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Higher Skies (A Love Live Fic)

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Beffie, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Beffie

    Beffie clear your cache

    beautiful and perfect
    Level 36
    Apr 1, 2016
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    you win skittle

    Hello there! I've been working on a fanfic that came from an idea that spiraled out of my control. The fic centers around the anime of Love Live Sunshine so this is your first warning this is not a Pokémon fanfic. I doubt any of you have seen LLS, but if you have, there are a few events that diverge from canon, but doesn't affect the canon storyline, such as the characters being the same (hopefully), and the storyline still being intact. (Like Aqours still forms, and they still enter the Love Live qualifiers.) The majority of this fic focuses on events outside of the anime, and they only thing that changes is that there's magic.

    As the story progresses on, pairings/ships will be added. This fic also has no set update day/schedule, I just update this when I feel like it. All chapters will be put in spolier tags to reduce clutter and tell reviews apart from story. I believe this can have the fanfic tag, if it doesn't you can tell me.

    For as long as I've known, I've been one with the birds-

    Wait, no. Let me rephrase that.

    For as long as I've known, I've been a bird.

    I know it sounds stupid, but it's true! I've always considered myself one with birds, because I am a bird in my heart. Ever since I was raised by them, I've called myself one of them. Even now, living with a human family, I still call myself a bird.

    I don't remember everything that I was told by my feathered family, but according to the birds I was found by them when I was very young, not even seven years old at the time. Unable to defend myself, or even be out on my own. The stories tell they took me in as their own, a human child to a strange new society. Over time they raised me as their own, almost like a warrior. Although it was a somewhat strange life, I welcomed it as one of happiness.

    For about four years I was raised like this. I had accepted this life with the birds as my own. I had accepted myself as one with the birds as well. Everything was great, despite the... strange childhood I had.

    However, when I was around ten years old, I left them behind. I was taken in by a human man, and he took me to where he came from. In a way, I was taken to a new life- but also torn away from another.

    Since that day, I've taken the name of Watanabe as my own. A name I wear with a pride of some sort. Ever since becoming You Watanabe, I had a much more normal childhood... or at least as normal as it would get for me.

    I traded my life of the sky and wind for a life of the sea and ocean. Since the day I was taken in by my father, I've always loved the sea and all things water. I loved sailing with my father, I loved being captain of his ship, and through my new life, I found my one love: swimming.
    I can say that my childhood has been a pretty... interesting one. From birds, to new families, to-


    I jumped up in terror upon hearing the voice. As soon as I collected myself again, I looked over to my right. Oh, that's right. Chika. I forgot I was talking to her.

    "You-chan! What were you doing? You were silent for about ten whole minutes!" Chika grabbed my shoulders and shook me around a bit, maybe in hopes she would shake the answer out of me. I gently grabbed her arms and set them at her side again.

    "Chika-chan, don't worry about it. I'm totally okay. I was just... reflecting."

    She fell onto her back, the soft blankets of her sheets seeming to consume her a bit. "That's all!? That's BORING! I thought we were going to finally spend some time together, not get sentimental about whatever you're thinking of!" She crossed her arms in a huff.

    I used all my strength to pry Chika off her back, getting her to sit up again. "Chika... you've always been the impatient type, right?" I stifled a giggle as I remembered that's how Chika was even as a child. Chika seemed to notice this and laughed along with me. We've always had a friendship since we were children, as early as my first month in human society. Chika has always been my best friend, through thick and thin and through the good and bad.

    Chika finally uncrossed her arms and sighed. She turned to me and gave a soft smile. "Y'know... I'm happy that we're spending time together now. It's so rare that we ever get to be together now, due to your crazy schedule."

    "Hey, you know swimming and diving means a lot to me, but you mean more as my friend." I nervously laughed. "Apparently my schedule wants to be my friend too..."

    I felt a pair of arms wrapping around me. "Aww... don't worry, You-chan! I still appreciate you, even if you're busy!" Chika nuzzled her face into the crook of my neck, which caused me to sharply pull away from her. I quietly laughed.

    "Chika, I appreciate the concern, but I really need to go now. See you at school tomorrow?"

    "Fine... but I'm still glad we got to spend time together! See ya tomorrow then!" She waved out to me as I started to run out of her room. I ran through the main part of her home and then ran out into the town.

    Immediately I was greeted to the bright sunshine of the outside. I could see the sea in the distance, a few stray boats sailing around. I took a breath of the salty air and started to head back home.

    "Going somewhere, Watanabe?"

    I felt my heart speed up upon hearing the voice, but then calmed down when I recognized the voice of Kanan. I turned to face her. She was currently sitting on top of a stone wall, combing through her hair with her fingers.

    "Kanan-chan! You scared the living daylight out of me!" I let out a somewhat forced laugh. "You always seem to be everywhere I go too..."

    Kanan's face lit up. "Well, I guess the kitty always finds her way to her little birdie..." She covered up her mouth after saying that. "Sorry, You! I kinda forgot that we agreed to not mention... the spirits and the magic."

    I offered a smile to Kanan. "It's alright. Really, it is! I can't expect you to be perfect, after all."

    "So, you ready to go back to school tomorrow? Obviously I'm not going... but I'm excited for you!"

    "You bet I am. Can't wait to meet all the new first years!" My smile faded. "Kinda hoping they're not weirdos," I muttered under my breath.

    "Well, regardless of what happens, I'll see you tomorrow! We're still going to go diving together, right?" Kanan asked me.

    I lifted up my right arm and gave her a little salute. "You bet, Kanan-chan! See ya tomorrow then!"

    I finally started to make the walk home, taking time to look at the sea every now and then. Deep within me, I was truly excited for tomorrow. I couldn't wait to meet all the new students, and to see what they could bring to our little city.
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  2. Beffie

    Beffie clear your cache

    beautiful and perfect
    Level 36
    Apr 1, 2016
    Crown of ValorDawn Stone ★★★★GS Ball ★★★★★Gardevoirite ★★★★Cooler Gary Oak ★★★★★
    it's about time i updated this

    Here you go, probably two people reading this! Chapter Two is here!

    I should have noted this earlier, but updates for this story will be extremely random. I could do 3 chapters in one day, or 1 chapter in a year. It just depends on how much I'm willing to write.


    Chika's voice begging other girls to join her school idol club was the only thing one could hear for seemingly miles. Me and Chika had agreed to start an idol club not only to fuel Chika's "addiction" to idols, but also to spend more time together. We had figured a club was the best approach to this, and through a club we could potentially meet more friends.

    I sat down next to the mikan box Chika was using as a stool of some sort and sighed. Screaming at girls to join your silly club could really take it outta you! I tilted my head back and tried to just relax and enjoy the beautiful spring day.

    The keyword being "tried," as Chika was currently borderline harassing two first years to join the idol club, one of them seeming to want to take her offer. Then she let out a bloodcurdling scream. So much for our club.

    At around the same time, the leaves started rustling around in the overhead tree, until something fell out. I had thought is was just a bird flying out of the tree but when I looked up, it wasn't a bird. Or an animal for that matter.

    It was... a girl.

    The first year girl started to ramble on about some stupid nonsense that made no sense to me. Something about "fallen angels" or whatever. The first year with the brown hair took a look at me for a prolonged amount of time, with a look of curiosity. Then her focus turned to the blue haired girl, and as soon as the conversation started, it ended with the weird girl running off. The second girl followed suit, and so did the third one.

    Well, that was something. The first years this year are so weird.

    Chika returned to the mikan box and sat down next to me. "Dang it! Nobody wants to join the idol club!"

    I sheepishly laughed. "Maybe it's because the idol club isn't an official club yet?"

    "Then we'll make it official! I'm just gonna ask the president of the student council!" Chika triumphantly said.

    I looked to Chika. "Hey, Chika. I'm gonna go head to practice now," I said to her. "I'll see you tomorrow. Sorry that nobody joined the club..."

    "It's alright, You-chan! I'll see you later then!" She gave me a small wave before hopping back onto her mikan box and screaming at more students. I waved back, even though she couldn't see it. With that, I started to walk out of the school. Before leaving, I decided I was gonna try to find those first years. Something about them seemed... strange.

    And I was going to find out what is was about them.

    The sun was beating down upon me as I took a small little stroll around the town, just embracing the clear afternoon before tomorrow's supposed storms. I heard some birds flying overhead and stopped my walking to simply admire their little songs. I've always been fond of the bird's songs ever since I was taken in by them. Even now in human society, I still have a soft spot for bird songs in my heart.

    I took in a breath of the somewhat salty air and started to whistle back to the bird. I learned my fair share of bird calls when living with them. The bird started to chirp back towards me and I couldn't help but laugh. Birds were truly beautiful creatures-

    "Singing to the birds? Is that how you impress the fallen angels of the world?"

    I started to turn to the direction of which the voice came from, ready to strike at whatever came my way. "Huh? Who's there?" I questioned shakily.

    A somewhat demonic sounding laugh came from the bush where this... thing was. "Scared? Of ME? You shouldn't be!"

    "Well, I AM! And I can hurt you! I was taught how to fight by my family!" I yelled at the mysterious voice. It's true, I learned how to fight from my bird family. I was basically raised on fighting. I was a warrior to be feared back then.

    The voice laughed again. "And who is this "family?" I bet it's just a bunch of weak little angels!"

    I froze for a minute. I knew this person wouldn't believe me if I said my true heritage, but there was no other way to convince her that I was someone that she should fear. I took a deep breath and faced the bush where they were.

    "I... was raised by warriors of some sort. Ones with... wings," I quietly said to the person. I tilted my head down to avoid the nonexistent eye contact.

    Without warning, the person popped out of the bush. Her inky blue hair had stray twigs and leaves in it now. Her magenta eyes seemed to be filled with some sort of excitement in them. I took a closer look at her and had to stifle a gasp.

    Was this... one of the first years that I saw with Chika earlier today?
    The girl ran up to me and grabbed my shoulders. "Wings!? Does this mean you're a real fallen angel!?" she asked me, her voice breaking multiple times.

    "What!? No I'm not! I'm just a regular human!" I managed to reply in between violent shakes. I pushed the girl off of me and rubbed my shoulder a bit.

    She flipped her hair and inched closer to my face. "Regular humans don't have families with wings. So you MUST be a fallen angel, cast away from the heavens like me!"

    I took a step and got into her face, causing her to flinch a bit. "Well, maybe I'm not entirely normal, but I'm more normal than YOU! I don't think I'm an angel or some other stupid thing like you!"

    She turned away from me with a look of many emotions at once, it was hard to tell which ones were there. She looked down to her feet. "Well then... if you're not an angel, then who are these winged people?" she asked quietly.

    "Umm... birds?"

    The girl finally looked to my eyes again. "Aren't birds just like angels though? They can both fly freely, free of sins to weigh them down," she muttered towards me.

    "I guess you could say that... but I'm no bird, nor angel. I'm just a normal person that happened to be raised by birds."

    She tilted her head after I finished speaking. "Raised? By birds? That sounds strange. What did you even learn from the birds?" she asked me, sounding confused.

    "I learned to fight." I gave her a smirk. "Do you want me to test it out on you?"

    For the first time in meeting her, I heard her laugh. Her laughter was high pitched and pretty adorable. "No thanks! I'm pretty fine with still living, thank you very much!"

    I had to stifle a giggle. "Well, do want to see bird combat of bird... magic?"

    The girl looked at me with a lost look in her eyes. "You... you can do magic? Is it dark magic?"

    I gave her a soft smile. "No, it's not dark magic. It's..." I paused. "Actually, I'm not sure what it is exactly. I just know the birds taught me it," I said.

    She gave a smile back to me. I guess I'll have to see tomorrow. I think I have to go now... you go to the same school as me, right?

    I nodded. "Yup. I do!" I gave a little salute for no reason.

    She offered me her hand. "Guess I'll see you then. By the way, my name is Yohane Tsushima."

    I took her hand in mine and shook it. "You. You Watanabe! I thought it said your name was Yoshiko-"

    "IT'S YOHANE! YO-HA-NE!" She stopped shaking my hand.

    I grabbed her hand again and shook it again, but only little shakes. "R-right... Yohane. I guess I'll see you tomorrow in any case!" I let go of her hand and waved goodbye to her. She returned my wave and ran off.

    I sighed as I finally started walking again, making the journey home like I originally intended. Well, at least I found one of the first years, albeit the weirdest one of the three. I grinned to myself thinking about Yoshiko. Even though she believed in fallen angels and demons, she seemed to be a truly good person.

    Maybe I could be friends with her in the end.

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