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Global Forum Rules [Read Before Posting]

Discussion in 'Info Hub' started by Satix, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. Satix

    Satix the Greatix

    Nov 21, 2012
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    Lake Valor
    Official Forum Rules
    Welcome to Lake Valor. By now, you should be aware that every forum has rules, and Lake Valor is no exception to that! Our rules aim to help protect and make this community a safe, and fun place to be. So, continue reading so you can get the full scope.

    Quick Tip: Click the spoiler button to reveal what you need to read.​
    Global Forum Rules:
    1) Spam is not allowed
    Any kind of pointless or intentionally annoying messages with little relevance to a thread are considered as spam. Members are not allowed to create posts that are devoid of content or invaluable/gibberish text such as "ok" or "kiaehfau." Try to keep your posts constructive and fun.

    2) Please do not multi-post.
    If you have forgotten to say something or wanted to edit a mistake, simply click the edit button and edit your post. There are exceptions to this rule however. If you are updating a Pokémon Log in Pokémon General, sharing updates to your Portfolio or Fanfiction or a blog topic in The Lounge, then you may post multiple times in a row. Try not to overload your topic though.

    3) Forum etiquette
    Upon pending contribution to a thread, please be aware of the previous posts, ideas, and/or comments that your fellow members have contributed. Do not ignore someone's idea/post that relates to the thread or discussion at hand. However, if you feel that the comments and contributed idea are subject to spam, then feel free to report the post to a moderator or admin. Please make sure that you look at all the topics before making your own. If you feel you placed a thread in the wrong place by accident then report it to a moderator or administrator and it will be moved.

    4) Everybody is to respect each other.
    Do not flame, bash or insult other people. If someone acts uncivil, harasses, and/or intimidates you, you are not given the excuse to act the same in retaliation. In addition, sexist, racist, or otherwise discriminatory jokes are not allowed. However, feel free to contact a moderator or admin to help resolve the issue, especially if a situation is getting out of hand. Please be mindful of what you say so that others are not hurt by your words.

    5) Politics and religious discussion are allowed but...
    Please don't go crazy with it, and keep all political and religious talk in dedicated threads to the subject(s). Flaming people due to their views will result in an infraction. Please note that political and religious discussion is only allowed on the forums, and not the Discord server.

    6) Swearing is allowed in moderation.
    While we allow swearing on Lake Valor, please do not use it in excess or to flame others. Derogatory terms and slurs have no place here.

    7) Advertising other forums or inviting people to your community is against the rules.
    Lake Valor strictly prohibits unsolicited advertising of other forums and communities. This includes any sites that have forums or chatrooms, whether or not you are linking to their community. Members posting links or sending PMs advertising will be banned, and the advertisement will be removed.

    Exceptions are allowed for useful websites such as Bulbapedia, Serebii, Pokémon Showdown, and Smogon without permission as long as you are posting them for information purposes. Other exceptions include well known social media sites (DeviantArt/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/FanFiction/Wattpad/etc.), official sites such as Nintendo, and links given explicit permission by an administrator.

    It is left to the discretion of the staff to decide whether a link may be considered advertising. When in doubt, ask an administrator via PM.

    8) NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content must not be submitted anywhere on the forums.
    In no portion of the forums can a pornographic content be posted. Depending on the severity of the offence, breaking this rule may result in a permanent ban. Mild nudity is not allowed here, as this is a site for Pokémon fans of all ages.

    9) You are not allowed to register alternate accounts.
    You are only allowed to have 1 account for yourself, for any reason. Forgetting your password or login info, and especially trying to circumvent a ban, are not valid reasons for making another account; any excess accounts will be deleted (or merged) and treated as an offence accordingly. If you forgot your password, you can recover or reset it; if you forgot your login info or email (or otherwise can't access it), please use the Contact Us feature or PM an administrator on Discord (note: you will need evidence that it's your account).

    10) No stealing content such as graphics and written work.
    Claiming another person's work as your own, or posting said work without credit, is strictly prohibited.

    11) No hacking or cloning services without consent.
    If you are trading or selling hacked or cloned Pokémon, you must make it clear that the Pokémon is hacked/cloned.

    12) No backseat moderating.
    Guiding members is fine, but if you see a broken rule - report it. When in doubt, report it anyways. If you would like more clarified information, please check Reporting, Backseat Moderating, and You.

    13) Please only use English while on Lake Valor.
    While Lake Valor is a forum that connects people across the globe, the primary language of the forum is English. Minor use of words in other languages is fine, but please use it in moderation.

    14) Do not exploit any bugs.
    Exploiting broken features or bugs to benefit yourself (i.e. a flaw in the PokéPoint system) is not allowed. Changes may be made to your account to counteract any benefits the exploit gave you. If you find a serious issue with LV that could be abused for one's own gain, please report it to a staff member.

    15) Do not help banned members circumvent their ban.
    Assisting banned members in circumventing their ban, such as conveying messages to or from banned members or helping them evade their ban, is strictly prohibited, unless you are told otherwise by an Administrator. This includes, but is not limited to, sending screenshots of conversations on Lake Valor or its Discord server, relaying a message from a banned member to another member, etc. You may, however, link a banned member to our contact page, if they ask for such information.

    It is left to the discretion of the staff to decide whether or not an act of ban circumvention is punishable or not. When in doubt, ask an Administrator via PM.

    Profile Rules:
    All of our current rules are in place. If you are able to change your profile cover, keep things PG with your covers, same applies to Youtube videos or any other content you place on your profile. Any rule violations still apply, and are dealt with in the exact same way as they would anywhere else in the forum. Any offending content may also be removed, and your profile editing privileges may be temporarily disabled.

    Signature Rules:
    1) Height Limit
    Signatures may not go over 400 pixels in height combined. That means your banner, text, userbars, and other content within your signature must not exceed this limit when put together; any higher would become too tedious to scroll past.

    2) Images Limits and Sizes
    You may not have more than two userbars in your signature. Only one banner may be included in your signature but this banner may not exceed 500 pixels wide and 350 pixels tall. Keep in mind that these are all included in the 400 pixels overall height limit.

    Do try to keep other users in mind when creating your signature as too many images and animations can easily cause lag for those without better computers.

    3) Filesize Limits
    Signature image filesizes, including all animated .gifs, may not exceed 2 megabytes combined. If you're not sure of your signature filesize totals, feel free to post here and we'll give you a quick check!

    4) Spoiler Tags
    You may include spoiler tags within your signature but they must not exceed the 400 pixels height limit when opened. Devices load the content within spoiler tags before they are opened so going too crazy with images and text can cause unwanted lag for some users, especially those who browse on mobile. Feel free to post the rest of your signature spoiler tag content on your profile!

    5) Keep Signatures Appropriate!
    And, of course, remember to keep your signature appropriate. No nudity or pornographic images are allowed.

    If you have any questions regarding your signature, you may post them here.

    Age Guidelines:
    The safety of our younger members is very important to us, so we have these following rules in place to help protect members under the age of 13. Please read carefully to make sure you understand our guidelines.

    1) If you are under the age of 13, regardless of when you turn 13, we must receive permission from your parent/guardian that you are allowed to use this website.
    How can you do this? Simply ask your parent/guardian to send us an email at support@lakevalor.net verifying that you are allowed to use this forum, or you can use our contact form: https://lakevalor.net/misc/contact
    Until we receive parental permission, your account's posting and private messaging systems will be disabled. Additionally, you will not be allowed on the Discord server.

    2) Lying about your age is against the rules.
    Please remember this. Make sure to get permission from your parents as soon as possible so that you can utilize this site fully.

    Want to learn more about our Privacy Policy? Click here!
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    #1 Satix, Nov 21, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 10, 2017
  2. Satix

    Satix the Greatix

    Nov 21, 2012
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    4:33 PM
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    Charizardite X ★★★★
    [​IMG]Lake Valor's Discord Chat Rules [​IMG]
    Rules of the Chat
    [These may change, so be sure to take a read of these once in a whilst and refresh yourself.]​
    Rule 1.
    All global forum rules apply. You can check them out via this link.​
    Rule 2.
    Pay tribute to our beautiful staff members. Just kidding, but be respectful of everyone who uses the server, staff and members alike!​
    Rule 3.
    Don't advertise! That's right, advertising your website, forum, chat or server through the server in anyway is against the rules, whether it's in PM or in the chat.​
    Rule 4.
    No spamming, ye hear? Keep spam and flooding to a minimal in the chat. This includes spam tagging someone.​
    Also, don't be too caps lock friendly! This also includes making excessive messages in another language (LV is an English-speaking website).​
    Rule 5.
    Keep serious debates, offensive jokes and religious talk away from the chat.​
    Rule 6.
    No porn, offensive or suggestive images are allowed to be posted in the chat.​
    Rule 7.
    Impersonating LV Staff members will result in an instant ban, including your IP. Use a real name, and no alternate accounts.​
    Rule 8.
    You must make at least 10 posts on the forums each month to stay on the server. If you have not made this requirement, you may be kicked from the server.
    Rule 9.
    You may change your username as much as you like, however, you must keep your LV username in it somewhere. Example:
    Old username: Satix
    New username: Danny Devito (Satix) -or- Danny Devito || Satix

    So, follow all of these rules and you'll be fine! But if you decide to break them, you might be banned, depending on the offense. Remember - causing trouble on the chat might mean a ban on the forums too.​
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  3. Achromatic

    Achromatic Magikarp King

    Nov 21, 2012
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    12:33 AM
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    Deep Sea Scale ★★★Deep Sea Tooth ★★★Star Piece ★★★★Rage Candy Bar ★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★
    Signature rules have received an update! We ask all users to revise their signatures accordingly.

    The limit was previously 500 height, but we've dropped it to 400.
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