally on the chart. Remember, you're 3 days away," her father praised. She smiled at her dad and even Percy had to look impressed. Tabitha knew what she did and would openly admit it at home. She mastered her telekinetic abilities and could use her eyes and how she moves her head to move objects. That was her most used power, and how she wound up in trouble. So now she had a chart that offered her rewards for good days. She needed the choices. They all had different systems. Percy and Damien used stickers on their agendas. If they all got 20 tallys/stars they could have a reward. Tabitha's favorite was the underground trampoline place. It was fun. Even Damien and Percy liked when she picked it.

    "It's 7:50 kids. Go to the stop and have a good day," their mom realized as she put the bags together. As they all walked out, Marc looked at Tabitha worried. "I haven't heard from mom. She was tracking them and now, I don't know where they are or even what they are doing."

    "I'm sure he isn't aware you exist Hannah. Our children are safe," he sighed. He was worried too. Hannah had an older brother that went psychotic and tried to kill Hannah. She survived and moved her children far away from the home she knew well. That's why they were in Hobsworth. It was the middle of nowhere.

    "I hope so. Tabitha and her brothers have enough on their mind. They have to control their power and not let the mocking get to them," she sighed as she shut the curtains.
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