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Glittering Celestial V Gaiden: The Jewel of the World

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by WavePearl, Oct 5, 2015.

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  1. WavePearl

    WavePearl Believer in Possibilities

    (Shaymin (Sky))
    Level 31
    Nov 22, 2012
    If you were confused about some of the terms and the world of "Glittering Celestial V" here's a prequel origin story about the team and their first adventure.

    Prologue: "The beginnings of the Jewel Suit Project! Citrine Energy awakens!"

    The sun was high overhead the Jewel Training Center in Malavile as a large crowd studied an empty stage, speculating just what Silph Co.'s Jewel Suit Project, which had been teased for months on billboards, TV screens, and social media pages alike, was. Was it a gadget of some kind? If it wasn't a workable gadget, was it a concept item? A new initiative? Whatever it was, the crowd of investors, Silph workers, and media, as well as the millions more that watched on TV and online, were eager to know about the project and its purpose.

    After a few tense moments, a female voice announced "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Silph Co. president and chief of the Jewel Suit Project, Mamoru Hamada."

    Some applause drifted through the crowd as a young deep brown haired man in a neatly pressed navy blue suit made his way on the outdoor stage to a podium to address the crowd. "Good morning, everyone, and good morning to the millions of others watching on TV and online. It is indeed an honor to say that we may be making history as we unveil the first piece of the Jewel Suit Project to you today. Nothing is staged, and nothing has been rehearsed--what you are about to see is the culmination of thousands of hours of work on the part of hundreds of doctors, nurses, researchers, therapists, tech teams--and one brave volunteer."

    He explained to the crowd "The purpose of the Jewel Suit Project is to assist and compliment law enforcement by creating the next generation of combat and defense technology--an armored supersuit with the most unlikeliest of power sources--the very gems from the earth itself."

    Intrigued murmurs filled the air as Mr. Hamada went on "For thousands of years, mankind has revered gemstones as containing great power--the same power that Pokémon trainers everywhere use to unlock the power of Mega Evolution. In a way, this is a kind of human Mega Evolution. When one of these jewels is implanted into a human being, we discovered they have some amazing effects."

    Then, something occurred to him. "In order for me to explain this to you easier, allow me to welcome our volunteer, Dawn Solberg, to the stage."

    Light applause went up as a black haired girl joined Mr. Hamada on the stage, an orange sphere pendant jingling against her black and pink skirt. "Although Dawn very plainly resembles any other person on the street, she actually has a Jewel Core--a gem that contains the power of an element--inside of her. The Jewel Core has dramatically slowed down the aging process, meaning she will live for much longer than an average human being. The very song she uses for Mega Evolution also awakens the power of the Jewel Core inside of her, which contains our first Jewel Suit--Citrine Energy."

    He stepped away from the podium, allowing Dawn to walk to center stage. "The hour is here--the moment when we awaken Citrine Energy and show you all what it can do live onstage."

    The crowd roared with excitement as Dawn took a deep breath and let it go in preparation for her first transformation. Once all was quiet again, she sang to the crowd Gran zirtan vin fangan miti... making her pendant glow.

    After a few tense seconds, Dawn was enveloped inside a burst of orange energy. Many in the audience watched, speechless, as the orange glow lit up the sky, both fearful for the girl transforming inside and amazed she could perform such a feat.

    In the cocoon of energy, an orange armplate appeared on Dawn's left arm, the burst also forming a small firearm that resembled a Piplup on its stomach. The chestplate came next in an explosion of orange light, with a glowing citrine in the center. Next came the other armplate, followed by a stream of orange light swirling down Dawn's legs to create two orange legplates. An orange quiver of 30 blue-white arrows formed on her back, and an orange scarf formed around her neck to finish. "Hut!" she called to the roaring crowd, striking a heroic pose.

    But of all the people cheering for the armored girl on the stage, none was more prouder than Mr. Hamada. I did it! All those hours of research...all those times my competitors wrote me off as a dreamer...all those times the industry magazines said this would never work...but here it is, and it works!

    Meanwhile, in a house somewhere in Malaville...

    A black haired boy and a brown haired woman watched what transpired on their TV in awe. "Wow...where can I sign up to train to use one of those?" the boy asked as his friend emerged in the orange armored suit to thunderous cheers.

    "Ash, you understand that Dawn likely had to go through a zillion medical, physical and mental tests just to be able to use the supersuit?" the woman cautioned. "And who am I to think that I could lose you in the heat of battle, Ash?"

    "I want to learn to use a Jewel Suit so I can protect you, Dad..." Ash's speech was interuppted by a small yellow mouse creature bounding on his shoulder. "...and Pikachu too, from any sort of evil."

    "Pika chu!" Pikachu smiled in agreement.

    The woman's concerned look softened--once her son had made his mind up, no amount of pleading, cautioning, or threatening was going to change his mind. "All right--if you want to learn to use one of those supersuits, I won't try to stop you...but please do some research so you know what you are getting yourself into."

    She smiled. "And no matter what happens, you'll always be my little hero." she smiled as she hugged Ash...
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  2. WavePearl

    WavePearl Believer in Possibilities

    (Shaymin (Sky))
    Level 31
    Nov 22, 2012
    Prologue, part 2: The First Notes of Disonance

    Meanwhile, in an unknown location somewhere in Kanto...

    A white haired boy in black and blue armor reclined on a couch inside a cavernous room that served as a study. The blue parts of the boy's armor glowed, giving the large cave, the boy's face and majestic dragon-like wings an ethereal blue sheen.

    He studied a small computer screen for a moment, then pressed a button on a communicator. "Toran, Tendua, report."

    A yellow and a blue light formed in the room. The yellow light materialized into a black haired young man wearing a white and yellow costume that evoked a desert land, complete with a hood that evoked a Raikou's head and flowing purple and gold cape. "You called, Chief?"

    The blue light formed into a purple haired girl in a short cyan, white and blue kimono-like outfit with an elegant crystal crown on her head. "I await your command, Lord Bedlam."

    "How good of you both to arrive so promptly." Bedlam smiled before inviting the Raikou-man and the Suicune-lady to look at the laptop screen. "This is the world I want to target next, particularly because of one particular Pokémon that lives there." he explained as an image of the world blipped on the screen.

    "So, what Pokémon d'ya want destroyed, Chief?" Toran asked, bemused at the scenes of cities and landscapes that blipped by on the screen

    Bedlam conjured an image of a small sprite Pokémon with flowing music staff like hair. "This is the one."

    "Aw, it's cute!" Tendua smiled, hearts in her eyes. "I'd want to keep it as a pet, not destroy it!"

    "The reason why we must destroy it has to do with this world's defenses." Bedlam explained as he changed his image to display Ash and several other people receiving ID bracelets in preparation for a battery of medical, physical, and mental testing. "The humans have recently developed a supersuit that draws on the very songs that created the world itself--the Awakening Songs." His image changed again to display Dawn's transformation. "Without these special songs, the supersuits cannot awaken, and the world is defenseless against our attack. The only way to get rid of the Awakening Songs is to destroy the music sprite."

    "I see..." Toran noted.

    "If it pleases you, we want to scout out this world and try to find where the sprite may be before we move in." Tendua suggested. "Who am I to think that tiny sprite is more powerful than it appears?"

    "A wise decision, Tendua." Bedlam smiled. "Before you summon any monsters, you should always know your opponent."

    "Aw, why can't we just pound it and take over the world?" Toran protested.

    "Raw power is not always the best strategy." Bedlam reminded the handsome Raikou-man. "Sometimes, the best offense is a good defense."

    Tendua turned to depart. "Come on, let's go plan a strategy."

    "Right behind ya!" With that, Toran and Tendua formed into lights again, and departed Bedlam's chamber.

    After winding around many of the cave's twisting and turning corridors, the two beastpeople found themselves back in the suite the two of them shared. Toran's room had various weaponry magazines and blueprints scattered around the floor, as well as manufacturer posters, spaceship and weapon pinups, and drawings on the walls. More drawings and blueprints covered the bookshelves, in addition to the books themselves.

    Tendua winced at her brother's messy room. "You could stand to clean this place..."

    "But I know where everything is!" Toran protested as he shoved aside some blueprints to retrieve a Pokédex.

    "But it looks like a mess to me!" Tendua retorted as she waded through the pieces of models and wadded up blueprints to sit down at a table.

    "Yeah, but it's an organized mess!" Toran smiled. Tendua just rolled her eyes as Toran punched a few buttons on the Pokédex, then invited Tendua to see the image of the sprite Pokémon. "Meloetta, the melody Pokémon. Many famous songs have been inspired by the melodies that she plays."

    "Cute and powerful..." "Tendua noted. We need to bring it back here alive before we destroy it."

    Torn was unimpressed. "But if any of the defense forces show up, I'll bring along the mysterian swordsman Zodoma to take it on."

    "But what if the girl has sword skill to equal Zodoma in that super suit?" Tendua cautioned.

    "Okay, then how about we try calling forth something the humans know to be fantasy in their world?" Toran suggested, conjuring a scene from the final battle from New Super Mario Bros. U

    "But then everyone knows how to defeat it--not just the defensive forces!" Tendua sighed.

    She got up from the table. "You can try to pound them with raw power if you like, but don't come crying to me when the defensive forces defeat you!"

    Toran also got up from the table as his sister departed for her room. "Hm..." he mused as he watched the image of Dawn transforming again and again. "What if I focus not on the one that has a super suit, but one of the recruits?" he wondered.

    A smiled formed on his face. "That's it! Maybe if I took out the recruits first, then they can't spawn more after I defeat the first one!"

    He assumed the form of a yellow light again and raced from the room, giddily chuckling all the while...
  3. WavePearl

    WavePearl Believer in Possibilities

    (Shaymin (Sky))
    Level 31
    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 1: Training Daze

    "Well done, Ash..." a nurse smiled as she looked over Ash's data from yet another medical test. "You have been cleared to begin the next round of testing."

    She led Ash into a training room, where a familiar brown haired boy with tanned skin was effortlessly whacking away foam balls with a wooden rod. "Brock?" Ash gasped.

    "Ash! What a surprise!" Brock grinned as a screen displayed his final results. "Didn't know you were selected via the lottery too...first Misty, and now you."

    "What about May?" Ash asked. "And Serena too?"

    "I do know they entered the lottery, but I don't know if they were selected or not." Brock replied as he and his guide prepared to leave for the next training room. "If I find them, I'll let you know."

    After waving goodbye to his friend, Ash was presented with a wooden rod of his own. "The object of this exercise is to test your reaction time." an auburn haired trainer explained. "You'll notice all the launchers in the room..." she explained, making a grand gesture to the many holes in the walls.

    For a moment, the trainer's words became meaningless as Ash's heart quickened. Brock was whacking balls out of those? What if they increase in difficulty the better I do?

    He then heard the trainer confirm his worst fear. "The machine will gradually increase the difficulty the better you do. But there's no prize--we just want to measure your current reaction time as of now."

    Ash swallowed hard as the machine hummed to life, and braced himself as a single white foam ball came flying at him. After swatting it away, he saw another coming from the left, and hit that one too. Well, this isn't as bad as I thought...

    His concentration was jarred when two balls came from two directions at once. While he easily whacked away the one on the left, the other made him trip and fall backwards, stopping the exercise.

    "Not bad..." the trainer smiled as she helped Ash up. "We'll work on handling multiple shots at once next time."

    But before she and Ash could move on to the next training room, an alarm nearly made Ash fall into the massive pile of balls that had accumulated on the ground. "Attention: An intruder has been sighted in the training center." an oddly soothing female voice announced. "Please remain in your current location and wait for further instructions." The alarm blared a few more times before the same spiel repeated itself. "Attention: An intruder has been sighted in the training center. Please remain in your current location and wait for further instructions."

    "What's happening?" Ash asked, his voice almost drowned out by the alarm and flashing red lights.

    "Maybe it has something to do with that crystal Ariados outside?" the trainer replied.

    Ash eased himself to his feet and hurried over to a window on the left side of the room, where he could see several armed guards and Dawn starring down a huge Ariados that appeared to be made out of crystal. Dawn...you may be my friend, but I hope you know what you're doing...

    Outside, Dawn stepped forward to address Toran who was perched about the giant crystalline spider Pokémon that made the entire Jewel Training Center look like an action figure playset by comparison. "What do you want here?"

    "I'm here for one reason, and one reason alone--the sprite that awakens your power." Toran replied. "Let me have her, and I will leave peacefully. If you refuse, Birodam will crush you."

    Dawn was unfazed by the Raikou-man's threat. Gran zirtan vin fangan miti...

    The dirt path was lit up in bright orange, nearly blinding Toran. Yet inside, he knew that the black haired girl that met him was changing.

    In the cocoon of energy, an orange armplate appeared on Dawn's left arm, the burst also forming a small firearm that resembled a Piplup on its stomach. The chestplate came next in an explosion of orange light, with a glowing citrine in the center. Next came the other armplate, followed by a stream of orange light swirling down Dawn's legs to create two orange legplates. An orange quiver of 30 blue-white arrows formed on her back, and an orange scarf formed around her neck to finish. "Rush, Citrine Energy!"

    Toran smirked as Dawn emerged. "Ice Needle!" he directed the crystal Ariados.

    Dawn did her best to weave through the wave of icy needles, which melted in the hot earth. "Sacred Circle..." she called, creating a whitish orange circle of light around her.

    "What's that do?" Ash asked as he watched the battle rage from the safety of the training room.

    "It protects Dawn and any allies she has with her from enemy attacks." the trainer replied as she watched Dawn snap a beautiful blue and white bow modeled on a Parchirisu's tail into existence.

    "Stardust Magic!" Dawn announced as she fired a glowing white arrow from the bow, making the Ariados-monster screech in pain. Angered, the Ariados-monster fired a stream of webbing, but thanks to Citrine Energy's super speed capabilities, Dawn had woven through the sticky gray webbing like a thunderbolt, unharmed.

    "Can my suit have a bow as well?" Ash smiled at his trainer as he watched Dawn speed behind a rock and fire a spray of fireballs from the Piplup-like launcher on her arm.

    "If you choose to take archery training, you can." the trainer replied as she watched Dawn deflect a rain of Pin Missiles before firing another arrow.

    Ash nodded, then started cheering on the orange suited girl. "C'mon, Dawn! You can do it!" he called before whistling in support, never mind it would be lost in the explosions of battle and the squeals of the Ariados down below.

    Back on the ground, Toran and his mount looked visibly exhausted. "Colors Divine!" Dawn commanded, engulfing both the crystal Ariados and Toran in many colorful explosions.

    Relieved sighs of relief filled the training center as the all clear signal sounded. "Let's hope that's the last of them..." Ash heard Brock comment as he followed his own trainer to his next scheduled training.

    One day, Dawn...I will fight alongside you! he silently promised as the bustle of activity in the training center resumed...
  4. WavePearl

    WavePearl Believer in Possibilities

    (Shaymin (Sky))
    Level 31
    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 2: The Siren Song

    Meanwhile, in another part of Bedlam's hideout...

    A pale purple haired girl in an ornate lavender robe with black, red, and yellow accents relaxed as she looked over a spellbook. It wasn't readily apparent from the girl's position on the couch in her room, but when closed, the accents created a exotic looking face--a warning to foes.

    Fluttering of wings snapped the beautiful Arbok-lady to attention as a young Taillow-girl in a beautiful blue and white outfit landed in the room, the red swath of her otherwise navy hair gaining a orange glow in her lamplight. "You're back, Sinika..."

    "Yeah--Tendua's been busy comforting Toran all day after the defense forces got him." the Taillow-girl grinned as she flexed her wings from her long flight.

    "I did find something interesting about the defense forces..." Nagari explained as she turned her book for her friend to see. "There's only one for now, but many more are in training--and they all have the ability to use your Siren Song ability--only they call it the Swanna Song."

    "How appropriate--it must be a desperation move if they can't fight anymore." Sinika guessed.

    "I've never seen it myself, so I don't know what their version does." Nagari replied as she welcomed a glowing blue fox creature in her lap. "Would you like to fly to the training area and try to take it out with your version?"

    "Yeah!" Sinika gasped, excited. "I won't even get a summon or anything--I'm pretty sure I can destroy it myself."

    "Okay...just remember the defense forces are very powerful, so don't be afraid to retreat if you need to." Nagari cautioned. "Remember that the better part of valor is discretion."

    "Unlike Toran." Sinika giggled as she prepared to fly. Nagari waved goodbye as the Taillow-girl took off, becoming only a blue and while speck in the sky....

    <i>In the Jewel Training Center's archery range...</i>

    "Okay, Ash...here's a practice bow for you." an archery trainer smiled as she handed Ash a simple fiberglass bow that resembled wood. "When you undergo core implantation, your bow's appearance will be affected by what kind of jewel you chose to receive, or sometimes what Pokémon is closest to you."

    "That explains why Dawn's resembles a Parchirisu." Ash smiled to himself as he pulled on some protective bracers.

    "Before we do any shooting, let me remind you of a few basic rules you should follow every time you shoot." the trainer begin. "First, never draw the string without an arrow--what is known as a dry fire. This may seem weird, but the arrow provides the bow just enough resistance to keep it from overloading the limbs and other components. Not only that, it is not uncommon for the bow string to snap, and limbs to break or crack when a dry fire occurs."

    "Ouch..." Ash winced at the thought of a string breaking when he needed it most. "Never pull back the string without an arrow--got it!"

    "Next is an obvious rule--any shooting should be done without other people or objects in the way." the trainer went on.

    "Right--that way no one gets hurt and nothing gets broken." Ash smiled.

    "Related to this is the next rule--never fire an arrow into the sky." the trainer went on.

    Ash was about to protest, but the trainer continued "I know, it looks cool in the movies, but shooting an arrow into the sky can be very dangerous--as you won't know where the arrow will land or what or who it will hit. Arrows are very light, and can be carried by the wind off course."

    "Makes sense." Ash mused.

    "Finally, check your arrows and your bow regularly, especially after you miss a shot." the trainer smiled before bringing over some practice arrows. "Okay--now we're ready to learn the basics of shooting..."

    After a while...

    The whistle of an arrow filled the air, followed by the thunk of it landing on the smart target. "Very good! 7 points." the target reported.

    "You learn quickly, Ash..." the trainer smiled. "Your first shots were a little shaky, but I think you're getting the hang of it."

    Ash was about to ask a question before the now familiar blare got his attention. "Attention: An intruder has been sighted in the training center. Please remain in your current location and wait for further instructions."

    Here we go again... he sighed as he grabbed a few more practice arrows and looked out an open window, where Dawn was staring down Sinika, before running to take cover.

    "Do you come as a friend or a foe?" Dawn asked as she met Sinika by the training center entrance.

    "Neither...I was sent as a scout." Sinika replied. "That said, the purpose of my mission is to see just how strong you are...so are you gonna transform into a super suit to battle or not?"

    Dawn was unfazed by the Taillow-girl fluttering above her. Gran zirtan vin fangan miti...

    The dirt path was lit up in bright orange, nearly blinding Sinika. Yet inside, she knew that the black haired girl that met her was changing.

    In the cocoon of energy, an orange armplate appeared on Dawn's left arm, the burst also forming a small firearm that resembled a Piplup on its stomach. The chestplate came next in an explosion of orange light, with a glowing citrine in the center. Next came the other armplate, followed by a stream of orange light swirling down Dawn's legs to create two orange legplates. An orange quiver of 30 blue-white arrows formed on her back, and an orange scarf formed around her neck to finish. "Rush, Citrine Energy!"

    Sinika smiled. "There's the supersuit...let's see how you handle Air Cutter!" With that, she conjured a series of air sickles that went flying at Dawn.

    "Sacred Circle!" Dawn commanded, forming a whitish orange magic circle around her and deflecting the Air Cutter.

    Not one to be deterred, Sinika took a deep breath and unleashed a scream too high for Dawn to hear, but ended up blowing out the windows, forcing some people to dive for cover.

    "Ash? Are you okay?" the archery trainer asked she peeked out from under a table and started sweeping up glass shards.

    "I think so..." Ash asked as he emerged from behind the window, sneaking a glimpse out the window of Dawn trying to shoot down Sinika with ice balls as he helped pick up glass shards.

    He heard Dawn call "Colors Divine!" and saw a glimpse of Sinika being thrown backwards from the rainbow bursts. The Taillow-girl got the wind knocked out of her...maybe these practice arrows aren't strong enough to seriously hurt her, but warn her away from here.

    "Ash? What are you..." the archery trainer asked as Ash nocked a shot, training his eye on the wounded Taillow-girl that was struggling to fly.

    "I have an idea--trust me." Ash replied as he aimed his shot.

    Outside, Sinika heaved with exhaustion. "Wow...you're more powerful than I thought...but I still have my secret weapon!"

    "Really? Try me..." Dawn taunted.

    She gasped when she heard Sinika sing Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...

    That was as far as she got before Ash fired his shot, the practice arrow, leaving a small puncture near her left wing. "Ow...so maybe I won't use my secret weapon." Sinika grumbled as she rubbed her wound in pain. "Consider yourself lucky!"

    As Citrine Energy disappeared off of her and the all clear alert sounded, Dawn asked a passing researcher "Who was it that wounded my opponent with an arrow?"

    "I did..." Ash replied as he met Dawn in the hallway "I didn't want you killed via a Swanna Song, but at the same time, I didn't want to wound a scout for the bad guys."

    "It is rather concerning that the enemy has a lackey that can also use the powerful magic of the Swanna Song." Mr. Hamada added. "But you did a brave thing for firing that shot--and only on your first day of archery training, too!"

    He smiled. "I have a feeling you will be a great part of the team, Ash..."

  5. WavePearl

    WavePearl Believer in Possibilities

    (Shaymin (Sky))
    Level 31
    Nov 22, 2012
    Interlude: The Blooming of Gaia Emerald

    Ash gasped when he noticed an emerald pendant around Brock's neck, similar to Dawn's citrine pendant. "Brock, you received a Jewel Suit already???"

    "Yeah...and I can't wait to fight alongside Dawn, and possibly you and the girls." Brock replied.

    "The girls?" Ash asked, confused.

    "It turns out that May and Serena also were chosen by the lottery along with Misty--and they too are training with you." Brock explained. In fact...Mr. Hamada wants you, me, and the girls to become the first real team of Jewel Suit users."

    "Just like superheroes on TV?" Ash gasped, starry eyed."

    "Something like that." Brock replied, just is Mr. Hamada arrived in the room.

    "Until now, you have only seen Dawn battle, and you likely will see Brock fight alongside her as you continue your training." Mr. Hamada explained. "But once you have undergone core implantation and become part of the team, Dawn will take more of a support role, stepping in if the five of you need help."

    "Makes sense." Ash mused. "Although...what is it like to undergo core implantation?"

    "Well..." Brock begins. "First the head of the med team goes over all the risks and benefits of the procedure..."

    We swirl into a flashback as we see a doctor and Brock talking about something. The Brock in the flashback answers the doctor's question affirmatively before a second doctor leads him into a room shining with glowing jewels. "Then you pick what kind of jewel you want implanted into you." Brock explains via voiceover as his self in the flashback looks around in awe.

    The Brock in the flashback looks over all the jewels very carefully, then selects an emerald surrounded by leaves and glowing crystals. The second doctor smiles and leads Brock into a dressing room, where he is given an outfit akin to a hospital gown to change into. "Then they give you something like a hospital gown to change into."

    In the next scene, the Brock in the flashback is being tied down onto a medical gurney as Flint, Lola, and some of the older Brocklings look on. "Then they take you into the operating bay proper, where you are put into stasis. This essentially pauses most bodily functions so nothing important is damaged during the long procedure itself."

    "Be strong, Brock..." Flint smiles as he hugs the Brock in the flashback one last time before he is rolled off to the operating bay.

    "So stasis is basically anesthesia turned up to 11?" Ash asks via voiceover as the Brock in the flashback is transferred into a bed-like platform, and has a device similar to a scuba regulator put in his mouth before being rolled into the long tube where the surgical bots will do their work.

    "Not the way I would describe it, but that is a close enough analogy." Brock explains via voiceover as three tiny Spinarak-like surgery bots descend on the seemingly lifeless Brock in the flashback and begin the complex and delicate core implantation procedure. "You are aware of the passage of time, people in the room, and something crawling on you, but other than that, you don't really remember the procedure itself, or any pain."

    A TIME PASSES card appears on the screen before we see the Brock in the flashback coming to in the recovery room, where Flint, Lola, and some of the Brocklings watch. Lola smiles as Brock groggily wakes up from the stasis. "Once in the recovery room, this is about when you figure out some of your out of the suit abilities."

    The Brock in the flashback notices an earpiece on him, complete with an emerald button near his left ear. Piqued, he presses it, summoning a green tracking visor that lists his family's names, ages, physical information, and even personality quirks.

    The scene fades to the Brock in the flashback in an observation room as a team of doctors looks on. "After a few days to recover from the procedure and get used to your new powers, they take you to an observation room to see if you can awaken the suit inside the core."

    After a few tense seconds, the Brock in the flashback holds the emerald pendant he is wearing close and sings Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo..., creating a green burst as the jewel in his pendant flickers for a few seconds, creating a cocoon of leaves, crystals and light.

    Inside the cocoon of leaves, green light and crystals, five glowing leaves form on Brock's hands, expanding into one armplate, with a second set forming the other some seconds later. The legplates form not long after that, then a quiver full of sparkling green arrows appears on Brock's back as the chest plate, with a glowing emerald inside, forms in an explosion of leaves. "Gaia Emerald, bloom!"

    The doctors cheer as the Brock in the flashback emerges in the suit. "If you can transform, that is a sign the jewel has bonded to your heart." Brock explains via voiceover as the scene returns to the present.

    "Do you have any evidence of what happened to you?" Ash asks.

    Brock unbuttons his shirt a little, allowing Ash to see a faded vaguely circle-shaped scar on his chest, around where the surgery bots cut into him. "The scars heal fairly quickly, but they do remain as faded outlines for a while. The surgery bots are programmed to know just where to perform each step of the implantation to minimize any pain, so it doesn't really hurt that badly."

    Ash nods, many of his fears of the procedure assuaged. "I promise I will train even harder, so I can fight alongside you, the girls, and Dawn!"

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