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Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Nightcore87.ZLIGHT, Dec 28, 2014.

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  1. Nightcore87.ZLIGHT

    Dec 28, 2014
    Ash's p.o.v.
    Chapter 1.
    Everything, right now, is really starting to frustrate me - Misty is complaining that her feet hurt - Brock is saying he misses Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny; That got old the second time he complained - and Pikachu is complaining about Misty and Brock's complaining! How ironic is that? I mean, come on.
    "Ash, this place is creepy..." Misty says quietly. She's quite the toughy, but she's still afraid of some stuff. Like bugs, the dark, Ghost Pokémon. Sheesh, she's afraid of more things than I thought...
    I sigh and stop. "What do you want me to do about it, Misty? You're sixteen, now, mind actin' like it?!" Okay, that was a bit snappy, but I'm tired, and hungry, and completely irritated with these two.
    Then I remember I said that to Misty - the Misty with the Mallet - o - Doom.
    "Ash Ketchum!" She hisses. "How dare you say something like that! If I wasn't so tired I would... I would..." Misty's eyes turn a pretty shade of lavender for a split second, then back to their original turquoise. She shakes her head and sits down. "And now my head feels like it's trying to implode on itself..." She mutters.
    "Brock, check her temperature, I'll go check that sign over there and see if it says anything helpful, " I say.
    He nods, snapping out of his Jenny-Joy Fairyland and rushes over to Misty.
    I run as fast as my tired, basically lead, legs will carry me over to the sign. At least, there WAS a sign here.
    I look around and notice it moved about ten feet north. I run there.
    And it was there until I get on top of it, then it blurs out of view, into the twilight fog.
    Okay, I know I'm tired and hungry, so I could be hallucinating, but that sign was real. It had to be.
    I do a 360 of the area and see it maybe, 5 or 6 feet east. I turn back to where Misty and Brock are; Misty is now standing, and Brock is shoving a wet cloth into her hands.
    I shrug, assuming I can easily run back there, after all, it's only 5 or six feet, right! And it's east, so it's not like I'm going to lose sight of them, right?
    I jog over to the sign, and this time it stays. In big, bold letter it says:

    Chapter 2: Misty's p.o.v.
    Oh, gosh, my head. What was that? And where has everyone gone? It's all just... nothingness.
    I see if I can walk, and I can. My head doesn't even hurt anymore. Why, I hardly remember it even hurting!
    In the far, far whiteness, I see a small dot. Now, it could be anything. From this far away, well, it looks like a fly.
    GUH-ROOOOSSSSS!!! Eew, bugs. Nasty.
    But, then, it's gone. Feeling the hairs on the back of my neck turn on end, I turn and start sprinting.
    The thing is, when I start running, a small, light less hole appears under me.
    I plummet down screaming.

    Chapter 3: Ash's p.o.v.
    Lavender Town, huh? Gee, maybe that's why all this fog is purple.
    I return to my friends with minor difficulty, and notice Brock's major distress.
    "What's up?" I say, gesturing to Misty.
    "She's kind of acting strange. Like she's trying to tell us something, but can't speak or write, " the older boy sighs and rubs his temples. "What did you find?"
    I look at Misty. She looks pained. "Well, we're in Lavender Town. That's it,"
    I get nervous at the sight of Brock's face.
    "What?" I ask.
    "Ash," he says slowly. "Lavender Town is cursed. Haunted,"
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